Two High School Geniuses Solve 2000-Year-Old Math Problem

These girls put a bunch of incredibly intelligent mathematicians to shame after they solved this super-old problem.

Meet The Smart Duo

Calcea Johnson and Ne’Kiya Jackson are two teens from St. Mary’s Dominican High School in New Orleans who just solved the unsolvable.

Big Challenge

They ventured to question the status quo due to their interest in Pythagoras’ theorem, a fundamental concept in mathematics taught for millennia.

Brave Teens

With the ancients’ wisdom appearing to be unchangeable, they boldly questioned if there was any other way to validate what appeared to have already been proven.

Their Presentation

Calcea and Ne’Kiya went to the American Mathematical Society’s Annual Southeastern Conference in Georgia where they stood as the only high school representatives.

How It Went

They used the Law of Sines, a fundamental result in trigonometry, to challenge Pythagoras’ theorem.

Their Discovery

Calcea and Ne’Kiya proposed a new proof, challenging the circular reasoning that had restricted the theorem’s application to trigonometry for more than two millennia.

A HUGE Breakthrough

Their claim was more than just a challenge; it was a discovery that what we know can always be challenged.

Real Geniuses

As word spread beyond the conference rooms about their ground-breaking work, people were convinced that this was more than just a mathematical discovery.

Watch how Calcea and Ne’Kiya sparked change in the mathematical community in the video below.

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