People Speak About Their Grade A Revenge Stories

Sometimes we judge people who seek revenge, but in reality, at some point in our lives, we may feel the need to get even with our enemies. There's nothing more satisfying than watching our planned revenge plot succeed, and that's the truth. Here are some of the most terrific revenge stories people have spoken about.

19. Just Another Mailbox Story


“This happened back in 1982, for the record.

My folks moved to a very rural area on a gravel road. No one had previously lived here, so it was a battle just getting mail delivery in the first place. My folks went several rounds with the local postmaster. He was… somewhat enamored with his power and very much a ‘rules to the letter’ kind of guy. Every I must be dotted, every T crossed, and if there’s so much as a semicolon out of place you’ll have to start all over again.

He seemed to have made it his mission to make getting mail delivery to a new address as difficult as humanly possible. Ultimately, my folks managed to fill out the paperwork to his satisfaction and he begrudgingly allowed us to put up a box and receive mail delivery at our new home.

Dad was extremely careful in the placement of our box and making absolutely certain it was the exact height, precise placement from the road, etc.

to avoid annoying our local postmaster any more than we already had. There are (or at least were) very specific rules about rural mailboxes. Dad followed every single one. That first mailbox was perfect.

The man who drove the road grader was as annoyed as the local postmaster, as he now had a new driveway to accommodate. We suspect that’s why he had it out for our mailbox.

After the road grader had demolished three of our mailboxes, Dad got angry. Previously, he’d used the most basic design, just a post in the ground with a box on top. Now, he was motivated.

Dad got ahold of a nine-foot-long section of metal pipe. It’s four inches in diameter (outer measurement) and has three-quarter-inch thick walls. I have no idea what this was originally intended for.

But I know how Dad used it. He dug a hole five and a half feet deep. He welded an upside-down tripod shape (think open umbrella) to the bottom of the pile and dropped it into the six-foot-wide hole. Each welded on ‘leg’ was about three feet of some kind of rebar and there were five such spokes. He then dropped some huge rocks on top of the tripod shape to hold it in place.

The empty spaces around the huge rocks were filled in with gravel and he dumped sand to fill in the air gaps. Then he filled the rest of the hole in with dirt and mounted the mailbox on top of the post.

Three days after Dad installed the new mailbox, we heard the road grader coming down the road. Our house is a quarter-mile from the road, but we heard the loud clang from inside.

We also heard the cursing and swearing from inside. No one went down to look until they heard the road grader drive away. When they did, the box itself was slightly dented on one side, but it was still firmly upright and functional.

Three weeks later, we received a bill from the township for a bent grader blade. It was accompanied by a letter informing us that we had caused damage to city property because our mailbox was installed incorrectly.

It would need to be moved and we were liable for a bill of a couple of thousand dollars worth of repairs.

Here’s where it becomes pro-revenge instead of petty. Recall the fact that the local postmaster was annoyed with us over our battle to get mail delivery? Mom had made a point of each time we re-installed the mailbox, taking photographs down to the post office and having the local postmaster sign off approval of the height, placement, etc.

She’d done the same with dad’s super-post and had documented, signed approval of the box dated the day before the road grader had bent his blade trying to demolish the box.

She submitted copies of the invoice for the grader blade (and the letter stating that the damage was our fault because our mailbox was incorrectly placed) to the post office. She also submitted copies of the official post office approval of the box to the township.

The jerk of a postmaster was also quite prideful and became furious that his authority was being called into question by some podunk township. As far as he was concerned, the township wasn’t questioning my parents, they were stating that his judgment was wrong.

I don’t know what went down between the postmaster and the township, but we received a second letter from the post office, reiterating their approval of our mailbox.

We also got a formal apology from the township and notice that the road grader’s contract had been terminated because he’d lied about damage to city property. It was worded with a tone that said ‘please don’t sue us because a contracted employee damaged your property.’

For the record, that post Dad installed nearly forty years ago is still standing. We’ve replaced the box on top many times. That post, however, has now wrecked two cars and a truck in addition to that long-ago road grader.”

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sceri123 2 years ago
And the idiots breed and multiply.
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18. Complain About Child Support? I'll See You In Your Office


“My ex is an abusive pile of trash and we had a kid together. I left him while I was pregnant, but I would take the baby to see him on his lunch hour occasionally. He paid $29 US a month in child support for a very long time. I got it reviewed when he got that job and it went to $89 US a month.

When he found out ‘how much’ it went up he threw a screaming temper tantrum in his work and chased me out of the building with our 9-month-old. We had family court a few days later and he blamed me for everything. He even got his friend to lie and say he was there and I started it. The judge thankfully didn’t believe him, but I was told to continue these terrible visits to his work.

Now for the revenge. It was a furniture rental store and he would constantly bad-mouth customers in very detailed ways. The next, and last time I took our baby there, I sat down with a small notepad and wrote down the names he and the other person said, how many months they said they were behind, how much they said was owed, and every name he and his buddy called every single person.

There were quite a few racial slurs said that day. When the time was up he had to leave and I told his boss. The boss didn’t do a damn thing. I knew 3 people he was badmouthing and I knew how to get in touch with 5 or so others. I worked my way through that list telling people exactly how their personal financial info was being released and the names they were called.

He and his buddy lost their jobs the next day and the owner filed a restraining order against them. I didn’t feel bad at all.

This happened almost 20 years ago so my child is safe and an adult now. I went to his work because I was told to by the mediator on the days I had time. I would sit as far away from him as possible and read for school.

This was the arrangement we all agreed on and it had worked well for several visits before that day. The boss didn’t do anything because they were friends. How did I make it without getting almost no support? I worked 2 jobs, one of which I could take my kiddo with me most of the time. My family and friends were very helpful. I did it all because I had to.”

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You made the best life you could for your child and I applaud you for that.
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17. Block My Promotion? We'll Reveal Your Dirty Little Secret


“I (then 35M) was working in a major wholesale company in Belgium. I was second in command at a large branch of this company. The branch manager (then 40M) was a complete jerk; let’s call him STALIN from now on. Other characters in this story are my PARTNER (then 27F), STALIN’s wife CINDERELLA (then 30+F), the big boss of the entire company BIGBOSS (then 60+M), and one of the heads of a department at our branch (then 28F).

Let’s call her NAIVEGIRL.

I was working for this company for quite a while at this point in time. I always got along with my direct superiors and was now second in command, well on my way to becoming branch manager myself one day. But then – out of the blue – my old manager got promoted to headquarters and was replaced by a new manager: introducing…STALIN.

The guy was a few years older than me and introduced himself to the team as someone who gets things done and that we would grow into the most successful branch of the company under his wings. He also didn’t like the word “can’t,” claiming to be deaf to that word. He was “a winner” and “only surrounds himself with other winners.” Roll eyes. Everyone immediately knew we had a character on our hands.

From week one, it was clear to everyone that STALIN didn’t know the first thing about the company and what we were selling, and he did not know anything about leading a team and working with people. He always knew everything better than others and had the annoying tendency to let other people do most of HIS work. So yeah… as second in command, I suddenly had a lot on my plate.

I’m not gonna bore you guys with the details but my full-time job just became two full-time jobs because I had to do most of STALIN’s work too. As in “here you go!” and never expect a “thank you” or “good job.”

So STALIN was a terrible boss. Surely things couldn’t get any worse than this? Now, can they? Spoiler alert, but yes, yes they can. One day I was working and I got a telephone call.

The person on the other side of the line introduced himself as “an important manager of our biggest competitor.” For such an important manager, his French was really bad, so I already figured something was fishy. And why would a competitor call me and introduce himself as being “an important person.” Turns out, this “manager” was offering me a job at their company if I was willing to share any company secrets of my current employer and maybe try and steal some customers away to the competitor’s company.

I didn’t buy into this absurd conversation, but I remained friendly and respectfully declined his “offer.”

One hour later, I get called into STALIN’s office. He then confronted me with the phone call and told me he was “testing” me to see if I was loyal to the company and to him. He ended this baffling conversation with the words “and I will continue to test you from time to time in the future.” WTH??? The guy “prank called” me himself, to test my loyalty?? While I was drowning in work because I had to do most of his work as well.

And idiot over here was spending his newly required free time by doing nonsense like this? Who does this? This is the stuff you see in bad comedies, not in real life.

Things got even worse in the weeks to come. STALIN began to do less and less of his work. There were times when I came into his office to ask for some help, only to find him reading the newspaper or even playing online poker.

