People Open Up About Their Hateful Roommates

There will always be people who will test our patience. As much as we want to kick them out, sometimes it's just not possible. Or is it? Then there are situations where it becomes really easy to kick them to the curb and life is restored. In the meantime though, it can be a nightmare. Here are some hellish stories about hateful roomies who just don't know better.

44. She Invalidated My Mourning


“My host mom in Denmark was, to put it mildly, a nightmare. Ever come home after a long day convinced that you’ve done something wrong? That was every day for me. I was constantly chastised for small stuff – I forgot to push in my dining chair after breakfast; I hadn’t made my bed (more of a futon) in the morning; I had left the toilet seat up.

A lot of these transgressions were framed pretty severely, e.g. if I hadn’t opened my window to air out my room (in the dead of winter) I ‘never listened to her.’ If I wanted to read after dinner, I was ‘being boring.’ If I had homework after dinner, I ‘didn’t want to be a part of their family.’

She was also paranoid – if she texted me in class to let me know what I did wrong (didn’t keep my desk clean, for example), and I didn’t respond immediately, she’d demand to know why I hadn’t texted her back.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, so I’ll dive to the bottom. I had a week off of classes and elected to travel to Paris (which, by the way, meant I wasn’t being ‘part of the family’ again). While I was there, my parents emailed me to let me know my grandmother was on life support and would probably not live for much longer. My grandmother was one of my favorite people growing up, so I rushed home.

I emailed my professors and my host mom to let them know I’d be out for a week. My professors told me to take all the time I’d need. My host mom said I should have told her earlier because she’d just gone grocery shopping and now some of the food would go to waste.

You would think this is the worst, but oh no. I flew back immediately following the funeral and was still pretty broken up. A couple of days later, my host mom asked me why I was so quiet. I told her I was still grieving. She told me, ‘Eh, she’s dead. Move on.’

She was fired from the homestay program after that semester.”

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anma2 2 years ago
From what I hear Danes are a pretty regimented people. This one just sounds a like extra.
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43. She Broke My Ceramicware On Her Way Out


“Kind of ironic that I read this last night because today epitomizes my current roommate experience. We wanted to get a pet together. I ended up paying for everything, doing all the care, and when I told her I was a little uncomfortable calling it ‘our’ dog when I was literally doing everything, she didn’t talk to me for two weeks. Fine. She moved in and ate all of my food.

Would have been fine if she ever was available to go shopping, or if she had asked first. I told her I didn’t really want to share food because our eating habits are different. Didn’t talk to me for three weeks. Okay… She expected me to pick her up after nights of partying, which I did, no complaints and listened to her sob stories about the messed up men in her life.


She didn’t show up to pay back the last roommate who moved out after our utilities were transferred, despite having a week’s notice and my offering to handle it if she just left a check. I had to cover her part, she didn’t pay me back for two weeks. When I confronted her and said it was kind of rude, she said ‘I’m sorry it came across that way’ (Italics to emphasize mean tone). So I gave up, no more talking, we aren’t friends anymore. I woke up this morning to the sound of her showering, at 4 am, then a crash. I went downstairs and all of the priceless bone china that my grandmother left to me was shattered all over the floor, and my roommate was gone. Filing a police report now. Worst. Roommate. Ever.”

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anma2 2 years ago
She needs to be sued too
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42. They Ran Away To New York And Left Me To Clean Their Mess


“They were a couple, and they were so bad my wife (who moved in after they left) and I use the term ‘The Animals’ to refer to them.

Let’s call the guy Dan and the girl Sam. Dan was Dutch, Sam was Japanese, and we were all living in Chinatown in San Francisco right on the cable car line. It was fine in the beginning, I made friends with the downstairs neighbor and she came up to my room to watch movies a couple of times.

But then things started to turn. They left stacks of dirty dishes in the sink, piled up to the faucet, for weeks at a time. I couldn’t even make myself mac & cheese because I couldn’t fill a pot with water. They used to leave bags full of trash in the kitchen. The dumpster was downstairs but they were too lazy to take it down, so it piled up in the common areas.

Dan used to pee with the door open, and they left the door open a few times when they were going at it.

Then one day Sam told me they didn’t really like having guests. I tried to play peacekeeper and said well, the downstairs neighbor won’t come over much, and we’ll just hang out in my room with the door closed. You won’t even know she’s there.

A few months later I started going out with my now-wife, and Sam flips out. Tells me I can’t have anyone over anymore, at all, and even enlists her significant other to support her in this. The thing to know is that she appears to have some undiagnosed anxiety disorder because she never left the house unless she was with him or this messed up DJ she knew.

She even had all their groceries delivered, even though the grocery store was only a 5-10 minute walk away depending on how long the light at Columbus took.

The three of us had a big screaming fight. I told them they had no right to tell me not to have any friends over at all because I paid half the rent even though my room was smaller and there were two of them.

We agreed to a calendar where I could have guests over 2 days a week. I figured I’d just put up with it since they were moving to the Netherlands in six months.

Moving day comes and I took the day off work to make sure I got the keys and that the landlord didn’t give them the entire security deposit (and that they didn’t steal anything).

They asked me to give them some privacy while they finished up cleaning. They got into the cab, I told them to go away and went upstairs to survey the damage.

They had left everything.

The place was trashed. Garbage everywhere. Left a bunch of garbage furniture, trash, cardboard, clothes, dirty dishes, you name it. I spent every spare moment for two weeks cleaning that place up, hauling stuff to the curb, making runs to Goodwill. We overfilled the dumpster and didn’t get rid of all the trash for probably 2 months after they left.

I hope they both choke on their bitterballen in Amsterdam.”

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41. His Sense Of Smell Seems To Not Be Working


“I lived with a dude who was so stinky and messy that he didn’t notice that the sewer pipe had exploded in our underground room while I was on vacation. There was poop all over and he literally did not smell it. He then asked me why I was bothering to clean the mess with so much bleach. It was so gross.

I lived about an 8-hour drive from home and would often drive home for long weekends and stuff and would come home to every single dish I owned being dirty.

We also had a shared phone line with long-distance included after 6 pm and he would routinely make long-distance calls earlier in the day and then look at me like I had two heads when I asked him to pay up.

We lived in a small town and after work, there was literally nothing to do but come home and watch tv. So it’s with pretty good accuracy that I can estimate the only showered about twice in the two or three months we lived together.

He would sit on my favorite recliner and pick at his feet while eating supper.

When he moved out his room smelled so bad that I had to clean it with a pet deodorizer.

I was renting a home alone and it was getting expensive so I thought why not get a roommate? This dude made me realize that my sanity had a much greater value than I had previously thought.”

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40. Lived With A Lying, Thieving, Manipulative Sociopath


“So last year, I had a two-bedroom apartment. I lived with two other guys, PolishBro and AbsentBro. Unsurprisingly, AbsentBro was never around. AbsentBro also wasn’t on the lease. He and PolishBro shared a room and we kept him lowkey so that we could pay a lower rate for rent. At the end of the first semester, AbsentBro moved back home and transferred to a community college.

Coincidentally, VietGuy was getting thrown off campus for missing too many classes, so he needed a place to live. I didn’t trust him, but I needed that lower rent, so I agreed to let him take AbsentBro’s place. He then proceeded to manipulate PolishBro and me into hating each other. I’m talking sociopath-level thingy.

So eventually, it became me vs them thing because he found that he could manipulate PolishBro way more easily since he wasn’t too bright (he ended up getting expelled from the college for bad grades).

They turned our apartment into an illegal den. Parties every night. Strangers doing dabs in our kitchen. VietGuy and PolishBro did such a large quantity of substances so frequently that they gained a ridiculous tolerance.

He stole so much food. I didn’t get super annoyed about that, but then he stole my phone charger when I was really broke. He actually bragged to PolishBro about it. That same day, he stole PolishBro’s car.

As a result, PolishBro came back to the light side.

I should probably also add that I spent most of that semester being the new AbsentBro. I stayed the night at my significant other’s dorm most nights, whether that be in her actual room or the downstairs lounge. Some nights I slept in the school library. I was basically homeless for a semester because my apartment became so sketchy that I didn’t like sleeping there.

My significant other refused to come over after the first time she met VietGuy. That sucked man.

Now let’s backtrack for a sec. In February, VietGuy messed up. His family sent him funds for rent and he blew it all on booze and illegal substances. When he asked his dad for more cash, his dad flipped out and called the landlord even though he knew that his son wasn’t on the lease.

As one would expect, the landlord wasn’t pleased and VietGuy was forced to move out of our place and into a place right down the hall from us.

Back to where we were. So PolishBro and I stopped talking to VietGuy for the final month or two of school. We finished our exams in early May and went our separate ways. Our lease ended at the end of the month and my lease with my new roommates at my new house started in June, so on May 30th, 2014, I came back to the apartment to move my stuff out.

What I found was astounding.

