8-Year-Old Boy’s Survival Instincts Helped Him Survive In The Woods For Two Days

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Not all of us are fond of outdoor activities as they can sometimes be scary and dangerous.

Meet Nante

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Nante Niemi is an 8-year-old boy from Hurley, Wisconsin who went through two days of being lost in the woods.

Family Camping


He and his family went camping at Michigan’s Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park one day. By then, they didn’t know what was going to happen until Saturday afternoon.

Collecting Wood


Nante was gathering firewood for their campsite that day when he went missing while walking down a path in the woods.

Search And Rescue


About 150 people joined the search and rescue operation for Nante, including the local police, K9s, and air rescue. They searched a total of 40 square miles of the park, hoping they’d find the poor little boy.

After 2 Days

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After about 48 hours, they finally found Nante about two miles from their campsite at around 1:30 PM on Monday.

How He Survived


The rescuers were surprised to find him in good condition despite not having any food on him for two days. Nante said he survived by eating clean snow while he was in the woods. Although there was a stream of water nearby, he didn’t take the risk of getting sick from it so he stuck to eating snow for two days.

Keeping Warm


They were also wondering how he survived the cold weather. MSP Eight District said via Twitter, “Lieutenant Wickstrom says the boy told them he covered up with branches and leaves for warmth and also blanketed the log he was under.”

He’s Perfectly Fine

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One of the rescuers named Eli Talsma said, “If you didn’t know he was in the woods for two days, you wouldn’t know. I mean, he was just normal. Nante was just walking around. He was talking. He was asking questions. He said he wasn’t hungry. He was perfectly fine, but we did give him a Cliff Bar and a banana and some water.”

Celebrating His Survival


Nante’s principal at Hurley School District in Wisconsin made sure to announce the good news of his survival to the whole school. Principal Steve Lombardo said, “We announced it to the entire school, and as my colleague said, it was like being at a big football game with our winning touchdown being scored. The entire school lit up in cheers, and everybody was just relieved and thankful.”

Watch how Nante survived being lost and alone in the snowy woods in the video below.

Watch Video Here:

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