He didn’t even try to hide it. After all, why should he? He was so superior, remember? When we didn’t hit our mark and the results were not as good as anticipated, he would round everybody up and yell at us. He was “expecting results from now on” and he wouldn’t hesitate to “fire people if they didn’t have what it took,” all the while without doing anything himself.

To make things worse, he fired some people who were easily fired (new workers without a long-term contract) to “set an example” and he didn’t replace them to lower the costs. So, now everybody was working 40+ hours on a 35-hour contract, just to keep the branch up and running. Well, almost everybody… NAIVEGIRL, the head of a small, yet important department, stopped working at noon every single Friday.

And STALIN himself sure didn’t do 40+ hours. Nah-ah. Every Tuesday, he was gone by 2 pm (his weekly Thai massage and relaxing spa), every Thursday he’d come in later and later. Turns out, Wednesday evening was soccer training (he was the coach of a team in the lowest amateur division), so after training, he was busy drinking like there was no tomorrow! On top of this: every Friday afternoon, he was gone as well.

He told us that he always went to headquarters in Brussels then. Meetings with the board and the BIGBOSS. I recognize nonsense when I see it. My former managers never had to do this. Also very mysterious, but he’s gone every Friday, just like NAIVEGIRL. You already know where I’m heading with this, but that’s for later. Some juicy stuff coming up.

STALIN also got a lot of pleasure from calling certain people into his office and yelling at them in person, threatening them with their job if they didn’t start working harder and more.

He especially seemed to target the youngest and newest employees and if possible the females. I don’t recall him ever treating more mature male coworkers like this. But we – as a team – made things work and we hit our target a few months in a row. It helped that a local competitor went out of business of course, but still: we did very well compared to the other branches in Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

So at the new year’s reception (a company tradition, all the major branch managers and second managers are there), STALIN got called on stage, where the BIGBOSS, the head of the entire company handed him over an award: manager of the year. Instead of thanking his employees, this sack of turds started thanking the BIGBOSS for the faith he had given him, thanked his pregnant wife, and then he started complimenting himself.

He was a good manager, with a nose for good business and he knows how to get the best out of people, blah blah blah. I nearly vomited. It was disgusting to watch. And then the applause he received… this was his moment and he wanted everybody to know. The next day, the trophy he received (a cheap piece of metal) was on an especially designed piece of furniture in the middle of his office.

Honestly, STALIN reminded me a bit of Steve Carell of The Office at this point. But the evil version with an even bigger ego.

A few weeks later, I was working late (again) and by sheer luck, I glanced over at the security camera and I was in shock! I witnessed STALIN kissing one of our heads of a department (more or less a third person in command) on the parking lot.

NAIVEGIRL and STALIN?? She was a bit of an odd girl. A pretty girl, but I always had the feeling she didn’t really have all of her marbles in place. She actually went to the same high school and university as my PARTNER, so the two know each other without being friends. Small world (this will be important later). So NAIVEGIRL was romantic with STALIN? I thought she was smarter than this.

And wait a minute? Didn’t STALIN thank his wife during that terrible speech on New Years? His pregnant wife?! Oh, what a jerk! He’s being unfaithful to his pregnant wife. Just when I thought this guy couldn’t get any worse.

Because I knew he was the worst of the worst. To show off his power to anyone (and especially me who he couldn’t control or threaten in a face-to-face conversation) he had this annoying habit of controlling everyone’s vacation days like a Roman emperor who’s controlling the faith of the fallen gladiators.

In his first year as a manager, I requested a vacation in October (somewhere in April) and he denied me that week, only to grant me the leave of absence two weeks before I was supposed to go on holiday. I was planning on going to Greece with my lady and her family, but because I didn’t get my holiday approved in time my PARTNER’s family decided to postpone and go another time.

My PARTNER and her father didn’t apply for a vacation because of this. STALIN didn’t just screw me over, he screwed my in-laws and PARTNER over as well. He refused to give me that holiday, only to grant it to me afterward to show me he’s the boss. And it costs me my trip to Athens. He truly was a major jerk. The guy’s ego had gotten so large, it deserved its own national flag by this point! It was so big astronauts could spot it from space, just like the Chinese Wall.

I… hated… that… jerk!

The next year came and because I witnessed him doing this to other employees (and myself), I figured I needed a plan. I proceeded in requesting to have my holiday approved and surprise surprise… STALIN denied me my vacation again. He claimed he needed me at work that month because of an inventory (which is done by other people, not myself). But this time I had a plan.

He needed me because I did my job and on top of that, I did most of HIS job as well. Everything he didn’t like about his job (basically everything with numbers, accountancy, paperwork, etc): I had to do it. He couldn’t afford to lose me. So I decided to try one of his own tricks on him. I called in and pretended I was the manager of another company, I told STALIN that I had received the resume of OP and was informed to know what kind of employee he is.

I can do different accents and voices, so this was a piece of cake for me. The plan was for STALIN to know that I was looking for another job and that he could lose me, forcing him to do HIS job HIMSELF. Scary stuff, so the plan was for him to give me my days off, just to please me.

STALIN believed I was another manager because he put on his “important person” voice and started to trash talk me as an employee.

I was unreliable, always late for work, sloppy, forgot things that were important, etc. You get the picture. It wasn’t pretty. In order to prevent me from getting another job, he decided to talk bad about me to potential new employers. What a jerk! What a horrible waste of oxygen this guy was!

But at least it gave him a scare because the next day my request for a holiday got magically approved.

He never confronted me with me applying for jobs elsewhere though. Mission accomplished: I got to plan that trip to Greece with my partner and her family (they are Greek Belgians). I was finally going!

Fun fact, but no, I wasn’t going. After I booked and paid for everything, he came back on his word. One month before I was supposed to go on a holiday, he called me into his office and told me he had to go on an important business meeting in Prague (Czech Republic) and because one of us two had to be at work, he had no choice but to cancel my holiday.

I was speechless for a moment but started thinking really quickly, so I demanded that he put this on paper because “my partner would not be amused.” He laughed, agreed, and sent me an email confirming my holiday got canceled because he had to go to Prague. Little did he know I was building a case against him and I needed this on paper. The moron actually believed it was just to show my partner I had no choice but to cancel our plans.

Now, if this were true, then yeah, I would understand. But I knew he was lying. I just knew it, but I couldn’t prove a thing. I had enough though. I really had enough. Working for this man was impossible and he was standing in my way. I had heard through the grapevine that he had blocked my internal promotions. See, I know a lot of people at headquarters and someone had told me how he branded me as “incompetent” for seeking a better paid, higher-up job within the company.

He wanted me where I was at that moment: as a second in command who would do all of his work. This meant he was blocking my promotions AND was preventing me from getting a nice job elsewhere. I heard firsthand how he down-talked my abilities. Sure, I have flaws like everybody else, but I’m not the screw-up he painted me to be to potential employers.

I wanted, no, I NEEDED to find a new job, but mister STALIN over here was blocking every good opportunity. As long as he was in charge of the branch I was basically his serf. Bound to the company and bound to him as my lord. I needed a way out but didn’t know how to do it.

But then Lady Luck walked into the room…

The week I was supposed to go to Greece, STALIN went on his business trip.

Or so he told me. My PARTNER went to Athens with her family and saw something on social media. She called me and told me to open my messages. My partner had sent me some screenshots from her social media. Turns out NAIVEGIRL was posting pictures of her with STALIN… in Switzerland. He went skiing with her! There was no business trip! That absolute disgrace of a human being had canceled my holiday for the second year in a row, so he could be unfaithful to his wife with a younger woman.

Oh, how I hated this dude. He did not expect my girl and me to see these pictures though. Little did he know that PARTNER and NAIVEGIRL knew each other and were “social media friends.” No contact in real life whatsoever, so STALIN really had no idea.

It gave me the fuel I needed. I had proof he was being unfaithful to his wife. Not just that… you see.

Now here’s where things got REALLY INTERESTING. Only two weeks before this I was networking at a company and I started talking to the manager of another branch (a direct equal to STALIN). I already had a few drinks, so I was a bit loose and therefore did little to hide the fact that I disliked STALIN and what do you know.. that other manager didn’t like STALIN either.

Turned out STALIN only got his job because his wife is the daughter of the owner (BIGBOSS). This explained everything! The guy was so unqualified for the job. He only got the job because daddy-in-law threw him a bone. So not only was he being unfaithful to his wife. He… was… being… unfaithful… to the big boss’s pregnant daughter! Oh snap! Can I get a hallelujah? The universe was smiling upon me at last!

And now I had proof! Pictures of him kissing another woman.

Time to set things in motion..

