People Tell Their Quick Karmic Reaction Stories

Some people really get on my last nerves, but I'm usually way too shy and afraid to confront them. So when karma gets revenge for me, it's a win-win situation. That rude person got exactly what was coming to them and I didn't even have to lift a finger. I'm sure we've all witnessed karma play out in some way during our lives. I love seeing a kind person rewarded on the spot for their good deeds just as much as seeing a mean person finally losing their lucky streak. These people witnessed instantaneous karma right in front of them. Keep reading on for some juicy karma stories.

46. Make Fun Of My Boots? You Won't Be When Your Feet Get Wet


“Back in the 90s, I worked at a cafe. We did a lot of catering for different companies in our area. There was this one woman who ran the reception at an architectural firm. I’m pretty certain that she thought she owned the firm and was a master architect. She was always really rude and condescending to 20-year-old me.

One day, I was delivering a big tray of sandwiches to a different company.

The woman from the architectural firm happened to be walking to lunch with someone from her work. It was snowing, which in Vancouver, BC meant: soaking wet snow with giant puddles.

I happened to be wearing gumboots because I’m not getting my feet soaked. It was the era of grunge, so I thought that I was looking pretty cool. A 50s vintage dress, cool tights, and gumboots.

That woman was walking behind me in a business pantsuit, with tiny little leather booties. The guy she was with was in his expensive suit with what were probably Italian leather shoes. I think he was one of the architects.

They were talking about me and I could hear them!! Laughing at my boots.

I felt so stupid and humiliated, holding this giant sandwich tray, with my big rubber boots.

The three of us get to a crosswalk. They are cutting glances at me, smirking, looking down at my boots. I feel my face burning.

Then the walk sign comes on. All three of us step off of the sidewalk and onto what we thought was a snowy street but was actually a deep puddle with snow floating on top of it.

The screams of those two as they stepped into a puddle of water partway up their calves were music to my ears.

I smugly smiled at them as I continued crossing, with totally dry feet. They had jumped back onto the curb and were squealing and smacking at their soaked pants and feet.

I loved that moment.”

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Ging 2 years ago
Karma at its finest
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45. Be Careful What You Say Before You Flash Your Class Ring


“30+ years ago, I flew from Phoenix to Ontario, California for a conference in Orange County.

It had been a terrific conference, and once over, as I headed back to Phoenix, I was boarding the plane (I had flown Southwest where it was general seating) and was just settling in, when a gentleman in his mid-30s was just getting seated with his family.

I greeted him, only to be verbally attacked for no justifiable reason, which left me an opening I immediately seized upon.

I noticed his SMU class ring, and asked him, ‘SMU? Great school!’ He beamed towards me, taking great pride in his educational accomplishment.

(Keep in mind that until recently then, SMU had a legendary football team that brought back both its starting players and its starting lawyers every year.)

In other words, the SMU football program was so absolutely filthy rotten to its core through its ongoing, repeated, chronic, and recurring program violations, resulting in it becoming the first-ever (and to this day ONLY) Division I NCAA school to receive the ‘death penalty’ in which all its 1987 games were canceled.

All 1988 games were also canceled because of the lack of ability to field sufficient experienced players on the field; that, and a host of other restrictions that went with it. The damage and the accompanying STIGMA from that remained with SMU and took 20 years to overcome.

Getting back to my cranky, snide fellow passenger across the aisle who had been nasty with me until I mentioned SMU before beaming, I replied, ‘Gee, with belligerent, seething hostilities coming from the likes of you, if you’re anything the likes of what SMU cranks out, it’s easy to understand WHY they got the death penalty!!’

He tried to get out of his seat.

In telling him nicely to not even think about it, I advised him I was a United States Marine, and that it would not look good for his family to see him leave the aircraft in cuffs and chains; that he’d be best advised to sit down, buckle up, and look eyes front for the duration of the flight, which he did.

Some people — like that nose wipe — are simply born jerks.

We never saw each other again.”

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Lynse 3 years ago
I think God has a sense of humor. My mother was a fine Christian and she always told me that God often chastises people one way or the other. And I have found that to be true. Many people on this earth play too many games acting as if money and power re the "end all" and "be all"" but this is just the 'FIRST ACT. When we die , we either go to be with Jesus or we go to Hell( if one does not know the Lord).Jerks are here today and gone tomorrow-yes, they hurt us and make us feel small and less than we are_but in the end what matters is eternity. Our very next life-after this life is over-are you going to spend it in Heaven with the Lord Jesus, or in Hell>
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44. Never Mess With Geese


“There is a road that people take where I am from that commonly has geese crossing the road. It’s a thing – and it’s a known thing that you stop for the geese.

Of course, people get upset about the waiting, but really, it’s never that long. Anyway, one day I’m the first car to stop on my side of the road – it’s a two-lane street – and the guy on the other side stops as well.

No more than one minute into waiting for the geese to cross a TWO LANE ROAD, he had had enough and got out of the car and tried to make the geese cross faster by doing that ‘Shoo! Go! Shoo!’ motion all the while waving his arms like a madman.

Well, don’t mess with geese. They didn’t like that and raised their own wings (impressive wingspan!) and started screaming back at him and running towards him. I’ve never seen a man jump and run so fast.

Alas friends, he didn’t run fast enough. One goose got a nice chomp on his butt. I never laughed so hard in my life!

Don’t mess with geese.”

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biha 3 years ago
He didn't respect the hjonk

Therefore he got the chjomp
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43. Skip Your Last Day Of Work? You Won't Receive The Gifts We Got You


“It was one of my cashiers’ last days before transferring to a store in Florida. She’s moving down there to live with her family because she’s fallen on some hard times. We all chipped in and got her a HUGE gas card to help get her down there and people also donated gift cards to food places so she and her daughter didn’t have to worry about that either.

Another co-worker got her a really nice zip-up hoodie with our town on it and car activities for her kid. It was a surprise, so we didn’t tell her it was coming.

She called off. Said her car wouldn’t start. We REALLY needed her coverage (of course we made it work but it was exhausting – I went 7 hours no break and took a 10-minute ‘lunch’). Then, turns out her locker was already cleaned out including the apron she would have needed for her shift today that is always kept in there – it’s against policy to take them home. So it was premeditated.

We’re donating it all to the local shelter tomorrow.”

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kepr 2 years ago
If she wasn’t courteous enough to work her last day, her loss
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42. Impatient Driver Is Unaware Of Giant Ladder On The Road


“Several years ago, a coworker and I decided to play hockey and go to a rare day game at Turner Field on a weekday.

We were rolling down I-85 towards the stadium in the middle of 5 southbound lanes, doing about 10 or more miles per hour over the limit. (That’s fairly common in Atlanta.) We were in some traffic, following at a reasonable distance from the car in front of us.

The two lanes to our left were empty for a good distance behind us and ahead of us. The two lanes to our right were moving briskly as well with traffic merging on from Georgia 400. In the US, we drive faster in the left lanes, as we pass on the left.

As we passed 400, three very large SUVs and pickup trucks were merging in a very tight group.

They moved left two lanes behind me and rapidly caught up. I was not concerned as the two lanes to the left were empty, and this is where people running 20 mph over the posted limit get to as soon as they can.

However, they did not move there, even though they could. Instead, the lead pickup got very close to my bumper, and the other two got in close to the one in front of them.

After a minute or so, I figured on moving left 1 lane and letting them tailgate the car in front of me.

As I put on my left turn signal, I saw the car in front of me move left as well, revealing the aluminum extension ladder lying across the middle of 5 lanes. I didn’t dawdle in moving left.

The lead pickup saw my signal and motion, as well as the car in front of me moving into the second lane from the left, and floored the accelerator, making a clearly audible roar of a Dodge diesel developing maximum acceleration.

