People Share The Time They Got Wild Revenge That Was Completely Justified

Chaozzy Lin

Some of us believe in Karma while others don’t. Even for those of us who are believers, we may fail to fully trust that Karma will one day get back at our enemies for their wrongdoings. So, rather than waiting for Karma to do its thing, we might engage in a man-made concept known as revenge. Many of us find getting revenge the wrong thing to do, but in some cases, it might be justified, or in our heads, it at least seems like it.

In the opinion of many, the following stories include an act of revenge that most would consider much deserved.

In the following story, a man denies a position to the same man who failed to hire him years ago, and better yet, in the same exact manner as he did. One of my personal favorites is where a woman was treated unethically by a psychiatrist who gave up on her in a dire situation, only to bump into him later on while she’s wearing a uniform flaunting her successful career path. In another instance, a man was treated like garbage by an employee selling caramel apples so then he announced to people in the mall that her products are free (they aren’t), and she was left with nothing to sell!

Check out the rest of the stories below!

37. She Shaved His Head… He Just Got An Expensive Hair Transplant


Not only does he now have a missing patch of hair, but it’s not going to grow back.

“This wasn’t my revenge but the revenge of a friend I know. Let’s call her Abi.

So Abi was married to John and they had been together quite some time. John in fairness was a bit of a waste of time. He was more concerned about going out with his mates and even more concerned about how he looked as opposed to treating his wife with the respect that she deserved.
For some time now, Johns’s hair was thinning. Whilst this was not a problem for Abi, this was a massive issue for John. As I said earlier, he was all about appearances.

Several months later and after much research online, John finds himself at a studio about to part with just over £2,000 for a hair transplant. The process all goes well and John can get back to being the narcissist that he is.

About 3 weeks after this transplant John comes home drunk again, causes an argument with Abi and falls asleep drunk. It was at this point she decided to go through his phone only to realize that he had been having an affair with a girl from work for what looked like quite some time now.
Abi being Abi was clearly upset but walked straight into the bathroom.

Took out the clippers and shaved the middle of his hair off, from front to back. She packed her bag and didn’t look back.

Abi wasn’t there to see the aftermath but I would have paid big money to be sat in the same room when he realized his hair was gone for good.

£2k down the toilet quite literally! Well done Abi.” Pete Dawson

36. I Told Everyone Her Products Were “Free,” She Was Wiped Out In Seconds


“I am in the mall, and I am shopping for clothes, looking around for stuff, just relaxing. In one of the corners of the mall, there was this little open boutique that was selling apples covered in caramel.

I walk past it and stop for a second looking at the apples (I liked the way they were organized all in a perfect line and all that) and the lady standing behind the little boutique rudely asked me if I’m going to buy anything.
I responded: ‘No, I don’t really like caramel apples, but thank you for asking.’ The lady looks at me and scans me from head to toe (I was wearing some running shorts, t-shirt and running shoes that were kind of dirty since I ran and outside was raining). ‘You don’t look like you can afford one anyway.’

Shocked by her answer and how impolite the lady can be I inhaled deeply and shouted:

‘Free caramel apples!’

Now imagine about 30–40 people (about 20 of them were kids) run to the boutique, take one or more apples and leave, all in about 20–25 seconds, while the lady stood there with her mouth open just watching her stand get cleared.” Eddy Poienar
35. I Gave A Large Tip To The Other Waitress


“I went to this place in Texas to have breakfast.

When I first entered, I was treated very coldly and then seated. Obviously, they were upset that they had to seat me on a 4-chair-table while I was alone. After being ignored by my waitress for 20 minutes, I waved at another waitress and placed my order. She was kind enough to attend, my main waitress then brought me orange juice and literally scolded me for asking someone else for my food, as they divide tables between them.

Obviously, me being me I don’t operate on scolding and I value customer service due to what I do. So, after waiting another 20 minutes for my bagel I waved at the first waitress who took my order and asked her for the status of my order.

She said she will check. A minute later, I saw my waitress literally arguing with the other waitress possibly about why she is attending to my table. Now my main waitress came back later with a cold bagel that she tossed on the table, so later on, I asked for the check and my main waitress brought it quickly ‘cause I believe she could not wait to kick me out.
The check came for something like 12$, so I put a 100$ bill and asked for change. Now when that happened, my main waitress started to become slightly friendly, so when she brought the change back, I waved to the attentive waitress and pulled the entire 100$ change and handed it to that girl and said, ‘I hope you don’t share tips in this place because only you deserve this tip; you’re wonderful unlike your friend over here’ and I left.

My main waitress was standing there in shock.” Sam Davies

Another User Comments:

“That’s one of the things I hate most about some restaurants. The wait staff are competitive and don’t want to share anything, which is completely counterproductive. I was taught to help each other out, and then in the end when all customers are happy EVERYONE makes more happy. She should have accepted help willingly if she needed it, and she shouldn’t have taken an attitude in the first place.” Kayla Arevalo
34. I Forced Him To Hold The Kitten That He Supposedly Hated


This act of revenge turned into something positive!

“As I was going back to my car after a long duty, I heard a tiny meow in a bush nearby.

I took a look and saw a tiny yellow kitten, scared and hungry, asking for help. Luckily, there was a restaurant nearby so I went and bought some water and a sandwich. I took out the salami and shredded it into tiny pieces, put water in a bowl and tried to get the kitten to come to me. A man with his son were passing by me as I was kneeling down and calling for the kitten and I’ve heard him say to his son, ‘Come on, we don’t want to get fleas from this idiot and the furball.’ I didn’t care at all about his disgusting comment, and I was happy to see the kitten come to me shortly after.

I took the kitten and walked towards my car.
Suddenly I heard a bang. I looked and saw something happening with the man and his son. I started my journey on the road which required passing next to them. As I was passing by, the man was signaling me to stop, panicking. I was the only car in the area, it was quite early. Apparently, an air-conditioning unit somehow fell from the first floor of the building they were walking under and hit the man in the head. He was bleeding from the side of his head and the son was crying.

He asked me if I could take them to the hospital, and I offered to call the police and ambulance instead. He begged me to take them as that would be much faster, so I agreed. I put the nearest hospital in my Maps app; it was a ten-minute journey and we went on our way. The revenge? The man got to hold the ‘furball full of fleas’ on the way to the hospital, as I was busy with Google maps. It was hilarious, he was moaning in pain, cuddling the cat, talking to his son about the kitten in a loving way in order to relax him…
I left them at the ER and before they went the son asked if they can keep the kitten.

The father took my number and they left.

Later on in the day, the man called me to thank me and told me he was fine, he only got a scratch. He was lucky the falling unit missed them and just slightly bumped and scratched his head. He apologized for his rude and insensitive comment and asked if the kitten was up for adoption. I decided to keep the kitten myself but advised them they can go to a shelter and pick another kitten to provide a home to. Then the son begged me for the kitten and I decided it’s best for the kitten to be with them because it’s obviously a life changer for the father and son.

They adopted the kitten and until today they send me happy photos every once in a while through WhatsApp. The boy and the kitten are inseparable.” Maia Medena

Another User Comments:

“I love stories like this. But it wasn’t revenge in the true sense of the word. It was an experience the Universe tossed at all of you and then sat back to watch how you’d handle it. All of you came through with flying colors. Don’t you see? A sweet, happy ending for 3 people and 2 kittens who may have remained devoid of any love for the rest of their lives.

You did wonderfully, all of you.” Judy Rofe
33. He Denied Me A Job, So 6 Years Later, I Did The Same To Him


It may have been delayed revenge, but it was well worth the wait.

“Some years ago I was recruited by a local company to fill an open executive position, a job with really quite significant responsibilities. I took a day off from my then-current job and spent the day with my prospective new employer. Remember, they came to me and asked me to leave a good job to come work with them.

The day went great. We toured facilities, met people, had lunch with senior executives and negotiated a fair and appropriate compensation and benefits package.

We toured what would be my department and took a look at what would be my office.
The last meeting of the day was with their Chief Financial Officer. I would be technically operating under his supervision, but from a practical standpoint I would have little need to deal with him and he would have practically nothing to do with my operations, except at budget time. As soon as I sat down, he told me it was most irregular that I would be offered an executive job without his approval. I pointed out that senior executives of his company had recruited me.

He repeated that it was most irregular and that he was not pleased. We talked for a very few minutes when he stood up, walked to his office door and opened it. He looked at me and said, ‘I don’t think this is going to work out.’ He nodded toward the door and I, pretty good at taking a hint, stood up, grabbed my briefcase and left.
Fast forward five or six years. I was working on restaffing a company that my company had acquired. We had cleaned house when we assumed control, it was exceedingly clear that their existing corporate staff was incompetent at best, corrupt at worst.

