People Spill Their Good Old Regular Revenge Stories

Nothing beats a good 'ol revenge story. It doesn't have to be complicated or full of characters. It just needs to be a bit of tit for tat, or this or that... One person getting back at the other, plain and simple. Read on for more than a few that hit the target.

15. Selfish Spouse Got Hit By CAR-ma


“When I was 18, young and stupid, I met a guy that I married after only 3 months of going out. Let’s call him Fred. Fred turned out to be one of the most violent people I had ever met and I escaped the marriage with the clothes on my back and the air in my lungs.

I won’t bother you with the details because they don’t apply (much) to this story.

Before things fell apart, Fred decided we needed a new car. It was registered in his name, insured in his name, and the loan was in his name.

My name did not appear on anything associated with the car’s purchase. He handed me the payment book for this car and I was dumb enough to keep up the payments for a car I had no legal right to.

We were in the Army at the time.

After several months he had to go to a different station but there were several months on my assignment until we could be together again. He took the car. I kept up with the payments.

When the time for me to change stations arrived, we planned to spend the weekend in a hotel room together.

It went badly. I managed to persuade him to bring me back to the barracks, where I told my roommate what was happening. I gave her his picture and asked her to give it to the guys on guard duty and tell them what happened because he had a weapon.

Sure enough, he entered the barracks looking for me. The guys on guard duty called the MPs when he made a gesture that exposed the weapon. He was led off in handcuffs.

On my way home for leave, I stopped by his parent’s house to return all of the household goods that were his.

This included the payment book for the car.

Several days later I received the payment book in the mail, with a note that I should continue payments. I sent it to him with a note to pay it himself. A few days later I got the payment book with a more strongly worded note to continue payments.

I returned it with a note that I would not pay, and if he sent it back to me again I would burn it.

The fire was lovely.

About 2 days after the ashes cooled I got a call from the bank, asking when they would get the next payment.

I reminded them that everything about the car was in Fred’s name. I planned to divorce him so I would no longer pay for the loan. I told them, ‘Oh, by the way, he plans to ship this car to his next station.

Would you like his current address?’

The Grinch would have been proud of my evil grin.

The next day a repo truck rolled up his driveway and towed the car. The story I got is that he ran after it, waving three months of payment in cash. The repo guys kept it moving.

Along with losing the car, he also lost a new set of radial tires, a CB setup, and some luggage that was still in the trunk.”

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lara 2 years ago
Good job
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14. Destroying The Life Of The Kid Who Cyberbullied Me


“When I was in high school, one year, a new kid, John, came into my grade who was very nice to me when we first met. We became friends and I thought he was fun to be around and generally pretty nice.

A few weeks into the school year, he became super distant all of a sudden, and I didn’t know why. I was going through some mental health issues at the time, so it wasn’t really at the forefront of my mind anyway.

I kind of ignored it until a friend pulled me aside at school one day to tell me something. She showed me various screenshots of several social media posts John had made about it. It turned out, for the past week, he had been cyberbullying me.

Mostly on Twitter, where he thought I wouldn’t see it because I do not use Twitter, but also on a private social media account. I was really hurt, and it didn’t help that I was going through a lot.

All I had done was try to be nice to him and be his friend, and I didn’t understand what could motivate someone to do that to a friend.

Over the next few weeks, as he continued to post about me on and off, I came to understand that, being a new student, he was trying to increase his social standing, and saw me as an easy stepping stone to do so.

For some background, I’m not very popular and have been bullied for as long as I can remember. However, until John, I’d never been outright bullied, mostly passive-aggressive or snide comments my peers could pass off as jokes. I go to a relatively small school, so most of my peers knew about what John had been posting, and most of them laughed along with him, save for a few of my close friends.

I ended up losing a lot of friends over this, too, because John and I shared a lot of mutual friends. However, I’m super non-confrontational and continued being nice to all of them, including John (this will become important later). I was lost and didn’t know what to do since I figured reporting this to an adult would only make things worse in the long run.

I collected screenshots of all of John’s posts just in case I eventually got the guts to report it to our principal.

After a few long weeks of this happening, it finally subsided, or at least I thought. Although my social anxiety was made 50 times worse by the whole ordeal, I was beginning to get over it.

Then, our homecoming dance rolled around. I had fun at homecoming for the most part, though I ended up leaving early due to a panic attack. Monday after homecoming, I’m standing in a hallway at school, exhausted and over it. This girl, let’s call her Kay comes up to me.

I happened to know Kay was friends with John, so I kind of braced myself to have something bad happen. To my surprise, she started by apologizing. I asked her what she was apologizing for, and she told me she felt bad because apparently, she was standing in a group with John and some other kids about five or seven feet away from me outside of the homecoming dance, and John started talking negative things about me (the rest of the group followed suit).

Internally, I was on the verge of tears, but I sort of brushed it off and told her it was okay. For the next month or so, he continued to talk badly about me behind my back in real life. Again, I didn’t do anything to him, and I racked my brain trying to figure out what I did to deserve this.

In the meantime, one of my best friends, let’s call her Bea had gone out and broken up with John’s best friend, let’s call him Kevin. Bea and Kevin were a weird couple, to begin with, but I was happy for her because Kevin had been a nice kid until he became friends with John.

Bea ended up breaking up with Kevin because he moved way too fast and she got very overwhelmed. She had perfectly valid reasons for breaking up with him, and things were pretty amicable between them until John got involved. John manipulated the situation, twisting Kevin’s perception of Bea.

John, under the guise of making Bea jealous, caused a whole slew of effects, my favorite being this: John started spreading various rumors about Bea, including one that Bea was gay and was using Kevin as her beard (it would be perfectly fine if she was gay, but she’s not, and even if she was, John would’ve been outing her without her consent).

Because of John’s manipulation, Bea lost a lot of her friends and began to get bullied more and more. I’ve known Bea since we were kids and she means a lot to me, so this did not help my image of John.

My own pain from what John did to me, combined with my anger at him because of what he did to Bea boiled into a seething rage. Everything boiled over when Kay, who had slowly begun to distance herself from John, came up to me once again, this time a month after homecoming, to apologize for being in a conversation where John was trash-talking me.

At this point, it had been over two months since this whole ordeal started. I was furious. I decided, enough is enough. As I said, I’m a very non-confrontational person, and if I ever had the energy or emotional capacity to confront John face-to-face about this, I would.

So, over the next week or so, I devised my plan. My older sister, Lily, who had graduated the year before this, was her year’s student body president, and she was very involved and incredibly well-liked among my school’s administration, faculty, and staff.

I am also a good student and fairly well-liked among teachers and administration as I have a reputation for being a diligent student and a kind person. Lily had wanted to destroy John’s life from the first moment he posted about me, but I had held her back up until that point.

I called her several times over that week and together, we created my method of revenge.

Lily collected all of the screenshots of John’s cyberbullying that I had and anonymously sent them to my school principal. Our principal, let’s call him Mr.

K, first emailed me to let me know what had been sent in and to arrange a meeting to talk about it. Mr. K is fairly close with both my sister and me, and he knows that I have severe anxiety and hate confrontational situations.

So, I played innocent and asked if Lily, who happened to be home from her university on break, could come to the meeting with me. Mr. K happily obliged. My sister came early to pick me up from school that day, and we sat down with Mr.

K. We both played dumb, pretending we didn’t know who sent the screenshots in. Our story was that I had told Lily about the bullying, but she wanted to respect my wishes of not wanting it reported to an adult. Lily masterfully manipulated the conversation, name-dropping a much less intense incident of bullying in her year that had resulted in severe punishment, and Lily made sure to mention that she was going to chat with our dean (unrelated meeting), with who she was very close with, right after the meeting with our principal ended.

(Quick context note, I go to a 7-12 school, so the principal presides over the high school, while the dean is the general head of our school. That year, the woman who was formerly an assistant principal and a wonderful English teacher had been promoted to Dean.

She had taught Lily several times and they were very close.) Mr. K is a bit frightened of our Dean, so this scared him. Mr. K assured us that he would take care of it.

When Lily had her chat with the dean (she was just popping in to say hi, nothing serious), she casually let my situation with John slip, along with the fact that we had just met with Mr.

K. We knew that once Dean knew, she would put pressure on Mr. K to get things done. We then got in the car and got coffee, satisfied with our work. About a week later, Lily headed back to her university, and at school, I heard the news that John had been put on probation, which meant he was kicked off of the basketball team.

Outside of our mutual friends, most of John’s friends were in basketball with him, and this ostracized him from a lot of his friends. The unintended consequence, but I didn’t feel bad about it, especially since John still had many friends and his significant other at the time outside of the basketball team.

I thought things would be better after he got some much-deserved consequences, but they didn’t. He kept talking about me behind my back and even made some posts that didn’t mention me by name, so I couldn’t do anything about them but were clearly about me anyway.

I was fed up. I was having a particularly tough day once, and that happened to be the day that I overheard him trash-talking me. It was the first time I had actually heard him in person rather than hearing about it from someone else, and it pushed me over the edge.

