12-Year-Old Girl Asks Stepdad To Adopt Her On Father’s Day

Some relationships, specifically those between two strangers, transcend biology, and this heartwarming story is an example of that.

Meet McKenna

McKenna is a sweet 12-year-old girl from Chilliwack, Canada who currently lives with her mom, Danica Webster, and stepdad, Adam Webster.

Their Story

Adam has been in McKenna’s life since she was an infant. And he’s always been there to protect, care for, and love her unconditionally.

Their Bond

Adam has always treated McKenna as his own daughter. He never let her feel like they’re different or unrelated. Through the years, the two of them have developed an unbreakable bond.

Father’s Day Surprise

On Father’s Day, McKenna presented Adam with a special gift – a crafted book of pictures and notes specially made by McKenna herself.

More Than Just A Book

As Adam flipped through the pages, he was slowly filled with emotions as he went through a mosaic of memories the two of them shared over the years.

Biological Father Vs. Real Father

In the book, McKenna wrote that “a biological father and and a real father are not the same thing” because “you share DNA with your biological father but you share so much more with a real dad”.

The Big Question

Later on, Adam finally got to the part where he was asked the most important question. On one of the final pages of the book, McKenna wrote, “Will you adopt me?”.

His Reaction

They were both emotional at this point and Adam answered McKenna’s question in the sweetest way – by giving her a warm hug full of love.

Watch the beautiful moment between McKenna and Adam in the video below.

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