People Share Their Most Gratifying Moments Of Revenge


It sounds sick in the head, but there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing someone get payback for the corrupt things they’ve executed. It’s so satisfying that to wait for Karma to take charge can feel like decades. That’s why for some people, the act of getting revenge on someone who wronged them is hard to resist. A lousy friend steals a precious belonging from you? You might respond by taking a special possession from them too. Or, in the case of a close family member failing to keep your darkest secret, well, a secret, you might be tempted to expose an embarrassing or grim piece of information about them to someone else or, heck, even blast it on social media.

But does getting revenge on someone make you a bad person? Once the act is finished, will you regret it? For these people, they typically don’t feel bad for their sweet vengeance. If anything, they feel justified, and in some cases, they feel like it was the least they could have done!

30. She Ditched Him On A Date, So He Did The Same Next Time


Must hurt to get treated the same way you treat others, huh?

“It wasn’t me, but a college buddy, but it was so sweet, I have to share.

There was a really beautiful, popular girl my friend, call him Mike, had a serious crush on.

He asked her out several times but she was always ‘busy.’ She never really discouraged him, though. I think she liked the attention.
One day Mike got ahold of two tickets to a sold-out U2 concert. He bought them from a friend who had to go out of town for an emergency.

Mike immediately called the girl of his dreams, and of course, she accepted. He was thrilled, and everything seemed fine.

The night of the concert they’re at the arena waiting for the show to begin and she suddenly says, ‘Oh, I see my friend. I’ll be right back!’

You guessed it, she never returned.

Mike stayed at the seats since that’s the only place she would logically look for him. When the show ended, Mike ever the gentleman, waited for a long time, so he could drive her home. But he saw no sign of her. She didn’t answer her phone or texts. So, he left feeling so hurt.
By the next morning, he was rightfully p*ssed! She called him around noon apologizing and saying she ran into her ex they had a long talk and worked out a lot of stuff and lost track of time. She had actually missed the concert and blah, blah, blah.

He accepted her apology and asked if they could try again. She accepted and told him how very nice and forgiving he was. She had underestimated him!

So, the next Saturday evening, he took her to a very expensive seafood restaurant about an hour up the coast. He was polite and chatty the whole way up there. He made the reservation in her name.
They were seated, ordered a nice bottle of wine, some expensive appetizers and entrees, then Mike excused himself to go to the men’s room. He very deliberately said, ‘I’ll be right back.’

He walked out to the parking lot and drove away.

And he became the hero of every good guy who’s been treated like crap by a girl because she just didn’t give a d*mn about his feelings.

I still love that story!!” Art Odom

29. His Parents Didn’t Care Until He Was About To Die


“This was revenge on his ex-parents, who had disowned him for being gay. I’ll call him Adam, and I’ll call his partner Steve. This was in the early 90s.
Adam had HIV, and it had progressed to full-blown AIDS. He had had a successful career in law and had managed to do quite well for himself. But the AIDS treatments in those days were just a way to delay the inevitable; there were none of the treatments that exist today.

Adam had acquired a few pieces of property, made some good investments, and owned some valuable pieces of art, jewelry, gold, and so on. Smart with money and business.

As he grew sicker and knew the end was approaching, his family suddenly showed concern and interest in his deteriorating health. This was after nearly a decade-plus of little to no contact. Adam knew what was up. There were no same-sex marriage laws, no benefits for partners, no legal standing for his partner Steve, and Adam knew that once he was gone, his family would toss Steve – who was his sole caretaker up to that point – out on the street and claim the inheritance of Adam’s possessions as next-of-kin.

What did Adam do?

He liquidated everything. Everything. Jewelry, car, second house, stocks and investments, and then gifted it all to Steve. In documented legalese that could not be questioned, with witnesses and notary, and in full possession of his mental faculties.

Except for one item. On his primary house, he took out a second mortgage and mortgaged it up to the hilt. He took that as cash and also gifted that to Steve. The house and mortgages remained in Adam’s name and was the only possession remaining in his name.

He died a couple of months later. In his will, he left his sole remaining possession – mortgaged to the hilt, with a second mortgage and taxes on top of it – to his ‘bereaved’ family.” Tommy Ryerson
28. I Kicked Off His Side Mirror


“I don’t know if it’s the best, but I certainly wished I had a go-pro, so I could relive the moment, over and over again.

I was riding my motorcycle on a kinda rainy morning, so I had all my lights and brights on to increase my visibility.

I usually drive very kindly and courteously, and when it is wet at all, I do not speed.

So, this all being established, I was going down a three-lane city street when a guy entered the roadway from an onramp. If labeled numerically left to right, I was in 1, and he entered 3. He swerved all the way across and into my lane! I beeped and moved over, so he wouldn’t hit me since I assumed he hadn’t seen me.

I just slowed down and immediately pulled back onto the roadway behind him. I beeped again, expecting a wave expressing ‘my fault, sorry’ or something.
Note – motorcycle horns are really high pitched and friendly; I wasn’t laying on it. I did not deserve this reaction.

He flipped me off! It was like really firm too, and he centered the hand and raised the finger and held it like he was signaling a turn in the middle of his car.

Well, it just was too many strikes against me too quickly. I lost my temper.

I downshifted and red-lined it, screaming past him on the right side! As I blew past his side-view mirror, I reached up and kicked it right off!

I didn’t look back because I had to weave through traffic a bit to disable the potential road-rage-repercussions, but D*MN, it felt good.” Nate Hill
27. She Chipped All His Expensive China


Anything but fine china!