My eyes clouded with tears, and I ran into a nearby classroom and bawled. A few minutes into my crying session, my history teacher, who also taught John, walked into the room, as he was teaching a class in it about 30 minutes from then.

I tried to play it off, but I was mid-sob and it was very obvious that I was crying. My history teacher (let’s call him Nate) is a super caring person and also happens to be married to our Dean, but that’s not entirely important to the story.

He asked me what was wrong, and I explained to him that I had just heard someone talking badly about me. Nate consoled me for a little while, and then admitted to me that he knew about the situation with John from his wife, and asked me if it was him.

Through tears, I told him it was, and I told him that the in-person side of things hadn’t stopped even after he had been punished for his online actions. Nate tried to console me and helped me to stop crying.

I went home that day and realized I now had an advantage.

All of the teachers at my school are very close, and opinions of students typically become shared among all teachers, especially if the opinion originates with a well-respected teacher, as Nate was. Given that all of John’s teachers already knew he was on probation, what Nate now knew would definitely not help John’s cause.

So I took advantage of that. At the time, my whole grade was in a period where everyone had a lot of tests and assignments. I dropped an anonymous note on Nate’s desk (typed so he wouldn’t recognize my handwriting), warning him that John would copy on the upcoming test.

When I dropped the note, I figured it would inconvenience John. I never expected what actually happened. It turns out, John actually was copying on the aforementioned test. Because of my fake warning, he was caught. More than that, his chosen method of copying was to text a group chat of three of his friends while they were taking the test in order to compare answers (the test was on a computer), so they all also got caught.

My school has a strict honor code, and violations like this are taken incredibly seriously. They all got put on academic probation. (Regular probation is a slightly less intense punishment than academic probation, and students have to report academic probation to any university they apply to.) Given that John was already on regular probation at the time, he was kicked out of all of his extracurricular activities, and pretty much-lost favor with every faculty or staff member.

Unintended consequences really went my way when it came to him.

At this point, I was probably taking it too far, but I had one more ace up my sleeve. John and his partner were going through a rough patch, and I knew John had harbored a crush on a close friend of mine, let’s call her Beth, in the first few months of school.

Knowing John, he wouldn’t have a problem two-timing his significant other. It helped that the aforementioned friend was not only gorgeous, but also one of the most popular girls in our class, so I knew John would see her as a way to climb the social ladder.

Beth was an incredibly nice girl and had taken my side through the whole thing, but she was still friendly with John. We had joked about doing this for a few months at this point, and she was in (I would never have done it if she wasn’t).

So, she began subtly flirting with John for the few weeks leading up to Christmas break. After the last day of classes before the break, a group of kids, including John and Beth, had planned to go to a local mall, get lunch, play some laser tag, and hang out.

I went home after classes ended that day and waited for my phone to ring. I wasn’t sure this plan was going to work, but I had my hopes. To my surprise, it worked better than I could have ever imagined.

When they got lunch, they fractured into groups because they wanted different food, agreeing to meet up after they purchased their lunch. John and Beth both wanted food from this Chinese place, so they went off on their own a little ways away.

I know what you’re thinking, and, no, Beth didn’t actually try anything. I’m not that horrible of a person. However, the Chinese place was just far enough away and it took them just enough time to buy their food that, combined with their flirting in the weeks leading up to this day, it was plausible that something could have happened.

When she and John got back to the rest of the group, Beth acted flustered and ate her lunch quickly, then made an excuse to leave and went home, setting up the next part of the plan perfectly. Beth’s best friend cannot keep her mouth shut.

She’s a nice girl, but you cannot tell her anything without seven other people knowing within the next 12 hours. So, Beth let it slip to her best friend that John had kissed her at the mall, and within the next few days, the rumor spread like wildfire.

Beth is known for being incredibly nice and honest, while John has been caught in lies before, so everyone believed Beth. John’s significant other broke up with him three days later. The social standing that John had worked so hard for and stepped on so many people for was destroyed. He had very few friends left and that’s the way things have been ever since. He no longer bothers me and I’m now doing really well.”

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sceri123 1 year ago
Pay back is a bitch.
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13. Wholesome Revenge Went Farther Than Expected


“My high school climbing team has this tradition of getting the entire rock gym to sing team members happy birthday with the condition that they have to announce it or have someone else rat them out. Then there’s no escaping the public attention.

At this point, I am the longest-running team member with about 5 years on the team. Now, I do love to celebrate my birthday but I customarily do it with my small friend circle and don’t announce it to the world.

I am an introvert so I have managed to not tell anyone what my birthday is and if someone asked I told them and they would forget by the time it came around. Another detail is for the past several years my mental health was really struggling and had become pretty self-destructive.

A couple of years ago my current climbing belay partner joined the team who also has baking as one of their major hobbies (important later). This person takes it as some sort of personal mission to keep my mental health up.

They also find out that I’ve never had the birthday treatment and that a simple passing day on the year I graduate simply wouldn’t do. At this point, I take it as a joke and make it a challenge for them to find my birthday.

Well, my belayer found it. Turns out another teammate had it written down from a few months ago. Oops. So my assumptions of staying in the background fail me and my partner get the coach in on it. There’s a whole baking segment and a card along with the usual attention and it’s a big event being my last birthday before graduating high school.

Honestly, as much as I’m not into mass attention it was a really great gesture and chilled the depression I would later feel about leaving.

Now here’s the part where I get my ‘revenge’. Because no good deed is left unpunished.

The following summer is the one with all the protests and BLM and such.

My friend decides to use their baking hobby to run a small bake sale for a local native organization (can’t remember the name). It’s not huge, just some online orders they will then deliver and donate the profits. This is my chance to get back.

My mom has a pretty big social network. I leak to her that my friend is having this bake sale and she sends the link to a bunch of people. I’m expecting just a few more orders to get the bake sale some traction.

This is when things got out of control.

My mom had more friends than I realized and the bake sale took off. My friend gets a few hundred dollars in orders and spends the next week straight just baking. When they donate, the leader of this organization asks about this large donation.

After finding out about the bake sale they want to meet and do an interview. The interview makes it to a small local news article. Not a big one but enough for a bakery to take notice and offer my friend a job if they want to enter baking professionally. Their family gets all excited and it’s still a running joke between us.

So yeah, my friend gave me a birthday, so I accidentally got them a news article.”

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lara 2 years ago
Funny how things work out
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12. He Finally Retaliated


“Back in the days when he went to school, my son was bullied, a lot. He was the quiet type and never did much for himself to stick out from the crowd, but that was what caused this. He was bullied by some other kids just about every day.

For years and years. I talked to the teachers but they couldn’t do much, they could only talk to the bullies and nothing more.

We had meetings between the teacher, myself, and my son where I told the teacher that this had to stop.

I also told him that I had told my son to stand up for himself and fight back. I told him to hit the bullies as hard as he could and aim for their noses. Hopefully, the nose would break and the bullies would learn their lessons of not to mess with him anymore.

The teacher didn’t like that I told him to be violent, but this had to stop.

He never hit anyone though, today he’s a grown-up and I don’t think he ever hit anyone to this day.

After 6 years in school, he called me one day, about 30 minutes after I had dropped him off.

The bullies had been waiting for him and when they saw me driving away they attacked him. It was winter and we had lots of snow, so they started throwing snowballs at him and pushing him to the ground, and rubbing his face into the snow till he was crying.

He called me when they finally stopped because of a teacher coming out in the schoolyard and I turned the car around and went back to support him. I went to where the principal/headmaster was and told her that next time this happens, I will press charges, both on her and the school itself.

This bullying had to stop, right now.

Of course, it didn’t stop. A week after the beforementioned incident they were at him again. 3 boys stealing his hat and throwing it between each other so my son couldn’t get hold of it.

After some time he stopped running after them and all the fun the bullies had toned down to nothing as my son didn’t try to get his hat back anymore.

Everything quieted down and my son just stood there looking at them and the 3 bullies started walking away from him when the one who held the hat put it on his own head.

Suddenly something snapped in my son’s head and all the rage from years of being bullied came to the surface and he attacked.

He pushed the one who had his hat on his head to the ground and buried his face in the snow and while he was holding him down he grabbed the hat and yanked it off the bully’s head.

The bully screamed like a banshee and the teacher came running and lifted the bully off the ground and escorted him inside.

My son got his victory, at last, he stood up for himself and he felt good about it.

When he was going to put the hat back onto his own head he noticed that it was full of the bully’s hair, he had lost lots of it. No wonder he was screaming.

The best part of this revenge? My son wasn’t reprimanded but the bullies were and they never went after him again.”

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Lori 2 years ago
I'm just sorry that your son had to go through that for SO long, that's just a nightmare.
Tho I'm very happy that he had that in him and knew how to use it right hahaha
Good for him!!
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11. Noisy Teenage Neighbors Got Arrested


“Just after college my wife and I moved into a four-unit townhouse in the same town our college was in (bad idea). On one side, was my former boss who was awesome, kept to himself and we never even noticed him.

