12 Inspiring Stories Of Animals Who Became Heroes In Their Community

YouTube, CBS Sacramento/Facebook, Ralph Dorn
Some animals serve to be our best friends, while others work alongside law enforcement to bust bad guys. However, sometimes those two worlds merge and the beloved pet you thought was just a good pal to have around the house, actually doubles as a hero. Whether it be for saving their owner's baby from a venomous snake or jumping into action to help another animal in need, these animals were hailed as heroes by their communities. And if you thought you'd only see some brave guard dogs in this list, think again! Check out our list of some of the bravest and smartest animals ever to see for yourself how heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

12. Dog Hailed A Hero After Security Footage Catches Her Rescuing Her Furry Friend From Drowning

YouTube, The Dodo

A couple was shocked to look at their security footage and find their dog drowning in their pool.

Byron and Melissa were out at an appointment when the event occurred. When they returned, they noticed their dog Chucky’s head was wet and instantly knew something was up. The couple ran to watch their security footage and what they saw horrified them.

“It was heart-wrenching to see the way he fell in,” Byron describes of witnessing his 13-year-old dog fall into the pool.

Suddenly, the couple’s other dog, Jessie, approaches the pool from out of frame. The bigger of the two dogs actually hates water but was determined to keep following her pal Chucky who was doggy-paddling around the pool.

Now that’s dedication!

Throughout the footage, Jessie tries and fails several times to gently pull Chucky out of the pool. Even though at this point the couple knows their dog is safe, it’s still nail-biting to watch the scene unfold.

Finally, Jessie is victorious in rescuing her little furry pal. “As we saw Jessie pulling Chucky out, it was just such a special moment.

I was just so proud,” Byron says. Chucky had been in the water for over 30 minutes. He’s very lucky that he has a loyal friend in Jessie who was willing to do anything to save him. Jessie was even presented with a medal for her heroic act from her adoption center. How sweet!

Check out how Jessie became a hero by saving her best friend Chucky from drowning in the video below.

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11. Cat Alerts Family To Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Saving Their Lives

YouTube, Inside Edition

Animals have the ability to sense things that we can’t and one family is beyond grateful that their pet cat was able to do just that.

Heidi Stamper and her family were sleeping peacefully when at about one in the morning her cat Thor (perfectly named if I may say so myself) started screaming.

Heidi could tell her cat was sick so she took him outside to get some fresh air. When he seemed to improve, she brought him back inside. That’s when she realized that something was seriously wrong.

Thor woke her up screaming again but this time, Heidi also wasn’t in the best shape.

She had sweated through her clothes and was unable to move. Thankfully, Heidi’s kids heard their cat’s screams and dialed 911. The culprit? Carbon monoxide – an odorless gas that when exposed to can become deadly very fast.

When the police arrived they found that all four members of the family had been affected by carbon monoxide poisoning and no detector had been equipped in their home, causing the deadly gas to build up.

Luckily, Thor was the alarm the family needed to get out in time. “Just the thought that I wouldn’t be here to see my kids, that’s really scary,” Heidi recounts through tears.

Thor definitely lived up to his name when he rescued his entire family and I’m sure they’re all very grateful to have a special cat like him. Check out the incredible story in the video below.

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10. Family Dog Saves Toddler From Venomous Snake

YouTube, CBS Sacramento

Bryan and Alicia Halloway, along with their 18-month-old son Bryson and their dog Shiloh were enjoying a calm afternoon outside their family home when the unimaginable happened.

Bryan recounts that out of nowhere, Shiloh charged toward Bryson, which freaked him out. He didn’t realize right away what was going on. “Couldn’t really see but he grabbed something, jumped back, and then kinda jumped up straight up into the air and yelped a little bit,” he describes of the odd scene.

Shiloh had actually just been bit on his jaw by a copperhead snake.

It soon dawns on the couple that the brave dog had spotted the venomous snake near their toddler and jumped into action to save him – sacrificing himself in the process. The poor pup’s neck got so swollen from the snake bite that his collar had to be removed.

Luckily, Shiloh has made a full recovery and the Halloways are beyond grateful for their heroic family member. “Since he protected him, I couldn’t love this dog any more,” Alicia says of Shiloh.

If only we could all be so lucky to have a courageous dog like Shiloh. Check out the pup’s heroic act in the video below.

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9. Elephant Helps Zookeeper Rescue Antelope From Drowing


Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and this particular rescue required an unlikely duo to get the job done.

Trompita the elephant was having a regular day at La Aurora Zoo in Guatemala when something in the pond caught her eye. An antelope was struggling in the water, desperately trying to keep its head afloat.

It’s a heartbreaking sight and one that Trompita understands needs an urgent call to action.

