People Disclose Their Harrowing Encounters With Roommates

Roommates are supposed to help in taking on some of the financial burden and household responsibilities. Bonus points if they're fun and social too! But, it's always a gamble when you're renting a space with a new human. You can win big or lose plenty! Hopefully, you're able to live in peace at least! Otherwise, it's really tough to carry on, like when a roomie invites over too many people or play loud music all hours of the night. Or worse..... Read on for some particularly harrowing encounters experienced first hand by the following people. Some are hilarious, and others are well, really cringy and gross!

25. She Thought The Fog Was Going To Go Away


“I only roomed with this girl for a month but I have enough stories to last a lifetime. This girl had a very unique vibe to her. As in, when my parents and I were first introduced to her, my mom pulled me outside and we both collectively went into panic mode. She had dark blue eyeshadow smothered across what looked like half of her face, and lip gloss literally dripping off of her lips.

Her hair was bleached orange, but in a way that looked very unintentional. It also looked like it hadn’t been brushed in weeks. When she said her name she looked down at the ground and rolled her eyes.

The warning signs were pretty accurate. To start – her pillow had a screen-printed photo of the Dolan twins on it. She would kiss each of them every night before she went to bed.

She would also watch their videos every night without headphones, and when I feebly requested that she put headphones in she said ‘this was my room first.’ She mainly watched these during the day with the lights off and the shades are drawn, so sometimes I’d have to sit in the darkness until I got fed up.

She did lots of other stuff without earbuds in too.

Like watch the live security footage of her house and berate her mother asking for concert tickets.

This girl went to a loooooootttt of concerts. And her parents paid for her to get a hug or a kiss from the celebrities every single time. If they didn’t have a meet and greet available, she would just spend full days stalking them along with her other online ‘fangirl’ friends.

Posting stuff like ‘waiting at his airport terminal. Hope I can sneak into his taxi!’ She said she would sacrifice her life for these people but she didn’t care about giving them basic boundaries or respect.

When she wasn’t yelling at her parents until they bought her concert tickets, she was trying to tune into radio shows. Or refusing to shower.

She also of course hated our dorm staff, who was new and not great at her job but still well-intentioned.

She called her a ‘crazy psycho witch’ when asked to stop refusing to shower and she would yell that she was changing every time our door got knocked on. This of course led to the woman ignoring us saying ‘I’m changing!’ and coming in anyway, even though it was often me shouting it genuinely. So our door could really be opened at any time, no matter what.

Anyone who was in the hallway could accidentally see me with no clothes on.

The final straw was when I opened up to her about suffering from OCD and she tried to tell me that I was wrong. As in, she literally explained my own mental illness back to me. I told her that I had compulsive thoughts and tics and she said that if I really had it like I said I did then it would be more of a helper than a genuine illness.

Because it would just make me extra organized.

The best day was the one day she ‘showered.’ I put it in quotations because the staff barricaded her into our room and threatened to take away her beloved iPad if she refused again. So she went into the bathroom and let the water run without actually getting in. With all this time she saved by not actually showering, she drew a message in the mirror’s condensation that read ‘I hate this stupid school. -Advisor’s name- is a dumb witch.’ (She had a way with words) But unfortunately enough for her when she got out her advisor went in to use the bathroom. I guess she thought it would fog away right after she wrote it?? That’s what she was yelling at least.”

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24. Hoarder To The Max


“Two years with a literal, saving-food-wrappers-because-maybe-I-can-use-them-again hoarder. Did not realize how bad they were when we had to renew the lease for the second year (only a few months after moving in because of college dorms). The first year, they kept it mostly to their bedroom, and the shared room was kept clean enough. The second year, there was a walking path through the living room because the rest of the floor was carpeted in their stuff.

Our landlord saw the state of the apartment at the end of the second year and called it a ‘human health hazard’. They would keep expensive electronics on the floor in common spaces. They got a plant once that was infested with gnats, which proceeded to infest my extensive and well-maintained houseplant collection. We had bugs buzzing in our faces for months because they balked at using pesticides so we were dealing with the gnats using vinegar in shot glasses.

They had four pets die over the course of two years, three fish, and a guinea pig. They almost never changed their fish’s water. The stench in the apartment was unbearable and clinged to me even when I left the apartment.

I had other roommates at the same time. One would sit around the house in a beat-up bra but no shirt, one had a deep-seated fear of vacuum cleaners and couldn’t stand to hear them in use, one left food on the stove burners and put duct tape on the walls, and threw wild parties, but the hoarder will always take the cake.”

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arspoetica028 1 month ago
I don't know how you did it... I nearly had a nervous breakdown reading this.
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23. Roommate's LDR Affects My Sleep


“I moved dorms 3 weeks into the semester last year to live closer to my friends. My first roommate ended up trying to keep the mini-fridge I had bought (for $500+) despite me allowing him to use it for a period after I moved out and him agreeing to help me get it after I got settled. He was a transfer student so he was actually older than me but acted like a child, putting his head down and running away from me if I asked him about getting the fridge…

my second roommate, who I lived with for the rest of the year, spent every second of his free time in our room face timing his significant other. He was always extremely loud and never used headphones so I heard a lot more than I was ever comfortable with.

I would sometimes ask him to be quieter or at least wear headphones but he would either lie that he didn’t have any that would work or he would say ‘I mean I’m gonna be talking anyway’ like an ok jerk if I have to hear loud talking at least keep it to 1 person, not 2.

They wouldn’t hang up until 2 am most nights and even then I think he kept her on the line sometimes because I would hear electronic breathing a lot throughout the night. Pretty sure they also had phone sessions during the night sometimes despite me being FIVE FEET AWAY. And when he’d wake up? Immediately Facetime her. Eventually, I started just sleeping in my lounge.”

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22. She Didn't Feed The Hamster For Three Days


“My roommate was ridiculous. She is my significant other’s cousin, and about 8 months ago, she moved into our spare bedroom and promised to pay and help with everything. The day she moved in, she brought her dog, and he and my dog were getting along so well, but I noticed he had fleas. She said she is putting him on medication… so okay. Well, for the two months we lived with her, he had fleas the entire time.

She bought super cheap, dangerous flea treatments and my dog then had fleas which made us spend money on good treatments for my dog constantly. She then one day told me she bought a small rodent cage and wanted me to come along to a pet store to help her pick one out (I’m in college for animal education and have a lot of pets of my own, so she thought I could help).

I told her the biggest animal she could put in there was a mouse, otherwise, it is way too inhumane. Well, she doesn’t listen and picks out a large teddy bear hamster, a total impulse buy. I was furious.

She was then gone for three days and didn’t feed Nugget (the hamster… which I named), so I went to her room to get his food and noticed her space heater was on.

Soooo dangerous, so I turned it off. She then comes home and yells at me for turning it off and going to get his food. ‘But I fed him three days ago!!’ Yeah, it’s not a reptile. It needs to feed EVERY. DAY. She kept ignoring my advice. We then get tired of all her other stunts and she wants to move out. I beg her to let me keep Nugget because I knew how to properly care for him and planned on giving him a nice big enclosure and everything he needed.

She says ‘No, I’m going to find someone who will actually care for him and give him the love he deserves!’

Well, fast forward to a few weeks ago, I’m a D&D with her dad and little brother (since it’s my significant other’s uncle) and find out she gave her brother Nugget. I ask how he is doing… he says he died about a month after he got him.

I was so sad, I almost started bawling during D&D. He was the sweetest thing and not just an object. She also stole a lot of my stuff and stopped cleaning up after herself, and her dog RUINED our apartment. She locked him in her room while at work and he tore the carpet up and pulled it three feet from the door frame. We also made her dinner PLENTY of times with our food and money, but she would buy a ton of food and then let it get moldy in the fridge and get mad if we ate some of it, like a few bagels that would have become rotten. I don’t know, man. This may not be as crazy as a roommate story but she was just… so ridiculous. No one in the family besides her side talks to her anymore. Rest in peace, Nugget.”

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21. Two-Faced Roommate Gets On My Nerve


“Lived with my ex-best friend and his significant other (now fiancé). She was a manipulative person. Would often steal moolah left out, throw away people’s personal items or food, or break other people’s items as a way to get at them without being confrontational (she openly admitted to it one day). She would go through unlocked phones or computers when she thought she was alone. Whispered in my ex-best friend’s ear for over a decade convincing him that I didn’t love him or value him.

She isolated him over time and eventually she had a mental break which leads to him caring for her like a child. That being said she wasn’t capable of much more than a child before that.

Couldn’t cut her own meat, barely feed herself without getting food all over her face and table and in her hair and on the top of her head. Asked me to build her a computer so I did, and when it didn’t work because she bought the wrong parts and mistreated the parts she bought, accused me of being a sabotaging weasel.

Had no job and didn’t contribute to the household at all but felt she was more entitled to live under the parent’s house than their oldest son who left California to take care of the parents when they became sick. God, I have a decade of stories like this.

