Groom Surprises Bride And In-Laws By Speaking Korean In His Speech

This story is a sweet picture of unity and proof that love has no bounds.

Meet Ben

Ben Carpenter was about to get married to his fiancée, Sohee, and despite years of being together, he still had thought of something to surprise his soon-to-be-wife with.

Cultural Differences

Right from the start of their relationship, Ben knew their subtle cultural differences and how foreign relationships are frowned upon in Korean society. Nevertheless, Sohee’s family’s kind and inviting welcome soon dissolved his fears.

An Idea

He had an idea to pull off an incredible wedding stunt – something that would honor Sohee’s Korean culture in addition to celebrating their love.

The Preparation

For a few times before their wedding day, Ben would sneak off for 30 minutes at a time for video calls Sohee didn’t know about, or pretend they were for work when they actually weren’t.

Big Secret

Sometimes, he would often put one headphone in so Sohee couldn’t hear what he was doing, and turn his screen away so she couldn’t see either.

The Big Day

On their wedding day, after the ceremonies came Ben’s speech. Sohee and her family had no idea that Ben had planned a surprise that would turn this typical wedding into something truly unique and memorable.

The Surprise

There was an expectant silence in the room as Ben got up to speak. He finally broke the ice by speaking, first in English, and then in fluent Korean.

Their Reactions

He said, “Thanks to all of you, we’ve made it this far. I’m thankful you’ve accepted me as a new member of the family, and I promise to love and take care of Sohee forever,” and all the guests, including Sohee and her family, were astonished and taken aback.

Welcome To The Family

Sohee’s parents embraced Ben as he carried on with his speech. Beyond cultural barriers, their embrace was a genuine acceptance and welcome into the family.

Watch Ben’s unique and surprising wedding speech in the video below.

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