Instantly following suit, the two closely trailing vehicles added their mighty engines’ roars to the cacophony.

As the behemoth pickup pulled even with me at 80 or so, he finally saw the ladder and slammed on the brakes, as I continued to the leftmost lane, in case he swerved.

He did not. The first sight was the ladder folding up on either side of the pickup as the front wheels hit it, scraping down each side of the truck. This was followed by two rear-end collisions as the trailing vehicles hit the first pickup and each other.

And that was that. I still don’t know why they didn’t go to either of the empty faster lanes.”

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aofa 2 years ago
Wish I could read the police, insurance and job incident reports on that one.
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41. Bag Thief Doesn't Realize He's Being Watched By Cops


“A friend of mine was a copper in the 80s. He and a few other hundred coppers had gone for some sort of training (if I remember rightly). They were all returning from this training, so about 50 or so of them were traveling in the same car on the underground.

There were only a couple of other people in the car: a young woman and a young man who seemed to have a preoccupation with the young woman’s handbag.

Of course, he seemed to be completely oblivious to the fact that, apart from him and the young lady, the car was filled with young, well-built men, all with short backs and sides. It didn’t seem to dawn on him that all these young men, and women, might be coppers.

Anyway, as the train was drawing into the next station, all these coppers were looking at him to see what he would do.

Again, if he thought he was being given any special attention, it didn’t register.

My friend told me he was thinking, ‘Do it, do it,’ as — apparently — were all the other coppers on the train.

So, as the doors of the train opened, the young man grabbed the lady’s handbag and jumped out.

It must have been a sight to see 50 coppers or so all rushing out the doors at the same time, tackling the would-be mugger, and arresting the young reprobate.

The entire incident from bag snatching to arrest must have lasted all of five seconds.”

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lara 2 years ago
Karmic justice
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40. The Quiet Girl Stood Up To The Bully


“When I was teaching 5th-grade art, a very disturbed young boy and a bully to boot, kicked a young girl squarely in the knee, because she tripped over his foot as she was collecting drawing boards. She had about four boards in her hand and they were actually thick masonite boards. As a knee-jerk reaction, she hit him over the head with the boards. He was very stunned, although not seriously hurt. On investigation, I found out that he had been terrorizing all the kids in the class with a pair of scissors. He was stunned because he thought no one would actually stand up to him. The young lady was a very well-mannered and quiet girl. I think he found out that those are the ones you have to watch out for!”

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39. I Was A Jerk And Then Broke My Foot


“I was young and a bit of a jerk. I was walking around the neighborhood with some friends when I noticed someone had put a driveway basketball goal in their trash. Well, as I said, I was a jerk. So I decided to drag the goal post into the street so whoever drove across next would be very inconvenienced.

So, the night goes on. We stop at my friend’s place at the end of the street and spend some time there.

About an hour later we start heading back in the direction we came from. Side note: young me was also incredibly hyperactive. So we’re heading back and I get a sudden burst of energy. To remedy the situation I decide to start sprinting down the street, with my eyes closed, wishing on the stars. Well, I get halfway through my wish, and the next thing I know I’m face-planting into the concrete. I forgot about the goal post in the street and tripped over it HARD. Took a ton of skin off my body and broke my foot.


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mar 2 years ago
Red Forman’s voice is echoing the response rn
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38. Mess With Me By Pretending To Be An Angry Customer? A Real Angry Customer Will Mess With You


“I work as a host at a restaurant with a really bad phone. You can hear what people are saying kind of but any chance of recognizing a voice is out the window. One slowish night I get a phone call from what sounds like a whiny frat boy, throwing a fit because he needs a table NOW for his party of 10. I stay polite, tell him he needs his whole party to be here in order to be seated, no I can’t add you to the waitlist over the phone, yes it’s corporate policy.

The phone call ends with him scoffing and saying ‘whatever your restaurant sucks anyways,’ and then hanging up on me. Totally put me in a bad mood but I was professional the entire phone call if a little short when he started yelling.

30 seconds later, my boss comes up and tells me that was him. He had me on speakerphone in the alley messing with me while the servers cheered him on.

I told him he was a jerk.

30 seconds after that, he’s dropping food off at a table and drops a burger on some lady’s head. The burger just slid right off the plate and plopped down on her hairdo. They started yelling and he had to comp their whole meal and deal with the angry customers.

So, I had to deal with fake angry customers cause he thought it was funny, then he got to deal with real angry customers.”

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Louise Joy 3 years ago
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37. Disrespectful Tourist Finds Out Her House Is Infested With Rats


“A bit over a year ago I went on a spiritual/mysticism specialist tour of Egypt. Unfortunately, we had a lady on the tour who was a bit of a nightmare, constantly rude to people, quite a narcissist always wanting to seem the most knowledgeable spiritual superior, etc. Because it was a small group specialty tour it was difficult to get away from her. Of course the whole time she saw herself as the victim and it was a case of everyone being mean to her.

One of the features of this tour was special/private access to a ‘living’ statue of the goddess Sekhmet, in the Karnak complex. A living statue is one that the ancient Egyptian priests and priestesses are supposed to have imbued with special energy and power (this statue is the only one known still in Egypt). One of the things the goddess Sekhmet was about is as an enforcer of the sacred laws (mostly about how to behave and treat people with respect), she is supposed to punish bad deeds.

Pestilence and other similar calamities are the typical punishments. When we had our private access this woman was in a mood and at the end of her turn with the statue, she had to be asked to leave (despite strict instructions we had to stick to our allocated time to be fair so we all had the same amount of time). She pitched a fit having a toddler tantrum saying ‘I don’t want to finish,’ etc and shoved our tour guide, right in front of the statue! We had also been warned to behave around the statue (and indeed for the entire tour), because of the likelihood of more severe and immediate Karma.

Anyway, a few days later we were back in Cairo, this woman got a call from her sister who is a real estate agent trying to sell her house. The sister had gone to this woman’s home to open it up for a viewing and she had had a sudden rat infestation! The property and furniture were chewed and scratched all over with rat feces and urine all over the place.

The goddess Sekhmet knows how to dish out the karma!”

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LadyDark 2 years ago
That's what happens when one is disrespectful around the gods
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36. Cyclist Cuts To The Finish And Then Injures Himself


“It was during the 1991 Tour DuPont professional cycling event. My teammate, Radiscza Cubric, was our designated field sprinter. It was his job to navigate flailing elbows, ten-man crashes, and the other assorted chaos that takes place when one-hundred professional cyclists all charge towards the finish line in one treacherous and disorderly bunch.

I can’t quite recall which stage it was when an Italian racer whose name I no longer remember did the dirty deed.

I was probably twenty or thirty guys back, having just spent myself protecting Radiscza’s position over the previous 500 meters. We were maybe 25 yards from the finish line when I saw the Italian grab the back of Radiscza’s jersey and sling himself forward off of it. Not only is this incredibly dangerous, but it’s also illegal in professional cycling.

Radiscza had been in an excellent position prior to the foul, for certain heading to a top-five finish.

The hand sling sent him rocketing backward and he flung his arm skywards to indicate the foul.

We crossed the line and Radiscza was justifiably incensed. Post-race adrenaline combined with righteous indignation exploded in my teammate at the same time the jerk rolled by on his way to the podium.

Radiscza stepped in his path as he tried to ride by with a slight smirk on his face.

I thought Radiscza was going to kill him. Instead, he grasped the jerk’s handlebars and put his face inches from the Italian’s.

‘God sees everything,’ he hissed. Then stepped back.

The following day was another flat stage and another terrifying group finish with the whole field together.

As luck would have it Radiscza sustained a tire puncture a few kilometers back so we weren’t contesting the furious finish.

It was a good thing too.

One of the metal barricades used to keep the crowds back over the last few kilometers had shifted about six inches into the roadway from where it should have been placed.