So my girl was in Athens without me and STALIN was in Switzerland. I was stuck at work and things were difficult because we were understaffed. I decided to send an email to all branch managers (plus the big boss who never responds) asking for extra help and that I couldn’t ask my manager because he is on a business trip and asked not to be disturbed.

I knew he told the big boss he was on a holiday because he had to hand in a request to get that holiday. So him being on a business trip made no sense and I knew that. I wanted BIGBOSS to know that STALIN told us a lie. I didn’t have a direct line to the BIGBOSS. Heck, I only talked to the guy 2-3 times during my time at the company.

So I needed to draw his attention in a sneaky way. This email caught his attention all right.

The big boss immediately replied to me, telling me STALIN is on a holiday and that he will inform him that the request for backup was granted. I made subtle contact with BIGBOSS. Now I had an email conversation going.

me: no he told us he’s on a business trip, that’s why he canceled my holiday.

BIGBOSS: he’s visiting an old school friend in Switzerland. I will get you some extra workforce myself.

me: Here’s the email in which he canceled my holiday (I forward BIGBOSS the e-mail STALIN sent me at my request). He clearly wrote he had to go on a business trip.

BIGBOSS: I will talk to him about this. That’s odd. Maybe he wasn’t paying attention. I will call him this afternoon and sort this out.

Thank you and keep up the good work.

The day after STALIN calls me from Switzerland. BIGBOSS did call him and this took STALIN by surprise. And STALIN doesn’t like surprises. Little did he know this was just the beginning… I was prepared and decided to record the phone call.

He went berserk on the phone, a little paraphrasing: “You are nothing. I can squash you like a fly.

If I decide to take your holiday, there’s nothing you can do about it. You gonna sit there like a little girl and take it all like the jerk that you are. The BIGBOSS doesn’t need to know I told you I was on a business trip. I don’t owe anyone an explanation. You leave that senile old fart out of this, you hear me?

At that moment a light shined down on me from the heavens.

I got him! It was just one sentence but it was pure gold. Senile old fart.. I bet rich daddy-in-law will have a field day with this one.

I wanted more proof. I was like frickin’ Sherlock or Colombo at this point. If he was having an affair, maybe those pictures wouldn’t do. He could claim those were old pictures or something. I dunno. Didn’t wanna take the chance he’d talk his way out of it.

So I needed more proof. Where was he going every Friday afternoon? Surely he was meeting NAIVEGIRL somewhere. I needed to know where. Then a lightbulb started glowing above my head. His emails! He once gave me his password to the company email address, so I could access his work emails. Because this way I could do more of his work, you know? His password was the name of his favorite Belgian soccer team (Anderlecht).

It’s actually the biggest rival of my team! You can’t make this stuff up. The guy was my antagonist in everything he touched. Would this password work on his personal email address as well? Surely he can’t be that big of an idiot?

But he was of course. Mister idiot had the exact same password for everything. I found out he was on a website to find women! I found out he was emailing with a chick from the Philippines (he must have met her there) and I found ALL the emails he sent with NAIVEGIRL.

Apparently, it started way in the beginning, so they’d been seeing each other even before he got his CINDERELLA pregnant.

Gotcha, idiot!

As the Mission Impossible tune started playing I began to unfold my plan.

STALIN was now back from his little trip and acted like nothing happened. I could still access his email, so I checked every few days or so. On Wednesday I struck gold again. He received an email confirmation of a visit to the spa wellness for two people at 3 pm and a confirmation of a visit to a certain restaurant at 6 pm, also for two people.

Both were for Friday. Hm. I wonder who he was going with? Checkmate, jerk! Gotcha again. The timing was right for the next and final phase of my execution plan.

I had printed out the pictures from NAIVEGIRL’s social media. STALIN kissing with NAIVEGIRL, them skiing, them having drinks together, and STALIN in front of the Swiss flag in front of a cabin. Classic stuff. He was such a grateful model! I had put these pictures in an envelope and put a little note in it.

It said something along the lines of:

“Hey, we don’t know each other, but I felt you needed to see this and know that your husband is having an affair. He did not go to Switzerland to visit some old school friend. No, he went there with this chick. Her name is NAIVEGIRL. This is her address, this is her email, and this is her social media page and phone number.

She isn’t a bad person. I don’t even know if she knows he is married and has a kid. He told his boss he was in Switzerland to visit an old friend and told his co-workers he was on a business trip in Prague. Both are lies. He is having an affair with a girl from his work.

I have hacked your husband’s e-mail and found some interesting stuff.

You can read it for yourself, his password is “Anderlecht.” Please, take your time in reading these emails and check the last mails he received. They’re meeting up at (name restaurant) at 6 pm today. Before this, they are going to the spa resort at 3 pm. I am sorry to throw this in your face. I know it’s a lot, but you deserve better than this scumbag.

Signed, anonymous.”

I had some reservations as to include this poor girl (CINDERELLA) in my revenge. I was about to destroy her world too and she didn’t deserve this. But my PARTNER convinced me. She said: “If it were you and you were unfaithful to my pregnant butt, I’d wanna know sooner rather than later. She needs to know!”

That particular Friday I called work to say I’d be a little late that day because I had car problems (the first time I was late in years).

Instead, I drove to STALIN’s and CINDERELLA’s place and dropped the envelope in their front door mailbox, and rang the doorbell, after which I quickly went away. I knew CINDERELLA was home alone (her car was in the driveway and she was still home with a newborn). STALIN was at work.

I then went to work where I sent an email to the BIGBOSS. I told the BIGBOSS that STALIN was skipping work a lot and that it was too much for my team and myself to keep dealing with this.

I told the BIGBOSS that I was going to resign because of this. I ended the email with the following..

“And I included a voice recording you’d find very interesting to hear for yourself. It’s STALIN calling me, right after you called him in Switzerland.”

It only took like 15 minutes and my phone rang. It was BIGBOSS himself. Calling me on my company phone. Oh smack! Even better than I hoped for! BIGBOSS told me he was amazed by how STALIN talked to me and about him and thanked me for sending this to him.

He told me he would talk to STALIN about this and asked me to wait with my resignation for the time being. He would straighten things out.

Me: He’ll just deny everything and as soon as you end the phone conversation with him he’ll project his anger on me.

BIGBOSS: No no, I’m visiting my daughter and grandson this afternoon and I’ll swing by at work before that.

It’s not that far apart.

Ding ding ding… did he just say he was visiting his daughter? The daughter I just bombed with the news of her husband being unfaithful to her? The same husband BIGBOSS wants to talk with before visiting his daughter?

Maybe I should play the national lottery this afternoon because everything felt like it was going my way! I decided to keep my mouth shut about the affair (well duh), but also about him being absent this afternoon.

I was originally planning on complaining to the BIGBOSS that STALIN was never in on a Friday afternoon, luring the BIGBOSS to that restaurant at 6 pm, but this was even better! No, let the BIGBOSS come in and see for himself that STALIN just wasn’t there!

12 am. NAIVEGIRL said bye bye to everyone and off she went.

12:15 am. STALIN shut down his computer and left the office as well (without saying goodbye of course, emperors don’t talk to the peasants and plebs).

BIGBOSS entered the building. It was showtime! BIGBOSS was clearly and visibly upset with something. Could it be his daughter showed him some naughty, naughty pictures already? Did he visit her first? He asked me where STALIN was and I swear to god.. Leonardo Di Caprio should hand me over his oscar immediately. I acted all surprised and said: oh? You were coming here to talk to STALIN? I must have misunderstood on the phone.

Why didn’t you talk to him in Brussels? At headquarters? He’s there every Friday, no?

The BIGBOSS looked surprised (I deserve that Oscar, I really, really do) and went like: “What do you mean?”

me: He always leaves at noon, every Friday, because he’s meeting you every week in Brussels. Or at least, that’s what he told us.

I could see the dominoes inside BIGBOSS’s head start falling as BIGBOSS’s face went blank.

He took his phone and called someone. He took a few steps back, but I overheard some parts of the conversation. I think he was calling his daughter because he said: “No, he’s not here. Apparently, he went somewhere.” I can only imagine his daughter telling him about the emails and the information I gave her about the restaurant and spa resort. Looked like she hadn’t told him that part yet.

BIGBOSS: “Oh really? I know that place. Ok. Ok. I’ll come over.”

BIGBOSS then thanked me and said he’d take care of this and ended it with his classic “Keep up the good work” as he left the room.

I was full of questions that entire weekend. What had happened? All I know is that when I came in at work that Monday morning, STALIN was nowhere to be seen.