Would irritate my ex-best friend until he would get angry enough to isolate himself from me when we would play games.

She was jealous of our friendship. Threatened to kill herself if they broke up. Openly called me fat and greasy on a number of occasions. Had a number of pet ferrets who she let dump all over the house and in rooms and didn’t clean it up. Would invite friends over and then talk trash the second they left the room. One time stormed out of a store because they were playing Fireflies by Owl City (right after it blew up) because she listened to Owl City before they were popular and everyone else was a poser lol. Faked sickness so an ex-best friend would take care of ever instead of spending time with his family. The list goes on.”

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20. Being Her Third Roommate Was A Red Flag


“My roommate last year was great after I moved in with her (escaped from another terrible roommate) until she got a significant other the second semester. Her significant other lived a few hours away but they called each other every. Single. Day. I kid you not from the first day the semester started to the last, she didn’t go one day without talking to him. I didn’t mind at first because whatever, she’s happy and giddy and in love.

And then it started to affect my studies and sleep because she would talk to this guy for HOURS and hours and on end. Sometimes on speakerphone. I don’t know about you but it’s really hard to try to read a biology textbook when your roommate is blabber blabbering two feet away from you. Even worse, it affected her studies too but she would lie about the kind of grades she was getting among other things.

She would go see him a lot on weekends and he would stay in our room a lot too.

Again, didn’t mind it at first until it became regular. He even stayed with us for a week one time which was honestly one of the worst weeks of my life. She would FaceTime him at dinner while I’d be there, she FaceTimed him at a concert, and she even kept calling him when we were at a party.

They were so clingy.

It eventually imploded because I made it clear I was sick of the phone calls while I was studying or sleeping and that didn’t sit well with her and we went the last five days of the semester without talking and haven’t talked since.

She wrote me a letter back in May about how ‘hurt’ she was and basically accused me of everything and put no blame on herself for not respecting roommate boundaries.

Also on top of that, I caught her in one lie one time and didn’t trust her after that. I found out about a lot of other lies she’s told and I know that since our fight she’s been lying to people about me.

Also, it should have been a red flag that I was her third roommate. Her first roommate moved out because she had her significant other (a different one at that time) over for the weekend and the roommate woke up at 2 am to them going at it. Luckily I have a much better roomie this semester.”

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19. Let's Make A Limit To The Number Of Visitors


“Well, a few years ago, one of my roommates at this moment asked if he could invite a friend of his to spend a few weeks in our house. I knew my roommate well, I knew he was ok and assumed his friend would be too… BIG MISTAKE! Little detail here: we lived in Thailand at this time. We had a few rules in this house, all simple.

One of them was: Do not bring ‘many’ different girls at home as we don’t want a psycho to stalk on us later (it already happened).

So this guy comes in, we welcome him, get him a bedroom we kept for friends and since he’s a roommate’s friend don’t ask him for any kind of rental participation… The first week goes by and he brings no less than 3 different girls to our place.

We talk about it and it turns out he ‘just wanted to enjoy Thailand’… I don’t like the way he says it but we let it go for this time. Next week is the same thing: 3 new girls come home and we’re never aware of it until they’re in our living room… As I don’t want to be the bad guy I let it go again.

But at some point in the week, I go talk to him with my other roommates telling him we’re nice enough to give him a room without paying so he could at least respect the few rules we told him. That’s when he told us that he was in another roommate situation where his lifestyle was never a problem and he was right and we should change our minds.

And it was like this all the time, he did what he liked without bothering to tell us anything.

My roommate which he was friends with was working a lot at this time and this didn’t bother him much but if that was only dependent on me I would have kicked him out after 2 days! Unfortunately, I’m a good guy and I knew if I did this he would have manipulated my roommate friend to pay for a condo for him (he was working for him at this time and didn’t have much moolah: which explains the free bedroom situation) and I didn’t want to put my friend in this situation so I just shut it and suffered…

At some point, I had to force him to choose a girl and keep her to limit the number of people coming to our place… Everything about this guy is just too much for me: going to Thailand to work with my friend when he was really just here to hook up, getting a room from a friend, and don’t even bother to respect the people living with him, and I suspected him to steal stuff from the house on a regular basis… 2 months later I went back to my home country for a vacation and it was a very anticipated holiday ever for me!”

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18. Crazy Roommate Yelled At Me, Called Me Names, And Trashed The Place


“I moved in with this ‘friend.’ Immediately after moving in my dad dies, suddenly. Obviously, I’m sad and in shock. You’d expect a friend to either be there for you or give you space to process such a trauma. Well, she doesn’t get it at all. She’s calling me selfish and a wimp for trying to give myself space. Of course, I’m too in shock to know what’s right or wrong and stand up for myself so I end up just feeling like garbage.

About a month in I realize she’s terrible at being a friend and I don’t consider her a friend anymore. The plan was to just quietly distance me, no point in starting drama by telling her I don’t like her anymore. I wanted to at least get along with the person I’m living with. But she gets kinda pushy and in my business and annoyed that I don’t seem to want to talk to her anymore.

Maybe this was where the small jabs started, I don’t remember. But I remember the first real fight we had, I was trying to make a grilled cheese and we were talking about bus fares. It was ‘$2.50?’ To confirm she had the right amount. And she was all ‘yes, do you think I’m stupid?’ That’s an obvious stretch and the plan was to ignore it.

She repeats the question. I don’t remember if I continued to ignore it or not, I don’t know but I remember her saying ‘watch what you say.’ And, remembering all the rude things she’s said to me during our time together, I say ‘you too.’ And that sets her off. She’s yelling at me and insulting me. I ignore it. I just lost my dad, dude.

I have been emotionally drained already, I don’t need the extra drama in my life of having a fight over nothing.

So I just sit there and ignore her as she yells at me. I finish my grilled cheese sandwich and close the door, but she’s standing outside my door yelling like a child throwing a temper tantrum. I don’t care, man, I just wanna enjoy my grilled cheese sandwich, yell at me all you want you aren’t going to ruin my sandwich.

It was a good sandwich too.

Anyway, things just got worse from there. More and more of her little temper tantrums. A few times she goes into my room without my permission just so it’s harder to ignore her. She just gets mad at everything man, it’s like she’s trying to be mad, she’s looking at things to be mad about. She started throwing things at me sometimes.

Eventually, I didn’t feel safe anymore so I put a lock on my door while trying to save to move out. I also started recording our interactions just in case there’s any kind of property damage or injuries and I need evidence about who is at fault. It was miserable. She was always yelling at me and insulting me. She thinks it’s okay to name call since I’m a ‘stupid witch’ and ‘how am I supposed to not yell and call you names when you are so annoying?’ A real push to move out came when she threatened to kill my cats.

I got it on video too. I tried calling the cops (non-emergency) and saying how she occasionally threatened me and now my cats. I was hoping at least a report could be filed because it would be easier to break the lease if had evidence she wasn’t safe to live with. But they didn’t care, they were no help at all. Oh well, worth a shot.

Anyway now I was gonna move out. I came to her and I was like, ‘We don’t like each other, I want off the lease.’ She put up a big fight. Lots of yelling. In the end, I ended up paying a lot bigger part of the fee just so she’d agree. These apartments have a bigger fee for less than 3 months notice, so we put in 3 months notice, but I leave before she does because I don’t want to be there anymore and I don’t want her around my cats.

This whole time the electric bill had been under my name and mine alone, she’d been just paying me back for her half. I say ‘imma turn it off since I’m leaving before you.’ And she says ‘no, I am not going to set up electricity here for just the extra months. I will PayPal you what I owe.’ And I’m like ‘sorry I don’t trust you and I am turning it off.’” I gave her a month’s notice, so she’d have a fair amount of time to set it up.

Idk what she did I talked to her as little as possible. But she was mad. I didn’t care how mad she was I had a plane ticket out for very soon. She can be mad all she wants. So I leave. And get an email with a bill for repairs and cleanings. She trashed the place before she left. Idk if it was to get back at me or because she hated her life or what.

I don’t know. But I email her and I’m like ‘I’m not saying that. You pay that. I’m moving on from this mess.’ She says she paid it and I haven’t heard anything more of it so I guess that’s that. Anyway, I’m safely back home now, where my family is. I’m in a better environment now and can finally safely process the death of my father. Oh my god, I can’t believe he’s actually gone! But my life is a lot better than it was just 7 months ago! (This all was that recent. 7 months ago.) I’m feeling really good about coming home. Things are better for me now. So much better.”

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17. Sis Got Unlucky With Her Menace Roommates


“My sister was living in a house with 3 other girls in college. 1 was her friend since junior high, and 2 of them were definite problems. She has both the following roommates for a year at the same time.

She and her friend got to the point of referring to her as the witch. Seems harsh, but she had a different guy over every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday each week with no exceptions.

