People Tell Their "They Had It Coming" Revenge Stories

Revenge isn't always warranted – I'll be the first to call out someone who's taken things too far. Other times, revenge is totally justified and I'm at the edge of my seat rooting for the shy kid that finally stood up to their bully. Regardless, we can't control how others feel. If something you did or said really upset someone...they may retaliate. You may be an awesome person and still become the victim of revenge, but hey, that's just how the cookie crumbles sometimes. So, whether or not you agree that the people in these stories deserved the revenge they got, I'm sure we can all agree that they had it coming.

42. Steal My Chocolate? I'll Mess With Them And You Won't Be Able To Pin It On Me


“When I was working for another company years ago, they had 2 shifts: 1st and 2nd. And these shifts were rivals. I was on first. We didn’t like the 2nd shift because they goofed off a lot and never got in trouble for it. 1st shift had all the managers and supervisors working, along with people from corporate always popping up on our shift, so we walked on eggshells.

At that time, I was around 106 pounds and I didn’t eat much, but, I loved sweets. So I would bring candy and chocolates and put them in a bowl for people in my department to snack on. But I had my own personal expensive chocolate that I didn’t share, it was only for me. I had a crystal jar that I would keep them in, and when I would leave for the day, I taped a note on my jar saying do not touch.

Terra’s property. And I put it in the cabinet on top of my cubicle out of sight from everyone.

But, the cheap candy and chocolate I left in the bowl next to the coffeemaker were for anyone that would pass by, who wanted to grab a couple of pieces of it.

I started noticing my good chocolates were being taken from the 2nd shift. So I started taping the top of the jar, all around, so they would have to cut the tape in order to open it.

Then I taped a note on it saying please don’t touch my personal chocolate stash, get the candy I left by the coffee.

They cut the tape and ate the majority of it. The note made them mad. So, I figured they were ready to play, and I’m always up for games. I’m not going to take my jar home daily because of thieves.

So I went and got some ex-lax and used the golden foil from some of my other chocolates, to wrap it up in.

I bought 2 boxes and put them all in there. I also bought some different chocolate that came in different color foils, to make it real pretty.

I taped my jar up again with my sign saying don’t touch, and put it back in the cabinet. Then I left for the day. And this time, my chocolate jar was filled to the top.

The next day, I got to work grabbed my jar and it was half full.

Then the supervisor called a meeting. She said someone put some ex-lax in the candy and the supervisor from the night shift became really ill from it. And if they find out who did it, they will be terminated.

I said, are you talking about the candy I leave out by the coffee maker or what, because we have never been ill and we all eat it.

She said she wasn’t sure where she got it. I said, well find out because I don’t want any of us eating it and getting sick. She said you’re right, let me give her a call.

Then she came back and said the night supervisor told her that she grabbed candy from different ones, in other departments too. So our supervisor said we need to know which ones so no one else will get sick, and the night supervisor told her, she ate the remaining pieces that were there.

I loved it, she couldn’t say she got it out of my cabinet while her greedy self was snooping around looking for my expensive chocolates out of my taped up crystal jar, that has a sign on it saying don’t touch, Terra’s property, eat the candy at the coffee table.

Because then, it becomes theft, and she was taking food from me. Yea… she couldn’t tell her, so she lied. And I was pleased.

By the way, no one touched my jar again, and I can’t believe it was the supervisor that was doing that and not a regular employee. Revenge never tasted so sweet, better than my expensive chocolates. They all knew I did it and couldn’t say a word.”

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41. I Got Paid To Train Someone To Replace Me...And Then She Quit


“I was asked to come back and train someone to take my place. At $50.00 an hour back when the minimum wage was at $6.35.

They were losing money and lots of it. Because they didn’t know the extent of my work when they let me go. So they offered to hire me back at a pay raise, and I told them that I wasn’t interested after the way I was treated.

So they asked if I would train someone to do my job. I said no. But after repeated tries and the price going up to $50.00 an hour, I said ok.

I did 5 days/8 hours each. I trained this person so well I told her she could get a job almost anywhere at double what they paid here. Now back step a little. She was a temp and a very smart one at that.

She kept asking, ‘am I getting hired full time when my training is over?’ They kept blowing her off. Well, Training was done that Friday, and I took home a pretty penny of $50.00 hour under the table for 40 hours of work.

That Monday, she didn’t show up for work as she got hired by a company that paid better than I was getting when I did work for them. If they would have given her a little respect she would have stayed. But it went great. Loved it.”

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40. Think We're Spying On You? A Certain Pair Of Eyes Will Always Be On You


“I had an elderly neighbor lady who moved in next door. We soon learned to avoid her. The final straw was when she accused us of looking into her yard through the knotholes in the fence that separated our back yards. No, we were not looking into her yard, but I decided to print up some eyes, glue them on some poster board and staple them on the fence over the knotholes.

Petty? maybe. Satisfying, YES!”

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niwe 2 years ago
Hilarious? Absolutely. You are a genius.
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39. Eat My Strawberries? I'll Make You Feel Extra Bad About It


“I was the assistant manager at a club and many of the dancers were pretty awful, but some would come in and sit around the office and just be lazy. They would go into our employee fridge and eat all of our food, and then go watch tv, and the owners would allow it. I put a sign on the fridge about not touching our food, and most of the girls respected it most of the time.

But we got this one new girl who was such a stuck-up little jerk. She had been working with us for two days, came in the office each day, took over our tv and watched trash like Jersey Shore, and slept on one couch while putting her purse/jacket/etc on the other so that we couldn’t go relax anywhere in there. I got annoyed with her on her first day because of her behavior in our office, and also because she refused to work.

The final straw came when my mom (who also worked there) brought me a container of huge, fresh strawberries, and left them in the fridge so I would have something to eat for my shift when I came in. She called me about two hours into my shift and asked me how they were, and I had no idea what she was talking about, so she explained that she had left them for me.

I double-checked the fridge and nothing. So I asked my supervisor who told me that she saw that girl eating them when she came in, and she assumed it was something that girl had brought. That dancer wasn’t in the office at the time, as she had left to get food, and I was livid. So I plotted my revenge.

When the girl came back I unlocked the door to let her in and, after closing the door, I asked her if she had eaten them, giving her a chance to apologize or whatever.

She replied that she hadn’t, so I started panicking and said that I had to find who ate them, as it was an emergency. She looked at me quizzically and asked why, so I told her that we had laced them with rat poison and were going to put them out that night to control our pest problem (it was an old building that was pretty run-down; while we didn’t have a rat problem, someone new could easily believe we did).

She FROZE. I could see the panic flashing through her eyes and face, and she quickly told me again that she didn’t eat them. I said okay, and I feigned concern for anyone who may have eaten them before returning to my office. She walked into the back room very quickly and I watched on camera as she sat rigidly on the couch, grabbed her phone, and called her partner.

I left my door cracked open and listened to her hushed panicking before she jumped up, knocked on my door, and said she had to pick up a friend, and RUSHED from the office. I watched on camera and, as soon as she got out front, she sprinted toward her car, shaking with panic. I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically.

She didn’t come to hang out at the office anymore after that.”

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Slave2cats 2 years ago
Oh, that was mean. Entirely justified, but mean. You rock!
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38. Keep Making Me Look Inferior? Go Find Someone Else To Compete With


“I was once friends and roommates with this girl who would create a petty competition out of literally everything. It could be getting dressed, makeup, cooking, hobbies, anything! She had a knack for constantly setting me up to look stupid or inferior to her in front of other people, and even told other people she thought she was better than me. I respectfully confronted her on this behavior multiple times, but she would always either fake apologize or play clueless and go right back to setting me up to look stupid.

After I realized she was doing it on purpose I gave her a 30-day notice that I was moving out and did all the right things I needed to move (clean my room, notify the landlord, etc). She really didn’t believe I was going to move until about 3 days before my move-out date.

Once it hit her that I was really moving on with my life she started crying and throwing a pity party for herself, basically begging me to change my mind and frantically trying to fix the things that made me upset.

But it was honestly too late at that point because we both had to lay in the beds we made for ourselves (I wasn’t perfect either because I used to do petty things to get back at her) and I was already dead set on moving on. The best feeling in the world was when she visited me at my new place (uninvited) and saw how better off I was doing without her. She left looking sad and heartbroken. That very moment I realized that I don’t have to get revenge on the people that have wronged me – moving on is truly the best form of revenge because it’s the last thing people want you to do when they’re backstabbing and betraying you.”

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Vlm 2 years ago
She needs therapy. She has no self esteem and to make herself feel better she competes. Glad you're doing awesome. Maybe helping her would be great too
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37. Won't Let Me Go To The Bathroom? I'll Let My Bloody Nose Leak Everywhere


“I get bloody noses pretty regularly and they can get really heavy really fast if I don’t act quick. Don’t know why, don’t really care. Doctors say I’m just more prone than others and it likely revolves around the dryness of the air or changing of pressure.

I would tell all my teachers/professors and now tell all my bosses/coworkers about it in advance just in case I have to dip out for a minute or two to take care of it.

I was in my freshman year of high school and in math class. None of this would have been an issue to my normal teacher, but of course, there was a substitute who didn’t know about my issue.

Now, I can typically feel my bloody noses about 2 seconds before they start to drip. I suddenly felt it and shot my head back to keep it in my nostril.

The conversation with the sub then goes as follows:

‘Ma’am I need to go to the bathroom right now.’

‘Why didn’t you go during the class switch?’

