Curious Tourists’ Boats Get Pushed By Gray Whales

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Unexpected things happen on land, but it does not end there. Surprising events also take place on the sea.

Calming Waves


One of the reasons why some people love sailing is because of the peace that the sound of waves brings.

Love-Hate Feeling


While some people feel a connection with the sea, others are afraid to go near deep waters because of the unknown creatures that lie beneath the surface.

Exploring The Waters

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In March of 2019, 63-year-old Oskar Lehner was on a vacation with his family in Laguna Oia de Liebre in Guerrero Negro, Mexico when they came across some interesting sea habitants.

Curious Strangers

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Oskar and his family got captivated by their close encounter with a couple of gray whales who wouldn’t stop hovering below their boats.

Caresses Of Care

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The tourists express their friendliness toward the giant whales by caressing them gently while they were gradually swimming near the surface of the water.

The Wonders Of Nature


Nature has unique ways of thanking us for taking care of her. Sometimes, she blesses us with bountiful harvests, and sometimes, she sends friendly gray whales to greet us during cruises.

No Danger


This amazing encounter between the tourists and the whales is proof of how approachable the giant sea creatures can be when they don’t sense any danger from their visitors.

A Moment To Treasure

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This genuine reaction of the gray whales is indeed one for the books. It’s a good thing that the tourists had their cameras ready to capture the moment.

Watch the boating tourists’ close encounter with a couple of friendly gray whales in the video below.

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