Little Boy Sings “What A Wonderful World” To Baby Sister

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Music is part of almost everything that we do. It delivers a message that we’re not always able to express through plain words, and even little kids know how to express themselves through songs.

Life Is Beautiful


If we’re going to enumerate some of the beautiful wonders in life, the list would include the birth of a baby in a loving family.

Best Buddies


When a new baby is born into the family, the siblings may have different emotions toward their new brother or sister. Some kids may feel anxious about being an older brother or sister, and some children may feel excited about finally having their best buddies.

His Little Sister

Reddit, Hygena-Pet-Scooper

This one little boy showed his innocence and genuineness when he welcomed his baby sister into the family by carrying her in his arms.

Serenading Her

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His sweet gesture did not end there. The little boy expressed what his heart is exclaiming by serenading his baby sister with a song that describes what he’s feeling at the moment.

What A Wonderful World


The little boy sang “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong, and he clearly meant the lyrics when he sang, “I see trees so green, red roses too. I see them bloom for me and you. And I think to myself what a wonderful world.”

Her Reaction

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The baby, although she still couldn’t understand what was happening, seemed to be smiling back at her brother, and this may be the sweetest thing you’ll see today.

Love-Hate Relationship


Most siblings may say that they’re annoyed at each other’s pettiness and attitude, but we all know that deep down, they consider their siblings their best friends in the whole world.

Full Of Love


The baby in the video is too lucky to be growing up in a loving family with a sweet brother who will definitely protect her in every kind of way.

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