“Years ago, I became very good friends with a woman I worked with.

She was married to a bon vivant who seemed to be a perfect mate. He was handsome, charming, a great cook and dancer, and an entrepreneur with an enviable art collection and beautiful things he had brought into their home. They attended the opera and symphony and hosted delightful dinner parties. He always knew the most interesting men and women in every situation.

But his solo evenings out with friends began to bother her. Before long, she got proof that one of these ‘friends’ was, in fact, his boyfriend. He refused to give him up, so she moved out and filed for divorce.

But she was still furious with him. She decided that she could hurt him most in his vanity. I accompanied her back to his place one afternoon when he was out. I was the lookout while she chipped off a small piece of every plate and dish in his expensive antique china pattern. I know, rich people’s problems, but that hit him where it really hurt.” Joni Zunino

26. I Taught Him A Lesson About How To Treat Girls


I have a feeling he learned his lesson.

“Once, friends and I were in a pub, dancing on the floor. There was a guy behind me who was constantly rubbing his body onto mine.

I told him a few times about this, but he didn’t listen to me. He was getting close to me. I decided to teach him a lesson.
I turned back and gave him a smile to show that I’m enjoying his touch. He was convinced by my expression. I held his hand and took him towards the restroom. He was trying with all his might to touch me, but I was somehow successful in stopping him from doing so. We went inside the toilet, and I locked the door. We started undressing each other. I took off his pants and underwear. He unzipped my skirt and was about to take it off, when suddenly, I held his face and pretended like I was about to kiss him.

He closed his eyes, and in a fraction of second, I took his pants and underwear and rushed outside the toilet.
He stayed inside as he was half-naked. I smiled at him and did a small victory dance. He was helpless. To mock him, I gave him my panties and offered him the option to get out wearing that. After that, I remember I had a good laugh, and his face was like a tomato.

I even scared the sh*t out of him when I took out my mobile pretending to take his pictures and told him that this will be all over on Facebook tonight.

He started crying and asking me not to do so. He was literally begging to me, and I was liking it. This what he deserved. But after some time, I started to pity him.
So, I told him that I will give him his clothes once I’m done at the pub. Until then, he has to wait in that. Unfortunately, his mobile was also in his pants, so he couldn’t call anyone.

As I said, when I was going home, I gave him his clothes. But before doing so, I asked him to hold his ears and pledge that he will never do this to a girl ever again.

That day, I taught a lesson to a pervert.” Sakshi Verma

25. She Didn’t Want Me At Her Wedding, But I Showed Up Anyways


“I had fallen in love for the first time. I was head over heels for him, deeply crazy in love. But at about the two-year point, he began acting distant and frankly, like an a**hole. Although he would not TALK about his feelings, he made it clear through his actions that he wanted out. I broke up with him. He actually gasped and smiled. I was devastated.
Six WEEKS later, I learn through a mutual friend that he has gotten engaged.

To one of my closest girlfriends. ‘V’ and I had grown up together since we were five-years-old. She was one of the friends I had obviously been confiding in and crying to since the breakup. I was floored, and my heart broke at an even deeper level.

About a year passed, and I did my best to move on, avoiding contact with both of them and many of our mutual friends. Two weeks before their wedding, I get an out-of-the-blue message from V on my answering machine that I better not show up to her wedding, or she will have me arrested.

I found this comical and knew it was the result of a funny conversation I recently had at a party where I expressed my fantasy of being that person who ‘objects’ to a union at their ceremony. I called her back and assured her I would not be there and to have a lovely day. B*tch.
One week before the wedding, the local animal control officer shows up at my home, expressing they had an anonymous tip that I was abusing my pets. At the time, I was running an all-volunteer animal rescue and was well known in the community and local press.

The ACO inspected the fat, happy and healthy animals and made the comment that although she could not tell me the name of the person that called in, that the caller ‘appeared to know me very well.’ We talked later, after I racked my brain about who the caller could have been, and I suggested it was V. Maybe V was thinking she could get me tossed in jail, perhaps? The officer did not disagree.
The animal control officer commented on how serious the complaint could have been had she not known who I was. Putting my pets and my foster animals at risk was completely unacceptable.

Although my conversation to go to her wedding was a total joke, now, my mind was made up.

On the day of V’s wedding, her ex-boyfriend (the guy she was dating when she got engaged….yes, she had a boyfriend at the time) and my best friend got in the car and drove the two hours to the wedding. I had lost weight since the break up (yes, still heartbroken), and honestly, I was dressed up and looked smoking hot.
So, ten minutes before the ceremony, I walked in. Alone. Between the 25lb weight loss and new hair color and style, I was shocked that V’s mother recognized me.

I sat down next to her, and she apologized for her daughter but also stated how angry V would be that I was there. I had grown up spending a lot of time at her home and did not want to disrespect her mom. So, I walked outside to the garden and sat down on a bench that overlooked the entire facility.

Police were called. I was escorted off the premises and went to lunch with my friends. We ate, we drank, we laughed. Several days later, I was served a restraining order. V had spent her 3-day honeymoon back and forth at the police station to have the restraining order written!? The order was based on lies and tossed out of court by a judge.