Instead, there was some guy from headquarters telling us STALIN won’t be in that week and that he’d be replacing him temporarily. STALIN never came back though, and after a month or so they appointed a new manager.

Years later, I was working in Brussels at headquarters (I got that promotion! Ha!) and I befriended a member of the board. During a business meal, we started talking and when I mentioned I used to be second in command under STALIN the guy started laughing.

“That guy?” he said “Man, let me tell you a story”

The board member then filled in all the blanks I had for all of these years, not knowing I was the one who talked STALIN into the gallows of course. Apparently, STALIN really did get the manager job because of his relationship with the BIGBOSS (being son-in-law). He was the golden kid and BIGBOSS had big plans for STALIN.

He was supposed to take over the company when BIGBOSS retired. But it turned out he was being unfaithful to BIGBOSS’s daughter with a few women and was also stealing time from the company by not being at work when he was supposed to be there. All stuff I already knew of course, but hey, I was still an A-list Hollywood actor, so I acted all surprised and stuff.

Apparently, BIGBOSS and his daughter CINDERELLA walked in on him when he was in a restaurant with one of his mistresses. Oh, how I wanted to be a fly on the wall when that went down.

He then told me CINDERELLA divorced him, threw him out of the house and BIGBOSS didn’t fire him (they were afraid of legal implications) but instead demoted him to a meaningless position in the southern part of Belgium where people speak french.

STALIN did not speak french. He only spoke Flemish/Dutch and even this with a heavy, thick accent so most people didn’t understand him even when they themselves spoke Dutch. Needless to say.. STALIN was lost over there! He did not fit in, had no friends, no connections, no more power, and on top of it all: he did not understand the language! He quit the company after a few months and was now working in a low-wage job.

As for NAIVEGIRL. She walked away unharmed. We never talked about it though. She met someone else and even married the dude a year later. PARTNER and myself were invited to the wedding.

BIGBOSS retired a few years later and sold the company to a foreigner. He didn’t have anyone to succeed him but the millions he received did miracles to soften that. His daughter apparently went back to the guy she was seeing before STALIN.

They were still a couple the last time I checked.

I do not feel bad for STALIN. Not one bit! I’m not the kind of person who enjoys other people’s misery, no I am not a sociopath, but this guy… This guy really boiled my kidneys if you know what I mean. I never met such a narcissist, self-centered butthole in my entire life and he wanted to destroy my life and the lives of many other people. As far as I’m concerned, I stopped him before he could do any more damage and saved my own career in the process. His wife is better off without him, the company is better off without him, my colleagues are better off without him, and I am better off without him.”

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chga 2 years ago
Holy crap that was an amazing ride!
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16. I Did What My Mom Told Me To Do, And Got Revenge


“My parents divorced when I was just in Kindergarten so no more than 6. My mom got full custody of us and she suffered from mental illness (I believe she has a borderline personality disorder, and she was also a typical narcissistic parent). Anyway, ever since the divorce she would always tell us how it was not her fault we didn’t have enough for things and blamed my dad.

For example, if there was nothing to eat for breakfast and we complained like small children do when they were hungry, she snapped, ‘It’s your father’s fault so cry to him.’

I just learned never to complain and do without and spent my childhood taking care of her. My sister and I were trained from when I was about 8 (my sister 10) to come right home from school and do our homework and clean the house and take care of ourselves.

Don’t ask mom to make dinner, make it yourself, and do all of the chores so Mom doesn’t have to do anything. It sounds bizarre but we thought that was normal as well as being hit and told on a daily basis that we were worthless.

It got worse my senior year of high school My grandma died a few months before that summer and my mom quit her job and blew through the funds my grandma left her before the summer was over (this was close to 75k back in 2000).

She refused to get another job and kept coming up with excuses not to work (i.e. ‘I need a break.’ ‘Get off my back.’ ‘I hurt my leg.’ Etc) while she was going out drinking with her friend and acting like a carefree teenager. So I spent my senior year working hard at school, at my part-time job after school and taking care of an overgrown child who refused to work or help out.

Any time a utility shut off or there was no food left in the house she just griped, ‘You have a job. Why can’t you pay it?’

If I brought up the fact that my dad sent her child support, she would just complain that she had my sister’s tuition (which I later learned was nonsense). She would flaunt that child support check and laugh and refer to it as, ‘Mommy’s Paycheck’.

Flash forward to when I am about to choose a college and my mom keeps bellyaching about the costs and of course, have 0 saved in a college fund. I couldn’t afford a private university since I was only offered a partial scholarship so I decided to go to a reasonably priced and still highly regarded state university.

My freshman year I was pretty much able to swing the cost of tuition and room and board (I lived on campus) since my last year of high school I filed my taxes and FAFSA as soon as my w2’s came in so I had a decent amount of grants.

During my first year of college, I almost became unable to receive financial aid for my second year of college. Why? My w2’s were mailed to my home address and my mom being the caring and supportive mother she was, shredded them and threw them in the trash. I found out because my sister was home that weekend and saw it. My mom denied and when I came home for Spring break and pressed her for it she lied and said her friend had them (her friend was a CPA).

My sister called my mom out on this bluff by calling the friend who said she did not have any of our tax information. She was very concerned and told me and my sister to request duplicate w2’s and have them sent home and she will have my mom send them over to me.

My mom was annoyed that we had checked with her friend and called her out on her bluff but true to her word her friend did my taxes for me and my FAFSA (I had offered to pay her or at least babysit for her but she told me it was okay.

I think she knew my mom was mentally unstable and felt sorry for me and my sister).

At this point, I learned that my mom had not been helping out my sister at all with tuition as she claimed and my sister had mentioned it to my dad who had called her out and demanded to know where the child support was going. My mom insisted he wasn’t paying her enough $ and that’s why she couldn’t’ help us out.

During my second year of college my w2s were once again sent home and my mom once again ‘accidentally’ threw them in the trash. I had to request duplicates of w2’s from my summer job not just once but twice because she kept throwing them in the trash. I filed my tax return late that year and as a result, my FAFSA was filed late so I wasn’t able to get the full amount I was receiving before.

Any time I complained to her about money or no food in the house it was, ‘Complain to your father.’

Well, the summer before my third year I was burned out on my mom’s nonsense. I was working full time for the summer and saving as much as I could but she was refusing to help me out at all with food or anything while I was home.

She was annoyed that instead of paying the phone bill so she could make long-distance calls to her online friends and spend all day in chat rooms (this was back when we had to dial-up) I had the audacity to spend my hard-earned income on a cell phone and pay that bill myself. She told everyone I should just drop out because I didn’t apply myself hard enough (I was in the honors program) and she would play martyr with all her friends about ‘it’s so hard when you have kids in college and they eat from your house and come to you for money.’

At the end of the summer I had saved a thousand dollars but the school wouldn’t let me move into the dorm unless I paid 50% upfront which was about 10k.

I didn’t know what to do as all summer the university had told me I was fine and then on move-in day told me I couldn’t move into the dorm. I called my dad in a panic and he spoke to someone who agreed to give me 24 hours. I moved in and the next day my dad showed up first thing with a coffee and a donut for me and told me not to worry: he was going to fix this once and for all.

We went from office to office on campus and he cosigned a loan (which he later paid off for me) and then he paid the balance on my tuition that the loan didn’t cover.

He then took me out to lunch and told me the truth: my mom never helped my sister with her tuition (my sister had graduated the summer before my junior year of college).

My sister later confirmed this but was not surprised my mom had lied. My dad had cosigned a loan to help my sister out (which he later paid off for her) and my sister was able to get a scholarship and do co-op to pay for her last two years.

He also advised me that my mom was not so poorly off: as part of the divorce settlement he had to pay the mortgage and property taxes on our house and even though my sister was now out on her own he was still paying her the same amount of child support of about 2k a month despite the fact that I was living on campus for 75% of the year and my mom was not giving me a dime.

(Just to give you some clarification: my tuition and room and board before financial aid kicked in were 15k a year so she could have easily helped me out with school since after financial aid kicked in when I was able to get it, the balance was usually 6k.)

I was hurt to think my mom was just living off my child support and constantly making me feel guilty for wanting anything or for not being able to cater to her every whim (she would get annoyed that I wouldn’t come home on the weekends to help her clean the house that I was not living in).

I thought about how bad she made me feel growing up and made me feel worthless when in fact, had it not been for me or my sister she would have not had a roof over her head after the divorce.

He asks me to grant him access to my account so he could prove my mom was not paying for college and that I was. He asked me how I would feel if he took care of college instead of paying my mom child support.

Sounded good to me. He even told me I could spend my breaks at his house instead of my mom’s.