As the racers neared the line they apparently snaked hard to the left and the leading rider who was sprinting head-down put himself right into the barrier causing a huge, chain-reaction crash.

Riders, bikes, helmets, water bottles, and other items were strewn across the road.

And right next to the barricade, minus an acre of skin and one functional collarbone was Radiscza’s buddy from the day before.

Radiscza crossed the line, leaned his bike against the barricade, and walked over to where the Italian lay moaning and sobbing on the pavement; his season clearly over.

He bent down over the jerk and I could just barely make out his voice over the sirens.

‘Remember what I told you yesterday?’ He said. ‘God sees everything.’

Blam. Instant karma 24 hours delayed.”

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35. Their Pastries Got Run Over After They Tried Stealing Ours


“I live in Kolkata where there is a very famous sweet shop called Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick. One day my mom and I were shopping at Acropolis Mall and decided to visit the shop which is only a few steps away. We had some guests coming over the next day and had a small get-together planned, so we’re getting the sweets from there.

We had already ordered some and we’re pondering what else to get when this woman walked in.

The woman was in her 60s at least.

Now there was this guy, a member of the staff who was serving us. He asked if we wanted anything more, and I remembered that grandma loves the ‘Aam doi’ (mango curd) they sell. So I asked him to pack two of those. I wanted some more, but there were only two left, so we got that. Suddenly this woman who had been standing there for about a minute jumped onto the staff guy who was serving us and said, ‘Give me this,’ pointing to a sweet.

The staff guy looked at us and informed the woman that he was already serving us and couldn’t cut to her suddenly. But she was insistent and said that she has a car waiting. She said, ‘serve them later, first give me what I’m asking.’

The staff guy looked at us, probably wondering what he should do. So I cut in, telling her nicely that we were there first and that we were in a hurry as well.

It was the truth. I live in Joka which is about 2 hours away from that place with all the traffic and stuff. Even if you have a car, which we didn’t, the journey was long.

I didn’t elaborate at that time, but I told her clearly that she’d have to wait and I wasn’t gonna let her go first. It would’ve turned ugly, but at that time another staff guy became free and attended her.

She gave away her orders as if they owed her something, adding frequently, ‘take care of the food’ and ‘it’s very important.’

Anyway, we were getting our stuff, when I noticed that our Mango Curd wasn’t there. So I asked the server, he said he had forgotten about it in all that conundrum. I told him it’s okay and he went to get it for us.

At this time, a very loud guy entered the store.

He was already talking very loudly to his mom, asking why she was getting so late and saying she should’ve paid them to serve her first. His mom of course was the old snobby lady. At this point, everybody in the shop had stopped to stare at him. He went to his mom and saw what she had ordered and said, ‘take the special stuff’ very loudly, ‘these are all worthless.

You should get the special stuff.’ So he asked the guy who was serving them what ‘special stuff ‘ was available. The server told him about some things including the mango curd. The guy said he wanted some of the stuff including the mango curd. But then seeing our server packing up the curd, their server went back on it and told the guy that they were out of mango curd.

To this, he said that he had just seen there was some. But the server told him (pointing at us) that we already had taken it.

I was listening to all this (it was hard not to, he was so loud) but my mom had already gotten all her sweets, so we paid for it and started picking up the packets. Right then, the guy walked up to us and picked up our mango curd packet, and started walking away.

I called out and said ‘it’s ours.’ He said it wasn’t. After some argument and questioning our server, it became clear that the packet was ours and we had already paid for it. So the guy fished out his wallet and said ‘there’s a lot more here.’ Basically, he wanted to buy the curd and was willing to pay more for it. I told him it’s not for sale and that I wanted my packet back.

After some argument, we finally got the packet and left. Outside the store, we were waiting for our cab, when the guy walked out with a huge number of packets. He was talking in the same loud manner with his mom, glancing backward. Their car was apparently on the opposite side of the road. He started to get off the pavement when he stumbled on a small stone chip and fell. The packet went flying from his hand and onto the road. It’s a busy road so immediately it was trampled.

I just stood there and gaped, saying to myself, that the man deserved it.

That was definitely the most satisfying case of instant karma I had watched first hand.”

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34. Want To Bump Into Me? Big Mistake


“A man on an empty sidewalk, for no apparent reason, shoulder charged me. I don’t think it ended up how he expected.

I was walking along a sidewalk back to my office building with a sandwich I had bought for lunch.

The sidewalk was deserted apart from me and a man in a suit about 100 yards away and walking towards me.

We were on opposite sides of the pavement which was easily wide enough to accommodate three people.

I was closest to the road. He was next to the grass.

As we drew closer I glanced up to see that he was drifting over to the middle. His body language suggested he was determined, if not angry.

Not wanting to get into a confrontation and keen to enjoy my delicious sandwich, I dropped my gaze to the floor and walked a little closer to the curb.

Fifty yards out and he was in the middle and seemed to be looking straight at me. I ignored him and kept walking.

Thirty yards and he was now edging closer to my side. I stole another glance and saw that he was quite young and smartly dressed. He also looked annoyed.

Twenty yards and he was getting uncomfortably close. I could almost hear the steam coming out of his nostrils.

Ten yards. Yep. He was now straddling my side of the sidewalk. If he got any closer we might collide.

Five yards and I knew for certain we were on a collision course.

One yard. His left shoulder was now in line with mine. Impact was imminent. I tensed my shoulder.

I am not sure what he was expecting to happen. At the time I weighed close to 300 pounds and, although soft and pudgy-looking on the outside, a lifetime of strength training had given me a very solid base.

Plus, years of playing rugby at school meant I could handle a hard knock.

His shoulder hitting mine felt like a punch from a bag of laundry. I felt him give way with a snap. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw his shoulder and arm spin around at speed. He let out a loud, high-pitched yelp. It was the kind of sound an injured dog might make.

I didn’t look back but kept walking. There was the possibility that he might attack me from behind but I figured he would think twice about trying that, considering what had just happened. I don’t know if anyone else saw but it must have looked and sounded comical.

To this day I have no idea why he charged me like that, but I am sure he will think twice before pulling a stunt like that again.”

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33. She Thought He Would Never Like Me...She Thought Wrong


“There was a girl who for some reason hated me in my intermediate days (I don’t know about other countries, but here, that means 13–15 years old).

One of the reasons she hated me, later I figured out, was that she and I liked the same boy in our class.

She spread rumors about me and what I had said about other people (some true, said in confidence, and some false – I have learned the lesson to never gossip from that day on).

She turned me into the absolute outcast, the lamest there ever was, and turned everyone against me. She then decided that if she told my – our – crush that I liked him – the absolute outcast, the lamest there ever was – then he would be appalled. You know, get rid of a rival and all that.

To her – our – surprise…he actually liked me back.

Apparently, he’s also had a crush on me. Instead of being appalled, he actually made more efforts to be near me, to talk to me and all that. Even after our classes were changed the next year, he hung around the block where my class was to talk to me.

Man, that girl…she looked so sour the rest of the year.

P.S. I also gained my best friend through this ordeal, and she lost hers. There’s another karma.

Don’t be that girl.”

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32. She Gifted Me Her Only Guitar And Then Received A Better One


“In the 1960s, folk music was hot and everyone who could had a guitar to strum and sing along with their friends. I was in high school and I didn’t have a guitar but my sister, who was working her way through university, had a cheap guitar she would let me borrow. It had a tinny sound and the strings bit painfully into your fingertips when you chorded …

but it was a guitar.

Christmas came and my sister had no money to buy gifts. So she gave me her guitar. She had tears in her eyes, partly because she was so happy to give me something I wanted so much, but also because it was her own guitar she was giving away.

Six months later, she was walking down the sidewalk when she walked by some guy loading up his car.

