People Want To Know "Am I Wrong?" In These Glorious Revenge Stories

I don't know about you, but I love reading glorious revenge stories. It's so easy to get lost in the awesomeness of the story that you can sometimes forget that these are about real people. An extreme revenge plot can have some very real consequences. It makes you wonder whether some of these people went a little too far. Have a look at these revenge stories and let us know who you think is in the wrong. ITW = In the wrong ITR = In the right ESH = Everyone sucks here

17. Am I Wrong For Staring Into The Soul Of A Tailgater?


“This happened a few years ago when I was graduating. Not that it is important, but for our graduation project, three of my friends and I had to visit a special one-of-a-kind farm for a whole year. My friends and I were driving on a road leading to different farms and where I live, the maximum speed on this kind of road is 80 kph unless otherwise indicated.

However, as we were nearing the end of the year, we had gone to this farm many times before and were comfortable driving 90 – 95 kph on said road.

As we were driving, a different car approached us at high speed and began tailgating us. At first, we thought that it could be a police officer in a civilian car, but the car was an old, modified BMW (which the police certainly does not use) and the person in it honestly did not look like he was the type to become a police officer.

We were looking for a spot to possibly pull over, but that was not possible due to ditches and trees being too close to the road. My friend who was driving actually sped up a bit, but the person behind us was still tailgating and was even flashing his lights at this point.

Suddenly I had the idea of my friend and I (we were sitting in the backseat) turning around and staring into that man’s eyes.

So we turned around and stared into that man’s eyes with a blank, emotionless and dead stare, as if we wanted to consume his soul. We could see him get physically awkward and he tried not to look at us. However, as he was right up our rear, that proved to be really difficult for him. He eventually slowed down and stayed a good 15 meters behind us, flashing his lights no more.

We still continued to stare at him, though. Just to be sure he kept his distance.”

Another User Comments:

“ITR. I hate that people flash their lights when there is OBVIOUSLY nowhere to pull over and let them by, or when there is another even slower car right in front of me. What do you want me to do, teleport?” curtludwig

Another User Comments:

“The mental picture this paints is hilarious. Perfectly creepy. ITR.” thoughtfulspiky

Another User Comments:

“Be careful speeding on farm roads, never know when there’s a stray animal or pet wandering.” signed_under_duress

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16. Am I Wrong For Shutting Off My Neighbor's Heat?


“In college, my two friends and I decided to find a place together off-campus. We found a beautiful three-bedroom house with surprisingly affordable rent.

The basement of the house was listed as a separate apartment, but as it had a separate entrance and the indoor stairwell had been blocked off, we weren’t worried. And the thermostat was upstairs.

Then the demon neighbor moved in. From upstairs, we could hear everything.

This adult woman would call her mother and scream at her to pay for her cellphone bills and give her ‘grocery’ funds (aka Taco Bell and cheap booze), she would scream at whatever guy she was sleeping with to bring her substances, and one day, she brought home three puppies to scream at, too.

We were terrified of this woman, and the noise was a nightmare. Also, we’d been idiotic enough to sign a lease stating we were responsible for all utilities, period, meaning we were now financing her gas, water, and electricity.

But with only two months left on the lease, we thought we could just ride it out.

But then she started smoking. Constantly. According to the landlord, she’d ‘quit for good’ when she’d signed the lease, but ‘for good’ only lasted two days. Since it was winter, the heat was running nearly 24/7, and the smoke was wafting up from the vents. Our apartment and all our belongings began to reek with smoke.

We contacted the landlord because we’d signed for a bloody non-smoking apartment. He told us we lived in a state where you could technically call an apartment non-smoking even if it shared ventilation with a smoking apartment. (Screw you, leasing laws).

At this point, my two roommates were heading out for a two-week vacation (they were online students, while I was residential), leaving me alone in the apartment with the demon smoker in the basement.

I couldn’t sleep or eat, because my idiotic stomach decided to react to all the secondhand smoke by aching and cramping constantly.

After three days, I was a little insane. I made a plan.

I checked the forecast: lows in the 20s all week. I borrowed a friend’s ultra-insulated sleeping bag. I bought one of those ski masks with holes for your eyes and mouth. I got out my stocking cap, my silk long underwear, my woolen socks, and my down parka.

I bought tea, hot cocoa, and ramen, and prepared to live off a diet of hot liquids.

And I turned off the heat.

Day 1: She’s screaming at her mother for forcing her to move into this frozen poop-hole of an apartment.

Day 2: She’s screaming at her partner (dealer?) because he won’t let her move in with him.

Day 3: She’s screaming at the landlord about how she’s freezing.

Day 4: The landlord is at my door. I greet him in full ski mask/parka/stocking cap array, looking like I’m heading out to rob Santa Claus at the North Pole. He asks me if I don’t find it a little chilly in the house. I reply I’d found all the smoke a little warm.

Day 5: She’s screaming about ‘THE WITCHES UPSTAIRS’ to anyone who will listen, and I’m sitting upstairs clutching my car keys and my pepper spray with 911 typed into my phone.

She finally decides she’s leaving and moving in with Greg, ‘even though he just got out for assaulting Travis, and he lives in that creepy house in the woods with all those mean biting dogs.’

Day 6: She’s GONE. I silently bless Greg.

Moral of the story: There’s a bloody reason the rent seems too good to be true.

Ps. For those wondering, I did have a friend who worked plumbing stop by to give me some advice about how low I could go before I burst the water pipes to the underworld and back.”

Another User Comments:

“After you move out, light that landlord’s butt up on apartment review websites.

He didn’t lift a finger and told you to screw off about the smoke, but when you turn off the heat he’s there to go to bat for the psycho substance user? What a jerk.” [deleted]

Another User Comments:

“ITR. Literally gave her the cold shoulder. Utterly brutal, especially considering she had the basement apartment! Well played.” klutzykero

Another User Comments:

“‘I couldn’t sleep or eat, because my idiotic stomach decided to react to all the secondhand smoke by aching and cramping constantly.’

This is such a Karen response followed by a scheme only some crazy Karen would come up with.

Screaming substance user aside the most troubling thing about this post is OP. ITW.” TheRespecableMrSalt

Another User Comments:

“I realize my opinion here won’t be popular here, but it sounds like you signed a bad lease (your choice), ended up having a bad neighbor, and then instead of owning up to your mistake in signing that lease and thus breaking it, or talking to the other tenant, or complaining to the police about noise and possible illegal activities, you went ahead and did the wrong thing.

You signed the lease. Did she even know how her actions were affecting you? She sounds like a person that has no idea the HVAC is for the whole building. She probably has no idea what an HVAC system is outside of ‘it makes it cold or hot.’ If she did not, as in you did not make it clear to her yourself, what you did is immoral and ITW.

This is petty revenge.” Penuwana

Another User Comments:

“The bad news is that if you had been taken to court over this, you would have been 100% in the wrong.

The good news is that the landlord was 100% in the wrong about almost everything else.

A ‘nonsmoking’ apartment with smoke constantly entering through the ventilation system is not habitable. A downstairs neighbor who constantly screams is a violation of your right to quiet enjoyment. And the lease clause making you responsible for another unit’s utilities is at the best very suspect, and most likely was unenforceable. Had you consulted with a housing attorney, they would have gotten you out of that lease with little trouble.” JakobWulfkind

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mlpartridge 4 months ago (Edited)
Well, if you're wrong then I'm going to burn in hell over what I did back in the 90's! A "friend" admitted that she had been in a hotel with my boyfriend on a night he was late showing up. OK....I'll take this up with him later but in the meantime....
(Sidenote: this is probably the reason you now have to go through 15 identification steps when dealing with utility providers.) I called the electric company, the gas company, the water/sewer department of the city, the cable company and just for good measure the phone company too. At that time, no PIN, secret handshake, or any other info was requested from me. I ordered shutoff for all these services for a Friday afternoon on a holiday weekend. Asked them to forward the final bills to a POBox in Florida.
I never heard about the fallout from this revenge, but I have a great imagination and still love to think about her coming home on Friday night and having no utilities at all and no way to reconnect them without great expense on a holiday weekend!
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15. Am I Wrong For Serving A Customer Sanitized Meat?


“Quick back story, yesterday and today my store closed early due to inclement/dangerous weather. Aka snow and ice. Store closes at 6 pm, deli at 4 pm, as in DONE cleaning and shut down and gone by 4 pm. NORMALLY it’s closed by 8, done cleaning by 9 pm

I had JUST cleaned and wiped down the meat slicer with food-safe sanitizer, the blade cover and grated/spiked weight to hold the meat down were gone.

It’s 3:30 pm and a customer comes up asking for London broil roast beef.

Me: I apologize and say our slicers are shut down.

Customer: Ok.

The leave and I continue wiping down the counter and finish the slicer area, just about to put the slicer cover over said slicer. BASICALLY: wipe down with soap and water, wipe off, clean with sanitizer, wipe off, cover.

Customer returns with a witchy attitude.

‘(Huff) I don’t understand. It’s 3:30 why can’t I get meat?’

I reply because the store is closing early at 6 pm and deli is closing down at 4 pm.

The customer huffs and I can already see her winding up to argue.

My coworker who is helping me clean says just get it for her with the expression of pleasing cuz we’re gonna get yelled at.

I turn to the customer and smile knowingly….sure, one sanitized meat coming up!

Because the weight part that holds the meat down against the blade is gone I had to hold it down ..

So customer ends up getting thin slices – I did put my weight into it but this was the best I could get – and wrapped it up. Again, FOOD safe sanitizer so it’s not going to harm the customer but it makes things taste bland. I weigh out the slices and print the price. Here ya go!

