Forward-Thinking Dad Saves Family’s Lives With Storm Shelter He Built 10 Years Ago

Expecting the unexpected is sometimes the best course of action.

Wild Night

Breman, Kentucky was hit by a destructive tornado last December 19 that ruined a lot of people’s houses.

Jordan And Gage

Jordan Evans was out of town with his son Gage when western Kentucky was hit by the storm.

What To Do?

As the storm was making its way toward the rest of the family, Jordan and Gage realized their house didn’t have a basement or anything underground where they could hide.

Anybody Home?

So they tried their luck by going to the house next door which had a storm shelter that was 10 feet deep and 12 feet wide.

A Genius Creation

Gage’s stepdad, Justin Pointer, led all eight members of the family with their two dogs into the storm shelter until the tornado died down.

10 Years Ago

Justin’s father had constructed the shelter a decade ago, and it finally played its part when the family needed it the most.

The Aftermath

The tornado struck Kentucky hardest, leaving dozens of people missing. The area has the appearance of a deserted ghost town, left over from a battlefield.

Sturdy Protection

Despite the cramped and uncomfortable shelter, they managed to survive. As the storm destroyed their house, the space kept them safe.

Wise Investment

Justin and his family are grateful for his dad’s work and preparedness. His dad, on the other hand, said he’d pay a hundred times more for it right now as it was the reason why his family is safe and sound today.

Watch how their tiny storm shelter became their refuge during a harsh storm in the video below.

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