They divorced three years later.
To date, this is the only mean and vindictive thing I have ever done. Honestly, it was my proudest moment. I’m not one to stand up against those that hurt me.” Jennifer Anders

Another User Comments:

“Shame it took three years of a failed marriage and a destroyed friendship for her to learn this guy wasn’t worth the trade for a dear friend.” Bryan Dehn

24. Four Years Later, She Wanted Me Back… I Moved On


“In the year 2015, my girlfriend broke up with me after a four-year-long relationship. Her reason was very obvious that she got bored with this relationship.

But the bitter part of it was that we were in a commitment to get married and spend our lives together. I never planned for our separation; it was just out of nowhere.
At the time, I was in my master’s second year. I scored badly in two following semesters because of acute depression. Somehow I managed to score better in the final two semesters and got a good job via campus placement.

Meanwhile, I tried to convince her and get her back in my life for three years, ’til last year I was running behind her. I tried everything I could do but all in vain.

It’s a long story, and I have put all those gloomy years in a book. So, keeping it in short.

Last year, when I called her to talk again, she replied, ‘Abhishek, why don’t you understand?’
That day I understood and slowly moved on. It took me almost seven to eight months to get over her. Now I have no desire left for her.

Oh! You are looking for the revenge part?

Well. Her elder sister called me on this 9th of April (2019). She told me that they (her family) are unable to find a nice gentleman for her (my ex-girlfriend). She asked me if I can marry her.

I was smiling. I was a little hurt as it reminded me of everything, but I did not show any disrespect and told her to talk to my parents.
Guess what? My parents rejected the girl at once. They clearly refused even discussion. My mother asked, ‘Where was she for the last four years?’ They had no answer.

The best part of this story is that I did not take revenge. But the Almighty himself got involved and brought her to my door. Later, I moved on but had a feeling of getting rejected. But now I no longer have that worry.

Trust me when I am talking about the Almighty because four years is more than enough to find a groom for an arranged marriage.” Abhishek Suryawanshi

23. I Shut Him Up With A Knuckle Crushing Handshake


“Not really revenge for myself but for a couple of employees.

I had been recently hired as a supervisor for a cable company and didn’t know many people in town. One day, I was asked by a customer service rep to come to the lobby and speak to an irate customer. Not unusual at all in my line of work.

When asked to help with a customer escalation, I would always ask for specifics before meeting the customer. She told me the guy was a regular who would come in often to belittle and berate her and the other employees over minor issues. I asked why and if he was having a legitimate service problem.

It turned out that he was an egotistical toad related to some semi-important family and did not have a service issue but wanted to harass the office staff about programming content- something they had zero control over.

It’s not right to prejudge others, but I’ve met countless customers like him before who felt it was necessary to let everyone know their uncle was on the city council or that they played golf with the police chief. Name droppers have never impressed me. Since I was new in town and had never heard of him or his semi-important family, I asked her to introduce us.

I’m 6’7 and 335 pounds with very large hands and blessed with an iron grip since birth. Size doesn’t mean that much to me, and I generally play it down, but I will use it if necessary. I entered the lobby, made immediate eye contact, greeted him before he could greet me and cheerfully introduced myself with my right hand extended.

His back was to the wall (poor defensive position) as I closed in. I clasped his hand in mine and tightened my grip until I felt his knuckles begin to pop. He leaned forward a little as he went up on his toes.

We maintained eye contact, and I kept my warm, friendly smile as I watched his fade. I let go of his hand and asked how I could help. He muttered that he had questions about programming, but they were not worth wasting our time on and headed for the door. I thanked him for stopping by and invited him to come back and ask for me anytime he had questions or service issues.
I did what I did because the guy was a known jerk and I knew that no man would ever call to complain, cry or b*tch because he couldn’t handle a firm handshake.

I ‘claimed’ my territory, and he never harassed the employees again.

I don’t like intimidation of any kind from anyone but will use it if necessary to stop harassment, especially from a town bully who gets his jollies by verbally abusing the employees.” Randy Forrest

22. I Peed On Her Pizza


“I was working at a pizzeria in a low-income neighborhood. I’d been there 5+ years. One night, an African-American woman called complaining her order (a stuffed shells pasta dinner) was messed up. I apologized and offered to exchange her order for either a new order or for a complete refund, but she became even angrier and argued that most of the original order had been consumed by her boyfriend.

I apologized sincerely and explained that it was due to store policy that I was unable to assist her further if the original food had been consumed.
At this point she became argumentative, saying ‘Listen, you prissy white b****’ and vowing to ‘get [my] cracka a** taught a lesson, what time you get off?’ et cetera. At that point, I simply said, ‘Have a good night, ma’am’ and hung up.

Ten or fifteen minutes later, an irate woman comes into the lobby exclaiming that she was disrespected on the phone. We identify her as the woman with the unsatisfactory stuffed shells, and I approach her, saying I’m the one who spoke to her and attempting to once explain our store policy in a polite and professional manner.

The woman becomes even angrier, yelling at my coworkers that ‘this b**** called me a f****** n***** and said I was a fat black b****’ et cetera. Of course, my coworkers, five-year veterans of service in this area, knew there was no truth in her wild accusations, so the manager simply apologized profusely and placated her with an offer of a new, hot, fresh stuffed shells dinner, no need to return the original. As she grumbled and accepted the offer, she smirked at me triumphantly.
My coworker N assembled her dinner and prepared it for the oven. She even sprinkled extra shredded mozzarella cheese on top to placate the angry lady.

When the round tin came out of the oven, the grease from the cheese was swimming in a thick layer atop the pasta dinner.

