Wild Wolf Dog Finds Forever Home In Rescuer’s Sanctuary

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Having pets gives us a feeling of being needed. At the same time, it helps us develop a more mature and more responsible personality.

Meet Kim

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Kimberly DeFisher is the founder of Arctic Fox Daily Wildlife Rescue Inc., a rescue center for injured and abused animals before they are released back into the wild.

It’s Her Passion

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Kim is a state-licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator. She has volunteered in rescuing wild animals within their community for years and she also educates people about them.

She Got A Call


One day, she got a call from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. They were asking for her help in rescuing several exotic animals that were hoarded for people to pay to watch them perform demonstrations.

Her New Friend

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They asked Kim to take in a wolf dog named Dakota as she had experiences with wolves and foxes, and she agreed to take him in for a few days.

His Personality

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The rescuers said that Dakota was a bit aggressive. Kim also saw that he was angry he was first brought in, but it all changed after he felt that he was now in a safe place.

They Bonded

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After seeing how Kim takes good care of him, Dakota began approaching her and giving her hugs and kisses, and he’s also very protective of her.

They Formed A Pack

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Dakotas got along with the other wolves and foxes. Eventually, Kim adopted a few more wolf dogs to add to their pack.

Forever Home

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At first, Kim thought that Dakota would only stay with her temporarily, but after realizing the strong bond they’d formed with each other, she said to herself that this is all going to be permanent now.

Watch the story of how Dakota found a home with Kim in the video below.

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