He was moving, driving 3000 miles across-country, and he could only take what would fit into his little MG sports car. His guitar did not fit in. He asked my sister if she would take it … for free.

Of course, she would. She took the guitar home and when she opened up the case, it was a Martin Classical guitar, with soft nylon strings that never bit into fingertips and the sweetest richest dulcet sound you’ll ever hear.

The type of guitar that many famous folk music performers used. Today, a guitar of that quality would be worth over $4000.

WE are our karma. It is the imprints that we make within ourselves, the imprints that make us who and how we are. We attract to ourselves that which matches what we have put into ourselves. So remember this the next time you hope someone suffers .. you are creating bad karmic imprints in yourself when you think this.”

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mabu1 3 years ago
It depends. Random dude? Sure, don't wish them poorly. A literal Nazi? I pray every night they slowly burn,
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31. I Didn't Help My Colleague And Then Got Stuck Doing All Her Work


“I was driving to work one morning on our long country highway, and I saw a motorist stranded on the side of the road. The car appeared to have spun out and gone off-road, due to snow and ice and was now stuck in a snowdrift.

Now, I know that there are some dangers to assisting stranded motorists, but where I live, people are pretty helpful. We’ve all been stuck in the snow at some point, and people will at least stop and make sure everyone is okay and call for help.

Not me though. I was on a mission. I wanted to get to work and start my projects for the day. Even though I have no specific start time, and could have spared a couple of minutes.

When I got to work, I learned that the charge nurse hadn’t shown up for work. Later, she called and told us her car had spun out and gotten stuck. She had seen me go by.

If I had stopped and checked the motorist, I would have seen that it was my charge nurse. I could have given her a ride to work, where she could have called her husband and a wrecker.

Instead, I got to do her work that day, as well as my own. For my sins.”

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30. Bad Driver Causes Chaos On The Road


“Driving in Bangkok is stressful enough without an entitled intoxicated person.

On the way home, I noticed a Toyota Fortuner changing expressway lanes again and again behind me.

You know the kind of lane switches I mean: zips car ‘nose’ into the small space between cars in the next lane, just enough so ‘he’ can’t be gone around or blocked.

It’s legal, but this was almost every other car, so it was annoying.

The traffic in ‘my’ lane began to move faster, so I did, too, stopping Mr. Fortuner from pushing in front of me. It wasn’t intentional (well, maybe a little); it was timing.

‘Mr. Fortuner’ was incensed. How dare I NOT let him in!

When he caught up to me, he honked his horn, opened his window, leaned towards me, and did a middle-finger salute.

I could see his ruddy face, runny eyes, puffy lips; I knew he was intoxicated.

I ignored him.

When he did it again a few seconds later, I looked at him, shook my head, and wagged my index finger at him, school teacher style.

People usually react with embarrassment when this is done. They acknowledge they have been rude.

Not Mr. Fortuner.

He was determined to get in front of me and punish me. He was probably the kind of jerk who would slam on his brakes so the car behind him would rear-end him.

A chatty Thai taxi driver had once told me that ‘his friend’ made funds by changing lanes so quickly that the car he cut off couldn’t stop in time to avoid a collision.

I just sensed that Mr. Fortuner was going to try that, so I hit my brakes before he cut in.

And here comes karma.

He was so busy turning his head to watch me hit him that he didn’t notice that ‘my’ lane had stopped.

He plowed into the rear of a brand new Mercedes.

But karma wasn’t done.

In an effort to run (assumption on my part), he reversed hard into the Honda that had been behind him in ‘his’ lane. He then turned his wheel and tried to get in front of it.

Was it over?


He didn’t move over enough and dragged up the side of the Mercedes. He couldn’t move because the Honda blocked his retreat, he was smashed up against the Mercedes, and the cars in front had stopped to see what had happened.

Was that it?

Nope. Karma just had to add a cherry.

I was still stopped behind and watched as the Mercedes driver got out. He was in Army uniform with lots of weight on his shoulders (very high rank).

Elsewhere, that may mean little. But we are under a ‘democratically elected’ government (after a 6-year military coup government) that includes lots of militaries.

‘General Mercedes’ face was like thunder.”

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29. Ask To Speak To The Manager? You'll End Up Covered In Milkshake


“When I was working in fast food, there was this one woman at the front counter. Typical ‘I want to speak to your manager’ type of person, down to the haircut, the annoying voice, the utter lack of human decency, etc. She was treating everyone like garbage on this day in particular. She was insulting us, calling us names, telling us to hurry up (when we were already going as fast as we could and were busy and understaffed), complaining loudly that we were slow, all that jazz.

Well finally after less than five minutes, this woman gets her order; a milkshake, one of our messier burgers, and lots and lots of fries. She demanded (her words not mine) to speak to our manager, who had been watching this entire thing but couldn’t really do anything because he was tied up in the drive-thru. The typical thing happened after, she said our service was awful, blah blah blah.

But then as she turns around to take a seat, she turns too quickly and the milkshake slips on the tray. She tries to catch it but then ends up tripping on her own feet…When she stood up, she was covered from head to toe in sauce, grease, fries, and salt, all of it stuck to the milkshake that had basically exploded all over her upon impact. We were able to contain our laughter just barely, even the manager. She walked out in enraged silence, didn’t even ask for a refund. Never saw her again.”

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28. Fart In My Car? You'll Be The One Getting A Ticket


“I was living with my partner at the time, and had agreed to drive him to work early every morning, so he wouldn’t have to deal with parking or public transit. Needless to say, the relationship wasn’t going incredibly well. I was feeling pretty grumpy one particular day, waking up early when my own job started much later in the morning. But, I poured my coffee into a travel mug, and off we went.

I had to stop at the bank, which was right on the way, to deposit a check. He waited in the car.

When I got back to the car and closed the door, I was hit with a vile odor of intermingled farts and coffee. I was not happy. ‘You couldn’t just roll down the window??’ (This was in California— there was no excuse to not air the car out.) Combined with the multitudinous additional inconsiderations in our life together, this put me over the edge.

Here I was, chauffeuring his butt to work, and he didn’t even have the decency to air out his rank gas from the vehicle and save me from a turning stomach so early in the morn?

We got on the road, arguing. We were stopped at a red left-turn light. When it turned green, I floored it. Immediately, a cop pulls me over.

Great, I thought, here’s what I get for losing my cool.

The officer approached the vehicle, looked directly at my partner in the passenger seat, and said, ‘Sir, you were not wearing your seatbelt just now. I’m afraid I’m going to have to write you a ticket.’ He got a $100 ticket for not wearing his seatbelt.

The officer mentioned nothing about my behavior, which I suppose wasn’t as bad as I thought, but had at least drawn attention to my criminal passenger!

When the officer left, I laughed. I laughed. So. Hard.

That’s what you get for hotboxing the car with your fart.”

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Shadowspawn 2 years ago
To be quite fair, he also gassed himself...
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27. Be Rude To An Elderly Couple? You'll Get A Slap In The Face


“I worked in Mumbai and traveled back home to Pune every Friday after work in 2006. I always took the bus operated by Neeta Volvo. One Friday, the bus reached our pickup spot 3 hours late and the place was literally beside a busy road with no place to sit or relax. I had an elderly couple as co-passengers who were visibly very tired by the time the bus arrived.

As we started boarding the bus the elderly gentleman asked the driver about the delay. His reply was very harsh and included some bad words with an evil grin. The man and his wife felt humiliated but with no choice, took their seats and we started our journey.

Everybody felt bad for the elderly gentleman. 1 hour later we hit the expressway and the bus was cruising with some sharp lane changes paying no heed to small cars.