I called my mom and told her that my dad had taken care of the issue and she had no remorse. She told me it was my fault for not planning my finances better and for throwing away my income all summer. I just played it dumb and said she was right but pointed out I had done what she told me to do and complained to my dad.

A month later my mom called me up angry! My dad had spoken with the courts and there was going to be a hearing in their divorce case. My dad had proven that my mom had not been paying for my nor my sister’s tuition for college and that was the very reason my dad was obligated to pay child support till I was done college.

Since I was living on campus, it didn’t make sense to pay her child support when I was not living at home most of the year, and she had given me one penny. My dad told the judge he would gladly pay for me to finish college but he was not going to pay my mom any more child support nor pay the mortgage on the house.

If my mom didn’t want to take over the mortgage, they could sell the house and I could live with him over my breaks.

My mom was freaking out over this and calling me selfish. I just reminded her that my tuition must cost a lot more than what she got in child support since she was never able to help me with the costs of school.

She just kept laying guilt trips on me about how I was selfish because she didn’t get to go to college right after high school and how she never got to have four carefree years of college. I pointed out to her that she had not worked since my grandma died about 3 years ago and that I was working and going to school at that time while she got to live a carefree life.

She pretty much ripped me a new one at that point. She tried to get back at my dad by not paying utilities on the house to make it seem like she needed the funds. She then told me that the electricity and water were now shut off so if I wanted to come home for winter break I needed to help her out (she had moved in with her significant other at his condo).

I just told her that I would miss her but that I would just go to my dad’s for winter break. She was angry and cried about how selfish I was for not wanting to come home for Christmas. (sidenote: the Christmas before my present was throwing out many of my personal belongings. Why? My mom was angry with me that I didn’t want to come home one weekend to help her clean because to get home I had to take two buses, two trains, spend $20 one way and wait for her to hopefully remember to pick me up at the train station which was a whole 20-minute drive for her after I had traveled for 4 to 5 hours.

I had finals and I told her I would help clean for the holidays once I came home for winter break. Her response? She took all of my things, threw them in boxes, and threw them out on the front lawn. Most of my things were destroyed by being left out in the rain and I threw away most of them).

I told my mom that I would come and visit her over my winter break once she got the utilities turned on.

I told my dad what was going on and he said he and my stepmom and my half brother and sister were thrilled I was going to stay with them for winter break and he can get me a job in his office as well for winter break! He also called my mom and reminded her that the child support had not stopped, and they were going to list the house in a few months so what was this nonsense about the utilities being shut off? She was annoyed but magically came up with the funds to turn them back on.

That spring my dad officially by the court took over my college tuition and he even made sure I got my full financial aid since he had picked up w2s for me. My mom lost her child support and was told by the judge that she better cooperate with the sale of the house and keep up with the utility bills etc. so it would sell.

Her significant other moved in with her till the house sold and she moved to another time zone.

The real kicker? It was cheaper for my dad to pay college costs than to pay her child support!

To summarize, my mom abused and exploited me and I got my revenge by causing her to lose her child support and free rent by doing what she told me to do for years: complain to my father.

No regrets!

I am not as close to her as I am with my father and stepmom whom I grew closer to after college and still close to this day but I still have a ‘relationship’ with her. We talk but I have learned not to trust her because she will let me down (i.e a couple of years ago we were supposed to meet for my birthday and she stood me up.

Now I don’t include her at all when I plan birthdays or holidays). She wasn’t 100% bad but her bad moments were pretty bad. Granted I have met a lot of people who have had it worse so I try to remember that.

After college, she was trying to pull the same pity cards she had when I was in school. This time she was trying to convince me to move from NJ to TN (she had moved before my last year of college to a different time zone and didn’t even bother to tell me or my sister.

She just took off!) I liked the area and told her I would see if I can find a job and would consider taking her up on her offer to live in her guest room temporarily. She right away started laying me on a guilt trip and I hung up. She then called my sister and complained about how ‘I have a daughter that doesn’t want to take care of me.’ My sister and I both laugh about that.

She wasn’t even 50, perfectly healthy, and refused to work. No way was I going to move in and take care of her.

She pretty much spent most of my adult life in and out of mental hospitals and trying to convince us that either we want to live with her or we want her to live with us. She moved into my grandparent’s old house in Philly (they passed away years ago.

Didn’t keep up with the repairs and had to sell it for less than what she felt it was worth.) She wound up staying in various relatives’ guest rooms and coming up with excuses not to work and finally wore out her welcome at so many people’s houses that she wound up in the hospital and then in a shelter and now lives in subsidized housing. It’s a cute apartment and is like a loft-style but guess what? She still complains about how bad she has it and how no one wants to take her in! Lol.”

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stro 2 years ago
You should have complained to your father a lot sooner.
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15. Mess With My Dogs? I'll Fill Your Porch With Fish Guts


“A former man-child neighbor had issues understanding that it wasn’t okay to throw his garbage in my yard or let his heavy drinking friends pee on my house. When the county cops didn’t do anything about numerous calls, I started bagging the garbage and throwing it on his porch.

He escalated to putting rat poison in hot dogs and throwing them to my german shepherd mix. I saw her convulsing, and found three packages worth of hot dogs studded with pellets right along the fence.

She pulled through, no worse for wear. Cops said I couldn’t prove who did it.

So the next time he threw garbage in my yard, which usually contained the guts/waste from his hunting and fishing, I gathered fish guts into a bag, waited until he left, and put them in the rafters of his porch, under the hedges in his yard, and finally inside his air conditioner unit.

About three days later he had all the doors and windows open.

The following week he was having the carpet replaced throughout the house.

Eventually, the guts rotted away and the smell faded, but I think he knew I did it because I never found trash in my yard again.

Do not mess with my dogs.”

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jeha1 2 years ago
He got off easy
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14. I Don't Mind Getting Suspended If I Get To Kick Your Butt


“There was a kid named Matt in my school who, in eighth grade, had developed a rating system for the girls and kept getting away with saying gross things to them. He had been reported to the guidance counselor and faculty repeatedly, but they kept saying ‘We can’t do anything about it if we don’t personally see it happening,’ which is like — do you think he’s stupid enough to do it in front of you?

He also kept calling me Mimi, after the Drew Carey Show character.

I was getting sick of it after a few months and fruitlessly talked to the guidance counselor about that, as well.

I finally realized that none of the adults were going to do anything about it. One day at lunch, he called me Mimi, and I turned around and told him, ‘If you call me that again, you’re not going to like my reaction. I don’t know what I’m going to do, but you’re not going to like it.’ Which was true, I just figured I’d react at the moment.

Thirty minutes later he called me Mimi in the hallway and I turned around and gave him a big, open-palm roundhouse slap across his face. He was completely taken aback. All I had to say was, ‘I told you you weren’t going to like it.’

I got suspended for a week. My parents were furious at me. However, Matt never harassed anyone again. He was totally polite from that day forward. I don’t generally advocate violence but I still feel like it was a proportional response to months and months of gross behavior on his part, especially in the absence of adults who were willing to hold him accountable. I told the administration and my parents as much when I received my suspension. Big Shrug.”

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jersey 2 years ago
your parents are idiots. you had done everything you could to get him to stop calling you 'Mimi' and none of the responsible adults were helping you. he deserved that slap and your parents should have backed you up
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13. No, You Can't Park Anywhere You Want


“It’s common in my country to have apartment buildings next to houses (yard and all). I live in one such building. It has ten apartments. Two on each of the first four floors, one on the ground floor and one on the top floor. The top floor is used by the landlord when he and his family come for vacations (he lives abroad). The rest are rentals.

We also have a small backyard with a side entrance (important for later). Next to the building is an empty lot, also belonging to the landlord. We use it as a private parking space, with signs visibly saying it’s private. It takes ten cars (one per apartment) and has a side entrance. Also, I was the longest tenant, so I was the superintendent. My job was to be the liaison between the tenants and the landlord and communicate any problems and concerns to him.

The problem started when the house across the street from us was sold. A lovely old lady used to live there, but when she passed away, the house fell into disarray, especially the large yard. The new owners were Ken and Karen (fake names, but lived up to the meme). They immediately began major renovations, which was acceptable. But they also started to park their cars in our two empty spots (one for the landlord and one for the lady on the ground floor that didn’t own a car).

At first, we would tell them they were reserved spots and they would move their cars. But when they noticed the spots remained empty, they parked there permanently. I had notified the landlord and he told me to take pictures, log every incident and always notify the police. We started doing that every day.

