Alert State Trooper Captures Her Heroic Save Of Young Girl Stuck In Icy Pond

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It was a breathtaking scenario luckily caught on camera.

Christmas Time

On December 17, 2023, just days before Christmas, two children were having fun, playing near their pond, when suddenly, the ice cracked.


The kids’ 80-year-old grandfather called 911 and Trooper Michelle Archer was going through her usual patrol route when she received the call.

One More Kid

The grandfather was able to pull one of the girls to shore but he was unable to get through to the other one.

Trooper Archer Stepped In

Upon arriving at the scene, Trooper Archer got a rope and a flotation device from her patrol cruiser and then jumped into the icy water. She said, “Something took over and I just kicked into gear. I don’t know if it was my training or instinct, but panic wasn’t a thought at that moment.”

Heroic Save

Trooper Archer dove into the frigid waters and made her way to the little girl. The recording also captured how deep the water was. She grabbed her and they both swam to shore.

All Is Well

Lights and sirens were then roaring across the pond. Trooper Kieth Cole, another cop, hurried over to join Trooper Archer and the girl. Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt in the incident.

She’s Safe

The little girl was rushed to the University of Vermont Medical Center. She recovered fully and was soon discharged to her family.

It Was A Miracle

Trooper Archer acknowledged that the happenings were actually a miracle. All she could say was that a lot of factors had to “line up” that day in order for them all to end up safe and sound.

Watch how Trooper Michelle Archer saved a little girl from an icy pond in the video below.

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