‘I have a bloody nose. I need to go get some toilet paper.’

‘Well, I don’t see any blood.’

I got upset and leaned my head back to its original position and started letting it drip all over the ceramic desk, causing my classmates in neighboring seats to recoil and groan/gasp.

The substitute got wide-eyed and told me to go.

When I came back with bath tissue in my nostril I saw the janitor disinfecting my desk. I apologized to him and he said it was better than cleaning up puke or human waste.

I got a little warning signal next to my name on the attendance sheet after that so every teacher, regular or not, would know. The sub always gave me dirty looks after that any time we saw each other.”

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thco 2 years ago
People can't simply addmit they made a mistake. They are so dam prideful.
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36. A No Tattling Rule Had Its Consequences


“I used to be very involved in the children’s ministry at my church. Before my vision took a header off the high dive, I was very busy with every aspect of it. Sunday school, mission band, DVBS, Pioneers, etc etc. All that is just to say I worked with the same 60 or so kids in various settings so I knew them well and they knew me.

I loved them all and but for poor vision, I would still do it.

Now when you have that many kids getting together sometimes daily, you start to notice they go through phases. For a long time, they were all about POGS, then it was Pokémon, or socks or (GASP!) Harry Potter! As a teacher, you get used to it and just go with the flow. As long as they aren’t killing each other over shinies, it’s all good!

One phase that drove me round the twist, though, was tattling.

I don’t remember how it started but I suddenly found myself besieged by an endless litany of whining! He stole my crayon! She’s hogging the glitter! He took 3 cookies!

After 2 or 3 weeks of nonstop pint-sized vengeance, I was beginning to twitch so I sat them down and gently explained how tattling wasn’t good and they were slowly driving Miss Waifer crazy. After my wise counsel, (I thought) I enacted a new rule to cover all groups!

Before you tell Miss Waifer ask yourself:

Is someone in danger?

Is someone bleeding?

Is someone crying?

No? Then Miss Waifer doesn’t want to hear about it!

Peace reigned and I was rather proud of myself.

I was the guru of the mini humans! Then it all came crashing down in the most spectacular way.

It was Sunday. I was in charge of the Jr Church in the basement. Upstairs, the adults, having finished the hymns, were listening in rapt silence to the sermon. Enter Jacob age 5.

Jacob – Miss Waifer

Me – yes Jacob?

Jacob – Sarah…

Me – Jacob remember our three questions?

Jacob – yes but Sarah.,

Me – is Sarah in danger?

Jacob – no but…

Me – is Sarah bleeding?

Jacob – no but she… (frustration mounting)

Me – is Sarah crying? (I really should have listened to the little dude because…)

Jacob – at the end of his 5 yr old patience roars – SARAH KICKED ME IN THE NUTS!

Our church was old. Sound carried. The silence from above was immediate and profound followed by muffled laughter.

I felt terrible of course, Sarah had a time out and Jacob got his cuddle and was very happy to tell his parents (who couldn’t stop laughing) about it and I had to endure the walk of shame.

Always listen to your kids, folks. Even when they drive you wild.”

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35. Mess With Our Dog? I'll Mess With Your Eyesight


“I was about 12 when we had our first dog. It was the cutest fluffiest little thing – we named him Sugar. My dad’s partner at the time loved to drink booze.

Our puppy was only about 10 weeks when my dad’s partner thought it would be a great idea to let it outside without any supervision. The poor little pup never made it back inside. She had one job – watch the puppy for 2 hours.

No, she wasn’t intoxicated when we left. Our family was devastated, my father even cried. This devil woman then proceeded to tell us she was too intoxicated and simply forgot the dog was outside. It was on.

A few weeks later I was still incredibly upset and angry. I went to the bathroom and noticed she had left her contacts in the bathroom. I opened the case and put soap in the contact lens solution.

That morning as she put those contacts on I heard her cry out in pain.

She had irritated eyes for a week. I thought it was a small price to pay. My father was a little upset but he had no proof of my wrongdoing. I finally disclosed what I had done while intoxicated to my father on my 25th birthday. We laughed and had a drink together. That jerk is out of our lives and we couldn’t be happier.”

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34. Pressure High School Kids To Drop Out? Watch Your Customers Drop Out On You


“I worked at a fast-food chain when I was in high school for 2.5 years. It was a place both my older siblings had worked at, and I knew it as a business that was good for students. When my manager hired me, it was with the understanding that I would work one evening during the week, and be the first person off of the shift, and Saturday mornings, with the occasional weekend night.

We agreed on this because I was in advanced classes and made it clear I wouldn’t be able to work more during the week. He was fine with this, and work went great for years.

When I say this place was slammed all the time, I mean it. This place offered food that had never before been offered by a fast-food place in my area, and I saw the same regulars every week.

We also had tons of employees, because they catered to students, who couldn’t work a lot of shifts. I really enjoyed this place and took pride in learning every position and training new employees.

The main manager was eventually let go because of a drinking problem. They brought in someone else with a completely different mindset. He started to let go of everyone who couldn’t work a lot and brought in people who seemed desperate for work.

The atmosphere completely changed. When before the people I worked with were eager and friendly high schoolers and college students, I was suddenly working with people who seemed to have really rough lives. They were always late, always scrambling, unfriendly to customers, and had horrible attitudes. They spent A LOT of time out smoking by the trash cans, and often left, leaving me with the keys, (and as acting as manager).

Which made me very uncomfortable. Many shifts we had six workers, but only me in the front and someone in the back actually working.

My manager started putting pressure on all the high school students who were still working to drop out. He kept telling us how much we’d make full-time. I thought he was insane, but two co-workers dropped out of their senior year because of his promise to make the ‘big bucks.’ But, almost instantly, he would not give them full-time hours, and they were really upset.

They wanted to work all the time, but he’d restrict them.

Then, he started giving me shifts during school. I told him I couldn’t work them, and he said it was my responsibility to find replacements or not go to school. My other co-workers were eager for shifts, so I always got them covered, but he would get very agitated when I wasn’t working the hours he gave me.

Eventually, he stopped giving me hours altogether. When I asked him about it, he smirked and said I would get hours when I could work school time shifts. So, I’d come in each week, check the schedule, and leave. I ended up getting a job as a nanny, so I came in with my clean, pressed uniforms, hat, etc. I came to him and said that I was going to start working.

Before I could explain, he flew off the handle and was screaming that he told the other managers not to give me hours until I agreed to work during school. I finally managed to cut him off and said I wasn’t working THERE. That I got another job. I set my uniforms on the counter, and he turned completely red. He threw my uniforms and hat, broke a broom over his knee, kicked the doors to the back, and just kept screaming.

He was saying I was one of the only employees that knew all the positions and that he expected me to train all the new hires. He kept saying he didn’t know what he was going to do now, and that I was screwing him over. (Every time I stopped by to check my schedule, the poorly trained newer employers were having a really hard time, getting orders wrong, etc.)

I eventually just left. All my regulars stopped coming. There were never lines. And the business closed.

It was sad to see a place that had been so successful fail, but a petty part of me was glad that at least the manager wouldn’t be torturing anymore high school kids. (P.S. I was seventeen when I quit, female, and in the US, if any of that matters.)”

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Vlm 2 years ago
You would have thought the owners would have noticed the financial loss and canned him
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33. Mess With My Friend? I'll Creep You Out So Much You Won't Be Able To Sleep


“When I was in the 7th grade, my best friend was this overweight girl who always got teased by the ‘popular kids.’

We went on a camping trip as a class and my friend and I were assigned to the same room in a cabin as two of the popular girls. My friend and I were bunked together and the other two girls were bunked together.

One day after doing some fun camping activities like mountain repelling, we returned to the room and my friend saw that her bottle of shampoo had been squeezed all over the pillow and blanket on her bunk bed.

She was in tears. She was seriously crying uncontrollably and couldn’t fathom who would do such a thing. We spent the rest of the day laundering her bedding while everyone else was finishing up with more camping activities.

That night after she had fallen asleep, I pretended to be asleep too and I overheard the two popular girls whispering about the prank they’d pulled. They were quite pleased with themselves.

One of them felt mildly bad about it, but they both still thought it was a great success.

Then they changed the subject and started talking about a bunch of other stupid stuff.

After a while, they started getting tired and their conversation slowed down. When it had been quiet for a while, I scratched my fingernail repeatedly and quickly against the wall, then stopped abruptly. I don’t remember what the wall was made of, but it made a very unique sound and it wasn’t clear where it was coming from.

‘Did you hear that?!’ One of the girls asked, suddenly wide awake. The other did hear it.

‘What was it?!!’

‘I don’t know!!’

After they calmed down a bit, I did it again. This went on and on for a good hour at least, possibly more.

I only scratched the wall briefly every time, but at the same exact pace, and then silently listened as they freaked out. They pondered every possibility…

a raccoon on the roof, a ghost, a murderer trying to get in. They told themselves it had to be a raccoon. That’s what they kept falling back on. They even got out of the bed to check the window for a raccoon but saw nothing there. Then when they were all cozy in their beds again, I did it again. They left the cabin to check the roof for a raccoon.


Sometimes, I chose not to make the noise for a long period of time, to let them think it’d stopped. Then, I’d do it again. It was so awesome. They were tired, but terrified and couldn’t sleep.

They thought I was sleeping the whole time. My friend was asleep… she was snoring loudly, something they had been laughing about. They weren’t laughing anymore.

I did this until I myself was too tired to go on.

Then, I fell asleep with them still wide-eyed and frightened.