Our Human Resources department emailed me a resume for a prospective Chief Financial Officer. I read it and found that the candidate had extensive experience in our industry, was qualified and a was Certified Public Accountant with lots of audit experience. Seemed to fit the bill. I ask HR to set up an appointment for him to come to see me.
I had not recognized his name, but when he walked into my office I realized that he was the guy that told me that I wasn’t going to ‘work out…’ at the interview five or six years ago. I generally let things go, I don’t carry a grudge or worry about minor insults.

But my treatment at his hands those years ago still kind of stung.

I greeted him, interviewed him for an hour and a half, introduced him to a few people, showed him the accounting floor of our building and had a coke with him in the break room.

I asked him to wait in my office for a few minutes. I went and visited with some folks in the operations office for about a half-hour. Then I returned to my office. I opened the door, stepped just inside and stopped. He was sitting comfortably in the visitor chair in front of my desk.

I looked him right in the eyes, paused for dramatic effect, and said, ‘I just don’t think this is going to work out.’ I stepped back and nodded at the door.
He left. I was told sometime later that it took a couple of days for him to remember who I was and how we had been connected. My informant told me he referred to me as ‘That rotten son of a b*tch.’ That was fine with me, I guess I was a bit of a S.O.B. in that particular relationship.” J. Hartley

Another User Comments:

“Not surprising that he called you an SOB; many people can dish it out, but when someone dishes the same to them, they get all butthurt.

Good job.” Charles Gleason

32. I Soaked Their Mattress In Urine


“I’m not sure this counts as revenge, as such, but what the hell.
I moved into a flat in a town where I knew no-one, just for the hell of it. I worked from home, it seemed like a nice enough town.

I discovered after several months of stress-free living that I had not had any neighbors, which I learned by… well, by getting neighbors. Only on one side, I met the lad as he was moving in. He seemed nice, a bit wet, but nice enough.

Pretty soon after he moved in, so did his friends, who clearly took advantage of him being a wet fart of a personality.

I’m not exaggerating when I say there must have been 25 kids sleeping there of all ages, from about 8 up to 18.
The dance music went on into the night, as did the shouting. On the one night, it was quiet, it was because he was out; when his friends came back, they handbrake-turned into the car park with the loudest music I have ever heard from a car. They just didn’t want me to sleep, it seemed.

It went on. They started dealing drugs from the flat. Out of the window, from the first floor (second floor, US readers). They were not subtle.

I was getting pretty annoyed to say the least, though they were always careful to be pleasant when they saw me in person.
One day, it was very sunny and warm out. They took a single mattress outside and lay on it in the car park. I walked by on my way to the pub to get drunk enough to sleep through their nonsense. We exchanged pleasantries.

On my way back from the pub, many many beers later, I noted the mattress was still out, and I was desperate for a pee. I laid it back down and unloaded the result of at least 10 pints worth of beer (not a 10-pint pee, obv, but the last one at the end of a night on the lash).

I soaked it. Absolutely soaked it.
Next day, it was another sunny one. They were outside lying on the mattress again. So I surreptitiously, from my back windows, took photographs, then posted them on my blog with the story of how I had p*ssed all over the mattress the previous night, and what utter anuses they had been.

My blog – which was all about life in the town, written under a pseudonym – was later found by some locals and went through the town like a dose of crabs. Plenty of people read about his p*ss-soaked mattress, complete with photographs. I’m told they were furious.

Heh.” Jon Bruford
31. He Told Me Women Can’t Get Doctorates, So I Did And Made It Clear To Him


Girl power!

“When I was finishing my undergraduate degree, I applied for the doctoral program. I was told by the Assistant Dean that I was a female and women got pregnant and married or married and pregnant and never used graduate degrees. So, he said, with his feet on his desk, he didn’t even want to see my application. Furthermore, he told me a graduate degree, unlike a UG degree was not a money-making deal for the school, so I would never be accepted.

2 years later, I was accepted into a doctoral program. Right as I finished, I went to an academic conference and noticed there was a ‘Dean’s Forum.’ One of the deans was that former Assistant Dean. (I guess he’d been promoted). I went to the forum and as that Ass’t Dean walked out, I went up to him, told him who I was. When I introduced myself I made sure to say I was ‘Doctor Long.’ and reminded him of what he’d said. He turned bright red in front of a lot of other deans and hustled away. I knew he couldn’t do anything about it, but I was thrilled to see him as unhappy with me as I had been with him.” Susan Long
Another User Comments:

“Shouldn’t that be ‘A** Dean’ instead of ‘Ass’t Dean?'” Ginger McKay

30. I Didn’t Play Nice


“When I was in high school, I was on a science trivia team.

There was a national contest every year, and we’d qualified. It was a big event, with multiple days of competition, so we stayed in a dormitory.

I was the only female on the team, so while the others got to room together, I was paired up with a stranger. After the first day, her team hadn’t won a game and was thoroughly out of contention. So, she decided to make the most of her trip, and she told EVERYONE that there was going to be a party in her room that night. Except it was also my room, and I had to be up at 6:30 am to compete in the finals the next day.

For several hours, people were showing up at our door. Hey, is there a party here? Actually, I’m still in contention, and I’m trying to get some sleep. Oh, you are? How cool! Five-ten minutes of polite chit-chat later, I’ve herded one group out the door, and then another one shows up. For several hours.

She’d also given out the room’s phone number. To EVERYONE. It was a government-type phone, meant to be loud enough so that the hard of hearing would hear the ring. It sounded like a fire alarm, it was right next to my bed, and it was ringing off the hook.

Hey, is there a party here? GO AWAY.
At around 1:30 am, I’d given up. I went over to the room where the rest of my team was sleeping, intending to crash on their floor. But they were all sound asleep and wearing earplugs, so they didn’t hear me pounding on the door.

When I got back to my room, there was still a party. So I grabbed a pillow and went to sleep on a couch in the common area. At around 2:30 am, I was woken up by security. I had to convince the guy that I wasn’t a homeless person, then he ordered me back to my room.

So I went. There was still a party in there.
At that point, I lost it. I screamed, cried, and threw things. (Yes, literally; I was barely 16.) The random people partying in my room decided it was a good time to be somewhere else. At nearly 3 am, I could finally attempt to sleep. But my room-mate was annoyed that I’d spoiled her party. So she took a 45-minute shower, complete with singing in the shower, and then made no effort to be quiet while getting ready for bed. I got three hours of shut-eye, maximum.

But I pounded a whole bunch of caffeine, and my team won the tournament.

The next year, I was back at nationals. So was my former room-mate. She was captain of her team; I was captain of mine. Fate smiled on me that day. Our teams got paired against each other.
Quiz bowl types have a saying: ‘don’t club the baby seals.’ Meaning, when you’re forced to play a much weaker team, it’s considered dishonorable to run up the score just because you can. The outcome is settled, everyone in the room knows it, but showing off makes you look like a bully. It’s better to step back and let the newer players (theirs and yours) get some buzzer practice.

Except this time, I had a baby seal who rather desperately needed to learn some manners. Pass the club, please. So I briefed my team-mates on the plan. For this entire game, we will play like it’s the finals and we’re down by two points, no mercy whatsoever. We ran up the highest score that I’d ever seen…by halftime.
The moderators directed a WTF look at our coach, who passed it on to me. ‘She was my room-mate last year.’ Evil grin from me, stifled laugh from our coach, face-palms from the other team. Message sent.” Kay Aull

29. She Discriminated Against Me, Then Trained Her And Her Staff On It


“Ohh, I have got a gem for you.

I was in charge of interviewing staff at a university, and I was the accessibility coordinator. My job was to come up with a plan on how to make the university more accessible for people with disabilities and to provide training for staff so that they did not inadvertently discriminate against those with disabilities.
FYI (I am a non-white male) One day I was about to interview the art gallery coordinator at the university, and when I came to her gallery I saw her door. I was about to enter when a young girl (probably a summer student) told me that I could not enter and to just go into a waiting room, and she would try to help me soon.

I could see where the coordinator’s office was, but this lady was preventing me from going.

I waited 20 minutes, and it was obvious she forgot about me. So, I walked into the room anyway, and the girl stopped me and asked me if she could help me. I told her I had an interview, and she said she was not aware of any of her colleagues having an interview booked. Suddenly, the coordinator walked in, and said, ‘Hi James, I’ve been waiting for you for a while. Where have you been?’ I saw the summer student start to blush and become suddenly quiet.

I think that girl learned not to assume things about people before you have taken the time to know them.
Later, I ended up training her, and all her staff on how to avoid discrimination, and how to show respect to all people they dealt with. Did I mention that one of those being trained by me about discrimination was the girl who had given me a dose of discrimination herself?” James Vi

28. My Psychiatrist Left Me To Die, But I Recovered And Rubbed It In His Face


“In my 20s, I had suffered from severe depression and panic disorder, for which I was seeing a psychiatrist for therapy.

