Little Girl Knows How To Escape Gracefully

Rumble, Novollita

When we learn new things, it’s safe to say that the event is worth celebrating especially if other people saw how long we tried to figure things out before finally succeeding.

The Secret To Learning


Play helps little kids to learn and develop because they easily learn basic things through doing it hands-on.

Curious Stage


The early stages of the child are where they are extra curious about their surroundings. They love asking questions and watching how adults do things.

Wandering Stage


While children love discovering new things at this stage, they also love seeing new places, and they do this by wanting to go outside despite their parents’ disapproval.

May I Go Out?

Rumble, Novollita

This little girl seems to want to go out but there’s one problem: her mom’s on the lookout.

She Finds Ways

Rumble, Novollita

It’s a good thing that the little girl is too clever and probably observant too because she’s familiar with how sliding doors work.

Challenge Accepted

Rumble, Novollita

After just a few seconds, the little girl has already managed to open the door without any sweat.

Smile Of Victory

Rumble, Novollita

After successfully opening the door, the little girl looks up to her mom, who’s recording the whole event, as if she’s proudly telling her, “Look, mom! I did it!”

Safety First


Although it’s entertaining to watch little kids try and learn new things, it’s also important to always put their safety first. Now that the little girl knows how to open the door, her mom surely has to be stricter on keeping an eye on her.

Watch how the cute little girl figured out how to open the sliding door in the video below.

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