It was very satisfying to get them back for what they’d done to my friend, making her cry on this trip she’d looked forward to for so long.

The next day, I did tell her I overheard them saying that they were the ones who had shampooed her bed, but I don’t think I told her that she was avenged.

I didn’t think it was necessary.

I overheard the girls talking to each other the next day about how freaky last night had been and I continued doing my camping thing, ignoring them completely.

I don’t really believe in revenge and have guilt over most vengeful acts I have done… but that one, that one still brings a smile to my face.

I should find those girls on social media and admit that it was me!”

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Amarac 2 years ago
I had a friend who we found out talks in her sleep. The others (it was a middle school trip) in the sleeping area wouldn't stop loudly repeating everything she said during the night. I tried (& failed) to talk in my sleep just to get them to stop. My friend appreciated the attempt and just ignored the other girls for the rest of the trip.
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32. Be A Messy Roommate? I'll Only Paint Over My Side Of The Room


“The hostel we have at my college is very badly maintained and old. Staying without food or the comfort of home is never great of course. So I try to make a nice meal occasionally or keep a clean room just to keep spirits up.

My roommate, for some reason, decided from day one that I was her enemy, and to top that she was messy to the point of being unhygienic.

She’d throw nail clippings and trash around the room; leave dirty dishes lying around for days till they attracted ants and flies; then there was the bucket of weeks-old stagnant water that she used to wash her hands or face with when she felt lazy to go to the washrooms.

I requested politely a few times that she keep the room clean since we were both sharing the room.

But nope, she’d just be unreasonable about it and do even more nonsense just to spite me.

Now, our room was really old and painted this depressing grey-blue when we moved in. The walls had chipped paint all over, covered in graffiti by the past occupants. The plaster on the ceiling had given away in many places. In my second year, I decided to have the room painted and the ceiling patched up a little.

The best money I spent, made life so much more pleasant.

I might’ve done this when my roommate was back home. And with everything going on, the dreaded bucket might’ve been misplaced (read: hidden behind all the junk she’d stored in the overhead shelves we’d been given). Also, it might have happened that I got only my half of the room fixed up since she liked living in a mess.

It looked like someone mashed two different rooms together. The stark contrast made her half look even worse. Oh, the look on her face when she came back was priceless.”

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31. Annoy Me With Your Filthiness? You Won't Want To Live Next To Me For Much Longer


“So my downstairs neighbor recently started seeing this guy about a month or two ago. This guy started smoking inside in their lower apartment that would somehow stink out my upper apartment. Mind you there’s no smoking allowed here. So I tried to do the adult thing, and I texted her to ask if they could smoke outside because it smokes out my apartment and stinks and I can’t get rid of the smell.

I even said they could use my patio in the backyard since I thought we were cool. She just straight-up ignored me and kept doing it the following day, and they were up until 4 am.

So I set my alarm for 6:30 AM, woke up, then started blasting music, vacuuming my entire house including the tile floors that are super loud when the vacuum rolls over it.

Then went out of my way to text my landlord saying they’re smoking inside and setting my smoke detectors off. So that put a stop to it for about two weeks.

She also has two giant black labs and never cleans up her dog poop, mind you the yard is 12ftx20ft of grass. 15-20 giant piles of dog poop in 80-degree heat are disgusting. We talked to her last year about it, but she’s doing it again.

My dog would occasionally step in it and make me late to work washing his paws. On top of that her new guy started pulling in the yard and parking right on the lawn with the nose of his truck literally touching my gazebo.

So two days ago, the guy parked on the lawn, they were smoking inside again, and there were 17 piles of dog poop of hers on the lawn.

So I literally took my smoke detector, put a match to it, and left it going off on the hardwood floor over her living room for about 25 minutes so they could get the hint. Then I texted the landlord, told him I’m fed up with it, the dog poop, the guy parking on the lawn blocking in other neighbors, and smoking inside again. Said it’ll stop, so I’ve been trying to figure out something that would bother her.

I ended up switching parking spots and taking hers yesterday and leaving my car there so the guy can’t park on the lawn. Then I finally get a text today complaining that I took her spot, so I did what she did to me and ignored her, then blocked her number lol it’s the little petty victories that do it for me. I tried to be a good neighbor.

UPDATE: So today, the same thing. The guy parked on the grass again, didn’t pick up her dog poop, then was smoking inside again. So I did the adult thing. I have Alexa speakers in every room of my house, I set them up for a music group and played really really bad meme music at max volume all day while I was gone. Now that it’s 11 pm time to blast some call of duty over the surround sound (usually I’d wear a headset and mute the tv).

Then set the alarm for eh, let’s say 5:45 am tomorrow. Think my floors need a good vacuuming and my pots and pans in the cabinets might need a good early morning rewashing. Who knows, might drop a couple on accident. 7 am hits, I literally took off of work so I could be as obnoxiously loud as possible up here. Then plan on going to Home Depot and getting big garden rocks and mulch along with some solar lamps and making a pathway directly where he would park on the grass so that can’t happen anymore.  Then I’m going to sit and light a smoke RIGHT in the hallway just so she has to smell that disgusting stuff like I do.

It’s a war folks, and I’m the god damn general.”

Another User Comments:
“I feel like there is a petty revenge opportunity here with her dog poop.” Abieticacid

“I moved a pile of her dog poop to where he had to step to get into his truck and he stepped in it, dog poop was cleaned up later that day lol enough to make it seem like ‘man maybe I should pick up this dog poop and stop parking on the lawn.'” MhrisCac

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lecu 2 years ago (Edited)
Put the poop in the back of the truck when he parks on the grass
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30. Try To Get Me To Pay More? Too Bad I Found A Loophole In Your Messy System


“My HOA is the worst. They nickel and dime every opportunity they get, their online portal is atrocious, and they’re impossible to get a hold of. They threatened to put a lien on my house earlier this year due to a missed payment (since paid), and I’ve been current ever since.

The monthly fee is $150 plus a $1.95 ‘service fee’ month after month. Doesn’t matter if you set up direct withdrawal with your bank account, debit card, etc.

They will shave an extra $2 a month because they can. That is until I missed May’s payment…

I had tried to pay earlier this month only to find they had yet again changed their website (they’ve done this about 3 times since moving into this house), so I hadn’t been able to log in. I made a mental note to check back and moved on. Well, I remembered about it today.

I found the new site and logged in, only to find they had levied a $1.24 late fee against my account. These vultures are unforgiving. So, whatever, I decide to pay May and go ahead and pay June as well.

As it turns out, only one service fee is assessed per transaction, which means because I was paying both May and June in a single transaction, only $1.95 was charged instead of $3.90 for both months.

And because there was a late fee of $1.24, I essentially wound up paying $303.19 instead of $303.90, a full seventy-one cents of savings. It’s actually cheaper for me to miss a month and get a late fee, and then pay for two months with a single service fee. Savings of $.35 a month, every single month. $4.26 a year not being paid to my HOA.

Seriously, screw HOAs.”

Another User Comments:
“Our HOA tried charging us a late fee for not making a payment the next month, but I forwarded them the email confirmation for lump sum payment.

They tried to insist their payment system was only set up to handle monthly payments. I forwarded them a screenshot of our bank statement that showed the payment had already been processed, so this was incorrect.

Then they insisted the bylaws said only monthly payments were accepted. I took screenshots of each year’s bylaws payment sections, which only stated the total fees due each year, and said nothing about only allowing monthly fees.

Then they tried to charge me for 12 months of processing fees since they insisted every month they would still need to check off that our payment was already received.

I forwarded the email confirmation of the payment that stated the processing fee was already paid, and nothing stated that there would be additional fees needed each month.

It was at this point I told them they needed to honor our payment, and I would seek legal counsel if they did not accept this payment.

I never heard anything back.” Jen5253

Another User Comments:
“I live in one of those big old houses near a medium-sized city downtown..

you all know the type.. used to be one family… now it’s a historic district blah blah blah…

My neighbor is a property law attorney and, by neighbor, I mean the guy that owns the other half of the house. And he found through the city laws that we are only a part of the historic district’s HOA bc the city requires a housing authority in our area to maintain certain things.

There are two main HOAs and they are private districts essentially. You have to be a part of one or the other except for a decent-sized area where you can choose one or the other… anyways they are both essentially the same and there are pretty wild rules. About painting cutting and blah blah blah. Like a few houses down they had a couple of stones fall off the chimney and they replaced them and reflashed the edge of it.

Got in a whole heap of trouble bc it wasn’t traditional. But I digress.

Essentially. And I’m not a lawyer, I just follow my fearless leader so take this at face value. We just need to be adherent to the guidelines of the city and a part of a governing body that will uphold them…and the HOA basically tricked people into paying 400 a month to cut their grass, match the exterior paints and plow the sidewalk.

Nowhere does the city mandate these two companies as the governing bodies. So we created our own HOA just for our property…we got very strict bylaws that match essentially what the HOA wants. Pay into our own investment account and make sure we are adherent to the city’s guidelines and even the HOAs. The money is used for building and grounds repairs as it should be…but we are much more scrupulous.

They went on tilt. And turns out we are right!!!! It’s a whole story….but to culminate it. They came and took the historic district plaque off our house one day bc I don’t know why. Lol, but we got it back up. Now, houses are dropping like flies. It’s cool to watch a revolution. We are taking down the man. Beating bureaucracy with more bureaucracy. Yeaaaaaa.” pablo_dragstrips

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Nokomis21 2 years ago
HOAs are of the devil.
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29. I Booked The Arrogant Jerk On The Early AM Flight


“I work for a small company where we all ‘wear many hats’ (I hate that term btw). Part of my job is to book travel arrangements for business trips. Two of my co-workers had to travel out of state for a few days. One of them is a sweet, low-maintenance, older gentleman, while the other is a young, arrogant jerk who rubs everyone the wrong way.