This man was the Director of the Mental Health Services for a large (Christian) medical center, and also Chief of Staff. He also had me on multiple amphetamines and barbiturates, including Quaaludes and Ritalin, as well as antidepressants. I became an addict with a more-than-willing prescribing physician.
In 1983, I tried to take my own life by overdosing and ended up in the mental health lock-up. The psychiatrist came in on his rounds, angrily told me I was going to hell, and that he was done with me. (There’s a lot more to the story, including instances of more unethical behavior on the part of that physician.)

Thankfully, one of the RNs on the MH unit referred me to an excellent psychologist who got me off all medication [cold turkey!], worked with me, and basically gave me my life back.

I went back to college, and in 1988, I was doing my radiologic technology internship at the same medical center where I’d been locked up.
One day, I was the technologist on duty for the surgery department and was called to do an exam on a hip surgery patient. Wearing scrubs, I went to the staff elevator to go to the 2nd floor, and who do you think was standing there? Yes — my former psychiatrist. The look on his face was priceless. All he could do was stammer, ‘I thought you were dead.’

My response: ‘Well, I’m not — no thanks to you.’

The elevator stopped, and I stepped out, telling him, ‘I’m needed in surgery.

Have a nice day.'” Pam Bolton

27. He Thought I Was Going To Give Him Money… Wrong


“I am an American. I worked in Mexico, just across the border for five years. I saw a lot of things while I was there, but this moment always stands out.
There was a novelty and souvenir shop near the border. American visitors would come and buy knock-off Rolex’s and visit their ‘pharmacy.’ They had a restaurant that was actually quite good.

I was meeting some folks for a meal there and up the stairway from the parking area to the shop a young Mexican boy, about 10 or 11, had this frightened American mother and daughter cornered.

He was being nasty. He just kept saying all of the English cuss words he knew and it was obviously upsetting the pair as they seemed to be waiting for someone to come join them.
‘Sh*t, Hell, [email protected]&k you!…’ The brat just kept going. I told him to get away and he trotted off.

A couple of days later, I was waiting in the traffic line to cross back into the States. Several vendors, window washers, and beggars looking to make some money while they had a captive audience in the form of a slow-moving traffic line.

There he was! The little brat with the potty mouth.

He was giving his best ‘woe is me’ face with his hand out looking for spare change.

My vehicle had tinted windows to combat the intense sun. He couldn’t see me coming. I got up to the sad acting little booger and rolled down my window (he lit up expecting some $$$), looked him in the eye and said, ‘[email protected]&k you’ just like he had been saying to the mother and daughter a few days earlier.
He recognized me. His jaw dropped and I went laughing on my way.” Quora user

26. They Fired Me, So I Wasn’t Obligated To Help Them – And Didn’t


“Having been forced out of my position with the company, it kinda rankled me.

Nothing I could ever do about it…or so I thought.

Roughly three weeks later, I got a call from a distant facility where we had a store. Seems that the alarm was going off, and there was no one they could get hold of to come down and turn it off. About 5 or 6 numbers down the list, they got to mine—someone who answered.
Yup, they hadn’t taken my number off the security call list.

I asked the guard if they had the Home Office VP of Security home number (it was late) as well as some other higher-up numbers in his contact database.

He did. All the while I was talking to him, I could hear that alarm wailing away through the phone. Poor guy sounded SO desperate to get some peace, so I outlined the procedure to follow:

‘First, place a call to the CEO’s home number to apprise him of the situation; next, call the VP of Merchandising, and last the VP of Security, same thing.’
I smiled as I hung up the phone, thinking of the mayhem about to commence, and didn’t care.

After all, I wasn’t with the company anymore, so didn’t care. They could do nothing to me.” John Lewis

25. I Turned Him In For Tax Fraud And Got His Factory Shut Down


It was only a matter of time before he got caught.

“I had a boss who was basically a bully. He had a company car and I had to travel across the UK from Derby to Manchester so, having been driven there by the salespeople before, going up the M1 and then across from Leeds (past the man in the middle) that is what I did.
A few weeks later, I was walking past his office when he summoned me in where he then, with the rolled-up letter, prodded me in the chest repeatedly in time with the words of ‘thanks to you going via Leeds, I’m not getting the expenses for that trip.

You should have gone by the shortest route.’ He let me know that if he claimed on his tax return for my driving, he would get more money.

Years later, he had got rid of me and I was unemployed. I had been in the central library and was just making my way out when I noticed the Inland Revenue had a stall for students about getting back any overpaid tax. So, with the phrase ‘I walk past nothing’ in my mind, I told them about what had gone on and they described his activities as ‘Tax Fraud’ and they would pass the information on for further investigation.

Ironically, they told me that if he had done it honestly, he would have been financially better off, as well as not committing tax fraud in the process as he had actually done.

That is the sweetest revenge, the biggest revenge was getting a multimillion-pound factory closed down by the HSE because of safety devices, deliberate releases of mutagenic compounds and airplanes flying over the site.” Paul Grosse

24. Our Landlord Didn’t Sell His Place For A Whole Year


“When I was in uni, I shared a place with three other guys. Place was ok, but the landlord was a total d*ck.

Case in point: I was coming back with my g/f after a few drinks one night.

It had been raining, and when we stepped inside to head downstairs, we realized the hall light had burned out. As my g/f gingerly started making her way down the linoleum (?!) stairs, I hear is a wet snapping sound and then her scream. She had snapped her Achilles tendon. We had to wait three agonizing hrs at the hospital before a doctor could see her.
When I passed this on to the landlord, he wasn’t concerned in the least and simply referred me to his insurance company.

I vowed revenge.

Fast forward a few months later. He decided the rental gig wasn’t for him and decided to sell.

He made the mistake of telling us (tenants) every time he was bringing interested buyers to see the place, and every time I had made sure there were masking tape body outlines in various rooms.

He didn’t sell the place for the year that I was there.” Glenn Bouwmeester

23. Say Hello To Your Lower Paycheck


“I worked as an assistant manager at of the main Pizza Chains (I will leave the actual company unnamed) I had been there for roughly two years and had seen many Assistant and Store Managers come and go, either being transferred or quitting. Some were good, some were bad.

One Particular Assistant Manager that joined our team (We’ll call him Josh) was a complete jerk right from the start. A scrawny little punk in his early 20s. He has a smug, condescending attitude, treated everyone as if they were inferior to him.

The one thing that really pushed me over the edge was when he accused me of stealing, sent me home, telling me I was fired. All the while, refusing to listen to my suggestion that he check the security camera. Also, keep in mind that we were both assistant managers. I’ve been there for over two years. He had been there for only a few weeks.

After I left, I called the Store Manager and explained the situation. He didn’t care whether I stole something or not, he just stated that Josh had no right to do what he did.

As for the revenge I got against this smug little punk…

I had come to open the store and found it a complete disaster. Everything like the oven and such were still running, food was left out, etc. When I opened the safe I found the money all just all strewn in there. The correct procedure would have been to count the money. Keep $500 organized and stacked in the safe and put the rest in a deposit bag to be taken to the bank that night.

All he did was cash out the drivers and tossed all the money in the safe, unorganized and didn’t do any paperwork or deposit.
I call the Store Manager to find out what the hell happened and he informed me that according to the drivers who were working, Josh had a mental breakdown, began throwing and kicking stuff then just sent everyone home several hours before the store was supposed to close. If he hadn’t quit, he would obviously be fired. Either way, he wouldn’t be working for us anymore.

I went back to the safe, opened it and while obscuring the camera’s view, pocketed about $200.

I then called the manager back saying, ‘Hey, I counted the cash, but it’s like $200 or so short. I don’t even know if we still have orders from last night that need to be can-‘
He cut me off saying, ‘Don’t worry about it. He didn’t take care of the money, it’s on him. If it’s short, it’s coming out of his last check.'” Chris Williams

22. His Sister Wouldn’t Stop Lecturing Me, So He Did Exactly What She Told Me Not To Do


Hubby’s got her back!

“This revenge was not taken by me but by my husband.

Background about me: I started earning at a very young age and have been living life on my own terms.

I never liked it when someone forces their so-called beliefs on me.

We recently got married and immediately within a couple of days had to attend a wedding. It was a destination wedding. We decided to extend our stay by another one day to look around the city. It was Christmas Eve. The streets were buzzing with bells, people around us in Santa hats holding balloons, gifts. We decided to take a photo of ours. I was wearing hot pants with a top and he was in his normal T-shirt and jeans. I posted that picture of us on my WhatsApp status.

Suddenly out of the blue, my sister in law started lecturing me about how I should behave, what I should post on my feed. I didn’t reply to her but in turn, talked about the conversation with my husband. He ignored it completely, well, I thought so.
Fast forward to 3 months.

We both went to celebrate my birthday on an island. One fine day when we were lazing around on the beach, he casually suggested that we should click a complete picture of ourselves in the beachwear. I obliged instantly.