They could tell by the guy’s shoes thrown about being different almost every time. This girl was with those men, but not discreetly or hiding the volume of her voice. She would scream and moan at full volum. There were recordings of these when they tried to talk to her about it and the volume of the activity. She once dropped her phone in the toilet and fished it out, ruined but barely functional.

Didn’t replace it because she didn’t want her parents to potentially see what was on the phone, and paraphrasing from people present when she said this, the various judges she swapped with various guys. How many, I’m not sure, enough where she apparently wouldn’t even show her parents photos on her phone because they could easily scroll to them somehow (this part didn’t make sense to me, but this person was also not very bright so they easily could just not understand how phones worked or there were that many nodes of her for trading on her phone).

Another great quote is after having a male companion over, she was talking to one of the roommates and went, ‘he might have been a predator! I don’t remember last night well at all!’ Another gem of a story is after she was being followed by a car of men from a bar, did she call the cops?  No. She ran straight home and through the front door screaming for help.

I mean yea, clearly panicked and scared, but still not a great move or idea by any means. She would blast music late at night on other weekdays and liked to cook late-night snacks for herself while being as stealthy pulling out pots and pans from the messy kitchen (will get to the mess in the next section) as a bull in a china shop. Yet she was the more tolerable of the two roommates.

She pales in comparison to the other roommate which is pretty sad.

The other one was an absolute slob. I mean, impressively messy. Important to note, my sister’s friend owned a cat that lived in the house. Why is this relevant? Well, one time the cat took a crap in the slob’s room. How did she find it? From the smell? No. She didn’t even smell it over her room.

She stepped on it before she realizes it was in her room. How did she not see it? There was a mix of clothes, garbage, rotting food, and who knows what else covering her floor. I mean halfway up my shins and I’m over 6’ tall completely hiding the floor when I was recruited to help sanitize the house. She was gone for the weekend and my sister and her friend begged me to come to help them clean the disaster the slob left in the common areas.

I came over and her door was left wide open so I wandered in to see just how bad it was. It was honestly one of the most disgusting rooms I have ever seen. I’m talking molded pizza on the floor, a failed fly trap she tried to make absolutely buzzing with flies going in and out as they pleased, small roaches being visible once in a while, and a smell that made me nearly puke despite this being mid-spring and my allergies being in full gear, I could still smell it.

The common areas had signs of where my sister and her friend did battle of the slob’s immense mess. I wondered did the slob throw an absolute rager of a party… that’s how bad it was. I’m talking piled up pizza boxes, mostly empty gallons of milk with some left at the bottom spoiled, enough cans to make a frat house impressed, and just countless mounds of dirty dishes caked with rotted food.

The floor was oddly sticky from all the crap she spilled and did not properly clean up. The ants and other critters were pretty bad. We live in the Deep South and bugs are a known issue here. They were beginning to infest and make nests in all the rotting food. The lawn outback was easily up to my thighs as my sister and her friend did not have the time to mow it nor the money to hire someone to.

This was mid-spring (April) in Texas, so it was in the 90s when I mowed that beast for them, then had to clear out the rotted food that might have some larger critters in them.

I arrived Friday at around 4 in the afternoon, and slept maybe 6 hours between Friday to Saturday and another 5 Saturday to Sunday, took roughly 3 hours to eat between the entire time I was there and was mowing, cleaning, or hauling off garbage the rest of the time before I left at 1 am Sunday as I was still in high school over an hour away.

All that effort made the common area no longer smell, the house looked like actual humans lived in it, and was given a deep sanitization that alleviated some of the smell as the slob’s room was untouched. When the slob got back, she complained we had thrown out her still edible food. We looked at her like wtf are you talking about. When I helped my sister move some stuff two weeks later, large portions of the mess were making a comeback, and the smell was somehow even worse. And my sister is a bit OCD and a neat freak, so I know the entire time she had free time she would compulsively clean portions of the common areas and other stuff because it would eat at her seeing and smelling it and despite that, it was looking like no one cleaned it in months.”

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16. He Hopes Someone Would Go Out With Him


“I lived in a two-bedroom apartment with three other roommates from 2010 – 2011, around seven months. At first, I liked it but eventually, they all showed me what kind of people they are. Rob was cool at first, but he proved to be rude like he would always be a jerk just to be a jerk. Such a jerk. Then there was Jeff, he was cool but he was borderline substance-dependent basically.

All he did when he wasn’t at work or school was drink and stay up all night. Also, he would play loud techno music a lot, which annoyed me. And one time he loaned out one of my movies to a neighbor, which made me angry.

But the one jerk who takes the cake is Austin. My god if I could rid the world of one person it would be him.

This guy was dirty, stuck-up, had bad hygeine, and he would stalk girls. He was such a piece of garbage too. Talk nonstop, he would say he always ‘gives people and things a chance’ but he would criticize things a lot. He tried hard to get a girl and went on a few hangouts but that didn’t work out. Who would go out with him???? And yes he would stalk girls, literally.

He stalked a neighbor of ours a few times and he even said he did it to another girl at school. I almost punched him in the face a few times lol. Also one time he said a girl broke his heart. I was happy about that. I mean this guy is just if you met him for more than five minutes you would despise him. I saw him at a party a few months after we all moved out and he was stalking this one girl like a puppy dog. Just a garbage human being.”

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15. Partner's Roommate "Takes Care" Of Her Guinea Pig


“So my significant other and I had been together about 6months at the time when her roommates all decided to go separate ways. We weren’t living together yet. A guy at her work was looking for a place to stay and the 2 of them ended up getting an apartment right beside where they both worked. For the first month or so everything seemed fairly good.

I was coming over after work most days as I was madly in love with my significant other.

After about a month and a half they are getting along pretty well and because they both worked at a value village (community donation store) they ended up with a lot of useless junk mostly decorations that looked awful. All the while all 3 of us would party on the weekends to a similar degree and he would somehow always be low on moolah.

I found this strange as my significant other who had a car, was paying 60% of the rent (her room was almost twice as large) and was taking care of a cat, and was making ends meet for the most part. I still don’t know why but somehow with this guy working the same amount of time for the same pay with fewer expenses was not able to even pay for rent eventually and could hardly pay for groceries.

On top of all that whenever he made something he would never clean what he used to make it and they ended up having a kitchen full of fruit flies.

One of the final straws was when he owed my significant other rent (like 400-500$ cad) and they both just got paid and instead of sending her the dough he gets a few hundred dollar tattoos and a large bag of liquor.

My significant other and I lost our minds yelling at him for being so stupid with his money and how she’s going to take him to court if he doesn’t smarten up a little, she never ended up doing that but for a short time, it worked. He was better and was paying rent on time, starting to clean dishes.

Around this time, my significant other’s brother’s cats had their first litter of kittens, 2 grey striped tabby and one a marbled brown and light brown, both of them got one and named them Lilo and Stitch (ours was Lilo and his was Stitch) and for the first month of having him, he was a great cat dad, until he realized that taking care of a cat was a lot harder than taking care of the guinea pig which he had at the time.

He soon falls back into his ugly habits and in month 5 my significant other gives her 2-month notice of leaving without completing the lease, it was also around then we all realized that they had serious bed bugs, I didn’t want them getting to my place so every time I went home all clothes I was wearing/brought went into the laundry, the bag I bring it all in was thrown out and I did 2 full washes of all my home stuff that could be washed.

They weren’t that smart and for the next 2 months, they just got worse and worse. He was having to sleep on the couch because it was so bad in his room, during this time his guinea pig had died of neglect and we ended up taking care of his cat which was ok as he was so fun and friendly.

The 2nd last week of that apartment before my significant other moves in with me she has to go out east for some family stuff and asks me to pop in every day and check on the cats and in those 8 days I see what little structure this place had, has fallen apart and the garbage isn’t just collecting in the corners anymore but everywhere, after day 3 it’s almost as if he was just meeting whatever he was finished with and seeing what sound it would make.

I asked my significant other right then if I could bring the cats home because it was a mess and I actually feared for what they were walking on. She said yes and I brought Lilo home first as she and Stitch weren’t playing that well and neither was neutered. I stopped by a pet store and got a flea/tick shampoo for the cats to use once we got home because they probably had them.

The next day I grab the older cat, my significant other’s cat from before we were together, and bring her back to my place. I leave Stitch as he is technically the roommate’s and I really want to bring him to a better life but I decide not to. My significant other gets back and right away she packs all of her clothes and we take them all to a laundry mat and wait around for them to finish which was only about 3 hours, Take them all over to my place, across town, and go back to decide what to do with the rest of the stuff.

Most of it is thrown away and what is kept is sanitized always. There’s about 1 week left before my significant other’s lease ends. Then roommate knows this and starts yelling about how we were abandoning him and how is he going to afford rent and what about Stitch and how am I supposed to move. We make it clear that we could take Stitch for a while until he’s settled at the next place but that because of the way he treated us and the apartment we wouldn’t be helping him move.