I said, ‘N, let me take it from here.’ I grabbed a handful of napkins and used the pizza paddle to move the tin into the walk-in cooler, where I lowered my jeans, crouched awkwardly, and let a few drops of urine trickle onto the hot yellow grease from the mozzarella cheese. I then wiped with the napkins, re-buttoned my jeans, and took the dinner back into the main work area to package it up.
As I handed it to the customer, I smiled warmly and said, ‘I’m so sorry for the trouble, ma’am.

Have a great night.’

Still smirking maliciously, she assured me, ‘Oh, I WILL.’

I know you will, lady, I thought… ‘I know you will.’

And so did I.” Desteny Walden

21. I Got A Job At His Company, Reported His Illegal Activity, And Got Him Arrested


“I was a young hippie (not proud of it), and I worked in a local coffee shop in New York. I worked together with my now ex-girlfriend, and we were very much in love. It was perfect for me seeing how she was very similar to me. However, that would all change when a businessman entered the shop.
He talked to me about how money was the most important thing, and with money, you can have everything.

He ended up stealing my girlfriend. Man, that broke my heart. I begged her to stay with me. I cried for days until I realized that it’s time for a change.

I changed completely and started wearing suits and acted as if I was a successful guy (fake it till you make it). I tracked down the guy that stole my girlfriend, and as it turns out, he was a boss at a huge company.

I applied for a job interview there and got to meet him again. Man, I wanted to punch him so hard, but I kept my cool. I ended up getting the job.

Basically, all I had to do was sign some sketchy documents for the company. I knew that the company was trying to make me their foul guy so that I can take all the heat for their illegal activities, so I started collaborating with the feds.

After years of working there and gaining enough information, I finally entered his office, and after me, 12 FBI agents entered and started raiding the place for evidence.

You should have seen the look on his face. He looked at me and said, ‘Who are you?’ As he was being handcuffed. I simply replied, ‘I’m the guy that brought you coffee once’ and left.

He is still in jail now.” Visual Python

20. She Decided To Cheat, So He Exposed Her To Everyone


Such a successful, strategic plan!

“My friend tells this fairytale story to me.

Suspecting his girlfriend of cheating, he bought her an iPad for Valentine’s Day. Unbeknownst to her, he had actually bought two iPads with matching cases. As she was setting it up, he switched the iPads, and she believed she needed to start over because the iPad had to be restarted.

This gave him complete access to her texts, email, phone and etc. Sure enough, he discovered that she was texting with others and that she was getting intimate with three different guys besides him.

He monitored the texts, and instead of just breaking up, he decided to go savage. As she planned a Thursday night assignation with one of her three other lovers (the married one), he took her iPad and texted the other two telling them they needed to go to WhatsApp because her boyfriend was getting suspicious. He then deleted the texts and began conversations on his phone with WhatsApp with the other dudes and blocked them on the iPad.

He set up ‘dates’ with the other guys at the same rendezvous she was meeting the other dude. To add insult to injury, he texted her parents, brothers, and sister and invited them to meet there as well under the pretense that he was going to ask her to marry him.

To add insult to injury further, he contacted the married affair partner’s wife and told her where her husband would be and who he would be with and at what time. He strategically set the times to create the most dramatic impact.

He arrived with her family 30 minutes before his girlfriend was to arrive to meet her married lover. They were already seated at a table when she walked in and greeted a stranger seated at the bar with a hug. Everyone looked confused but not as flabbergasted as she did when she looked over and recognized her family sitting twenty feet away.

She was formulating her response in her head and trying to make sense of the situation when in walked another of her affair partners who happened to recognize the married first one because they were all three co-workers. An argument quickly ensued just as the third partner arrived.

She realized at this moment that her boyfriend had something to with this convoluted mess and began to attack him. Just as he was beginning to call her out for being a skank, the wife of her original date arrived and recognized the ramifications of the situation immediately as her husband was in a verbal altercation with a co-worker over another woman.

‘How could you do this to me!?’ the girlfriend screamed.

‘This is the first time in your life that you aren’t happy to be the center of attention,” the boyfriend said. ‘You live in an I, me, mine world, and this is all about you and of your own making.'” Keith Albert

Another User Comments:

“She was getting d*cked on the side by three different guys behind her boyfriend’s back, and she has the nerve to ask how he could do this to her. Unbelievable. The balls on some people.” Dave Potinteau

19. Now Her Parents Hate Her


She’s a cheater, and she’s two-faced.

“This happened to a close friend of my best buddy.

He was dating this girl for over 2 years. They were like the best looking couple I have ever seen. They were living together in his house. Her family loved him and was happy that their golden child found her soulmate.

One day, he caught her texting her ex. He was reading all her messages from his iPad which was synced with her phone. It was a boundary that was established earlier, and she crossed it. However, he didn’t break up with her. He started taking screenshots of all the messages and pics.

After a month or so later, she decided to meet her ex at Vegas using ‘girl’s night’ as an excuse.

She arranged two of her friends to give her cover while she was in Vegas.
The second her flight took off, he changed his locks. He blocked her number and all of her social media. He called us to his house to help him pack her stuff and drop it at her friend’s house who ‘was in Vegas.’ As a final f-u to her, he went to her parent’s house and told them what had happened. He also showed them all the screenshots and pics. They couldn’t believe that their golden child would do something so evil.

Her parents hate her now. She is now roommates with some druggies.