To give a little context to what I’m about to say: the young jerk had overslept and came into work late at least 3 times in the past month. So, for their return flight, there were a 5:30 am and a 9 am available, priced about the same. I asked the sweet co-worker if the 5:30 am return was OK, and he said absolutely, no problem.

I booked the flights, then proceeded to tell the jerk, who complained about it incessantly. But it was too late, I already booked it, sorry, not sorry.

The best part? The 5:30 am flight was delayed, but they only found this out when they got to the airport, so they had to wake up super early and wait for hours to get rebooked. Though I felt bad for my sweet co-worker, knowing I had a hand in inconveniencing the jerk made my week lol.

Don’t be a jerk to the person who books your travel.”

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28. Be A Jerk? You'll Regret It


“There must be something about that first day in high school that makes the bullies want to establish themselves in the pecking order. After my first day at Senn High, I was standing in the bus line, waiting to board and ride home. When a senior bully pushed his way into the front of the line, my friend said something to him.

The bully left the front of the line and came back to us, apparently thinking I was the one who had challenged him.

He punched me in the eye, and I went berserk. I was young but big for my age, and in any case, bigger than the bully.

I do not recall the details of my berserk actions, but the next thing I knew, people were pulling me off him. He was on the ground and I was stomping him.

I went home pretty roughed up and was afraid to go back to school where I might meet Mr. Bully again. When I got back to school, I watched for him but did not see him. Finally, somebody told me he was pretty banged up. When he showed up the next week, he carefully avoided me.

Later, as it happened, I started going out with his girl, but he never did anything about it. I am not sure which revenge was better.”

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SVTKobra0211 2 years ago
IMO both were just as good because you opened up a can of whoop a*s on him then later on his girl started dating you in my book it's a win-win
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27. I Fell Into My Own Revenge Trap


“When I was 19 I worked at a car dealership. Got along well enough with everyone including the special finance guy who was a big practical joker. Honestly, everyone there was a practical joker and I could probably share 100s of stories but this one directly involves me.

So the special finance guy, we’ll call him Mike, loved to take the soda off my desk, call my name out across the showroom and have me watch as he proceeded to shake it for a solid minute.

I got in my head that I had taken enough and it was my turn. So I buy a code red mountain dew, take a screwdriver and poke four holes around the top, set it on my desk, and walk away. He was busy with some customers so I go grab another soda and get back to work. I head to the gm’s office to let him know we are gonna need a cleanup in the showroom pretty soon.

All in all, I’m pretty pleased with myself and excitedly await my revenge.

Standing in the general manager’s office I take a huge gulp, from what I thought was my new soda, and code red proceeds to pour down my suit and soak me thoroughly. Apparently, at some point, I had accidentally taken the wrong soda. To top it all off, as I stand there dumbfounded by what I had done, being laughed at by the general and sales manager, I hear my name called. I look out the door and there’s Mike frantically shaking my soda. Worst attempt at revenge I’ve ever had.”

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DarkJedi719 2 years ago
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26. I Had The Power To Make The Rude Nurse's Night Awful


“I worked in a hospital as a ‘floating’ nurse assistant (I went from floor to floor wherever they needed me). One shift I was working in the emergency department and close to shift change I was asked to transport a very young patient and his mom up to a pediatric floor. (Close to shift change is not the best time to transfer patients to a floor because the floor staff is trying to finish up the shift and prepare for the transition to the next shift, but this is what I was told needed to be done and my position did not let me question much, especially this).

When I got up to the floor one of the nurses, ‘X,’ looked at me and the patient and his mom and rudely said something about ‘I don’t believe you brought THEM up NOW!’ I did not respond and took them into their assigned room. The mom looked at me and asked if she was always that rude. I apologized to the mom, made them as comfortable as possible, handed them off, and left.

Fast forward 1 week. I am assigned to that same pediatric floor. I walk in at the start of my shift and smile at all of the staff and say ‘Hi! I’m your assistant tonight!’ They all glance up and smile at me including ‘X’ who recognized me as the person she was incredibly rude to the previous week and her face fell. I had the power to make or break her night. They depended on me to help hold the floor together. I NEVER did anything to put anyone in danger and completed my shift professionally and in the same manner as any other shift I worked. And I left with a BIG SMILE! Karma is lovely.”

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25. Won't Deal With The Bad Neighbor? Your Tenants Will Keep Giving You Issues


“I had a neighbor who was bad news. He was mean to me and several other neighbors. We complained about him and nothing was done by the apartment management. I even documented incidents every time they happened. I was told to call the police, the police told me that it was a civil matter and could not help.

One night, he left his keys at a bar.

I heard him screaming and trying to knock his door in. He went to our concierge and demanded that she give him a key to his door. She did not have keys and told him so. He reached over the counter to grab her and another neighbor, an off-duty police officer, was just walking in and took my neighbor down and held him until the police arrived.

All of which was caught on camera.

When it was time to renew my rent, management wanted to raise it by $300 a month. I sent them months of documentation of his harassment. He banged on my door demanding that I let him in, then called the police for my dogs barking at him. He poured liquid under my door to let me know he could harm my dogs, he put speakers next to the wall and played a loop of death metal, then left to go to the bar.

He slammed his door multiple times at 2 AM. All was my problem and management would do nothing.

I told management that the only time they dealt with the issue was when it impacted them and they left me dealing with this guy until they were forced to deal with it. My rent was not raised.

Some woman moved in and never paid rent, I only saw her once.

Management took 3 months to evict her, but I think she was long gone by that time. They changed the locks and the place sat vacant with a Sheriff’s ‘no trespassing’ sign on the door. The sign has since been removed, but no one has rented the unit. I think that the negative energy there still lingers and I doubt will be cleared anytime soon.”

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24. Treat My Yard Like A Garbage Can? Your Car Could Use A Good Egging


“I have high school kids that park on my street every school day. Occasionally they will sit out there and smoke, which is fine… They are largely respectful of my property.

I noticed this one kid always threw his Mcdonald’s trash in my yard – I have caught him doing it a few times. Now I egg his car every time I see trash on the ground. So far, I have done it twice, but haven’t seen his car for a few days. Maybe he gave up parking on my street.

Yes, I am 32 and egg a 16-year-old kid’s car.”

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23. Vandalize Our Property And Neglect Your Loud Dogs? I'll Cause An Infestation In Your House


“We moved into an area that wasn’t great but wasn’t a war zone either. The suburb had been an absolute melting pot of scum and trash decades before. But they had been slowly gentrifying the area and turning it around.

There was an older weatherboard house on stumps next door to our newer brick-and-tin home. A single dad and his two young daughters lived there. Good kids.

Used to come around and ask for a cup of flour, or an egg. Would knock on our door an hour later with a couple of chocolate brownies they had baked using what we gave them. They were sweet kids so it was fine.

Then the eldest turned 17 years old…… and everything went to trash.

Scumbag partner hurling abuse at her, her sister, and her dad. The place got trashed.

Smoking on the front porch during all hours of the day. Friends coming around and partying to all hours of the night and early morning, every night of the week.

We called the cops. They spray-painted our garage.

We complained to state housing. They threw food and rubbish over the fence.

They got a dog. A big dog. Poor thing was left in the backyard and abandoned, and it barked.

Holy did it bark. All-day. All night.

We tried talking to the girls and their dad. Several times. We got nothing but abuse back. Guys jumping the fence and just walking through our property. Called the police again. Kept happening.

They started keeping their backyard clean by throwing the dog poop over the fence into our place.

The place got smashed by a raging partner. We reported it. Nothing happened.

The eldest daughter got thrown out for stealing all her dad’s funds. She was back a month later….with another dog.

Now we had two dogs barking all day. All night.

We called RSPCA because the animals were just dumped and left in the backyard. Poor animals were in terrible shape.

Nothing happened.

So I did something.

I went up to my folks’ place. Got a nice big piece of timber riddled with white ants (termites) and wrapped it in black plastic.

I put it in the back of the car and brought it home. That night, I passed a bit of steak to those poor dogs. Then I climbed the fence, slid the old piece of timber under the house, climbed back over the fence, and went to bed.

And I waited……

3 months later the house was condemned. Structurally unsound due to infestation. They were moved to a newer house….far from us. State housing bulldozed the house.

This suburb is not a bad place to live….could be better…..could be worse. I sleep better at night. So do my wife and kids.”

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AZD255 2 years ago
not a smart move putting termites in the house next to yours. Termite nests split and move to the next house
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22. Keep Us Awake With Your Bright Monitor? I'll Shut It Right Off


“Freshman year of college I lived in a three-person room that was shaped like a rectangle with one corner turned into a circular alcove type of thing. One of my roommates and I took up the walls opposite of this alcove with our beds/computers, while the third roommate had his computer in the alcove facing us. Now, roommate 3 was a Counter-Strike fiend and would practice for/with his semi-professional team at odd hours.

However, more often than not, it seemed like it was when I and the other roommate were trying to go to sleep.

One other note, this guy had two fairly big (24″ maybe?) monitors. So whenever he got flash banged, the entire room lit up, bright as day. Also, even though he wore headphones, we could still hear everything pretty clearly. So I got fed up.