The elephant, knowing full well that she can’t save the poor animal herself, does the one thing she knows how to gain the attention of someone who can – trumpeting. Trompita sets off her own alarm bell as she desperately motions toward the water in hopes that somebody, anybody, can help the antelope.

Luckily, zookeeper Romeo López catches on to Trompita’s cries and dives into the water. All the while, the elephant refuses to leave the antelope’s side, ensuring that Romeo won’t abandon the little guy. You can see the antelope bobbing in and out of the water as Romeo tries several times to get the animal out. Eventually, the zookeeper is able to guide the antelope out of the pond by its horns.

This rescue was certainly a team effort and wouldn’t have been possible without Trompita’s quick thinking and compassionate heart.

Watch the nail-biting rescue in the video below.

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8. Cat Becomes Anxious Dog's Main Comfort When Owners Are Away

YouTube, The Dodo

Cats and dogs getting along isn’t something you see every day, but for this furry duo, it’s a common occurrence.

Joule the dog gets very anxious when her owners leave for the day, so the couple set up a hidden camera to keep an eye on her. Well, what they didn’t expect to see was their cat Kelvin being the one to offer support.

Turns out, the couple didn’t need to worry about their sweet pup at all – Kelvin’s got it covered!

The orange tabby can be seen walking up to Joule on the couch and snuggling right into the pup – providing comfort not just for a moment, but for the entire day. Kelvin seems to take this role seriously as he makes sure to snuggle up to Joule every single day.

Cats are usually aloof pets who like to keep to themselves so it’s definitely rare and surprising to see such an affectionate little guy. Check out Kelvin’s sweet friendship with Joule in the video below.

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7. Service Dog Jumps In Lake To Save Fawn From Drowning

Facebook, Ralph Dorn

Some stories are meant to be shared and that’s exactly what Ralph Dorn felt when he posted to Facebook about his service dog’s grand adventure.

It all started one evening when Ralph couldn’t find his Goldendoodle Harley anywhere. The concerned owner looked to the lake and spotted the dog right in the middle of it but he wasn’t alone.

To Ralph’s surprise, Harley was herding a little fawn back to shore. The poor animal had clearly been struggling, and although it’s unsure of how the fawn got so far out in the water, Harley didn’t hesitate to help.

The rescue ended up being a success and the fawn was safely returned to land with the help of her new pal.

And if you thought this story couldn’t get any sweeter, Ralph witnessed something truly remarkable the very next morning.

That same fawn could be heard bleating from a distance. Harley recognized her friend’s cries and instantly tracked her down. At the sight of the pup, the little fawn’s mood instantly lifted. The two embraced, touching noses and sniffing one another.

You can clearly tell that a deep bond has been formed between them in such a short amount of time. It just goes to show that kindness can be found anywhere and friendships can form between the most unlikely pairs.

Take a look at Harley comforting his fawn friend after a heroic rescue in the video below.

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6. Man's Pet Squirrel Is Being Called A Hero After Attacking Burglar

YouTube, Idaho News 6

Probably the most unlikely hero in our list – a pet squirrel (yes, pet!) defended his owner’s property by putting a burglar in his place.

Adam Pearl was greeted by his pet squirrel Joey one Tuesday and immediately felt that something was off. His suspicions were confirmed once he saw scratch marks on his gun safe.

He knew then that someone had been in his house – a fear many of us have but hope to never witness.

So Adam naturally called the police and that’s when this story takes a strange and quite amusing turn. Officer Turner who was handling the case came back to Adam with his stolen belongings and quite the update.

Turns out, the burglar had some scratches on his hands and when questioned about it, he admitted that Joey had attacked him and wouldn’t stop until he left. Adam had said that Joey doesn’t normally bite, but I guess when he felt his home was being messed with, he took matters in his own paws.

“Nobody can believe it because who can say they have a squirrel that guards their house, which is crazy. You can’t ask for much more than that. He is a pain in the butt, but he is great,” Adam says. Turns out dogs aren’t the only pets that can successfully guard your home and Adam is very lucky that he has Joey on his side.

Watch the story about the heroic squirrel in the video below.

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5. Puppy Acts As Veteran's Support System – A Hero For A Hero!

YouTube, The Dodo

The next story on our list isn’t your typical superhero defeats villain plot. Sometimes the heroes in our lives need a little support themselves and that’s exactly what Lily the puppy provides for military veteran Thomas.

Three years into his Marine corps service, Thomas was diagnosed with anxiety and depression which greatly impacted his relationships back home.

“Because you’re constantly moving around, I wasn’t able to connect with anybody and I wasn’t able to sustain a relationship and then I kinda became very distant from my family,” he describes of the struggles he’s felt in the past decade while serving. Then he met Lily and everything changed.

Since adopting Lily less than a year ago, the two have become inseparable.