Now the bus driver blatantly cut another small car so that the car driver had to apply brakes in order to save his car from a possibly sideswiping bus. Apparently for a moment or two both the drivers locked eyes on each other in the bus’s rearview mirror and the bus driver had the same old grin on his face. I was right behind him on the bus and saw this firsthand.

What followed next was sheer pleasure to watch. The small car sped up, passed our bus and drove very close ahead, and started to decelerate forcing the bus to stop. A bigger jerk jumped out and asked the bus driver to open the door. The arrogant bus driver opened and faced the wrath. He got a slap of a lifetime across his face with a threat to dare do that again of course in a language well suited to make him understand.

The elderly couple was the first one to clap and the rest of the passengers joined them. Can’t forget that ride. Most entertaining Mumbai Pune journey ever….”

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mabu1 3 years ago
Talk and drive like shit, get literally hit.
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26. Ditch Our Plan To Move In Together? I'll Go Find A Better Place


“In 1995, my group of friends moved from one country to another because we were employed at the same company. Our company authorized us to find our own accommodation as the company township was getting delayed. I agreed with my close friend to find two flats in the same building so that our families and children can get along. We both started searching for flats and rejected many good offers as only one flat was available.

After more than 15 days, he informed me that he found a brand new flat and he would be moving with other friends who also got rental flats in the same building. I was left alone due to the non-availability of a vacant one for me.

I felt deceived and not even a ‘sorry’ was said for having missed out on many single flats. I was worried that my family might have to find new friends and live away from their known friends.

Within a few days, I found a suitable flat within our budget and 5 minutes of walking to get to the company transport. We moved in and found the new accommodation very comfortable and enjoyed all the facilities available around the area.

Now the Karma’s play started.

In a week, the landlord refused to honor the rental agreements signed by the four other friends including my ‘close’ friend.

They were in a desperate situation to find accommodation as their families were about to move in from their hometowns in India. NOTHING WAS FOUND SUITABLE WITHIN THE BUDGET AND AREA convenient to board the company transportation to the plant which is 90 km away.

I discussed with my Landlord for four flats. Luckily they were available for occupation within a few days in the same building where I was staying with my family.

The next week, my family and I were busy helping everyone move in and settle in the flats of our building.

That was the instant karma. At one stage they left me in the dust, but soon they had to consider my friendship as valuable.

However, our friendship never faltered and grew stronger.”

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Jennifer1975 3 years ago
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25. Picky Customer Receives A Terrible New Drink


“I am a host and a car side specialist. I was on the car side this shift and was taking orders over the phone and online. I get a call and start taking this guy’s order. All he got was 4 things of Alfredo sauces and a Strawberry Lemonade with light ice (or no ice, we will get there later).

I prep his order. The thing is with the drink, there is really no way to put the ice level you want into the computer so you have to actively remember how much ice they want.

You can do this long out process, but sometimes it does not always work so we tend to skip it. Now I prep his drink. I put the ice, the flavoring, and then the lemonade. Everything is packed and ready for this guy to show up.

The guy shows up late and starts freaking out that there is ice in his lemonade. I calmly tell him that he requested light ice.

He starts yelling at me that it was no ice (which it could have been and I got mixed up, but I remember light ice). The bartender steps in and says he will get him a new drink. He tells the bartender to make sure it is good.

The bartender goes and makes it, and the guy walks out with his order and new drink, mumbling how I am a brat (whatever).

The bartender looks at me and says that the drink tasted disgusting when he tried a small ramekin full of it (meaning he dipped a 1-ounce ramekin in it so he did not contaminate the drink) and then I remembered something.

After making the first drink, I had another order with three lemonades and in that order, the lemonade mix ran out. I had no time to tell anyone before this whole scene played out.

The guy got weak lemon-flavored water with strawberry syrup. We both laughed. If the guy had not complained about the half scoop of ice, he would have had a decent drink. I don’t feel bad, his whole order was only $4.20 and he treated me like dirt. Should we have told him? Yeah, but it slipped my mind and he left before we could say anything. Sorry not sorry.”

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mabu1 3 years ago
It was an honest mistake, it happens 😉
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24. Don't Offer Me Ice Cream? Yours Will End Up On The Ground


“I was in the 3rd grade. My mom being a single mother worked early in the morning to the evening and was never able to drop or pick me up from school so I would have to walk to and from school every day. I would wait at school for a couple of hours till my other siblings got out of school and then we would all walk home together.

Once after school, my sister came to get me and said, ‘I’m stopping by the store, and don’t ask me for anything!’ It was so hot that day. As we are walking by the store she said, ‘I’m going to get myself an ice cream.’ I felt kind of hurt so I decided not to wait for her at the store and continued walking home.

About 3 minutes later I heard a loud scream. I turned around and my sister said, ‘OH MY GOSH! My whole ice cream fell off with nothing but the bottom tip of the cone!’ I took one look at her, turned back around, and smiled the whole way home.”

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23. Keep Being Impatient And You'll Lose A Car Door


“I was once filling up at a petrol station. When I had pulled into the bay, there had been two cars parked directly out front, just on the side of the road. From what I gauged while filling up my car, there had been some minor collision between them. Nobody was injured. By my eye, the damage looked to be no worse than a few scratches, barely even worth paying to fix.

The person from the car in the front was screaming himself hoarse at the young girl from the back car. She was still in her seat looking like she was about to burst into tears, while he was at her door. Her male passenger was on the footpath shouting for him to calm down. By now I’d filled up but opted to watch on just in case things turned violent.

The angry man in the front car relented and stormed off to his own car, to fetch something from the console, presumably his wallet or his phone. He stormed up to the footpath towards the male passenger but didn’t close his car door.

A car pulled around the corner at a high speed and collided with his still-open door. We all watched dumbfounded as this car took off as if nothing had happened, evidently not wanting to stop to leave details.

Stuff happens, as the saying goes, and collisions are never fun. But always remember, what matters in life is not what happens to us, but how we react. Had he been just a little more level-headed, his car would have left that encounter with all four doors!”

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22. They Ignored Him So He Gave Them a Piece Of His Mind


“I’m from the Philippines and this happened to my grandfather when he was at a Honda car dealership in Quezon City, Metro Manila. He had stage 4 cancer and was in a wheelchair accompanied by our family driver; despite having stage 4 cancer he didn’t look very ill at that time, (because he was very athletic and he was also naturally bald).

Both of them were wearing casual clothing (old khaki shorts, old t-shirt, and old sandals) as opposed to the other buyers who were wearing corporate attire clothing.

So what happened was, my grandfather tried to get the attention of the Sales Agents to inquire and they ignored him; several minutes had passed and no one was still willing to give him any attention, until he snapped.

(He exclaimed in a loud voice).

‘Let’s go!… it seems that these people have no intention of selling us any cars!’

The whole store became silent and everyone was looking… as they were about to leave, the Sales Manager approached and politely apologized and asked him… ‘Sir, what’s the problem?’ My grandfather then replied and said that the Sales Agents were ignoring him.

The Manager apologized again and asked what model he wanted… my grandfather said that he wanted the most expensive model, which at that time was a brand new Honda CRV 2008, the Sales Manager then asked what payment plan he wanted and my grandfather said that he will pay it all in cash, the price of the CRV at that time was somewhere between $21,000 to $25,000 (USD).

This shocked the Sales Agents who were ignoring him just earlier since a lot of the other buyers rarely paid in cash… (My grandfather always pays in cash for major purchases).

Before leaving the store, the Sales Manager scolded the Sales Agents and made them apologize to my grandfather. Later that day, my grandfather went to the bank to withdraw the exact amount of cash and he was able to purchase the CRV.”