Waited for them to get out of earshot. So sorry we dared to want to keep our employees safe and get home before dark.

Before you go for me please understand the slicer was already wiped off and dry. No water or chemicals, at worst they’d have thin, bland roast beef.”

Another User Comments:

“This is 100% management’s fault, likely cause corporate leadership breaths down their necks about cutting labor costs.

Management failed to communicate adequately with both customers and employees. Clearly, staff thought they were leaving at 4, the customer felt the slicer should be up until 4.

Good management would have said to staff ‘stop operating at 4 and then you can clock off whenever cleanup is done’ or they should have said to customers ‘deli is open until 4, but we can only slice meats until 3:30.’

Management often creates these lose-lose situations where the hourly worker takes the majority of blame and verbal abuse for decisions they have no control over, and they love the implication that it’s cause the workers are lazy and not ..oh idk, because they get in trouble if they consistently work over their stop time, and are rarely given adequate cleaning time.

The woman got angry at the worker, not the store, and bought the meat. So for the store, it’s a win. For the customer and the worker, not so much. But who cares as long as you get more profit?” Personal_Parsnip_410

Another User Comments:

“Worked in a deli for 7 years… Now I’m not sure all this applies to OP, but when our deli is open until a time, some things would get closed early that took the longest to clean…

Like hot foods bistro and soups… While we would try to sneak an early clean on other things, we had to basically undo the cleanup if a customer wanted meats for example… Because if you’re open until a time, your services should still be available. I’m led to believe OP was trying to get out early (or rather on time – as retail tends to have unrealistic expectations of efficiency).

Also… Using your hand to secure meat on a slicer is considered a huge safety violation and getting caught could have negative consequences for their job. ITW.” FrozenFirebat

Another User Comments:

“From the customer’s point of view – if the signs say that the deli was closing at 4, and it was 3:30, this would seem like a totally reasonable request. I know I would have been confused about the deli being closed 30 minutes prior to the sign (although I wouldn’t have pressed once told the machines were already shut down).

I would suggest that next time you have the times on the sign set for when you start cleaning…” shell_shocked_today

Another User Comments:

“ITR. The people in here upset over this post are the same people who go to McDonald’s at 1 AM and burn out of the drive-thru in sheer rage when they find out the ice cream machine is down for cleaning.” Ducky_Dangerfield

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lasm1 4 months ago
If you close at 4, then don't complain if somebody comes in at 3:30. You keep reiterating that the sanitizer was safe for food, and it was dry and it wasn't a big deal. but on the other hand you want to make a big deal about getting revenge on the customer. And no, people who think you're in the wrong aren't the same people who burn out the McDonald's parking lot , what a fucking ignorant comment , clearly customer service is not the job for you. I work in healthcare and our clinic closed at 5, I had a patient come thru the door literally 3 minutes before 5 one time did I throw a crybaby tantrum, no, we closed at 5 not 4:57 so of course i let the patient in and took care of them.. u you need to grow up.
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14. Am I Wrong For Messing With My Captain After He Forced Me To Deploy?


“Let’s go back a few years. I was a Combat Engineer platoon sergeant. We had recently gotten a new Company Commander who thought his poop didn’t stink. My first interaction with him was when I got back from running an M240b range where I was told he wanted to speak to all leadership immediately in the conference room. Well, it took 3hrs for him to arrive & despite 1SG calling many times he insisted we stay.

The entire meeting was him bragging about himself & saying that he was trying to get the company slotted for a deployment to the middle east as well as how excited he was to go. I spoke up & basically said he’s an idiot but with more words which ended the meeting, got me a stern talking to, and thinly veiled threats…

This captain had been in for 15 years & never once been deployed.

That takes effort & a lot of sucking up. He only wanted to go now because he was up for Major…

It turned out Brigade had a mission & asked for volunteers. Captain jerk volunteered me to go despite knowing I had gotten married a week earlier. I made it very clear I did not want to go to the higher-ups. I was told it was between myself & the Captain.

Well, a month out my sister-in-law passed away immediately after she miscarried at 33 weeks. Found them both in the basement of their house. Well, captain jerk didn’t care, no leave and I was still to leave about a week after the funeral. Screw him, I walked in to talk to the command sergeant major & was immediately dropped from the deployment. But the Captain was so far up the Battalion commander’s butt that nothing happened to him.

After about 8 months later Captain jerk got his wish. Headquarters platoon & one other was slotted to deploy. Of course, because I had the most combat experience & most deployments in the platoon he naturally decided that’s why my platoon should go.

Now, in order to deploy you first have to go to a month-long field exercise where you are graded on performance. This generally applies to the higher levels of leadership.

By this time I was just angry. So I got my squad leaders together & improvised a few missions. First, everyone was to follow the CPT’s instructions as literally as possible no matter how dumb & not to give any advice. This led us to getting absolutely destroyed in training which was glorious. Secondly & most importantly was the psychological aspect.

So, this jerk commander would go to bed nightly at 2100 no matter what.

In the deserts of California, you can find all sorts of creepy crawlies to slip in a sleeping bag while sprinkling juice on his uniform. They’d also periodically hide some of his gear or render his rifle inoperable. So for days this went on, poor guy slept very little because I ensured his tent was set over top of a beehive. These bees hated any vibration & loved juice, the jerk never realized why he was constantly getting stung.

As we were to be falling under a new brigade I had to go meet the higher-ups & wouldn’t you know it, the Col we were set to fall under turned out to be my first company commander who I got along great with. I pulled him aside & called up my squad leaders where we basically told him Captain jerk was going to get someone killed, pointed out his erratic behavior & the overall poor performance.

Needless to say, he was quickly relieved of command (career killer) and sent back to work in an office where he belonged.

As for myself & my platoon. I still didn’t want to go, but the new Company commander was my old platoon leader from my second deployment plus I couldn’t let my guys go without me… Turned out it would be my last deployment as some injuries force you out of the military but everyone came back alive.”

Another User Comments:

“While I don’t agree with some of the ‘pranks’ you pulled on your CPT, I’m glad you demonstrated leadership by deploying with your guys.

Says a lot. Also, glad all came back from the suck alive. appears you got hurt downrange…the military will squeeze you and use you up for sure – I hope you’re getting VA disability.” spacegeist

Another User Comments:

“ITR. This is glorious, but most importantly I am sorry for the loss of your sister and nephew. That is a catastrophic loss. Thank you for your service.” Bland-fantasie

Another User Comments:


You protected your comrades and yourself from an incompetent buffoon who would have gotten many of you maimed and killed. Well done! If I was military I would salute you. (Dad was Air Force though)” Liu1845

Another User Comments:

“ITW. So basically you didn’t feel like doing your job so you harassed some poor guy. Yeah, true pro revenge there pal.” ActuallyGaryOak

Another User Comments:

“ITR. Had a First Sgt back in Hood who was the same as this guy.

The first day of command he holds final formation an hour early and proceeds to tell us all that he didn’t care about any of us, he was there as a formality to get his CSM. The next 14 months were a living nightmare. This guy had never been outside of a desk job since making E5. Everything in the Battery belonged to him. The computers that were purchased through the Soldier Fund were taken for his NCOs. Then the Soldier Fund was emptied for his own needs. He frequently worked for the troops late into the evening just to call up his CSM to brag about how High Speed his troops were.

He had to be in the position 14 months. 13 months in, he is rejected for the CSM slot. We threw a party the day he left.” atombomb1945

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13. Am I Wrong For Giving A Pregnant Customer The Wrong Order?


“This is a past story from when I was 16 and had my first job at a McDonald’s. I was closing and the store came down to me and 2 other people, a manager and a guy to help us clean and walk us out at night. It’s 12:30 AM and our drive-thru closes at 1.

A car pulls to the speaker and I take their order of a single cheeseburger.

I make the cheeseburger.

I get the woman’s cash and hand her the food, we are both polite and sleepy.

She opens the bag and pulls out the food and lets out a long sigh and says, ‘Hey, I’m really sorry, but I actually meant to order this plain.’

I say, ‘Oh, like you want no condiments? Okay, give me one second.’

I go in the back and make a plain cheeseburger, I take the one she didn’t want and hand her the new one.

She opens it and is now visibly angry.

‘What the heck is your problem?? Obviously, if I wanted it plain that means no cheese? Are you really that dense??’

I am about to close the window and tell her tough nut, lick a butt, start the strut, before you get cut. She takes another deep breath and says, ‘Look, I’m sorry, I’m six months pregnant and I get really hormonal.

I just want a plain hamburger.’

At this point, it is now 12:50 AM and my fidelity to this business is now on a 10-minute ticking clock.

She tosses the burger back through the window, I make no attempt to catch it. It hits me and opens on the floor. I leave it there pretending to not notice and I say, ‘Don’t worry about it, I understand. We are all tired and it is very late at night.’

I go into the kitchen, take the original ketchup-mustard-pickle-onion stuffed cheeseburger, open it, and lay three chicken nuggets on the patty.

Wrap it in a hamburger wrapper, put a sticker on it that says plain, and I hand it out the window to her.

She didn’t even open the burger to check, just looked at the paper that said ‘hamburger’ all over it and the sticker that said plain, gave me a snarky ‘Thanks’ and drove off.

I shut off the drive-thru and the exterior lights, as it was now 1:00 AM.

When she came back around and pulled up to the windows screaming at us cleaning, I told my manager she was just some late night jerk who had come through earlier and we all openly ignored her until she left.”

Another User Comments:

“Good job. Harmless revenge. Lady sounds like a raging witch and deserves it.

