Compassionate Young Boy Raises Over $100k For Waffle House Waiter

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Sometimes, little kids are the ones who give the best and most compassionate ideas.

Meet Devonte

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Devonte Gardner is a waiter at an Arkansas Waffle House who got blessed by an 8-year-old kid.

Compassionate Kid

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When second-grader Kayzen Hunter learned about Devonte’s story, he couldn’t stop thinking of ways to help him.

His Story


Devonte and his family had to move into a motel after their apartment was infested with rats and black mold. However, paying $60 a day for the motel room was too expensive for him as he still needs a budget for utilities, transportation to and from work, and his two daughters’ education.

His Goal


He explained to Kayzen’s family that he was looking for a cheap car because the motel was quite far from his job so he had to walk several miles to get there daily or get a ride – and he needs about $5000 to get a car and a comfortable living space.

He Had To Do Something

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Little Kayzen knew he had to do something to help Devonte as he is aware that he and his family are privileged enough to eat at Waffle House almost every weekend.

Donations For Devonte


Kayzen started a GoFundMe to raise money for Devonte, and the initial goal was $5000.

It Exceeded The Goal


Eventually, they were all surprised when the GoFundMe reached more than $112,000, which was more than enough for Devonte to get a car and find a nice apartment for his family. As for the remaining money, he made sure to save it for his daughters’ education.

Proud Parents

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People were commending Kayzen for his awesome deed, and also his parents for raising such a compassionate young boy. Mr. and Mrs. Hunter, on the other hand, said it is typical for Kayzen to always think about others.

Watch how little boy Kayzen made a huge impact on Devonte’s life in the video below.

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