Grandma Finds Out She Has Newborn Twin Grand Babies

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Pregnancy is an exciting experience for couples. This is why a lot of soon-to-be-parents keep a few details of their pregnancy from their relatives until the birth of the little one.

A Big Secret


A lot of couples choose to keep the name and gender of their baby a secret for a while to keep off any unsolicited advice or judgment from other people, but usually lots of people just like the surprise.

Christmas Magic


Anna Williams gave birth around the holidays in 2018, but everyone, except for her and her husband, had no idea about the kind of secret they were keeping.

Grandma Is Here

YouTube, Anna Williams

Anna’s mother arrives at the hospital with great excitement to meet her new granddaughter, but she doesn’t know she’s in for a big surprise.

Her Reaction

YouTube, Anna Williams

While she’s dearly holding one of the newborn babies, the nurse wheels in the other baby girl, and all the surprised grandma can say is, “WHAT?!”

An Emotional Moment

YouTube, Anna Williams

The grandma can’t believe what she’s seeing. She immediately bursts into tears of joy as she holds both little girls in her arms.

Making The Announcement

YouTube, Anna Williams

Now that Anna’s mom knows, it’s time to let the rest of the couple’s family and friends know about the big news too through Facetime calls, and everyone’s reactions are priceless and sweet.

The Other Grannies

YouTube, Anna Williams

When Anna and her husband showed the twins to her in-laws, the grandparents’ reaction is nothing far from the others’ heartwarming exclaims and remarks.

Family Of Six

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Anna and her husband already had two children before the twins so they instantly became a family of 6 overnight.

Watch their relatives’ reactions to the big reveal in the video below.

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