People Spill The Most Intriguing Revenge They Had

One of the best things, when someone does us wrong, is watching them get what they deserve. These people just had the fulfillment of their dreams of watching their enemies go down with the revenge that they plotted.

21. Eating My Lunch Is A Big Mistake


“So I work as a Nurse. I love my job but we rarely get our full break time. I’m one of the people who prepares some nice food the night before. I eat Breakfast/Lunch at work (depends on my shift. We have the morning, day, and night shifts). So we have a fridge in the break room, a coffee maker and a water boiler. We take breaks in shifts since only three people are allowed at once in the break room because of social distancing.

I mostly go to the last break. So one day my lunch was stolen. The jerk doesn’t even take all of it, just picked the good stuff out. One day, I made myself some curry rice with chicken and fruits and vegetables. This idiot just took my chicken and left the rice. You wanna dance? Fine!

So I found out one of the other nurses steals my lunch.

I couldn’t really call her out, because she can easily deny it. I don’t have names on my container etc. and trusted the good grace in the people to not eat someone else’s food. But then I thought out my revenge. I’m lactose intolerant. So when I eat dairy I get stomach pains and cramps and I’m getting gas. Really bad. Put some cheese in me and I can clear a room.

So this particular nurse is lactose intolerant too, but she’s way more than I am. She gets diarrhea very quickly. We both are the only ones and because of us, there is soy and almond milk in the fridge for the coffee. We fought for it.

So I made my meal prep one evening and made pasta with cream/cheese sauce. I earned some weird looks from my significant other, but I just smiled.

I cooked also a separate meal with tomato sauce.

So the next day came. I came in extra early and put my food in the fridge. The one with dairy right in the front. So the shift goes by and we had break time. And as calculated when I got in at least half of my pasta with cream sauce is gone. I was pleased and waited for the chaos to go down.

So after the break, we are standing at the front desk. And the thief had stomach pain. Poor thing. ‘Everything ok?’ I asked with a suppressed evil grin. She just nodded and then made a run for the toilet. Have fun with diarrhea and stay away from my food!”

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teemarie62 1 year ago
The food thief got what she deserved. No one to blame here but the food thief. Had the poster not been lactose intolerant this could of happened long before.
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20. Do The Math On Two Weeks Notice


“So right around the turn of the millennium I worked at a restaurant chain and the restaurant had a bar on one side and restaurant on the other. I started as a server and then I became a bartender though I am not a bartender by any stretch of the imagination.

Anyways I’ve always traveled so this year I decided to go to Costa Rica for four months or so.

Just backpacking. I don’t like winter and I come from the great white North. As it were, I ended up living there for 8 years.

So I talked to my GM and he says I can quit and if I want to come back we’ll deal with it at that time. Fine with me.

I gave my two weeks notice on December 16th. Do the math because my shift supervisor didn’t.

We had a shift supervisor that did the schedule who was a good friend with a server I didn’t get along with. Servers were supposed to tip out the bartender and she would lie and say her tips were bad and stiff me. So I put this server’s drinks at the end of the queue and if she ever needed anything on the fly it was no.

It affected my schedule because my shift supervisor who is also a bartender put me on open. Open is lunch and that’s it. We had a 12 till 8 which was gravy because no open and no close just tips and then there was closing. For about a month I had bad shifts.

My shift supervisor was sitting at the bar making the schedule after I gave my notice and she says to me you’re always complaining about not closing? I have a close for you.

December 31st. And I said, what?

Yeah, you can close on New Year’s Eve.

I didn’t say anything, but those astute readers that added 14 days to December 16th would come up with several 30. I planned December 30th as my last day but here she has scheduled me for December 31st. I said nothing.

December 30th swings around, I finished my opening shift, having a drink and staff meal and she’s a closing bartender and she’s gloating about me closing on New Year’s Eve.

I told her I quit, today is my last day. She didn’t believe me. Then the GM comes out of the kitchen and she asked him what is Alex’s last day? He says today. Then she says he’s scheduled for closing tomorrow. Now my GM was a great guy and he didn’t play any games or favorites. He just wanted the job done. He told her to find someone or she is the one closing, it’s her mistake.

Find someone to close bartending on New Year’s Eve in a bar less than 24 hours away. Didn’t happen.

I heard from a co-worker that she was closing, so even though it wasn’t in my New Year’s Eve plans, my friends and I went in there before the real festivities began. I will never forget the look on her face when she had to serve us.”

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19. Got My Revenge On Entitled College Roommates


“At the end of the school year, Vicky and I rented a condo off campus which had a master and second bedroom, a living room and a kitchen, plus an underground storage area. It also had one bathroom with a shower. I was working a campus job in IT at the time and Chucky was my coworker. I found him annoying and immature but it wasn’t a contentious work relationship.

I knew his girl, B, just in passing and also found her immature.

After Vicky and I signed the rental agreement and moved into the master bedroom we went to visit her mother and brother in Seattle for a week. While we were at her mother’s, Vicky told me that she invited Chucky and B to move in and help share the rent. She said that she thought that we were friends since we worked together which is why she invited them.

I told her that we were coworkers at best and that I was concerned that she was only telling me this now and I told her my opinion about them. Vicky was very nonconfrontational and asked me to just go with it and that sharing the rental costs would be a good thing. Vicky was such a sweet person and always saw the good in people, but sometimes, you have to show fangs or you will be a doormat.

When we got back, our belongings were piled in the hall and the living room, including the bed and other furniture, and Chucky and B, had moved into the master bedroom. I marched into the master bedroom and confronted them. They said that they had a bigger bed so they needed the master bedroom. Vicky pulled me back, asking me to just let it go so I did.

They also took up the entire storage area. A day later we asked them for the rent money and they paid us around a third of the rent, saying that they brought more furniture so that they should pay less rent. I was about to say something when Vicky asked me to let it go, so I did. When we tried to sit on any of their furniture, B wailed at us, refusing to let us use any of their items.

I was going to say something, but Vicky asked me to let it go. About a day later, they took down all of our decorations and put theirs up. I was going to say something, but you know the drill by now.

A week later it was time to clean the bathroom. They whined that they were tired and to do it without them. You know the drill.

Vicky and I were the only ones to clean the bathroom from then on. They never did any of their dishes and expected us to clean the kitchen and cook. We did our dishes, but dishes with rotting food piled up in the sink and on the counters. You know the drill. B took up half the kitchen with boxes containing her childhood toys. I asked them why they couldn’t use the underground storage area and B replied that the toys would be lonely and cold and they needed to stay in the condo.

You know the drill. Vicky and I took occasional trips back to Seattle to visit her mom. When we returned there were obvious signs that our bed was used along with used makeup pads, used kleenex, and used bandaids lying about in the room that was not ours. You know the drill. Any disagreement resulted in B screaming at the top of her lungs and then storming out, slamming as many doors as she could.

After two months, Vicky went on a study abroad program to Europe. I drove her to the airport, saw her off, and when I got home, it was open season on Chucky and B. I invited my friends, Rich, John and Dan to crash at our place. We would hold ‘sporting events’ in the condo, throwing a football, bouncing a basketball, fencing, or playing laser tag.

The place wasn’t that big so it was a lot of noise, something that B hated. She would stomp out of their room and scream at us and we would say, ‘What? What? I can’t hear you.’ We even had a coconut shucking contest. We told them they were going to pay half the rent or we would use their furniture and take down their decorations so they did.

We took their dishes with rotting food and hid them under their bed and around their room. We stopped cleaning the bathroom and later, we scraped scum off of the shower and toilet and did the same. Since the TV was Vicky’s and mine we never let them watch anything that they wanted. We opened up all of B’s childhood toy boxes and took a look at them all, even running through the condo with the toy lawnmower that has bouncing balls in a clear dome and makes revving and popping noises.

I guess that was enough as, after a month of that, they told me indignantly that they were moving out as if that were a threat or something that would be bad for me. My friends and I just smiled and said, ‘awesome! How soon can you move?’

On moving night, my friends and I held a party just outside the front entrance. We had beach towels, umbrellas, a cooler, a blender, tons of food, and even a couple of cheerleaders (fellow students who came out to support us and brought pom-poms).

Every time a box or piece of furniture came out of the condo and when it was loaded into their car, we rose and cheered, often doing waves. They had to make several trips so it took hours. When they brought out their massive couch that they refused to let anyone else use it was clear that they were struggling so that was about twenty minutes of cheering.

We dropped comments like, ‘Oh that looks heavy. You guys are working up a good sweat. Don’t let it fall on your feet. That would be painful.’

They set the couch down and B stormed on over, put her hands on her hips, and glowered at us. ‘Are you going to help us or are you just going to sit there and make fun?’ We pretended to have a discussion for a short time and then we all looked at her and said together, ‘sit here and make fun.’

Never saw them again after that as I had moved to a different campus job when the new semester started.”

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SunnySue 1 year ago
The first person you should have gotten rid of was Vicky!
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18. The Bartender Got Served


“This all happened about 5 or 6 years ago, I just thought of this story when social media suggested I add Pete as a friend. I used to be a bar manager at a decent-sized resort. Multiple restaurants, bars, and pools. The outdoor pool had a small bar by it.