The network switch for the room happened to be right underneath my bed, a little bit below my arm.

So I would dangle my arm down by the switch, feign being asleep, and unplug the thing, then plug it back in. So it would seem like a lag spike, and so that we could go to sleep.

Would it have been easier to explain the situation like a rational adult and try to work out a solution? Probably, but where’s the fun in that? God, I was a jerk in college.”

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TigerLilly 2 years ago
I wouldn't have plugged it back in lol
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21. Take Me To Court Over My Man? It Won't Rule In Your Favor


“A woman tried to enter my relationship and split me and my partner up. She pushed up on him for months trying to get him to be interested in her. During one of our fighting sessions, she finally got him to stray. From then on, she tried to initiate an affair but he was only physically attracted to her.

She was desperate for me to find out about the fling to hurt me because he wouldn’t leave me for her.

She wanted him to sell our home, invest with her, turn in our brand new truck and ruin our credit, promising she would buy him a car if he did so. He didn’t and had no intention of doing this. She thought if I found out I’d simply step aside and give her everything she was seeking from him as she tried to swindle him.

When I found out about her, she sued me for a restraining order, lied about me to make me look ‘dangerous.’ In court, every single bit of her desperate behavior was revealed in front of me – everything she didn’t want me to know.

That she had fallen in public to her knees begging my partner not to dump her while all of her co-workers knew he had immediately dumped her when I found out. That she couldn’t get him to kiss her (she smokes and he hates that). That he wouldn’t say I love you and she desperately needed him to. Things like that which she was furious I was learning about her and even worse things.

She was desperate for me to believe he loved her and I knew better.

I also revealed her intention to swindle him in court, due to his disability and she was in a rage. Then, after the judge ordered both of us to stay away from one another, she began stalking him so he filed a police report for stalking and harassment. After that, you could hear birds chirp. She was gone! It couldn’t have BEEN more wonderful revenge. She’s what they call in limerence with him, so she’s grieving now because of her own vile stupidity in trying to pursue a man involved with another woman.

And us? We got counseling and worked out the issues that caused him to stray as most couples do.”

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Subzero1210 2 years ago
The best revenge honestly would have been to let her have him. He would have been stuck with a psycho and she would have been stuck with someone who didn’t actually love her. Or they both would have ended up alone had he decided he didn’t want her even after you left him. You saying as most couples do makes it sound like cheating is normal and okay but it is not. You cannot love someone yet cheat on them. What you went through is absolutely embarrassing and I’m sorry. What if she would have been crazy enough to hurt you. His cheating could have gotten you killed!
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20. We Filled The Bully's Desk With Water And He Got Blamed For It


“We had this jerk back in science class in junior high, total jock who would try and annoy every class member save his group he always sat with. The back of the classroom were all lab desks where the overflow seating was and that’s where le jerk sat.

My buddy and I decided to fill one of the drawers on the desk he sat at with water, and by the end of class, there was about a gallon of water spread all around him. The teacher hated him, blamed him, and he was forced to clean the floor after class.

Revenge on behalf of the entire class.”

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19. Try To Get Me Kicked Out Of The Dorm? Well Unlike You, I Have Evidence To Clear My Name


“First year of university. First semester. Dry Campus. All-Female Dorm. I have a disability. I get set up with my own room, Learning Accommodations, the works. Not much, just stuff to help me focus. Two girls also move in. For the story, I’ll call them Jay and Bee. Jay and Bee are your classical Regina Georges from ‘Mean Girls’. They act nice and sweet to your face, but in fact, talk trash about you and make your life horrible until it’s too late.

They’re also very petty. They started ‘targeting’ me after one of them thought that I didn’t have my documented disability (it literally took 2 minutes for the doctors to come back and confirm it after I was tested). They started talking trash about me, my body and even tried protesting that I was in a single room while they had to have roommates. I wasn’t the only person they harassed either.

In fact, several girls were either forcibly kicked out, manipulated into, or simply dropped out of the dorm because they couldn’t handle their nonsense. In fact, Bee proved to be very violent because she chased another girl. This is important because of what happens.

Bee and Jay get reported and kicked out (finally). They have a month to leave. They’re angry because they got caught, and they decided if they were going down, they were taking one last person out with them.

Guess who was chosen? The harassment and violence picked up over the next few weeks as finals approached. I was getting more and more stressed and angry until finally, I lashed out at Bee. Not physically. I snapped, told her she was petty and a jerk, if her partner knew half the nonsense she pulled he wouldn’t be with her, she was mean, etc. It was just anything and everything minus the swearing.

Here’s the thing, I don’t swear usually and I actually am able to control it even in that state of mind. The last thing I tell her is if she comes near me again, ‘we’re gonna have a problem!’ That’s it. I stormed off to my room. RA comes, she heard and talked to me. She says that sadly she has to write a report because of how loud I was and I say I understand.

The next day, Bee gets her lawyer (so I deciphered) to get the President of Student Life Services to boot me out. Why? I threatened her life. I apparently threatened her life. No witnesses. No audio recordings.

Yeah. That’s just petty. So I get the boot because somehow the President has no clue about all that’s transpired (apparently Bee and Jay are getting kicked out of the dorm officially for other reasons), I have until 12 pm the next day to get my stuff and go.

Thankfully my dad was on his way to pick me up already. We spend 3 and 1/2 hours cleaning up. I’m done rolling over. I let the girls know what’s going on, needless to say, that Jay and Bee don’t come out of their rooms until 6 am the next morning. And I decide that I’m going to fight back. With my family’s help, I write up an appeal, and a letter with documents -evidence- of Snapchat videos, Tweets even texts shared between one of their former friends all indicating their plans and plots to attack me and drive me out.

Not only does the President of Student Life get it, but the President of the School.

Fast forward. My appeal is accepted, I go back. Classes begin, I have only one during the day. I’m buying a textbook, and I see Jay and Bee there. They’re storming out of the Administration office, angry because they can’t fight back. They see me, and I smirk and wave. When Bee gives me the finger and starts to walk away, I turned to leave, and I shouted loud enough for them to hear,

‘Checkmate jerks!'”

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18. Make Me Work Overtime? Fine, But It'll Cost You


“I’m a consulting engineer, and in my line of work, we bill by the hour. It’s similar to how lawyers bill their time.

So, I’ve been working on a number of large projects, and I do my best to track my hours and make sure that they’re accurate. However, I have one boss that I despise. He constantly micromanages the staff, gives them poor to no guidance, and then throws them under the bus because they inevitably screw something up due to his poor management abilities.

He never reads anything we send him, and whenever he gets a phone call or email from a client, he goes into a kind of panic attack and starts making people drop everything they’re doing to attend to his little emergencies. I’ve had to drop everything, once, to help him rotate a page on Adobe pdf.

For this big project I’m working on with him, he has me come in early every day before he arrives.

And he wants me to leave the office after he does. He also wants me to work weekends as well, about half of which I reluctantly come over. Most of this time is spent re-doing work that we have already done, but that he screwed up because he didn’t read the guidelines the client gave us. It’s been going on like this since June, and we’re still not done with this project, yet.

How do I get my revenge? Simple. Any time he asks me to do anything, I charge 1/2 hour of time. That little pdf rotation thing? Yeah, it took me two minutes to go to his office and rotate a pdf for him, but I charged 30. And on all of these really long days where I’m working 10+ hours a day? Yeah, I charge 10.5 hours.

I keep on taking little bits of time away from this project. He’s the only person I do this for. Luckily for me, he does not really check the time we charge for any of his jobs.

What purpose does this accomplish? My company does not pay us overtime. However, they do give us staff engineers comp time (think about it as extra time off for more than 40 hours billed per week) if we have to work long weeks.

My boss is an associate, and he does not get comp time. He has to slave away on all of his miserable weekends without any extra pay, and he has to do it on his own time. Meanwhile, I’ve saved up 5 weeks’ worth of comp time, and make certain that I will be taking all of that time off within the next year. And yes, this is on top of the 4 weeks of time off that I’ve saved up as well. I can take 9 weeks off next year if I wanted to, and there’s nothing my company can do about it.”

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17. Don't Think I'll Amount To Anything? I'll Show You How Wrong You Are


“The story goes this way, after the completion of my in 2012 I worked for a company where employees are literally treated like donkeys carrying huge loads without even knowing where they are heading to. I was very much frustrated with the way my ex-boss treated me.

I happened to make a lot of friends from the same team where I worked. Finally, I was like a glass which is overfilled.

The decision to resign came up after my tenure of 1.5 years, thanks to my parents who supported me a lot.

I had informed my ex-boss about my resignation and what he said was something which I couldn’t forget or actually speaking, which had been a nightmare since then. He said ‘You won’t amount to much. It would be difficult for you to get a new job.’ Making his effort to pull me in that whirlpool.

The next day without further thought submitted my resignation and left to my home in peace.

Currently, I am working as an Asst. Manager, earning a handsome salary, which fulfills my basic needs, in a reputed Public Sector bank. I had informed my ex-colleague, who is still working in the same nonsense firm, of my new job.

In my LinkedIn account, without my knowledge, I had sent an Add Request to my ex-boss.

Then the magic happened. My ex-boss, who saw my request called my ex-colleague to inquire if it was the same person who resigned in the recent past. My ex-colleague acknowledged it was me. After his acknowledgment, the reaction that my ex-boss gave was priceless according to my ex-colleague who said to me as I wasn’t physically present at that precious moment.