I was coming back from getting dinner with my dad and one of my new roommates, ZlatanBro. ZlatanBro and I went ahead to the apartment and my dad stopped to pick up some drinks. When we showed up to the apartment, we were sketched out because the lights were on and the door was unlocked. Then we heard noises coming from the bathroom.

I proceeded with caution. I opened the door to find VietGuy completely exposed and an absolutely revolting girl he found on an app. We let him get dressed and leave so he could deal with the girl, then when my dad came back we dealt with him. All of my pots and pans were missing, as well as a number of other valuables. I went through his apartment and got my stuff back.

The next day, we had him help us clean my place since he completely trashed it, then my dad had me record him admitting to everything he did. That should have been the end.

One week later, I checked my bank account to make sure my last rent check cleared. It bounced. Further investigation found a fraudulent $150 check. The piece of work stole from my checkbook and wrote himself a check.”

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anma2 2 years ago
I hope you called the cops
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39. He Stole My XBox Right Out Of My Bedroom


“He stole cash from our wallets and purses. Stole ALL of the liquor out of our liquor cabinet (upwards of 8 whole bottles of liquor and wine). Never cleaned his room leaving an awful stench if the door was open. Let the air out of my tires so I was late for work. And the icing on the cake… Stealing my Xbox 360 right out of my bedroom, selling it for cash at the GameStop down the street, and telling me that somebody had broken into my house and stolen it.

As an amazing coincidence, he happened to sell the Xbox to a friend of mine from middle school who I hadn’t seen in about 10 years, who happened to be working at that GameStop on that day, who happened to turn it on to see my Gamertag which he happened to remember from years ago, and seeing Rock Band 3 in the drive solidified that it was my console.

The guy messaged me that night asking if I intended to sell my Xbox, saying that some shady kid came in with it asking for cash. He agreed to hold it aside for me when I told him it was stolen, and he gave it back to me for the cash which I got back from the roommate after confronting him with the information I attained.


Oh, and this was all after we had bailed him out of jail for $1000 and offered him a place to stay for free when his family had kicked him to the streets. What a way to thank us.

He was also the reason my car exploded. He had run out of gas on the side of the road, so I filled up a gas canister at a gas station and drove out to give it to him. We filled his tank and after I left I noticed a glowing light in my trunk. The gas tank was on fire… I pulled over and jumped out of the car, but it was too late, the trunk was already completely ablaze. The entire thing went up in flames 2 stories tall, totaling the car.”

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38. Her Man Moved In Without Permission


“I had this one roommate who was legitimately really weird. Like he was 30, watched My Little Pony, wore kilts, and only ate chicken salad and grapes. My other roommate was this massive (literally massive) jerk who would play Guild Wars all the time. She met her significant other who was 5 years younger and had a five-year-old kid through Guild Wars and then moved his Aspie self in without asking if that was ok.

Anyways they want me to move out after a year so their friend can move in and I basically tell them to go kick themselves in the butt so they move out. Unfortunately, they had recently gotten bed bugs which I didn’t know about till right after they moved out. My new roommates were super cool and we we had a great time until a week later we found out that we had a massive bed bug infestation that took four months to treat. We ended up moving out, but not before living horrible, spiteful lives and losing parts of our sanity.”

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37. The Two Best Friends Are The Nastiest Roommates


“Two of them. They were best friends. We’ll call them Sam and Ralph. Sam had a cat he was supposed to keep in his room but he always left his door open when he went out and she would get out. And she was MEAN! He was dirty, lazy, loud. He started sleeping with a married woman at one point. Ralph slept in the living room on a piece of the garbage sofa he brought along with one other from his previous residence, which sounds cool, but they were covered in pee stains from his idiot kids.

His baby mama (think Danny Devito as the penguin but twice as tall, twice as wide, and 4 times as ugly) wasn’t allowed in the house because she had been suspected of stealing from our rooms on several occasions. She also used to make large salad bowls worth of ramen (which belonged to another roommate), smother it in ranch dressing (which also belonged to another roommate), and then leave her dirty dishes in the sink.

Ralph was like an alarm clock. I woke up most mornings to him screaming at someone, usually the baby mama. One morning I woke up to him screaming in the street in front of the house at a mutual friend, threatening the mutual friend with a Jose Canseco bat. He had a job driving a local taxi but never drove sober.

One time, Sam and Ralph were able to find the most wasted skank white trash piece of garbage doing the local bar scene that night and they brought her home and took turns with her on the living room sofa, which I walked in on as they neglected to mention to anybody they would be tag-teaming the human genome in our living room.

I left my room like 3 or 4 hours later and she was still there, alone, without clothes on the pee couch, in a living room that, at that point, had no electricity, and she asked me if I wanted a turn. I declined. Ralph eventually lost his job as a cab driver for a substance-related accident and later got a job driving a hearse. The house we once lived in with 2 other roommates and their significant others was condemned and I lent them both cash that shall never, ever be seen again. Last I heard, Ralph was sleeping in an attic office above the funeral home and Sam was sleeping in the hearse. This was like 8, 9 years ago though and I have no idea what happened to them after that.”

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36. We Wants To Impressed Us By Not Killing A Bird


“He made ricin. FBI had control of our house for a month and a half, without a way to get any of our belongings. My other roommate and I were basically homeless from Oct 31 to Dec 5. My roommate bounced between his parent’s and significant other’s house, and I lived with my friends, who were gracious enough to let me sleep on their couch the whole time.

The FBI took everything that could connect to the internet, including my 360 and PS3. In total, they took my gaming rig, my laptop, 360, PS3, my roommate’s laptop, and his iPod Touch. They left his tablet, though. The FBI agent in charge of the case said we were going to get them back last month, but apparently, even though they’re not using any of it as evidence, it’s super hard to release them.

The funniest thing was that feds told us they were going to take ALL of our illegal paraphernalia, but they left a whole mess of stuff.

Anyway, the ricin kid was a terrible roommate before the whole ‘federal raid’ thing. His parents owned the house, and his name was on the deed, so he took it to mean that he could do whatever he wanted. He punched a hole in the ceiling and created so many holes in the walls by throwing stuff at them.

I accidentally broke a chair on my 21st birthday, and he gave me grief for that, always saying that I ‘broke everything,’ while at the same time throwing knives at the wall. He broke my smoking paraphernalia and got angry at ME for the fact that he had to replace it. I paid $110 for it and he paid $115 to replace it, which he would bring up all the goshdarn time like it was my fault he broke the thing in the first place. The dude was also just plain racist, homophobic, the whole nine yards. He found a baby bird on the ground and wanted us to be impressed by the fact that he didn’t kill it.”

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35. He Steals All My Food


“I don’t think anyone could have a worse roommate than I had last year. I moved in with two friends of mine. They both had jobs and never had issues paying bills or anything. So I’m like cool this will be fine. It was OK for a month, then one of them loses his job. Let’s call him Frank. Well, unbeknownst to me, Frank is also an addict.

Frank is also a really really stupid person. As you can tell by the addiction to illegal substances. Franks’s parents have wealth. So they send him some. He spends it all on illegal substances. And never on food or cable or any bills. We attempt to kick Frank out numerous times, but the apartment says since he’s on the lease he can come to get a key any time.

Frank pays his part of the rent every month about 15 days late, his parents pay it. Frank stays up until 4 am every night doing illegal things. Frank has no idea how to close doors. He slams all doors. So for a year I basically don’t sleep because I’m awoken every few hours because of a slamming door. I yell at Frank numerous times. He’s so not on this planet that he can’t understand what I’m saying.

Frank steals all of my food when I go to work. We started taking the cable box from the den so when I would go to work he’d break into my room to take my cable box. I yelled at him for this. Never changed. He was once my good buddy and now I’ve never hated someone so much in my entire life. Frank is an embarrassment to society and a waste of human life. We three split ways late last year and I’ve never made a better decision.”

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34. I'm Relieved That My Next Roommate Was Just An Addict


“I moved around a lot in sharehouses when I was a teenager, so I lived with a few crazies.

Firstly, there was, let’s call her Nikki. Nikki seemed very sweet at first… For a few hours until she told me she was being picked up by a man who added her on social media, a man in his thirties, while she was seventeen. So I walked out with her to suss him out; looked at his ID and wrote his number plates down.

No biggie. Used to do it for a friend who met guys on OK. Then she came back about an hour and a half later and said she was going out with another guy on social media. Same procedure, repeated four times in one night. Didn’t want to judge or anything, but I was concerned for her safety. Then I realized when I saw a wad of cash and a small baggie on the bathroom sink that she was a lady of the night.

Now I didn’t really care much about that, I just asked her to tell me the name and license plates of who she was meeting with and where she planned ongoing, and for how long, etc, just in case.

But a week later she got clingy to the point of following me everywhere. To school, to work, to the shops, she’d talk at me through the bathroom door and one night I was brushing my teeth and felt hot air on my neck; I turned to the mirror and she was just standing behind me, staring.