One of the friends who tried to give her cover was dumped by her boyfriend for being a part of this plan.
Many of you are probably wondering why her parents would hate their own child. Cheating did make them mad. But what made them hate her were the texts where she trashed everyone including her parents. One of which made fun of her mother’s weight issue and gave her parent’s marriage 6 months’ time after which she would hire someone to seduce her dad as ‘he deserved someone hotter than mom.’

Anyways, would recommend doing this to your cheating partner.” Empa Froga

18. He Lied About Being Married, So I Slept With His Relative


“My revenge was supposed to stay secret until I was ready to reveal it but some people are just inconsiderate.

So my ex-fiance and I had gotten in contact with each other after 13 years. He lived in another state so he paid for me to come visit.

Before that, I asked him if he ever got married. He said no but he did have something like a fiancee at that time. He said she would be outta town when I came to see him.

Well, I get to his state and he took me to his house because he had to get something and I went inside but not too far. As he was wandering around his house I was looking at the different pictures of his family that were sitting on the fireplace mantle.

I came across a marriage license between him and his ‘something like a fiancee.’ I was shocked, hurt and very angry. I did let him know before I left that I knew he lied about being married.
Fast forward 7 years, one of his relatives messaged me on Facebook. At this point, revenge was not on my mind until this person started saying how he had a crush on me all those years ago and he still thought I was beautiful. I am fairly smart and knew it was a line of bull to see how far he could get with me.

That’s when the revenge idea came about.

We hooked up twice.

So they (my ex and his family) had a death in the family. When my ex came to the funeral, his relative decided that that was the right time to tell him what we did. I was my ex’s first love and his whole family knew exactly how he felt about me.
Needless to say, he felt every bit of hurt I felt and then some. That definitely was not the moment I wanted him to find out.

We still talk and see each other whenever we are I’m each other’s state like nothing ever happened.

I can still tell it eats him up though. He has no right to say anything because he is still married.” Jennifer Evans

17. He Didn’t End Up Getting His Liquor License


“When I was in high school (a long time ago), I worked one summer for a guy planting acres of tomatoes. I lived in a very small town where everyone knew everyone else. Two of my classmates (girls) were also planting the tomatoes with me.
One day, I arrived at the field early and needed to urinate, which I did openly in the field as only the boss was there. I instinctively covered my tracks like a cat, covering the wet spot with dry dirt.

The boss made some teasing remark about me acting like a cat. When the girls showed up, he started referring to me as ‘kitty.’ He kept this up during the remaining days of the planting, much to my embarrassment. Of course, he thought it just a joke. But it was no joke to this teenager. He would use this ‘put down’ any time he saw me, even after the work was done.
A few years later, this ‘boss’ was operating a small grocery store in our small town, and he wanted to get his liquor license. So, he asked some of his customers to write letters of recommendation to be submitted with his application to the licensing board.

My mother was one of his customers and liked this man and agreed to honor his request. On hearing of this from my mother, I offered to write the letter for her. She gladly agreed.

Well, I think you know the ending of this story. I wrote the letter but sent it directly to the licensing bureau.
He didn’t get the liquor license.” Robert Anderson

16. She Had A Genius Way To Punish Him And Prove He Was Cheating


I like the way this woman thinks!

“There are quite a number of ‘savage’ things I’ve heard or seen people do to their ex as revenge, but the sweetest one, in my opinion, is of a woman I heard about recently on Facebook.

This woman caught her cheating partner and wanted to find a way to burn his junk without him knowing! She knew her spouse was up to something when she found a box of condoms in his car. What she didn’t know was that by poking holes in them and giving them a good soak in fiery habanero sauce for about an hour, it would ultimately lead to her best friend outing herself as her husband’s two-faced mistress!
She put the condoms back in his car, without him knowing of course, while he was asleep. When he woke up, he told her he was going to help his mom out with some work at her house.

He left.

Three hours later, her best friend calls her saying she hooked up with her ‘boyfriend’ and was on fire down there! Shortly after, her husband returns and rushed to get an ice pack which he placed down there as well, saying he was burnt by something.

Of course, she divorced him and didn’t remain friends with the best friend after that. And whenever she sees either of them after that, she would always ask, ‘Where is the fire?’
SAVAGE!” Olanrewaju Saheed

15. We Ruined The Seniors’ Prom


“In high school in my sophomore year, a friend of mine and I became the target of bullying by a group of seniors.

We finally decided to take a little revenge. When they held the Senior Ball that year in the gym building, we picked up a few flats of fresh eggs (a ‘flat’ is thirty eggs) and climbed up the ladders leading to the top of the gym.

We had to make a few trips since we could only carry one flat per trip, but we each made two trips to the roof (also flat) and placed sixty eggs each next to the two center skylights. The skylights were already open to let out the heat from everyone dancing below. We could hear the rock band going and general partying noises.

Then quick as you can blink, we emptied both our flats through the skylights and sprinted for the ladders, doing a fireman-type slide down the ladders to the ground. Screams and angry shouts were coming from the gym, and we had barely reached the ground before a group of seniors crashed out the side doors to hunt us down.

But my buddy and I were wearing wool balaclavas over our faces, like a couple of bank robbers, and we started running….and running. The seniors chased us across the fields, and some of them even jumped into their cars. Fear and adrenaline kept us ahead of them enough until we reached some woods on a hill and we just kept on going until we were a couple of miles away.

(It was a small farm town in Washington state.)
I told my friend he could never tell anyone what we had done, or we would not only be expelled but have the holy hell beat out of us. Neither of us ever said a word.