On the other side were some younger college students. The final unit was another young couple like us who also kept to themselves.

Every night the college kids would sit outside our window on their patio and stay up drinking, smoking, playing music loudly, and talking over the loud music to whatever group of friends were over.

No matter what we did they would not be kind and quiet down even at very reasonable midnight. We tried for weeks to get them to just not keep us up as we both had to work. No luck, so I started planning out my revenge.

At the time I was a firefighter and was good friends with our city police force. I also happened to know that one of the college kids next door did not have a driver’s license (she was an international student) and drove a car with a busted taillight.

I talked to one of my friends on the police force and told him about when she usually came home. He just ‘happened’ to be driving by and ‘saw’ the busted taillight and pulled her over into our parking lot. (Wife and I were able to watch everything from our window)

He pulled her over for the busted taillight and was only going to give her a ticket for that.

She was unable to produce a license or insurance and was being highly argumentative. The officer asked her to step out of the car to get her to calm down and she refused. He ordered her to get out of the car and tried to open the door but she locked it.

He kept trying to talk her into getting out of the car explaining that she was only making matters worse.

She finally agreed to get out and swiftly opened the door hitting the officer hard enough to knock him down. I’m honestly not sure if it was accidental or intentional, but in her anger and the speed she did, it seemed intentional.

She also didn’t seem remorseful and never apologized.

The officer quickly got up and had her in cuffs against her car in moments. She was taken to the county jail and booked on harassing an officer, no driver’s license, no insurance, and of course a ticket for the busted taillight.

Needless to say, we had a few nights of peace while her friends raised enough funds to bail her out. They were much better after that as the officer mentioned the noise complaints and that he would be checking in from time to time.”

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10. Entitled Aunt Sold My Grandma's House And It Was A Mistake


“Everything started several years ago, around 2013-2014 in Mexico. My entitled aunt Karen has a history of harassing my grandma (her mom) with loans, stealing her food, and even making grandma pay for her utility bill. My aunt harassed grandma saying it was her responsibility to make her daughter happy, or that if she was in need, wouldn’t her mother help her? To the point of pressuring my grandma into asking the bank for a loan.

No one knew anything, my 65-year-old grandma had to start selling anything she could to pay the loan (In Mexico there are some products by catalog called Avon, StanHome, Andrea shoes that you can offer and sell, grandma started selling them) to the point that she got sick due to stress.

Her excuse to my mom is that ‘she did it to make her feel young’ (Grandma being a farmer all her life, we could understand she couldn’t sit all day doing nothing, since mom pays for her rent, food, and utility bill).

My mom let her be but always warned her to not put too much pressure on herself.

The time passed it was now 2016, and she started accumulating late fees for not paying the loan on time. One day my mom receives a call from my grandma’s neighbor because grandma passed out due to stress.

She rushes to her house to find her house empty. We thought that someone had stolen everything, but no. The loan fees were too high and the payment was overdue for over 1 year, and the bank had taken everything from her house to pay the loan.

Here is when we knew that entitled aunt harassed grandma into the loan. My mom was furious, she and my stepdad paid the loan and recovered grandma’s stuff. It was around 7k USD that my mom and stepdad ended up paying for grandma.

From there and on, my mom hired a nurse and had my two younger sisters go with grandma after school every day to take care of her (mom worked in a different state. She only came on the weekends.) This is why she asked my 2 sisters to take care of grandma.

Also, they did not move due to stepdad’s job. Both were in high school at the time and always had someone at home to avoid Karen coming to her house to steal goods or to harass grandma.

2016 passed, I finished university in 2015 and started working.

I was able to get hired by a USA company and started working to save money. In 2018 mom and I decided to purchase a house for grandma. We did all the paperwork and purchased a house for her (by the way, if you wonder why grandma was paying rent and had no house, it was because grandpa lost their farm gambling).

We knew that entitled aunt would try to trick grandma into giving it to her. This is why the house was in my name.

Everything was great for the next few years, then 2020 came the worst year overall, and we feared the worst, you know the health dilemma, and the inevitable happened.

Grandma passed away. We are glad to say she had a peaceful death. She passed away in her sleep. Happy and well taken care of by my mom, sisters, and her nurse.

We knew that Karen would try to make her move.

I asked my sisters to take my grandma’s personal belongings from the house. This is to trick my entitled aunt. They agreed and took all of the furniture out – clothes, anything from the house. Even a small nail on the door to hang some plants.

They left the house empty.

3-4 weeks after this, my sisters saw a big sign that said ‘FOR SALE’ with Karen’s phone number on it.

I knew the time to start the revenge was close so I asked my family to let her be and that I had something in mind.

2 months after the sign, the house was sold, and my sis saw people moving in. I felt bad for these people but I had something in my mind for them as well. 6 months passed after the new people moved into the house, and then it was time to act.

You may wonder why I took 6 months to act, well, my entitled aunt has a history of spending her life away. I waited for her to spend most of what she earned from the house that she illegally sold.

Revenge time.

This is for you Grandma.

Event 1. Before 2020, my wife and I had planned to go visit my mom for her to meet her granddaughter, so we continued with the plan (we took our precautions traveling). We went to Mexico to visit my mom.

Event 2. My stepdad was into politics his whole life. I asked him as a favor to search for the most epic lawyer he knew for this, and we got the best. I presented my case to him and gave him the original house scriptures.

He said it was going to be an easy win.

Event 3. Like I did not know anything, I went to grandma’s house with my key copies and went into the house (This was part of the plan. Even when there were already people living there).

I acted surprised when I saw people inside the house and asked why they were in my house. The gentleman in the house stated he had purchased the house. I showed the house scriptures and he was shocked. He then mentioned that the paperwork was being completed and gave the phone number of the agent.

I apologized for coming into the house and went to the Real Estate office.

Event 4. Arriving at the Real Estate office, I asked for the agent in charge of grandma’s house being sold. When he looked at me, it was like he saw his last hope, that he thought I was going to agree to the house being sold.

Our conversation went something like this:

Me: Hi. Are you Mr. Agent selling the house at such and such address?

Agent: Yes, nice to meet you, we were trying to get ahold of you.

Me: What for?

Agent: We had a small issue with the paperwork.

We only need your signature and the house will be sold.

Me: This might be a mistake. I’m here to talk about the house being sold because I did not agree to sell anything.

Saying this was like a cool bucket of water being poured on him.

The glow in his eyes was gone and he knew he messed up bad, really bad.

Agent: Why the change of mind? We’ve been talking via phone and you agreed to everything.

Me: You have been scammed. I have never talked to you before.

Then I suggested calling me from the phone number we have been talking to. He did and someone answered, and surprise surprise it was not me. Then I just mentioned that I want my house back since I never agreed to anything or I will legally proceed to sue them, and walked away.

From this point, I knew everything was going to go down for Karen. 3 days passed and I encountered Karen at the Walmart parking lot. I politely approached her to say hi, like I did not know anything. I then asked why she sold my house.

She started to get nervous and negated everything until I mentioned that Mr. Lawyer is suing her (A way to say we have an epic lawyer on our side).

She then tried to defend herself by saying that grandma gave her the house and she had a paper with grandma’s signature.

I just smiled and mentioned that grandma did not have the power to do that, since the house was in my name and she better get herself together because a storm was coming her way.

1 week passed, and we did not hear anything from the agent, I visited him again.

It was hard to track him down. I tried for 2 weeks to contact him with no luck, so we proceeded to sue them. As soon as the order was placed, I received a call from the agent to meet him.

I refused and hung up. I did this to make everything harder on him for avoiding me for 2 weeks. He then found out who my stepdad was and found my stepdad’s office address. He had the audacity to visit my stepdad.

My stepdad, being a busy man, ignored him and said to contact me and that he should have listened the 1st time.

After 3 days of the constant calls, my wife being sick of the calls, made me answer, and I agreed to meet.

In the meeting he gave me his version of the story and why the house was sold. He mentioned that Karen contacted them for a house to be sold. Karen stated it was her mom’s (grandma’s) house and she inherited it.

She then presents a paper with my grandma’s signature with a fake last will stating the house belongs to my grandma and Karen was the new owner after grandma passed away. This was a lie of course. Then when the agent started the paperwork, he found out the house was in my name.

He contacted Karen and she assured him I agreed and gave him a fake phone number. This could be Karen’s significant other or someone on her side, not sure as of today who it was. The agent was in contact with this fake me for a long time waiting for the paperwork, and that he mentioned that I was going to visit him to sign the paperwork.

This is why he was so happy when I arrived the 1st time.

The agent begged to stop any legal action since he could go to jail. I agreed if he agreed to the following terms: a) recover my house and make the people inside my house move out.

b) Get a new house for the people currently in my house.

He agreed to term (a) but for term (b) he was not sure. I then stated that it was his fault for approving the paperwork without my signature and that he will need to recover the funds from the agent to pay for the new home for the people currently in my house.

They will need to solve this. I gave him 2 weeks to solve this, or else I would sue them all.