It was weird serial killer thing. I left pretty quickly.

Next, had a guy who told me he had ADHD, which I foolishly believed until I came across him sitting on a blanket he had found at the bus stop, barefoot, and smoking illegal substances in the woods behind our house.

I can’t tell you how relieved I was that the next housemate was just an addict.”

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33. He's Not Supposed To Do That In The Bathtub


“I rescued a 5-month-old kitten off of the wild and rampant streets of my college residence. My roommate hated him because he would pee in the bathtub (I ALWAYS cleaned it up). One day I came home from school to find him missing and went ape crazy. My roommate helped me search for him for weeks – we even made posters and posted them all over campus and she consoled me when I’d have the occasional cry. I found out years later from a mutual friend that she drove my kitten out into the middle of a field (in the middle of nowhere) and essentially left him for dead. I don’t know what’s worse, the actual act of killing my kitten or the fact that she helped me look for him and consoled me afterward. Can you say, psychopath?”

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DarkJedi719 2 years ago
Please tell you threw her a beating.
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32. He Said He's Only Bringing 4 People


“Dude says he’s looking for a house, as am I. Cool. He gets the lease on a 6 bedroom, 3 bathhouse. He says it will be me, him, and 2 others. Ok, cool. Such a big liar! He found 3 more people (1 was a couple). So now it’s 7 people in a 6/3. Oh wait, he lets his friend crash into his room. It’s now 8 people in a 6/3.

One roommate moved out and another couple moved in. Now it’s 9 people in a 6/3. Over the course of 6 months, I saw every possible stereotype you can imagine. Any time someone moved out, the first person with cash via craigslist was the next roommate. We had a pregnant 17-year-old girl, a gay black male with a lisp, a fat PR chick who loved to salsa dance, one couple had long smoked themselves stupid, another couple the girl was verbally abusive and said the f-word every 4 words, there was an illegal alien, a camo wearing, truck driving southerner, an Asian sushi chef, and a whole lot more… all thanks to the one jerk who lied and said it would only be 4 people total.”

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31. I Have A Lost List Of All His Negative Traits


“Oh yeah, this guy Mike. In no particular order:

First night he stayed over he slept on a couch and peed on it in his sleep (yes I know, a red light but I was young). He got arrested several times. We opened his myspace once he was kicked out and found that he had gone to prison (who, unbeknownst to us, had a restraining order against him from the beginning).

He went to the supermarket in only boxer shorts to buy cask wine. Often took a taxi there though it was just 2 blocks.

He often stayed awake for upwards of 36 hours his sleeping pills wore off, drinking the aforementioned cask wine. Ended up racking us up 1000s in phone bills during this time. Some examples: Calling his wife’s work to tell them she was dead, threatening a pizza delivery place with acts of terrorism if they didn’t start delivering to our suburb, etc.

(Side note about his wife: he married her the day after she turned 18, got too wasted and passed out early into the wedding after hitting on his stepsister. Once he took his wife on a mystery date for their anniversary and arrived at McDonald’s, laughing as she was crying. His poor wife was so timid and scared of him).

He invited girls way too young for him (he was 28) from myspace to try and sleep with them (they didn’t ).

He saw a girl on a team whose t-shirt he thought said ‘More Hiroshima’. He tried to find common racist grounds to talk to her and pick her up. Her t-shirt was just folded somewhat and actually read ‘No More Hiroshima’. He didn’t pay rent or bills and told us he did. He had a sick stench about him and his bedroom that slowly advanced through the house.

Without exaggerating you could tell if he was coming by the smell getting worse.

One of the worst things was he could tell stories in one long sentence forever. As in he would never stop unless you interrupted him or just walked away. This is how he let slip his insane history.

Anyway, it’s all true, it was my first house away from home and we were inexperienced idiots for forgiving him too much – he could act very convincingly normal. I don’t feel this way about many people but I hope he’s still in prison or dead, I honestly think he will lie to and abuse everyone he meets for the rest of his life.”

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30. Chines Roommates Hates Girls


“During my first semester at college, I lived in the dorms and was randomly assigned a roommate. When I got the assignment I was given his email address to contact him. let’s call him Baal. Turns out Baal was from far away and couldn’t use the Google email given to him by the university. So he emailed me and was extremely rude. Baal had asked if I had a car and I told him I did not.

He got extremely upset saying how I was supposed to take him to the store and to show him around. I brushed it off and just decided to wait and meet him when I got to the university. So move-in day comes along and my family is helping me move into the dorm, and he’s already here. Baal’s stuff is laying on both of the beds, he has his clothes in my closet and also in his.

He got upset when I asked if he could please move his stuff so I can put my things away. This is just the beginning.

The first night was extremely awkward. Baal takes off his clothes and starts walking around the room to the shower. He leaves the door open to take a pee and cleared his throat. After that, he walks to his desk and puts his feet onto the desk, and starts biting his toenails! I was mortified.

So after a week, things do not start changing but more things are becoming common. Baal liked to wash his underwear in the shower and hang them from the shower rod to dry.

So fast forward a month or so. I have a lady friend over and we’re watching movies and she wants to stay the night. I text Baal saying I have a friend over and ask if he could text me when he was on his way back.

He calls me and tells me how no girls are allowed in our room and that he is coming back immediately to study and can’t have any distractions. He comes back and plays computer games until 4 am. This isn’t even the end of it. One night I’m sleeping and he comes into the room at 3 am and turns on all of the lights and starts knocking stuff over.

I ask him what he is doing and he just ignores me. He turns, gets in bed, and passes out.

Fast forward towards Thanksgiving. I’m with some friends and we’re headed to my room to play madden and kill a few drinks. I open the door and this dude is having some self-loving time. I ended up walking in on him a few more times. Baal started to do it whenever he wanted. After that, I requested a room change and got out of there.”

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29. I Wonder How They'll Clean All Of That


“I lived on campus in one of the apartment-style residences with 3 other girls. It was a two bed one bath, so there were 2 people in each room; adding another couple of people made the space cramped and uncomfortable. We didn’t entertain much. The year started fine, but fast forward a few months and it went down fast. One of the girls, who we will call SB, joined a sorority and quickly fell into the pace of things.

She went from being a quiet, easy to get along with suitemate to a loud, obnoxious, disgusting human being with no regard for the rest of us.

I get a call one day at 2 am from one of my suitemates, or S1 for short, and she is freaking. out. She tells me that she is in the apartment and SB has some friends over and that two of them are currently locked in my room and won’t come out.

I learn that there are about 4-5 exposed men and women in the apartment in total. The entire time S1 is explaining the situation, I hear yelling and crying in the background. S1 explains that S2 (my roommate) is extremely upset and is crying and yelling in Mandarin. (She was an exchange student who knew limited English.) It’s also around this time that S1 explains she has a few friends from out of town staying in the apartment.

They were there when the ‘party’ got started and S1 had them hiding in her bedroom. Evidently, the males involved in this were walking around in their birthday suits, wasted out of their minds, after hooking up in the living room on my couch. S2 is asking S1 if this is what it’s like in America. I hear more yelling, in English this time, and realize it’s SB.

S1 puts me on speaker and I tell SB and her friends to get out right now or I’m going to call the police. We argued for a few minutes before I decided to call the cops anyway. She fled and the cops didn’t catch her immediately. She trashed the place with liquor bottles (a huge no-no at the uni) along with other assorted litter.

I wish that was the worst part.

One of the couples involved in the wild gathering wanted privacy and had locked themselves in S2’s and my bedroom. After they ran away, S1 & S2 discovered that S2’s bed was covered in blood. Blood. That couple had bloody intercourse all over her bed and ruined the sheets and her mattress. S2 was traumatized.

Shortly after all of this, we dissolved our contract so we didn’t have to live with her anymore. S2 went to live in a different apartment; S1 and I went to a 2-bed apt, and SB disappeared somewhere.”

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28. They Tried To Mess Me Up On Social Media


“So I had a best friend in college. He was a complete wreck. Serious issues completely and utterly broke. I supported him financially constantly, despite having very very little funds of my own. My family gave him cash and loaned him cash repeatedly. We’d let him stay with us during summers so he could work. Eventually, he moved to grad school in Georgia, where several times I paid his rent or bought him groceries.

Literally stopped him from living on the street.

Eventually, he finds a job in my area, but can’t afford a place of his own. So I convince my live-in partner that we should move into a 2 bedroom apartment so we can help him. She did not like this but agreed with me.

For the first few months, he was saving coins. Actually had a backup plan, paying all his bills, etc.

Then he starts going out with this girl who, at 21, had gone through bankruptcy already. She had no significant medical, school, or other bills. Suddenly, all of his fund dries up. He starts getting later and later on rent.

After a few months of this, I sit him down and tell him that, while this wasn’t a huge deal at the time, he needed to have himself together in about another month and a half and start paying on time and clearing out the back-log.

