Adorable Toddler Challenges Older Brother To A Drum Showdown

YouTube, Wilson World

Music brings people together, and it’s definitely one of the most beautiful things that bond families closer to each other.

Honing Their Skills


It’s important that parents know that they are their children’s role models, and how they respond to their little ones’ interests helps encourage children to pursue their passion.

Meet The Wilsons

YouTube, Wilson World

Justin and Shelana Wilson from California have two kids named LJ and Shia Wilson who are not only adorable but also talented.

Musically-Inclined Family


5-year-old LJ and 22-week-old Shia have developed an interest in musical instruments, particularly drums.

It Runs In Their Blood


The two kids probably got their interest in music from their parents as Justin is an engineer by day, and a Grammy Award-winning musician by night while Shelana is an educational psychologist and a talented singer.

Interesting Content


The Wilson family has a YouTube channel named “Wilson World” where they upload interesting content about making music as a family.

Drum Battle

YouTube, Wilson World

One of the most fun videos they have on their channel is when little Shia challenged her brother LJ, also known as Baby Boy Drummer, to a drum battle.

The Parents Join In

YouTube, Wilson World

The video shows Shelana singing in one frame while Justin is playing a keyboard in another frame, and LJ and Shia are drumming in their own frames.

Like A Pro

YouTube, Wilson World

Baby Shia shows that she’s got the skills and the groove that almost matches her brother’s talent. She doesn’t let herself fall behind the rhythm, and she’s determined to make everyone proud, which she did.

Watch the Wilsons’ cover of the song, “Hold On,” in the video below to find out who won the drum battle.

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