Ken is a hotshot local businessman and every time we called the cops would cause a scene about us being jerks.

He always got a fine, but he very blatantly proclaimed he would not pay.

The worst part came about a month before the landlord’s annual visit. They stopped using one of their cars and left it permanently in front of the side entrance, blocking it. That was a huge issue. You see, the lady living on the ground floor is a renal dialysis patient and three times a week goes for a session in the local hospital.

The ambulance brings her back and usually parks next to the side entrance because she is exhausted after a session. With Karen’s car parked there, that wasn’t doable anymore. They don’t move it even when the police are called. I notify the landlord and try to hold our hothead from doing anything foolish (the ‘calmer’ thing he proposed was slashing their tires).

Finally, our landlord arrives. I hand him the photos and the logs and he calls Ken over.

Tony (the landlord) calmly explains that they are not allowed to park in our space and to move the cars. Ken’s response was ‘Who do you think you are? I can park anywhere I want!’

Now, Ken thinks of himself as a ‘big fish’ in our small town. But Tony is a ‘big fish’ in a major foreign city. And he is very creative when somebody angers him.

He tells us to leave the spot next to the side entrance open for the weekend and he will take care of things.

We do that and Ken parks his car next to his wife’s. Sunday evening, a tow truck arrives and unloads an old Citroen DS (also known as ‘the Frog’), blocking both of their cars.

Monday morning I wake by the buzzer and when I go downstairs, Ken and Karen are there.

They are both livid. They can’t move either car. Tony joins me, all smiles. Ken sees him and blows a casket. He starts shouting and cursing. Tony, still smiling, replies ‘I don’t see a problem. My car is legally parked. What are YOU going to do about it?’

Ken angrily gets into his car and reverses on the DS, crushing them both. Tony’s smile became one of a shark.

He immediately called the police. He pressed charges against Ken.

Tony had legally bought the DS from his cousin that owns a car repair and restoration shop. The car was a restoration project and was insured. The court found Ken liable for the damage done. They also found out he was true to his word and hadn’t paid any of the tickets. The fines for the tickets alone were almost 2000€. He also leased both his cars and they dropped him as a client immediately for purposefully causing an accident and damaging the leased car. They’re sued for damages. Ken got another car, but learned his lesson and hasn’t parked in our spots since.”

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12. Be Consistently Loud? I'll Become Loud At The Perfect Time Of Year


“Throughout the year I had noisy and thoughtless neighbors. They would often have loud parties that would go to the early hours of the morning. They were all in university. I had called the police, called the apartment manager, nobody would do anything about it. I was losing sleep, and my work was being affected as well. I had spoken to them directly, and they completely disregarded me and refused to just shut up.

This went on for months, and I was riding out my lease until I moved somewhere else.

One day I’m sitting watching TV on a nice spring day, and I have my windows wide open, and I hear one of the neighbor friends come over, and he asks if he’s coming out, and he says no, he needs to study for an important test he’s taking the next day.

This little snippet of information was all I needed. His friend leaves and he closes the door. I then proceeded to take my speakers and put them up against the walls, near where I knew his desk was (there were balconies outside so I often saw him studying here), and I began to blare Merzbow, and Death Metal straight at the wall. I put on my noise-canceling headphones and just blasted it as loud as possible for hours.

My landlord actually ended up coming into the apartment, because I didn’t hear him knocking, and he’s obviously flipping out, but I’m like ‘meh, you never did anything when I complained so good luck! Call the cops’.

My lease was set to be up soon anyway, and I was leaving the state, so screw y’all! So Landlord leaves, and I’m still amped up on adrenaline, and it’s quiet for maybe 20 minutes, and I just intermittently start blasting music.

The neighbor comes over irate, screaming that he has this big test, and he’s got to pass it (apparently a medical student) and I just laughed in his face and said ‘I don’t hear anything’. He then makes a fantastic mistake, which was telling me he didn’t just have a final tomorrow, but it was finals week! Oh great! Added stress for the week = the fact that I continue doing this every night for the rest of the week.

I set my alarm to go off every 30 minutes, and I would bang on the walls with a hammer, and blast music, and I was going a bit crazy as well, but that didn’t matter, because I was messing up this guy’s life. Around day 3 of no sleep for anyone, he comes over screaming about how his family will disown him and all this nonsense, which just made me laugh and just said the same thing over and over, that I didn’t hear the music, and I think it was coming from somewhere else.

I basically just started gaslighting him, acting really nice when he came over in a rage. That weekend the landlord gave some nonsense notice that I had to leave, which I was fine with because he broke my lease and I wanted to get out anyway, so I got my deposit back.

On the last morning, I was there, I was moving out, and I knocked on the jerk neighbor’s door at like 8 am and asked him if he wanted this old air conditioner I was going to throw out otherwise. He was totally in a daze, and I don’t know if he really understood what was happening any longer. Anyway, hopefully, I messed up his life, and his future a bit. Should’ve shut up when I told him numerous times.”

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stro 2 years ago
As a metal fan but not a fan of the death genre, you're my hero.
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11. Be Sure To Pay Your IT Help


“I had been working at a computer repair shop on a commission-based system. We would get PCs in and the techs would not get paid until the repair work was paid for and if the client did not pay for the work performed the shop would take possession after a time and resell the equipment. It was not uncommon for the techs to be screwed out of the work they had done.

To make this job sound even more appealing the shop owner would throw PCs from his friends and family to fix which was not paid work. I was looking forward to a pretty big check due to just cranking out the repairs but I found out that these were all friends of the owners so I worked for free those 2 weeks.

One of the things that we do is pull the HD’s and create a complete image of the whole drive for archival protection to be wiped after the job is done.

Turns out that the owner of the computer shop and his wife were part of the swingers community and were hosting a small but local swingers site that they ran off of the notebook they brought in for repairs. I grabbed the hard drive and told the owner that he needed to pay me for the work I had done. The owner fired me on the spot.

I had grabbed my tools and I walked out the door without realizing I had the HD in my hand. The owner had built a reputation in the small town it was located in for being a good Christian business, and the owner portrayed himself as a pillar of the community, I happen to get the information off the drive and I was able to get access to his passwords, plus close to 4TB of pics, and videos of their swingers website.

Waiting on my 3 weeks for the last check I decided that I would go scorched earth instead of looking for a payout.

Step one is his business. I had some time to look over the labor laws and found out he violated quite a few of them with me. We were treated as contractors but he took out taxes and SSI which he never paid into the system.

The other thing was we were required to clock in like hourly employees but were paid on commission so due to the pay structure, many employees were getting well under minimum wage for some weeks.

Step 2 his reputation. Having the sign-on information I decided to do a few interesting things with the company website and their swingers website. I put a link at the bottom of the company webpage where I directed people to the swingers site they ran and I changed the password authentication to allow everyone into the paid areas of the site.

I also took down some of the pixelated pictures of him and his current wife and posted the original pics. It took them about a week to find out about all of this. I also sent out a mass email to everyone on the owners’ E-mail list to check out the swingers site. I also gave his ex-wife the drive to help her in her court battle

The fallout.

Long-standing contracts had been terminated by his clients in droves. The labor board did an investigation and fined him for his rule-breaking and the IRS did an audit where they found further evidence of his crimes. In the end, he lost his business, his kids, his reputation, and his current wife because he thought he was too much of a big shot to not pay his IT help.”

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10. A Creative Way Of Moving Out Of Ex's House


“I did this to an Ex who asked me to move out while she was on a work trip and told me she was coming back with her new significant other, we were still together when she left.

I got these little noisemakers, battery-powered ones the size of a quarter that emits sounds at just the right volume that you aren’t sure if you really heard it, so quiet that two people could be sitting in an average-sized room and while one can barely hear it the other wouldn’t hear a thing.

They last ages and fit perfectly in light fixtures and wall outlets. I got a box of 20 of them for like $100 on eBay and got so creative all over the house, her car, I even hid them in a boat her father got her (rich family and she grew up sailing).

Now, these little jerks make noise at completely random intervals, could be minutes, could be hours, could take a whole day off.

They cycle noises like children laughing, a ‘dying breath’ as they called it, a whistle, scratching noises, some other ones I can’t remember but you get the idea. It was so unpredictable it was near impossible for someone to just figure it out.

Months go by, I get a new place, get my life back up. Now we had a few friends in common and one of them I kept up with.

They were kinda sour about how she ended things but they had grown up together and kept up the friendship, loosely talking and catching up on occasion. I never really asked about her, but one day we get to talking and he’s wanting to prank some friends on a camping trip so I tell him about the noisemakers.