He assured me he could do that. I told him that I would be studying for the bar during that time and that I would seriously be counting on him to be there for me. He promised, acknowledging all I had done for him.

So less than a month later, his significant other gets kicked out of her house. They come to our apartment and ask if she can stay with us for a while.

Even though she didn’t like me much, and that our apartment was already crowded, I agreed without a moment’s hesitation. They were super grateful.

Or so I thought. The next day, they were gone. A few essentials disappeared, but otherwise, I had no idea where they were. Finally, four days later, she posted a public message on social media saying that I had kicked them out onto the streets, making it sound like I wouldn’t let them back into the apartment to get the remainder of their stuff.

I (very politely) told her that I had no idea what she was talking about; that I had no idea where they were; that they just disappeared; and that I had not only not kicked them out, I hadn’t spoken to them since I said she could move in with us because she needed help. She then blocked me, and I’m told continued to trash talk me and my significant other by name.

I got a text message from him saying he had to leave and would be by that weekend to grab a couple more things. No explanation. He was in and out so fast he forgot several items. He ran out on over $1400.00 in back rent and bills. All of this about five weeks before I had to take the BAR for the first time in my life. I completely ran out of fund. He sent about half of what he owed over the next eight months or so before he stopped. Haven’t heard from him since.”

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27. Other Roommates Don't Know About The Clog


“Back when I was in college, my hometown was only about an hour or so away from school so I’d go home on Thursdays and work until Monday. On Wednesday evening my roommate had clogged our on-campus apartment bathroom and I hadn’t noticed until I was about to head home for the weekend.

I left him a note with the number for maintenance asking if he could just give them a call and have them unclog it as I wasn’t going to be there and I knew he would be all weekend (not to mention it was his fault, though I didn’t say that.)

I come home Monday afternoon and not only had he not called to get it fixed but he just kept dumping on top of old stuff for four days. He was a complete slob in general and had no regard for anyone else in the apartment (we had two bathrooms and I shared mine with him, hence my other roommates not knowing about the clog.)”

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26. She's Such A Good Secret Keeper


“I had a roommate who we always kind of jokingly referred to as the crazy one. I knew she disliked me, but I didn’t understand the extent of it… until I came home from work (waitress at a sports bar) late one night and overheard her talking to our other roommate.

She honestly believed I was trying to murder her. She said she kept a knife in her room to defend herself because I would randomly walk into her room (I never did, we never even spoke).

She also believed the CIA was living in our hallway and making her take pills. And she was best friends with Britney and was telling my other roommate about how she was counseling Brit about how she needed to get back with Justin. She said she went into NYC (our college was close to the city) and she had to have security guards to keep people from trying to tell her their secrets – because she was such a good secret keeper.

She would throw out my food from the fridge, pour out any drink or liquor/wine that I didn’t finish immediately after opening, go on the green tea/lime/cayenne fat flush and leave the garbage in the sink.

After the infamous ‘CIA live in our hallway’ night we called her parents and she was committed for a while. I also kept my shampoos locked in my bedroom because I was afraid for a while that she’d sneak Nair into them.”

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25. I Just Need To Wait For Another Month


“Roommate is 28 I am 23. He likes to pee on the seat, leave his boxers in the bathroom, leave a ton of pizza boxes by the sink, never wash his dishes, dirty the floor, use my shaving cream, use my toothpaste, use my toilet paper, even use my soap. I am in the military and pretty much have to share a room with this guy.

He will ask to have some of my booze, and not replace it ever. Once he asked ‘Hey man, is it cool if I have a couple of slices of pizza?’ When I return to my pizza, it’s finished. I deployed for a few months, and when I got back the place was a wreck. His friends will come over, and they will have rap battles for like 2 hours, and they are terrible.

One day he has the audacity to ask me if I could help him clean up, when I tell him no, he threatens to tell on me for not helping him clean. I caught this dude drinking my juice one morning, doesn’t even acknowledge the fact that he drank the majority of it. He likes to keep the place warm, even when it’s really hot outside, and when I turn off the heat, he walks right back and turns it on again.

Like seriously, there was an entire day when we had a back and forth match with the heat. The shower drain will get clogged because of him, and I will leave it just to see how long before he cleans it… he never does. He brings over the most disgusting girls, and has the nerve to tell me, ‘He pulls girls’. I am so happy I have another month in this spiteful storm, then he will be someone else’s problem.”

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DarkJedi719 2 years ago
You should have beat his ass, and claimed PTSD.
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24. He Had Rage Fit All Over My Room


“He ransacked my house. He, his significant other, and I all lived together. He was annoyed that his then-partner (my best friend and then-roommate) was leaving him. He began using bath salts in our house towards the end and didn’t have a job who lived off of welfare. We had been living together for almost three years until this happened. While he was at work, my best friend and I packed everything into a Uhaul and she left to a different state.

The next day, I went to work and he waited for me to go to come back and see the house was empty except for my stuff. He damaged everything. Punched in speakers my brother made, a drum, furniture. He went up to my room and threw all my papers around, knocked over everything, shattered my very expensive bong at the time, etc. needless to say he went to jail (not for my thing) and now has two kids with two different women. Worst roommate ever.”

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23. Sensitive Roommate Leaves Nasty Things On The Patio


“I had a short SJW roommate a year ago. Literally the worst person. EVERYTHING offended her, EVERYTHING was oppressing her. Her room was the source of a roach infestation. Whenever she found some she would spray them with raid and leave them. She would come home from work/school and just toss everything on the living room floor. If my significant other and I spent all day cleaning the apartment, she would have it wrecked by the following morning.

Cups, plates, utensils… the dishes, OMG, the dishes! We would have apartment meetings, it would all be worked out, we set up charts, etc. It never happened. She would stop after two or three days when I would remind her because she could never let a white man tell her what to do. Whenever she was late for rent, she called home for cash (wealthy family).

If my significant other and I were late, she would give us a word for being irresponsible. She would yap all day about how gross ‘heteros’ were, but sleep with the local dealers in the neighborhood ‘in secret’. We would find their used “protection” on our patio.

It was honestly one of the worst years living with someone I’ve ever experienced and has turned me off to ever having a roommate again.”

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22. He Blew Out My Speakers


“It was two people. The first time I moved out, it was with a couple: Both of them in one bedroom, and me in another.

They insisted upon bringing a dog, even though the apartment complex’s rules stated no pets.

The dog tore up the carpet by my bedroom door, whenever it wanted in my room (Note: I always kept the dog out of my room because I had some expensive things that I didn’t want the dog to chew on– like my boots).

They insisted the carpet was my fault because I didn’t allow their damned dog in my room.

I brought my stereo with me; it was the only one in the apartment. The guy in the couple insisted upon watching every TV show with the stereo connection on, turned up loud. The dude blew out my speakers.

The guy was always short for bills and food, but he always seemed to have enough to take his significant other out to the movies or get RPG gamebooks.

I paid for the apartment’s deposit. They both stated, point blank, that when we all left the place, they wanted the deposit to move somewhere else. Yep — my savings, but they thought they were entitled to it.

They rarely ever cleaned anything: Their dishes, the floor, etc. They were some of the messiest people I ever knew.

There was more, but in the end, I just couldn’t take it and left with two months to go on the lease. I kissed the deposit goodbye, but then, something tells me it most likely went to apartment repairs due to how messy that couple was.”

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21. Neglected Cat Gets His Owner's Personality


“Besides NEVER EVER cleaning up after himself and hooking up with gross chicks midday with his door halfway open all the time…

Bought a cat. Never fed it or emptied its litter box, which my roommate and I ended up doing basically the whole time he lived with us. He essentially neglected this cat except for when he wanted to use it as a cute way to impress girls who came over.

People say animals take after their owners, and that became true for this cat which grew to be extremely hyperactive and borderline annoying. Eventually, my roommate and I raised and nurtured it to be a nice, pretty normal kitty. Then a few months later this roommate moved out and took the cat with him. He stopped by the house a few weeks after that just to tell us that he accidentally ran the cat over with his car in his driveway and killed him.”

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20. He Demands To Have The Room For Himself


“My significant other lived in a house with 5 different roommates and every single one was horrible. They just left their trash everywhere, never empty old food out of the fridge, roaches living in every item in the house, their dogs pooped on the floor inside and they’d just leave it there until they decided to clean it The roommate my significant other shared a room with was so selfish, he would demand he have the room to himself when he had a girl over but when we wanted time alone, he wouldn’t leave or if he came up and we had the door locked he’d pound on it and make it obvious to the whole house we were being intimate. He also had this girl who was so noisy that you could hear her in every part of the house, and he would yell at us for making noise late yet would wake us up at the crack of dawn when he got ready for work. Seriously they were HORRIBLE.”