Do people think you’re just supposed to let pregnant women get away with stuff because they are pregnant?? I regularly see much more aggressive, and less deserved ‘revenges’ universally lauded here…” mailmanofsyrinx

Another User Comments:


Hitting someone with food is assault, OP would have been fully justified to slam that window shut after that and call the cops. Throwing anything at a worker is completely unacceptable behavior in any situation; people who do that should be banned for life from the establishments they violate.” shortimmortality

Another User Comments:

“Frankly, you both suck.

She couldn’t order because she was ‘hormonal’ or pregnant, doesn’t give her the right to yell at you or throw food at you.

But you’re a jerk as well for how you responded. Frankly, seems like you went out of your way to ‘get revenge’ on her.

But then again, most 16-year-olds are jerks anyways.” Cinemaslap1

Another User Comments:

“I feel awful… when I was pregnant my husband had to get my burger remade seven different times because the cook wouldn’t do the only pickles, ketchup, burger I was craving so desperately…

I was soooo distraught that honestly, I’d have probably been snappy too… pregnancy cravings are the absolute worst because sometimes you can’t eat anything except that specific, down to the letter craving and it can change in an instant…” Oliveigreen

Another User Comments:

“ITR. I’ve been a super emotional pregnant person and I’m so with you. If she’s that out of control she needs to stay home and not talk to anyone.

And what is up with people who don’t know the difference between a hamburger and a cheeseburger?” Manly_man_bro

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KohakuNightfang 4 months ago
What are all these acronyms? What is ITR?
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12. Am I Wrong For Reporting Every Broken Streetlight I See?


“My local council received funding to build a segregated cycle route along a road that had seen several cycling fatalities. It’s a huge improvement, however, it has become more dangerous again due to at least 50 street lights being out dotted along its length.

There are a lot of shops, parked cars, pedestrians, bus stops, and vehicles (turning) along this road and you need to be ready to brake at all times.

Late one night a woman dressed in black in one of these unlit areas walked out in front of me, I managed to evade but fell off my bike into the main road in the process. Everyone was OK but enough was enough.

I tried to report the overall issue to the council, but they said they would need precise location (plotted on a digital map via their clunky website) and street light number (printed on the light column) of every light to report to their sub-contractor.

The road runs through an area known for muggings, and even cyclists get pushed off to steal their bikes, so I didn’t want to stop at each light with a phone out or even notebook.

So since the start of 2022, each trip I’ve tried to remember one or two lights that are failed with their precise location and numbers, then reporting when I get home.

I had reached 13 individual reports so far this year when a man from the council called me yesterday.

We discussed the situation, and upon hearing there were tens more reports yet to come, asked if I could please give them four weeks grace before sending more reports, and they will check and fix every light along the cycle route.”

Another User Comments:

“ITR. Use the four weeks to document all the street lights that are out. And if they haven’t made good progress on fixing them, then dump a report on every single one of them on the very day that four weeks is up.

Do this for a week.

Get your friends to do the same. Not just cycling friends. All your friends.” ThatWolfWriter

Another User Comments:

“ITR. Don’t wait. You’re causing an issue with their metrics and they’re asking you to give them the benefit of the doubt. Why would you give them such a benefit if this is the same council that said it wasn’t their job?

Send an email to that person along the lines of, ‘to summarize our call, your agent will inspect every light between (first number) and (second number) and take care of replacing any broken lights over the next four weeks, correct?’

Make it easy for themselves to be placed on the record.

If they’re unwilling, continue filing reports until they do, because they have no intent in following through.” Secondary123098

Another User Comments:

“The council person reached out personally to help fix the problem without you having to make a ton of reports and everyone here is telling you to screw this guy and keep sending reports? Maybe the dude is gonna fix it for you on the sly to save you both a bunch of time? Give him the benefit of the doubt.

The councilperson is a member of your community and their job is to help the citizenry. Jesus everyone is so mean. Just check in after a couple of weeks. I’m sure he’ll be happy to take your call. Not everyone in government is a corrupt deep state plant.” rughmanchoo

Another User Comments:

“ITW. I still don’t understand the entitled mentality of cyclists. Go ride your bike somewhere else then…..

Your neighbors all paid (likely 6-figures in taxes) so you could ride your bike on some special painted path, but that’s not good enough. No sir!

Now some poor soul has a miserable few weeks at work because you insist on riding your bike…. in the road…. in a high vehicle traffic area…. in a high foot traffic area…. that’s admittedly a bad neighborhood…. IN THE DARK….. while complaining and moaning about street lights…. FOR FREE.” bwick29

Another User Comments:

“It sounds like you need a headlight really, really bad. They make lightweight rechargeable lights bright enough to light the path ahead of you that clip on your handlebars. They’re not at all prohibitively expensive. An exponentially better plan than relying on streetlights, IMHO…” workingclassfabulous

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11. Am I Wrong For Buying My Neighbor's House In Front Of Her?


“The house we live in was built at the same time as hers. My parents were often at the construction site and helped if they could. The strange lady was nice to us at the beginning. But that changed soon.

This happened around Christmas 2017. We have a neighbor who is very unpopular in our neighborhood. She is well known for harassing people who use the public path on the left side of her house.

The path is one out of three to reach the public playground behind her house. If someone uses the path she would scream at them that this is her path on her private property which is wrong. Sometimes she would close the path with a red and white plastic chain and wouldn’t let anyone use the path. She would scream at kids on the playground when they were loud (at daytime).

She always has her shutters almost down so she can stalk the people on the street and stay unseen. If some kid’s ball landed in her garden she would bring it to the kids and destroy it with a knife right in front of them. All kids knew this and would run by her house if they wanted to go on the playground.

When the neighbors’ kids were playing in the winter outside in the snow she would call the CPS equivalent in my country and tell them they were locked outside by their parents as a punishment.

If someone walked by her house at night she would often call the police due to a noise complaint. She was known by everyone in our neighborhood as ‘The Witch.’

But she hated my family in particular. We lived right beside her house. Our houses shared one wall. When my sister and I were young we would use the swing in our garden or jump on our trampoline.

She would regularly file noise complaints and often harass me and my sister when we were alone in our garden. If my parents heard her screaming swear words at us from the first floor of her house they would yell back. If my sister or I walked on the path by her house she would scream at us. We used the path daily on our way to school.

One time when I came home from school she was in her car with the trunk on the sidewalk. When I walked by the back of her car she howled the engine and the dark exhaust hit me. Almost every night she would hit the shared wall with something to wake us up. Sometimes she’d ring on our door and try to make us go to other neighbors to complain about small things.

We often had lawsuits with her. One time because her trees grew 2m over the border. Another time because she built a fence by sticking bamboo mats in the dirt and tearing it down the next day and telling the police we destroyed her wooden fence. We won all lawsuits against her because my uncle (he’s teaching law school) gave us good advice on how to deal with her and named lawyers he knew were good.

She never paid the workers who repaired things at her house and the electrical and water bills. When her old car broke down she didn’t pay the car mechanic and never got her car back. She was in debt and had a mortgage on her house. When the foreclosure came we were at the court and bought her house. She was with us in the courtroom where the auction was and tried to buy her own house but wasn’t allowed because she couldn’t provide proof that she had enough funds.

We bought her house where she lived for 20+ years in front of her.

We bought it because my parents were at the construction of her house and knew the workers did a great job at building it. We renovated it when she left. We repainted all rooms, renewed the insulation, and put new wooden floors where no tiles were. My grandparents will be moving in her old house this fall.”

Another User Comments:


Throw a housewarming party with all the neighborhood invited. Make sure they know she isn’t there anymore.” CtrlAltDragoon

Another User Comments:

“ITR. You reap what you sow. Karma.

When my wife and I were first married in the early 2000s, we bought a condo and lived among some older folks. They were cranky and tight with money, but they weren’t mean. However, there was a mean lady named ‘Gloria.’

Gloria cast herself as a crusader fighting against the tyranny of the old people mafia.

She managed to gain a small following of like-minded contrarians–I had some sympathy for her situation after hearing her stories of unfairness.

I was elected to the HOA board for the condo association and that’s when I learned all about Gloria.

She never paid her association dues–ever. She always claimed that it was a protest but her protests were built on lies. She was a psycho–and turned on me spreading rumors about me using a master key to snoop on tenants and other crazy stuff.

She would scream at people like a lunatic.

I had enough of her nonsense and started investigating. I found out that she had owned several condos elsewhere before and pulled the same nonsense with not paying her bills. When she got into collection issues, her ploy was to put her condo for sale far below market price forcing the board to ‘right of first refusal’ where they had little choice but to buy her out at market value to avoid property values plummeting.

I had our lawyer put a lien on her property for 3 years of unpaid maintenance fees. She couldn’t put it for sale with the lien–or didn’t want to lose the funds owed out of the sale. So, she tried to declare bankruptcy–which she did. And when her condo was in foreclosure (for not paying her mortgage), the board bought it for a low price from her bank and resold it at market value.

Never heard from that psycho again.” troubleschute

Another User Comments:

“When I hear stories like this, paranoia, unable to take care of basic life tasks (paying your workers) I wonder about her basically having some undiagnosed mental illness. She actually tried to buy her own home back with no proof of income/assets?

Sucks to have her as a neighbor, though. The lines seem to blur between just being a jerk and needing mental health.” CaliforniaJade

Another User Comments:


Yeah, sorry, can’t feel at all bad for this lady. Harassing kids for using public paths, calling CPS on parents for kids playing… Wow. Old ladies aren’t always sweet and shouldn’t always get a pass for bad behavior.