Later that day, when I was checking my WhatsApp, suddenly a status update notification popped.

I saw that my husband has updated his status with a photo of us in swimwear!!!

I immediately confronted him saying that your sister won’t like it and might bash out at me. He naughtily laughed and showed me his settings. His WhatsApp status was personalized for me and his sister.
He drew me closer to him and said, there is no one in this world to curtail you. You can wear whatever you want, however, you want!! If you are insulted, I am as well!!” Shweta Agrawal

21. I Had A Humorous Way To Stop Them From Stealing Hospital Patients’ Lunches


“While working for a construction company, I overheard two employees bragging about getting free lunches by stealing patient trays at the hospital where the company was completing a job.

I typed an official seeming memo that looked like it originated at the hospital.

It said:

Urgent: To all outside workers.

It has come to our attention that some patient meals have disappeared. These meals contained drugs that could cause the shrinking of genitalia.
Please see your doctor at once if you have ingested these drugs.

I watched the employees in question rush into the men’s room every day for a week to inspect themselves.” Cindy Berenson

Another User Comments:

“You should have reported this to the hospital immediately! Missing meals like that, especially for older patients, could cause a very drastic health emergency. Many elderly patients are frail enough as it is but that is plain CRUELTY and those thieves should be arrested for cruelty and elder abuse and thrown in jail! Who knows if they continued to do this to other poor innocent elderly patients.

How would you feel if that happened to an elderly relative of yours? Wouldn’t you want the perpetrators punished? They are scum! Low lives and deserved to be punished!” Debbie Wa
20. He Destroyed His Business With A Single Rumor


“My school teacher during his childhood days used to visit a famous snack shop with his friends after riding his bicycle. This famous shop used to cook some really delicious sweets and the owner, a rude old guy was very proud of his sales and the heap of customers who rolled in throughout the day.

One day, as usual, my teacher went to this shop and ordered some samosas (deep-fried spicy snacks) with his bicycle buddies.

The owner, as usual, gave him the samosas and forgot to offer the chutney and the tomato ketchup. When he was reminded about this, the owner arrogantly replied and said something that left my teacher humiliated. Feeling embarrassed at what had just occurred in a crowded shop and eyes all glazing at my teacher, he left the shop disappointed. My teacher left the shop with a thought of vengeance. He was too young to reply to a huge elderly man on expecting good mannerisms.
So here’s how he destroyed, his shop. My teacher spread the news amongst the local gossiping ladies that the owner was suffering from AIDS.

News about this incident spread like fire amongst the locals. The grapevine is known to add more spice to a normal story and the story kept adding layers I suppose to the character of that owner. Soon, this shop had no customers and the cash flow was hampered. Implant the seed of doubt in a healthy mind and see it grow to destroy anything. The shop soon shut down with no business and the owner had no idea where he went wrong. As weird as it sounded to me, this was true I suppose.
Revenge is dangerous.” Pranay Shedge

19. I Stuck Labels All Over Their Car To Get Them To Stop Parking In My Spot


“I worked in downtown Chicago during the day and about 4 evenings a week went to people’s homes to do clothing house parties to supplement my income.

I lived in the far southern suburbs and my townhouse was in a court with assigned parking spots. One evening when I got back home around midnight, someone had parked in my spot. It was late, so I didn’t want to honk to get the attention of one of the unit’s residents possibly having a guest. But I was really tired and now p*ssed off.
I had to find a parking spot about 2 blocks away and then in the dark walk home. So, I marched right into my townhouse, went upstairs, found a big roll of my mailing labels, went outside and put labels all over their windows, front, sides, and back.

I didn’t want to harm their car, just to inconvenience them. These labels needed lots of water and scraping to get them off.

Then I went into the house, got a good night’s sleep… The car that was in my spot was gone the next morning but lots of little pieces of paper were in the lot. I never found out who parked in my spot, but it never happened again.” Virginia Chilcote
18. She Ate Poop Without Knowing


“I lived in England for a while with my teenaged daughter in a rooming house. One of the roommates we got to know was fun, her name was Sam.

She asked us if we’d move to a better place with her. We did. After a couple of weeks, we found her behavior was inappropriate, rude, nasty, vindictive to us and the other tenants of the 2nd rooming house.

You couldn’t speak to her about it as she just says sarcastic things back. She cheated on her boyfriend with one of the housemates, slept with others – this itself is not wrong or right, but she’d tell us how virtuous she was and how fantastic her boyfriend was.
Sam ate our food and had her ‘friend’ whom she disliked create henna on both arms and hands (for hours) so she’d look good at a wedding, not pay the friend or even speak well of her.

Why the friend didn’t know she wasn’t liked, I don’t know.

Her work was past my daughter’s bus stop for college. If my daughter missed her bus she’d ask if she could go with Sam to work as she drove right by. ‘No why would I want to do that, get there yourself, you made the mistake.’ True but helping people out is also compassionate when it’s on your way.
Sam was estranged from her family because they made her do chores at home. Yes, she left because of chores. While knowing her, she’d made up with her family. Sam’s family was excited so when they went to India they brought her back clothing, jewelry, and other items.

As she shows us the items, Sam is telling us how they are not good enough, her parents didn’t care enough to bring more for her, etc.

After a while, we couldn’t stand to look at her and we planned to move. My revenge was rather sweet and disgusting too. Sam ate individual cheesecake and often left a couple in the fridge. Before leaving I took dog poop very small amount as you’d smell it, and opened the package carefully and put it on the bottom between the cake and packaging, closed it up and done.
Soon after, one night she came to sit with us, brag and gossip, etc with a piece of cheesecake.

I watched her eat it. It was the best night in her company ever. No, she never got sick as it was a tiny amount.

No one knew but me, and to this day I can still see her eating it. I saw her years later, being herself and just laughed as she didn’t recognize me.” Quora user

17. He Expected An Easy ‘A’ On Our Group Project, So I Gladly Took A Zero


This is why I hate group/partner projects.

“In high school in the science lab, I’m paired with one of the biggest bullies I had to deal with. He expects a free A — I’m going to do the lab and get an A and my A carries over to him because his name is on the project too.

I speak to the teacher and inform her that he’s not doing anything for the lab and that I’m not putting his name on the project. She says, ‘Well, he’s still going to get the grade you get because he’s your lab partner,’ and she refuses to let me work alone or have a new lab partner.
So my answer is, ‘Well, if he’s getting the same grade I’m getting, then I’m not doing the lab and he’ll get a zero.’

‘You’ll also get a zero.’

‘Then I’ll take the zero.’

I got a zero. He also got a zero. It dropped me from an A to a B.

It dropped him from a D to an F. He dropped out of school later that year since he was unable to pass. The next time I saw him after his dropout, he was wearing an orange jumpsuit on the roadside picking up litter while I was driving past. I even got to pitch a Coke out the window at him.” Joshua Nichols
16. His Selfishness Cost Him A Tooth


“When I was a young kid in elementary school, there was this kid in my grade Jason who liked try to bully me occasionally. One time after Easter I was eating some chocolate Easter eggs at recess and he demanded I give them to him.

I told him to f*** off and he pushed me to the ground, held me down and took all my eggs.

After school, I went to the alley behind my house and searched until I found a stone that was the perfect size and shape of an easter egg. I got a brown marker and colored it all over, then I wrapped it up in the foil from another easter egg.
The next day at recess I sat there with my ‘eggs’ and waited. Sure enough, Jason came over and demanded my eggs again. I gave him enough resistance for him to not be suspicious then handed him the stone egg.

It couldn’t have gone any better, he immediately tore off the foil and right in front of me and a bunch of other kids he popped it into his mouth and bit down hard. He yelped and spit it out along with a piece of his tooth. He never bothered me again.” Jeremy Williams

15. I Never Saw My Bully With So Much Fear In His Eyes


“It’s a very small thing, but I think it counts. I’m a middle school boy and this happened to me last year.
I was always unusually strong and tall for my age. But of course, fist-fighting was strictly forbidden and the teachers actually encouraged kids to tell them if people fought.

Anyways, I’m not very social and at my school, being social was the key thing to avoid bullying. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize this in time and by the time I did, I had become the biggest target at my class. I wanted to fight them with force but I couldn’t since it would ruin my grades and my entire life for all I knew.

There was this one kid in class (I’m gonna call him H) who was constantly picking on me. H was very popular and had a gang of boys following him around. When I was minding my own business, he would come and do stuff like slapping my head or take something mine.

He always returned it saying sorry but with amusement on his face.
I tolerated this for 6 months.

Then one day, H crossed the line. I enjoyed writing fanfics and usually brought my idea notebook to school. I had put it in my bag and gone for lunch. When I came back, I had found H reading my notebook and laughing with his friends. When I snatched it back, I was infuriated. I take my privacy seriously and this was crossing the line.