He just ran into his room like a toddler who couldn’t have another slice of cake. We packed up a few more things and went to my place. When we went back the next day Stitch was gone, along with the roommate, we decided to wash the dishes we were keeping and leave the rest for him and we’re just checking back in every day until the end of the lease.

We see him once or twice as he’s scrambling to get his stuff packed. On the last day, we empty my significant other’s room putting it all in the trash as it all had bed bugs, and left the door open with pictures of it being clean. We wrote a note in the letter when we returned the keys saying that her room was clean and they had pictures and video evidence but the rest of the apartment was still a mess.

Now it’s her roommate’s problem.

At this point, he owed her around 2000$ for rent and grocery and she was just done with all that. He recently just posted a photo on Instagram #oneyearhomeless. We never did find out what happened to Stitch but Lilo and Callie are healthy and had another friend Maxwell, he and Lilo had 5 beautiful kittens, and us in our 2nd apartment now still living bed bug-free and the cats couldn’t be happier, well unless we gave them more wet food.”

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14. Living With Four Other Men Will Make You Lose Your Mind


“Freshman year of college I lived in a suite of 7 men and shared two bathrooms. My roommate and I were fairly social and hung out with the other dorm residents, but the other 4 people in the other two rooms were complete recluses. We tried doing stuff with them (especially because we had the same interests) but they just stopped coming out of their rooms and we stopped seeing them.

Not the worst thing on earth, but also was strange that we lived together and I couldn’t even name them.

But then about halfway through the school year, they started to become a problem.

One guy had this long, black greasy hair. He wouldn’t clean the hair out of his shower drain ever. He was the only guy with long hair so it was pretty obvious that it was him.

Our poor house cleaner would have to sit down and talk to everyone in the suite and beg them to clean the drain, but it never stopped.

They would pile up their room trash in the bathroom. Even though they were bathroom trash cans, they were pretty big. They were meant only for bathroom trash. However, the other suitemates would pile their room trash in the cans on the weekends when the custodians weren’t there.

I never saw them in the dining hall, but from their trash, it was apparent that at least one of them was living exclusively off of take-out Chinese food and instant noodles. I would wake up on a Sunday morning and find the bathroom trash cans PACKED down with takeout containers and instant noodles. Combined with the toilet smell, it was absolutely putrid. Also since they were packed down, the bags were too heavy for the house cleaner to lift so they took the trash cans out.

The worst part was that the garbage shoot was in the hallway right outside our suite door.

By far the worst and nastiest experience was when one of them got a girl and she basically moved in. I can’t remember the first time I saw her but I surely remember the first time I smelled her. She was absolutely putrid. She had a thick odor of sweaty socks that would drown the suite and linger for what seemed like hours long after she left.

She would frequently get phone calls at least once a night and go into the bathroom to take them and lock the door. She would stay in there for literal hours and yell in Spanish at whoever was on the other end of the phone. One time I wanted to use the toilet so I knocked on the door but she only started yelling in Spanish more.

By far the worst part of her phone calls is how she would constantly unroll the toilet paper from the roll and throw it away during the call. I think it was some sort of nervous tick or something. Whenever she left the bathroom, all the toilet paper would be unrolled and in the trash can. Like an entire roll. Our housekeeper (she would come when they were all sleeping in and I would be up and getting ready) remarked that we were using all 4 rolls a day and she was concerned about it.

If she came over on a Friday night, well there went the toiler paper for the weekend until the housekeeper comes again on Monday. All of this culminated into me walking in on him getting it on with her on the dorm couch when I left to take an early morning, finally. Her normal smell compounded with the smell of her nether regions was literally unfathomable. Luckily this was finals week and they moved out within the week.”

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13. Nasty Roommate Has The Nerve To Bully Me


“The dude moved in and literally did not clean a single thing at all ever for 6 months! I used to do a field day/deep clean of the whole house once every two weeks to a month. The first time I did this after he moved in (a week or two after) he came into the house yelling about how clean it was and how great it looked.

I told him that next time it was his turn. He said, ‘I don’t… know what that means.’

That was it, right there. The end. Like what are you stupid. You just said how clean it is. So someone cleaned it. Obviously me. I said next time is your turn. That means when it’s not clean anymore it’s your turn to make it clean. What do you think it means??? Obviously, just some stupid thing a disgusting lazy sack of trash says when they don’t want to say yeah I’ll clean next time.

The dude was the opposite of what you probably expect. Six’5″ turbo hot ex-marine dude in his early twenties. But he lived like a neckbeard mutant.

He ate NOTHING but bowls of cereall. And the disgusting piece of trash would leave them half full of milk and soggy cereal in the sink. Like what is wrong with you? Why would you not pour it down the garbage disposal?

I only did dishes once a week because I’m lazy.

But I’d rinse them all thoroughly enough that there’s be nothing on them going bad in the meantime. This guy’s cereal bowls just putrified. I’m just ashamed I actually washed them a couple of times. Almost vomiting in the sink in the process. After three months of this. That’s how long it took to break me. After three months I was done. Stocked up on hot pockets, paper plates, resolved never to clean anything again.

That sink got insanely bad. It was hard to stand in the kitchen long enough to nuke a pocket.

This dumb idiot had the audacity to complain about it like it’s not literally all his stupid gross stunts. I had some friends over one night and we had some drinks. The next day he asked me if any of us threw up in the sink because that’s what it smelled like.

That’s what it had smelled like for weeks at least. I wanted to grab him by his pretty stupid head and shove his face in one of his own cereal bowls. Instead, I just said, ‘nope.’

Every day I came home and checked that sink.

One day after 2 months I came home and saw the pile of dishes was fine! I was ecstatic! Took a closer look, the sink was half full of literally completely black water.

It had been left like that. The dishes, it turned out were all in the dishwasher. The dishwasher drain was clogged from all the things that were on them when he put them in there straight from the sink lab. They were all still encrusted anyway because obviously, a dishwasher isn’t going to clean his sins away. I was furious. Did nothing.

Not long after this guy’s bestie moved in, and by the third month, he finally had some turbo hot girl over to pound and couldn’t let her see the place as bad as it was.

The first time he tried cleaning. It was a real half-a-person type of job.

Eventually, he and the bestie started throwing parties. I mean. I remember what it was like the first time with my ‘own’ place living with my best friend and partying every weekend. I’ve just never been cool, never been invited to the party, back then my buddy was the cool one and I was just the tag-along beta that made the alpha feel good about himself.

At THIS time I was in my LATE twenties, the coolness coattails were long gone and I was way over that thing, I’m working nights in an ugly warehouse, pushing 30, and I have to come home to loud insane parties with the house PACKED with 18 to 22 and a half-year-olds.

I’m not feeling it.

But the jerk heads at least are actually cleaning the house decently now FOR their parties.

The problem was then the dumb useless idiot actually had the nerve to start being annoyed at me for never helping!

The dude literally started bullying me. He started putting things in my drinks. First time I had poured a soda and left it on the counter while he was in the kitchen and went to do some laundry. Came back, got the drink, went to my room, watched a movie in the dark, and drank it.

Didn’t notice anything, but when I turned the light in my room on could see there was this gross blackish-brown residue all inside the cup. Obviously didn’t get there by accident. Don’t know if it was something he scraped out from under the sink or a huge booger or whatever.

I wanted to destroy him. But to be honest, I probably couldn’t win in a fight, he’s WAY bigger than me.

So I wanted to get my baton that I have and just kick in his bedroom door and whale on his stunts with that to make sure he doesn’t get a fighting chance. But really, that’s going too far obviously.

If you escalate it to that level 1 of 2 things will happen. If you try not to hit too hard so you don’t put him in the hospital, you won’t hit hard enough, you’ll lose anyway, he probably will put you in the hospital.

And once authorities are involved he won’t even get in trouble. Self-defense. Then YOU go to prison. Or you go hard enough to make sure he doesn’t get a chance, in which case you at LEAST put him in the hospital, you could even kill him by accident. Either way, authorities get involved, you go to prison.

This is how bullies work. I’m intimately familiar. I got bullied all through middle school.

They’re master manipulators. They know exactly how to get you right up to the point of snapping, and then NOT push you over that line, to make sure they never get hit back. Then keep you there riding the line of your own sanity. They know exactly how to do all this in a way that’s just subtle enough it’s not obviously breaking any major rules, so they don’t get in trouble for it, and no one intervenes.

Then if you ever do snap and hit them, you get in trouble for standing up for yourself.

And now here I am going through it all again in my own house at 28/9-30 goddamn years old because my roommate is the worst jerk of the human race, I got sick of wiping his butt for him and now he has selective memory and thinks I’m the slob.

