Two Zookeepers Stuck In Gorilla Enclosure Strategize To Escape Safely

This story tells us about the cautions we need to observe when engaging with the animal kingdom.

Hold Your Breath

Something happened lately at the Fort Worth Zoo that left witnesses and guests feeling both fascinated and afraid.

Meet Elmo

Two zoo employees found themselves in a life-threatening situation after they were trapped in the enclosure of a 34-year-old silverback gorilla named Elmo.

What Happened

As it turns out, one of the employees had unintentionally entered the gorilla’s enclosure without making sure it was secure.

Now They’re Trapped

The first zookeeper threw a bucket of apples toward Elmo to try to distract him. After doing so, she quickly sought refuge and communicated over the radio to call for assistance.

The Other One

Meanwhile, the second zookeeper engaged Elmo in a game of hide and seek to distract him by using trees for cover.

They’re Both Safe

Thankfully, the unsettling event concluded without anyone getting harmed – thanks to the zookeepers’ quick thinking and skills in handling the situation.

Hey, Your Bucket!

The breathtaking encounter ended funnily with Elmo holding up the bucket as if he were saying, “Hey, you forgot your bucket!”

All Is Well

The zoo responded promptly to the incident, explaining that it was all due to human error, and they clarified that Elmo was not held responsible for it in any way.

Watch how the two zookeepers managed to get out of the enclosure safely in the video below.

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