She might’ve had a few issues and her money will be better spent not repairing a house she can’t maintain or afford and in an assisted living facility where she doesn’t have those types of expenses. She seems like she’s not all there.” xoxo_gossipwhirl

Another User Comments:

“ITW. Sounds mean. The lady had no friends, and you took her house, instead of helping her.” [deleted]

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10. Am I Wrong For Lying To My Wife About My Step-Daughter's Bio Dad?


“Background: In 2006 I was 25 and married a woman, Alma, 13 years older than me and became a stepdad to a 15-year-old girl named Marina. I always considered myself a level-headed person, kept my cool, and went with the flow, that was until my marriage fell apart.

So it’s the summer of 2009 Alma and I have been together three years and Marina just graduated High School.

Alma tells me that Marina has been asking about her biological father. Alma says that she wants to write to an old address she had for him and see if he would be interested in getting to know his daughter. I was fine with it as I believe that Marina had every right to try and get to know her father.

A month goes by and Alma tells me that Marina’s bio father, Karl, emailed her and is open to getting to know his daughter.

Alma and Karl email back and forth so she can feel him out and he can get a sense of what Marina is like. At this point, I don’t mind at all because Alma is open about all the emailing and what they write about.

Fast forward a few weeks, Marina and Karl are communicating back and forth regularly, everything looks to be working out. I start to notice Alma on the computer more and more chatting with Karl, I ask her about it and she affirms that she and he developed a friendship over the past few weeks.

I don’t think much about it as she isn’t hiding anything and Karl lives in Mexico City (we lived in central CA). A few months go by and Alma tells me that Marina wants to meet Karl and he has time off coming so it’s a perfect time to do it. Alma will go with Marina but I wouldn’t be able to go since I couldn’t get the time off of work.

Alma and Marina go on their trip, they are gone for 2 weeks, week one is spent at Alma’s grandparents’ home and week two would be spent in Cabo where Karl would fly in to give him and Marina time to connect in person. Their vacation came and went and they finally came home. When I picked up the girls I began asking about the trip but all I would get would be one-word answers from both of them, Marina and Alma looked like they were upset with one another, I figured they got into an argument on the way home, a few hours in a plane can do that to you.

A week later and we are back in our routine but Alma and Marina are still barely talking. I ask what is wrong and she tells me that she and Marina had an argument about Karl. I chalked it up to the meeting not being longer, so I say ‘well maybe next vacation Karl has can be spent in California and he can bring his sons so Marina can meet her brothers, they can even stay with us a few days.” Alma really liked that idea.

Sooo and I kid you not, the very next day both are at work and I have the day off. I am working around the house and come across a small stack of papers on the entryway table, I pick them up and see if they are important. It’s a printed-out email and I see my name in it. I read it and just keep reading through the stack of papers.

It was a complete printout of Alma and Karl’s email conversations they were having through her work email address. I felt sick; the more I read the sicker I felt. In the emails they had the whole vacation planned out including the fact that Karl would be staying with her and Marina in the suite I had arranged for them rather than get his own hotel room, the worst was the fact that they were debating how they should tell Marina that they planned on being affectionate with each other during this trip because as he put it ‘she should be happy that her parents are finding each other again after 18 years’ and ‘How else are you and I going to be able to share a room?’ Turns out Marina wasn’t very happy about the situation and wouldn’t let them be alone together.

The first thing I did was take the emails and have copies made, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do yet but I knew I should make them. I then drove to Alma’s work and told her I was there to take her to lunch. When we got to a secluded parking lot I confronted her about the emails. She had the nerve to try and turn it on me ‘how could you go through my private emails like that?’ She didn’t argue she just claimed that the bond that she and Karl had was strong and that I wasn’t the husband that she had hoped I would be.

I argued, I cried and I asked her if we could work through it and all she would say is maybe and that she would think about it. For the next few days, I was a mess, I would mope and pout when I was alone and would be Alma’s attentive husband when she was home, then I saw that she and Karl were chatting on the home computer not even trying to hide it.

When I realized that this wasn’t going to end I decided that I needed ammunition. I already had the emails from her work but I wanted more so I found a computer program that runs in the background, it takes screenshots and is a keystroke logger, I installed it on both our home computers. With the program, I had screenshots of their chatting sessions and I had access to Alma’s personnel email accounts.

I found every last bit of correspondence and printed it out. At first, I thought I would take the emails to a lawyer that could use them for my divorce but then I found out that California was a no-fault state so it wouldn’t matter, so I came up with plan B. I took everything I had collected and began going through it, I arranged it in chronological order and began writing down every bit of information that I thought I could use.

Every break at work I would just read, highlight, and write down information. I ended up with two notebooks full of random info. Where Karl worked, where his father’s home was, phrases Karl would use.

Phase 2 was the fun part. I went to a popular search engine that also would provide you with a free email address, I found the link to the Mexican version and created an email address for a fake woman, let’s call her Miss Sandoval.

Miss Sandoval emails Alma and tells her that she was Karl’s live-in partner until a few weeks prior and that she had been debating whether or not to email and warn her about Karl and his anger. Miss Sandoval wrote about their relationship and things that they would do, like his favorite vacation spots, how she cared for his boys, all the pet names he would call her.

Everything written would come from one of the emails or chats they would have. Then Miss Sandoval wrote about how he would become verbally abusive and how it started around the same time that Alma and Karl’s relationship changed. Emails went back and forth for a week and in one email I included pictures of a battered woman I found online. As this interaction is going on, I am still keeping tabs on their conversations and their tones have changed.

Alma asks about Miss Sandoval and of course, he denies knowing who she is and of course, Alma doesn’t believe him. She is furious that he would lie to her and that now she feels like she is the reason for this poor woman’s abuse. In the end, Alma breaks things off with him and she even shares the email from Miss Sandoval with Marina and convinces her that her father is a terrible person and she shouldn’t have any more contact with him.

Oh but that’s not all; during my spying, I was able to find Karl’s ex-wife’s (KAREN) social media and had Miss Sandoval email her a copy of every email I had. Now, I don’t know what Mexico’s divorce laws are like but Karen was very grateful for all the info and was sure that it would help her in the divorce that had been going on for 3 years at that point.

Now let’s not forget about Alma, she didn’t go unscathed from this. When her relationship with Karl tanked she naturally tried to fix things with me, and me being so satisfied that I torpedoed their relationship, was more than happy to accept her attention. Don’t get me wrong, our marriage was over, I was just leading her on to think that we were working things out.

On the day that I left the first eviction notice arrived from the bank. Apparently, the ordeal made me forget to pay the mortgage on our house, and her job received an email from me with copies of her and Karl’s inappropriate emails made using the company email address and showing it was on company time. It was worth the hit to my credit score just to get her frantic voice messages about her losing the house and her getting demoted at work.”

Another User Comments:

“She definitely deserved it, but did you ever discuss it with the daughter? She seemed to have your best interest at heart this whole time.” kagrons

Another User Comments:


I mean you kind of ruined a chance that Marina has of ever having a relationship with her father, kinda screwed her over more than you did your ex tbh.” RipsnRaw

Another User Comments:

“Being angry because a reunion with her dad was more about dad hooking up with mum, is far far different from refusing any relationship whatsoever because your stepfather has LIED and told you your dad was a woman beater, complete with pics.

I’m fine with stepdaughter being mad at her mum, that’s a bit different as there is more of a developed relationship and much more history there, but OP poisoning the start of a relationship the stepdaughter wanted by lying and saying her dad was abusive, and unfaithful when none of it is actually true is such a low down, sack of trash move.

If OP wanted revenge on his wife, sure, go nuts.

But to make the stepdaughter collateral damage is just a terrible thing to do. There’s no making that honorable. ITW.” cactus_blossom

Another User Comments:

“I agree that it was definitely a scummy thing to do, he probably should have given Marina some sort of heads up or something so her opinion wouldn’t be based on a lie. But I do just want to point out that at that point Marina had graduated high school, old enough to realize that the trip became more about the mom and bio-dad hooking up again.

Old enough to make her own thoughts and decisions on the situation and to know that it’s a pretty awful thing to two-time someone. If I’d been in her place I would have been really mad or really upset about it. Upset to a point where I’d likely want next to nothing to do with the guy anymore.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m kind of on the fence with this part, bio-dad had pretty much already trashed the relationship himself in my opinion (I’ve been in a situation where my dad was getting flirty with his boss while still married, very scummy and I talk to him as little as I can manage for that and other reasons) but I do agree it was too much to let Marina believe that bio-dad was abusive too because that could have been a tipping point to just say screw it to trying to reconnect.” HundgamKanata

Another User Comments:

“Wow. She was absolutely horrible to you! I can’t believe she had the gall to try to spin it on you. Even though she’s older than you, she sounds INCREDIBLY immature and like a damn teenager instead of a mother. She deserved everything she got if not more. ITR.” RiotAct96

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Elleds 4 months ago
I'm guessing you really weren't the husband she thought you'd be. You're utterly insane. Jerk.
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9. Am I Wrong For Ruining My Neighbor's Lawn After She Locked My Toddler In A Closet?


“In the height of summer and in the deep south of the USA, there were three siblings (3F me, 6F, 8M) and their mom (28F). Mom had to take my sister to a last-minute doctor’s appointment, so she left my brother and me with a trusted neighbor across the street (28F). Let’s call her Barb.

I was a sickly kid with separation anxiety, so I started crying after Mom left.

When Barb couldn’t get me to stop, she locked me in the hall closet with the light off until I calmed down. According to my brother, it was a full episode of Blue’s Clues before I was let out. By the time Mom got back, he was watching TV, and I was napping like nothing was amiss. She didn’t think anything was wrong until my brother told her what had happened after we got home.

