Sleepy Baby Takes A Nap During Swing Ride

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When we say, “Sleep is life,” we’re sure a lot of people can relate.

Importance Of Sleep


Sleep is an important function that allows the body and mind to recharge.

A Favorite Activity


Aside from the refreshing feeling after getting enough sleep, people love the idea of resting, because… why not?

Essential For Growth


Healthy sleep is important especially to babies because it helps with growth by supporting the baby’s brain development.

They Sleep Anywhere


Since kids still have a carefree attitude, they don’t mind sleeping anywhere. Wherever they feel drowsy, they sleep right then and there.

Play Time Or Nap Time?

Rumble, rvanscoy

A funny baby obliviously slept while riding a swing, and it’s the funniest thing ever.

Not There To Play


While some kids beg their parents to go to the playground to enjoy playing on the swings, this baby just wants to take a nap.

Sweet Dreams

Rumble, rvanscoy

The cute little boy is completely shut off from the world. He’s just comfortably sitting there, enjoying his sweet dreams.

Do Not Disturb

Rumble, rvanscoy

We hope no one disturbed the adorable little kid’s nap. Like us, they also need to rest, even in the weirdest places.

Watch the little boy’s funny video below.

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