Event 5. Notified Karen about the fraud she had committed. She did not take it very well, as always. She acted like she was on the right, saying, ‘grandma gave me this, and no one can take it from me.’ We’ll see Karen, we’ll see…

Event 6.

Wait. (I went to talk to the people at my house to give them a heads-up of the issue and apologized for the misunderstanding since it was never their fault. I explained that they will be moved soon to a new house and not to worry because the REA will take care of everything)

Event 7.

We got a call from the agent at the end of week 2 after we talked. He mentioned that my house was empty and that the people in there were in a new home as well. I called the gentleman that was at my house and he confirmed that they were in a new house and everything was good with the REA, also my house was empty.

Event 8. Karen, time to pay, woman. Since the agent and I were on good terms we started working together to sue Karen for fraud and identity theft. We went hard on her. We sent a letter for a court notice and the time.

She did not arrive. We sent a second letter, and this time she did arrive. While in court, she never talked, at least, not as an adult would.

She was crying and sobbing the whole time, saying that we tricked her, that the house was hers, but all this was hard to understand with her desperate crying.

We presented our evidence. We even brought the bank records when she harassed grandma into getting a bank loan. We brought witnesses. We had the whole circus set and ready for a big show. Epic lawyer was smooth-talking and presenting everything, stating the house was in my name, and that Karen has a history of tricking grandma.

In the end, we won the case. Karen had no evidence other than the fake last will from grandma which was written by Karen and only had grandma’s signature. Not only that, no lawyer was informed of this to back her up.

The sentence: Karen was to give back everything she got from the house, around 20K USD. It was half of the house price since the paperwork was not completed, and she had 2 weeks for this than 9 years in prison for fraud and identity theft.

I was so happy about this. When the judge gave the sentences, Karen was speechless. She couldn’t even say a word. She even stopped crying. Her world and life had just collapsed in front of her eyes.

From that time and on, I have not spoken with Karen or anyone about this besides my mom, sisters, and stepdad.

This was in November of last year (2020). Did not know if Karen was able to pay everything back but did know that when the cops went to her house to arrest her, she tried to escape and was on the run for 2 days until she was caught riding a bus to Veracruz escaping, at least, attempting to escape.”

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9. She's Been Wronged For All She Did Wrong


“So I’m in high school. There’s this one girl who was a complete jerk to EVERYONE. She was constantly complaining and cried over getting a 96 on a quiz. However, she would constantly ask everyone to be her walking agenda and remind her about homework.

Most people would just dismiss this, but a handful of girls would always give her these assignments, sometimes completed.

I’m friends with one of these girls, who broke down one day and admitted that she was being threatened to give these assignments and more.

I don’t want to share her anguish on the internet, but it was some nasty thing. I found more girls who had ‘incidents’ with miss jerk, including her stereotypically locking people in lockers, putting gum in the hair of one girl who had longer hair than her, the list goes on and on.

I was formulating a plan of attack when this jerk took it too far.

We were part of a group project. She got increasingly more frustrated and attacked me with scissors, saying I wasn’t allowed to have longer hair than her. The principal got involved but barely did anything.

It wasn’t too big of a deal, but she was ranting about how this would bring down her chances of getting into Harvard if we screw up. Everyone knew she was grades-centered, but Harvard was a stretch for her knowledge. Without my friend’s detailed study guides, she would be toast.

So I and my friend got a good grade on the project and then started a project of our own. We made detailed fake study guides with the wrong answers. We figured out her email and set her up for tons of shopping center mailing lists, the ones that would bombard you about sales and discounts.

On her school email. Next, we dutifully ‘forgot’ to remind her about a presentation due. Over the course of the month, my friend didn’t give her any work but the fake study guides. We watched as the jerk failed her tests, presentation, and homework because she couldn’t find it in her inbox.

She got into a regular university but not Harvard as she wanted.

I do feel like a jerk for ruining her dream college, but most of the work she used to get there wasn’t her own. Maybe this will give her a smaller ego. Either way, she’s been wronged for all she did wrong.”

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8. Dock Our Pay And Threaten To Fire Us? Enjoy The Shutdown


“This happened almost four years ago, in my last job before going solo. I was already planning on leaving, but this incident quickened my exit (and the severance package didn’t hurt either).

Back in 2014, I got a job as a Customer Support agent for a telecommunications company.

I have worked in a call center before and I went for this job for two reasons: 1) it was customer support, not sales (important for later) and 2) had a flexible working schedule, which I needed at the time (four 8-hours shifts in a day).

In the beginning, everything was fine. The pay was a bit more than the average, OT and holidays were paid and the working environment was good. Then, a year in, everything changed.

The telecommunications company decided (for cost-cutting reasons) to outsource both Customer Support and Sales and sold our contracts to a Call Center company.

That brought a tsunami of changes.

First, we were moved to another building in the city, much bigger which hosted only call centers. Second, the two departments were merged in one. That meant that a lot of people lost their jobs (between 140 to 160).

The merger also meant that the people that were left had two jobs to do; Customer Support and Sales. They went for a 3-2 rotation; one week you do 3 days of CS and 2 days of Sales, the next 3 days Sales 2 days CS.

The only shift exempted was the night shift (thank God for nights!). The third was the pay cuts. That wasn’t evident at first, but it was there.

They cut our hours from 8 to 6, but because we worked 8 hours, we had 2 hours OT.

The commissions from sales also helped at the beginning. And finally, it brought a change of culture in the workplace. Before the merger, we were relaxed and didn’t have goals or cutoff times (CS can take a lot of time, especially for changing providers).

Now we had monthly sales goals and a minimum and maximum call time (minimum of 3 minutes, maximum of 10).

For a year, things were kind of okay. Then the real problems started. First was the delaying of OT and bonuses payments.

Then, almost all of our managers quit and the new ones (brought over from other call centers) that were more tin tyrants than managers. Raising the targets for daily calls and sales to unrealistic targets didn’t help either.

We started to become a meat grinder; people were leaving and new employees didn’t last long (4 months on average).

New policies were implemented that made no sense, like if you’re 10 minutes or more late you had an hour of your pay docked.

During that time, I and some other experienced employees were writing everything down, just in case. A couple of major incidents happened but the worst was about to happen.

It is important to note that I live in a country that has earthquakes, usually two major in a year. There are certain procedures that you have to follow during an earthquake. You kind of see where this is going.

It was around 14:00 on a Friday of August when an earthquake happened.

It was a good, long one. Most of us were on the phones at that hour. Most of us took immediate precautions. After it passed, most of us tried to follow the evaluation procedures. But the managers stopped us. They said that the phones were still working and we had to do our jobs.

Most people got scared and went back to work, but I and a few others (about 10 in total) walked out. Ten minutes later, we all got a call from HR that because we walked out, our pay for the day was docked and if we didn’t return, we would be fired.

Fifteen minutes after that, the first aftershock hit, bringing down the power, forcing them to evacuate the building. Their response time was atrocious (2 hours and 3 aftershocks).

The same afternoon, we had contacted our union and filed complaints. We spilled the beans about everything, especially the last day.

On Monday, the union opens an investigation on the incident. HR and the managers tried to stonewall them, BUT… their atrocious evacuation time during a major earthquake had caught the eye of the government agency responsible for Work Safety (thanks to some helpful cops directing traffic seen it was the last building evacuated).

Along with the Union being watchful already (from a previous incident), the investigation was thorough.

The investigation brought to light all the bad practices of the company. The biggest fine was by the government, due to the evacuation failure. Adding to that was a two months shutdown to check the building for structural damage (which found six emergency exits locked!).

All the employees (for all the call centers) got three months of extra pay as compensation for being denied evacuation.

Then came the labor laws violations. Everybody was paid in full for the day, plus OT (heavily inflated because it was late).

The ten of us that walked out got severance pay on the low five-digit scale.

The Call Center company, having to pay the fines while having about 40% of their call centers shut down for two months lost some very lucrative contracts. It managed to barely survive until it was bought out by another Call Center company in 2019.”

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DarkJedi719 2 years ago
Most of those companies are scum anyway.
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7. Mom Encouraged Me To Give The Guy What He Deserved


“The two months I spent in 6th grade, (Year 7 for you lovely UK readers), was anything but pleasant. Scary new school, new kids I didn’t know because it was a city school instead of the county, new teachers, and more importantly a brand new principal who was serving his first year in that position.

The school was set up with floors, the 6th graders on the top floor, 7th on the middle, 8th on the main floor along with the cafeteria, gymnasium, band, and choir rooms. Kids were expected to be able to travel to and from classrooms and floors as needed on their own for the first time.

Now gym was never a favorite class, I had asthma and strenuous activity didn’t help that condition. I sat out with permission from certain things, and the gym teacher aka ‘Coach’ Mr. Max was a wonderful man who understood completely and even waved off a doctor’s note for it.

After a week or so we played ‘free for all dodgeball’ for the first time. Unlike normal dodgeball, there was no line you couldn’t cross, so it was absolute anarchy of children running and screaming and throwing rubber balls at each other.

