Sneaky 100-Year-Old Tortoise Who Escaped Through Broken Gate Gets Reunited With Owner

Sometimes pets also need a day off to explore the outside world – but certainly not without the supervision of their owners.

Meet Biscuit

Biscuit is a hundred-year-old African tortoise from Louisiana.

Adventure Time

Recently, a storm damaged his owner’s backyard gate, which he went through to escape the property and wander away.

Where Are You?

His owner, Howard, said he already had plans to get the broken gate fixed but before he could do so, it’s already paved the way for Biscuit to make a sneaky escape.

Finding Biscuit

On August 30, local animal control officers Curt Trepagnier and Isreal Millet received a call that someone found Biscuit “in distress” in New River Canal in Gonzales.

Good Officers

The officers immediately went to the area and “humanely collected the tortoise, loaded him into a truck, and drove him” to Cara’s House, an animal shelter nearby.

A 3-Day Policy

Biscuit was now in a safe place at Cara’s House, however, the shelter had a three-day policy to allow owners to reclaim their pets. If they weren’t claimed after three days, they would be up for adoption.

Howard Arrived

Fortunately, only a few hours after Biscuit arrived at Cara’s House, Howard came to pick him up, and the animal shelter was so happy for him. They posted on Facebook, “We are happy to report that Biscuit has been reunited with his family! This boy is 100 years old.”

Coming Home

Howard had Biscuit walk his own way toward his pickup truck, and it only took him roughly 30 seconds to sprint the 10-yard distance from Cara’s House’s front door to his owner’s truck.

Watch how Biscuit “stealthily” walked toward his ride home in the video below.

Watch Video Here:

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