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19. Weird Roommate Shares Too Much Information


“He started fine. And overall, he’s not a bad guy. But really, he just gets to you. It started simple. We both played guitar. If I wanted to practice he thought it was a challenge and would pull his guitar out and play while I was practicing. If I brought friends back to the room he made a point to practice with people around. He was never one to miss an opportunity to perform in front of an audience.

Then I started working out again. He wanted to go with me. That’s fine, do your thing I’ll show you a few things in the gym. He never did leg day because he said it hurt him. Okay fine, look like a triangle dude. Then again, when I would have friends over to the room he would think that’s the appropriate time to do push-ups.

Then was time to register for semester two.

I told him for what classes I was registering. That was my other mistake. Not only did I have to see him every morning and evening, but now ALL DAY EVERY DAY AT EVERY CLASS. Come on, man, do your own thing for a few.

Other things were he always had to one-up people with his stories even in the most inappropriate situations. One time we were in the caf with some friends on Sunday after one person got back from visiting home.”

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Lori 2 years ago
Where's the rest of the story??
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18. Boastful Christian Has Terrible Self Esteem


“Aggressive Christian. I’m Christian too, so she takes the role of pointing out my every mistake as a ‘fellow sister in Christ’. Constantly boasting about her righteous self to others, yet still manages to have terrible self-esteem.

She’s a psychology major so she’s constantly analyzing everything my roommates and I say or do. For example, I can’t get an internship at a big firm cuz I’m too sensitive since I don’t like watching dramatic shows.

Said my roommate could never get into med school cuz she doesn’t want to have children. However, when she fails a test (cus she skips class every day) or doesn’t get a call back from an interviewer, it’s ‘God testing her faith in Him’ or ‘her suffering for Jesus’ and that He will bless her in the future. One time she started a fundraiser ‘for her fellowship’, took the cash, and went white water rafting. That annoyed her church quite a bit.

She’s graduating soon. Can’t wait till adulthood hits her in the face.”

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17. She Ended Up Leaving The Poor Dog Alone


“My ex-friend while I was studying abroad got a puppy and was determined to bring it back with her. She had a passport for him, shots were up in the trend, everything. She completely could have brought him back if she wasn’t such a colossal self-absorbed mess-up. Thought she was normal enough and invited her to move in with us since she and her dog weren’t getting along with her other roommates from the host culture (this should have been a red flag).

The dog wasn’t house trained, which at first we didn’t mind, we’re chill, rational and patient people that understand a puppy will make mistakes while being house trained. But, when the dog kept dumping in front of the kitchen door instead of on his poop pad outside the door, we told her she would have to keep him in her room while everyone was out of the house.

A temporary solution to a temporary problem.

To make a long story short, she had no idea how to train a dog (her parents trained the last puppy, as it became obvious). The poor puppy would poop/pee in her room while we were in class (only 2-3 hours at most) and she really didn’t do her part in-house training him. This went on for several months. The puppy was 9 months old and had a slew of other problems stemming from her irresponsibility.

Her room constantly smelled like pee and started permeating our tiny apartment, and as things got tenser, she started shutting her and her dog into her room for hours at a time to avoid us and our attempts to help her raise her pup/telling her she needed to get her puppy training poop together (almost literally).

Once, when she was gone and her dog was wining at her closed door, I went in to play with him.

Instead of taking the paper towels, she used to clean up his excrement to the dumpster, she was just collecting them in plastic bags in her room.

This, among other crazy things (like complaining about not having anything and then spending at least $100 on fake dreads she never used, getting multiple huge tattoos, NEVER washing her dishes) made her the worst.

She ended up leaving the dog there, found a family to adopt the poor puppy 3 days before we left because she kept waffling on the decision, even though it was obvious she wouldn’t be able to take him back because of her own laziness and stupidity.

I think she was even worse than anything because she made this poor dog suffer because of her own incompetence and wouldn’t let me and my other roommate help (even though we were more than willing to).”

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16. I Do Her Dishes Twice A Day


“I have had lived in my apartment for a year and asked a classmate to come to live with me. When she came to visit the place, she was saying how the place looks great. I wasn’t the best, it wasn’t the worst either (it wasn’t newly finished and a little bit old). Roughly around 2 weeks after moving in, she complained every single day about how the place sucks and how depressed she is going to get from the weather (we live in MA) because she likes the heat.

Day after day she would be depressed. Now I don’t mind that her friends come over and sleepover without her telling me. I don’t mind that she makes inappropriate noises and invited her significant other to move in with us. I can actually tolerate it a lot. The one thing I cannot stand is that I do her dishes twice a day. Twice. A. Day. Honestly, if it was a couple of cups and one dish I can deal. No, the dishes fill the sink every single goshdarn day of my ggoshdarn life. She never does the trash either. And I dunno what is worse: her complaining on the daily or the dishes.”

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15. It's True That You Never Knew A Person Until You Live With Them


“Singlehandedly tripled the power bill by having their A/C run 24/7 while wrapping themselves in a blanket instead of turning off the machine.

Quit their legitimate full-time job a few months into the lease to begin their ‘career’ like a video game streamer on Twitch and live off donations alone.

Never left the apartment, or had any friends. Would then rant about how lonely they were. Would look online for someone to go out with and then cancel on them repeatedly because they didn’t want to go outside that day.

The only relationship they managed to garner last nearly 2 months, they would always criticize how terrible they were but would keep mooching off them since they were getting free PS3/TV and other toys as well as free rides to places since they had a car.

Only ate junk foods and coffee and hoarded silverware en masse in their room. When they brought out dishes, would pile them into the sink and not wash them in place of the dishwasher which was one foot away.

Always wore the same clothes day in and day out, maybe did laundry on the odd weekend. Had a dresser and closet brimming with clothes that would not fit because they got fatter by the week.

Never once cleaned the bathroom or any room, for that matter. When they got a cat, neglected it and cleaned after it maybe twice a week. The cat was always playing with its own feces, getting it under furniture, only to be found weeks later.

Neglected to pay their portion on utilities that were in their name, even after taking my share of the amount that was meant to go towards them. Came home one day with no internet. Come to find out the bill was 3 months delinquent and owed $270 before restart.

My foreign fiancee came to stay with me for the summer, major fits were had to say it wasn’t fair to have 3 people living there, no matter how temporary, and bills did not split 3 ways…

I bought my own foods for both myself and my fiancee and no other rise in any utilities happened. She was not entitled to work as she came under a visitor visa, not a working visa, thus illegal to work. Made my fiancee very upset to the point of tears on multiple occasions.

Got mad that I offered my brother a place to stay for a week on the couch during his first vacation after spending 9 months serving in Afghanistan.

Got mad again that while my brother was here we would all go out to movies and have a good time and not bend over backward to have them come with us after they refused initial offers.

Always complained of their family, yet left to stay with their out-of-this-world crazy possessive mother after just a few months into the lease, essentially paying rent for absolutely nothing as they were not living there for the following 7-8 months.

Left me in charge of taking care of/finding a suitable new owner for their cat since their mother already had an old crotchety one that wouldn’t accept a kitten in the house since they thought they would not be returning in the near future.

Left their room in disarray when they left to stay with their mother. The cat would go get into everything and tear stuff up and uncovered some nasty ‘things’ that should have stayed hidden.

When the lease finally ended, they waited for the very last possible moment on the very last day there to come collect their belongings. Did not help clean up the apartment afterward, just left saying I can toss or keep the rest. Superintendent was beyond happy to see them finally leave after all the trouble that the roommate had put me through over that one year and was debating not returning the deposit as they did not meet their end of the lease agreement in many ways.

Have not spoken to this person in a few years, any ties or friendship died with that lease.”

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14. She Invited Strangers To Our House At 3 AM


“One night she got really wasted and went into our other roommate’s room while she was sleeping. Wasted roomie squatted to pee on the floor on top of the other girl’s clothes, thankfully the girl woke up before wasted roomie was able to pee and escorted her to the bathroom.

Another night I got woken up at 2 am, I go to the living room where the wasted roomie was and she is taking her shoes off but wants to go out for food and I refused to go. She leaves the apt wearing one boot. It was below freezing and I was in pj’s. I had to chase her down several blocks down and basically drag her home.

The breaking point when was she invited strangers to our apt at 3 am to take shots… I was annoyed because I had a final the next day. I hated my living situation that year.”

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13. He Apologized For Breaking The Window


“I had a roommate who we’ll call Mike. Mike was a paranoid schizophrenic. He was highly medicated and would often ‘forget’ to take his medication. We lived in a suite with two two-person rooms. Our other roommates were Ben and Dave. Mike was convinced that Dave was stealing his medication and either taking it himself or selling it. Dave was a straight-A student who spent most of his time in the library studying to stay away from my crazy roommate.

One day Mike confronted Dave while I was at class about the pills. They started shouting and shoving each other in our room. I walked into the suite just as I hear, ‘Screw you, Dave!’. Then there was a huge crash as Mike shoved Dave through the window. I walked into the room and just stared at Mike. The only thing I said was, ‘You killed Dave.’ He looked at me and he had this look of rage in his eyes.