Remember what I said about me being strong? Well, This is what happened. I walked up to H with what must have been complete fury in my eyes because for a moment he froze, absolute fear in his eyes.

Then he took off.
I must have been radiating something because when I turned to his gang, they backed away. I grabbed one of them and growled, ‘Get him here. NOW.’

They immediately complied and when they found him, I went up to him, grabbed his shirt and lifted him off his feet and pinned him against the wall.

I learned some army talk from my martial arts teacher (a former military drill Sargent) and talked to H in a threatening, yet menacing way like in the army. The look of complete terror in H’s eyes and him begging for forgiveness still lingers in my mind today and he hasn’t touched me since.” Quora user
14. I Reported Her For Not Being Licensed


“A while back I was a licensed child care provider.

I began to watch the baby that lived next door. She was a good baby but the parents were irritating AF. They requested that I write everything down that she did each day that she was in my care. Not just tell them, write EVERYTHING down: when I changed her diaper and a description of said diaper, when and what she ate and when she slept.

They irritated me so bad that I wrote all the times down to the minute. At 9:32 she had a bottle, burped and spit up a little, etc. You get the picture.
They didn’t pay me on Fridays like most people did.

They’d call me on Saturdays and ask how much they owed me, then would bring a check over. They didn’t need to bother me on my day off, in my opinion.

The mother was so paranoid about her kid being in daycare, that she quit her job and began caring for kids in her home. The only difference is that she didn’t go through all the hoops to become licensed. In my state, you can care for the children of one family or for relatives without being licensed. She had children of multiple families in her care.
I called in and left a voicemail, anonymously reporting her for not being a licensed facility.

I had a cold at the time so I don’t think anyone ever knew it was me. I’m not sure if she became licensed or quit, but I was her karma, I guess.” Quora user

13. I Tatted A Special Secret Message On My Soon-To-Be Ex-Husband


You get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit!

“Just as my first husband and I were breaking up, he asked me to do a cover on his tattoo, because he figured he could make me do anything he wanted, still. We had had a rough marriage, with domestic violence… and he struggled to stay in work.

At first, I was upset that he would ask me to do so much for him, but then I decided it was better to just do it.
I did it, he loved it and bragged about how I had done it for him … but it was much later he realized the white and grey inks making the clouds said, ‘I’m a CU**’ under UV light.

You get what you pay for.” Bethann Siviter

Another User Comments:

“You are awesome. Reminds me of the tattoo artist who found out his girl was cheating on him and wanted work done on her back, so he drew a big pile of poo with flies buzzing around.” Robert Reid

12. Sugar And Gasoline Aren’t A Good Combo


For those who don’t know, sugar doesn’t dissolve in gasoline.

Instead, the two substances together form a goo, and if put into a vehicle, it can clog its gas tank and fuel lines and disable it.
“My uncle was having a problem with someone stealing the gas from his gas can that he had for his lawnmower whenever he was gone.

He suspected one of the neighborhood kids, but they all denied any knowledge of the missing gas.

Finally, he mentioned the problem to a local policeman. He asked my Uncle if he had an old gas can lying around. My Uncle said sure. The cop told him, ‘Well, what you do is fill it with gas and then you add a couple of pounds of sugar.

And then you just wait and see if anyone starts having car trouble.”
Sure enough, a few days later, the gas was gone and one of the neighbor boys’ car was no longer running.” Phil Brown

11. I Was The Reason She Failed The Class


Cheaters never prosper.

“I feel a little badly about this now. I qualified for an advanced speech class in my freshman year. My scores, written and oral were consistently in the 90s, but the prof gave me a B because I hadn’t improved enough.

Later, I discovered that his daughter was in my astronomy class and noticed her taking an interest in me, as well as the answers to my tests, which I did very well at.

Curiously, she got an A on all of them though I knew she was clueless in the subject.
So when the final came, I took care to cover my exam. She was tense and fidgety throughout, and when the scores were posted, she had a failing grade, which didn’t reconcile with all her mid-term grades.

That was 54 years ago. I don’t think she pursued astronomy and of course, realized that at least one person knew why.

Revenge hasn’t played a big role in my life, and the few who tried it with me only damaged themselves.

I don’t recommend revenge, whether served warm or cold as an exemplary practice in dealing with conflict or anger management.

Not everyone agrees, some making it a practice throughout life.” Mark Peterson
10. He Would Receive Junk E-Mails For Life


“I’m going to borrow an answer from one of my colleagues. He just told us this story recently.

Years ago he had a co-worker who played a prank on him. Don’t recall what, not relevant. My colleague happened to know this co-worker was fairly conservative politically but from a VERY liberal state. So he signed him up for a political email distribution from his home district using his work email address.

No big deal, right? We all unsubscribe from junk email lists all the time.

Nope, not at work. Our company’s firewall makes it IMPOSSIBLE to unsubscribe. If you made the mistake of using your work email address for anything, it will follow you until you are dead or quit. Myspace updates FTW.” Nichole Lee
9. It Sounded Like A Bomb Went Off


“When I was a kid, I had a record with the sound of an atomic bomb exploding. My brother used to make scary noises whilst I was in the bathroom, so one day I put the speakers of my stereo in the bathroom so I could pretend to be listening to music whilst I took my shower.

The stereo was in my bedroom, connected by a long cord.

When my brother went into the bathroom, I turned on my stereo and kept the sound low until the part of the explosion, at which point I turned up the volume as high as it would go, and it sounded like a bomb was going off in the bathroom.
My brother was generally very talkative, but after that, he didn’t talk to me for an entire week!” Amardeep Singh

8. Tobacco-Dipped Pickles


“When I was in high school, I did not like pickles and would pick them off of my burgers when I had fast food.

One time, I went to McDonald’s with some friends and one of them said he would eat the pickles I didn’t want.

I had about 3 cheeseburgers and I gave him the pickles. He ate them but then decided to pick the onions off of his burger and toss them into my hair when I wasn’t looking.

He tried to pretend it wasn’t him, but I caught him.
I took the pickles out of my next burger and when he wasn’t looking, I dipped them in the ashtray (McDonald’s had smoking sections back then) and gave him the pickles with the clean side up.

He popped them into his mouth and as he chewed them, his face started to grimace and said, ‘These pickles taste raunchy.’

I also moved my seat so my back couldn’t be turned to him.

That was a good laugh.” Santos Herb

7. Take Advantage Of A Really Nice Work Perk? You’re Going Down Swinging


“So this is a story about how my wife and I got her boss fired. For reference, my wife will be called Mary and her boss is Karen (I know, original, right?)

So Mary started working for a college 5 years ago as an administrative assistant. She was given odd and end tasks, one of which was writing up the School Handbook.

She noted in the handbook that staff was required to take time for professional development. After some years and a few promotions, she lands a Manager position in the department and spearheads an initiative to have all staff under her have approved time to attend professional development conferences. Karen always rejected this idea, but Mary decided one day to go to Karen’s boss- we will call Bob. Bob is great, once Mary has enough weight in the college she went around Karen and got Bob to approve conferences for everyone in the department.

For the next year or so, everyone got to choose any conference around the continental USA to attend on the company’s dime.

Everyone would come back with notes taken at every session attended, attached with a conference itinerary, and given to their direct superior as proof of attendance. The employee would also present key points learned from their conference at a weekly departmental meeting. Pretty simple morale-boosting opportunity- until someone had to abuse it.

Karen had been bragging to other department directors, as well as to Mary, about swimming with dolphins during her recent travel to a conference. Mary didn’t think much of it, as usually there was sometimes a free morning or afternoon to do with as you please at these conferences. My wife told me this during our nightly pillow talk, and having been raised in Orlando (where Karen decided to attend a conference) my head popped up and I asked, ‘Where?’ Mary replied with a well-known location run by a well-known company with a whale for a logo.

I quickly replied that they close at 5:30, when did Karen have time for this? Mary, who had access to Karen’s itinerary, dropped her jaw when she realized the conference Karen attended did not have free time during the business hours of the dolphin swimming experience.

Mary went into an enraged clerical fury as she pulled up Karen’s full travel itinerary for flight, hotel, conference, and other reimbursements (the school does most departmental work online and therefore the school’s server can be accessed remotely from secured or approved devices, like Mary’s phone). She also checked the website where Karen went swimming at to confirm hours of operation.

According to the records submitted, there was no way Karen had time to swim with dolphins during the experience’s normal business hours without missing part of this conference, and according to Karen’s itinerary, she was supposed to have attended all sessions.

Mary worked hard to have the privilege to travel the country to attend conferences, and Karen just f*cked it all up. Mary eventually wrote all of this up, attached the itinerary documents, attached photos of the encounter (and apparently from other theme parks that Karen had neglected to mention) from social media, attached the hours of operation, and sent this all to Bob.

