Tiny Duck Loves Spending Time With His Big Dog Friend

Friendships across species are usually the cutest. This is particularly true if the two pals have very different personalities and body types.

Meet Olee

Olee is an extroverted Mallard who lives on a farm in Oklahoma with other animals.

His Best Friend

He is particularly fond of his best friend Biss, a chocolate-colored Saint Bernard.

Patiently Waiting

Every single day, Olee waits by the dog door for Biss to come out and play with him.

Bonding Moments

They love running around the farm together. “As soon as Biss runs outside, Olee gets so excited!” says their owner, Vallier.

Hanging Out

Their favorite activities are “water sports,” or more precisely, splashing around in a kid-sized pool. As Olee swims and flutters in the water, Biss just simply floats and stays still.

Unique Friendship

Vallier is fascinated by how gentle Biss is with Olee. She said, “I think the biggest thing that shocked me was how well they got along, and how gentle Biss was with this duck. It’s amazing watching a 153-pound dog play wand be around with a 5-pound duck.”

They Play Fetch

Olee and Biss also play fetch, which Vallier described as Olee simply racing alongside Biss as he chases after the ball.

Loyal Best Friends

Even after they became buddies for a year and a half and other animals entered the picture, the two remained unbreakable, and we can say that theirs is a perfect and ideal friendship.

Watch Biss and Olee’s story of wonderful friendship in the video below.

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