I closed the door to the room and ran out to check on Dave.

Dave had landed on the grass and was pretty messed up but nothing serious. The ambulance came and took Dave away. The police took Mike away. I didn’t see Mike again for a year. His mom came and took his stuff and told me he had to ‘go away’ for a little while.

Dave settled with Mike and he and Ben moved out of the suite. Mike’s dad was a Colonel in the Air Force and I guess paid Dave off not to press charges. Since I was alone in the suite I decided to rearrange the furniture. What did I find when I moved Mike’s dresser? Pills. Tons of them are just on the ground. He had dropped them or they had slipped behind his dresser.

I’m talking like 30 or 40 pills back there. I swept them up and tossed them out.

The next year I only had one roommate and Mike came back to the campus. He did not live with me again. He came by once to say sorry for breaking the window and almost killed Dave. I told him I found his pills under the dresser and he just shrugged. I never saw him again except for a few times around campus. That my friends are the story of my schizophrenic homicidal roommate.”

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12. Addiction Is Never An Excuse


“My brother and his girl. They would want and moan about not having funds for food and being hungry (my dad hooked them up, we gave them our food when we could afford it, she had a job). She would blow her entire paycheck on ONE meal.

Also, we gave them a nice, safe home to live in so they could get a fresh start. They didn’t have to pay ANYTHING.

I wanted them to save cash and move out, ASAP. I even got him a job and had two backups lined up.

Our ‘pre-move-in’ rules were: don’t steal or break something you don’t own. No illegal substances. Don’t do them here, don’t go somewhere else and get high then some back.

They stole a ton of stuff. Several of my watches, a couple of knives, a Louis Vuitton wallet (always wanted one and finally got one as an anniversary gift from my significant other), laptops (4!), a gold necklace ad bracket set.

More. We didn’t notice because that’s stuff we don’t wear or use all the time.

When they were packing to leave, we found over a dozen needles, our spoons bent and used.

Once we went to clean their rooms after they left. It’s stuck so bad that we couldn’t air it out or Febreeze it.

There was blood on 4 of 5 hard surfaces in their room, including the CEILING! Their bathroom was the same story.

While they were there, their stink permeated their room and into the hallways.

He’s my brother, but until he gets clean for good. Screw him and his girl. Worthless pieces of work now.

She has a felony arrest warrant in Vegas now. And a warrant in Seattle. She is doomed. He’s with her on the ride.

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11. I Almost Screamed At Children In Public Places


“Roommates still live here, but only till the 22nd. Our sister in law who got evicted by, ironically, our greedy and thieving former landlady. We took her in so she wouldn’t have to ‘travel light’ all the way back to CA. She was going to help us by paying rent. Instead, she did her best to take over the house and let her kids get away with everything.

As a mother, she is extremely permissive and usually loses the battle of wills with her four kids, especially her 3yo and 4yo ‘babies’. She was supposed to get a job in January. She was supposed to help with food bills. Her other two kids, the older two mama boys, were supposed to contribute to chores. Only our boys really did anything. She did her children’s chores for them if they got done at all.

The dogs got lean two out of the five weeks every month. Dishes pile up on the weeks it’s her kids’ turn to do them.

Her oldest is a practiced manipulator. He learned this to cope with his bio dad always favoring his younger brother. He turned it on us and our boys to get his way, or to try to get our boys in trouble or to alienate our boys’ existing friends and isolate them socially.

Her dog destroyed so much stuff in the backyard, lawn cushions, bike seats, rugs we set out to dry, even gnawing on the wood chairs we have out there. Never an apology. Her oldest never had to clean up after ‘his’ dog. Her dog never made messes in the house unless it was our dogs that made him want to mark territory.

I could go on and on about how life has sucked here since December, but what stands out the most is how her two coddled toddlers scream at least three times a day, every day.

Scream to wake the dead at breakfast. Scream their lungs out at afternoon naptime because they never want to go lie down. Scream and howl and cry every night before bedtime for the same reasons. This isn’t mere crying for a minute. It’s tantrum-level, kicking the walls, blood-curdling screamfests every day. If they don’t get what they want, we all begin to tense up, because we know what’s coming.

I used to not notice little screaming children in public places. They would not bother me. Now my teeth are set on edge and my blood pressure goes up.

Before they moved in we had thought about adopting some little girls as foster daughters. Now? I really don’t. It will disappoint my wife, but I can’t take it anymore.

I would be going crazy if I didn’t have my ear mufflers that target shooters use at firing ranges.

It’s the only place I can have peace during the day.

The wife hides in our bedroom all day because she can’t stand to be around them. Or she leaves for hours because she can’t enjoy her own house anymore.

We resolved last month to kick her out. Father-in-law takes sister-in-law’s side and says we are being ugly people for making her get out. That she should expect to be able to stay here no matter the lack of gratitude or respect for our rules, just because she’s family.

He was telling this to the wife, refusing to let her say her piece, while sister-in-law stood by and listened to everything.

We are drowning in bills and can’t stay in this house. We are looking to move somewhere cheaper, and get rid of the SUV because the oldest is moving out and choosing the Navy before college to get away from all the stress. We have to get what coins we can out of this place.

She has to go before we can show it off to buyers, but that doesn’t matter. We don’t matter, our three kids don’t matter, just sister-in-law and those helpless toddlers. We are rushing around all over creation to find a house we can get into. We had talked of moving. She thought she would be moving with us and get the same favorable rental terms (only $400/mo, but this was before we saw all our utility bills double if not triple).

Dad offered to cover our mortgage for one more month. But he made it clear wasn’t for us, it was just for sister-in-law and those babies to stay another couple of weeks. All I want to do is ask him, what was her reaction when he told her to be ‘the better person’? Did he even say anything of the sort?

(She had lined up an apartment somehow after we had put our foot down finally, but it was going to be a week, no, then it became two weeks into May before she can get into it..and now it won’t be until the third week that they will move out, because the apartment deal fell through and they got some funds to move back to California.)

Can we survive that long? I just want them gone. I want my toddler-free life back.”

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Lori 2 years ago
You should have told those brats, LOUD AND CLEAR, that you aren't putting up with THAT in YOUR house. Screw Mom, screw Grandpa, it's YOUR house. May very well have shut them RIGHT up. And if Mom told you not to speak to HER BABIES that way, you should have told her then get them out of MY house. No kidding
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10. I Just Want To Get My Stuff And Go


“Well, my roommate was a chronic substance-dependent with prescribed medicines for depression. I was living with him for 3 years. The house was an old one from the 1920s but the location was really good and the rent was reasonable. He did lots of things during the years I am just going to mention a few. Once he passed out in the yard from consuming too many drinks and I was trying to get him into the house because it was too cold and the stupid jerk attacked me and threw me against the fence causing me bruises on my back.

He was a wannabe musician and because he wasn’t working the weekends, he was playing guitar from Friday 6 pm till Saturday 9 pm that’s more than 24hrs and afterward he was passing out for a day and then he was going back to work on Monday. He was trying to light a smoke and he rolled a newspaper to light it up from the stove he managed to light the smoke but he burned his hand because the flame was too big.

And because he panicked he was running around the house and he threw the burning newspaper in the living room!!!! Once he was so wasted that he went to have a shower and turned the hot water full blast and managed to have a 2nd degree burn on his leg.

Why I was staying with him you ask?? Well after few months I moved into the house he changed job and he was working night-shifts every day and I didn’t see him that much.

But this year he lost his job cause of driving under the influence (he was a driver) and after that, he was always at the house and it all went crazy. I am just going to describe this year’s events. Like going to a friend’s party with me and he ended up being so wasted which led him to harass my mate’s significant other and spewing his guts on the bar and being kicked out from the pub.

He went to a pub and he got wasted of course and he punched an 18 yo 60 kg and he is 43yo 140kg. Managed to harass the Chinese female roommate we had in the first 2 weeks she moved in, etc…

So last Tuesday he called me and he said let’s meet for a drink in the city. I wasn’t feeling like it but he was close by of where I was and I thought at least go by and say hi.

I went there and he was already wasted ofc. He was keep drinking and out of nowhere he became aggressive and started abusing me. I shouted back that he doesn’t have the right to speak to me like that and abused the maggot back as well. He started screaming that he wants me outside the house and to get lost. I gave him the finger and left the place and went home… I knew trouble was coming so when I closed my bedroom door I put a chair behind it.

After a few hours later, he came back and he started hitting my door and he budged the door with the chair behind it. He yelled are you staying or going. I’m leaving this weekend I said and he left. I called my uncle and I organized to move to his place. I know the owner of the house and I could have caused him damage but I was like well it’s time for a change too much of a hassle… So last Saturday I organized a guy with a truck to come over and pick up my stuff he came over at 12.

I had planned to leave them at a relative’s place’ underground room. But when I went there there was no much space for my stuff.