As I’m telling him about them he slowly starts making this face, like he’s gradually losing his mind.

He’s got this huge grin on his face and asks me ‘you put these in (ex)’s stuff didn’t you!?’ And when I admit he starts laughing hysterically.

Turns out her new significant other had only lasted a few months and had left telling her that he couldn’t handle whatever was going on with them and their mental states. Turns out for a while they had both heard things and sometimes only one would hear them, which gave the illusion that something really messed up was going on in their heads at different times.

They couldn’t figure it out and eventually, he wanted out completely, and having run down all the crazy list of things people who are hearing voices would think ended it believing he had been infected with some brain worm the government put in him or something like that.

It was amazing, I hadn’t expected to hear anything about it. I rode that train for weeks. When it went away I got another hit of that high.

She moved out, told her parents she didn’t want the house and to give it to her brother or sell it. Wouldn’t tell them why.

I always tell people who ask about her that I hold no grudge, and don’t tell them the part where I totally messed with her so bad I overshot the ‘got her back’ stage and hit the blissful state of satisfaction with my work.

My wife knows this story by heart because it’s her favorite one to tell.”

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9. Deny Throwing Dog Poop All Over My Yard? I'll Rip Up Your New Lawn


“My Great Uncle had neighbors that would throw their dog poop into his yard with a shovel. First, he talked to them about it but they denied it and told him to screw off. Next, he bagged up a week’s worth of poop and put it on their doorstep, but they kept up with the shoveling…

This goes on all winter, he’s had to stew on this not knowing what to do, because even though my great uncle is a jerk, he’s not going to poison the dogs.

So spring rolls around and the neighbors rip out their lawn, landscape it, and truck in all-new soil before laying turf. During this time he got a nice break from the dog poop since they couldn’t let the dogs walk on the new grass as it was setting and had to take them on walks to do their business. For about a month he got used to not having dog poop in his yard again, so when it came back he remembered how angry it made him.

He’s trying to figure out what to do about all this dog poop when he realizes that there isn’t any more coming over the fence.. maybe they started being more considerate? Nope, the cars are gone it looks like they’re out of town. So he heads down to the gas station and fills a couple of Jerry cans up with diesel. He goes into their newly finished backyard and uses the fuel to write ‘DOG POOP” in big huge letters that filled the yard.

They came back from vacation to a few new dead spots on their lawn. About a week later the words had really taken shape and my great uncle was confronted about the vandalism. He denied it and told them to screw off, none of the other neighbors said they saw anything because for the time their yard was being redone they let the dogs poop all over the neighborhood and never cleaned it up.

In the end, they had to rip up their new lawn and put in new again and they still threw poop in his yard.”

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stro 2 years ago
That doesn't sound very revengeful since he didn't win.
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8. Bully Watched Me Walk Through The Halls With Assistant Principal


“In high school, I had a verbal bully. He never got physical but I would always hear about how fat I was or what I was reading (this was early/the mid-’90s, so manga wasn’t as mainstream as it is now). He lived a few streets down and his parents knew he did it; they just didn’t care.

So in my Junior year, a new high school opened and I transferred over.

He stayed at the old school. I help set up all the new computers and networks at the new school and graduate. The school then hires me as a computer tech, which was great because it was awesome pay for an 18-year-old!

So my first year as a computer tech and who do I see?!? That’s right! He did something in his senior year at my old school that got him kicked out and had to repeat his junior year.

So he was now a year behind me.

So I am walking through the hallways with an Assistant Principal (damn I miss him; I would’ve followed him to a school in the underworld itself) talking about what computers I was going to move, etc. Bully sees me and just starts up again as no time had passed. I just stare at him and then at the AP. He lays into my bully about showing proper respect for the faculty and staff while my bully just has this dumbfounded look on his face.

It was amazing!”

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7. I Saw The Intimidation In His Eyes


“When I was 13 I was around 80kg (176lbs), I’d always been overweight but I was a very social kid who didn’t have trouble making friends. Because of this, I found myself in the ‘cool’ group and there was this one kid who I considered a close friend where he and I pretty much ran the social group.

One day out of the blue another kid from this group told me in front of everyone ‘You realize no one likes you right? You’re fat and ugly and everyone feels sorry for you’.

Everyone started laughing and hurling abuse at me and I was beyond inconsolable, my social group had gone to dust and I had no one else. Turns out I somehow had gotten on the bad side of the guy who I considered a friend and he had warped everyone’s opinion, and like a good herd of sheep they followed along because they didn’t want to get on his bad side.

I didn’t really have anyone else; I had friends but not the type you would sit with. I honestly thought I could just tough it out and it would eventually pass and everyone would quickly treat me as before. I was stupid to think it would work; I was physically and emotionally bullied for weeks. The whole group made a point of making my life a nightmare just because he said so.

They’d embarrass me in class, get me in trouble, start chants on the school bus, hide my stuff – you name it, they did it. I became a shell of my former self to the point a couple of my teachers actually rang my parents to ask if I was okay. Because I didn’t want to admit to my folks what was happening, I just bottled it up.

I sat by myself for a good couple of months, making a point of finding somewhere where they couldn’t find me. I found this one place under the auditorium where there was this bench and I would eat my lunch in the darkness listening to everyone else laughing and playing outside wishing it was me. It took a while but I made new friends and things eventually got better.

A couple of years later the kid got expelled for abusing a teacher and I somehow found myself slowly getting dragged back into the old social group. Things were different but I never forgot what they did.

Fast forward to about a fortnight ago and I was working out at the gym when I noticed in the corner of my eye this dude looking at me. It turned out to be that guy who made my life awful trying to figure out who I was.

In the past couple of years, I’ve started taking my physique seriously and I’m aiming to eventually compete. The look on his face when he realized the overweight kid whose life he made miserable was now much bigger than him was priceless. I did eventually walk over and say hi and he couldn’t make himself look me in the eyes once. I didn’t need any petty payback, just knowing he was intimidated was enough.”

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6. Kick Out My Sister After She Came Out? I'll Make You Sell The House


“My sister-in-law came out as a trans woman when she was 18. My wonderful in-laws kicked her out of the house then and there. They told her to leave the house and threw her out at 8 PM with no money or even any documents and her father took the car keys from her too. She had to walk 8 miles to get to our place.

She was crying and we took her in.

This is horrible behavior but my husband and I would have just cut them off if it was all they did but they doubled down. They refused to hand over any of the documents and my Brother in Law had to go over and barge into their house to get them. They also cleaned up all the money in a joint account.

She had saved up 8K working part-time all through high school. They took the money and also sold her car which was in their name. They were trying to ruin her life as much as they could.

My father-in-law is a small-time businessman and his biggest account was supplying my employer. I had helped him get the contract and it was very lucrative for him. My employer was a family business and they treated long-term employees more like family than as employees.

I was talking to my boss about what happened. He told me that if I could find someone within a 5% range of the price my father-in-law offered, they would make the switch. My father-in-law offered us really great rates. He was very good at his job but he had messed up the contract because even though we always bought from him, we weren’t obligated to buy from him.

We could switch suppliers anytime but he got complacent and assumed we wouldn’t switch suppliers.

It took me six months of painful searching to find a supplier who could replace him and get us great rates. This was not a major part of my duties and I had to put in way more hours than normal to find the damn supplier but when I did find them, I waited for a month before informing my boss.

See, my in-laws had been planning to do the major renovation for a long time and it involved tearing down a major portion of their house. I waited until the renovation work had truly started before informing my boss.

We started to get supplies from the new supplier the next month itself. It crushed his business. It messed his unit economics and he had to scramble to find new customers.

They ended up having to sell their house to save the business and they didn’t get a good rate for it because the house was well half torn down when they sold it. My in-laws did try to get financial help from my brother in law but he told them to screw off.

My father-in-law is a decent businessman and he did crawl his way out of the hole they dug for themselves but even 8 years later they still haven’t bought a new house. I have heard they are still sour about what happened. I mean, I was just doing my job and if they had just kicked her out, they would still have the house.”

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5. Think I'm The Gullible One? You're On


“I’m a paramedic and after many many years of working regular ground ambulance I decided I had enough, my whole career I was either a glorified uber driver, being spit on by heavy drinkers, bit by substance abusers, or chauffeuring people between hospitals (though once in a blue moon I saved a life). There isn’t a lot of different jobs you can parlay an EMS career into so I elected to move into the private sector and got a job doing basically the same thing at a mine in a remote environment, worked 2 weeks straight with 2 weeks off, less stress and an enviable salary.