That was when I formally met my new and shiny bully, Ron, who was at least three times my size and twice my height. He was a BIG kid. He looked me over, grinned, and full-on punched me square in the side of the head instead of hitting me with the ball.

Then it escalated. He was also a 6th grader, and we shared some classes, gym, and band. In band, I’d get smacked in the back of the head with a trombone slide, punched or shoved in the gym or a hallway, and then finally one fateful day he picked me up off the floor and TOSSED me down the stairs from the third floor.

I only sprained a wrist and chipped a tooth thankfully, but my mother went beyond ballistic when I finally fessed up to the bullying and a new friend confirmed it. She brought me into school the next day and requested a meeting with the principal.

The meeting went just as bad, and since a teacher hadn’t seen the exchange, and -I- hadn’t seen myself getting picked up from behind he couldn’t do anything about it and it was likely a case of ‘He just has a crush on you.’ Mom promptly went home, registered me for homeschooling through a private school, and told me I had a month until I was going to be leaving permanently.

And to ‘Give that little jerk trouble, baby.’ So I did just that.

My moldy science experiment? The bag was opened, wiggled into his locker at the gym, and squeezed to empty it onto his clothes. An anthill collected and poured into his backpack during class, I batted my eyelashes and begged him to let me do his history report for him if he’d stop hitting me…

I purposely made it absolute garbage to get him a bad grade.

Then came the coup de grace. I went to Coach Max and asked if we could play free for all dodgeball one last time since I was leaving and loved it so much…

he agreed, which meant less work for him after all, and so the game commenced. I knew Ron would hunt me down to hit me somehow again… only this time the tables had turned. I dove for the first ball I found, scanned the carnage for him, ran up to him with a vindictive grin, pulled my leg back, and as hard as my tiny body could slammed my foot right into his crotch.

He thumped to the ground with a horrific scream of agony, kids nearby stopped playing and ran for Coach Max, But that was not the end, I ripped my leg back and kicked him again in the face.

Coach saw the last kick, and naturally, called me off, helped the degenerate up, and off to the nurse’s office.

Once there he through tears and yelling explained what I had done… the nurse grabbed the Principal who grabbed me… sat me down and demanded to know why I had assaulted a student.

‘Sir, you said last month that him throwing me downstairs was because he had a crush on me, right? I was returning the favor.’

He didn’t like that answer apparently and called my mother to come and get me that I was suspended. My mother did, and since I only had three days left before the transfer I never got to go back, and she never punished me for my two-ish weeks of being a bully.”

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6. Get Violent About Sharing MY Bed? Right Back At Ya, Bud!


“Having trouble sleeping tonight. Right as I was finally nodding off, this popped into my head, and I started laughing hysterically, waking my husband. It’s small but wanted to share.

Years ago I was stuck in a really abusive relationship. Won’t go too into detail, because it’s a long and irrelevant story.

In the last months leading up to my escape, J (my now ex), would take up the entire bed every night. I would usually have to sleep half laying on the bed, half standing on the floor, without even a corner of the blanket.

He would randomly elbow me hard in my neck and spine multiple times a night on top of that.

If I tried to ask him to move, push him aside to make room, or attempt to claim some of the blankets he would beat me with his elbows until I moved to the cold floor.

I mean, full-on body slamming me in the ribs and stomach with his elbows, as hard as he could. The whole relationship was bad, and I wish I was strong enough to get out of there sooner.

Anyway, one night I found myself with about 1/3 of the (full-sized) bed, for the first time in ages.

Not only did I take advantage of a peaceful-ish night of sleep, but I also got some very minor/petty revenge.

As J was facing the wall with his back to me, I scooted my butt against him and leaned forward so my body was at a 90-degree angle.

After a couple of minutes, I used all my strength to slam my body back into his back, full force. I heard his face hit the wall right before he sat bolt upright screaming ‘OH MY GOD’. I pretended to be asleep as he tried to shake me awake before cursing to himself and laying back down.

It was great, and I still can’t believe I managed to keep a straight face and play it off.

He never brought it up, and surprisingly didn’t get violent that night. As stupid and petty as that was, years later it’s the only thing from those two years that still makes me laugh out loud whenever it randomly pops into my head.

On a side note, I got my bed back! He’s been living in a van drinking himself into a coma for the last 4 years “

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LadeeBugg85 2 years ago
Sorry for this...but is the van " down by the river"?
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5. I Have Made Something Out Of My IT Skills


“So, I was in a role where my boss decided to get a coworker to go buy an app that would integrate into something that was part of my job.

We sat down at the end of her research and she presented the three apps that she was interested in choosing from.

Now the data collected in the app needed to be easily migrated into my system. We could not change my system as that was a global product so it had to be the more flexible app.

Of the three that were shown, none of them would link to my system.

The work in migrating the data was going to take up a day of my time each migration. And the app was going to be used 8 or 9 times a month. This would remove half of my working time each month.

I flagged this and my boss said it wasn’t an issue as my coworker would be the one to do the work on the data and then give it to me in the right format. You all know that was never going to happen!!!

So, the boss chooses an app.

I’m under orders that it’s not my project so I am not to ‘meddle’ and that my coworker knew what she was doing.

Side note – at this point, my boss had decided that we were not allowed to talk to each other during the workday (yep, an office of 20 people and only our team was not allowed to talk to each other).

If you had a question, you had to go to our boss (on the next bank of desks) and ask him the question and he would then come and ask the question of the person you wanted to ask it of.

Bear in mind, I sat next to the coworker!

20 mins into setting up the app on the iPads that were going to go out to a show and be used by other staff members, there was a lot of huffing and puffing from my coworker.

So evil me, put on my headphones and a podcast and gets on with my work

All I can see out of the corner of my eye is my coworker shrugging her shoulders and muttering to herself but of course, I can’t hear her over my true-crime podcast and details of how to bury bodies.

I realize that the movement has completely stopped and that she is turned towards me waving at me. I stop my podcast, take off my headphones and look at her.

Coworker (CW): OP, I need to ask you to…

And I cut her off: CW, Boss (B) has said you have to go to him to ask a question.

I’m not allowed to talk to you.

CW: But …

Me: No, I don’t want to get into trouble (at this point bullying and other things was going on so I was really wary)

CW stomps off and the boss tells her he is busy and to book a slot in his calendar to talk to him.

As she returns I’m back with headphones on being all creative and in the zone.

Now it’s 4 pm on a Friday and I leave at 4.30 but she leaves at 5. She was supposed to have designed the app usage by 10 am that morning but had left it until after lunch and she has the even team coming down at 4.30 to learn how to use the app at the show the next day.

It’s not rocket science what she has to do. Set up an event on the app website. Write a series of questions to gather data on the visitors and check that these work properly on the iPad that the event people are going to use.

Also, check that there are no updates needed on the iPads. Takes about 30 minutes to do. The data headings for the answers to go into are supposed to be formatted to match the data I need on a Monday to contact the people who took part in the event.

But of course, she started at 3 pm and has no idea what she is up to.

She plugs in the first iPad and it demands an update, then the next one, then the next one, and of the 10 we had only 1 didn’t.

So she can’t start to test the app that she hasn’t designed until they have all updated. Thing is, had she just tested the 3 she needed then that would have been 10 mins and the update another 10 mins. No, she spends the next 30 mins trying each one in turn and moaning about it.

I and my other coworker had developed a blindness to anything other than our screens at this point because we do not want to be involved in it.

My boss has also gone out for a smoke.

So, at 4.30, my other coworker and I nod at each other and stuff our laptops in our bags and leg them out of the office.

We know poop is going to hit the fan.

Now, my car didn’t have hands free and my boss had made a big issue of not having our work phones on whilst driving so as I get in the car, I turn off my phone, plug in my podcast, and drive home in the bliss that the week is over.

Now, a number of years earlier, I didn’t have a work phone so a select few of my coworkers had my number including the person who was running the event.

About 8 pm I get a call on my personal mobile from them.

And they are in tears, the app didn’t work and they were told by my coworker that it was my fault because I wouldn’t help her. My boss had come back from his smoke to find the event leader having a stand-up argument with my coworker over how important this was and how she had let them down.

My boss said he’d fix it, spent 5 minutes sorting it, and told the event leader it was fit for purpose and off them went. They logged in at 7.30 pm when they got to the hotel and connected the ipads to the wifi and the fix was totally wrong.

Could I help?

Now, I’m a belt and braces person and had managed to get myself a login for the app software knowing that something would go wrong. I said that I would but that they had sent my boss an email saying that they had begged me to do it as I would get into trouble otherwise.

Once the email came through, I spent 10 mins and set the whole thing right. Setting the app up was the easy part. It was the exporting that was the culprit. I added bespoke backgrounds, linked data over different pages, and all in all, it looked fab.

They ran an update in the hotel whilst I was on the phone and I got an email from them at the close of play on Sunday saying how well my version had worked. They kindly copied it into my boss, his boss (one of the directors), and their boss (another of the directors).