Mary texted me about an hour after she got to work the next day saying Bob was livid. He was currently in the process of questioning everyone Karen had bragged to see if the stories all matched up. A few days later, Karen was fired from the company for only attending 1 session of the 3-day conference, lying about her report filed, using company funds for travel hotel and food to go play at theme parks, and for submitting a time card to get paid while doing all of that.

Although Mary’s name was anonymous through all of this, Karen seemed to blame Mary anyways.

Karen sent mean and dark texts to Mary several times until the school could send a cease and desist. Worse of all, I guess Karen’s husband was a deadbeat so not only did Karen have to trade in her massive SUV for a smaller vehicle, but she had also just signed on a new house only days before she was fired and now had no income to support the said home. I’m not completely cynical, people shouldn’t be homeless. But Karen had also taken credit for a lot of Mary’s work, made Mary do Karen’s workload while Karen went AFK, and many other instances of foul play I can’t remember because there’s so much pillow talk.

Needless to say, Karen reaped what she sowed.” SkyGuyMcFly

6. Make Fun Of My Disability, Out Loud For Everyone To See? I’m Going For Blood


“Okay so I’m not the type to ask for impossible sh*t or to demand ridiculous accommodations, and don’t get me wrong I’m usually very polite to service workers, but I will straight up go full b*tch-mode when I don’t get what I’m paying for, and when workers are being purposely dismissive or rude. I do this weird sort of stern middle-aged mother b*tchy thing when I’m being dismissed at customer service. (Or when I have to deal with my boyfriend’s bank, which will put him on hold for like 4 hours and treat him like absolute horsesh*t until I get on the phone and suddenly they’re all, ‘yes ma’am, no ma’am, certainly ma’am, we can fix that right away ma’am.’)

But there is exactly one instance when I have gone full Karen, entirely out of necessity.

So when I was 16 I paid over $150 for an all-day pass to get into a theme park event in my city that I go to every year. That’s a lot of money to me, even now, but it’s a huge deal and it’s tradition. The problem is: the park is super loud and I’m hard of hearing (auditory processing disorder and a little deaf), so I have a hard time understanding what people are saying. The best way I can describe it is its sort of like trying to hear somebody talk to you while you’re underwater, if also while you were underwater there was a swarm of bees loudly buzzing around your head.

This theme park is owned by a multi-billion dollar company that pretty much runs the city, and they are widely known for being huge assholes who just care about money – but the park is tradition – and everybody goes. Seriously, don’t feel bad for them they’re terrible. My point is the media in my city is literally scrabbling for a takedown story of this company.

We were in the thick of it in the ride section where things are noisiest and I can’t make out a f*cking thing. I’m walking into one of my favorite rides with my boyfriend which takes place in an enclosed room but you can still hear all the noise from outside, that I have gone on every year since I was like 6 years old, and the rules have changed as to where to put your bags.

This is fine if a little overkill, but I’m glad it’s safer now. There are no signs signifying the rule change so they are relying on you understand the guy talking who doesn’t sign. That’s a big no-no for deaf/hard of hearing people, but with a little extra effort from the person trying to talk to you can get the gist of what’s being said just fine. This 35-year-old man then decides to openly mock me calling me a ‘r*tard (slur)’ for putting my bags where I’ve been putting them for the past decade. This whole thing lasts like 15 whole minutes no exaggeration.

He’s going as far as to make other riders boo and clap at me as I desperately tried to figure out what was going on. I was confused and scared. My boyfriend who can hear perfectly was with me at the time is trying to explain to me what this man wants but even he can’t understand because the instructions are so confusing and he’s purposely being cryptic to drag this out. The door is closed and he won’t let anybody leave until the ride was over even when I was banging on the door trying to get out.

I was literally crying at one point as people laughed at me – right up until I started signing and they realized I literally cannot understand.

Straight silence across the ride as nobody wants to get involved. Ride operator guy doesn’t care even when my boyfriend is telling him I can’t hear him and tell to him clearly what he wants me to do so he can sign it to me.

After that 15 minutes was up finally some random citizen waves to get my attention and plays charades with me for 30 seconds before I 100% understood what was being asked of me and did it, to which this ride operator scoffs at this guy like he’s pissed in his Diet Coke and starts to slow clap, while literally refusing to start the ride until everybody awkwardly slow claps with him.

At this point, everybody just wants this to be over and humors this guy while I’m still crying. The ride started and the entire time it was dead silent except for me sobbing. It was bad. People apologized to me outside and told me they were sorry for playing along and that they wished they’d have been the one to help me. Whatever.

Anyway, I f*cking ruined that guy’s life over the course of the next hour. It was like WW2 at the customer service kiosk, which was near the entrance where it was quieter. I didn’t need an interpreter so I sent my boyfriend away to enjoy his day since mine was already shot (it was a hard sell, he was very protective after that whole fiasco) while I committed first-degree murder.

The customer service lady tried to give me a voucher for half-price $30 ice cream and told me the guy was new and was just trying to do his job and that I should calm down. Oh?


I made like 15 calls. I threatened a class-action lawsuit. I literally called a family friend who is a lawyer right there at the customer service to show I was serious.

I (politely, I was pretty reasonable with anybody who wasn’t acting like a Class A dumbass) called my local deaf and hard of hearing advocacy group. And the kicker: I called like 6 separate news channels. They were very interested in my story.

This guy’s boss came down to do damage control to tell me he was going to put the guy on suspension until the theme-park moved to the next city in a couple of days. ‘Not good enough, who’s your boss?’ I was out for blood.

Once I’d reached literally as far up as I could go (some lady had to drive in from across the city to deal with me) the ride people’s manager and the customer service people’s manager were full-blown arguing about what to do as I began practicing what I was going to tell the news people when I got home.

Apparently they would have had to close the ride for like four hours while they got the only other guy who could operate it in from some event he was at. Maybe a wedding? I don’t know, I wasn’t listening. I didn’t give a sh*t.

Then I said something along the lines of “It’s not my fault you hired a discriminatory egghead who likes to pick on deaf teenage girls. I want him fired and I want this sh*t on a record somewhere. I want consequences and I want my f*cking ticket comped before I talk to (highly respected state newspaper)”.

They both turned to me at once and it was like two owl-bobble heads looking at me.

‘You’re a minor?’ That man’s ass was grass right then and there and I was the f*cking lawnmower. He had sown the wind and I was the whirlwind. There was no saving him. Not only did they comp my ticket, but they also gave both my boyfriend and me VIP passes. and bought me lunch from any food stand in the theme park.

Turns out the guy was actually living with the traveling theme-park for the summer (sort of like a 21st-century circus but with running water?) in a park owned trailer as they traveled across the country. I was unaware of this, but I’ll be honest it wasn’t an unwelcome surprise.

A security guard (at my insistence) led me to the edge of the closed-off trailer area where I watched him pack his sh*t into a backpack and a box, leaving what he couldn’t carry (presumably to be picked up later or thrown out) before he was lead by two separate security guards out the back. Basically evicted and fired in one solid punch. I don’t know where he went but I highly doubt he had a place to crash in the city.

The park then (hilariously) called my 50y/o redneck-dad to ask if the punishment and compensation for me were to his satisfaction and if he would be pressing charges/ ‘speaking to anybody about the incident’ (they meant the news), and he basically just said “Yeah, that’s fine.

What direction did he go in?” What a goof. They would not tell him. Eventually, he got me on the phone and asked if I wanted to press charges against the park or if I would want to ‘speak to anybody.’

‘No, I’m alright. I’d like a comped lunch for my boyfriend who was with me when it happened though if that’s alright. That way we can eat together.’

My dad laughed and told them what I wanted, and that was that. They had me sign some paperwork that basically prohibited me from talking to the news or posting about it on social media, and a customer service dude went, found my boyfriend, and led him to where I was waiting with two VIP lanyards and eating (I’d already ordered).

‘Uhhhh will-not-bite what did you do?’

‘I ordered us a bloomin’ onion, a plate of deep-fried pickles, a plate of deep-fried Oreos because I know you wanted to try them. Also, we have two VIP tickets now and another $150 to spend. Oh, and two sodas!’

We are still dating and go to the theme-park every year… Nobody has bothered me about my hearing since.’ will-not-bite

5. Don’t Want To Transfer The Title Of My Old Car? I’m Bringing Child Protection Services Into This


“A few years back my old car was on its last legs; my mechanic said it wouldn’t last much longer and the best thing to do was sell it cheap and move on before it gave out and was ready to be scrapped.

I loved that little car, but I put it up on Craigslist for $500 and got a bite. The guy buying it was in his 20’s with a pregnant wife and his dad was footing the bill. I was clear with them that it was sold as-is and I couldn’t make any promises about its longevity. The buyer said that if it lasted 6 months he’d be happy with the purchase, so he signed the bill of sale and I handed over the title.

I immediately went to the DMV website and registered it as a sale and assumed he would finish the process by transferring the title.