All the bartenders hated to be assigned to that one because the tips were less out there.

I would rotate the bartenders out there so it was fair for everyone. Pete complained about being out there the most.

In order to make it a little better out there, we would let them close early if sales were below $500. 5 PM instead of 7 PM. Pete was the one that closed early most of the time. I just assumed that he was lazy, everyone else ground to make the most tips.

Just some info on Pete, he was around 22 or 23, going to school to become a CPA, (certified public accountant), and had a frat bro vibe about him.

Well, one day I get called to the front desk, someone there wants to talk to me. When I get there, there is a cop on vacation with his family. He tells me he saw the bartender Pete pocketing funds out there.

I thanked him.

Without proof, I can not do anything, so I convince IT and security to add a new camera hidden in the rafters to cover the register. The one that was out there only covered the bar area. It is shockingly easy to see if he is stealing, watch the camera to see when he makes a drink, then check a register to see if one is rung up, everything has a timestamp.

After reviewing the footage we see that Pete is pocketing funds out there and that is why his sales are low enough to close early.

We are all mad and the director wants to fire him right away, I convince him a slow approach would be better, that we can make an example of Pete.

We let it continue for 3 months, till the amount stolen is now in the felony amount (in the state this was located in that is $2000).

Pete would only work at this bar 2 or 3 days a week so it took a little while.

It’s at this point that Pete puts in his 2-week notice because he is going to be graduating college and he already has a job lined up. So finally it is time for my revenge. We wait till 3:45 to have Pete come into the office, when he comes in he is greeted to the sight of 2 police, the head of security, the head of HR, the director of food and beverage, and myself.

We don’t even give him the chance to explain, we tell him we have him on tape stealing and that he is being arrested. We have him walked out in handcuffs out the employee entrance just as all the night shift employees are coming into work.

Now see in order to be a CPA one of the requirements is you have to be of good moral character. The felony for theft means that he can never get his CPA license. Needless to say, his job offer is revoked.

So when I convinced the Director to wait, I knew that was going to prevent him from ever getting his dream job. The moral of the story is do not steal from me.”

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danelson123 1 year ago
Good for you! If he was willing to steal from the bar than he probably would have stolen from his CPA clients too! You most likely prevented a lot of heartache for other people!!
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17. Not All Drinks Are Created Equal


“Back in late 2014 I was living and working in a large mining town, notorious for its ‘wild west’ reputation. There was even a show about it at one point.

After work, each day, my housemates and I would convene on the veranda out the back, kick our boots off and enjoy a nice drink from the fridge out there and swap stories over who’s day was the most messed up.

One day, one of my housemates noticed that the fridge was empty. Which was odd, considering we all took turns to stock it with a carton or two. Accusations abounded over who was being greedy and allowing the fridge to be empty. One of my housemates swore up and down that he stocked it this morning before he left for work. The empty carton boxes in the recycling bin and his receipt from the night before backed him up on this.

We figured a local porch pirate must have helped himself to our drinks whilst we were at work. Bugger. But that’s life I guess.

We put up with drinks going missing for about 2 weeks, and just decided to leave fewer drinks in the fridge outside going forward. Instead of bringing drinks from inside the house, and placing them in the fridge if/when we ran low. The reduction in free drinks must have angered the pirates, as they would still jump the fence while we were out, look for drinks, and then break loose when they found none or were unsatisfied with the number of drinks in the fridge.

One night, after a particularly big messing around, we decided to leave the thieves a little present.

We filled two six-packs worth of booze bottles with pee, screwed the tops back on, and left them in the fridge. The trap was set. We go to work the next day, come back and our drinks are gone. We share a laugh at the unfortunate soul who has the pleasure of chugging those back. We found the bottles smashed out the back of our place, on the other side of the fence. Must have been thirsty work jumping the fence, so thirsty in fact that he couldn’t wait till he got home to crack a drink. Never had any drinks go missing again.”

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Nokomis21 1 year ago
Aren't there locks for fridges? Y'all could have done that.
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16. Creepy Ex Caused A Lot Of Scenes In My Life


“My significant other (25m) and I (23f) started going out about a year ago, it’s been great. We get along amazingly, we’ve moved in together, and are ready to start a life together. There’s just one issue.

My significant other (we’ll call him Alex) has this ex (we’ll call her Daisy) that he was with for about 3 weeks. They weren’t serious, they met through his friends when he was 23 and extremely depressed.

They pretty much only slept together and did illegal things together. Fast forward to six months into our relationship, and she follows me on social media. At first, I was surprised, I didn’t know her, but man was she beautiful. After talking to Alex about this beautiful girl, I said her name. I thought he saw a ghost.

Come to find out this girl has been stalking him for quite a while, somehow she found out we are together and has moved to stalk me.

I don’t know what all she did to him, but some examples he’s told me/kept; she sent him a Polaroid of her… unclothed. She showed up at his house while he was on vacation, and waited nearly 4 hours for him, she left notes on his car, she showed up at his mom’s house begging to see him. He’s only kept these as evidence if she does something worse.

At first, it wasn’t an issue for me, I thought ‘how bad could it possibly be?’ It started with liking and unliking everything on my social media, to adding my mom on social media, then moved on to finding out my address, phone number, and closest friends. I was freaked out and private/deleted all my socials, moved back in with my dad for safety, changed jobs, and my number.

Alex got tired of me hiding offline and in real life from this girl, so he did his own research. He found out that her main profiles, under a fake name, had nearly 10k followers individually, almost 40k together. She was making around $1600/month off these socials. I found this out afterward.

Her pages were mostly animal-related, but she made a point to make herself seem as classy as she possibly could online.

I’m probably wrong, but I posted a blurred picture of the Polaroids she sent Alex, screenshots of all the creepy texts, door cam footage, pretty much everything she had done to me and Alex throughout our relationship and before. I also found her significant other’s number and sent it all to him. This ended in her online career almost immediately, she lost the majority of her following, a couple of collabs, her monthly income, and her relationship.

She ended up having to move back across the country with her mom.

My mom thinks I should have just let it go because ‘it’s an innocent obsession’, but my dad thinks I did the right thing because I had asked her to stop numerous times and become scared of what she would do to me. Alex of course is supporting me. I don’t think I am, but I might be. I feel as if it was getting to the ‘if I can’t have him no one can’ point, and the police didn’t help because she never actually hurt either of us.”

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cijo 1 year ago
Unfortunately, it seems like somebody has to die before the cops can do anything in these situations.
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15. Religious Entitled Mother Gets What She Deserves


“So it’s me (m27) my significant other (f26) my cousin (f15) her mother (REP). Other people are also involved.

So last year, before the season started, my cousin came to visit us for about a week, and on the first day she came out to us that she liked girls and not boys. She knows that we openly support the LGBTQ community so it was a little easier for her.

We told her congratulations, went out to eat, and just had a good time. On our last day together she asked us if she should tell her mother. I told her no (hypocritical I know). She got mad but understood why.

Folks my aunt, her mother, is the most Christian Christian who has ever Christian. She is very devoted to her religion to the point where it’s an obsession.

Doesn’t matter if her husband came home from work at 4 am, she will wake everyone up on Sunday morning to go to church. She screamed and threw a tantrum when her son (m28 moved out years ago) accidentally said ‘god damn it’ when he hit his toe. She wasted almost 2k of her daughter’s college fund for a small house shrine in her backyard. It gets worse but you get the idea.

Before my cousin left I told her that it’s still her decision to tell her mother and should anything happen I’m just a phone call away.

This past December she called me and told me she would tell her mother on her bday, which was two weeks from then, I reassured her that I’m a phone call away. Well her bday has come gone and passed and I received no word from her.

I called her phone but no answer. I called her brother and he didn’t know, I called the husband and he was gone for a few weeks due to work. I got worried and decided to call my aunt, big surprise, she didn’t answer. Two more weeks later I got a call from my neighbors telling me someone’s been hanging out outside my door the whole day.

I arrived and there she was, soaking wet from rain and tears. I asked her what happened;

It’s her bday and she told her mother. She saw REP’s face go sour. REP yelled at her and accused her of bringing sin into her house. REP grabbed her phone and smashed it to the ground, she then kicked her out with nothing. Not even her wallet. She did go to the police but REP told them that SHE ran away after REP asked her to clean her room and they believed her.

For the next few days, while living with REP, her life was bad until she gathered the courage to make the trip to my house, which was 3 hours away by car. She did try to catch a bus but because she didn’t have an ID or a mask they wouldn’t give her service, same for a taxi, and with her phone in pieces she couldn’t get an uber either.

A family did give her a ride but only halfway since they were going somewhere else. Thankfully she arrived at our house before the whole freezing week.

After the freezing week her brother called my house, and after demanding to talk to cousin, screamed at her, asking why she threw stuff at their mother. Apparently, the story both her brother and her dad got was REP and cousin fought over a guy and cousin threw her phone at her mother.

But before I could explain everything he hangs up. The next day she posted on social media about how awful my cousin has been to her, how she ran away, and how she threw the phone at her. I was mad.