“She has literally been my everything, she has been by my side since day one. She has been my crutch. She has made this house a home,” Thomas gushes about Lily. Aww!

Lily has pushed Thomas to be more social and he’s been able to make human connections with the support of his pup by his side.

It just goes to show that not all pets are fierce protectors, at least not all the time. Lily’s role in her owner’s life is to provide comfort and peace – an equally important heroic act if I may say so myself.

Take a look at how Lily helps Thomas combat his mental health in the video below.

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4. Elderly Man Is Saved By Cat Who Came To The Rescue After He Fell

YouTube, FOX 17 WXMI

When 84-year-old Ron Williams slipped and fell while getting out of the shower, all felt hopeless. That is until an unlikely hero saved the day.

The army veteran had been laying on the ground for 16 hours. His Life Alert was on the charger, his phone was on the counter, and the door was shut.

Ron was trapped but luckily, he wasn’t alone. His cat Fluffy was in the bathroom with him. Fluffy is a clever cat and caught on to some of the phrases that Ron would say. One of them was “ring-a-ding” – a phrase he’d say whenever the phone rang. So Ron took the last chance he had and said “ring-a-ding” – minutes later, his phone was in his hand.

That’s right, the clever cat understood Ron’s plea, jumped up on the counter, and fetched the phone for him. “I relive it a million times and what if he wouldn’t have been in there with me?” Ron recounts of the terrifying moment. He had no way of knowing that just a few weeks after adopting Fluffy, the little cat would save his life. “He’s my hero and he always will be,” Ron gushes about Fluffy. So cute!

Check out Fluffy’s heroic act in the video below.

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3. German Shepherd Springs Into Action To Save Little Boy From Aggressive Dog

YouTube, Independent.ie

A typical day out playing in the yard was suddenly an action-packed horror scene when a neighbor’s dog lunged at a six-year-old boy.

The little boy is seen chasing around his German Shepherd pal Tank when the unthinkable happens. Another dog emerges from across the street and charges at the boy. The neighbor, catching on that his dog was up to no good, tries his best to chase after him, but to no luck.

The aggressive dog was just too fast.

Luckily, Tank sprung into action, fending off the other canine while the boy ran free to his parents. The neighbor eventually is able to command his dog back to his place while Tank keeps a watchful eye, making sure that his friend is safe and sound. The entire scene seems to happen in the blink of an eye but it just goes to show how quickly things can change.

Watch how Tank saved his little human from being attacked by another dog in the video below.

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2. St. Bernard Gets Stuck In Ditch For 18 Hours And Dachshund Pup Saves His Life

YouTube, KRQE

Tim Chavez had quite the scare when his St. Bernard Jazzy got loose one afternoon and he still hadn’t found her by the next morning. Tim had to head to work but before he could leave, his other dog, a Dachshund named Razor, kept alerting him that something was wrong.

Jazzy was in trouble and luckily, Razor knew exactly where to find her.

The poor dog was trapped in a muddy ditch. Tim believes his 9-year-old dog had been stuck there for about 18 hours. So scary! Thankfully, a passerby could sense something was up and followed Razor to the ditch. Not long after, police and firefighters arrived at the scene.

It took a lot of effort and manpower to rescue the 180-pound dog from the ditch, but the crew was successful.

Jazzy was saved and returned to her home – all thanks to her concerned pal. Tim is grateful that his dog is safe and sound. “It really means a lot. You don’t really realize how attached you are to your pets until something like this happens,” he said.

Take a look at how a little Dachshund rescued his large friend in the video below.

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1. Rooster And Goat Team Up To Take Down Hawk Who Was Attacking Hen

YouTube, Dogtooth Media

A typical day at the farm turned into quite the wild goose chase – or a hawk chase, rather.

Jaap Beets was inside his farmhouse when he heard commotion coming from his livestock outside. A hawk had swooped down on a brown hen, causing the dramatic scene that played out on CCTV footage.

Although Jaap was too late to come to the hen’s rescue, the little gal luckily had a whole crew ready to defend her.

The footage begins with the unassuming chicken relaxing on the grass when out of nowhere a hawk swoops in and attacks – sending feathers flying everywhere. Almost immediately, a rooster can be seen rushing to his friend’s rescue.

But he’s just no match for the furious beast. In comes his sidekick, the trusty goat, charging at the hawk. He’s a lot bigger and stronger, and in no time, our bad guy is flying away to safety. “I was so proud of the rooster and the goat jumping in to defend our chicken. I was also very relieved that the chicken survived,” Jaap said.

One YouTube User, @doeeyedkookie, commented, “The goat was the muscle. But that other chicken is the ride or die friend we all want.” We couldn’t agree more!

Check out the nail-biting footage in the video below.

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