After that my confidence had risen to the peaks and made me think that no one in this world is born weak. One should just have the right attitude and belief in himself to make this world recognize or rather appreciate.”

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16. Don't Think You Need Me? Without My Custom Pieces, You'll Fail


“Many (many!) years ago I was working for a company that produced events. I worked for them for many months. The boss was an affable guy, but he was quirky, to say the least. Sometimes he’d not pay his crew, who then sat in the offices doing nothing for a couple of days, on the clock, until he gave them their paychecks.

I had designed custom equipment for the company’s event presentations.

Once, we were on the road, and an event hadn’t quite gone as planned (nothing to do with the quality of my work), and the boss decided to leave town without giving me, and others, our return plane tickets. This was the point at which I vowed to never work for this company again, and I, of course, paid for my own return flight. Somehow – I don’t recall exactly – I was able to take a couple of my custom-designed pieces of hardware home with me, to hold until I got paid AND got my flight reimbursed; you know, some version of a mechanic’s lien.

This took about 3 months, but I finally did get paid – probably 90% of what I’d been owed. BUT the company then told me that they didn’t need my services any longer. I’m sure that I cost them too much. Of course, I said ‘fine,’ but I made sure to tell the boss that they should assemble all the equipment and test it again before going back on the road.

In any case, this is something I would have insisted upon myself if I’d kept working for them, given that some time had passed since the last road trip.

Surprise (cheap jerks that they were) they didn’t test the equipment, which would NOT work without the stuff I had.

I still don’t know where they found a tech who’d agree to go on the road with this stuff, sight-unseen, without testing it.

It wasn’t exactly plug-and-play.

I got a frantic voicemail sometime later, while I was on vacation, and I called back. ‘We’re on the road, and can’t find the such-and-such!’ I feigned ignorance … ‘It should have been packed with the other stuff’… ‘We can’t do the event without it!!’… ‘Gee, I’m sorry. I sure wish I knew. Let me know if there’s any other information I can actually help with.

Good luck.’ Click.

It actually made me hurt for a bit, but I held my tongue, and most likely the company lost tens of thousands of dollars and took a big hit to its reputation. The hurt stopped pretty quickly, and I had a good long last laugh.

BTW, I let that custom equipment sit on a shelf in my offices, in plain sight, for years. Occasionally someone would ask what it was, and I said ‘It’s something from the old NASA space program,’ or something to that effect. Might as well have been. I believe I finally tossed it.”

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15. Think You Can Take The Heat? Don't Say I Didn't Warn You When You Start To Burn


“Halfway through eighth grade, my family moved from Texas to upstate NY. My grandparents still lived in Texas and one day when I was in tenth grade a ‘care package’ arrived from my maternal grandfather to my father. It wasn’t very large, but it held quite a few Pequin chilis that Grandad O’ had picked on a visit to his hometown of Gonzales.

For those not familiar with chili Pequins, they are about the size of the tip of your little finger and have about as much heat as three jalepeños.

One or two in a batch of salsa will definitely give it some heat.

I asked Dad if I could take a few of them to school for show and tell in my Spanish class. He agreed and sent me off with seven or eight of them in a small box that had held paperclips.

During show and tell the school bully said, ‘They can’t be that hot.

I bet I could eat one with no problem.’ I advised him not to try it, but he insisted. He took one from the box and swallowed it whole, so he barely tasted any of the heat.

You’re probably wondering, ‘so, where is the revenge?’

Three periods later we had Phys Ed as the last class of the day. Since it was winter north of Syracuse we were inside in the gym. That day we were playing volleyball. The bully went up for a spike and came down doubled over. The chili was apparently reacting to the acid in his stomach. It took three of my classmates and a coach to carry him to the Nurse’s Office.”

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Okkaren 2 years ago (Edited)
I'd say karma more than revenge. I lived in northern Washington and my roommates who are brothers loved spicy food, they popped over to Canada and got a bottle of Mad Dog 357, which on the Scoville scale rings in at 750,000. They told me they had to sign a waiver that they wouldn't trick anyone into eating it or let anyone try it without disclosing how hot it is. It also came with a very, very tiny spoon that was supposed to be all you needed for your entire plate. Weeelll Bryan thought he'd be macho and prove it wasn't that hot, so he poured it like you would Cholula. Made it to all but his last noodle, and shortly thereafter was in the fetal position on the couch with a bright red face and very watery eyes. His brother ate the last noodle to try it out, became a less extreme version of Bryan. I'm a wimp about spicy food, I smelled the bottle and the top accidentally touched my upper lip, yeah that was a solid burn for an hour.
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14. I Can Leave This Awful Company With No Warning? See Ya!


“One company I handed my resignation into – they were a horrible company to work for.

In the department I worked in, a guy who’d flown in specially from Germany trained us on what we had to do.

He spent a week with us training – about a month into the job the other guy that was working with me decided it wasn’t for him and left as he realized the company was taking the mick – the pay was appalling (minimum wage) for what you were expected to do and so he walked.

The company itself was full of temps – everyone there was on a temporary contract that was renewed every week but it had one of those terms in it that said we can finish you at any time we see fit and for any reason and likewise you have the same deal – you can hand your notice in at any time with no contract.

Usually, when you work for companies even if you have that ‘you can hand your notice in at any time’ clause in your contract, you do try and give them a few days warning to train someone else up.

However, this firm was awful to work for – they were such cheapskates. They were an outsourcing firm and if they could find some way of doing something cheaper they would. We had no CCTV in our office as ‘it was too expensive’ – despite dealing with a lot of high-value contracts – when visitors would come round to offer contracts we were always told to shut up about CCTV and if we were asked the cameras were well hidden!!

The company that was asking us to do this work for them had it down that it would take two people to deal with this outsourced contract – hence the reason why they’d trained two people up.

When this other lad left the office the company decided that I was working more than fast enough, plus I’d made the whole process a lot more efficient, that it wasn’t worth hiring an extra person and that I was coping fine on my own (when they’ve got one person at minimum wage doing the job of two people – why pay more? In the warehouse they’d done the same with the forklift truck drivers – originally there were four forklift truck drivers, but they found that one of the drivers was super efficient so they got rid of all the other FLT drivers).

The problem was though neither of us could take any holidays as there was no one to cover us during the time.

Also, they were really horrible to work for – at one point there was a major storm that hit the area and it blew the roof off the building. The building was shared with two companies and when the roof blew off, the other company sent all its employees home for their safety.

My company told us that we had to stay in the building while they were quickly doing repairs to the roof. Also once the area got cordoned off by armed police due to an incident, they weren’t letting anyone in or out of the area from the end where I came in from. I had no idea what was going on and the police told me to just go home and the works will let me know when it’s safe to go in – I called the works up from home and they asked me why I didn’t just sneak across the field evading the armed police or go the long way round (it’s ok if you’re in a car but the ‘long way round’ when you’re on a bike was a 20-mile journey) and besides telling employees to sneak into an area across a field to evade armed police isn’t the safest or sensible option – plus I’m quite sure it’s against the law to ask employees to evade police closedowns – also bear in mind this is the UK – now if you see armed police in the UK you know something big is going down – police don’t tend to be armed in the UK.

They kept saying they were thinking of getting someone extra to work with me, but no one ever came through. About 12 months later I went in and decided I’d had enough – I enacted the ‘zero notification rule’ – I still remember the boss’s face – the number of times he asked me am I sure? I was like certainly. I went in and handed him my notification – he kept saying is there anything we can do to make you stay as you’re one of our best workers and we have no one else trained up on this contract so we don’t know what we’re going to do… that’s my problem??? Maybe if you’d have paid everyone more than minimum wage for the job they’re doing, not take the mick, ensured you’d hired two people to do a two-person contract as a backup, took people on permanently with a permanent contract who are essential to the business and not keep them on a zero notification temporary contract… then just maybe you’d have been in a better position than having to call up Germany to explain to them that the only person who was trained up to do the job has just handed their notification in and walked out (I would have loved to hear that conversation as I’m quite sure the company in Germany thought they were hiring two people to do that work and were unaware the other guy had quit too!).

One thing that was a shame was that the people I worked with were all very nice there, it was just the top managers at the company that were awful, even the manager I handed my notification to was nice – it was just the people above him that were bad.

Quite funny as a few months later I ended up working in the same building again – this time I was working for the firm that shared the office space – the one that allowed their employees to go home during a storm… they were much nicer to work for – originally both companies were owned by the same company but the other company got sold off and that’s when they started cutting corners and being really cheap.

I have since moved away from the town where I worked in this office, however not long ago, I went to the town and drove past the place I used to work – it’s now an empty shell warehouse up for sale – no sign of either company. I know the nicer company certainly does still exist and has just moved elsewhere; but, as for the cheapskate company, I don’t think they’re in existence anymore – all their websites are dead.”

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13. Be An Awful Passenger? I'll Make This Ride Really Chilly


“During a recent move, I decided I wanted to try and drive my car from upstate NY to Austin, TX which ended up being a 33-34 hour drive. I planned on doing it in 3 days but eagerness got the best of me and I did it in 2. I brought my best friend along to help keep me awake during the drive.

The first day was around 14 hours of which I drove the entirety.

My best friend has the unfortunate quality of not having any common courtesy. For example, if I am taking you on a vacation and paying all expenses, it would be nice to have a driving partner, not someone I am driving around like a taxi driver. Within the first hour of the trip, he proceeds to put his headphones in and go to sleep. This was an annoyance but I let it slide.