The next thing I thought was a self-storage facility – so I rushed over there went in and said to them I need a storage area now. I pay this guy by the hour and he needs to go somewhere else. They gave me a storage area, put my things in, the removalist left, I did the paperwork, and went outside.

Then my cousin called and said he was outside my house. I said I was at the self-storage facility and he came over to pick me up to get my luggage and go to my uncle’s place. Well, that guy has a neurotic character and I said to him.. – Listen, dude, when we get there I don’t want you to say anything or do anything to the roommate.

We will just grab my stuff and go…

We went to the house and we were packing up. When I was grabbing the last ones, I heard a cracking sound outside. I am like what’s that. And my cousin threw eggs at my roommate’s car. I said what are you doing and I went there and started cleaning it. Then the roommate came out holding a golf club he saw my cuz and he was chasing him to hit him.

He went into his car and he just left. So I was left there with him by myself!!!!!! He was sitting behind me waving the golf club over my head saying the worse swear words you can imagine and he was threatening me that if I didn’t clean it properly he will hit me!!! Out of nowhere, I put myself into trouble and danger!!!! I cleaned the bloody thing, gave him the key he said to get lost, and left.”

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9. He Doesn't Want To Hear About The Fire Anymore


“One of my old roommates set my house on fire. He put some oil into a pan to saute up some veggies and went out for a smoke. Forgot about it and it ignited. I got to it when the flames were at the ceiling and the large bottle of olive oil that was placed next to the pan was about to melt onto the fire making it worse.

I grabbed the hot pan and ran outside as was my first instinct. After 5 months of nothing happening in the aftermath, he finally gets an insurance check for the damages. I cash it and give the cash to him to deal with as I was dealing with my underground room that flooded 2 weeks after the fire.

Another month goes by and nothing so I finally yell at him to get it going.

A week later and a contractor has come and done at best a half-butt job of painting the ceiling and replacing the melted microwave above the range. That night I ask when the guy was going to come and finish the job and I was told tomorrow, but he already paid in full for the work. I give him a wake-up call that paying a contractor in full means he will never return.

The roommate then proceeds to tell me that he no longer wants to hear about the fire and the time it took to fix it. At this point, I finally lose my mind and blow up on him. I give him his 30 days notice to vacate the premises. Over the next few days, the meathead changes the oil on his motorcycle out in the driveway, and oops spills some oil on the driveway so he says.

All ties to the former roommate/friend have been cut, but we still do work together which makes it funny. I find it hilarious that as we walk past each other he looks only at the ground hanging his head in shame as he knows how wrong and immature his actions were. At least when he gets reamed out by his boss it’s the office next to mine and I get front row seats to the chewing out session. Even got to hear lately that his own house flooded.”

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8. I Thought We Had A Clear Arrangement


“I moved into a hot girl’s place as a roommate. She started walking around in her underthings very soon after I moved in. I think it was less than a month before we were hooking up. She made it very clear that she wanted to sleep with other dudes and I could sleep with other girls. I thought this was too good to be true. It was.

If she brought someone home I was OK. If I brought another chick home she would lose it. She would start arguments with me. She would start verbally abusing me in front of the girl. She would yell at us if we were in my room to be quiet. She then started to ask where I was going, when I was coming home. The cops showed up at the door one day and said she had called them and said she’d been abused.

They went on to tell me how they thought she was full of lies. They also suggested that I not get involved with this woman. I was out of there soon after that. When I left she tried to say I owed her $500.00 more because of a rent increase. I lived there for 5 months. I’m glad I didn’t stick around so she could accuse me of anything else.”

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7. She Messed Up The Place While I Was Asleep


“Left the apartment to sleep at her significant other’s house for three weeks… when I tried calling her for rent, she kept insisting she’d be back. Well, one day I got a knock on the door from our landlord who asked to come in and do a precautionary bedbug check (gotta love Cincinnati), and low and behold her room was totally infested including her son’s crib and all of her piled up laundry.

The landlord said it was a 6 out of 10 on the infestation scale. Thankfully it was mostly contained in her room, but when I tried to tell her about it she blamed ME. Refused to even pay part of the 900 dollar bill and the rent she was already 2 weeks late on. I broke down and decided to tattle to her grandma about her behavior…

which was a bad mistake.

She came into the apartment while I was sleeping and wrecked the place… I’m talking ripped all the food from the pantries, threw spoons into my room (still kinda confused about that…), and left a note from a ‘lawyer’ that I owed her cash for a pair of Tom’s she let me borrow that had a scuff on the sole. She threatened to ‘lose my cat’ and told me I’d never see my godson (her child) again if I didn’t give HER cash.

But I didn’t cause screw her, ya know? Anyway, I didn’t have the rent fund, so I was forced from the apartment, burned all my clothes and most of my possessions in case of bedbugs, and was left homeless for a few days while I found an ugly one-bedroom. Then the cyberbullying started… she posted every one of my casual naughty encounters on social media, tagged me, the dudes, and my parents.

This while whole time I’m so stressed my period stops, I lose like 20 pounds, and my hair starts falling out… but never once did I try to mess her over.

I refused to stoop to her level because it’s disgusting down there. And I got through it! I was poor, had to push back going to college, had a lot fewer possessions, and lost the respect of some people I knew, but I got out okay.”

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6. I Almost Got Jailed


“Firstly, he is my cousin who I was really close with when I was younger before we moved away and I do really like the guy.

The first time he lived with me and a mate and didn’t work the entire time or pay rent, around a year and a half. He would game all night and sleep all day, and just generally not do anything to contribute.

The guy had a tough childhood with a lot of issues so I wanted to help him out. After this time, I ended up moving out with my significant other and we parted ways. From memory, he moved away back to his mother’s house.

A few years later, he moved back to my town and I was away at the time and had arranged with another cousin to move in with me.

When I came back, here he was basically living in my house, sleeping on my couch. So I decided to give him another chance but told him that he needs to get a job/pay rent, etc. All was well, kind of.

A couple of years later, we had parted ways again, he went back to living with his mother, not working, and I get a visit from the Child Protection Unit accusing me of holding and accessing child exploitation material.

After almost throwing up and trying to figure out what was going on, I discussed the timeline with the officer and it all clicked. The police raided my house, took all of my computers, hard drives, USBs, etc and I spent 6 months wondering if I was going to prison (some of these PCs were communal and I couldn’t be sure as to what had been accessed on them, especially the laptops). To top it off, my significant other’s mother was visiting (the second time meeting her) and she obviously witnessed the entire raid.

Needless to say, I got all of my items back and did not go to jail. What a messed up time in my life though, being accused of something so hideous was a horrible feeling. So yeah, that’s my story, thanks mate!”

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5. He Locks His Partner In The Room When He's Not Home


“He tried to hook up with a girl that I was seeing and when that didn’t work out for him he accused me of stealing his things, then proceeded to steal my things and started setting the a/c to about 93 degrees F while I was sleeping. Then he moved everything I owned into my room and complained when I didn’t pay for his groceries. After that, he had his significant other move in with us without telling me.

After a couple of weeks, he didn’t let his significant other leave their room when he wasn’t home because he didn’t trust me. (His significant other wasn’t even attractive enough for me to ever want to make a move on her. Ew.) She refused to get a job or pay any bills. I heard him tell his significant other that if I showed my face in front of him that he would beat me up.

When I confronted him about everything and told him that he would have to pay for his significant other’s part of the rent, he tried to get me to throw the first punch but I kept my cool and didn’t. Then he started bragging to people at work (we worked together, I got him a job where I worked before he was my roommate) about how he was going to move out with his significant other and ditch me with the apartment. Once I heard about it and confirmed that we were going to actually do it, I had to sell most of what I owned so that I could break my lease and save my credit. So I was homeless and broke. He moved out in the middle of the night and I haven’t heard from him since.”

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4. Genetics Can Really Be Messed Up Sometimes


“I lived with a winner my freshman year in college.

The guy was a little… off. Kind of weird, but not in a way that freaked me out.

He was a classic slob. Left dirty clothes all over the room, even over on my desk across the room. Trash everywhere, food scraps on the floor. The works.

One day, my significant other (now wife) was visiting for the weekend.

We were watching tv when she mentioned ants on the floor. Being on the ground floor in an older building, the occasional ant was not unusual, but they were everywhere.

We followed the line of ants to a t-shirt he had left on the floor. Under the shirt was a chicken sandwich that was half-eaten. He had gotten it from the cafe 2 days prior, only ate half, then just put it on the floor.

My significant other was disgusted, and I threw out the sandwich and killed a whole bunch of ants. When I confronted him about it later, he said ‘oh, my bad’ and walked away.

His bed was lofted, just like mine, so there was a space underneath. He had a chair underneath and would sit there with his laptop and play WOW for 20 hours a day. I never saw him go to class, but he must have because he was back the following year.