The next day, there was a reward for our ‘capture’ of $250 put up by the school, (or someone associated with the school) and nothing was discussed at school for weeks except the egg incident. We had pretty much ruined the Senior Ball with those eggs. Turned out they all came down in the center of the dance floor and everyone’s evening was ruined, along with some suits and dresses.

No one ever discovered we did it. They sure tried to find out, though.
The bonus was that the egg incident got so much attention that the group of seniors who had been bullying us forgot all that, and never bothered us again. Payback’s a b*tch.

To this day, the only thing I feel bad about was that some of the girls got hit by the eggs, but doing what we did, we knew it couldn’t be helped.” Robert Blevins

Another User Comments:

“I agree that the ‘small group’ of seniors needed to be taught a lesson, but not at the expense of every senior at that event.

You pulled a d*ck move that made you JUST as  bad as the bullies you wanted to get back too.” Sadia Naseem
Another User Comments:

“You know, in some sense, they all deserved those eggs for not stopping the bullying. The ones that stand and watch bullying take place should take action too. I like what you did. Well done.” Seppe Hannen

14. That Was The Last Time They Stole His Kit Kat


“My dad was a coal miner in Yorkshire, UK. He started work at age 14 in 1935 and retired aged 60 in 1981.

Circa 1978 (when I was 15), he complained that somebody kept stealing his Kit Kat chocolate biscuit from his snap tin (sandwich box).

This kept happening, and he was getting really p*ssed about it, as much the principle as anything else: miners didn’t steal from their workmates. Except that one was now doing that. Like most working guys those days, he had his routine. Lunch was a flask of tea, sandwiches and a chocolate biscuit. If somebody steals part of your lunch when you’re down a coal mine for 8 hours, you can’t just nip out to a nearby shop.
I was p*ssed too when he told me what was going on. He was a nice old guy, and I didn’t like anyone doing anything bad to him.

Nobody was gonna hurt my dad with impunity. So, I had an idea.

Very carefully, I unwrapped a Kit Kat (the two-fingered variety). In the 70s, Kit Kats had an inner wrapper of aluminum foil and an outer wrapper of paper that you could slip off sideways (not the one-use sealed plasticated-paper wrap like now that you have to tear to open).

Having found a nice fresh soft brown dog turd out on the pavement, I used a knife to fill in the gap between the two fingers, creating a strip of sh*t maybe four inches long, a quarter-inch wide and a quarter-inch deep, right down the center of the bar where it wouldn’t be obvious.

Technique-wise, it was like pointing masonry. Only somewhat smellier. Then I carefully re-wrapped the Kit Kat.
Dad thought it was a great joke and took it with him to work as usual. Halfway through his shift, he heard some guy further down the coalface barfing his guts up and spitting profusely. He couldn’t stop work to find out who it was as he drove a massive coal-cutting machine (known as working ‘on the chocks’). Sure enough, though, come break time, he opened his snap tin to find the Kit Kat gone. That, however, was the last time it ever went missing again.

My dad died of emphysema and pneumoconiosis in 1993, the usual coal miners’ diseases. To his dying day, though, he would still fall about laughing when regaling friends with the story of how his son had ‘put paid’ to the Kit Kat thief with a sh*t sandwich.” Neil Liversidge
13. An Upgrade To Business Class


“I am a frequent flyer, but at this time in my career, I wasn’t getting frequent upgrades to business class. I prefer the aisle seats and was settling in for a long flight across the country when a very annoyed woman informed me that I was sitting in her aisle seat.

I was embarrassed after taking a look at my boarding pass and seeing that I actually had been assigned a middle seat. Middle seats are the worst seats on the plane. You play elbow jockey with not one but two people in your row, and you still have to ask permission from the person in the aisle to use the restroom. It’s a crummy way to take a long flight.
I apologized and took my proper seat. As she sat down, she said something to me like, ‘I bet you wish you were in the aisle seat.’ I replied sheepishly that I probably did.

She went on to say that she was a frequent flyer and only sits in aisle seats. I mumbled something in semi-polite response, but it was clear she was gloating.

All of a sudden, in what seemed like perfect timing that only happens in a movie, a gate agent magically appeared in our row looking for me. She asked me if I would be interested in an upgrade to business class. With a look of unbridled joy on my face, I responded, ‘Why, yes, thank you. I would love an upgrade to business class.’
I gathered my gear, pulled my carry on luggage from the bin, and headed up to the front of the plane…but made sure to look back and wink at the woman in the aisle seat.” Tobin Anthony

12. She Got With His Father


“Let’s just say my best friend is brutal…

Her last boyfriend seemed like a good guy.

But something was just off about him. I couldn’t put my finger on it, so I told her, ‘Be careful with this one; he’s hiding something.’

Turns out, he was an active heroin addict. That’s what was up. It takes one to know one, so no wonder I was uneasy around him. Once you’re in recovery, you can spot another user a mile away.
She came home from work one day and found her TV, her jewelry, and her home entertainment system gone. All the cash in her desk was gone, too; about $500. She was livid. I’ve never seen her like that before or since.

She could’ve sent him to jail. She could’ve had some friends give him a beat down.

Instead, she started sleeping with his DAD. As often and as obviously as she could. The ex-boyfriend had to go home and face her, sitting on the sofa, snuggled up with his father. He had to listen to them loudly hooking up every day. She stuck the dagger in farther by saying, ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be neat if I became your stepmother?’
The relationship with his dad fizzled out, but not before she had reduced her ex to a groveling pile of heartbreak. Needless to say, she got a new TV, more jewelry, and a new entertainment system.” Wendi Brown

11. She Cooked His Pet Fish


This woman is nuts.

