Random Stranger Saves 88-Year-Old Woman’s Life And Forms Wonderful Friendship With Her

Facebook, JaQuan Sanks; YouTube, Wood's Residents

The best people to give the best advice in life are the elderly because of their lifelong experiences and learnings.

Respect Your Elders


We were taught by our parents to always respect our elders. Well, they do deserve to be respected because of all the things they’ve been through in life and how they can still impact our lives with their wisdom.

Meet Barbara

Facebook, Barbara Garrett Kimbro

Barbara Kimbro is an 88-year-old woman from Columbus, Georgia who was visiting her friend one day when she ran out of gas while on the road.

A Stop-Over


She stopped by the nearest gas station, and after pumping her gas, she went inside to get a receipt.

A Wrong Decision


She took the risk of going without her walker but she instantly regretted this decision when she lost her balance and almost fell while walking.

Her Hero

Facebook, JaQuan Sanks

Fortunately, 27-year-old JaQuan Sanks was there, holding the door for Barbara, so he was quick to catch her before she could fall.

She’s Grateful


Barbara was immensely grateful to JaQuan. In return for his good deed, she bought him a full tank of gas. She said, “He literally saved my life. I just felt like it was a God moment because he couldn’t have waited (for) another second; if he had, I was on the way down.”

Sharing Their Story


The old lady was thankful to JaQuan for saving her life. She posted about their encounter on Facebook, which JaQuan also shared, and many people were reached by it.

Their Reunion

YouTube, Wood's Residents

After some time, JaQuan decided to visit Barbara in the nursing home. He brought her a bouquet and a shirt like his and thanked her for changing his life through the Facebook post that went viral.

Check out Barbara and JaQuan’s story in the video below.

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