Turns out I was wrong about two things: the car lasted much longer than 6 months, and he didn’t bother to pay the $77 to transfer the title.

I discovered this when I received a photo radar ticket for running a red light. I was confused because the street was way across town in an area I rarely visit. When I went online to view the high-res traffic cam photos I found it was the buyer in my old car, but my name was still attached to the plates! After some serious cursing I copied all the records, dates, bill of sale, etc.

and mailed copies off to the courthouse. It was his citation but I had to prove it to the court.

Two weeks later I got another letter from the fuzz. Another ticket, this time for speeding. Same driver, same car, same plates with my name still attached. Again, I had to copy all the paperwork, write a long letter to the clerk, and mail it all off to the courthouse.

The third ticket really made me mad. I started making calls and discovered that this scam is pretty common. Some folks buy a junker and rack up fines until they wreck or abandon the car, and their name was never on it so nobody bothers to punish them for it.

It’s all on the previous owner to clean up the mess and prove who was at fault. This time I wrote an extra-long letter to the court clerk and did a little research to include the guy’s picture, home address, and listed phone number.

A few months went by and I thought it was over. Hell, the car should have given out by now anyway. Then the fourth ticket arrived, showing him in high-res zipping past a radar cam in my old car with my old bumper sticker still on the back (Giant Meteor 2016!) and all his kids piled into the backseat.

The fifth and sixth tickets felt like Groundhog day. I didn’t even both to put the paperwork away, I kept it out on my desk ready to copy. By the time the seventh ticket arrived, we were well over a year beyond the sale, and enough was enough. This wasn’t just some dude forgetting to do some paperwork, or not knowing the right way to go about buying a car. This was intentional. It was time for some pro revenge.

First I called the police and, after a week of back and forth, finally spoke with a traffic cop who said ‘enough is enough’ and went to pay the guy a visit.

He said he couldn’t disclose what would happen during that discussion, but the total amount of the likely-unpaid traffic tickets was enough to get his attention. The tickets and late fees were several times the value of the car.

That wasn’t enough. Just having to pay his tickets wasn’t appropriate for the 7 freaking times I had to copy that damned bill of sale for the court clerk. So I started going back through my records of every ticket and every photo, and I found an interesting theme: in every photo, his tiny kids were in the car, including the newborn infant, all packed into the backseat.

Hhmmmm . . .

I called Child Protective Services anonymously. I didn’t provide any information that was not 100% factual and verifiable. The tickets showed that this guy was operating an identity fraud scheme out of his home, essentially stealing my identity and who knows how many others. His children were present throughout. Furthermore, he regularly violated traffic rules and put his children in serious danger by speeding, running red lights, and committing other traffic violations. If he was doing this stuff so often in front of a big white camera how do you think he was driving when he wasn’t being watched?

I declined to provide my name or number, as I had nothing more to offer and didn’t want to be involved in the case any further.

I gave them all the evidence I had of three small children in repeated dangerous and illegal situations, all of which were verifiable by photo evidence and court documents.

After that, I stopped getting traffic tickets from him. Maybe the car finally gave out.” ToughPlankton

4. Serve Underage Patrons? I’ll Inform The Board


“I applied for a job as a bar manager at a new resto-bar that opened up in my area (Ontario, Canada). The ‘owner’ of this bar had some issues with her liquor license being revoked at a previous establishment, and there was some sort of stipulation (this part I’m not clear on) where she was required to:

• Not be on-site or involved in the business in any capacity for any reason (she was a Prohibited Person, and I believe she made her husband the owner on paper — but for this story, she is referred to as the ‘owner’)

• Hire a manager with 5+ years experience and a Smart Serve certificate to run and be responsible for the bar

• In order to get another liquor license.

After a short interview process, I was offered the job and was told of these terms. I accepted them despite the already apparent red flags (I was a very poor student).

When the restaurant/bar opened, everything quickly fell apart. Despite the ‘owner’ not being allowed to be on-premises, she proceeded to micromanage both the kitchen and front of house. She stopped scheduling kitchen staff to save money and was working in the kitchen herself. Food quality plummeted, customers became irate at how long of a wait it was, and word spread quickly in the small town. Eventually, a select few regulars became our only customers.

More hours got cut. Waitresses and kitchen staff were let go. The owner was now drinking at the bar, and at the same time was waitressing and cooking. This was all in the matter of a month.

One night that month, it was exceptionally nice out, and we had a lot of boaters in the area. We had a pier near the bar where boats could dock and walk into the restaurant. A large group had walked in on this night, and they were both very clearly underage and very clearly over-intoxicated. I immediately cut them off, to which they made a very large stink about it, enough that the owner’s husband came over to ask what happened.

I explained that I had cut the group off and wasn’t going to serve them, to which the ‘owner’s’ husband decided to take their drink orders and serve them anyways (obviously money was tight so they didn’t care about the rules).

The next day, the ‘owner’ pulled me into the office and accused me of stealing $50 out of the till the night previous. I knew this to be a lie, a lie that could be easily disproven because there is a camera located directly above the till that is synced to the time code on the POS. I was fired on the spot.

I 100% believed this was because I was refusing to serve ‘customers’ and thereby damaging their bottom line. I was really miffed to be accused of doing something I didn’t do and more upset that she used this lie she made up as an excuse to fire me.

Because the stipulation of her having her liquor license was me working at the bar as a manager, I emailed the liquor control board when I got home and informed them of the rules being broken at the bar. A liquor inspector came to meet me later that week and took a statement. He then paid a surprise visit to the bar and was able to witness all of the things that I informed him (including the ‘owner’ both being on-site and being involved in the business, serving minors, and serving intoxicated persons).

The liquor inspector slapped them with a very large fine, north of $50 000. Their liquor license was suspended, and the ‘owner’ was too broke to pay the fine and was forced to close the restaurant.

I received death threats from her for a while after that, but the revenge was absolutely worth it.” melindee

3. Hit My Car Then Disappear? I’ll Track You Down And You Can Pay Twice


“So my fiancée at the time (now wife) and I, were driving around looking for dresses for her bridesmaids to wear for the wedding. We had been going from place to place looking for something she liked but no luck.

We had just finished leaving David’s Bridal and were leaving the plaza. It had been raining a lot so the roads were slick. As I reached the intersection of where the plaza met the road to turn out, another car came turning in. Unfortunately, he didn’t break soon enough and skidded into the front end of the driver’s side. Thankfully everyone was ok.

We got out of our cars and looked at the damage. His car (of course) was completely unharmed and mine had a minor dent. He looked about 45ish and had his son in the car with him. We exchanged names and phone numbers.

He let me know he was on the way to work and I told him we were just wedding shopping.

(I was 22 at the time and very naive as to what to do in case of an accident) he told me that we both seemed pretty busy and that we should just handle it ourselves since we were both busy. We didn’t call the police (my mistake) and he told me to get the damage looked at to see what it would cost.

I took the car in 2 days later and they quoted me $1,100 for the bumper to be replaced.

I texted him and he told me he will be getting scholarships in 2 months when he goes back to school and he would be able to pay me in cash then. I (again naively) told him that’s fine.

A week later I followed up with him about another estimate I got which was lower than the original ($900) but I got no response. I texted him again and again for the next few days and nothing. At this point, I realized he had bailed.

I came up with a plan to find him. All I had was his name, a now-useless phone number, and a general area of where he worked.

I searched for him on Facebook and was pretty sure I found him. I searched under his family members and saw what looked to be like his son. My soon to be sister-in-law was 16 and looked about the same age as his son. I decided to go full-on sleuth and go undercover.

I used her Facebook and changed her last name to match theirs. I then messaged the son and told him that I thought we might be cousins. I asked him some questions about his dad (like name and his job) and told him that my mom said I have an uncle down there by that name and worked at this guitar shop.

He answered yes that was his dad’s name and told me the name of the place where his dad worked.

I was so relieved I was making progress. The next day I drove back up near the accident and found where the man worked. I found his car and took pictures of his license plate. I then took all the info I had and went to the courthouse. I filled out paperwork and handed it to the clerk. The clerk told me they could either mail the form to his work address or if I paid $25 I could have an officer hand deliver it.  Of course, I paid the $25 just to embarrass him at his place of work…

A few weeks later we were summoned to the court to see if we could work things out before going to an actual hearing.

He showed up and we sat down with a mediator. She explained everything to all of us. I told him I didn’t want to do this but he stopped responding. He replied that his phone was stolen so he had to get a new one (in my mind a phone being stolen doesn’t equal changing your phone number). I knew he was lying. The moderator asked him to step outside. She talked to us and told us not to trust him because his story didn’t make sense.

The mediator invited him back inside and we read over the terms I listed in the court documents.

He was to pay $2,400 (I charged him the original replacement cost, gas from driving back and forth, my time for doing all this work, and extra just for being an a*shole). He said he would pay, but didn’t like that I went to his job and took pictures of his car. I replied I didn’t like that he hit my car.