Now, Mom was a non-confrontational person…but she was spiteful and very vindictive. She stewed for a day or two before coming to a boil. In the dark of early morning, she snuck over to Barb’s, opened the control panel on the side of the house, and turned off the AC. In the sweltering heat of that afternoon, Barb called Mom (not knowing she was angry) to complain that she had to pay $150 to have someone come out and fix their AC.

The repairman didn’t tell her it was just switched off! Their lack of integrity made this revenge sooo much better when Mom decided to do the same thing the next night. It was music to Mom’s ears when Barb called again to complain that she had had to shell out ANOTHER $150 to the SAME repairman who STILL didn’t tell her it wasn’t broken! When Barb’s AC broke for the third day in a row, she decided to call a different repairman who happened to be a little more morally inclined.

Barb was incensed when she called Mom with this news. Who would do such a thing?!

After Barb wised up and bought a lock for the control panel, Mom couldn’t continue that punishment. She didn’t feel like Barb had suffered enough, though. This horrid woman locked Mom’s three-year-old in the dark she was terrified of and let her cry herself into exhaustion. Mom needed something that would last.

Much of the southern USA has a hard time keeping their lawns green and healthy. It takes water and effort to maintain. Barb put a lot of water and a lot of effort into her yard. It was with great relish that Mom went out on the fourth morning and poured bleach all over Barb’s beautiful, green grass. From the moment the sun warmed Barb’s lawn that summer until the grass died that fall, the whole neighborhood saw Mom’s handy work call Barb a WITCH from her own front yard.”

Another User Comments:

“As a fellow southerner who is VERY familiar with the ‘Barb’ types, I can’t THINK of a better way to torment an image-conscious small-town woman who loves to vent her rage to people.

Like of COURSE she called to complain to your mom, and that just screwed her more. And like not only is she upset bc her grass is ruined but the SCANDAL of having a CURSE WORD written on her LAWN? Truly an embarrassment.

Ur mom’s an icon is all I’m saying. ITR.” oddly_being

Another User Comments:

“Wish I could’ve been on hand at the time to suggest a better option to your mom – instead of the bleach (which is destructive and would be seen as more criminal if caught), get some fertilizer and mix with white chalk, and then spell out ‘WITCH’ on Barb’s lawn – it’ll be bright and visible for all to see, and when Barb inevitably grabs a hose to wash the rude word away, she’ll get rid of the chalk…but just dissolve the fertilizer…

…so the grass in the marked area grows stronger and greener, so now Barb has a lush, GREEN ‘WITCH’ staring at her, no ‘damage’ has been done, and if she wants to get rid of it, it’ll take more than just some seed on bare, dead areas…” jadedempath

Another User Comments:

“I mean it’s good revenge but the woman has no idea why it happened. Did mom ever confront her about the closet? What if she does it to another kid? Seems kind of pointless without explaining it to her.” Range-Shoddy

Another User Comments:

“Are you sure that Barb isn’t the victim here? I mean, rather than acting like a psychopath your mother probably should’ve talked to her about the issue and resolved it.

If everyone solved problems like your mother then we’d be living in a third-world country.

Was Barb paid to watch you guys?” Xerzajik

Another User Comments:

“ITW. Yeah, OP’s family does NOT look good in this story. Barb doesn’t look great either, but it’s actually pretty normal to let a small child cry themselves out.

A sensory deprivation chamber is a fine idea as long as Barb stayed close by.” Guilty-Dragonfly

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mile1 4 months ago (Edited)
Letting them cry it out, closed up in a dark closet, for at least 20 minutes, if not more? If someone had done that to my child, I’d’ve been pissed, too.
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8. Am I Wrong For Getting My Sister's Ex To Name His Baby After Her?


“When I was 14 and my oldest sister, Sara, was 22 we found out that she was pregnant with Paul, her partner of 4 years. They immediately got engaged and they were really happy. For a time. Sara had a horrible pregnancy, about 16-18 weeks in the ‘wonder of creating a human life’ evaporated within her. She developed hyperemesis (which if you don’t know is really bad morning sickness), she was constantly in pain, she developed gestational diabetes, and just all-around hated the experience.

Around this time Paul, the then-fiance, started getting sick of the complaining. I believe the argument was ‘your body is built to do this, it can’t be that bad.’

Sara was due around Valentine’s Day and Paul’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Doe, were very excited, both about the grandkid and the fact that he could be born on a holiday. She was very against that and really really hoped that her son wouldn’t be born on a holiday, even one as small as Valentine’s day (her birthday sometimes falls on Easter and she hates it) because it might make him feel that ‘his day’ isn’t very much about him.

Well, Mrs. Doe says something like ‘Well if you name him Valentine or Valentino then that’ll make the day even more special to him!’ Again, my sister HATED the idea. She thought it was tacky, he’d be bullied for it, and just really didn’t like the name Valentino. Paul loved it but agreed to go with a more average name like Daniel or Jared.

Fast forward to February and she was ready to Get This Over With.

Sara had officially been put on bed rest because while standing or walking her blood pressure took unexpected spikes and dips. I look back now and goodness do I feel bad for her. She was doing her best to avoid giving birth on Valentine’s day because, again, she didn’t want him born on a holiday. Unfortunately, births happen when they happen and that baby was going to come on Valentine’s day whether she wanted him to or not.

I remember waiting out in the waiting room with my dad, brothers, and Paul who couldn’t stand to be in the delivery room because it was ‘gross.’ I was so mad that he could have gone in but wouldn’t because he thought my sister was ‘gross’ while giving birth, whereas I had to stay outside because I was ‘too young’ to go in with my mom and other sister.

Dad went home with the youngest two brothers while the oldest, Zeke, stayed to watch me because I refused to leave. 16 hours after Sara went into labor my little nephew was officially part of the family on the evening of Valentine’s day.

Unfortunately, Sara was not okay. She had to have an emergency cesarean section and while doing the operation discovered that the back of her uterus (facing her spinal cord) had a very large and very severe (thankfully non-cancerous) tumor.

When I say large I mean it was twice the size of a standard uterus. The doctors were shocked and didn’t understand why nobody had noticed it on an ultrasound. It accounted for her severe back pain and blood pressure issues. The doctors immediately went in for more surgery to remove the tumor, but sadly ended up having to perform a full hysterectomy. This meant that my nephew would be Sara’s only child.

Now while Sara was in for surgery Paul was taking care of everything baby-related to make sure his son was okay. In my 14-year-old self’s memory, I remember him being suitably distraught, but I didn’t really pay him much mind and spent my time in the waiting room with my mother and other sister. Zeke, however, wanted to be a good future brother-in-law and make sure that Paul was okay.

He found Paul filling out the baby paperwork on his own looking (in my brother’s words) ‘like he had not a single worry in his mind.’ Zeke asked why Paul didn’t wait for Sara to fill out the paperwork as she should have been put out of surgery within the hour, and Paul said that he just wanted her to get her rest and heal. That checked out with Zeke, as he was 16 and didn’t know any better at the time.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking. ‘No, he wouldn’t. He knows how much she hates that name. And still, she’d need to sign the paperwork too!’ My fellow people, I regret to inform you that Paul forged Sara’s signature on the paperwork and waited until she was out of surgery to hand said paperwork over. My sweet nephew, that was born on Valentine’s day, was named ‘Valentino’ on his first official birth certificate.

I still to this day don’t know why Paul and his family were so insistent about the name. He had even picked out a different one with my sister! And before you ask, no he was never brought up on forgery charges because his parents were ‘witnesses’ to her signing the papers, even though they only got there at the last minute.

So Sara dumped him and got her son’s name changed a month later.

She was willing to do split custody with him because that’s her son’s father and she wants the kid to know him, but Paul vanished and she never heard anything back, which seemed weirdly out of character to us. Until a mutual friend on social media was tagged in his wedding pictures 6 months later. Paul had apparently started two-timing her not long after she got pregnant.

Sara was livid but there wasn’t much she could do so she filed for child support and continued to live her best life.

Until 6 years later. This is where the revenge starts, my friends. So Sara has been a single mother for the past 6 years and has been amazing at it. At this point in my career, I’ve been a hairdresser for about 8 months at our local GreatClips.

I’m working one day and who is seated before me but Jane, Paul’s wife, herself. I take her back for a trim and she clearly has no idea who I am. That adds up because a mutual friend that still keeps in contact with Paul said that Jane doesn’t know a thing. She has no idea about Sara, that she was the other woman, or that Paul actually has a kid that he’s been (infrequently) paying child support for.

She’s in the dark on it all.

I told myself not to be a jerk and treat her like a normal customer, which I did. Now at this point, Jane was heavily pregnant, so a lot of our conversation was about that. She loved being pregnant but it was hard, her husband was so unsympathetic (big shocker), and she was due in 10 weeks and they still hadn’t picked out a name for their baby girl.

Ladies and gentlepeoples, this was my chance.

I asked what kind of name she was looking for and she said ‘I want something unique and unusual, but not ridiculous like Brayntleigheigh’ (you know the ones I’m talking about) and Paul had suggested so many already and she didn’t like ANY of them. So I, conniving little weasel I am, said ‘what about Sara?’

(My sister’s name isn’t actually ‘Sara’, she was named after an older family member that passed not long after she was born, but there was no female equivalent for his name so our parents created one.) It’s a beautiful name and just what Jane was looking for.

She loved it, she stuck by it, and I found out by stalking her social media months later that she had put her foot down about it and that was their daughter’s name. Now Paul has a daughter with his ex’s name to remind him every day about her (and to also remind him to pay his child support).