The next day was even longer and yet again I drove it all, although I let him drive for about 20 minutes as I was falling asleep at the wheel. We stopped at the places he asked to stop at, despite the stops taking precious time out of our daylight. The rest of the day was spent similarly to the last, he kept quiet, either asleep or headphones in.

During the last hour and a half, I tapped his leg and said politely ‘I’m gonna need you to talk to me goose, gotta try and keep awake.’ He responded with an ‘I’m really not in a talkative mood’ which properly annoyed me.

The revenge part comes in where it just so happened to be a strangely cold night for Texas, around 40. Thankfully I run really hot, so I cranked the AC and rolled down the window. He asked me if I was really that hot and I said, yeah I’m boiling. The rest of the hour and a half was spent turning him into an icicle and me grinning to myself quietly.

I love the guy, but he’s a true jerk without even realizing it.”

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Vlm 2 years ago
Drive at night. You make better time low traffic
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12. Be Mean To Me? Your Phone Number Will Slip Into The Wrong Hands


“When I was in high school, there was this guy who had a girl from three grades below that had a massive obsessive crush on him. She would even go with her mom and stalk him at his workplace. Everyone in my grade knew about that girl and her obsession. So one day I overheard that he had changed his number since she would not stop calling and texting him.

One day he called me something really mean (I can’t remember what anymore) so in the next period, I asked one of his closest friends to lend me her phone cause I had forgotten mine at home and I needed to call my mom. I went to the bathroom, looked for the guy’s new number on the cellphone lent to me, and texted another friend of mine: ‘This is the guy’s new number, let ‘obsessive girl’ have it.’

I kid you not when I returned from the bathroom, I sat at my desk and his phone rang. He picked it up, then he realized it was her, threw his phone on the ground, and started cursing and blaming his group of friends. Never had a clue I was the one who did it. I guess it was pretty petty, but I had fun that day.”

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Madeline 2 years ago
This is a story of a power grab. Having been the titular head of a group for over fifty years there was a move to discredit me and it was a public display of disrespect. Not one of the ten members of the meeting acknowledged, apologized, or made any attempt to contact us. Six weeks after the 'dethroning' a call came in from the person who was so demeaning and requested the code to get in to our organizations website (which I had bought and maintained to the tune of $3M. The conversation resulted in no chance of reconciliation. It was then I decided not to give the code and I shut down the website. $5,000, 1200 hours to rebuild. Since I withdrew my membership, this became a business issue for me, $1,000 and I'll release the code. Too much pride - they chose to rebuild it. I am not a vengeful type, but somehow this was satisfying.
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11. Make The Bathroom Disgusting? I'll Just Have To Destroy It


“I worked at a Taco Bell/gas station for quite a while. The bathrooms were smack dab in the middle, between us and the little convenience store. We had a deal with the owners; we’d clean, stock, and keep it looking pretty, and they would do the maintenance (repairs, etc.) Well, there was one gas station attendant who thought it was absolutely hilarious to pee/poop/vomit all over the place, and we’d always have to clean it up.

One particular day he had taken the trash bag halfway out of the can, peed all over it, ripped the paper towels out of the wall, and had pooped all over them. I had enough. That same day I went into the bathrooms with a hammer and bashed the life out of every single toilet in the place. Ceramic flew everywhere (it was glorious). Then, with the hammer chilling in my pocket, I went up to him and told him the toilets were broken. Not only did I get to hear one of the most satisfying screams in the world, but we also got paid vacation days for three days while they fixed the damage.”

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Ladydi 2 years ago
If they knew this jerk was the one doing it, why didn't they fire him?
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10. I Gave My Former Boss A Bad Google Review


“So I worked for this guy who was a bit of a jerk. He was late for my first day in the office so I had to wait 30 minutes outside the front door. He then told me about how he closed his business down because his soon-to-be ex-wife wanted too much money. Because of her, he closed up his company and 50 people lost their job…

He also left me for the afternoon by myself and didn’t come back so I had to call around the other boss to get the key to lock up. This was all on the first day. I knew the first day I had made a huge mistake.

Anyway, about a week in he is ranting and raving about a bad Google review he got. Like a full-on tantrum.

Got so worked up and made a few people give him 5 stars on Google to right the injustice. Was upset for a day or so. I work for this guy for a couple of months. Always looking for other employment. It doesn’t work out and I leave and go somewhere 10x better where I still am 3 1/2 years later.

This is where the petty revenge comes in.

I set up a Google review account and start placing normal 4/5 star reviews all around town. Just randomly. Six months later I do the same thing and again another six months down the track. After a couple of years, I’m a local guide!!! I give this guy a 1-star review and state how he wound up his last business and also name it in the review so people can google how the business went into liquidation which is 100% true.

A couple of days later a few more 5 star reviews come on to bump him to a 4.1 overall rating. I know 80% of these came not from clients but people he knows or service providers he uses. It’s great knowing he would have been super angry. Might do it again in another six months.”

Another User Comments:
“I worked for a telecommunications contractor about 15 years ago.

The owner was a micro-managing bully who cut corners every chance he could. He billed aerial technicians at $75-90/hr and only paid us $14-20/hr hour PLUS didn’t pay overtime. Constantly bragged about how much the company had plus having zero debt.

I quit over 10 years ago but I still sign up his company cell phone, email, and office phone to surveys and marketing lists every few years.” TrevorSaniga

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9. Give Me What You Owe In Change? I'll Give It Right Back


“When I went to college I moved into a house and had a roommate. I found out very quickly we’d be clashing heads a few times. I’m organized, pay on time, and always do my share of work. My roommate was basically the opposite.

Hydro/water/etc was all in my name and I always had trouble getting his share of the rent. He was in charge of wifi and I always paid him on time, even without him asking.

He paid me about a week late for his share of the hydro bill (about $80) but he gave it to me all in a jar of loose change. No loonies or toonies either, all quarters or smaller change. Instead of getting angry, I held onto the jar for the entire year.

At the end of the year, he didn’t keep up with wifi bills and wanted the last 3 payments at once.

I went up to my room, counted the change, and went back down and gave him the jar filled with coins. He was actually quite impressed that I held onto the jar that long.”

Another User Comments:
“I would have done this with my roommate. She would only pay me when I asked and every month it would be ‘I don’t get paid for 2 days can you wait to cash my check?’ Nope.

I don’t care if you can’t manage your money and get charged a fee from your bank for writing a check. Bills have due dates and I’m not paying a damn late fee because you can’t manage your money.

The same roommate insisted that it was too cold in the house with the thermostat set at 68 in the winter (like 28 outside) while walking around with only short shorts and a tank top on.

Told her if she touched the thermostat one more time without putting more clothes on first she was covering the entire bill for the month.

When it came time to renew the lease I told the landlord no I was being relocated to another state just so I didn’t have to deal with her for another year… to find out she was actually relocated to the East Coast so I lost a great place to live and was stuck back at my parents’ house for 3-4 months until I could find something that would work for me.” KO_overwatch

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8. Overextend Your Lunch Hour? All Calls Will Be Transferred To Your Cell


“I work as an office manager for a company with eight people working in the office. Of the eight people, only two of us are women: myself and the receptionist. Three of the guys, including the boss have a Boys Club where they just go out to lunch together, no one else is invited. I don’t care. I don’t want to hang out with these people.

When people leave the office, whether for an appointment or to go to lunch, they let the receptionist and me know. The receptionist transfers calls to people, and I cover her when she’s on lunch, so if we don’t know people have left it makes it harder to do our jobs. This must be why the Boys Club so often likes to go out and fail to tell anyone else they’re leaving.

So this afternoon, they did their usual thing, which was to leave without telling me or the receptionist. Normally, it’s not a big deal, we just roll our eyes and deal with two hours of not being able to tell people when they will be back. (Side note: Our scheduled lunch is one hour. They’re usually gone anywhere between two and three hours. Because he’s the boss and he gets to do what he wants.) But, it’s the Friday before a holiday weekend and we sometimes close early if Boss lets us.

I know if he’s out to lunch with his Boys’ Club, we aren’t closing early. Which makes me crabbier than usual.

Instead of covering for Boss and Boys’ Club when the calls come in, I start playing clueless. Phone rings. I answer (covering receptionists lunch), ‘Oh wow, I’m not sure where Fred went. Let me look.’ Put them on hold. ‘Nope, he’s not here. Well, I’m sure you can reach him on his cell phone. The number is…’

Now instead of enjoying his lunch, he’ll be fielding calls the entire time.

Guess you should have told us you were going on lunch. I would have known not to forward your calls.”

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7. Get Me Fired Over Something I Didn't Do? I'll Get You Fired 10 Years Later


“I once worked with a woman who accused me of doing something I didn’t do, and I got fired for it because she was friends with the manager and the manager took her word over mine.

Ten years later, I went to 7-11 to talk to my friend who was the manager there, and I see that same woman working there. So when my manager friend and I went outside, I told him I’d buy him lunch and drinks if he fired her.

A week later, he told me that he wanted to go to dinner at Outback because he just fired that woman.

Worth it.”

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biha 2 years ago
Well deserved, but you could have done this in a more honest way.
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6. Complain Every Time You Order? I'll Always Make Sure You Get Your Food Cold


“I used to work at Subway. We would always have this regular customer come in and complain about every little thing such as ‘not enough tomatoes on my sandwich,’ etc.

I knew she was a regular and I knew who she was, but every time she would come she would only bring in her checkbook, not her purse. I, being the model employee, would purposely make her go back out to her car for her driver’s license (which she would try to find for ten minutes), and come up with 2 phone numbers while her sandwich got cold.”