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Foxnoir 3 years ago
After my husband passed away, I had insurance money to spend and decided I wanted an F150 supercab. I went to the nearest dealership in Atlanta and asked to test drive one. I was 1)a female alone and 2) wearing blue jeans and t shirt. The salesman said, we don't have any supercabs in stock for you to drive. I said, that's ok, I'll just try an F-150 then. He again declined to have me test drive the vehicle. I said, really? May I have your card. He was happy to give me his card, and said... "Come back with your husband". Sure... as soon as I can pry his ghost out of wherever... So I went home. And called Chevrolet. They were happy to help me, we ordered the vehicle I wanted, in the color I requested. Then I called the Ford dealer and talked to the general manager and gave him the complete story. He was very very very unhappy..... Especially when I explained that his comment about my husband was very unappreciated being I was still in mourning...
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21. Guy Who Parked Across Two Handicapped Spaces Gets His Car Flooded


“I went into a Walmart on a very beautiful summer day. There was not a cloud in the sky. There was a brand new BMW convertible (with a paper tag) parked diagonally across two handicapped parking spaces in front of the garden department.

As I shopped I heard numerous requests over the loudspeaker for the owner of the BMW convertible to please attend to their car. I thought, ‘the jerk was not willing to move his car.’ Well, he wasn’t.

I shopped for about 45 minutes and returned to the garden center to discover one of the worst downpours I had ever seen in my life. It was so bad, I refused to walk out in it until the downpour calmed down. I realize water can’t hurt you, but it was honestly that bad. I wasn’t going into it.

After about 10 minutes, the guy who owned the BMW showed up and started freaking out, ‘why hadn’t anybody told, him, etc…’ He ran out and opened the driver’s door and water flowed out (just to give you an idea of how much water dropped in an hour).

The guy probably sued Walmart for the price of the car and got a new one. But it was really funny at the time.”

Another User Comments:
“Years ago on a beautiful sunny afternoon, someone had parked their new BMW convertible on the beach of a popular local touristy fishing village. This was presumably to avoid parking charges and/or because parking was difficult and/or because he couldn’t bother to walk from the car park.

He then sodded off to spend a pleasant afternoon doing whatever he’d come to do.

Trouble is, he hadn’t realized how quickly and how far the tide came in, probably because he was a tourist. The site of the sea lapping up to, then into, his car provided a great sideshow. Rainwater’s one thing, but seawater spilling over the waistline into the car is guaranteed to totally, utterly, and terminally destroy it. My daughter was about 10 at the time. She’s now 40 and still remembers the wondrous event.” Neil Vann

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20. Cut In Line And You Won't Be So Lucky


“My wife and I were at a local casino and they were offering random rewards, once per night simply swipe your player’s card to see if you win something. As we were walking up to a player’s card machine some guy rudely cut us off to get in front of us. He won nothing, my wife then swiped her card and won $500… the look on his face was worth way more than the reward!”

Another User Comments:
“Years ago, I read a story about a woman standing in line at the grocery store waiting for her turn to buy a lottery ticket.

It was one of those jackpot crazes. A rude guy cuts in front of her and bought his tickets. She wasn’t upset about it. Just bought her tickets and later found out that she won. The news even showed a clip of the video when the guy cut in front of her. Too bad for him. Had he been a decent human being, he would’ve won the jackpot.

Things happen for a reason and I do believe in karma.” JP Paul

Another User Comments:
“My wife’s uncle had a similar story. He was in a baked goods store, where he and his wife had gone to stock up the freezer with bread, doughnuts, etc. in case they found themselves stuck at home because of inclement winter weather. He was next in line when some entitled Karen cut in front of him (this was decades before the term ‘Karen’ came into use, but it fits). He said nothing. While Karen was still gathering up her bags, the cashier who was ringing up our uncle’s order shouted out excitedly that a star had come up on the register tape, meaning that the whole order was free. Karen was not happy.” Lawrence Miles

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19. She Slipped On The Puddle She Created


“Back in 2013, I was preparing for a competitive exam – IIT JEE, and I was living in a hostel.

I was sharing my room with one girl and during the initial days, she was very nice to me but turned really nasty afterward.

So, the story goes like this, we had a bathroom attached to our room so it was just for the two of us. One day, I was coming out of the bathroom and I saw a pool of water right in front of the door.

Before I could process that, I fell down on my face! She was in the room and started laughing hysterically.

Needless to say, it was her doing and she found it hilarious when I actually fell down.

She still had the water bottle she used in her hand and she kept laughing for a good five minutes.

After a few minutes, she went to the bathroom and came out, and slipped into the same pool of water.

She completely forgot about the water and now it was my turn to laugh!”

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18. I Messed With Her Laundry And Then Needed Her Help


“I live in an apartment in the US and share a washer/dryer with 5 other families. One day while going to collect my clothes, I see that my clothes are on top of the dryer which had a lot of dust on the surface. I am a clean freak and this is something I absolutely hate. I got really mad because I was a maximum of five minutes late (1 hr for dryer) and the next user did not have the decency to wait or at least clean the top of the dryer.

Though immature, I decided to take out a pair of socks (which was the first thing I saw when I opened the dryer) and leave it outside. I felt guilty but wanted to do something for revenge hehe. Feeling better, I walked to my apartment to find that I grabbed the wrong set of keys and now was locked out of the apartment. I had no option but to seek refuge in the apartment of the same person I sought revenge on a few minutes before (I could identify her based on the bag she left in the laundry room.) I had to use her phone and call my husband to open the door since he was not responding to my banging on the door (I still wonder how he did not hear, said neighbor heard it and that’s how I had to ask for her help). I didn’t know karma would bite me in the butt that soon!!! I couldn’t look her in the eye for a while though I doubt she figured out who put her socks outside the dryer.”

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mabu1 3 years ago
They were just socks, it's not like you ruined her whole load. like she almost did.
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17. She Judged Me Based On What I Was Wearing So I Got Her Fired


“I went groceries shopping on a Friday and the cashier stopped scanning my groceries when it went over $100. I was dressed in sweat pants, all-star sneakers, and a t-shirt that looked more grey than black, but it was supposed to be black. I did take a bath and I mean come on when it’s your day off why would you want to dress up in heels… go and do grocery shopping.

Anyway, I asked her why did you stop scanning my stuff and she said the line for the social service grants is on the other side of the shop. I asked her what made her think I am on welfare and she gave me one look and said the way you dressed do you even have $100 in your account. I told her it’s my day off and I am doing grocery shopping…..she said, ‘listen here lady I don’t care if you’re the queen of England just go to the other side of the shop.’ And then she said, ‘these government dogs annoy me this time of the month,’ to her colleague who by the way knew me.

My first instinct was to beat her up but I screamed at the top of my lungs…..Where is the manager?

Guess what he was standing two tills down listening to her going off on me the whole time….I told her before he walked over that I don’t want the stuff anymore, she can void it. She then called me a crazy woman and insisted I pay for the groceries.

Going on about how she will get into trouble if she voids over $100 worth of stuff. I told her it was not my problem and I was about to walk away when the manager came up and apologized. She was grey in the face and asked her colleague in Setswana where did this one come from and she answered in a low voice…..he had been standing there the whole time.

She was suspended on the spot and told to take her bag and leave……two days after the incident a shop steward from her union called me to ask if I want to attend her hearing. My friend had made a video of the whole incident…..guess what she said I insulted her and that is why she treated me like that. I showed them the video and she was dismissed from her job with immediate effect.”

Another User Comments:
“I was dressed like a slob because unless I have to be at work, that is the way I dress.

I was in a department store and at that time they sold components to the Commodore computer series and I wanted something for my computer. The clerk was dismissive and rude and I told her I had already dropped over a thousand dollars at the store. There was a man in a suit hanging around and I complained to him about it. I never saw her again. So dressing like a slob is no excuse for being treated badly. I have heard of millionaires who have done that. One went into a Mercedes dealership and was treated rudely. He went into another dealership and paid cash for the car.” Linda Robinett

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dafa 3 years ago
when my hubby worked at a car lot he was told dont bother w/ that old farmer man, ron went over to him any ways. The man paid cash for a real nice Truck, and ron made a nice amount that day.
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16. T-Shirt Scammer Ends Up Losing His Smartphone


“A bunch of us were on deputation in Mumbai. The company office was in Mindspace Airoli and we were put up in IBIS hotel at Turbhe Naka. The hotel was very good but there was no market nearby and hence we had to go to Vashi for almost everything.