On the surface this was a sweet gig, almost heaven compared to the regular stretcher jockey job I came from and it would have been such if not for the absolute psychopath who managed the EMS services out there.

I didn’t work directly from the mine’s operator, instead, I was employed by a contractor. The coordinator (my local boss) as he was called was a golden boy as far as the Mine co.

was concerned, there wasn’t a butt he didn’t kiss or big wig he wouldn’t suck up to and I admit he could be charming, quite adept at impersonating a human being actually. It wasn’t long before I discovered he reserved decency for everyone but his subordinates.

His behavior started as petty micromanaging, which was irritating but then progressed to insults, put-downs, name-calling (‘hey dummy’ was his usual way to get my attention), and outright hostility.

The man clearly enjoyed being a small-time workplace despot and knew he could get away with it because of his reputation with our paymasters.

It was around the 2-month mark before I really warmed up to my coworkers, there were 8 of us including myself and the idiot in chief and not a single one of them spoke a nice word about him. Most were resigned to him acting like a massive jerk because of the 2 week holiday every month along with the pay rate, they also told me every complaint was ignored, provoked retaliation, and again his relationship with the client made him neigh untouchable.

This is when I started recording everything and did so with these two assumptions: 1. The company would only act with serious proof of malfeasance 2. His acts of jerkery would only escalate. Neither assumption proved false.

I had nearly 3 months of audiotapes of him being just his regular jerk self before he went too far. About a week into the shift I showed up at our station and was called into his office only to be informed I was being let go and my replacement would be there in a few hours, I was to go back to our accommodations, pack my stuff up and report back there.

‘Well damn’ I thought before doing as I was bidden. Upon arriving back to the office with my suitcases this sadist started laughing and said ‘no one’s coming to replace you! You’re so gullible!’ It was a mock firing.

I was livid and let loose on him finally ending a tirade with a malicious hint ‘can you imagine what the office would do if they could have heard all these things?’ Unrepentant to the last he coldly stared at me before replying ‘can you imagine what they would do if a bunch of empty beer cans turned up and I told the office I saw you drinking?’

Having recorded all this and knowing my glorious victory was assured, I feigned capitulation to carry on with my day. On my first day off I sent in a detailed letter to the company along with recordings and as expected they fired his butt. What came after was righteous cackling laughter… for hours.

I wonder is this how Napoleon felt after winning at Austerlitz?”

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4. Call Me Fatty? I'll See You On The School Bus


“As a child, I was always much bigger than the other students in my class – both height and weight wise (5′ by the time I reached 3rd grade, stopped growing forever at 5’6 by 5th grade) which made me an easy target as the ‘fat girl’ by the popular boys. Weirdly, the girls were never mean to me.

Anyway, in 6th grade, it reached its peak because I admittedly was this very weird socially awkward girl, which made me an easy target.

This boy (let’s say Dan) called me some variation of ‘fat’ on the bus every single day. Why didn’t you just move seats you may ask? Well, my brain was not that bright.

One day I had enough. Dan called me a fatty and I almost moved forward to hit him. That made him and his friends amp it up, even more, the next day. That day, I lost it.

Keep in mind that at this age most boys haven’t even started puberty so Dan was a measly 4’something while I was adult-sized at age 11. I threw him around the back of the bus a few times until his friends pulled me off him.

The next day I was called into the office and I immediately broke down, because even though I felt vindicated I still was afraid of getting in trouble.

The principal just looked at me and said ‘ok, you can go.’ I was still so afraid of getting in trouble that the next day I came in and asked her if she had called my mom. ‘No, if you were in trouble I would have made you call her yourself!’ Turns out Dan was being ‘investigated’ for pushing another boy off the bus steps so they were trying to build a case for his aggression. I didn’t even get talked to.

Luckily, that fight gave me a ‘don’t mess with her’ reputation that carried on until high school, at which point the bullies kind of became normal humans.”

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3. He Thought I Wasn't Going To Fight Back


“In England, I’m aged 15 and I’m on a week-long course with the naval cadets (CCF) in Portsmouth. The group has around 20 school kids from various schools. In the ship we’re staying on we have our own bunk space. Around the corner is a group of actual navy recruits – aged a few years older than us.

So one night a bunch of the recruits invades our bunk space.

They grab the three youngest-looking kids, which includes me. Their leader takes out a padlock and starts hitting my buddy with it. Then he asks ‘Does that hurt?’ and my buddy says ‘Yes’, to which the bully says ‘Good I’ll do it some more!’ After a few more whacks, he starts on another kid, asks the same question to which the reply is ‘No!’ and his answer is ‘I’ll have to do it harder then!’

I’m next in line and I know what’s coming.

So when he turned to look at me I punched him in the face as hard as I could (I was small at 15 and he was ~2 years older).

And it all started to go down.

The first thing that happened was his mate shoved me off the bunk onto the floor and started jumping on me. The rest of my group laid into the recruits. They were smaller but outnumbered the recruits.

Someone pulled the guy off me and I was just about to start kicking the soul out of him when the MPs/security/Petty Officers came in and broke up the fight.

We all got dragged into the commander’s office and ordered (as in actual military orders) to stay out of each other’s bunk space.

I found I had acquired a bit of reputation at school. Sometime later as I’m walking across the schoolyard a younger (but bigger) kid bumped into me. I say something along the lines of ‘hey! watch it!’ and he says ‘Make me!’ His buddy comes up and drags him off saying ‘Don’t mess with him, he’s crazy.'”

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2. Pick On Me? My Dad Will Have A Word With The Vice Principal


“This was in Kindergarten. Used to get pushed around by a kid. Told my dad about it and he told me to smack him around if he touches me.

Fast forward to lining up at the water fountain a few days later. This kid is behind me, he gives me a shove while in line, whatever. I start taking a drink, he pushes me into the wall.

I turn around and punch him in the face. He drops crying.

Luck would have it the vice principal would see me punching this kid, but not the kid smashing my head against the wall/fountain. So I get called into the office, and my dad is called for a meeting.

And this is where it goes south for the vice principal.

Dad comes in, all annoyed (he works nights, was woken up mid-sleep), and wants to know why I was called to the office.

The Vice-principal tells him of what he saw, and I tell my dad what happened. My dad then proceeds to ask the vice principal ‘How in the world do you decide to discipline my kid but not the other kid who has a history of violence in the school?’

That conversation got progressively heated, and as it was 20 years ago I don’t remember much else of it, but I do know as the more the vice principal tried to explain himself in vain the worse his argument became to my dad.

At the end of it I wasn’t disciplined, the kid never messed with me again and moved away in grade 6, and the vice-principal took a conveniently timed 2 week holiday beginning the day after this occurred, and transferred at the end of the year.

Violence solves nothing they tell you. For me, violence is the only way to keep people from taking advantage of me.”

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1. Steal From Me? Don't Get The Job


“I was working at my university in the Division of Student Life as a GA and had worked myself into a great position where people trusted me and relied on my advice.

One night at a big party at a local university bar, I wanted to smoke. I asked this group of girls if they had something I could smoke, and being one to not bum straight up, I offered a coupon I had for free McDonald’s fries if someone would give me one.

One of the cuter girls there with a pink stripe in her hair said yes, pulled out her pack, and I gave her the coupon. She then put it back in her pocket and told me to ‘get lost’ after stealing my fry coupon.

I was angry at this point and tried reasoning with her. She then called over a couple of guy friends and said that I was falsely accusing her of stealing from me, and her friends all backed her up.

She looked me in the eyes and said ‘you shouldn’t be so trusting.’

Fast forward to Monday – we had job interviews for the division and I happened to be passing through replacing a computer. I also happened to see the same pink-stripe-in-hair individual that had stolen the McDonald’s coupon from me the week before in line. I went to the person conducting the interviews and told him that she was a thief and a liar.

On my way out, I smiled and waved. She didn’t recognize me.

She didn’t get the job, and the interviewer thanked me for my contribution to the interview process.”

Another User Comments:

“I had a similar situation once before, but it wasn’t as sweet for me. I lived with my older sister, who constantly had friends over. One night after work, I came home and saw two of her new friends outside my house.

They were looking into an opened backpack, I thought nothing of it, even though they bolted when they saw me.

I got inside, my sister was passed out, and my Wii was gone, this being 2 months after release. Went to the cops, told them who it was, and they basically told me that my Wii has already likely been sold for illegal substances.

The revenge, if you could call it that, came about a year later. The same guy came into my work for an interview. When he left, I told my boss who he was, and he never got the job. I also had a chance to shame him at the bar a few years later. All petty revenge, but I’ll take what I can get.” Derf314

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