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5. Bad Teacher Gets Staples Caught In Her Hair


“When I was in third grade, my teacher was a sixty-something hefty lady with permed hair who treated us horribly. She regularly (as in every other day) used us to haul in her cases of Snapple and other items she would consume throughout the day. Finally, I had become fed up with her nonsense after carrying an uncomfortably heavy box of beverages and devised a plan with a friend to steal staples whenever she was away from the room or inside of her office. We would then proceed to shoot said staples by placing them between our teeth and applying pressure to the pointed ends. We participated in this often enough so that we were able to precisely aim the projectiles into the teacher’s hair without her knowledge. Each day the children of our room would watch as dozens of staples fell from her perm at every movement.”

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4. Your Attempts To Block Off Your Area Isn't Going To Work Out


“At my work, the parking lot out back is pretty much divided into two separate lots owned by my boss’s landlord (and former boss) alongside one owned by a colossal jerk who is adamant that this one tiny strip of land is hers – when it’s clearly not going by the plans of both buildings, the fact that my bosses landlord has been paying for the maintenance of that area, etc.

She essentially cut off access to her side with zero advance notice which really screwed us on deliveries as we’d been using that parking lot for over a decade, and she did a bunch of other minor, petty nonsense to annoy us. Among other things, she threw a coffee at my car when it was parked on her side, she’s come in demanding that we all move our vehicles even when they’re on the bakery’s property because she can’t access something (Which is complete nonsense, too) and put up warning tape to try and stop people using that parking lot.

She was also telling people in town she was very happy that she’d angered everyone who shared that parking lot.

One day, I was leaving work and a delivery driver was leaving using the only available exit as hers was taped off which meant he had to reverse a truck up a dirt, uneven laneway essentially. I didn’t want to wait 20 minutes to be able to leave because of that selfish jerk so I asked the delivery driver if he wanted me to just take down the tape so he could use that side, he says yes and I get back in my car and start driving, going straight through it.

Unbeknownst to me, she was standing pretty much just out of sight from where I was coming from and saw everything. She was angry, she went to stand in front of my car and thought better of it, at which point she simply punched the side of it as I went past (Not sure how, but I’m pretty sure she managed to open my fuel filler flap thing) and yelled at the driver as he went past.

Jokes on her, I was getting fuel before I drove home anyway, and breaking through that tape only to see her red-faced and furious felt amazing.

She’s since put these big metal planters up blatantly on our property to forcefully divide the properties which are too heavy to move by hand but aren’t bolted in or anything. I’ve been nudging them forward a cm or two every shift with my car.

Just going to slowly move them back onto her property and continue to use them for my smokes and the occasional tinkle. The funny thing is (while I don’t think she actually realizes) that the person who was contracted to make the planters is my boss’s brother, even if she gets them bolted in I somehow feel he’ll make sure it’s not too difficult to unbolt them again if need be.”

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3. Blame Your Bad Work Ethic On Your Pregnancy? No Brownies For You


“I work in a small team of 3-4 people. So if one person is gone, it sometimes makes more work for the rest of us. One of my coworkers is recently pregnant, like 10 weeks. She loves to tell us over and over that she’s pregnant and any mistake she makes is now because of her ‘pregnancy brain.’ We get it. Good for you. Anyways, lately, she’s been asking to leave early for ‘pregnancy reasons,’ whatever that means.

Usually, it’s fine but occasionally it gives me extra work. So yesterday she left early. An hour later or so, our other team member brought in a plate full of brownies because she’s going on vacation and knows it makes more work for us. They were amazing!!!! Anyways, she says, ‘make sure (pregnant team member) gets some tomorrow, I forgot to put them out when she was here.’ I say ok…but no way.

I took the whole plate home. Not even planning on telling (pregnant team member) about them. They’re my extra work tax. Had one for breakfast. So moist and gooey.”

Another User Comments:
“It’s the petty stuff like that that keeps you sane in today’s workspace. You can’t tell Co-workers that they are messing up because then you’ll be in HR. You gotta deny them brownies or hide the fart spray so they have to sit in their own stench.

One square of TP for you, jerk.

I hope you enjoyed having to take 30 seconds out of your day to readjust your chair back into the configuration you like it in.

Yeah, I changed your mouse sensitivity so far down you have to pick up and recenter your mouse 4 times to get to the other side of the screen. Live in misery jerk.” unholy7n

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Subzero1210 2 years ago
I have worked during two pregnancies. I worked up until my due date and came back 4 weeks postpartum. I would work as hard as I always did. Managers and coworkers would actually tell me I was doing too much for a pregnant lady. My response was “I’m pregnant, not disabled.” I would open with another girl who was pregnant. She would tell me she couldn’t get the ice buckets because she was pregnant. I was like “Excuse me but what? You are only 8 weeks pregnant. I am 7 months. How come I can get the ice buckets and have been this whole time, yet you can’t?” I also told her that she was definitely capable but don’t worry I got this. Lots of women don’t even find out their pregnant until after ten weeks. The only symptoms your coworker could be having at that point would be morning sickness and tender breasts. Not all women even experience those though. I can’t stand people who use pregnancy as an excuse to be lazy at work. It gives the rest of us a bad name.
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2. The Staff Was Rude To Me So I Clogged Their Toilet


“Keep in mind this was over 20 years ago. In any event, I was going to this nightclub regularly on my weekends. Over a few months, I felt like I had built a rapport with the employees. Then one night, out of the blue, they were incredibly rude to me. In retrospect, it was probably because they were getting heat because they were a club notorious for serving underaged adults (although I was 22 at the time).

So after they were rude to me, for the next few weeks, I started committing acts of petty vandalism in their bathroom. Basically, I would clog up their toilet with toilet paper, take a dump, then flush it until it overflowed. It was the perfect act of vandalism because it caused no property damage, even if you got caught you could say ‘gee man, I just took a dump, I didn’t know it was clogged until I flushed,’ and it caused immense grief to the club. Yes, this is not something I would do nowadays.”

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1. Get My Friend Expelled Right Before Graduation? Here's Your Stinky Reward


“I can be a fairly vengeful guy if someone’s been a complete jerk. So I’ve retaliated against a few people in some pretty significant ways.

One of the best ways I’ve gotten revenge was when we ‘punished’ one of my college dorm’s RAs (residence assistant) my sophomore year. The college I went to hired their RAs from a local Christian college. The RA that lived on my floor was actually a pretty cool guy and would look the other way on a lot of stuff.

The RAs above and below my floor were pretty much jerks though. They went out of their way to bust everyone in the dorm whenever they could. This led to a pretty big game of cat and mouse between the students and RAs that year.

I remember my RA came to my defense once after I was pretty much caught dead to rights smoking in my room.

For some reason, the RA above me had been on my floor and had smelled the smoke coming from my room. I remember standing in my dorm room doorway in a complete panic after he and my RA had knocked on my door to investigate it.

For a reason I never found out, when my RA saw my window open, he told the RA from upstairs that the smoke smell was simply tree leaves people in the neighborhood had been burning.

As the other RA very excitedly scoffed at the idea he was smelling burning tree leaves, I remember a ‘caught in the headlights’ feeling of being unsure what had just happened…. But the matter was closed, and I shut the door and breathed a huge sigh of relief, and thanked my lucky stars

For the most part, we were all pretty slick with what we were doing, and nobody had been caught doing anything that resulted in any significant ramifications.

That is until a couple of weeks before the end of the school year. One of my buddies that lived a few doors down from me had been caught smoking by the RA on the floor under us.

He was set to graduate at the end of the school year, but the school expelled him with 2 weeks left in the school year. Needless to say, his parents were furious at him, and he was devastated that 4 years’ worth of work was down the drain.

I remember him literally being in tears and crying as he told me what happened.

Five or six of us were partying in his room the night before he was set to move out, saying our goodbyes to him. Eventually, we got really intoxicated and started swearing at the RA that got our friend kicked out.

We were all sitting around talking about how we needed to ‘get him back’ for ruining our friend’s life.

After a few minutes, I remembered I had grabbed a 2nd trash can at the very start of the school year. I came up with the idea that all of us should pee in it, lean it against the RAs door, knock, and let him open his door with a trash can full of pee spilling out into his room.

As we were peeing into the bucket (Which was 1/2 filled by the time we were done), I decided that wasn’t enough pain considering how badly he ruined our friend’s life.

After giving it a moment of thought, I suggested we poop in it as well… And two or three of us wound up taking a poop in the can as well.

I’d guess it was approximate 2 AM when we leaned it against his door, knocked, and ran off. Because of the seriousness of what we were doing, we knew we had to end the party or we’d all get busted.

The next morning several of the RAs were inspecting the dorm rooms of the usual suspects to see if anyone was missing a trash can. Of course, we had to inspect our work, and I took a casual stroll down the hallway the next day. Outside his room smelled like an uncleaned truckstop bathroom. Which I had to catch up with my compadres in crime and gloat.

Of course, our actions were the talk of the dorm, and I had heard a few days later, the RA had been completely traumatized and even called the cops that night.

I will admit… I love that story because, in my mind, the guy deserved it. I don’t know where that RA wound up, but I’d like to think as he was cleaning pee and poop up off his floor that night… and considering his personal choices that made people dislike him so much.”

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magr1 2 years ago
I doubt that there is a college in the US that would expel a student for smoking in the dorm. They might get evicted from their lodging but they're not going to fail school for that.
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