“Told to me by my solicitor who also did divorce work.

He had a client with a well-appointed home office, a real man cave. He kept a large tank of tropical fish he’d built up over many years and would often travel the country to get the exact specimen he wanted.

Cut to their wedding anniversary. The marriage had taken a dive in recent times, and neither of them was very happy. He’s driving home from work and remembers it’s their anniversary. He wondered why his wife had been acting a little weird that morning. However, he decided he wouldn’t buy her stuff, not even a bunch of petrol station flowers!
He arrived home to find the dining room is lit by candlelight.

His favorite album is playing, and his wife is smiling and made a real effort to look beautiful. She hugs him and says she really wanted to make an effort. She sits him down and serve a wonderful bowl of seafood tagliatelle – creamy rich and really delicious.

The evening goes well, and he pops into his office and looks at his prized fish tank. Empty – every single fish was gone, and this woman had painstakingly filleted every single tiny one of them.

Needless to say, the marriage was over. Lesson: guys, don’t forget your wedding anniversary.” Gillian Schifreen
10. I Woke Them With An Alarming Phone Call


“Many years ago, I was staying in a hotel in downtown Newport, RI.

A group of noisy occupants of a room down the hall kept everyone awake until they finally retired about 4 AM. I had to get up at 5 AM to get to a class I was teaching at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, so obviously didn’t get much sleep.

As I went past the door of the offending party-goers, I noted that they had a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on their door. That added insult to injury. So, after checking out and relating what had happened to the hotel staff, I used the house phone to call their room.
It took a while for the guy to finally answer because he must have been in a very sound sleep.

The conversation went like this:

Me (officiously): Yes sir, this is LT Johnson with the Newport Police Department and I’m afraid I have some bad news.

Him: What do you mean? What has happened?

Me: Well, I’m afraid there has been a problem with your car.

Him: What! What has happened?

Me: Well it caught on fire.

Him: No! How could that have happened? Is there much damage.

Me: I’m afraid it is gone. Totally destroyed.

Him: No!

Me: Yes. We need to see you down here at the front desk immediately to do the paperwork.
Him (To his wife): Our car has been destroyed! I’ve got to go see the police downstairs right away! (Then to me, he said he would be right down.)

Me: See you soon.

I then looked at the shocked faces of the hotel front desk people who overheard the call, smiled, got in my car and drove off with a song in my heart and a smile on my face.” Don Gay

9. He Treated Me Like A Nobody, So I Boasted To Him When I Later Saw Him


Success is the best revenge.

“A school administrator predicted that I wouldn’t be working there long after he observed me teaching with other trainees. He had conducted part of the training and talked AT us rather than involving us, so those of us who had never taught were weak.

7 years later, I became a teacher supervisor and was to conduct part of the training with that administrator. He did all he could to block me out during the sessions.

A year later, I was given the task of overhauling the teacher training which I successfully did, making all of it more interactive and ‘real.’ The administrator was still involved but with a much smaller role. He again tried to undermine.

During this time, I married a low-ranking policeman. I heard that the administrator had been derogatory about the marriage and my husband’s profession, again predicting failure.

When I chose to leave because he and his clique blocked a well-earned pay raise, he gloated and said that I would never find a better position.

I did, though, working a third of my previous hours for more pay.
But that wasn’t the end.

We ran into him at an exhibition around 10 years later. He smugly stated he had gone on to work at a much larger, better paying organization.

His mouth hung open when he heard of my own work, our paid-for home, my husband’s promotions and our trucking company with 6 trucks that we owned free and clear.

Revenge is having a good and happy life in spite of others’ interference and predictions!” Verneita Boonlom

8. He Made Sure To Really Show Off His New Woman


“Around twenty years ago when our three sons were all boys and playing little league baseball, my wife and I volunteered a great amount of time at the ball field working the concession stand and helping with fundraisers, and my wife was always a team mom.

We were acquainted with a nice couple, Bob and Cindy, who also volunteered with us. As it turned out, Cindy was having an affair with the married little league coach. The story broke when the two left their spouses and moved in together.

Oh well, that’s life. These things happen. After that, we didn’t see much of them at the ball field.

About a year later, I saw Bob and his new girlfriend at a restaurant. Bob’s ex-wife, Cindy, was cute and a good-looking girl, but his new girlfriend was Drop Dead Hollywood Star Gorgeous. She was the kind of woman who made guys stop in their tracks to watch her as she walked by.

She was stunningly beautiful.
I observed them holding hands, leaning in close, laughing together, and doing all the things that indicate two people who are crazy in love. They married a short time later, and as far as I know, are still together.

I will say it again; the best revenge is a life well-lived,

Savage revenge comes in different sized packages.” Dan Birchfield

7. Don’t Show Up Late To My Wedding Ceremony


Honestly, I’m madder at the fact that the dude got demoted from the best man to the groomsman.

“When I got married, my best man (and best friend) had all my groomsmen riding with him.

He decided they should go to a bar first, and they were late to the ceremony. Literally walking in the backdoor, hitting the bathroom, and going straight to the altar at the last minute.
Several years, later he got married, and I was to be his best man. At the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding, he told me his fiancee had decided her brother should be his best man, so I was out. The next day, I made sure all the groomsmen rode with me. The ceremony had already started when we arrived. We walked down the aisle and took our places…” Jim Jordan

6. She Gave Him An Allergic Reaction


“He has a food allergy. An intolerance to gluten.