Little nephew is 10 years old now with a new name and no contact with his biological father, though we do still sometimes call him Val as a family nickname.

He likes it but doesn’t want to bring it to school so it’s staying a family nickname. Sara pretends to hate when we call him that, in a joking way. As long as he likes it she doesn’t have a problem with it. And she’s seeing a new guy who’s really great and like a father to Val.”

Another User Comments:

“My only concern is that Paul might treat the child badly because the child is named after his ex.

I hope the child is safe and healthy.” lilacpeaches

Another User Comments:

“Beautiful revenge against a jerk of a man, mostly cause he can’t give a reason for his argument. If he tried, he’d be throwing himself under the bus essentially. Gotta love when karma hands you opportunities to corner jerks like him. ITR.” MegaErofan

Another User Comments:

“Same thing happened to me! My biological father named me after his Dad while my Mom was passed out after the birth, forged signature and all.

Unfortunately, she didn’t divorce him right there, she waited until I was 6 to do that. Apparently, however, I always hated that name and chose a nickname that was barely related to my birth name. So I didn’t have to use it much except for legal forms, but god I hated it when I did use it.

I legally changed my full name at 18, after he refused to sign papers to let it happen at 16.

When I submitted those papers at the court, it was a great day, very freeing.” GreenDaemon

Another User Comments:

“ITW. Gonna be honest here. I can’t enjoy revenge stories that involve innocent bystanders. It doesn’t even matter if his current partner is complicit or not. She might be in an even worse situation than the sister was, who knows? The baby is definitely innocent.” ElorianRidenow

Another User Comments:

“I. Freaking. Love. This.

Glad that you didn’t ‘target’ this woman who seemingly didn’t know anything about him being a two-timing piece of trash and glad your little nephew has such a gang of absolute bear mama and papas around him, keeping him safe!” AliceLovesBooks

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KohakuNightfang 4 months ago
Can someone please tell me what ITW means? I keep seeing it and Google is not helping XD
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7. Am I Wrong For Making My Cousin The Laughingstock Of The Family?


“So I have a cousin who’s overly entitled. I’m talking the self-proclaimed-gem-of-the-family entitled. Never been told ‘no’ for as long as I’ve known her.

Anyhow, she knew I recently came into some money and figured she deserved a share. She calls my cell and basically demands a share. I laugh and tell her not a chance. I thought that would be the end of it. But no.

She goes off on me big time! Saying the most ridiculous entitled stuff I’ve personally witnessed. That she’ll get her parents to force me to give her money. How she’ll get me disowned from our family etc..

But she didn’t know I have an app on my phone which records all calls. I had some legal issues in the past regarding family so I decided it’s best to always have a recording of calls.

The ones that are innocent I always delete.

So I send the recording to a tech-savvy friend and asked him to install a small speaker onto a picture frame that is connected to a button. I get a picture of my cousin and place it in the frame. I put it up onto my apartment wall with the button beside it. So now anytime someone wants a laugh they can just push the button and listen to her 45-second over-entitled outburst.

It’s kind of become the funniest thing and every time people come over they just have to push the button just to get a laugh.”

Another User Comments:

“Assuming you live where it is legal to do this. Good for you. It’s the little things in life.” EastPractice2616

Another User Comments:

“Just a heads up, you should be careful with that app. If you’re in the US, you need to know the recording laws of both the state you’re in and the state they’re in because, if either of you is in a two-party consent state, recording without the other’s knowledge and consent is a crime.

I think that law is stupid as I should be able to record anything that I’m legally allowed to hear regardless of where either person is, but that is the law currently in several states. My dad is a PI who also records work calls and he has to be aware of such things too. If, for example, your cousin was recorded while in a two-party state at the time, she could file criminal charges for that recording on you.

Just make sure you’re safe, legally speaking.” kryptonianCodeMonkey

Another User Comments:

“ITR. You are indeed selfish to not share this joy with everyone in your family. Don’t be cheap send everyone in your family a frame like that.” Bad_Mad_Man

Another User Comments:

“Why would she think she is entitled to some of your money unless it was from family sources? Even then it was evidently given to you, not her.” OnIce22

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6. Am I Wrong For Making Sure My Ex Doesn't Get To Go On Vacation?


“My ex and I used to go to a Cancun resort every year with a bunch of our mutual friends. I found out my ex was two-timing me when I accidentally got a flight confirmation email that he booked tickets for himself and the other girl. It was rough. Tried to have a civil breakup but he refused to pay me for the Cancun vacation that I had already prepaid.

I tried to get my money back but he refused.

After our breakup, it took me several weeks to find a new place to live and move my things out of his house. On the last trip to the house, I asked him one last time for the money and he again refused. So I ‘accidentally’ packed his current passport in my last box of things and left my expired passport in its place.

Since he has already booked the tickets he apparently didn’t check the passport until he was at the airport and was denied the international flight because he didn’t have a current passport. I never did get my money but I did get immense satisfaction that he didn’t get to go on vacation.

Update: I gave the passport back a couple of weeks later when I discovered it in a box of things to unpack…so weird, right?! He asked for a refund for the flights and I told him I would be happy to if he refunded me for the resort (which was much more expensive).

He declined.”

Another User Comments:

“ITR. I did something similar to my ex many years ago. Same problem. She was having an affair. She and the new fella were going to go on a group holiday to Tenerife we had booked previously. She planned on just paying to change the name on the booking when they got to the airport. However, I used my insurance to cancel my flight.

A few weeks later I got a phone call at 3 AM. I didn’t pick up but the voicemail was pretty fun to listen to.” Y0rkshirePud

Another User Comments:

“This is pretty fantastic, but I bet you could get your funds back in small claims court. You spent money with the expectation that he would do certain specific actions. He reneged on doing those actions and I’ve watched enough Judge Judy to know that you have a decent shot at winning depending on your state.” Other-Finance

Another User Comments:

“I’m not sure what you did was legal.. A Passport is a department of state property and he might have grounds for a criminal case against you, as passport theft is a serious federal crime.

It would be akin to ‘borrowing’ his car without his knowledge, should get pulled over after he reports it stolen you would be in a world of hurt.” oh_no_aliens

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5. Am I Wrong For Only Sending Two Recorders To My Friend's Triplets?


“A few years ago I was on a motorbike holiday and my friend had an obnoxiously loud exhaust on his bike. He got me several times with a rev bomb, making me jump out of my skin but with my considerate exhaust I could never get him back!

He was the father of triplet girls and I spotted a beautiful opportunity for payback.

I saw an offer for Disney’s Frozen light blue kids recorders and music books, his daughters were at the age where they were obsessed with the movie so naturally being a good friend I thought they would really appreciate such a wonderful creation.

Many of you will be thinking that buying such an infernal noise-making machine is pure evil and is far too extreme a revenge in the first place, but I upped the ante a bit… remember I said he was the father of TRIPLETS? Well, I sent just TWO recorders bwahahahahahaha.

I will treasure his reply forever, it was so poetic. A lyrical symphony worthy of the world’s greatest poet laureates…

Oh wait no it wasn’t it was just ‘You Jerk! It took me ages to find a 3rd one the same to buy.'”

Another User Comments:

“ITW. As a dad of triplet girls, that’s an absolutely evil thing to do to his kids just so you can get back at your friend – the least you could do is get something all three kids could play that would go everywhere – hundreds of tiny beads of books of stickers that are difficult to remove. I would disown any friend that used my kids to get back at me for something I did to them.” dadoftriplets

Another User Comments:

“As a mother, that is the most evil thing I can think of. This is some nuclear revenge.” CaffeineFueledLife

Another User Comments:

“This was perfect on so many levels!” WonderDogsMom

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4. Am I Wrong For Starting A War With My Neighbors Over Land?


“Backstory: We live in Portugal. Here there is a law that states that if someone abandons a plot of land and that is used by someone else for a minimum of 20 years, that person has the right to claim the land for themselves. This friend of mine has inherited a house in a town. This town is basically a beach holiday town: the rich people of the city nearby often had a house there and spent the whole summer there (this was in the early 20th century).

Some people still do that including my friend.

So his family has been using a spot right next to their house as a playground for the kids. For way more than 20 years (in fact for over 50). They hadn’t yet needed to claim it since the owner didn’t do anything to it, and as the whole neighborhood used it doing that would be rude.

Until 2 years ago, when he decided to sell it to a couple that built a 2 story house there.

The house completely ruins the view that he had over the sea and also ruins the look of the neighborhood due to its differences from other houses. So my friend decided to claim the land (this was before the house was built, but since Portuguese justice is very slow, the house was already fully built when it ended), this time with the approval of the other neighbors.

The couple that had bought it had some friends in the justice system (the wife’s mother was a retired judge, her sister was a very well known and respected lawyer) so they managed to overcome my friend’s claims (on a technicality, but from the start it was obvious that my friend should have got it). The way they got it was very shady (they only won because they knew people) and this is why he decided to get his revenge.

The street between the two houses had free parking everywhere. This is because most people in the neighborhood are friends and don’t have garages, so they park in front of their house. But the annoying neighbors had a garage. My friend had a truck that once was used for a restaurant of his, and he parked it right in front of their garage door permanently (it was legal since they hadn’t paid the town council a yearly fee to have a non-parking spot there.

After a few months, they decided to get that. That costs €8k a year to maintain.)

Until this point, it was more an act of petty revenge. But the annoying neighbors had threatened him to remove his vehicle before that. They have said they would throw rocks at his windows (which they once did), that they would flood his garden (which they did repeatedly), and even that they would harm his dog (a German shepherd, they tried that using a knife but the dog bit the guy on his leg, and as you know those dogs bite hard).

