Teen Causes Distraction With Car To Save Woman’s Life

YouTube, 10 Tampa Bay

For some reason, teens have a bad reputation for being dangerous drivers, but this story is an example of how street smart some teens can be.

Meet Olivia

YouTube, 10 Tampa Bay

Olivia Jones dented her car by intentionally causing a car crash to save a woman’s life.

Almost Christmas


Two days before Christmas, Olivia stopped at a red light and saw that the driver next to her was having a medical emergency.

Common Traffic Scenario


At first, Olivia thought that the woman was just texting because she’s slumped over, which is a pretty normal scenario at stoplights.

She Started Seizing


Olivia got alarmed when she saw the woman seizing and that’s when she started thinking of what she could do to help.

Her Life Was In Danger


After a few moments, she noticed that the woman’s car was starting to slide into oncoming traffic so she got out of her car to alert other drivers about the situation.

But No One Notices Her

YouTube, 10 Tampa Bay

With the intent of saving the woman’s life, Olivia pulled her car in front of the woman’s, letting it hit hers.

Calling For Help


Olivia recalls what happened after that. She said, “She was kind of like seizing out of the car. I took her seat belt off. She had blood and had peed herself. I was on the phone with 911.”

A “Crash” Course


The teenager actually plans to work in the medical field after school and has been dreaming of one day becoming an orthopedic surgeon, and this incident has been a crash course for her in the meantime.

She was definitely in the right place at the right time.

Watch Olivia’s interview in the video below.

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