He swells up and gets all blotchy, and extreme exposure could land him in hospital. So, his lover was angry. Not sure about what; I only rent the place to them.
Anyway, he was on the couch napping, and she went to the store and bought a five-pound sack of flour, and dusted the entire place. Everything, even inside drawers and over him as he slept. Then she walked out.

He woke because he was unable to breathe, and the ambulance came. He was in the hospital for nearly a week, and when I went to see him, he was unrecognizable. A crime scene clean up crew came in, and everything he owned was tossed in the trash.

He had nothing left. The place was painted, and the carpets replaced.

I have seen some things by owning rental properties, things I would never be able to think up, and I have a huge imagination. People have done some disgusting things to each other in my rentals, and I have gotten my fill, so I finally sold the rentals and am glad of it.” Kenneth Musson

5. She Destroyed His Wardrobe, Took Him Back, Then Dumped Him After He Bought Her A New Wardrobe


I’d like to know how she managed to get him to buy her new clothes when she was the one who ruined his.

“A relative of mine. (I won’t name names.) She was in high school. Broke up with her boyfriend who cheated on her. She went into his home cut all his clothes in half, and took one of each of his shoes and took it and threw them on different buildings downtown. One on the bank, one on top of the gas station, one on the Thriftway.
You get the picture. He was all over the city looking for his shoes and he wanted her back. Theirs was a crazy relationship. He bought HER a new wardrobe when she took him back. Then she broke up with him for good.

She was savage! I wish I had that level of creativity in high school.” Michelle Schultz

4. I Told Him To Meet Me In The Ladies’ Room And Then Ratted On Him


Take notes, ladies!

“I went on a blind date with a guy.

I met him at a local bar, and we shared some drinks and appetizers over about an hour. He was a professional. He wore a suit, because he was coming from work, and seemed respectable and respectful. He was charming, intelligent, generous and engaging – we had a lovely time.
As I prepared to excuse myself, he took my arm and drew me close to him whispering in my ear, “I’ll meet you in the bathroom in 5 minutes…”

I was stunned.

When I recovered from the initial shock, I said, “Sure. Ladies’ room. You first.”

And then I told the bartender some guy just went into the ladies’ room…

and I left in a hurry….” Janet Garlick

3. She Got Hit On The Head With An Apple


“Some years ago, I lived next door to a horrible, feral family in Sydney that made everyone else around them miserable with theft and damage and threats of violence. This was in a row of what we call terrace housing here.
The houses were just down the street from a metro station, and at 5 p.m., there would be a lot of people walking past.

One afternoon, I was standing on the verandah on the top floor eating an apple and watching the passing parade. Next door, two of the girls from the feral house were sitting on their front step, and one of them was also eating an apple.

The neighborhood had a bad reputation, and people were often wary. A very timid looking girl walked by carrying her briefcase, and when she was a few meters past, the girl eating an apple threw it really hard and hit her in the middle of the shoulders.
The poor thing screamed in terror and ran off down the street.

I looked at my half-finished apple and thought, what the hell, and threw it as hard as I could at the a**hole chick sitting on the steps.

Got her right on top of her head, and the apple just exploded.

Then I quickly jumped back, so they couldn’t see me and laughed my head off as quietly as possible while she and her sister totally freaked out about where that f*cking apple came from.” Bonnie Smith

2. We Replaced His Sugar With Salt


“My birthday is on April Fool’s Day. When I was about ten-years-old, my two brothers and I decided to pull a prank on my father (who was extremely self-centered and had an enormous ego).

I had read that if you empty a sugar bowl and replace the sugar with salt and then watch carefully, some interesting reactions would ensue. So, my brothers and I did just that, laughing conspiratorially throughout the meal. My father asked us what we were laughing at.


As the meal went on, we continued to laugh. The more we laughed, the angrier my father became, until he just exploded at the dinner table.

He started to hit us. We were all crying. (One brother fell on the floor, which was his reflexive response to my father’s attacks. My father kicked him, yelling at him to stand up like a man.)
Afterward, he made us sit in silence to finish our meal.

We sniffled and choked down our food. Then came the birthday cupcakes, which we ate in silence.

We were silent as my mother served my father coffee.

We were silent as he put three heaping teaspoons of salt in his coffee.

He spit his coffee across the table.

Then we laughed. And laughed. And laughed.

And that was the ‘sweetest’ revenge ever.” Linda Rappaport

Another User Comments:

“I bet your father was a bit salty after that…” Mati Berman Falk

1. Seafood Delight 


I wonder if they ever found the source of the smell. How embarrassing it must be to invite guests over!
“I didn’t see it but heard about it or read about it.

So, this wife finds out her husband is cheating and has been. He is going to divorce the current wife to marry the other woman. Then they are going to kick the current wife out of the house.

The wife was at the home alone one night had some seafood, crab, lobster, things in the shell. She took the empty shells and placed them inside the drapery holdings, the bindings: the part that holds the drapes.

The wife left. The smell had started, and the new couple redecorated much of the house, but they couldn’t get rid of the smell.” Ej Johnson
You might find many of these revenge stories cruel, but if there’s something positive we can derive from these stories, it’s that, hopefully, the fiend of these narratives learned their lesson.

We all make mistakes in life, and sometimes the best way to never commit those mistakes again is to get the punishment we rightfully deserve, whether it be from Karma or even directly from the person we tormented.

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