Generous Community Unites To Give Blind Man A Ride To Work Everyday

This story is not only about determination and hard work but also about the amazing ways in which a community can come together.

Meet Bill

Bill Moczulewski from Cabot, Arkansas is a Walmart janitor who has an amazing dedication to his job.

His Struggles

Every day, he makes a two-hour, five-mile walk to his night shift, and his being legally blind makes this fact even more interesting and inspiring.

Good Samaritan

One day, a local named Christy Conrad spotted him during one of his walks so she offered him a ride and got to know him in the process.

It Became A Routine

Since then, Christy started driving him regularly but she knew she couldn’t do it alone and thought of a way to make sure Bill always had a ride.

Community Stepped In

Christy created a Facebook group called “Mr. Bill’s Village” to gather people within the community to help Bill with his commute.

Kind-Hearted Souls

The group now has over 1,500 members, with people eagerly volunteering to drive Bill. The residents have been keeping an eye out for Bill and offering to give him a lift to wherever he needs to go.

He’s Got New Friends

Bill encounters new people every day and never knows who might offer him a ride next. The diversified and compassionate character of Cabot’s citizens is exemplified by this rotating collection of drivers. More than merely offering rides, this little project has bonded the community and made acquaintances out of complete strangers.

A Big Blessing

One day, a local car dealer named Chris Pucket decided to contribute by planning to give Bill a car but after realizing he couldn’t drive due to his visual impairment, he gave the keys to Christy instead.


What happened to Bill and “Mr. Bill’s Village” serves as a potent reminder of the goodwill and unity that can exist within the community. It shows how a small act of kindness can blossom into a movement that transforms lives and fortifies ties between neighbors.

Watch Bill’s story in the video below.

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