Mom Writes A “Thank You” Letter To Her Son’s Best Friend And School Bus Driver

Having a best friend to confide in makes life so much better.

Meet Kameron

Kameron Isenberg is a 6-year-old kid with special needs from Summerville, South Carolina.

Tough Start

His mom, Kelly, enrolled him in Kindergarten at Berkeley County School District, but adjusting to a new environment was a little difficult for him and for the people around him as well.

Mr. Charles Came

Kameron’s poor behavior would often get him in trouble at school, but when he made friends with Mr. Charles, one of their school bus drivers, things started to turn around. Kelly said, “After many trial and error reward systems to encourage positive behavior changes, the only effective method was Mr. Charles.”

His Reward

One day, Kameron’s teacher asked him what reward he would like to get if he showed positive behavior in class for the whole day, to which he answered that he wanted to “see the bus”.

His Best Bud

So after being a good boy in class, Kameron got to get onto the bus 10 minutes before all the other students and hang out with his best bud, Mr. Charles, who would talk with him and even encourage him to accomplish assignments and schoolwork that his teachers wanted him to work on.

A Letter Of Gratitude

Kelly noticed the positive effects Mr. Charles had on her son, so she wrote a heartfelt letter to thank him. She wrote, “To whom it may concern from a mother’s perspective. I have always believed angels come when you least expect them. This holds especially true in regard to Mr. Charles, the bus driver of school bus #220 of Berkeley County, SC.”

His Extra Mile

Kelly praised Mr. Charles for all the things he’s been doing for Kameron. She said, “Mr. Charles goes above and beyond every day for my son. From simple things such as them eating lunch or bringing my son his favorite ice cream for the two of them to eat together, extra treats being slipped into his backpack as he gets off the bus, to bigger things such as taking time out of his weekend to come to my son’s baseball games.”

His “Little Buddy”

When Mr. Charles learned about Kelly’s letter, he was moved to tears. He said, “He’s an amazing, bright little 6-year-old that I call ‘my little buddy’ and will always be my little buddy… to know him and to be around (him) is to love him. You’ve gotta love him.”

Watch Mr. Charles and Kameron’s inspiring story of friendship in the video below.

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