Excited Dog Happily Welcomes Soldier Dad After 32 Days Of Being Apart

Dogs remember, even after being apart from their owners for several months or even years.

Long Wait

Even if we were only out for about 8 hours, for our beloved dogs, it’s already been weeks, which is why they jump for joy when we finally come home.

32 Long Days

As for this giant dog, her owner had been deployed for 32 days, and she had been longing for him to come home for a very long time.

Where Is He?

Dogs do not know the reasons why we’re gone for a certain period of time, so there’s a chance that they might feel like they had been abandoned or their owner simply doesn’t want them anymore, and its heartbreaking.

Patiently Waiting

This dog would wait almost everyday by their porch, with ears perked up in anticipation that her owner might come home anytime soon.

This Is The Day

Finally, the long wait is over. The day came when her owner was coming home and, as usual, she waited by the porch so she would be the first one to greet him.

The Soldier Arrived

The moment her soldier dad got out of the car, she immediately ran up to him and hopped on to his arms.

Where Have You Been!

The big dog jumped for joy and couldn’t contain her happiness upon seeing her favorite human again.

Finally Home

Both of them are equally delighted to finally see each other again. The military dad is now home and the loyal dog is finally “home” too.

Watch the dog’s reaction after seeing her owner again in the video below.

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