This dude put a nasty liquid in my iced tea bottle in the fridge and I actually drank it. Poured a cup, took a sip, literally felt lumps slip between my lips, and spit it out saw the nasty liquid in my cup. Looked in the fridge, that bottle was full of it. I’ve never felt more rage before in my life, I’m honestly amazed I didn’t literally actually murder that dude.

I actually poured out half the bottle to make it look like I hadn’t noticed and was drinking it just to see if he’d say or do anything and I told myself if he ever said anything I’d just say whatever and screw him any way I could as bad as I could. But he didn’t.

I lived in that house for 3 years, it was the most stable place to live I’ve had.

This dude bullied me out of my own home and I actually never did do anything about it. I wanted to go back and just like, ROYALLY mess up his brand new Mustang after I moved out but I figured that’d be too obvious and I’d have cops at my front door the next day so I never did.

Since then I moved 4 times in the past 2 or 3 years because I keep landing in situations with weird or dumb roommates or landlords or expiring leases and the guy subletting to me isn’t renewing.

You name it. Now is the nicest place I’ve lived with the best roommates since that house before him, and honestly, now I actually AM kind of the bad roommate because that messed me up. I rarely clean and I’m noticing the other roommates starting to notice it. I guess I should turn this situation around just to make sure I’m finally over all that old thing.

Sometimes when something reminds me of that first roomie, I hope I run into him in a bar someday just so I can do something and beat him up in a ‘just a bar fight’ context where hopefully cops won’t get involve/look into it too much.”

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12. Unhygienic Roommate Trashed Our Bathroom


“University, around 1998. Roomie and I shared a kitchen, a corridor area with storage for clothes, etc., and a bathroom. We didn’t know each other beforehand; the university assigned places in these little flats randomly.

We didn’t really interact much, but she did some stuff I found mildly disturbing (screaming at someone who wasn’t there in the night, looking wild and starey when addressed, but not responding); and she was REALLY unhygienic in all our shared spaces.

But I was busy studying and boinking and having fun, so I just lived with it and didn’t complain.

I went away for a couple of weeks with my significant other.

When I got back, I was greeted at the door with a terrible smell, as something had died. Unlocked the door to something that looked like it was out of The Shining. Roomie was nowhere to be seen, but she’d had some sort of…

episode while I was gone. She’d had a (heavy) period, and had stuck all she used sanitary towels (at this point a week or so old) on the walls and doors. The smell was unbelievable. The sink was full (seriously – a couple of inches deep) of week-and-a-bit-old orange pulp, which was rotting and smelled almost as bad as the bloody pads. And she’d dumped all over the bathroom; it was as if she’d stood in the middle of the room, holding back a case of bad diarrhea, and had let it go while slowly rotating, like a lawn sprinkler. I don’t like to remember it.

Sadly, there wasn’t a nice tidy end to this story: she never came back, but her room was emptied one day while I was in class. The college made me stay there while they got professional cleaners in to deal with the biohazard, and use someone else’s bathroom. I still wonder what happened to her.”

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Have you considered the fact that she might have committed suicide in the bathroom?
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11. Petty Roommate Doesn't Like Hearing Voices


“The first year of uni I happened to be put into a flat of 5 where 4 of us were all studying the same subject. It was completely randomized but the 5th flatmate was really hostile with us about it. We tried our best not to discuss our degree in front of her but it wasn’t good enough. We had studied her degree subject at A level so tried to engage with her on it but she was really resistant.

If we were making dinner we would sometimes bring our textbooks into the kitchen with us so we could study whilst cook (as did she) but she didn’t like that and asked us not to do it. The mere presence of our textbooks was bad apparently. We once returned from a lecture and she had put post-it notes (I mean dozens of them) all over the kitchen with quotes and things related to her degree written on them.

We were also huge fans of a certain TV show and she refused to watch it and so we were literally banned from discussing it in front of her. Even if she walked into the room and we were discussing it we had to change the subject immediately. If someone brought it up (by saying something as simple as ‘what episode are you on?’), she would loudly slam the cupboard doors to indicate she was annoyed with the conversation.

After we moved out, she started watching the TV show and loved it. I think she was just being deliberately awkward with us. There’s a lot more than this, I have so many stories of this one flatmate.”

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10. Nasty Roommate Is A Liar


“Jessica is a lovely person and very wholesome. A friend I’d known for about a year now. Grace is a very nice person if a bit quiet and awkward sometimes. John is an awkward geeky guy who was definitely not perfect and would probably be the star albeit much more briefly if not for THAT GUY… Alex is a really lovely bloke, a bit of a stoner but he wasn’t difficult by any stretch of the imagination.

Generally, a friendly and nice guy who I still message every once in a while. And Ratface – guess who this guy is (if it isn’t obvious I’m still bitter and I have needed to vent this for a while).

So before I moved in I and Ratface were good friends, he seemed to be a good person, fairly friendly, and somewhat eccentric. He also talked about how he wanted to be a billionaire, how he wanted to accomplish great things, and yadayadayada…

To me he was fascinating. He and Jessica were close friends for a brief bit of time but he then showed the first of his various shades of red flags. By revealing to a closer friend of Jessica in a way that he THOUGHT was subtle and not obvious was that she was self-harming. He ended up making a bad situation even worse than it already was because he ended up confusing everyone.

After all, most of us are autistic. It should also be noted this was BEFORE we moved in together.

When we did, they didn’t talk much. Ratface had nearly ruined a long-term friendship. Alex and I were becoming good friends and even though John was weird we at the very least had a common interest in anime. I and Ratface were still good friends despite his previous problems with Jessica.

We often stayed up late at night just talking and playing video games.

However, I started to notice more problems. For one he started to become bitter to other people, claiming one very nice person in our group was entitled. Coincidentally she had criticized him during a period where he destroyed an entire autistic social group because he didn’t like the new leadership and thought he had a better idea.

This was a habit I noticed of his. He wouldn’t criticize you for what you were saying if you criticized him. Just something that was vaguely related to that criticism or something else entirely which may or may not be true.

He also could not clean up. His room was a pigsty. Mine wasn’t great either but at least it wasn’t dirty. There was food everywhere. He also couldn’t wash up the dishes and didn’t clean up properly on the toilet which got so bad that Alex started taking photos and putting them on the group chat to shame him.

Oh and I don’t mean he wasn’t willing to wash up the dishes. I mean he COULDN’T physically wash up the dishes properly. To be fair he claimed to have dyspraxia, but then again he also claimed to have dyslexia and dyscalculia… while doing a Software engineering degree. I can believe the first one and maybe even the second one. But I don’t for a second in hindsight believe the third one.

They all ended up becoming things for him to lean on. Which is never a good idea. I have autism but I don’t like to lean on it as an excuse. I’ll own my mistake if I mess up.

He also claimed to be good at EVERYTHING. He said he was incredibly perceptive. Turns out it was only ‘for things he was looking for.’ Which in case you’re wondering is literally everyone.

He also claimed to be a really good artist. I offered to do some sketching as I study art only to find out he COULDN’T EVEN DRAW A SQUARE properly. He also claimed to be good at editing films but by then I had learned that he wasn’t very good at what he claimed to be good at.

There was one point where I felt he was being a bit too personal with me.

So I had a talk with him about it and he suddenly got really defensive and made me feel guilty instead. This was the one thing he was good at. Manipulating.

Remember how Ratface wanted to be a billionaire? Well, he always had some project he would abandon a month later. One of these projects was called Autism League. Starting as an app for autistic people, he asked me to design some characters for him in a comic book style that all represented a trait of autism.

Now there were some other red flags at this point such as him not being able to guarantee payment. I was ok with this because I thought he had connections to people who could help me out and I could put it on my CV. Yes, we got a little visit from someone with the username, ChoosingBeggars. This project took a massive toll on my health and I started feeling intimidated by him.

It should be noted that this was the first time I had worked with him and it was awful. He kept hounding me to make a social media account for my art so that it would look better. He had asked me to do SO MUCH. 19 drawings if I recall correctly. And it got so bad that I started becoming paranoid. So much that I felt I had to get my dad to tell him that I couldn’t do it last minute.

Then things got pretty weird. I admit it wasn’t the best way to contact him but he then went off on me not for failing to keep up my end of the deal, but for failing to tell him personally and for my dad calling him during an award ceremony of some sort. Now, this is stupid on a multitude of levels. Firstly I can’t control when my dad calls you and secondly JUST MUTE YOUR PHONE YOU TROGLODYTE!!! During this time he claimed I didn’t trust him therefore he couldn’t trust me.

Claiming the one thing he needs from every friendship is absolute trust. At this moment I decided we couldn’t be friends anymore. He had manipulated me, emotionally broken me and all that combined with the late hours of playing video games with him obviously removing the tv because of me. It was obvious we couldn’t be friends. Oh, he tried to apologize and we did meet up once or twice but I just had no sympathy for him anymore.

He moved out shortly after citing a bad house but really it was me. I know it for a fact.”