Vashi had 2 malls that we loved to frequent, Inorbit and Centre One. On the first floor of Centre One, there was a shop for t-shirts.

The store’s name was ‘tomato’ if I remember it clearly.

On one weekend a bunch of us went to this store to purchase some t-shirts. The owner wasn’t there and it was being manned by 2 very young, soft-spoken, and mild-mannered girls. One of our friends went inside the change room to try on some T-shirts. He purchased 5 shirts that day. We all made our purchases and came back to the hotel.

This particular friend now began to tell us about his smartness. He had changed the price tags of the t-shirts while he was in the change room and was able to purchase the t-shirts at half the price. Most of us were not happy to discover this and were mad at him. One of our other colleagues was, however, very impressed and wanted to try the same trick himself.

Our hero promised to be his mentor and they both went to the mall again. The owner was present this time around. He saw through their trick and did not allow them and their smartness. He was polite and generous enough to just let them go and not hand them over to the police.

On the way back our hero lost his iPhone and never got it back.

This was a case of instant karma. Those poor girls could have lost their job for his skullduggery. He saved, maybe, a few bucks but ended up losing a lot more.

Karma was not yet done. In the evening he decided to earn funds from IPL. He placed a bet and lost more. Icing on the cake.”

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15. Don't Say I Didn't Warn You About Your Flat Tire


“I was driving the speed limit on a two-lane highway when I saw a 3/4-ton pickup starting to pass. I noticed his right front tire was really low so I pointed at his tire as they were passing. His passenger gave me the finger and away they went. Well at least they managed to pull away from us but a half-mile down the road they were parked at the side of the road with a flat tire.

I smiled, honked, and waved as we passed them.”

Another User Comments:
“As I was driving on an 8 lane divided road through the city a guy took the chance of running through traffic carrying a bunch of forms of some sort. He dropped half of them on the road. I tapped my horn and pointed. He flipped me off not realizing I was trying to help him. I just smiled as I looked in the rearview mirror as his work was turned to confetti.” John MacLeod

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14. Think They Smell Like Trash? Soon You Will


“While visiting some relatives, we decided to visit a mall for some urgent shopping.

When we reached our destination, kiddo wanted to use the washroom. Hubby accompanied him to the restroom while I ventured ahead towards the food court. As I stood gazing at nothing in particular, I heard someone scream loudly.

I turned towards the noise and saw a lady heap filthy abuses on a poor young lad.

For a moment nothing made sense. The lady kept yelling at him, gesticulating wildly while the poor boy kept wilting at the verbal onslaught. I couldn’t understand the matter due to the language barrier.

I couldn’t contain myself and asked a staff member about the matter. He told me that the lady was lambasting the guy for walking close to her while entering the seating area. When I asked if she was being harassed by the boy, I was told that it was nothing of that sort.

The guy was clad in very simple clothes and was accompanied by an old woman, presumably his mother. The lady who was screaming felt that the poor-looking duo did not belong there and they should maintain a proper distance as they ‘smelled’ and she found them filthy.

The mother and son seemed to come from a modest background but that did not mean that they were filthy! The poor chap had brought his mum for lunch and was degraded just because an elitist dame thought they didn’t belong!

The mean woman ranted a bit more, turned around, and immediately collided with a trash bin.

The trays atop the bin upturned and the lady’s legs and skirt faced a barrage of tissues and other leftovers. The onlookers started laughing while she struggled to brush off her legs. She threw a dirty look around, muttered some more, and stormed off.

No one should be disrespected in such a manner. Just because life has placed us on different rungs in the social setup doesn’t give anyone the right to degrade others. And that too without cause!

The lady forgot this basic principle of life. ‘What goes around, comes around.’ Karma decided to intervene and her own dirty attire and legs were the perfect example of payback!”

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13. My Kids Were Right And Mocked Me For It


“I was at Disney World, Orlando, and we’d gone to the water parks. I put $50 in my shorts and velcroed the pocket shut. My wife and kids said, ‘why take it? You’re gonna lose it. We don’t need it anyway due to the magic bands we’re all wearing.’

I didn’t listen. Lost the $50 on the water slide.

Next, we’re in line at Epcot’s Test Track ride and a dad asks his 10yr old what he was gonna do with the $50 he found at the water park. I wasn’t allowed to say anything (not that I would have) but my kids mocked me mercilessly.”

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afaf 3 years ago
Well, you may have lost $50 but I bet you made that little boy's day.
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12. I Gave Her What I Could And Was Rewarded The Next Day


“I encountered an older woman who was collecting recyclables out of several trash dumpsters. She wasn’t having very much luck and her shopping cart was fairly empty. It was late in the morning so she deduced that someone had already beaten her to any valuable discards. Feeling sorry for her, I decided to help her out with five dollars, although I only budget myself twenty dollars a day to live within my means.

We engaged in light conversation and she appeared to be quite jovial, despite her predicament. The next day while I was out walking in another part of the city, I found a five-dollar bill on the sidewalk.”

Another User Comments:
“My partner does appliance repair. We had a customer who was having ‘life issues’ and we decided to give him a $40 appliance cord for free. Later we were at a store where we bought $10 worth of groceries. When we walked through the parking lot we found a $50 bill and no one nearby. The universe wanted to thank us for helping the guy and they paid for our groceries too.” Lauri Day

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11. Petty Driver? Meet The Other Petty Driver


“Once upon a time, I was horrendously late for class at a time in the morning when traffic is a complete nightmare. Not only that, but the rail crossing in particular where this happened is pretty much a freaking madhouse – only that a madhouse is actually less chaotic.

So there I was, in this long line of cars, just waiting for my turn to cross the rails, when this jerk comes from my left (the rails were at my right) and tries to shove her white hatchback right in front of me

Fun Fact: it’s always an idiot on a white hatchback for me.

Just a few weeks prior to this, one moron practically tried to run me over when I was crossing the street by a T-crossing – I guess he was anxious to crash with the oncoming traffic (which had the preference, mind you).

So, anyway, digressing: she was trying to shove her car in front of mine, but at this point, I was so darn angry and stressed that I decided that I would be having none of it.

So I kept my car as close to the bumper of the taxi in front of me as I could without being in danger of crashing (I was even leaning over my seat to make sure).

She thought she could do the same. Emphasis on THOUGHT.

What ended up happening was that, each time the taxi advanced, I advanced right after, as closely as I could. She’d try to advance too to cut in, then get angry when she couldn’t.

At one point she lost her temper enough that she ended up advancing too hard. Long story short: she rear-bumped the taxi (did I mention she was invading the two lanes, one which went the other way?)

The dude got out of his taxi looking very mad. Meanwhile, I couldn’t help but smile at the overly mortified look on her face. Thankfully (because otherwise I would have been stuck there for a while boxed in between the taxi, the rails, and the moron – now THAT would have been contra-karma, come to think of it, lol), the bump was extremely minor, so the dude decided to let it go.

After that, I decided to let her cut in front in the end.

Ruining somebody else’s morning in a petty manner was win enough for me.”

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10. Cut In Front Of One Car? You Just Created A Domino Effect


“I used to get really ticked off (in an almost-road-rage-kind-of-way) when I was driving on the freeway and someone would signal, (occasionally in California, drivers are at least a bit courteous…signal…and then cut you off) and then move into my lane in front of me with barely a car-length of space to do so. And that would force me to hit my brakes to create a new distance of safety.

