Woman Spots 2 Giant Wolves Running Alongside Her Car

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Some of us dream of encountering majestic creatures like owls, deer, lions, and wolves, and this woman definitely lived that dream.

A Normal Drive


Rhonda Miller from Canada’s Northwest Territories (NWT) was just driving on the highway on her way to work one day when she had a spectacular encounter.

Two Large Dogs

YouTube, RM Videos

While driving, Rhonda spotted two black wolves “running flat-out and not concerned about me at all.”

Speed Runners


According to Rhonda, the wolves were running somewhere between 25 and 30 miles per hour at that time.

Safety Precaution


Rhonda slowed down and moved over her vehicle, which is the right thing to do when you come across a wild animal on the road.

Beautiful Creatures

YouTube, RM Videos

Rhonda said, “I think just the power of them and the beauty of them, seeing them running like that… is pretty inspiring.”

Largest Dogs


Wolves are the largest non-domestic members of the Canidae/dog family and live in vast areas of the Northern Hemisphere.

Built For Travel


Just like what Rhonda had witnessed, wolves are really fast runners. Their long legs, large feet, and deep but narrow chest are perfect for life on the move.

Protected Species


Canadian wolves are protected only within provincial parks, and even if the species is not included in the Endangered Species Act in 2021 anymore, all wolves in the adjoining United States still have some level of legal protection from federal and state governments.

Watch Rhonda’s fascinating encounter with two running wolves in the video below.

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