Here is where the group’s revenge started. I went on social media a few hours later using my mother’s account (she blocked me) and commented on what actually happened.

I called her husband through my mom’s phone and explained to him what really happened. I also reached out to her church and told them my cousin’s side of the story. Unlike REP, the church had an open mind, not many but most, so after finding out they ostracized her, she was no longer allowed to enter their house of worship. Something about abandoning your child is a bigger sin.

After finding out what really happened the husband filed for divorce. Since he made majorly of income he kept the house and kicked REP out. I later found out he was just waiting for his cousin to move out so he can divorce REP but he had enough. Cousin went to the police and after getting enough evidence from the neighbors she filed to be emancipated from her. It took a while to go through but she is finally free and is currently living with us. Her brother cut all contact with their mother since he also decided to support the LGBT community.

Last I heard she was staying at another church trying to get back on her feet.”

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Phoenixlight22 1 year ago
REP isn't a Christian. Christianity is all about acceptance and loving everyone. She is a fake Christian that uses religion as an excuse to be a trash person. These are the types of people I dislike because they claim to love God but turn around and will throw out their own children.
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14. Let Your Dog Poop In Our Driveway? Well Let Me Get Our Horse


“I grew up in the countryside. My parents weren’t farmers, but we had a barn and a little stable. So we had two horses which were the love of my mother and sister. My parents rented a pasture every summer, so our horses could walk free instead of being crammed in the stable and the little outlet we had for them. So during summer either my mom, my sister, my brother, or I had to bring the horses on the pasture and get them back in the evening.

Our neighbor had a dog. I hated this thing. It was untrained, would bark the whole night and well, took poops in our driveway. The lady who owned it took walks several times a day and let her dog poop in our driveway/on our lawn. One time I saw her and called her out. She was ‘sorry’ and told me ‘it wouldn’t happen again.’ But the next day there was dog poop again in our driveway.

The next time I saw her during it, I reminded her, that dog poop must be picked up and leaving it is illegal (You can get fined well above 100 Euros for dog poop here. Depends on the region you are in). She smugly replies ‘Well maybe in the city. But here in the country, it isn’t!’ Yes, if your dog poops in the woods it’s maybe okay, but not in the village.

One summer day I went out barefoot, to get the mail and stepped into dog poo. Barefoot. I spent some minutes on our front porch washing my foot with our front hose.

The same evening it was my turn to return our horses from the pasture together with my younger sister. She was leading our mare ‘Brownie’ (yes she’s a brown horse. My sister was five when she named her, so what?) and I lead our stallion ‘Zeus’ back home.

Zeus was a pretty big workhorse we got from an older gentleman, who couldn’t take care of him anymore. He looks mean, but he was a very gentle horse. But he was like one metric ton of horse (he was a shire horse). So my sister was in front of me because brownie was eager to get home, while Zeus liked to stop to eat some grass on the way home.

When we were passing my neighbor’s driveway and I noticed Zeus had to drop some well, apples. Normally he would poop and walk at the same time, but I made him stop and because of Karma Zeus took one of his huger dumps right in front of my neighbor’s driveway. Normally if one of our horses would poop during our route in the village our mom would have us clean it up.

But I hide the fact that Zeus pooped in front of her house. My mom would surely make an exception in this case.

The next day I was up early, taking our well-behaved dog for a walk while carrying bags for his poop, like normal people. And then I saw the outcome. My neighbor backed out of her driveway in her very low riding, white, convertible Car and had driven through Zeus’ glorious pile of apples.

When she saw me and my really big grin, she yelled at me to clean it up, because it was ‘my’ horse. I told her ‘Maybe in the City it’s the rule to pick up your horse’s droppings, but here in the country it isn’t!’ I left her to dumbfound and went inside. From then one she never let her dog poop in our driveway again.

It kinda bites me back though. She told my mother who told me to scrap the rest of Zeus’ droppings from her driveway, but she refused to let me wash her car because she was stupid enough to back out of her driveway without a proper look.”

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danelson123 1 year ago
I wouldnt have waited for the horse to just randomly have to poop, i would have cleaned the stable out and saved a weeks worth from both horses and dumped it all in her driveway!!
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13. Got My Revenge On An Entitled Lawyer


“In a past life (a long, long time ago) I was an investigator and was working to bring justice to a poor young man horribly burned by his mother. As part of the work, I had to serve legal paperwork to the hospital for medical records. When I got to the records section I asked for the person in charge and Bob the Lawyer came out.

I explained what I had and that the court was requesting medical records as part of the case regarding this burned child. I also told him that it was not a rush and if he could have someone make them available that week I would gladly return and pick them up.

Bob the Lawyer shot out of the gate and scolded me for not having the judge and prosecutor inform him first.

I told him that I was just the messenger and that he’d been served and that we had no wish for him to be inconvenienced, which was why I would pick them up when available. Bob continued about how this was so unprofessional and he might not comply and I politely said that he would have to take it up with the prosecutor and the judge.

He stuck his finger in my face and told me to get out.

I called the prosecutor, informed him of what happened, and was told to go back and tell Bob the Lawyer that he would now have to appear with the records tomorrow at 8 am at the courthouse. I went back in and put the phone on speaker. The prosecutor then instructed Bob the Lawyer to appear at the appointed time or the judge would ensure that there would be consequences.

So, at 8 the next day, the prosecutor and I walked by to see Bob the Lawyer sitting outside the courtroom, records in hand. The prosecutor motioned me past Bob, saying, ‘let’s go to breakfast. That jerk isn’t up until 4:45 pm. When something like this happens to a child, you put your issues aside. He needs to learn this.’

In the end, we got the records and justice for the young man, but he had a long road of healing ahead of him.”

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12. Bad Boss Helped His Employees Rebel


“I (at the time 21M) used to work for a company that sold phone cases and did phone and tablet repairs. The shop was this little kiosk inside a mall and the manager was this guy we will call ‘Manny,’ (27M) whom I quickly became close friends with. We were quite good at our jobs; I was the lead repair technician and acting assistant manager, and Manny was so efficient as a salesman that he could have sold water to a drowning man.

We had two employees working for us, whom we will simply call ‘Employee #1’ and ‘Employee #2.’ They were only around for the last few months I worked at this location, but we all became (and remain to this day) great friends thanks to the incident I will be describing.

The four of us ran a very tight ship. Our store always looked flawless, even though it was literally the size of a walk-in closet.

Our Google and Yelp pages, though only recently created, were flooded with good reviews and word of mouth was spreading that we were one of the best phone repair shops in the mall, which earned us lots of repeat customers and lots of glowing recommendations. Our kiosk became one of the company’s best-performing stores in the region, and our performance didn’t go unnoticed by corporate higher-ups, either.

So when the company decided to sell the kiosk, they successfully enticed Manny and me into continuing to work for them by offering us both promotions and pay increases if we relocated to other areas and opened up new stores. Employee #1 (19F) and Employee #2 (22M) declined to be relocated, but they agreed to remain on until Manny and I were finally transferred out. However, corporate informed us that it would be at least a month before all of the appropriate paperwork was filed (hooray for red tape!) and for construction to begin on these new stores, the four of us would continue working for the new owner and receive our pay from him.

On the day we all met New Owner (42M), it was immediately clear that the transition was going to be rough. He began changing our work practices immediately, and we quickly become acquainted with his pushy sales tactics, shady business practices, and other strange behaviors (such as contradicting us in front of customers about policies he admitted to not being familiar with); we jokingly took bets on how long it would be before the kiosk became a dumpster fire.

None of us anticipated the fire catching as quickly as it did.

First, he raised the prices on everything. All of our products (cases, chargers, screen protectors, etc.) went up by an average of about $10-$20 each, well above what they were worth. He would add absurd fees to repair costs, haggled with customers over prices like it was a market stall, and kicked our return policy out the window.

He refused to honor our customer’s repair warranties, something which caused him to constantly butt heads with Manny. Our previously flawless Google and Yelp ratings tanked within three days of New Owner taking over, and that was just the beginning.

Once he had firmly ruined our established relationship with our customer base, New Owner started to gut his employees. He began by cutting the hours of both Manny and Employee #2 (our second-best repair tech), as New Owner wanted to get some ‘hands-on’ experience with the customers and the repairs.

But since he had no repair training, this meant he was constantly keeping me well beyond my typical hours (often from open until close) even though all of us were sufficiently skilled in the same repairs. I don’t normally mind extra hours, but not at the expense of my friends and co-workers. In any event, it had become clear that New Owner not only wanted to force both Manny and Employee #2 to quit by cutting their hours, but also buy my loyalty by giving me and Employee #1 those same hours.

Additionally, New Owner was constantly scheduling Employee #1 (again, just barely nineteen and the only female on our crew) to work alone with him. While Employee #1 made it clear that New Owner never overtly did anything inappropriate, we took it upon ourselves to make sure that they were never alone together. Fortunately, Manny’s best friend at the time was the head of mall security, and we’d also made friends with the managers and employees of other nearby shops, so thankfully someone was always watching.

