Orchestra Uses Only Vegetables To Create Music For Live Audiences

Did your parents ever tell you not to play with your food growing up? Well, it turns out, playing with your food can actually be a very cool thing if you do it in all the right ways.

The Vegetable Orchestra Takes “Playing with Your Food” to a Whole New Level

This one-of-a-kind orchestra from Vienna uses actual vegetables to create music. And, no, they don’t use regular instruments!

All Their Instruments Come Straight from Farmers’ Markets

This way, the group is helping support their local farmers.

Their Unique Choice in Instrument Gives Them Plenty of Different Sounds to Work with

Before the orchestra members can use the veggies, they must use a variety of tools to craft them into instruments that are capable of producing musical sounds. Dozens of different sounds can be created depending on the vegetable used, its size and weight, and how the members alter them and ultimately use them.

Once Equipped with Instruments, The Group Plays for a Live Audience

They’ve used just about every vegetable on stage from carrots and radishes to create a horn-like sound to a celery bunch to use as a guitar.

After Their Shows, the Veggies Don’t Go to Waste!

After their live performances come to an end, the spare parts of their edible instruments are cooked for their audience’s enjoyment. Delicious!

Even During COVID-19, They Found a Way to Play Together as a Band

Via a Zoom video conference call, the orchestra was able to successfully play “Green Days” together. (I’ve linked the video at the end of this article.)

The Vegetable Orchestra Has Been Around for 24 Years

You might think they’re a new band, but they’ve been doing what they’re doing for 24 years and counting, as long as I’ve been alive! And you’re probably just now discovering them like I am.

And They Don’t Plan on Stopping Anytime Soon

They have too much passion to stop. Their members are truly dedicated to what they do.

Will Vegetables Instruments Become Popular?

Using veggies as instruments might be eco-friendly and a great way to save money. (Instruments can cost thousands of dollars, you know.) But I think for now, vegetable instruments will remain a Vegetable Orchestra thing, but who knows: maybe these unique instruments will gain interest over the years!


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