He would get up at 7 am, play WOW all day, eat dinner, and go back to WOW until around 1 in the morning. He didn’t understand the idea of a headset, so I’d have to listen to him raiding all night and day.

He was an idiot as well. He was taking hair loss pills, which I didn’t have any issue with. I mean, genetics can be messed up, right? But one day, he knocked the bottle of pills off his dresser by accident.

Of course, the lid was off, so pills went everywhere. He picks them all up and walks out of the room. I thought he was going to throw them out or something, so didn’t really think much of it. He came back a few minutes later, without the pill bottle, calls his dad, and asks for new pills. When his dad asks why, he says he knocked them over onto the floor, so he went to wash them off and they dissolved. I had to leave the room I was laughing so hard.

My time with him was so bad he basically pushed me into becoming an RA just so I wouldn’t have to have a roommate again.”

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3. I Was Left To Cover For His Illegal Deeds


“He did nothing all day (except for illegal substances) and partied all night -somehow- with what cash I had no idea. He stopped paying rent aft a while and the rest of us were already converting all the rent anyway, then he would pay us his share in cash. It was lower as well since he stayed in a loft space that wasn’t an actual room.

I was the oldest one there and it was a party loft. Always had random people crashed out. All my stuff smelled like smoke after a while. When I’d had enough, I secured a new place, and because it was Brooklyn, I had to pay the first month, last month, and deposit. I told them I was leaving with 2 weeks’ notice. I hadn’t paid my rent the month before – the guy on the lease was 21 and dumb so had us pay rent directly to the landlords.

There was never a clear due day, I was slightly late one month and never heard a word about it, so I just started paying whenever I felt like it and the guy on the lease had no way of knowing if anyone was even paying at all. So I told them I didn’t pay the previous month, to use my last month payment they received upfront to cover that, and told them to just keep my deposit for the last month.

This really upset their finances but they could do nothing about it. No contracts were signed so I could have just placed them out and not given them any notice at all. They also even had the nerve to accuse me of not paying several months of rent and threatened small claims court. I said, ‘Well, DeadbeatLoftGuy owes me $1500, so he can cover any alleged unpaid months.’ I had cash order receipts for each payment I made, and I told them this, but I didn’t volunteer these up and instead told them I would produce them in court if they actually filed a charge.

Never did of course. Hope they learned their lesson.

I had another sad one later on. No real issues, kept to himself, partied but didn’t bring it home, paid rent on time in cash usually by slipping it under my door even if I was in my room. Whatever he was mostly cool. Then he was gone for two weeks. We didn’t see each other a whole lot anyway so I just thought he had a significant other and was over at her place a lot.

One day I’m arriving back at the apartment and an older guy gets out of a jaguar and says ‘Are you Dude’s roommate?’ (We were similar in that we both rode fixed gear bikes and were hipster-ish so it wasn’t surprising that a random guy would think I was his roommate) He told me he was Dude’s dad and that Dude was in jail. Great. Now I’m suddenly out a roommate.

They proceeded to get all his stuff out of his room… except of course for all of his illegal paraphernalia. Spoons, needles, bands to tie off… the whole kit. What was I supposed to do with that? The best thing I could come up with without getting cops involved in some way was packing it in several boxes within boxes and throwing it all in the dumpster. He later died because of it. I heard he had died and I was SO hoping it was a bike or car accident but no… He was a good dude and I didn’t even know about what he was doing in my place. Just really sucked that he couldn’t kick it and went out that way.”

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2. She Always Changes The Story And Blames Us


“My husband was living with another couple at the time in a two-bedroom apartment. He was in the smaller room and the couple had the bigger room but were moving out. He and I weren’t living together because I was in the middle of cancer treatments out of state, so he couldn’t afford the place on his own. Found this 30 yo girl to agree on $1100 for the bigger room (with its own bathroom) plus utilities.

She agreed.

She turned out to be the biggest high-maintenance disaster ever. She broke up with her significant other (now husband somehow) every Tuesday when he went to play darts because she couldn’t be alone with her thoughts and would make up things he’d do while gone.

She had a 5-year-old daughter who would visit every other weekend which my husband agreed to because she was cute and he didn’t mind her being there.

This graduated into her LIVING there without our permission or the property managers. She was cute, yes, but well-behaved, no. She would barge into our room and demand that we turn on something else for her if we were watching a movie. Then, she wouldn’t leave even if we told her to. She’d ask us to take down posters in OUR room because they ‘scared’ her.

BUT, this story is not about the daughter, but the roommate. Anyway, roomie would feed my husband while I was gone because she felt like it was the nice thing to do (and he doesn’t eat healthy by himself). She’d confide ALL her relationship problems in him because he’s polite. When I came home for good, she was super excited and nice because another girl was living there yay! I made a friend.

That was a mistake. She started confiding in me her relationship problems, so I felt I could trust her and confided in her my former abusive relationship and my insecurities (emotionally abused formerly and felt like I couldn’t do anything right and had no friends).

The first issue? She started complaining about her share of the rent. It was different each month because of utilities, but she never paid more than $1150.

She claimed that with her daughter ‘living’ there, she couldn’t afford it, so I caved and dropped her down to a flat $1070 and we’d pay the rest. Still too much. We eventually dropped her down to $1050 flat and she begrudgingly agreed. Oh, and remember how I said she’s feed hubby while I was gone? She proceeded to ask us for cash back that she used to feed him because he begged for it! My husband HATED her cooking and only ate it because she made a plate for him.

She eventually started getting passive-aggressive and not speaking to us for stupid stuff like putting a placemat on the table and not taking it off. She got in a huge argument with us one day and started telling my husband that stuff basically hit the fan when I came home because she no longer had a male to give her perspective on her relationship woes. Read as: my husband stopped paying attention to her because I was home and she hates not being the center of attention.

We calmly suggested a conversation (which lasted four hours and got nothing resolved because she wouldn’t stop arguing), and she goes off on us. She starts telling me, ‘no wonder you don’t have any friends! all u do is whine!’

So, that was the last straw for me. I told her to shut up and get out, she said, ‘no u get out I was here first.” She was not.

My husband was. I pointed this out and she said, ‘U guys can’t afford it without me and I have to sign off on da paparazzi.’

We found out this was true. She had to sign off on the papers to let her out of the lease and she refused. Fine. We settle the disagreement and just went back to almost normal.

Fast forward to a few weeks and we get new downstairs neighbors.

This guy is trouble. Addict, dealing, and no job. Fights constantly and loud. Roomie was scared when hubby and I were in Vegas. She called us at midnight saying they were fighting downstairs and pushing each other against the wall so violently it was shaking the whole apartment. We tell her to turn off the lights and call the cops. She doesn’t want trouble, so she just waits it out.

A few weeks go by and we hear this guy screaming at his significant other and threatening her (walls were very thin). We fear for her life so we call security. Security TELLS HIM IT WAS US, so he starts pounding on the walls and threatening to kill us. We freak, call 911 (we apparently weren’t the first because cops were already there for him) and he refuses to come out.

We don’t feel safe there anymore, so we leave.

Cue roomie coming home. She proceeds to LECTURE us about how we shouldn’t have called the cops and just let him yell at us and punch us (yes, she said that). She tells me he’s still pounding and I tell her to call the police again. Instead, she GOES DOWN TO HIS DOOR. He tells her we should have just come down and talked to him (yeah right!) and she then tells him that we are troublemakers (what!?).

Anyway, we decide to leave because the apartment is no longer safe (he berated us when we came to gather our stuff). The apartment complex refused to evict him or even let us out of our lease. They wouldn’t even move us to another apartment. And roomie (surprise, surprise) refuses to sign us off the lease until we find replacements for us.

We spend WEEKS and find about 6 different people to which she poos each one. Finally, get someone she likes and she proceeds to abuse them for cash. She ends up paying less than we were for the BIGGER room because she’s a jerk.”

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1. They Tried To Clean But Only Made It Worse


“I’m a live-in landlord and have two Irish guys living with me. I heard them come in wasted one night and go into the living room. I was in bed and they went quiet eventually. Then I heard the sound of someone moving items about. This went on for a while but it was like 3.00 am and I was in bed so didn’t get up hoping they were just making food or something and go to bed.

Suddenly there is a massive crash of metal coming from the living room. I jump out of bed and run in.

One of the housemates had passed out sat up on the sofa, so the worst housemate had decided to take the dining table turn it upside down, and put it on wasted housemate along with the chairs, put eggs in his wasted housemate’s pockets for when he woke up, had smashed eggs down his front (now all over the sofa) and as for the sound of metal, I collect decorative swords and have a suit of armor.

This also had all been piled up on top of a wasted housemate along with other random items from the room and had by now come crashing down.

I tried to get them to clean up the egg which was now all over the furniture, carpet, armor collection, but they were so wasted they were doing a terrible job and making it worse. In the end, I sent them away and had to clean egg off various items at a ridiculous time in the morning as it would have all been dried over all my stuff by morning.”

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