But the biggest issue was our pay! I was supposed to be paid a handsome hourly plus a 10% commission on all my repairs and sales. However, when I asked for my paycheck, New Owner said that he hadn’t received them yet and would let me know when they came in. That was the largest red flag yet; our checks had always been delivered on the first and fifteenth of the month, but none of us received our checks that week, even the pittance that Manny and Employee #2 were expecting thanks to their cut hours.

And we knew he was making bank; he was constantly bragging about how his other businesses were ‘much more profitable.’

This scheduling/pay issue went on for two weeks, with Manny and Employee #2 barely making any hours and no paychecks forthcoming. At this point, Manny and I had gotten our transfer paperwork filed and were preparing to pack up and move out of our respective apartments; he was going to Phoenix while I was moving to Norman, Oklahoma.

However, since I’d basically been opening and closing the shop nearly every single day, I’d not had the time to pack anything, and the Norman shop was scheduled to open in just two weeks. I also needed to be there a few days early to help set everything up and get new employees trained as I was also getting a promotion with this transfer to the assistant store manager.

I needed time off to pack and move.

When I explained this to New Owner, however, he insisted that he needed me here to help with repairs. I argued that Employee #2 was quite skilled with the repairs since I had trained him myself, but New Owner insisted that he wanted my experience. It wasn’t until I reiterated that I had a set day that I had to be in Norman that he finally said, ‘Let me go make the schedule and see what I can do,’ and then left for lunch.

He came back an hour later with the schedule for the next two weeks; surprise-surprise, New Owner has me working twelve out of the next fourteen days! The only days off he had given me were the next Sunday (which was greyed-out with ‘requested off’) and the last day before I was scheduled to be in Norman, for which he had me listed as ‘on-call.’

Later, as I was leaving for the day, New Owner (much to my shock) handed me $3000 cash and asked me to take everyone their pay.

$1000 was mine, $1500 was Manny’s, and I was told to split the remaining $500 between Employee #1 and Employee #2 ‘however I saw fit.’ Honestly, that $3000 didn’t even cover what I alone was owed, but by that point, we were all behind on our bills and moving expenses and something (anything) was better than nothing. I then called Manny, Employee #1, and Employee #2, and we convened at Manny’s apartment for a small celebration that consisted of drinks and other less-than-legal substances as we discussed our friendship and how awful of a boss New Owner had been.

During our revelry, the conversation turned into an impossible fantasy about how we were going to get back at New Owner, and it wasn’t long before we came up with a plan that we thought was halfway decent. Our ultimate solution was a ‘suicide pact,’ meaning we would all quit on the same day. Since my final day was coming up first, we chose that as ‘the day,’ with the caveat that if someone got fired before that deadline, we’d all jump-ship THAT day instead.

It was a great plan, but I felt that it wasn’t nearly enough. When I left for home that night, I messaged my soon-to-be boss from the new store (we shall call him ‘Jay’) about what was going on with New Owner. He said that because New Owner was a franchisee and not a corporate employee, they were limited with the actions they could take. However, he assured me that ‘action would be taken.’

We wound up putting our plan into effect barely two days later; Employee #2 called me at seven in the morning and told me that he had woken up to a voicemail New Owner had left him at 3 AM to tell him that he was letting him go.

I passed the message along to Manny and Employee #1; the time had come, and neither of them would be showing up for their next shifts. I, however, would be going in for my shift to open, as Jay had given me a last-minute assignment the night before…

After a brief stop at Wal-Mart, I arrived at the kiosk at 7:45, well before New Owner had arrived, and quickly cleaned out all of the repair parts and tools which had been purchased by our corporate office, as well as all of the collegiate – and pro-sports licensed cases, the bejeweled phone cases that we sold for a premium, the marketing displays, and the special packaging we used for gifting.

Any product or accessory that had the company logo in it was removed from the kiosk. I then wrapped all of these items in bubble wrap, placed them inside the two shipping boxes I got from Wal-Mart and waited for UPS to arrive. When they did, I was handed a padded envelope from our corporate office with two shipping labels (one addressed to the Norman store, the other to the Arizona store) and two so-called ‘asset reallocation forms’ which Jay had instructed me to fill out with the items in each box before placing and sealing it inside, then fix the shipping labels to the outside of each box.

Once this was done, the UPS guy kindly took both boxes with him.

I am reasonably confident that these were not legitimate company documents and were instead something Jay or another corporate manager had manufactured for the ruse because I had never seen them before and never saw them again.

Anyway, as the morning progressed, I told all of our neighbors and returning customers about the situation and advised all of them to steer clear of New Owner and the kiosk after that day.

Some of them asked me to fix their phones one last time and then thanked me graciously by ‘tipping’ the full amount of the repair. As my shift ended, I said my goodbyes to all the friends I’d made at the mall, and when New Owner finally came in to take over for the day, I thanked him kindly and told him that I would see him tomorrow.

I never saw him again.

Over the next week and a half, New Owner tried calling me numerous times from different numbers, but I ignored them all. He left desperate voicemails begging to get somebody to come in and cover for him, and I began hearing through the grapevine that New Owner had been getting into shouting matches with his customers and other managers within the mall, further driving people away as word got around that the ‘cell phone guys’ everybody liked were no longer there.

Eventually, New Owner got in contact with Manny and asked him to try and get some of us to come in, including the guy he fired at 3 AM. Manny responded by saying that he would have us come in if New Owner paid us what he owed us. He never paid us, and we never went back.

Sadly, that’s where our part in the revenge came to an end, but karma ultimately finished the job.

New Owner did eventually try to retaliate and complained to corporate that I had stolen ‘his’ merchandise. By then, however, corporate was very familiar with our side of the story and the forms I filled out proved that the merchandise in question had in fact been ‘reallocated to other locations,’ which saved the company ‘thousands of dollars’ in expenses on the new stores. To add insult to injury, New Owner would have to repurchase all of that merchandise with his own money.

I placed New Owner out of my mind, and eventually left that company for greener pastures about a year later, but not before learning what had happened to New Owner. He apparently ran it for less than six months, couldn’t keep employees longer than a few weeks (again, the pay issues), and was $50,000 in debt by the time he sold the location; turns out that those other businesses weren’t doing as well as he boasted.

Nobody in that mall ever saw him again after that.

The shop is still there under new owners (by my understanding, the kiosk has changed hands a few times over the years), and while all four of us have moved on to different places in our lives, every once in a while, we’ll all get on XBOX and reminisce about our experiences there. Our collective lottery fantasy is to eventually buy the kiosk back and run it as we did in the ‘good ol’ days’.”

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Nokomis21 1 year ago
I hope you do realize your collective fantasy.
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11. Got Involved In My Best Friend's Messed Up Situations


“So this did not happen in the US, however, I was military overseas at the time. I went to visit Joe who I used to work with that stayed in the country and have known since the start of my career. He was in the middle of a divorce with his now ex-wife (who we will call Carly) while trying to maintain a relationship with his son.

I was the best man at his wedding so I knew the wife and met his son as soon as he was born but then had to leave the country (You know how the military life is).

Sad to find out that he was living separately from them but still very close to their apartment. I met his son (who was then 4) and Carly. I fell in love with that boy as we immediately developed a special relationship (for example he effectively learned English just to play with me).

That bond that we had made me and Carly close friends. Being caught in the middle wasn’t too bad as I knew where to keep my boundaries and remained neutral.

Unfortunately for Joe things got worse as he became homeless for a time and lost his custody to see his son. Obviously, I did my best to help him by even going as far as to pay for a hotel to help him find stability.

Joe was not allowed to see his son as Carly refused to allow it. So I meditated in between both by coming over and playing with their son every weekend I got and keeping Joe updated on how he was doing.

This went on for more than a year. By that time Joe was able to get a job and find a steady place to live. However, he was still not allowed to see his son no matter the pleas and child support that he managed.

This obviously put him in a bad place but I did all I could to show that his son is doing well and in some way still being somewhat a part of his life. As for Carly, she was just fine with me being there as we had great respect for each other as a friend.

But then things took an unusual turn when she found a new guy.

As my view of her was a ‘take nothing’ attitude I found myself questioning why she allowed the abuse and mental instability that came with going out with him. I knew because she came to me for advice and I gave my most honest answers even when I advise her to figure it out herself. Obviously, no one liked the guy but I remained neutral. This led to a downward spiral of constant depression and a very tense environment for her son.

All the while things were better for Joe as he found his now-fiancee and is much happier. Now the turning point of it all came down to a dog. Before their divorce, they had a dog that Carly kept in the divorce but due to her instability her son was left with the grandfather, and the dog was lent to Joe. I was over at Joe’s new place with his fiancee.

During that time the country had strict rules about being outside at a certain time otherwise you face a huge fine. The ex decides to call me wanting the dog back during the restrictions in place. We were in another town and the ex did not know exactly where Joe lived. No one wanted to risk the fine just for a dog but Carly was going to the town with her man demanding the dog.

When we refused police were called but they were on our side. Since the dog was legally hers we had to give it back in the morning when no one had to worry about the fine. We were ok with that but she still called us demanding to tell her where Joe was living for the dog. So we did what the police said and gave her the dog in the morning.