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9. Odd Roommate Suddenly Became Religious


“I was at university at the time so not many renters would rent to me and all the university rents were taken. I ended up finding a room in a professional house share.

The house had three people already living there, two of them were normal enough. But the third, we can call him Oddball, was, as I’m sure you can guess, an oddball.

When I first moved there, Oddball, was a little shy but nothing too strange, wouldn’t really speak to me and I wouldn’t really see him apart from crossing paths to the kitchen.

Then one week he went away and when he came back, he entered as Oddballl.

He randomly got super religious. He would leave handwritten Bible quotes stuck to cupboards in the kitchen. He started wearing darker and looser clothing, almost like robes. He then put the house on the couch surfers website, bearing in mind it wasn’t our home and didn’t ask any of us beforehand. Only one person visited us through the website.

I walked in after my lectures and he was sat in the living room with a random girl, in silence, staring at her. She was actually super lovely but again another story another time.

The other roommates and I started talking about Oddball, every day, discussing the little things we had seen. Like how he had started taking all his kitchen things upstairs to his room and hearing religious music blaring at all hours.

One time we were talking and realized that none of us had seen him in a couple of weeks. His room smelt so bad and we ended up getting the homeowner to unlock his room as we feared for his safety. In fact, Oddball, had just left all his kitchen things on the floor and left, the smell was rotting food.

I ended up leaving soon after and often wonder what happened to Oddball. What made him turn so religious? Was it a cult? Was the rotting food meant to be an offering or a shrine? The Bible quotes were about Armageddon, did he leave because he went to bunker down to wait for it?”

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8. Messed-Up Roommate Does Unspeakable Things In Our House With Her Partner


“I’ve had some terrible roommate experiences but the worst was probably this one girl who I’ll call Elba. Her significant other had actually moved in. He sweet-talked her into our house. He told us her mom kicked her out and that she had no place else to go. At first, everything was alright, and then as time went on she started getting an attitude about little things until it built up to us arguing all the time, claimed she never had money for food and always ate mine without asking, and on top of that she and her significant other would get into loud, violent fights all hours of the night and break things in the house.

Then I came to find out she and her significant other were using illegal substances but when I confronted them they lied said they were off of it and I stupidly believed them… that was until Elba almost died in the house due to a bacterial infection in her heart valve which was caused by what she was using. She was in the hospital for around 3 months and her significant other told us he’d cover her rent for her but never did and when she got out of the hospital she refused to get a job even though she knew she and her significant other were the reason we were all falling behind on rent, and refused to leave as well.

I even tried working with our landlord to get her out, which was admittedly a little underhanded, but she sweet-talked him into giving her more time yet she still made no effort to find work. I tried everything to get her out and nothing worked until finally, we all ended up getting evicted from the house. And then I stupidly even tried living with her again.

A year or so after the whole ordeal she apologized and came crawling back begging to let her move into the new place I was at. I should have just said no but she claimed she got help and had a job working at a dog daycare, but soon after letting her move in she was back with the same bad attitude and got fired from her job for stealing dog medication.

She got another job, lost it, and tried to blame another roommate and I said we called her job and ratted her out for stealing from the last one (which neither of us actually did).

I ended up leaving that house and I guess she did not too long after and now apparently she has a baby with a guy she homewrecked… so Elba is now a parent, and I’m forever extremely cautious about who I live with or let in my house. ‘Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me’ as they say.”

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7. Lesbians Must Love Me


“This girl that lived near my Uni, she was living with her partner and her partner’s baby. I cannot tell you how many times I walked in on her sleeping with a bunch of different women, while her live-in partner was away visiting her family, and the baby was in another room. Then the girl was really crazy and jealous (which she actually had a legit reason to be), she’d call her at all hours of the day and night, and when she didn’t answer she’d call me.

I had to get really creative with my excuses as to why I couldn’t get the other lunatic to answer her. Anywho the apartment was completely barren when we moved in, and I offered to help furnish it. We split the costs of every piece of furniture in the home (because my live-in partner didn’t work).

So I walk in one day, few days after my live-in partner reveals that she’s leaving and going back to men, to see the house completely empty, of course, lose my mind, and call my roommate, thinking we got robbed.

Turns out this girl sold everything in the apartment and was moving to the beach to ‘start her life over’, and sold all the furniture ‘because she needed moolah for the trip’, I’m stunned into silence she then says super ducking merrily, ‘Oh I almost forgot, you need to leave the apartment by the end of the week, I already handed the owner the keys and let her know you would hand her yours than’.

Whelp I shat bricks dude, called in a few favors, and moved in with a super cool lady who worked at the call center that I was working at.

The second nightmare of bad roommates was this girl I also met working in a call center probably the worst too. She was kind of really dumb (or so I thought), spoke really strangely, and was kind of really slow on the uptake.

Let’s call her #2. Anywho #2, came from a really super dirt poor family, and she was the only one earning a decent living, and I could tell her family was taking advantage of her. So I convince this girl to move into an apartment with me (at this point the really nice old lady was moving out of town).

#2 accepts, my family nearly furnished the entire place for us, mostly because my family rocks, and they know I’m a poor uni student, and she has very little moolah.

#2, is still working at a call center and I convince her to go back to school, even help her with her admission fees and all.

Everything seems to be going pretty well, she’s a little dirty but I can live with it. Then, my stuff starts going missing. I had a lotttttt of shoes, clothes, jewelry, that were pretty expensive, my dad wasn’t around much growing up, and my well-off grandparents pretty much helped raise me, so my grandmother would gift me all sorts of really pricey things.

I ask #2 about it, and she has no idea what I’m talking about. I didn’t think it was her at the time, so I blamed it on people we invited for parties now and then. Stupid right? Some time goes by and #2’s brother gets kicked out of his house for being a general mess-up, my roommate begs us to stay with him. I’m pretty hesitant mostly because he’s a real jerk, and didn’t feel comfortable with him staying in our home.

Well, she begs until I finally give in, she promises he’ll help with the rent and stuff while he’s with us, I tell her that’s not necessary mostly because I think he’s going to stay on the couch.

Nope. He would sleep on the same bed as her old 27-year-old man, with his sister who I knew for a fact slept without clothes the majority of the time.

It creeped me out.

So a few weeks turns into a few months, and this idiot is basically moved in. Stuff keeps disappearing more frequently now, cash I leave on the table, from my bag, an earing here, handbag there. Until one day the cash I had stashed in a hidden pocket in a bag disappears, this cash was moolah I was saving up for school, It was moolah my grandparents would give me in cash, uncles, for my birthday and Christmas, stuff like that, and knew my dumbass wasn’t going to be able to cover all expenses, with my earnings.

Well, moolah was gone. I was hysterical. Roommate and brother swear they have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m in shambles because I need dough for school, and #2 says ‘why don’t you just pawn some of the nice jewelry you have, you can recover it later when you have a little more money’. So I go to do just that, long story short a bunch of my pieces of jewelry was missing, among them these really super expensive ruby earrings my grandma gave me, that belonged to her family for god knows how long.

I’m even more in a mess than before. Ended up calling my godfather for help. A couple of weeks go by and guess who I see wearing my grandmother’s earrings?

#2 pulls them off her ears and it dawns on me that this girl was probably behind everything that went missing. So I storm into her room and make her turn her closet inside out, I found a lot of my things in there.

I was always way too respectful to go in there, she blames her brother, tells me he’s doing illegal things, and needed moolah for illegal substances and rent.

(I forgot to mention that I paid the first month and deposit, plus would help them with rent when they didn’t have any moolah.) So I knew that was a lie. Took me a week to find a room to rent, transferred the lease, and moved out.

I let her keep all the furniture, and the moolah I had paid. She called me a few months later because she couldn’t afford to live there anymore, and the place was trashed. I felt pretty bad because the landlady was going to sue her because of the damages to the property. I did end up speaking to the landlady, and after some money was exchanged she left them alone.

Told my mom everything later, and kind of went to file a report against her for all the things she stole. I know it’s stupid but I still felt pretty bad for her, I’m pretty sure her parents were cousins or something.

Whelp afterward I moved in with two influencers, who smoked a bunch of illegal substances to stay thin. That was interesting, to say the least.

And the last terrible roommate situation was my best friend and her partner (yeah I know, crazy lesbians love me). They would get into fistfights, knock down doors to get to each other, hook up like crazy, EVERYWHERE. My best friend’s girl had some serious jealousy issues, and she had a short temper. This time though, my partner of some time had moved in, he helped a lot with curbing my being nice to a fault thing, and intervened with a couple of murder attempts.”

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6. Elementary Friend Takes Advantage Of My House


“One day an old friend of mine from elementary school texted me out of the blue. She said that she and her significant other broke up, and she’s moving back to town. She moved away a few years ago and I haven’t seen her in YEARS. Of course, I was ecstatic to see my old friend again, but then I got the brilliant idea… ‘why don’t you stay with me for a bit until you get on your feet.’

