Rescued Tiny Squirrel Gets Released Into The Wild

This little squirrel’s life story demonstrates both his resiliency and the need to receive the right care.

Meet Rocky

Rocky used to be a teeny tiny squirrel who emerged from the wilds of New Hampshire.

His Story

Rocky was found by a woman who was walking her foster dog one day.

So Tiny

When he was found, Rocky was extremely thin and cold, severely malnourished, and hardly noticeable amidst the leaves.

What’s The Problem?

In the first few days, Rocky was being fed every 90 minutes with formula milk but despite the round-the-clock care, he still didn’t gain weight, which made his caretaker wonder.

New Diet

His caretaker talked to a doctor friend, which led to the conclusion that Rocky might be lactose intolerant, so his caretaker changed his diet with a new, lactose-free formula.

He’s Gaining Weight

Since then, Rocky started showing signs of improvement. He began to gain weight and regain his enthusiasm for life.

Playful Squirrel

Rocky’s liveliness and personality developed along with his size. His interactions with the toys signify his growth and preparation for the next stage of his life.

The Next Chapter

Eventually, Rocky’s caretaker had to release him back into the wild so he could live his life to the fullest. This touching moment shows that the ultimate purpose of wildlife rescue and rehabilitation is to return animals to their native habitat, where they belong.

Watch Rocky’s story in the video below.

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