After that incident, I cut my ties with her. But what came with it was a wave of realization on who she really was. What Carly’s family found out is that she has been irresponsible using the child support and her father’s funds on stupid stuff like mobile games, hair extensions, etc. For the entirety of their divorce, she claimed Joe never paid child support so was getting government funding to pay for expenses and was given a reason why Joe was not legally allowed to see his son.

Upon this realization, the grandmother of Carly’s family had a heart-to-heart with Joe as he showed printed evidence that he has been paying child support. The grandmother forcibly took Carly’s son with the help of child services and gave a nice apology to Joe.

Basically, her family has disowned Carly and her son wants nothing to do with her toxic behavior. She burned many bridges with the friends she used to have and is on the verge of being homeless as she lost all of her financial support and inability to see her son.

As far as the court details she is being very evasive to the point the court knows she is running away effectively making the grandmother the guardian of the son with Joe allowed to visit. Joe’s life is now filled with happiness with his newborn son and living his best life with his fiancee expecting a wedding later this year with yours truly as the best man again.”

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10. All I Wanted Was A Day Off


“This happened a few years ago in 2018, I used to work as nighttime security for an office building that rented office space for other companies on Paulista Ave, which is pretty much the Brazilian version of times square so it was pretty busy. We would work in pairs from 7 pm to 7 am and be off until 7 pm of the next day, so work 12 hours and off 36 hours, we wouldn’t get days off aside from an annual 20-30 day paid vacation, other than that whatever day your shift landed on, you had to be there.

We worked there through a security firm that had a contract with the building so we would have a post supervisor that would work from Monday through Friday during the day shift. They were responsible for letting us know if there was gonna be any extra work being done in the building for us to workers from other companies and for shift scheduling in case someone was out sick for example he had to find someone to cover.

Now that’s out of the way onto the actual story (names were changed).

So it was around October and I was excited because my significant other and I had bought tickets for Brazil Game Show which is our E3, but there was only one problem: I was scheduled for a shift on the same day, so I had to find someone to trade shifts with before then.

So there I was one day waiting for my shift to end when the reception phone rings, I pick up and it’s John my co-worker that takes over my shift, and he says he can’t make it on time because he’s in the hospital with his mother, this around 6:30 am (jeez thanks for the heads up.) I say it’s no problem and that I can wait, luckily it was the weekend and the offices are all closed so I can just chill.

I call the post supervisor to let him know I’ll be staying late due to John being late since company policy states there must be at least 2 of us at the post at all times. My partner goes home as soon as his relief arrives and we just sit around talking for a bit.

12 pm comes around and John is still a no show, so I try getting in touch with him a few times to no success.

I talk to the post supervisor and he agrees to let me do the rest of the shift since heck, I’m already there anyway and it would be at least 2 hours before someone would show up for me to leave and this was the perfect opportunity for me to get someone to take my shift for me to go to BGS.

John agrees to take my shift on the day of the event and I remind the post supervisor every day for the entire week to make sure he wouldn’t forget and that he would pass this on to HR and the general supervisor.

We always had to notify them about shift trades. So the day comes and I’m at the event with my girl and it’s just amazing, we were having a great time, and about 6:50 pm my phone rings. I take a look and it’s work. I find it odd since everything was already worked out. I pick up and it’s John asking where I am and if I’m arriving soon.

Confused, I remind him he’s taking my shift today and he says he can’t because he promised another co-worker that he would take the day shift for extra pay so he had been there all day. I get angry and yell at him that he’s been there all day and he knew I wouldn’t be coming and that if he at least had called earlier I might have made it, but I was in another city and for him to figure it out and that we had a deal.

Later that night I get a call from the general supervisor and he asks why I didn’t show up for work. I explain what happened and he had no idea that John was supposed to take over my shift, apparently, the post supervisor forgot to inform him, and I know that this wasn’t done to screw me over cause I and the post supervisor are still very good friends till this day.

But sadly since nothing was confirmed in the eyes of our bosses, I was in the wrong and ended up getting a 1-day suspension. I saw it as a win I could use an extra day off, but deep down I was very angry at John for screwing me over like that. All he had to do was call me earlier and I would have come in no problem.

I later learned that he was stirring up trouble with the other night shift as well because he wanted to work nights. After all, we get a 20% bonus for working at night here in Brazil. So I knew then that I had to get back at him somehow.

A few months later I’m covering a night shift at a different post where John now works and we’re working the shift together.

We are stationed across the street from each other, it’s a large property for a cement factory. I’m in the main reception and he’s in the parking lot, in the entrance booth, and switches every few hours. After the midnight switch, I notice he’s turned off the camera for the inside of the booth and says he’s gonna take a nap, I say ok and thought this was the moment I’ve been waiting for, caught sleeping on the job.

I can’t believe he’d forgotten the stunt he pulled on me, and that such a golden opportunity was presenting itself but not even I could believe what was about to happen.

I wait for a little and switch the camera on and I hit the jackpot, if only he really was sleeping, turns out he was doing something illegal with one of the women from the neighborhood.

I instantly started recording this but wait, there’s more! They start having some fun, I really couldn’t believe my eyes, like really… REALLY? He’ll be lucky if he finds a job in this field again! I sent it all to the general supervisor and he was annoyed. He came that same night to the post and I don’t think I’ve ever heard yelling so loud, told John to go to HQ as soon as his shift was over and that he was being fired. I was so happy.”

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9. My Seat Must Be Broken


“I fly often for work. So often I was within sight of passing the million-mile mark on my favorite airline when I suddenly started working from home last year. Anyways, this happened nearly ten years ago. After boarding the plane I get my aisle seat and wait for the passenger loading to finish. Suddenly I felt the back of my seat move in that slightly disturbing way they do when the person behind you uses it as an accessibility handle to help them stand up.

No big deal. I figured it was probably a physically impaired person that really needed the extra leverage to stand. That theory didn’t last long as the middle-aged woman strolled past my seat to the restroom near the front with nary a problem. She didn’t seem physically disabled at all. Oh well, maybe this was her first flight and she didn’t know how rude that is or maybe she slipped a little and caught herself with my seat.

By mid-flight I knew better. She kept getting up every ten minutes, using my seat back to do so and letting it springboard back when she let go. I was so irritated I eavesdropped a little and heard her telling some guy next to her all about her travel job and also about the mud-run she was preparing for, so proud of her last one. Good for her, but she didn’t need to grab my seat for help getting up.

Now, I should have politely asked her to stop, but this is petty revenge so I obviously didn’t do any additional adulting that day. Nope, When I heard her tell the guy next to her that she’d be right back, I leaned forward and depressed the seat recline button just in time for her to grab her favorite point of leverage, my seat. She wasn’t expecting it to instantly fly back the entire two inches into the fully reclined mode. She gasped and then apologized to me. Such sweet music to my petty ears. More importantly, she learned not to do that anymore, at least with my seat, and since I’m super petty, that’s the only one I really cared about.”

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Nokomis21 1 year ago
I just flew for the first time in almost three years, and a normal+ size person, found it impossible to clamber up out of a window seat to the aisle without grabbing the back of seats in front of me. There's so little space for anyone on a plane these days, and it's been getting worse year by year. And people did it to mine. It's not that big of a deal unless, I suppose, someone is doing it constantly. If you're young (which I'm not) and super-fit and skinny, I suppose it's possible to get up out of an airplane seat without touching anything. Fine! You'll find out in a few decades.
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8. Got My Revenge On An Entitled Coworker


“Tick had a well-deserved reputation as a toxic person. She would painstakingly script any interaction with another person so that she was up here and you were down there. Her rules were: she speaks, you listen; she teaches, you learn; she tells, you obey. Mind you, she was a coworker, not a supervisor.

A little bit of background – Tick had been a counselor for new employees at one point, which was a really bad idea.

Our organization has a bad habit of finding the worst, most insecure person for a position and putting them in there. She was known to try and win the trust of new employees and then use what they told her against them in an effort to get them fired over trivial things. She would also watch the new employees find any minor infraction and also try to get them fired.

This is where she gained the nickname of the Eye of Sauron. After two sessions the supervisor told her that she was no longer welcome. The supervisor was a down-to-earth, true gentleman with infinite patience. He was my counselor when I was new. I ran into him one day after this and he told me that she was a piece of human excrement. Coming from a man of that much patience, that said a lot.

In our office, Tick would watch all of the other employees like a hawk. If she saw some minor infraction, she would run to the boss’s office, glance back at everyone, and flick her hand, saying loudly, ‘There is a problem with another employee.’ She would then go in and close the door. Afterward, some poor schmuck would suffer an evil fate. She literally dimed people out for a 16-minute coffee break and a 46-minute lunch.

She dimed out one guy for having sand in the company vehicle, but he lived on the beach and had to walk over the sand to get to the car. We were all horrified that the supervisor even gave her the time of day it was so disruptive and Tick reveled in the power.

So, some genius supervisor decided to put her in charge of a whole section of paperwork.