Ex dropped her off at about 1 pm on Thursday with all her things, her cat, and gave her $1200 to get by until she found a job.

Around 3 pm the same Thursday she arrived, Her new significant other shows up at my house and doesn’t leave for THREE DAYS. I didn’t expect an extra house guest HOURS upon arrival.

Of course the first few days I’m like ‘help yourself!’ Because that’s what you say until people get themselves together. Both of them ate sooo much of my food, my lunches, my bacon; gone.

One day they tell me ‘oh we’re going to go get some groceries!’ (great!) they came back with a box of 40 bagel bites, two iced teas, and a bag of frozen raspberries. Then turns to me and asks what I’m having for dinner as if I had steaks prepared for them as well.

Day 3, her new significant other finally leaves around 5 pm Sunday. I went and I talked to her right away about the situation, and that I’m not cool with him sleeping over all the time.

She said she understood. The next day guess who comes back at 11 am, I was annoyed. He left for like 16 hours. I left them alone anyways because I had to leave for work at 3. While I was at work, I get a text, around 9 pm ‘ _______ passed out, can he stay over?’ Obviously I’m like god no. But I didn’t reply, I wanted to see what she would do.

I get home at 11 pm and she comes in my room right away, ‘Oh how was your shift?’ I’m like ‘really?? Cut the nonsense, you just want to know if your man can stay over.’ I told her I was PO’d because we literally discussed this yesterday and he needs to get out. He left and she apologized. I tried to settle down and give her another chance, maybe things just got off on the wrong foot.

The next step was for her to find a job. She told me she’s going to meet the manager at Dollarama around 10-11 the next day. Well, instead she woke up at 10-11 and said she just had to be there before two. Left the house at two. Did she apply for maybe 4 jobs? A few days later I asked how the job hunt was going and she said she applied to Walmart (one online application for the day, done.) I tried to have a reality check talk with her.

‘Oh it’ll be a paycheque or two and I’ll be out of here.’ What world are you living in? A paycheque or two on minimum wage doesn’t get you anywhere or anything. Needless to say, she did not get a job during the duration of her stay with me. I also asked if her significant other had a job ‘he might get a job in construction next week!’ MIGHT is the keyword here and it’s mid-late October.

I felt like I was living with a dirty hamster. Her room smelt disgusting so I had to see what was in there. The room was piled floor to ceiling in the garbage, clothes, soiled underwear, dishes, garbage, cat litter all over the floor (from the litter box I set up for her). I couldn’t see the floor. I walked in on an unflushed toilet at least 4 times.

Even a poo once.

Can I also mention the neglect of her cat? Remember how she arrived on a Thursday? Well, Sunday comes and I had to refill MY cat’s feeder. I look over to see her bag of cat food untouched and unopened. I look around and see no food or water bowl for her cat. So obviously the poor thing hasn’t been fed and is now eating my cat’s food which makes my two kitties suffer because the feeder only lets out so much at a time.

There was no litter box set up either for the poor thing. So three cats to the one litter box, unfair. Come on. I set up her litter box, get a bowl of food for her cat, water. Complete neglect, too busy hanging out with her new significant other.

After about two weeks I was so done. She’s been nothing but rude and disrespectful to me and my house, taking advantage of the situation.

Eating my food, doing nothing all day like a degenerate teenager. Since I didn’t like her significant other over at the house they would SKYPE each other 24/7. He would wait on camera for her to come back from a smoke, what a sore loser. Or she would shut up for a few days and leave me to take care of her cat. So I told her that I couldn’t live with her anymore and that she needed to leave.

She texts me from her degen man’s house saying ‘I’m gonna move out Friday morning and ______’s staying over to help me pack’ … ‘no. He is not allowed in my house and you can pack your 1 room by yourself. I can do it in an hour.’ Like god no. I also told her I need her out Thursday not Friday and my landlord is coming to change the locks Thursday night (because I was working nights Thursday night and didn’t want to leave her alone in my house.)

She then asks for my landlord’s number, calls him, and begs him to let her stay until Friday.

My landlord calls me back and asks if there’s any way. We just wanted her out, so I said to myself fine. I’ll get my sister to stay over Thursday night, give her the rest of the ‘rent’ back, and let her leave Friday. Just as I was about to slip the money under her door and tell her Friday, she texts me this big long message saying she’s gonna come after me and my landlord through the landlords and tenants act.

I called her back immediately to cut the texting nonsense and the conversation escalated really quickly. ‘I’m gonna come back and call the cops if you touch my things’… ‘Do it, call. I’ll call too and have you and your things removed from my property’ and I did call the police and filed a report. She comes back to the house hours later, soaking wet from the rain, and just sits in the mudroom like a drowned rat waiting for the cops to show up trying to look like a victim.

Refused to change out of the wet clothes. She didn’t even call them until she got back and realized I actually called the cops. The police didn’t come that night.

So the next morning I waited until she came down for a smoke and I asked her if she is still moving out Friday? And she replies with a jerky attitude towards me and says ‘I thought you were changing the locks tonight.’ and walks away from me.

I snapped. ‘Come here and talk to me like you’re 23 years old.’ I chased her outside and I cussed her out; 9 am, loud and early, I was absolutely livid at this point. I told her she’s been nothing but disrespectful to me in my house and took full advantage of the situation when all I was trying to do was help her get on her feet.

I did some research the night before and read (yelled) her some facts from an article I found straight from the government of Canada. It stated that she has ZERO rights as a ‘roommate or houseguest’ and that she is NOT protected by the act. She gave ME the money for the one month, last month’s rent was NOT paid, there was NO signed black and white rental agreement, no moolah given to my landlord directly from her hand.

Just a few texts as proof that say ‘Sure I’ll help you, friend!’ I also informed her that my only option now is to have her forcibly removed from my property. I screamed at her that I don’t even know who she is anymore. She knew she lost and went back inside, as she was walking upstairs I told her to ‘stop wasting time and start packing.’

The cops were nice enough to follow up with me and called me back not too long after I flipped out on her.

My walls are quite thin. ‘Oh yes she is still on my property as of this moment; No I don’t believe I need POLICE services at this time. I think I hear her packing her things. She’s supposed to leave tomorrow morning and if I have any trouble you will hear back from me. The morning ends at noon.’

Friday afternoon, I tour the room as everything is ‘out’ and being loaded into the truck.

Garbage, stains on the wall, plates, sand, and her cat’s litter box full of poo left behind. The room was a disaster. Disgusting. I handed her significant other the litter box full of things, gave him a bag, and said ‘Here you go, your girl left this.’ The last thing she said to me was ‘have a nice life’ and I am quite enjoying my life without her, thank you.

I immediately cleaned the room top to bottom, it was disgusting. Never in my life have I mopped the floor and have been able to see a physical difference as to where I mopped and where I didn’t. I COULD NOT GET THE NASTY STAIN OFF MY WALL. I used every cleaning solution available to me. She was only there for two weeks.

I think the first red flag should’ve been the fact that her EX drove TWO DAYS (they moved really far away), with all her things, her cat, and gave her 1200$ Just to get rid of her. Screw me for trying to be a nice person right?”

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5. He's One Of The Worst People I Let Into My Life


“My first college roommate was not very well-liked by everybody at school. I can’t really put my finger on why. But he really wasn’t a bad roommate. It’s not like either of us were messy or, to my knowledge, either of us smelled. We basically just didn’t hang out together.

I guess the only kind of bad one was later when I was 20. I moved in with my brother’s significant other.

She had already graduated from college and taken her first job a few hours away. I was transferring to that college. She lost her first job and found a new one back in the college town. Since we were moving to town at the same time we decided it made sense for us to room together. We figured my brother would hang out at our place all the time anyway, which he did.

Eventually, my brother got a job and moved away about four hour drive. Everyone assumed he and the girl would end up getting married. Everyone except the girl I guess. She decided she needed some space. Her cover story was that a bunch of nights a week she was going ‘walking at the track’ with a female coworker. The reality was she was hooking up with a male coworker.

The female coworker was completely in on too. Anyway, after a few months of her lying eventually, it got out. I had to suddenly find a new apartment to live in.

Honorable mention is a guy that, as an adult, lived with me and my dad for a while for free. I thought we were friends. He decided to repay our generosity by going around and talking trash about us to anyone and everyone. I’d say he’s one of the lowest character individuals I’ve ever let into my circle. Lesson learned.”

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4. Creep And Jerk Had A War


“So at one point in my life around 2008 I was living with 3 other guys in a one-room bedsit. 2 of the roommates were jerks but for different reasons, First we have the Creep and then we have the Jerk (a self-appointed nickname that I’ll get to possibly.) Now Creep was a year older than me but acted like he was 14. He had long greasy hair and a creepy mustache and beard combo thought of himself as a death metal fan but listened to stuff like The Used.

