Loyal Dog With Tragic Past Is Still Waiting To Be Adopted

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Finding a new home after getting used to the old one where you spent your whole life is really hard.

Meet Dillon

YouTube, Megan Hogan

Dillon is a “lurcher” or a mixed-breed dog that is usually a cross between a sighthound (often a greyhound or whippet) with a herding or terrier breed. He’s from Cornwall, England.

His Sad Past


Amy Hall with the National Animal Welfare Trust told SWNS that Dillon was found lying with his owner who had passed away and was obviously protecting him right up until he couldn’t anymore.

Looking For A New Home

YouTube, Megan Hogan

The National Animal Welfare Trust is helping Dillon find a new home but they’re having a hard time doing so because of Dillon’s special emotional needs.

An Energetic Dog

YouTube, Megan Hogan

Dillon has a high amount of energy, especially for a 9-year-old dog. He loves outdoor activities but he only likes doing them alone.

He’s Not Fond Of Big Groups


Dillon experiences nervousness and possessiveness around other dogs and children. The shelter sent him out to a foster home before with other dogs, but when they were in the home together, he wasn’t too happy because he likes his owner to himself.

He Is Muzzle-Trained

YouTube, Megan Hogan

Dillon is muzzle-trained to avoid any accidents while socializing outdoors. Although he has made friends with other lurchers, he definitely still has a strong prey drive because of his sighthound blood.

People Find Him Too Demanding

YouTube, Megan Hogan

On November 20, Dillon was once again returned by a prospective adopter who found his needs too demanding. It was sad news but it would be better for everyone to find the right crew for them.

Waiting For The Right Person

YouTube, Megan Hogan

Amy said, “He’s a really great dog, but he just needs the right person. We’ve had a few people interested, but for one reason or another, they’ve not quite worked out. Recently, though, the response has been absolutely amazing.”

You can watch the video for Dillon’s profile in the video below.

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