I come in on Monday and the first words out of my mouth to my boss were ‘don’t have a go at me for giving up my time on Friday night to fix something that could have been done right the first time with planning’ to which he replied ‘you should have helped CW in the first place.

I reminded him of the email he sent me saying that I was not to ‘meddle’ in her project as it was hers AND that if I did I would be disciplined. (Yes, I knew at this point that I was going to have to leave).

The reward for this? She got to keep the project and I now had to design the apps for each show and do the data migration. A bit of malicious compliance here – I took 2 days to migrate the data the first time as they had collected twice as much as we had scoped for and took that time to write a set of routines that would automate it for me…

remember this point for later.

Anyway, things got worse at work and I took the opportunity to take a payout, leave, and set up my own company. Now whilst I was negotiating the payout I was under orders that I could not discuss that I was planning on leaving until the paperwork was signed.

This is Monday morning, I’m given my release figures and I’m also told to do no work on any projects and just to clear out the files, etc on my laptop and email and forward anything relevant to my boss. I have until close of play Thursday to decide if I want to leave and a meeting with her on Friday morning to give my decision.

Straight after that meet with the boss and HR, I email the boss to tell him my deadlines for the week. I’ve prompted all of them by completing the work the week before, getting it all signed off, and scheduling it to run automatically.

I’m told to sign out of those systems and hand over the passwords to my boss.

This is so I can’t sabotage the company. I have no issues with this. Because if it goes wrong, it couldn’t have been me.

All but one thing and you guessed it.

An app is needed on Friday afternoon for an event. I flag this to my boss, in writing and he replies that it’s not a problem because he will do it with her on Friday.

So, I sit at my desk with my nice new noise-canceling headphones on (treated myself as I was definitely leaving) listening to my podcasts of true crimes thinking about how I will be burying the bodies!

I’m left alone sorting out my online files for the next few days and clearing out my emails.

I was told, in writing, to email everything to my boss, even though he had access to my files online, he wanted me to annotate what was what. Well, after 2 hours I was told to stop by his boss, the head of IT as I had caused issues with the amount I was emailing internally.

So, he had to take the files where they were.

Now the evil part of me mixed revenge with compliance and I having been told in writing to only leave the things to do with my current projects (yes I did check that was what he wanted and got it in the email which I obviously forwarded to myself) and told to clear out old projects from all the software I used, I did exactly that.

The 25Gb of data on the server was reduced to 20Mb and my email library (which covered my 12 years in the company) was taken down to 8 project folders (which I had emailed before I was told to stop).

I cleared all the files saved in software clouds, any partial project I had started to try things out, all routines that I had written just for me and not told anyone about,

I deleted my contacts in my outlook and reformatted my work phone on a Thursday evening.

Defragged my laptop. Now before I removed everything, I spoke with my union solicitor about interpreting my boss’ request to delete everything and they gave me in writing that I was covered.

I went in on a Friday morning to my 9 am meeting with my boss and HR with my paperwork signed.

We have the meeting in my director’s office who is out for the day. After HR says that I can now finish for the day, clear my desk and go. HR leave and my boss calls in my two coworkers tell them that I’ve decided to leave.

I say I’m off to clear my desk (which was basically empty as I’d already taken everything home that week. Hand my laptop, iPad, and phone to IT, pick up my bag and say bye to everyone and leave.

Now what happened next was told to me by my other coworker.

4 pm the events manager comes down to collect their ipads for their event. You know, that app that I flagged on Monday and boss said it was ok as he’d do it.

Guess what… he’d forgotten and guess where he was when the event manager came down? Gone for a smoke.

Coworker tells the event manager that it’s my fault that the app isn’t ready because I’ve left! My other coworker was trying not to laugh during this.

The Event Manager (EM) says that’s ok, she’ll call me and get me to sort it at home.

She calls my work phone and slowly she realized that my phone is ringing at the other end of the office which is confirmed when IT answer it and wave at her across the room.

EM: where is OP?

IT: she’s left

EM: why have you got her phone?

IT: cause she’s left?

EM: when will she be back

IT: she’s left

EM: Oh, you mean she’s LEFT! (penny drops)

EM turned to CW: you didn’t say she’s left the company

CW apparently did a massive dramatic sigh.

EM: well we need it done now as we have to leave in the next 30 minutes. You will have to do it. Can’t you copy one of the apps OP made?

CW: suppose so. (big shoulder shrug)

I get a call on my personal phone at 8 pm that evening from EM, she’s again in tears.

First, she tells me off for not coming and saying goodbye and that we must meet up for a drink when she gets back, and then she tells me that CW literally copied one of the apps I made before and changed nothing so it has the wrong event name on it, wrong questions to the quiz and other things are wrong.

She’s been calling now ex-boss since she got to the hotel and he has turned his phone off.

I tell her that I can’t help. I had my access revoked and even if it hadn’t been, part of my leaving was that I could do no work for the company after my signing day and time.

Hence I had to leave as soon as I signed.

Well, another coworker said that it has hit the fan on Monday morning. The app was unusable. They had to create a paper form in the hotel on a Friday night and CW was presented with a pile of handwritten forms to process on a Monday morning.

She kept telling the boss that it was my fault because I’d left. Turns out he had told her to be familiar with the app months before because he knew I’d be going and she hadn’t done it.

But it gets better.

She called me on my personal phone two days later. I’d forgotten to remove her number even though I knew she’d try to pull something.

Me: Hey?

CW: Hi OP, it’s CW, how are you?

Me: I’m ok but I’m a bit busy at the moment, was it something urgent? (I did not want to engage with her…

not after the time she asked me about something for a friend and turned out the links I sent her to help her friend prepare for an interview were for her college homework and she submitted a paper I’d written and put on my website, which shows that not all universities check for plagiarism)

CW: Oh, it’s not important but how do you migrate the data from the app to the software that you used.

Me: I use the manual on the server.

CW: could you log in and do it for me

Me: No I couldn’t. I do work there anymore and you took my access away. Sorry, I’ve got to go, have fun.

I put the phone down and blocked her on my phone and social media.

Now it turned out that what she had done was type all of those pieces of paper into the app, then export it to an excel worksheet that then had to be reformated because the app didn’t do it right. What she could have done was type it into a standard excel worksheet and just uploaded it.

She made it harder.

It took her two days to slowly add them all in (I type at 80wpm… she didn’t) and then 3 days to export and import and then it failed and she had to get our International Head Office involved and it took them days to get round to it as non-urgent (to them).

The draw results were supposed to have been emailed out the day after the event.

Well, I forgot about all this as it was the end of the events for the year. Until the Friday before the August bank holiday, the next year and my phone go with a number I don’t recognize.

These days I let it go to voice mail and decide if I want to call back but then I would answer.

Me: Hi?

CW: Hi OP, it’s CW.

Me: Ok? (now I knew from ex-coworkers that there had been no events due to a downturn in the industry and there was a big event coming up over the bank holiday)

CW: I wanted to see how you were getting on?

Me: I’m ok – but I’m at work so I can’t really talk now (I was on my break at a new client)

CW: Oh, this is important (me thinking yep, important to who?)

Me: Ok, I have literally 5 minutes then I’ve got to go into a meeting (I was interviewing people and had 5 mins to get a drink and go to the loo)

CW: well, we’ve got an event coming up and you know that app…

(I cut her off)

Me: CW, Look, before you ask, no I can’t help you. I don’t work with you anymore. It’s been 10 months since I left.

CW: but I need help

Me: seriously, I have to go (client was frantically waving at me to restart), I’m not the person to help you.

CW: but OP

Me: I don’t work there anymore.

I shut down the call and blocked her again and went on with my day

Later, an ex-coworker messaged me saying that CW had been bugging her all week for my number saying she lost it when she changed phones and wanted to catch up with me, so she had given in on Friday and let her have the number then sat there whilst CW phone me and she heard the convo – so was begging my forgiveness.

I forgave her. And told her I’d blocked CW.

Now for the aftermath.

CW had been bragging about the app success (you know all the ones I’d written but she took credit for as Project Manager) and what none of us knew was that boss had told her that if it worked out ok with the app she would get a promotion.

It had all been going well when I had been doing it and she had been taking the credit in meetings for the results but once I left and she had to do the one the day I left and then couldn’t get me to do the one over the bank holiday she didn’t get the promotion.

She had also been working from home (pre everyone doing it now) saying she needs to in order to support her son and they realized that she just wasn’t doing any work when at home. Deadlines were being missed. She should have been let go but another co-worker left and now they were 3 people down in the team (because co-worker #3 had left just before me and they had a recruitment freeze).

So, the boss went from competent 3 workers and 1 who didn’t do much to just the one who didn’t do much. She thought that she could leave too and get a new job so started to add bits of her coworker’s responsibilities into her cv and on Linkedin. Well, that’s all well and good, but she didn’t make it through the interviews because she had no idea of how the things she claimed to know worked.

A great example of the peter principle.”