The threats were all recorded by my friend since he would record every conversation he’d have with them in person or over the phone. He had taken pictures of the window and the garden. He sued them and this time the influences weren’t enough. They had to pay a €10k repair for the window and garden (he has a friend that evaluated the costs, conveniently quite highly) and had to pay him a further €30k in compensation for the ‘mental health issues it caused.’

But wait, there is more.

Remember when they tried to harm the dog? They had done it when he wasn’t home so he never even knew about it.

Out of rage, they sued my friend for his dog biting the man’s leg (he had to spend a week in the hospital as it got very badly infected) and tried to make him pay for the hospital fees and compensation. But he defended himself by saying they invaded his property and even sued them for that, which led to a 1 year suspended jail time (which means if they are ever convicted of something they will spend that year in jail on top of that conviction sentence, if they don’t do anything else they won’t be going to jail).”

Another User Comments:

“So it seems like the former owner is the real ‘villain’ here and gets away no harm no foul.

Whereas the innocent couple that just wanted to build their dream home were ganged up on by your friend ‘on behalf of the neighborhood.’ I get that the previous owner is a jerk for trying to sell something that wasn’t his, but the new couple that moved in only seemed to get bad after your friend blocked their garage with his truck solely because their house blocked the view.

This is some petty, entitled rich person HOA nonsense.” grw313

Another User Comments:

“I don’t think of this as revenge. It is more sour grapes for your friend being lazy and not claiming the land (which is kind of a nonsense rule anyway).

Then when he realized HE screwed up and it was too late to fix it he started lashing out like a toddler. It blocked his view? Yes, that is what happens when a house is built.

You tend to see the house and not what’s beyond it.

The new couple did not know the drama that they unwittingly stepped into. Do they regret it? Probably, but this isn’t revenge it is instigating trouble and being a jerk. ITW.” algy888

Another User Comments:

“The new owners did not deserve this. What are they supposed to do? Give up their hard bought property because your friend wants a playground and a view? If he feels that it rightfully belonged to him, he should’ve taken the steps to acquire it long before the sale was made.

The neighbors are definitely the jerks for trying to harm the dog (if it is true) otherwise your friend is the real jerk and a squatter living in an expensive area looking to gain free property.

And I hardly doubt if this is pro-revenge. Parking a car blocking their garage is petty at most and the rest is unnecessary instigation of trouble. ESH.” jazi_88

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3. Am I Wrong For Taking Things With Our Kids More Seriously?


“So I am a happily divorced dad of 2 beautiful kids. A 5 yr old girl and almost 4 yr old son. My ex and I met in my home state of IL (she was a navy brat so her family is from TX). We fell in love very quickly, got married after a year, and was expecting my daughter after 3 mo. We found out she was pregnant with my son almost 4-6 mo after my daughter was born.

A month after he was born I found out she was two-timing me with at least 5 guys (later found out it was around 8). OBVIOUSLY, I filed for divorce.

I got the lawyer, changed my banking accounts, and presented her with papers. The first copy was rejected for a reason I can’t quite remember. Upon revision, I had my lawyer ALSO change the custody from me having the kids every other weekend to EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND.

Much to his surprise, she signed it. We shared the kids accordingly (she was SUPER angry but there was nothing she could do about it), and when she/I could no longer afford to live in the state, she moved back to TX.

Fast forward 2 years without seeing the kids (couldn’t afford to see them except on 1 Xmas), I got out of the navy, moved back home and I got the kids for 3 months.

I was appalled by their development delays. BOTH kids were rated in the bottom 5% of kids their age. My daughter didn’t have a clue about potty training at 3, was barely speaking, and had no awareness of adult authority. My son was not even close to walking, was nonverbal, wouldn’t eat most meats, and was afraid of grass. When I returned them my daughter would listen to adults, was potty trained, and speaking in almost complete sentences.

My son was walking, saying some words/hand signals, and eating a variety of different foods. I worked my BUTT off to get them there (also spent a lot on 2 times a week therapy for both of the kiddos… money well spent).

Anyways I stayed in IL for about 1.5-2yrs gathering up enough funds to move to TX. I had a little amount saved, but I started seeing a girl who I came to find out was also wanting to move to TX.

So we pooled our funds together and moved down.

We got down to TX and lived out of hotels for around a month, found jobs, found a place, and moved in. I work in a sales position in a large bulk type store, and my partner works at a sandwich place. At this time my ex and I ARE NOT going by the divorce decree custody days, because of convenience.

Well a person ended up quitting the job and I had to take their hours, so my partner got permission to bring my kids to her work (the GM loves them). Well, they were being toddlers, and she texted a mutual friend of my ex and me asking if she could watch the kids for a few hours. That got sent to my ex, my ex and new hubby got angry, and they came to my work and chewed me out saying that I ‘need to take the kids wellbeing more seriously.’ Rodger that jerks.

Now I realize I messed up that day. I was not mad at what they said. I was angry at the fact they did that in front of my trainee, a customer, and coworkers.

During my ‘set up phase,’ I was not paying my full child support, which was kind of them, but that ended because I was now taking things more seriously. The next morning I talked to my boss, told him what happened, and informed him that I could not work at the times specified on my divorce decree because now that I am taking things seriously, I will now have the kids EVERY weekend.

I then transferred my ex the remainder of child support, informed her that she was right and I needed to take things more seriously, so I will be by after work to pick the kids up after work for my court-appointed custody. She was confused but agreed. Then I called her on Friday evening to see if she has everything prepared for the weekend stay (medications for my son).

She FLIPPED out saying they have plans all day Saturday, and church Sunday morning. She screamed, ‘why the heck are you making these demands all of a sudden?’

‘Well, I’m just taking the kids and our agreements more seriously.’

I ended up letting them have the kids Saturday and picked them up Sunday morning. I then informed my ex and hubby that we would need at least a week’s notice for any change in plans on weekends in case we had things planned (generally if they wanted to do something special with kids if we didn’t have plans, even at the last minute).

Since I was taking things more seriously, my partner and I kept VERY meticulous records of any injury, diaper rash, rash on my daughter from not wiping correctly, and physical appearance upon pickup. We would treat said rashes, note any changes in our little black book, then take a photo of the pages with a time stamp. When they returned we would then note any worsening of any rash, injury, or nontreatment.

We also signed the kids up for more therapy since they are still very much behind.

This went on for a few months until, surprise, my ex had enough and brought me to court to force the changes she wanted. I presented the judge with EVERYTHING. The doctor’s notes I had from day one, the doctor’s notes from my ex with conflicting information (these notes were things she would tell the state-funded therapist for my son).

As well as all the expenses for the therapies I was giving my kids. Then I showed her our notes, the printed time-stamped photos, and the many times any rashes would be present or worse when we got the kids.

My ex broke down into tears since she brought her entire family and several friends for support. The increase in child support she wanted was shot down, and instead was almost HALVED since I was making less than I was prior, the expenses I had for the kids, and my overall time with the kiddos.

The change in custody she so desperately wanted? Well, the judge ordered it to stay the same with the change of alternating Sundays (slightly annoying). Walking out she asked me through tears ‘how could you do this to me?’

To which I replied ‘I was taking things with the kids seriously'”

Another User Comments:

“Maybe I’m alone in this, but it kind of made me sad that your ex neglecting your kids wasn’t the reason you documented everything and fought for your right to see them but rather her storming into your work.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m super happy you’re doing all that you are for them but, yeah, just made me a little sad.” merouch

Another User Comments:

“ITW. Yeah, not seeing your kids for a couple of years and not paying ‘full’ child support could also be a contributing factor to the developmental delays. If mom is raising 2 very young children without the father or his finances, it seems likely she would have spent more time working, and less time with the kids working on essentials.

Kids should never be part of a revenge plot. These kids get one chance at life. They have one mother, who, despite her problems, they love very much. Using custody as a weapon against your ex can create bigger problems down the road, and your kids will pay the price.

Beyond all that, I don’t think it was even unreasonable for the mom to be a little angry.

The kids are picked up by their absentee father, who gives them to his partner, who gives them to a friend. I don’t even like my wife to let a stranger that we haven’t talked about or checked out watch my kids. If he couldn’t watch them because of work, he should have used his visitation at a time he could, or make appropriate and agreed upon arrangements beforehand.” bmeyersdisc

Another User Comments:


Brought her whole family to court only to be embarrassed, have her child support cut in half, and have her custody change request completely shot down.. and all this because you needed someone to watch the kids one day for a few hours and she made a snooty comment. You handled it very well. Such meticulous record-keeping (as you eloquently put it) is GREAT for covering your own butt and making sure that the kids are being taken care of when they’re not around you.

Good job, Dad!” k1r0v_report1ng

Another User Comments:

“‘she asked me through tears ‘how could you do this to me”


‘I found out she was two-timing me with at least 5 guys (later found out it was around 8)’

oh hellooo there lady, wonder why that happened? I mean, there’s no reason for it, yes? Everything peachy-keen? Sure. As always. No problems, at all? ITR.” Anna__V

Another User Comments:

“Might get shot down for this. I am definitely no parent, but I hope your actions don’t create a bad impression on your kids.” nearlyanadult

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2. Am I Wrong For Giving My Friend An Empty Gift Card?


“A few years ago, I (22f) had a friend, ‘Alex,’ (24f) who was always late. She was also the kind of person who would tell you ‘I’m on my way!’ when she was not, in fact, on her way. That one trait of hers caused me quite a lot of inconvenience.

One time, we both were invited to a surprise birthday party for our mutual friend. Clearly written on the invitation was something along the lines of ‘Be sure to arrive at 6 pm.

