Smart 5th Grader Builds Wheelchair For His Teacher’s Disabled Dog

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When our dogs are sick, we worry about them and we’re even willing to spend hundreds and thousands for veterinary care just to make sure that they’re safe and okay.

Meet Leonard

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Leonard is a 9-year-old dachshund mix who is not able to use his hind legs.

His Mom

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His mom is Dana Holden who is a 5th-grade teacher to such loving and empathetic students.

Classroom Celebrity


Dana’s wallpaper on her school computer is a picture of Leonard basking in the sun, and when her students saw it, he instantly became a classroom celebrity.

His Condition


When Dana told the kids about the tumor that is pushing on Leonard’s spine, causing him to lose his hind legs’ function, a boy promised to build him a wheelchair.

Innovative Kid

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The kid was 11-year-old Emmett Rychner who had already built a functioning dog water fountain and air-conditioned lunch box before.

A Long Process

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His first attempt at the design of the wheelchair for Leonard did not work out as the doggo didn’t fit into the chair. This made him sad and disappointed, according to his parents, but he didn’t stop trying again.

The Big Day

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Eventually, after some tweaks to the design, it was finally the day when Dana brought Leonard over to the Rychners’, and when she and Emmett fitted the dog into his new wheelchair, it turned out perfectly.

A Successful Project

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Without any hesitation, Leonard galloped toward Dana and moved better than before. The doggo even turned and ran back to Emmett, and ended up doing laps between the boy and his owner as he enjoys the feeling of being able to move around again.

Watch how Emmett’s resourcefulness changed Leonard’s life in the video below.

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