A few months later he paid the full amount in cash and had to pay for our court costs as well. I sold the damaged car and took the cash he gave me to buy another car fully in cash! All in all, I benefited from it but next time I’ll just call the cops and save myself the headache.” phldlphegls1

2. Want To Be On A Permanent Power Trip And Negatively Affect The Lives Of Others? I’ll Take You Down


“So I was working in HQ for a large and well-known company, cubicle sorta gig.

I had been there for 3 years and she had been there for about 12. She’s known to have a bit of an attitude and was pretty much next in line to fill a very high position under the CEO. She’s always not liked many of the office workers (pretty much all the men, and one woman she would constantly make cry).

I one day ended up brushing past her in a hurry to hand something off to my supervisor which he needed asap, both of my hands quite obviously occupied holding something at chest level. She ended up filing a harassment claim saying i grabbed her ass ( after 2 weeks of hellish unpleasantness I ended up getting my supervisor to pull cam footage as they were pretty much about to term me which saved my ass.)

Well, I’m friends with a guy she looks to talk to, even though he doesn’t much like her. I ended up giving him my recorder pen a few weeks later and got him to try and egg her into talking about trying to get me fired. He managed to get her to admit to that and 3 other instances where she did get men fired for false harassment claims.

I ended up getting the recording back, made a few copies and ended up handing them off to HR, each of the 3 other men in question via email, my boss and his boss, her husband( anonymously) and everybody on the board.

I basically forced the company into a situation where their ‘star player; couldn’t stay, because A, 2 of the 3 men are currently looking to sue, B, I was getting ready to as well, and C it was completely indisputable.

I lost her her job, and career, any chance at using the place as a reference, and probably damaged her marriage, she’s not getting a severance or any of her PTO paid to her.

She sent me an email calling me an evil bastard, saying she hopes karma pays it forward soon, and a few other things.

Note- I live in a state where I don’t need consent to record something.

Although we may regret getting revenge on someone, other times, we feel amazing playing Karma’s role. Some of the previous acts of revenge may be harsh, but boy, are they thrilling to read! Share with us the time you got revenge on someone that you felt was totally justified.”

“After she was terminated they went through her company email and apparently found out she had been stealing thousands from the company corporate card she had, eating out irregularly with clients/partners/colleagues and charging the company accounts card(s) for it.

She had also been using the companies flight mileage for herself on things not actually business-related.

She also used it to buy gifts for some of her superiors.

Turns out there were some more false claims she made to total other peoples jobs we weren’t aware of, one possibly being the reason her positional predecessor ended up leaving ( the latter is speculation. I haven’t gotten my hands on any copies yet from my friends in HR. I’ve gotten a LOT of people jobs at this company so I’ve got access to a lot of information.)

About 9 people around her were terminated, maybe more. At least 3 were suspended. HR is looking through years of footage also.

They seem to have either forgotten about me or are saving me for last since I’ve not really decided to insert myself into this massive multi-dimensional quantum dumpster fire.

They are handing out NDAs and such as though they were hotcakes.

Lawsuits ARE happening, 2 of the 3 men I sent information to are suing the company HARD. One of which, ill point out, nearly lost his marriage. I’m very happy this relieves some stress for him.

It is looking like she is going to be prosecuted by the company, and hard.

Somebody told me her husband left her (I have no proof of this. Only my boss mentioned it, supposedly his boss told him that. His boss and she were very chummy).

My friend (the one who took the recording for me) took a huge severance (9 months of normal pay), and his PTO, and is starting at (big tech company starting with an S) in 4 weeks.

They decided to get him on board early (originally he started in January).

Also, she sent me another message, saying I am the evilest person she has ever met, who got away with something terrible, and she hopes I die.

Me: ‘Okay. How’s your husband?'”

“So to conclude this, since there has been a week between updates:

She was embezzling money on food, gifts, what o view as bribes and other things. She made 6 such claims and somebody anonymously may or may not have informed the other people who ended up getting terminated by her. ONE of the said people was the person who previously had the position she held till this all blew up.

He is going to rip her in half legally. She basically lied to climb the corporate ladder by getting somebody above her fired.

I was made to sign an NDA, Given a severance that is about 14 months of my normal pay, as well as my 120 hours of PTO and my 60 hours of sick time. I’ll be starting my new job at tech company starting an M) in a few weeks, so I’m not too worried. I also got 3 letters of recommendation and such as well as some good references ( all men that hated her. So I’m good.)

Honestly, I’m glad I’m out of there. Even though I did nothing wrong in regards to her, all the women in the office side with the lying [email protected]& and have been giving me a hard time. I am talking to a lawyer about the hostile work environment and some other stuff. NDAs don’t protect from illegal activity.

1 person on the board is stepping down and 1 is on a sudden vacation. Not..entirely sure what that’s about. May he related but ill likely not find out.

My friend who recorded for me is working at ( tech company starting with an S) as of today.

He started early and put his huge severance into savings.

My boss (a good friend of mine too.) Just got the liars position and is cleaning house of people he suspects ‘got away clean’ (we have reason to believe 3 people benefitted from her sh*t by getting promoted based on comments she made, so he’s going to move them to different departments away from each other)”

From what I’ve heard this may have blown her marriage to shreds and she may be looking at prison time for likely grand theft, defamation, and some other stuff.

She got my personal email from her assistant and some of my personal info.

Her assistant has been fired. And she’s been emailing me and harassing me. I had a talk with the law in my area. I was told I have all the right in the world to stand my ground if she physically threatens me. I have documentation and recording. She’s nuts. One of you suggested this may happen. Good guess lol.

I am also now, according to her, a hate-filled misogynistic piece of sh*t. I will burn in hell. I’m a traitor and a liar. And karma is likely going to end up killing me. Srsly. Wtf.

I’m just gonna enjoy my few weeks off, play some destiny on the box, drink and relax.

This Multi-dimensional quantum dumpster fire is no longer my problem, now that it’s rolling downhill.”

1. Want To Be Mean Because You Have Seniority? Ok, You Get To Do All The Work


“Not to me, but my brother was the one to enact this revenge.

He works on the assembly line of a well-known company. Soon learns that a lot of employees were either transferred or quit from this position over the year: He would soon learn it was because of a fellow worker stationed with him. Let’s call him Richard.

Richard has been working in this position for over 20 years. Was (apparently) a high school dropout and this was the only work he managed to find.

As the years went on people who worked with Richard seems to get promoted to more difficult tasks that required further education in the field, and it seemed Richard was not liking that at all. Richard began making life difficult for those who had to work at the same station as him: even going to far at to take credit for their work and shifting the blame of his faulty products to them since he had been there for so many years and “knows what [he] is doing”.

Then along comes my brother. He had a basic grasp of what the job entailed having done the basic stuff in high school.

It took him a little while but eventually, he worked his way to be in the same position as Richard and was soon producing the same output and quality as Richard. Naturally, Richard began to take credit for more and more of my brother’s work. HR eventually got too involved after a complication between the two when numbers presented indicated that my brother had faults in almost all of his work and that Richard had somehow managed to produce much more than the employee average. Going on stating “I can do the work of two of us, and produce a quality product.

[my brother] should not be here and save you all a lot of money”.

Naturally, my brother was frustrated. Cameras could not prove that either was at fault for producing faulty products. Brother got a verbal warning and both left. My brother went and spoke to the site manager about this issue. Big surprise to those who were not I. The know: but they were good friends through school. They both talked and the revenge was soon planned. After the manager went to HR and checked statements made by Richard, they impacted the revenge. Being near the Christmas break, orders were low so if faulty products were made they could easily be remade and not affect the schedule: the perfect time to act.

My brother had time off built up with the company, so he used it. The site manager then went up to Richard, informing him that my brother will no longer be working with him. Richards’s slight smile apparently turned to a look of discussing when the manager informed him that he would be working at the station by himself and that he could not let their required numbers drop. That did not sit well with Richard, and they both went to HR.

Richard was yelling that it was unfair and unprofessional that he had to work alone and yet had to do so much work.

Then the manager brought out a file: containing various statements about how he was good as his job and how effective he was. Apparently the manager’s response was, ‘You said you could do it, and if it does save us money then would you not think you would get some financial benefit out of it too?’ Richard took that bait of extra income and left in a huff. Needless to say, over the next 2 days the numbers were not met, even with the majority of products were deemed faulty and could not be used. This time the manager called a meeting with higher-ups, HR, and Richard.

Richard tried to defend his actions, but with all his statements and the recent evidence of his skill level, he was let go.

Brother came back to work: new guy replacing Richard, and eventually the quantity and quality of products were back to the required levels. Like the manager said: Richard would not have to work with him anymore.

If you’re going to talk a big game, Richard, be sure you can play it.”

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