He had NO concept of personal space.

One time I was cooking breakfast for me and my then-significant other and he came up behind me and put his arms around my waist, I thought it was my significant other and went to kiss ‘her’ to be greeted with a face of creepy beard… Another time he had his significant other over and openly hooked up with everyone else in the room.

Later on, after I had moved out he called the cops for something that the Jerk had done and while she was taking a statement he stood behind her and started stroking her hair. Needless to say, the case was thrown out and he got charged with harassment. Also, it came to light about 6 months later that he lost the flat due to inviting an underage girl inside after he found her on the street.

Well, the Jerk. Where to start with Mr ‘I should be a Jerk, People love me when I’m a Jerk so I will be Jerkish all day every day.’ Jerk stole everything from Creep and sold it to the pawnshop so he could get illegal substances. It started with DVDs and ended up with a bass guitar. Creep didn’t notice until we had all moved out.

Jerk felt the world owed him for the grace of him being alive so always tried to take leadership of everything and thought he was the funniest person alive. He decided to play ‘bouncy castle’ with Creep’s bed and literally destroyed the frame.

He took one of my drawings that I’d spent a good 6 hours doing (and had kept safe for like 3 years) and slapped it onto a freshly painted door, thus ruining my chances of ever getting it back.

He used Creep’s toothbrush to clean under the rim of the toilet after I’d had severe diarrhea and then put it back for Creep to use. He routinely mugged friends if it could benefit him. He screwed over all of our friends just so he could get more illegal things and ended up alienating everyone with his Jerk ways. Oh and the by the far WORST offense he committed.

Creep had cooking oil and Jerk wanted to use it, so Jerk used it and topped it up with washing-up liquid, Creep didn’t realize until he decided one day to make chips. So Creep filled his saucepan with oil and put it on and started chopping his potatoes and before he was done the flames started, the started spewing black smoke and we tried to use a fire blanket but it was an oil fire so we royally messed it up and called the Fire Brigade.

They arrived and put it out but we had to evacuate the building and have a stern talking to by the Fire Fighters. Creep had no idea why the oil caught fire so quickly and I and Jerk played it off as we didn’t know either, mainly so he could cover himself and I didn’t want to implicate myself at the time. But we knew.

I haven’t seen the Creep in years but last time I saw him he’d shaved and cut his hair and tried to be more adult-ish as I guess his mother had had words with him and I routinely see the Jerk around and he’s still high and still looks like a jerk.”

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3. Odd Roommates Got Kicked Out


“I moved off campus after my freshman man. I chose an extremely cheap apartment that’s super close to the side of campus most of my classes are. Anyway, because of the price, I had some odd roommates, two people kicked out last year, both for the same thing. I’ll call the roommate K.

She and her family moved from NY to the best of my understanding. She got a lease at my apartment, her sisters were staying with their grandmother.

But her mother didn’t have a place to stay. Homelessness is a terrible thing, BUT the roommate never asked us about her mother staying with us. She would knock on the door at 5 am to be let it, which would only wake up me. As a college student with a heavy major, I value my sleep more than money. The mom would also have loud conversations on the phone at 7 am, while I was sleeping or while I was studying at night.

She would also leave the kitchen and the shared bathroom a mess. Not to mention the fights K and her mom would get into or that K broke my kitchen knives when she would open her room when she let her mom have her keys.

Next roommate I’ll call S To give some idea on the timeline of this, S started seeing a guy a couple of weeks after K got kicked out (mid-November), I go home for winter break, and the new guy is now living in the apartment, so a month.

I was the only roommate leftover from the beginning of the lease so I think she didn’t think she needed to ask anyone else. So tension there. She also took over 3/4 of the fridge, which was supposed to be shared with the other 3 roommates, big tension for me because she would move around my stuff, which would be fine if she didn’t have the rest of the fridge, I brought up the issues I was having with the fridge several times, direct communication, no subtlety.

She would also kick us out of the common area because her room wasn’t enough for their love. Yes, they were saying I love you at 1 month. My favorite part was when she stopped talking to everyone in the apartment except her significant other. They quit his job at an insurance company, to become a police officer, but dropped that because it was too militaristic.

So they were surviving off her fast-food job, while he just hung around the apartment. My favorite conversation with S was, ‘Can organic eggs affect my cycle’, to which I responded ‘Probably not, but you might need to get a pregnancy test’, ‘That might be your initial thought, but you’re active and I’m not.’ Which I might have believed if the walls weren’t so thin.

My apartment situation is much better this year. I have one roommate from last semester and everyone else is quiet and does their dishes. Going, to be honest, I only know the girl from last year’s name. It’s the perfect arrangement for me.”

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2. They Revealed Their True Selves Eventually


“I had a roommate from 2014-2016 who was trans (why this is mentioned comes up). They were cool at first but kept revealing more and more about themselves that showed me they were pretty messed up overall.

The main thing that made things go left was when they randomly asked me why I wasn’t into them like that and I said because I’m into women and that we were just friends.

They got quiet and I could feel the energy in the room totally shift. So I got up and walked to the fridge and before I could make it, I heard a loud crash. I turned around and they had smashed a 72-inch flat-screen on the floor. They calmly and quietly looked at me and then just walked away like nothing just happened. I should have just left it there, but I said ‘that was your TV’ (as to say, you’re breaking your stuff, I don’t care.) when they were out of sight and they said ‘oh yeah?’ and ran upstairs and closed the door.

I then heard a ton of hitting around. So I go upstairs and open their door as the noise is still going on and they’re destroying everything. I see they snapped their laptop in two. They smashed another flat screen in their room. Punched or kicked holes in the wall. The works. I just close the door and go about my day because I was used to the freakouts at that point.

Around my first Christmas there, I was working on my laptop in my room with the door closed late at night. I could see that they were lurking back and forth outside of my door because I could see their shadow. I ignored it for a bit because my door was locked, but it started annoying me. So I said ‘what’s going on?’ and they said nothing and walked away.

I then heard their door quietly open. So I go back to what I was doing and I heard high-pitched screaming. I jump up and open my door and stick my head out and it’s them. I walk over there and knock and they just keep screaming. I open it and they’re just laying in bed screaming. I ask what’s going on and they said they think they made a mistake being trans.

I wait a moment and ask if that is why they were outside of my door off and on for ten minutes and they said they never were in front of my room. I told them I saw them and they start flipping out saying that I’m accusing them just like their wife would and that no one believes them. I’m like dude, I saw your shadow, and if you only wanted to talk you should have knocked and not been weird.

They try to make it like I was saying ‘weird’ as in because they’re trans and not because they were being really creepy. So I walk out and they keep screaming. So a neighbor called the cops. I hear the door and answer. I’m confused, but they explain the complaint and they want to talk to the roommate. So I call them down and this nut outright says ‘he doesn’t want to be with me because I’m trans and thinks I’m weird because I’m not a real girl in his mind.

So I’m like whatever, I’m going to end my life.’ The one cop asks them if they’re a threat to themselves and they say ‘I’ll show you a threat’ and runs past me and toward the kitchen. The cops follow, walking, not running mind you and the roommate starts digging in the drawers. The cops tell them to stop and I see they have their hands on your tasers. Stop and just drop to the floor and starts babbling more wrapped claims about why I only like women. The police take them and they’re committed for a few days. Those were awesome days when they were gone. I know it’s messed up to say that, but yeah.”

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1. They're Having A Family Moment In Our Room


“I got into uni and had a roommate 2 years older. She looked pretty nice at first and whatnot. Our room is not that big but decent enough for two to move around. We’re not that close but pretty friendly to each other since she loves to talk. I don’t, not to her to be exact lol she can be extremely talkative at times but I really just want to rest after a long day.

As time goes by she’s gotten pretty annoying to me. She started asking what time am I coming back, who am I going with, and things that I’m not comfortable enough to talk with someone I’m not close with.

One weekend she said her mother is coming over to check up on her. I thought her mother would just drop by and they would go out after, but nah.

Her mother stayed in our room for the whole weekend. I was pretty surprised coming back that night seeing her mother sleeping in the room. Luckily not on my bed (not yet). I was trying to be nice and all but man, it was really uncomfortable to me. And then I decided to spend the day outside. I only got back close to midnight.

The next day, her mother asked me why did I get back so late and everything.

Not in a mad-mother manner but just asking, which annoyed me. Fast forward a couple of months later I went back to my parents for the weekend. But I got back to the dorm a day early since I had something to do. I didn’t tell my roommate I was coming back early. I opened the door and then I saw it. My roommate, her mother, and her brother were sleeping in the room!!!!!! and she didn’t even tell me they were coming over!!!!!!!!! I felt like screaming at that time but didn’t want to create a scene so the next day I got to the admin’s office first thing in the morning and asked for another room. They accepted my request, moved to another room, and never saw that woman ever again.”

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