Not a supervisor, but just the person to ensure the formatting and correct procedure. She began kicking back paperwork for three spaces after a period, two spaces after a comma, telling you to change puppy to the little dog. It was her way of making you bow to her greatness. Despite all the complaints, no one could get rid of her and she was dug in like a tick.

I had rebuffed her attempts to make me flunky. One time, she demanded I stop working on my project because I would be working for her from now on. I was to be her ‘baby employee’ and carry her things and help her format her paperwork. I had been in for seven years and stopped her cold so I was on the naughty list.

So, she battered me for two years on my paperwork, throwing me under the bus every chance she got and the supervisor always took her side.

I showed the supervisor some of my paperwork and said that Libby was right… half the time. I was right, half the time and yet she took Tick’s side 100%. And, the corrections were so trivial.

So, one day, Tick throws my paperwork on my desk and berates me.

Tick: ‘Your paperwork is always so messed up. I’m going to read everything you send me!’ (spelling and grammar were not her jobs to fix, her job was to ensure proper procedure.)

Me: ‘Oh, thank you, Libby!’

She was taken aback.

From then on I would type out forms and wait until Friday at 4 pm and toss a stack of paperwork on her desk and say, ‘Thanks so much, Libby. Boss needs this by 8 am Monday. You have a great night.’

Then, I got a collateral duty that put me in charge of mandatory training that most employees had to complete, including her. She was very bad at this particular function so I told her, ‘You wanted to play this game, let’s play this game.’

I would stand behind her whenever she had to complete this function, which was once a quarter and was very physical.

Like her with my paperwork, I would stand behind her and say, ‘No… no… no… what are you doing? Don’t you know how to do this? This is far more important than grammar. You should get this by now.’

Often, she was the only one to fail this function so when that happened, I would get on the PA and declare, ‘All those who have failed (this function) report to me immediately!’

I would walk up to the supervisor’s door and wave my hand and say, ‘There is a problem with an employee,’ and I would go in and close the door.

Amazingly, she stopped harassing me, but the list of victims was still long. Tick soon ran afoul of a friend of mine, Chad, who had been getting the same treatment. Chad went to the big boss as Tick was holding up a major project. Tick was called in to explain and she became unglued, screaming at the big boss. An all-office email came out within ten minutes, saying that Tick had been immediately removed from her position, which was given to Kevin.

Kevin had previously endured Tick for two years as her ‘baby employee’, having been treated like dirt. He was another nice as could be a guy and was ground into dust by her.

Kevin got an award for turning the position around and during the award ceremony, Chad and I went up to Kevin. Tick was nearby, buttering a bagel. Chad and I told Kevin that he was the best person in that position and that we were so grateful and that he totally turned that disaster around. Tick dropped her bagel on the ground and fled. She retired the next day and we held a party where we played the scene where Sauron’s eye comes crashing down as she left the building”

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lyly 1 year ago
Can't imagine why you guys put up with her BS for such a long time.
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7. Remember Me, The Pastor's Daughter?


“I currently work as an ASM at a clothing retailer.

There was this guy who came into the store. He was carrying a case for the clothes and was relatively nice at the get-go. Asked me how my day was going, etc. They always act nice… at first.

Well, he came to return some clothes and presented me with the receipt. I check it, and then I notice that the timestamp is from two months previous and it’s a WEEK after it’s due.

Our store policy requires you to return clothes no later than 60 days with the receipt and you can get all your funds back. If you don’t, you only get the value of the clothes back, not the full amount. I tell him this.

He immediately gets angry and is like, ‘No, no forget it — that’s NOT the policy! The other store let me return it once!’

Well, there are like 10 other stores in the area with EXTREMELY low pay, and chances are some newbie let one slip by, or maybe the GM called and got it overridden (this is rare, but it happens).

Regardless, he’s still going full Karen, and that’s when it hits me: I know this guy.

I was homeschooled back in the day. Went to a few classes on the side and some were camp events. I’m the daughter of a pastor so of course, they were Christian-centered (I’m a deist now if anything). This guy was one of the dads of a bunch of kids (it was like…12 kids, but that number may have gone up to 15 cause his wife was STILL having kids after high school) in this homeschooling group.

He was actually a chaperone and his family housed us for a camp-like event at one point.

This event was annoying to me in that they forced us not to use any form of media, whether it be YouTube, social media, video games, movies whatever. They wanted us to think about ‘godly’ things and ‘read the Bible’ instead. Sure thing, bud.

I hate this form of control and will rebel against it every time.

I brought my laptop and played games/watched movies while we weren’t at classes cause screw that.

Well, apparently, one of the kids, my roommate, ended up being displaced in this camp because they lost her info, and according to them, she wasn’t supposed to be there. This was obviously some clerical error. For some reason, this dad, because ‘he was the man of the house’ (for god’s sake) actually had a say if she were to stay or to go.

I remember being on the phone with the director myself with this girl in tow, asking what we could do while her parents dredged up the copies of the paperwork or what was going to happen to her.

This man, also a pastor I might add who I’ve had to listen to sermons about ‘learning subservient wifely duties’ from, ended up doing absolutely nothing to help. He could’ve agreed to let her stay on until they got it fixed and help her avoid a total anxiety meltdown, but that didn’t happen.

Thankfully, I think this whole debacle got fixed two days after (she ended up briefly moving out and moving back in). Regardless, I was angry at him for not stepping in to help, saying anything, or doing anything and he got labeled a ‘lily-livered, hyper-conservative, no-birth-control-allowed-in-his-house weakling’ in my head.

Apparently, this stuck.

Well, anyway this guy was now ranting in front of me, saying how he knew better than I did and how he wanted Corporate’s number.

I tell the GM, she goes to try and override it, and it gets denied. So she hands him the number and tells him that our policy is printed on the back of the receipt. He STILL says he doesn’t believe a word we’re saying and doesn’t even bother to check the actual back of the receipt.

The whole time, I’m ramping up for the thing that will make my whole day go a LOT better.

When he finally gets the number and is about to storm out, I go:

‘Are you Mr. (X)?’

He goes, ‘Yes?’

Me: ‘Oh, I’m (X).’

The man’s FACE just turns RED from embarrassment and he realizes who he’s talking to because that’s literally all it takes (I’ve never had this happen before, so this was a treat too). He starts mentioning my parents and blah, blah, blah pleasantries blah, blah, blah.

He mentions my dad because apparently, the men of the family are the only ones worth any memory. Then he starts pulling a ‘woe is me’ card (I have empathy but not when it comes to excusing away behavior), and I just nod my head. Finally, he goes, ‘Oh yeah, I usually go to the store in (this town) and we’ve had this happen before and…

and… I may not have to call.’ At this point, he’s just rambling and backpedaling into the hole he’s dug for himself, and finally, he just kind of flits out.

This point-blank stopped him from continuing his Karen behavior and for not believing us… because, you know, you have to believe the pastor’s daughter. Also, it confirmed my label.

Good riddance. My manager and I had a laugh after this and I felt on air for the rest of the day.

Pretty sure he never called corporate.”

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crafteeladee82 1 year ago
Sadly, FAR, FAR TOO MANY Pastors fall into the class of "Do as I say; not as I Do!". When in fact, they should "Practice what they preach!!"
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6. I Accidentally Prevented Them From Swimming


“Back between 1995 and 2000 when I was still in school I and a couple of friends went swimming at the only public swimming center in the area.

While in the queue to pay the entry fee, 2 of our school bullies were also in line and saw me and thus begins their bullying of me. I and my friends tried to ignore him until he started trying to open my bag while in the line.

Well, we kept our distance in the changing room where there were several adults with their kids between us.

In the pool, I and my friends were doing the usual. Splashing each other. Swimming lengths. Just the general frolicking that people would do.

However, as soon as we’d get separated for a moment, the bullies would suddenly appear and push me under the water and hold me there for a moment.

Not long enough for me to drown, but enough for me to panic. Fortunately, on several of their attempts, my friends would arrive and pull them off. Even a nearby adult stopped them at one point. We complained to the lifeguard who refused to do anything as it’s just kids playing.

Well, karma caught up with one of the bullies.

When they pushed me under for the final time and with me flailing and trying to get him off me for the umpteenth time I accidentally grabbed him between the legs.

I didn’t know what I was grabbing at that time but at that moment when he stopped pushing me under I used what I was gripping hard to pull myself up.

After breaching the surface and catching my breath my friends had caught up to us and we watched as the second bully was trying to help his friend to the ladders because he was struggling to swim.

We watched him get out of the pool with difficulty and his walking badly while clutching his nuts with a sickened looked on his face.

At that moment we realized what I had done.

For the next hour that we stayed in the pool, we never saw the bullies again.

No, the lifeguard didn’t do anything to stop them. The lifeguard responded that unless I had drowned, he wasn’t to do anything as it just looked like kids playing. Complaining to the office did no good. Nevertheless, a few years later the building was demolished as it was being replaced by a newer leisure center with a more generalized fitness service from exercise machines, pool, etc etc.”