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Shanjoy 2 years ago
What exactly were you getting revenge for again?
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4. Ignorant Roommates Lost Our Cat So We Kicked Them Out


“So I (24F) was in a really, really bad place before I moved here. It was at the beginning of March when I found out I could live here. I had nowhere to live, which is not at all uncommon for me because life’s been kicking me in the metaphorical butt since I turned 18.

Just a few days before I moved here, I even tried to take my own life. So, when my old high school friend in another state told me I could finally get out of the Poconos AND have a place to live at only $125 a month (they were kind enough to let me stay for free as long as I needed while I got a job, too!), I was OVERJOYED.

They paid for a U-Haul for me, which made me cry a little (not gonna lie), and I got to meet everyone who lived here.

  • Tabitha(24F): The friend from high school, and also the homeowner. She loves animals, and there’s too many to list in the house.

    All of them are hers, except some of the cats.

  • Jack (23M): Tabitha’s fiancé, and the main breadwinner of the household.
  • Dan(21M): Jack’s step-brother, who sleeps in the living room.
  • Terri(21F): Dan’s significant other at the time, who also slept on the couch.
  • Anna(21F): Ignorant slob #1.
  • Dean(23M): Ignorant slob #2.
  • The cats: Dusty(1M)- My baby, an indoor-only cat.

    Gru(4 or 5 M)- Tabitha’s little sweetheart, also indoor-only, but has gone out previously. Peengus(?M)- Not sure if he’s Tabitha’s or Jack’s, but he’s just a shy little guy don’t know if he’s ever been outside. Risky(less than a year old M)- Anna and Dean’s cat.

    Looks an awful lot like Dusty when he was a kitten.

So, after I got here, I notice one glaring issue right away: The place is a huge wreck. It looks god-awful. There are moldy dishes everywhere, dirty clothes, there was trash all over the dang place, the front lawn had clothes and trash strewn about, it was just an all-out trash heap of a house.

There’s also dog poo everywhere, but that was because of a badly misbehaved and untrained dog that Tabitha was babysitting for a family member (a story for another time, maybe).

It was literally so bad I had to play hopscotch through the hallway every time I left the room, and believe me we TRIED to get it cleaned up, but it was a pointless endeavor since all the mess was either ingrained into the carpet or would just come back looking the same a couple of hours later, if not worse.

Now, I’m no stranger to bad messes. I have depression, and there’s a difference between mess and depression mess.
This was neither. This was WORSE.

Eventually, I come to find out that it was Anna and Dean who were responsible for the dishes, clothes, and trash in all parts of the house.

Granted, others would make messes, but we’d at least clean it up after a little while. Their messes STAYED there, and after a month even I gave up on trying to help them out.

Now, Anna and Dean both stayed in what we call ‘The Cat Condo’, which is basically just a big shed with electricity where the cats stayed (since Tabitha’s grandmother, who bought her the house, is highly allergic to cats).

They had a bed, TV, and gaming setup in there, but no bathroom or kitchen, which is how they managed to track their mess into the actual house. They were also in charge of letting the cats out (all of them are unfixed males, so they need to stay separated in their almost-extravagantly sized cages) so each cat would have time to roam.

They didn’t mind. And the cats were happy and well-fed, so I trusted them at first. Surely they wouldn’t be dumb enough to mess with the cats… right?

Tabitha and Jack wished they had the guts to kick them out, but they’re both big softies to a fault and couldn’t bring themselves to do it, since Anna and Dean ‘wouldn’t have anywhere to live’ (that turned out to be a lie.)

There’s something you need to know about me; I’m hard to anger if you’re even a semi-decent human being.

The only two things that TRULY annoy me are if you mess with my friends, or if you mess with my cat. So, naturally, I was getting a bit annoyed that my friend was letting herself be stomped on by these lazy potatoes.

But what could I do? I just got here, and it’s Tabitha’s call.

So, I start to become wary. Dusty is the most precious thing in my life, and at this point, life has a massive track record of taking everything I hold dear, so I felt it in my gut that something might happen to him.

Plus, I worried for the other cats… But, I was holding on to hope that maybe Anna and Dean would get their act together. I used to be ignorant like that too, so if I could change, maybe they’d change too.

Stupid, I know.

Tabitha constantly stresses about the mess. Her family saw the lawn and they started worrying, claiming it looked like ‘she’s running a frat house’. Anna and Dean are constantly reminded to pick up after their grown adult selves, but, of course, they don’t.

Tension rises.

And then, it happened. The two of them were using some substances one night, and after they sobered up a bit, they opened the window to let things air out. They went to sleep. They forgot that there’s a hole in the screen, just big enough for Dusty to get out, and since he wasn’t in his crate for the night, he got out.

I spent hours looking for him in the woods, in the dark. They, to their credit, tried to help me. But, to their discredit, they kept following ME when I told them to stay away because I’m the only one Dusty would trust at this point.

I was LITERAL INCHES away from picking him up, and these ABSOLUTE IDIOTS came stomping up behind me and scared him off.

I. was. ANGRY.

But it STILL wasn’t enough to get them kicked out. Dan offered, many times, to tell them to get out, but nobody gave him a straight answer, so he couldn’t do it.

And here’s where the last straw was crossed… After watching me desperately search for hours, after watching me WEEP from worry for my cat, they made the same mistake mere DAYS after they let Dusty escape. Gru got out the same window.

Anna and Dean WEREN’T EVEN HOME. We were all panicking, but we knew that at least Gru knew how to deal with being outside. Still, we worried that neither of them would come home. Anna and Dean were told to keep the door cracked open so the two of them would be able to, at least, come in from outside, but they were IDIOTS and kept closing the door at night, despite saying they were okay with it and would leave it open at ALL TIMES.

Tabitha’s starting to crack.

The revenge: I. Blew. A. GASKET.

Remember how I said I’m hard to anger? Tabitha, despite knowing me for almost a decade, has NEVER seen my rage before, has never heard me shout at all besides to be heard over a distance.

She’s never seen me have a complete rage-fueled freakout like this. Not only have they stomped all over my friend and threw her kindness in her face, but they let out my cat AND hers. They’ve messed with us for too long.

I screamed that this was enough, that I was sick to death of watching Tabitha cry and stress about them, I’m sick to death of worrying about my cat not being ABLE to come home because of their stupidity. I looked Tabitha dead in the eyes and told her that they’ve clearly proven how harmful they were to this household.

‘If they were gonna do better, they would have! And them letting Gru out DAYS after Dusty got out?!?! You’d have to be a MASOCHIST to want them to stay any longer! You CLEARLY hate having them here, they’re CLEARLY causing harm to everyone here, they eat us out of the house and home, they owe you guys THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, haven’t even TRIED TO FIND WORK, and I don’t think we can EVER trust them with ANYTHING ever again…


Not gonna lie, guys, the look on her face shut me up for a bit. But, I don’t know how to deal with REAL anger, since I don’t experience it often. So I basically just angrily paced through the house for a good while.

Tabitha thought for a while. But, eventually, I decided to stop letting her mull it over. I looked at Dan. ‘Dan, you’ve been offering to kick them out all this time. Tabitha, you HAVE to let him. This can’t keep happening.

Please, for the love of GOD, give him permission. PLEASE.’ She says she wants to call Jack and ask him first. I told her that the second she was done explaining what happened, I needed to speak to him as well.

So, basically, she hands me the phone and I have a similar freakout as I beg him to let Dan kick them out. Jack is fed up at this point, so he tells them they have until 11 AM the next morning to get their stuff and LEAVE.

In my anger, I felt it was too generous. There was no lease, so they weren’t required to give them time. But, I really had no say in the matter, so they got their time and I kept my yap shut.

After they left… oh my god. Dean tried to ask Jack for $20. ‘I’ll pay you back on Tuesday’… Jack just replied with ‘Yeeeah, I’ve heard THAT one before.’

Forgot to mention: Anna had a school laptop at the house. She conveniently left it here when they moved.

Why didn’t we just drop it off wherever they were? Because they moved MULTIPLE STATES AWAY. Not only did they have a place to go, but they had someone willing to drive them there, so the dishonesty on top of it all? ugh.

So, Anna tries to claim we stole/hid it from her.

SERIOUSLY!? After everything Tabitha did for them, this is the thanks? They haven’t paid her a CENT for over HALF A YEAR they lived here, never even TRIED to find work and this is how they thank them? By being petty? HA!

Well, we called her school first, let them know that Anna no longer lives here and forgot the school laptop at our house… which she wasn’t allowed to take off-campus in the first place. Oops! So, now they don’t have a leg to stand on, they’re no longer in our faces, AND Anna is probably in major trouble with her college.”

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tewi 2 years ago
Hope you found the cats safe
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3. He Knows How To Borrow But Doesn't Know How To Tell The Truth


“Had a colleague in the volunteer armed forces (national guardish) who, would never lift a finger unless something good came to him, and he always expected people to help him… He was a kinda poor soul, who had been lost most of his life, never really had a job, and had no education…

But he did find some meaning in the uniform.