Do not be late, or you will miss the surprise!’

Come the day of the party, she and I had agreed to meet at my house and drive over together. Around 5 pm, I asked her when she would be at my place. She told me she would be there around 5:30, which was great because the party was about 30 minutes away.

At 5:30, I called her to ask where she was, and she told me she had not even left yet.

She then promised that ‘(she would) be there in 5 minutes!’ I figured that was okay because she lived fairly close by.

Long story short, she ended up getting to my house at 6. I was mad. We left immediately and made it to the party around 6:30. By that time, the surprise had obviously taken place and the party was in full swing.

I mentioned to her that I was really bothered that she had been late.

Not only that, but she had strung me along and lied to me, and prevented me from being on time.

She responded by saying things like, ‘It’s not that big of a deal,’ and ‘We were only 30 minutes late,’ and ‘Don’t be so dramatic.’

At that point, I was sick of her being late and her attitude. Being late, lying, and downplaying someone’s feelings are all rude.

So, I went to a nearby steakhouse and took a gift card without putting any funds on it. I wrote ‘$30’ on the card and gave it to her a few days later, telling her it was a random gift for being my friend.

A few days after that, I got a text from her asking if I was sure I activated the card. I told her yes, I was sure and asked her why she was asking.

She responded by saying she had gone to the restaurant with some friends without her purse and tried to use the gift card, but it wasn’t working.

It was at that point that I gave myself away by responding with, ‘Oops! I guess I was wrong,’ and ‘It’s not that big of a deal,’ and ‘You’re only $30 short.’

She immediately picked up on what I was doing, and I proceeded to receive a few very angry texts about how embarrassed she was and how rude and disrespectful I was for doing that.

‘All of this just because I was a few minutes late?’ blah, blah, blah.

I simply responded with, ‘So you’re saying if I tell you one thing then do another and it directly impacts your life in a negative way, that is disrespectful? And if you get mad at me for it and I downplay your feelings, that is rude? Am I understanding you correctly?’

She didn’t respond.

I found out later that none of her friends were willing or able to cover her dinner, so she had to stay about 30 minutes later for her parents to rescue her.

We didn’t talk much after that. Hopefully, she learned a valuable lesson! I sure had a great time teaching it!”

Another User Comments:

“What I find amazing is you got her the gift card but she invited other friends out and didn’t even ask you to go which shows what a terrible friend she was!

Two of my cousins are terrible with timing if we have to go somewhere for 6 pm I will tell them it’s 5 pm then we are usually on time haha.” RavenBlueEyes84

Another User Comments:

“Wow, that is just amazing.

So perfect. ITR.

Also, she was the one who went without her purse. I always have my purse because something could always go wrong with a gift card and you’ll be stuck with figuring out how else to pay. Even if you are paying with a card, your primary payment method could screw up so you need to use your backup payment method.” Eviltechnomonkey

Another User Comments:

“ITR. I ended a relationship with my best friend because of his lack of respect for my time.

His habit of being really late or bailing at the last minute for really stupid reasons was a little annoying in our 20s, but now we’re both 40 and I have a wife, 2 young children, a full-time job, and I’m a student. I have very little free time and I’m not going to let anyone stand in the way when I get an opportunity to have some fun, not even my best friend.

I guess if he really was my friend he’d respect that though. If you’re the friend who is always late, just know that it will get old eventually and you’ll no longer have friends.” puppyroosters

Another User Comments:

“Honest question, why did you continue to rely on her to get to places on time? You knew she was unreliable and set her up for a friendship test. When she failed you punished her.

Wouldn’t it have been easier to keep her as an acquaintance and just get yourself to events you care about?” Background-Lie-4422

Another User Comments:

“ITW. How evil. Not at all equal. The steakhouse could’ve called the police or been completely irrational about the whole thing.

You, on the other hand, your highness, missed a surprise party. How stupid. If it were really that important to you, you would have left at 5:30, no exceptions. But you didn’t, and instead relied on a friend you KNEW was unreliable.

I’m pretty sure you ask yourself how you end up in these relationships. It’s because you’re a jerk. It takes two to tango.” Fairienicetomeet

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1. Am I Wrong For Making Everyone Gang Up On One Employee?


“For the last 16 years, I’ve had a part-time job working as a vendor for a fragrance company. (So age 14 to now age 30, yes 14, gotta love nepotism).

For the job, you work in the fragrance section of a department store promoting/selling your company’s fragrances.

There are store employees and other vendor companies all there competing against each other for sales. The vast majority of vendors are middle-aged/older, it’s rare that an under 30 gets the job.

So tensions tend to run high, and rivalries and blood feuds are common. Some stores are better than others, my main store from age 16-24 was brutal. Lots of petty and cruel people.

One of the meanest vendors was a woman named Kay (no real names here), everyone called her the Bulldog because once she got started on something she would never let it go.

One unbelievably slow summer day when I was 22/23 I was working in men’s fragrances (about halfway across the store from women’s).

It was just me, Kay, and another vendor (Jenny) who I was friendly with standing around and we started chatting.

Somehow the topic turned to babies and I said something innocuous like ‘Babies are all so cute.’

And Kay jumps in with ‘No some babies are flat out ugly.’

Well, I despised the very air she breathed so I shot back with ‘How could you say such a thing?’ and that ‘All babies are cute period, no exceptions.’

Well now this was gonna be a thing and Kay tried to get the other vendor to agree with her, but while she wasn’t looking I signaled to the other vendor to agree with me.

Jenny immediately picked up what I was saying and told Kay that she agreed with me, ‘All babies are cute.’

This set Kay off and she doubled down and started trash-talking ugly babies she’s seen.

Well, I just politely said I didn’t agree and that I was going to go check on women’s.

And on the walk there I had the idea for my petty revenge.

The first person I ran into was a vendor named Vicky who I knew hated Kay, so I told her about the conversation and said if Kay brings it up (I knew she would), tell her that you think all babies are cute.

Vicky was 100% down for it and I had my 2nd teammate.

But that wasn’t enough for me so I went to several other vendors and got them to all agree to the plan.

It was incredibly easy all I had to say was ‘Hey do you want to mess with Kay?’ And they were down.

So now we’re cooking with fire and I have 5 more vendors and employees ready to take up the cute baby flag.

I ask them to casually make their way over to men’s and give ‘their opinions’ to Kay when she asked.

I hang out for a min and walk a different route back to men’s and stop by men’s suits to clue in some people.

I can see about 10 people (my army is growing) all standing around men’s fragrances and that Kay is visibly annoyed.


I had a couple of bites from men’s suits and tell them to go be nosey about what the large group is talking about and to be a part of Team Babies Are All Cute.

Then I made one last pitstop to sports team apparel (directly next to fragrances) where I was friends with the counter manager, Mike.

Now fun fact; Kay and her boss have been trying to bribe Mike into only promoting and suggesting Kay’s fragrances. Mike wouldn’t do it because it’s against the rules and he doesn’t want to risk his job.

I clue Mike into the plan and tell him to follow me in a min and act like he’s just coming over to get some cologne and ask what we were all talking about.

So I go back to the men’s fragrances and Kay is not having it. She’s literally showing photos of ‘ugly babies’ and trying to get people to say they are ugly.

So I walk up and say ‘are you still talking about this????’ And she says ‘yes you’re all unbelievable, look at this ugly baby’ and I refuse to say it and point out cute things like their eyes or outfits, etc.

and tell her she’s not being very nice and that I still think all babies are cute.

I can tell she’s cracking and that she just needs one more push and then Mike comes up casual as can be and grabs some cologne and asks ‘what’s up guys?’

Kay sees her opportunity and pounces towards him and asks if he thinks babies are ugly.

Mike just gives her a what the heck face and says ‘Of course not, babies are so cute.’ And walks away.

Kay starts huffing and muttering in disgust and storms off, she actually ended up going home early she was so livid at us.

Half of us might have been enemies but on that fine summer day we were friends.”

Another User Comments:

“Ahahaha this is genius, wonderfully petty. She could have just let it go but of course, you knew she wouldn’t, scrambling for a single additional vote on her campaign to be able to declare ‘victory’ on her opinion.

Instead, she gets treated like she has two heads and leaves feeling alienated and like no one is on her side.

Good. ITR.” ajettas

Another User Comments:

“I personally kind of agree with her, I’ve always found babies generally kinda weird looking (with the exception of one or two), but she went about the whole thing in a weird way and got unnecessarily worked up about it. She went to some excessive lengths to ‘prove’ her point, which is just kind of unneeded.

Everyone is welcome to their own opinion, it’s not the end of the world.” blankslate1498

Another User Comments:

“If we wanna go absolute worst-case scenario/blowing things out of proportion how about this:

OP was hired by family in a family business, they admitted so in their post. They are therefore pretty much untouchable and unable to be fired for being a jerk.

They ROUNDED UP DOZENS OF COLLEAGUES to harass this woman who did nothing wrong except not agree with some sappy saccharine nonsense of ‘squeeee aren’t ALL babies GORGEOUS?!’

Demanding that Kay finds all babies beautiful is frankly misogynistic as heck.

Would OP harass a man who wasn’t baby-crazy? No way.

Not only that, but maybe she suffered a pregnancy loss or is dealing with infertility and is not in a happy place regarding babies at that moment in time and just wanted to be left alone to do her work. ITW.” SassyBonassy

Another User Comments:

“ITW. They have to do something wrong for it to be petty revenge. Seems like Kay expressed an opinion and you used your position of power as a long-standing worker with better social capital than her to round up bullies. She went home because it was clear people were conspiring against her.” EcstaticRain9835

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