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5. I One Upped The Girl Who Rejected Me


“So about 3 years ago I (M25) met and was rejected by my dream girl (F23). She was quite literally everything I ever wanted in a partner – and I don’t mean ‘she was hot’. I meant she was smart, caring, kind, ambitious, good with kids, etc. And as a bonus rich and attractive as well. I was all of the first, but not rich nor attractive, but rather middle class and average looks.

Anyways she rejected me and as per the grapevine, it was because my earning potential was said to be less than she, and I wasn’t as wealthy as she was so, therefore, she wasn’t into me. Now that hurt, obviously. I was always planning to succeed in life but this made me go extra. For the contest, she and I met at undergrad, at a top university, which of course disproportionately had rich kids.

Anyways, with hard work, a lot of luck, and help from my middle-class parents, I managed to scrape enough to make a down payment on a condo. But instead of living there, I’ll stay with my parents longer and make this my investment property. Anyways, I placed it for rent and by luck guess who ended up renting it from me? It was the woman who rejected me and her identical twin sister.

Twin sister did all the initial work so the girl who rejected me really was in for a surprise when she found out.

Ever since I became their landlord, I can see the regret on Girl Who Rejected Me’s face as both she and her twin have been trying to show interest in me. But I ignore them. I’ve realized that I can do better than someone who thinks they are better cause they are born rich.

Cause fundamentally I have ultimately won; I am the landlord of someone who rejected me for being lower class. Now she is paying me a portion of her earnings as I am literally on a class ladder above her. What could be better?!?!

Her parents are funding her lifestyle. I am splitting housing costs with my parents and I put in a whole lot of work and sacrifice to save for the down payment. But I guess if you are the Man you are always seen as the villain no matter what.

Also, I am not squatting rent-free at my parents; I am paying into household expenses. I put in a lot of work; doing double shifts; working all the time; etc. to get the condo. It wasn’t handed to me; my parents put some money.”

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JessTheEmpress 1 year ago
Maybe she just wasn't interested
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4. Karma Pays In Kind With Interest


“When I was in my twenties I was hanging around a group that we now no longer keep in contact with (it tends to happen, people just drift apart). It was in this one of my friends had another friend who I thought would be good for me, we shall call her Trish. Trish and I began to talk and soon found a lot of things in common.

It didn’t take long but we soon became a couple. I should state Trish and I lived in two different towns and was an hour trip one way just to get there, so there were a lot of texts and calls, I even spoke to her parents once (more on that later). We even met up when we were in each other’s towns to talk and hang out.

Well about a month into the relationship I get a call from her and she sounds quite sad and guilty. She confesses that she had slept with another guy a day before, this was a shock to me but I continued to listen, she was sorry as it just happened. Now if this was it, I might have forgiven her and given her a second chance.

but it wasn’t.

It soon turns from ‘I’m sorry’ to ‘Well you made me do it’, somehow turning her sleeping with another guy being my fault because I wasn’t around? It was a long-distance relationship of course I wasn’t around. She was justifying her actions and how this new guy made her happy. I wasn’t going to take it, told her it was over and deleted her number.

What happened next I could never plan but boy, Karma is a nasty piece when she wants to be. So Trish and this guy decided to get this place together. and well after that night of passionate love, it had a result. Yep, she got pregnant. The guy then skipped town leaving her, pregnant and alone, in a place she could not afford. Due to this, she had to move in with her parents, her very…

very religious parents. Remember that one call I had with them? After I said hi they responded with ‘What religion do you believe in?!’ As sharp and direct as anything. when I responded with my religion (Lutheran for anyone wondering), there was a pause and then ‘You will do fine!’ and left like that. So when she came back to them, Trish in a leap of logic tells them, about the pregnancy…

the baby daddy… how did they respond to learning that their first grandchild was not only to be born out of wedlock but also by sin? Like any other religious nutjob does. THEY. WERE. BEYOND. ANGRY. Through the entire pregnancy, they made Trish’s life awful.

Now how did I know this? This is where Karma was beautiful in her justice. Trish told me. That’s right, a year after we broke up, Trish decided to call me, told me everything. Why? My guess is for two reasons, One. to gain sympathy points, and, Two. to get me to take her back.

Nope. I quickly shut that down and ended the call.”

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lyly 1 year ago
You sound like you're just enjoying reliving the trouble she got herself in to. You need to deal with your emotions about this whole thing.
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3. Petty Revenge Almost Crash Landed An Airplane


“Classy Flight Attendant is at this time one of the top-tier flight attendants for her country’s National Airline.

Of course, as with any job, you meet all kinds at work. Today’s story concerns one particular pilot who we will call Captain Ricardo (Captain D for short). Captain D likes things the way he likes them. He wants all of the flight attendants in his flight crew to be attractive women.

He doesn’t think men should be flight attendants. He doesn’t think ugly (by his definition) people should be flight attendants. He is not ashamed to mock or ridicule people who he feels have no business in the job.

Of course, no matter how Captain D wants things, the staffing of the entire airline does not revolve around his wishes. He gets the crew he gets, like it or not.

On the occasion in question, one of the flight attendants assigned to Captain D’s crew is so spectacularly unattractive to him that he picks up the intercom on the plane while the crew is preparing the flight and asks who thought that she would ever be attractive enough to fly for him? He follows that with all sorts of jeers and name-calling, finally going so far as to order security to physically remove her from the plane.

She departs in tears and does not fly with Captain D that day.

Well, this is just too much. When a number of flight attendants get together later, they discuss Captain D. He needs to be reminded how much he relies on his flight crew. They are not there just to please his ego. They serve an important function in the operation of the plane and the airline.

Classy Flight Attendant is there and notes that she will be on a long flight with Captain D in a couple of days. She knows what needs to be done, but tells the other ladies that the less they know, the better.

On the day of that flight, she arrives early and seeks assignments to the pilot’s area. On long flights on a jumbo jet, there is one flight attendant who attends only to the cabin crew (the pilot, copilot, and engineer) so that they can focus on successfully executing the flight.

As per normal, Captain D will only allow an attractive female flight attendant to serve in that function. A classy Flight Attendant is classy enough for him and is easily accepted.

After they’ve been in the air awhile, they ask for food, which she happily prepares for them. She has a special ingredient for Captain D’s meal. While she cannot know in advance what the main dish provided today will be, it is known that Captain D always wants beans and rice with every meal.

And this meal is no exception. So she grates chocolate-flavored laxative into Captain D’s beans and mixes it in. She knows he only needs a dose or two to do the trick but figures the flavor will be off, so he won’t eat much and wants to make sure he gets a dose or two. So in the whole box goes.

This is where it all goes wrong.

He notices but does not suspect. He likes the flavor. He even comments while enjoying his meal that it has such a particularly good flavor. Classy Flight Attendant smiles. and then watches in horror as he downs the plate. She had no contingency plan for this.

Things don’t take long. About twenty minutes later Captain D starts to look a little green around the gills. And then they run to the restroom.

And then again. But it doesn’t stop. At a certain point, he stops running back and forth and remains in the restroom, leaving the flying of the plane to the copilot.

But now, several hours later, Classy Flight Attendant is getting really worried. She has overplayed her hand: It turns out this copilot is not rated to land this plane. There is only one person on board who is, and as they are approaching their destination, that person has not left the restroom for an hour or two.

If the copilot is forced to land, it will easily result in a crash landing or an overshoot of the runway. He will come in too fast and not hit the runway soon enough, plowing through whatever he hits before being able to stop. The plane will be destroyed. People will be injured and possibly killed. People and property on the ground aren’t safe either. For all she knows, Captain D is already dead in the bathroom.

She is seriously concerned about all the potential repercussions. The last half hour of the flight is horror compounded with guilt for Classy Flight Attendant.

At the key moment, Captain D re-emerges and heroically brings the plane in for a successful landing, regardless of the damage done to his dignity and the captain’s chair. He may have treated his flight crews poorly, but he is a first-rate pilot.

Paramedics remove him in a stretcher from the plane before the passengers are disembarked. He spends several days in the hospital recovering.

On his return to work, he is much more humble and no longer verbally abusive. He is a much better captain to work with.

It is unclear if any effort was ever made to investigate the matter. It is suspected that those who may have been charged with such an investigation shared a similarly negative opinion of Captain D’s previous behavior and felt like he had it coming. The other flight attendants and some of their supervisors do not doubt what happened, although it was not generally known by them how close the flight had come to be a complete disaster.”

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Puzzleperson 1 year ago
Why the hell would a co-pilot not be rates to land the plane they are flying. The whole point of a co-pilot is to have a backup in case something happens to the pilot.
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2. There's A Snake In The Convent Dormitory


“Sly Ringleader is from an important family in my wife’s country that highly values education. So it is that she always goes to very good schools, which at this moment in time is an all-girl private school run by nuns in the finest of the Catholic tradition of stern education.

Now Sly Ringleader may be offered the finest education available, but that does not mean that she always appreciates it.

She is a bit of a tomboy and would much rather be outside than in class. Frankly, school was a hard thing for Sly Ringleader. And as she often gets bored, she is known to orchestrate the odd petty rebellion, and thus the nickname Sly Ringleader. If anything odd happens in the school, the sisters usually look their way first. And they are often not wrong.