He had huge issues with money… Whenever he got his welfare check, he would spend it all within a week, on video games, a new TV, or something like that… The rest of the month he would beg scraps of the rest of us and borrow…

He always paid it back, but he always had such a big debt to the rest of us, that when he finally got the welfare check most of it would disappear in seconds…

Eventually, he got kicked out of his apartment for ‘forgetting’ to pay rent…

He was of course furious that the city council wouldn’t pay the bills for him, because ‘it’s not my fault I forgot to pay!’

Our platoon leader chose to go above and beyond for this guy and chose to take him in…

Not only having 2 teenagers in the house, he now had a third and even more useless ‘adult teenager’ living with him… They agreed that the Platoon Leader’s wife would help him with finances, that he didn’t have to pay for food, and that the rent he paid the Platoon Leader didn’t even cover half of the expenses they had, with an extra mouth to feed.

As you might be guessing, the guy has some serious issues with life in general, and especially money… The guy was like 35 and still couldn’t manage on his own…

At some point, he started not paying tickets on public transportation… Sure thing he would get a fine, but being on welfare, he had no way of paying it, so he just didn’t.

He even boasted to his squad of being soooo clever, as he was riding ‘free of charge’ when the rest of us was paying a lot to get on a train… He literally told me ‘It’s no problem, I just consider it a loan from the government’…

I told him in no uncertain terms that what he was doing, was going to land him in so much trouble, he would never in his life get out of it…

His reaction was to completely cut off any communication with me, despite both of us being NCOs and having to communicate on a regular basis…

It’s completely fair of him, to think of me as an idiot for sticking my nose in his affairs, but when it starts to hurt the company and the soldiers are complaining about a ‘hostile work environment’ and talking about stopping as volunteers, things are out of hand…

I let the Platoon Leader know what was going on… Telling him that not only was this guy boasting of committing a felony crime, he was also refusing to talk to anyone, who called him out on it… The PL took note of it and went ‘up the system’ with it…

At the same time, I found out he was borrowing funds from a couple of new soldiers and not paying them back… I told the Platoon Leader, who told his wife… The Platoon Leader and his wife decided to pay the soldiers back from their own pocket, as one of the guys was studying and didn’t have a dime to spend on anything.

At the same time they raised the ‘rent’ he was paying for living in their house, to cover the funds they had paid back on his behalf…

He of course got super furious and started yelling at the Platoon Leader’s wife, who kicked him out straight away…

He called the Platoon Leader straight away, crying on the phone and saying how sorry he was… They let him stay…

Being on welfare, you have to do these pointless courses in writing a resumé, or you have to do some kind of practical activation job, like picking up trash or sweeping the streets…

He started not going to these things, stating that he had to go on some super important military drill and the city people believed him… Only thing is, being a volunteer force, everything is evenings or weekends.

I called the city council, gave them an anonymous tip that there wasn’t any training or drills…

They called him and gave him 1 hour to meet, or he would get taken off welfare immediately.

Remember the story of him borrowing funds from broke students and not paying back? Well, a month later he did the same thing… Again I called the PL, who told his wife…

The guy once again got super angry at the Platoon Leader’s wife… Platoon Leader went straight home, but didn’t say a thing.. PL waited until the guy left to go hang out with a friend, and then took all the guy’s stuff and threw it in the yard and called a locksmith to come and change the lock straight away…

The guy got super annoyed and started telling everyone that I and the PL were against him… Well, it wasn’t really a lie… Being homeless kinda sucks and being on the council watchlist for potential welfare scammers sucks too, so I was actually pretty happy and thought I had my revenge.

The guy got so annoyed he started calling my work and writing my internet friends outside the armed forces telling me how big of an idiot I was…

I had decided that I had made enough phone calls, but this kinda broke my brain…

I straight away called both the city council and the national tax authorities to tell them of his ‘free or charge’ train trips… The city and the national authorities started working together sharing the info they had on him…

Last I heard of the guy, was when I read a headline in the newspaper, of a local man matching his age who got a 60 days jail sentence and a 40,000 USD fine for systematic screwing with train tickets… Having committed a felony (technically 300 felonies) and going to jail he lost his security clearance and got kicked out of the volunteer forces..”

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DarkJedi719 2 years ago
Too bad it was only 60 days.
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2. Jesus Must Have Been Frowning At Him


“This happened at a Christian summer camp 40+ years ago. I went every summer, not because I liked all the bible classes and brainwashing, but just to get out of town for a few weeks a year. And they had swimming, horseback riding, canoeing, etc.

The incident was from a summer when I was around 11 or 12.

There was a mean kid who bullied me every summer. He was sadistic, mean as ever, and especially targeted me. I complained to camp staff and was told something along the lines of ‘Jesus…

turn the other cheek… forgiveness…blah blah blah’. Nothing was done.

You could take various courses and one was a canoe class that culminated in an overnight canoe/camping trip. Of course, Bully Boy was going. We canoed and camped out by a river away from the summer camp.

The kids were all swimming in the river and the Bully boy kept dunking me under the water and holding me down. I’d come up gasping for air and go down again… over and over. He had let me up and I’d gotten my breath when he pushed me under again.

This time I got away from him, held my breath, and swam underwater down the river as far as I could. When I came up, I saw him and some of the other kids looking frantically for me. I took another big breath, submerged, and swam even further downstream and out of sight.

I climbed up on the bank and waited.

Here’s what I was told by other campers later as I didn’t witness this part. After looking for me and not finding me, the kids started to panic and got a counselor. (How a bunch of kids was left unattended long enough for this to happen, I still don’t know.) The bully boy told the counselor that we’d all been swimming and I’d disappeared.

The other kids ratted him out, said that he’d drowned me, and full-on panic ensued. Staff from the main campground were called and a search party began, while Bully boy cried, thinking he’d killed me.

I’m not sure how long the search lasted, but it must have seemed like forever until I was found down the river on the bank.

I played it up big time acting all upset and shivering. I told the counselor that the Bully boy had held me underwater and I couldn’t breathe. And the next thing I knew, I was on the side of the river and had thrown up a bunch of river water and didn’t know where I was.

Back at the main camp, all the management had assembled for a meeting. The bully boy approached me and tried to apologize and I acted all freaked out and hid behind an adult. His parents were called and he was sent home and banned from ever attending camp.

My parents were called and the camp leader must have freaked when my mom answered ‘Law offices’ as she was my attorney father’s secretary. I talked to my parents and said I wanted to stay at camp, and they were fine with it.

No lawsuit; my parents weren’t litigious. The rest of the summer went great without a Bully boy there to harass me. I attended for a few more years until I began asking too many questions in bible study and proclaimed that I didn’t believe in any of it.

Time had come to part ways.

I hadn’t thought of this much since then and I wish I’d asked my parents about it. My mom has passed and my dad has dementia so I won’t get their take on the situation. Note: my parents weren’t religious; I went to the camp because my favorite cousin went and I wanted to go. I wonder if the Bully boy ended up in prison, the sadistic little sociopath.”

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lare 2 years ago
Wow, sounds like you are lucky he didn't actually drown you
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1. Kid Wouldn't Stop Singing On The Bus


“So several years back, I’m not sure exactly how long ago but it was when I was in elementary school so it was at least almost a decade. It was summertime and I was in a summer camp that goes to different places where kids can have fun.

There was this one kid on the bus who would always sing a song that everybody hated. I won’t say what the song was only because I don’t want it stuck in my head. Multiple times everyone asked him to stop singing but he refused.

I always tried to drown him out by listening to my music but it never worked because for some reason he was even louder than the music even though I had headphones on.

I even sang along to the music. Keep in mind that my music was something that not many people would like, yet not once did anybody ever ask me to stop singing.

Well, a kid once even asked if he could sing along with me to drown that kid out.

But anyway, I was on the bus and I was sat in an aisle seat, across from the kid who was always singing that horrible song.

We were on our way to a water park, which would be a lot of fun for me and the other kids, especially since we wouldn’t be seeing each other very much.

So the kid starts singing again and I turn on my music and put it on full blast and sing along.

And I STILL couldn’t drown this kid out. This was the day that that other kid asked if he could sing along with me, so you can imagine that two kids are singing at the top of their lungs and one has headphones blasting music and it STILL can’t drown out that kid.

I asked that kid to stop singing so many times that I lost count. Finally, I had had enough and I turned to the kid and told him that if he started singing that song one more time then I would slap him, and I meant it.

Literally, two seconds later he started singing again, thinking that I was bluffing, and I didn’t even hesitate. I slapped him across the face. I had my seat moved to the window seat and road in peace for the rest of the way while that kid gave me the ‘are you serious’ look combined with the ‘I hate you’ look.

He didn’t sing at all for the rest of the ride to the water park and the whole ride back. I got kicked out of the summer camp for slapping the kid, but I am still to this day very proud of what I did.

I would like to point out that I was very hot-headed back then so that event set me off more than it should have. I’m saying that I’m proud that I shut the kid up, not of every action that I performed back then. My hope now is that that kid was mean back then but that slap across the face was an attitude adjustment.”

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