If not for the importance of her family, I doubt she would have been allowed to stay in that school for more than a month!

The school is led by a good and caring nun who we will here call Head Mistress. She has dedicated her life to the pedagogy of young ladies and preparing them for the world at large. She takes them very seriously her charges and works tirelessly for them.

Overall, she is a fine woman and a caring educator.

There is one area, however, where she is quite beyond any negotiations. Perhaps an expression of her religious orders; perhaps of the times: She cannot tolerate young, single women finding themselves in a motherly way.

At this time, Sly Ringleader is about 14 years old. The school is assembled at an odd time of day, and not for mass or any of the normal reasons.

A 17-year-old girl is called out in front of the entire school body and berated for being filthy. The school badges and emblems are violently ripped from her school uniform and she is berated and cursed and physically removed from the school harshly and callously. Her crime? She’s pregnant. She will never be allowed to return.

Now Sly Ringleader has a solid sense of justice, and just can’t help but think that this whole matter could have been dealt with more humanely and quietly.

She really feels that the Head Mistress has gone too far and was far too uncaring. She needs to be put back in her place. After all, the parents of these girls pay for them to go here; it’s not like the young lady had been stealing an education and then betrayed them by getting pregnant too.

She also knows that this particular nun is deathly afraid of snakes.

The next day as Sly Ringleader passes a field by her house on the way to school, she happens upon a harmless 18 inch (about 1/2 meter) garden snake and coils it into her large skirt pocket. The snake finds her pocket nice and warm. Happy to nestle where it is, it stays put.

Before school starts, she organizes several of the girls into lookouts and sets about climbing into the nun’s dormitory area through an open window.

All the beds look the same, and appointments are sparse, in keeping with the convent orders. She tries to determine which of the identical beds belongs to the Head Mistress. She stops in front of one with a particular rosary hanging from the headboard, and somehow, she just knows this is the right bed. She places the snake under the pillow and asks it to be so kind as to wait there until nap time at four o’clock in the afternoon.

Whether it is just a really good snake, or just found the spot under the pillow really comfortable, we’ll never know. But it does stay put and wait. However, come nap time, it does not care for the pressure of the Head Mistress’s head on top of the pillow. It slithers out and crawls up onto her chest, resulting in either a minor heart attack or a major anxiety attack, honestly, we’re not sure which.

What is known is that Head Mistress is removed from the convent by ambulance and kept in hospital for 3 days before being able to return to duty at the school.

On her return, she corners Sly Ringleader in the hall and says, ‘I suspect this has something to do with you.’

Sly Ringleader smiles and asks, ‘Do you have any proof? Any photographs or witnesses? Signed confessions? Film? It’s a serious charge to make without any evidence.’ And she turns and leaves without being dismissed.

Of course, Head Mistress does not forget her suspicions and continues to keep a rigorous eye on Sly Ringleader. A few years later she manages to get Sly Ringleader expelled as anathema from the school, but a considerable donation to the convent from Sly Ringleader’s father gets her re-instated. Not much else seems to have ultimately come of it.”

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here 1 year ago
Funnily enough, the opposite of this kinda happened to me. My first year of high school, the teacher had to leave the room for a couple of minutes. The teacher in the next room had a boa constrictor and he comes in and puts it on her desk. She yelps and I say that it's a harmless boa. The next day, I have to go to the bathroom. When I come back, the snake is on the chair next to mine. (I assume they didn't put it on my actual chair to avoid it getting squished if I didn't notice it.) I just picked it up and took it back where it belonged.
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1. Hostile Takeover From Customer Service And The Chicken Fries


“In the Scam Home Warranty business, the people are represented by two separate but equally lazy groups: The Authorization agents, who deny claims and smoke like chimneys, and the technicians who lie through their teeth to snag a few extra bucks. These are their stories CLICK CLICK.

At SHW you have an immediate supervisor, maybe two or three other people in the same role in the same department, their boss, VP operations, and so forth.

On paper yes any sup from any department can tell any non-sup what to do. In reality, that’s asking for trouble and has a lead on more than one occasion to department heads screaming at each other across the office when they get caught subverting the chain of command to get something done. UPS was the same but so much worse.

Sometimes bosses get sick and call out only to be browbeaten into coming in anyway.

Other times bosses quit and are given a bonus or something and come back the next day as nothing happened. This story has a bit of both.

There were 12 very good reasons why you don’t get a sack of ten cheeseburgers from White Castle for breakfast on a weekday and I chose to ignore those in light of a powerful urge to hasten my life’s end and satisfy a craving that truly has no business being that strong that early.

Walking into work with a bag far lighter than many would suspect, I logged in and got to work. Several auth guys commented idly asking me if I got those burgers the night before and when I informed them of the truth they all gave me the same look you give a homeless guy walking into a store to buy $300 worth of lottery tickets.

I was in the middle of a call with a tech in New Hampshire who was explaining exactly how and why I would be denying the roofing claim he was running when movement at the edge of my vision caught my attention and I watch in amazement as my boss went running out of the office pulling on his coat as he went.

A moment or so later the group chat exploded, rumors were birthed and dismissed as quick as bubbles in a sprite cranberry.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, a tech was asking a question but all I could do was ponder what just happened.

Tech: ‘So are you gonna cover this or not? Hey?!’

Me: ‘We’re, uh, going to reach out to the customer on this one. I’ll have a supervisor get back to them.’

The tech hung up and a new one shuffled to the front of my queue as a department-wide email smashed into our inbox.

(From HR)

Subject: Management Change

‘As a result of a family emergency (boss) will be out of the office for some time, (CS Boss) is taking over temporarily please reach out to him with any questions regarding auth concerns.’

Do you know that .gif of the dog looking at a cupcake while Vietnam flashbacks play in the background? Every guy in auth had that same look. It’s not that we hate CS, we hate customers.

With CS in charge of auth, we all worried. Even the meanest most senior guys were uncomfortable.

It didn’t take long before an email follow-up from (CS Boss) to prove our worst fears grounded.

From: (CS Boss)

Subject: Auth Changes

‘Hi peeps, we got a few things to go over to make this transition smoother.

Denials will now need sup to sign off on, I am sending over two CS sups to support the existing auth sups to assist in that matter.

Reassigns will require sup to sign off on.

Buyouts will require pictures from now on.

That’s about it, let’s stay positive OK peeps?’

I wanted to scream. Instead, I snatched open my phone and ordered two of the biggest chicken fry servings Burger King had at the time and kept my day moving.

By the time my food arrived, the office was about ready to break.

Several senior auth guys refused to seek supervisor approval on denials and were actively arguing with those same sups who impotently tried to maintain a sense of authority despite never having worked in auth before.

I simply covered claims that I could have denied or bought out. My average auth was untenably high for the day and even techs were wondering what was going on as I approved parts worth more than the unit.

Newer guys were tailing sups across the office begging for them to sign off on claims they resolved 10 minutes previous. The hold times were insane for late Fall and no sooner was my lunch on my desk than a group text hit us at once.

(Auth Boss) – ‘be back in 10.’

Upon his return, he was immediately thrown into the VP’s office where he along with half the executive staff ironed out a plan to keep him.

The two emails that came from HR were lunacy. Citing ‘miscommunications’ and ‘confusion’ they explained auth would return to normal back under our boss. The CS boss returned to a department that was also in chaos as, without enough sups, new employees were dropping every ball handed to them while older reps took advantage of the anarchy to let customers go whom they otherwise would have been forced to keep.

Despite the proliferation of the rumors, no one story was ever proven to be the whole truth to anyone in auth but our boss.

But one Auth guy who came in late that day and ran into the boss in the parking lot on his way out and another who was sitting right near his desk when he first made a hasty exit got together after work with a few drinks and put this sequence of events together:

Auth boss was planning on quitting anyway and his girl in HR was pulling some strings to make sure that he’d have the strongest possible hand in negotiations when he left.

The girl was holding off on several complaints from other workers, customers, and techs regarding our boss. She had let them all reach upper management that morning, who freaked out at him demanding changes similar to those the CS boss would go on to introduce.

So he left at that exact moment, looking all around as though he was chased out by the executive staff.

Once in the parking lot, he mentioned that he was going to take a ‘long lunch’ to the employee who ran into him.

In all, that long lunch our boss took cost the company $X,000s to $XX,000s in a couple of hours, exposed the CS Boss as weak and ineffective and reestablished auth’s preeminent role in the company.

I was not written up for my average auth that day, CS reps who hung up on customers were not written up. It was as though the day was cordoned off and quarantined in the mind of management.

The way the CS Boss left was far less grandiose a few months later but that might be because he didn’t have anyone on his side deeper inside the company as his wife had quit a few months earlier. That is really not much of a story on its own but this was someone who was rumored to have been seriously considered for the VP spot when it opened up before I ever started working there, who had been with the company long enough to have been one of its first 50 employees, despite never leaving CS.

Kind of a tragic character, but so too is the guy writing this story. And seriously what functioning adult still uses the term ‘peeps?'”

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masp1 1 year ago
What does this even mean. LOL
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