I grew up in So. Cal. and, as it became more populated, this would happen more often. I eventually left So. Cal. for the SF Bay Area and, as traffic got worse here, I began experiencing similar problems. So I had been dealing with this for a long time.

Then, one day, I noticed something interesting happened. I’m driving on the freeway and, sure enough, someone cut in front of me.

Yeah, I was annoyed, but within a minute or so, someone did the exact same thing to the driver who had just done it to me. That got my attention and instead of getting more upset, I watched as the same thing seemed to happen about 80–90% of the time.

I eventually got to the point where I no longer got (too) upset when someone did a dumb and dangerous move like that.

In fact, when it did happen I would count to myself, and usually, by the time I had reached 100, the universe returned the favor to the driver who had just done it to me.

In the end, I got a ‘2-fer’: karma for the idiot who put my safety in jeopardy for his/her own personal needs and urgencies, and a more relaxed (and safer) driving attitude for me knowing that ‘the universe does abhor a vacuum’ in a what-goes-around-comes-around kind of way.”

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9. She Broke Our Friendship And I Moved On


“To what extent can you go for someone whom you love the most? I crossed all the limits for my BFF.

I know it might sound a bit kiddish but deep down I valued our friendship a lot and I thought it was mutual. My BFF and I were going strong for 3 years. I was the more responsible one, I could say the least because every single time she would end up in trouble.

I have to make a grand entry to save her butt. Little do I know she used me to the core. I would do both of our homework, assignments & projects. You name it and I did it. Pitching guys and clearing every mess when it came to teachers and parents.

I used to spend my pocket money on food or any other fancy things. I would fight for her and I could tear anyone apart for her.

I guess that’s what best friends do! I don’t understand why I thought we vibed together but clearly, we didn’t.

Everything came to a crashing end when she started seeing the guy who I hated the most. Not that he was my ex but he was always drinking and had a huge record of destroying the lives of many girls. But as the phrase says: girls like bad boys.

Let me correct it a bit. Foolish girls and the ones who lack self-love would go for that.

There was this huge massive fight that took place among the three of us. She ditched me for him. Spoke some evil words which pierced my heart. How could someone be so selfish? I cried and thank goodness my sister was there to save me from nightmares, but I was in a solid depression because I’m hypersensitive and betrayals are quite hard for me.

Not only were her words harsh, but her actions along with her criminal partner ruined my 10th grade as well. There were lots of people who were right when they said she used me and had quite bad records with friends.

I was brought up in that type of family where we value every single relationship, let alone a friendship. I hand over the situation to karma and walk ahead. Soon only to find that she failed in her boards, got pregnant and the rest is still history. Karma is the best. It does his job perfectly.”

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8. He Used Someone Else's Driveway And Got Stuck In The Snow


“I live in burbs outside of Chicago, in a row of apartments building. 8 buildings with a shared driveway for a pair of buildings. I must say each building is owned independently, this is not a complex with one owner. Because my driveway is closest to the nearest cross street most people that live in the buildings to the south of me use my driveway. It’s been upsetting my landlady to my end because it means her driveway gets more wear and tear and she has to pay for driveway repairs.

Last Monday we got snow, when I got home from work I couldn’t even park in the lot, my space had probably 6 inches in it and I almost got stuck. I decided to park on the street until the plow company my landlady hired showed up.

It took 2 hours. Landlady gets to the building and knocks on all doors to ask residents to move their cars, just before the plow company guys with shovels and the snowblower show up.

All the snow on the north side was pushed into the middle of the lot, as usual, there were enough empty parking spaces for the plow truck to plow the snow to the empty space behind the parking spaces.

So, there is a pile of snow 8 inches high, and a couple of feet wide and maybe 10 feet long in the middle of the parking lot.

I’m guessing on the measurements. Some jerk pulled into the driveway and the parking lot, not paying attention, and promptly got stuck in that pile of snow! He got out of this car, had a few words with my landlord and she just walked away from him. I watched all this from my window. Oh, and he did have a passenger in the car.
Instant Karma, use someone else’s driveway and drive through their parking lot, and get your ignorant self stuck in the snow.”

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7. I Became Greedy And Then Instantly Injured Myself


“I once had an instant karma experience when I was raising funds for a charity with a group of my college friends. We were required to do so for one of the subjects of our course, ‘Introduction to Business.’

Our main strategy for the charity drive was reselling fruits that we bought in a big stock. Of how inexperienced we were, we overlooked many aspects of running a small ‘business,’ including taking care of the product quality.

(We are technically not business students, it was like a minor subject of our major.)

So as we were selling the fruits, I noticed there was one apple, some part of it was rotten. However, I did not care less whether the apple was rotten or not. All I wanted was for our products to be sold as much and as quickly as possible so we could reach our ‘selling target’ for our assignment.

Then BOOM! Karma came like a guru and taught me a lesson. There was one good guy who came across us, seeing us work so hard for our school assignment charity drive. He bought a few fruits from us as a sign of his support.

I knew the existence of that rotten apple and I still gave him that one regardless. Seconds later after that guy purchased that apple, I instantly tripped by a small drain beside me and hit the road HARD.

WOW. Inside my heart, I knew what’s happening. My friends around me without any knowledge of it, came to assist me in standing up and helped me with the wounds on my ankles.

After that experience, I never dare to step too much further from the grey zone. Stealing that extra benefit from my friends? Nah. I don’t need this slight, tiny little benefit that I think will make me feel better, as far as I know somehow, there is a certain cycle that keeps the world working. When you do bad, you wouldn’t necessarily get the instant fruit of it, but it somehow will be inflicted on you in another form. Same for vice versa if you do good. I think it is just a reflection of your behavior and your thoughts. Everything in accordance with nature.”

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6. Aggressive Student Breaks The Chemistry Supplies


“When I was in 12th grade, I had my chemistry practical exams.

So we are all glad it’s finally over and we start to clean our desks with a cloth. So this guy comes over and he doesn’t find a cloth to clean his place. And he arrogantly snatches the cloth from my hand while I’m using it and starts cleaning his place.

There is a rack of test tubes on the counter.

Just as this happens, the guy wipes his desk so fast that the rack filled with test tubes comes flying down and all the test tubes broke. He had to pay the fine for breaking all of them.”

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5. Careless Biker Learns His Lesson


“This happened when I was traveling to Bhopal from Nagpur (for those who are not aware-Bhopal and Nagpur are 2 cities in central India). We were to visit my brother, so my wife and mother were with me. It is a 6 hr drive with a patch of jungle and a nice landscape around.

The highway construction work has been going around for a while now and they were constructing it one side of a patch at a time in an alternate manner.

Making it a difficult road to drive as one has to switch roadsides after every few minutes. It essentially meant only one side of the road was useable for both going and coming vehicles.

For such an under-constructed highway one has to be careful while driving and must control the speed because suddenly a point comes where you need to switch sides. You can’t have a constant speed all across.

Now on such a highway, suddenly, a guy looking very colorful appeared in my rearview mirror. Though I just had a glance, I couldn’t ignore him. He was dressed in a yellow T-shirt, red pants, mirror shades, and a super spiked haircut (which I call a flower pot cut, as it looked like one). He seemed very careless about the roads and was riding his bike as if it was in a park and he cared for no one.

He was literally driving in a zig-zag manner and turning the bike very sharply. The bike was literally driven in a wobbly manner. I am sure many of you must have come across such bikers. Actually, his driving made me notice him more. His risky driving and over-the-top outfit made my wife and mom notice him while he zoomed past our car, almost touching my car.

We all wondered how someone can drive like this. That too on a highway where trucks and cars run at high speed.

After a kilometer or so I overtook him as we were on a straight stretch. But this guy again overtook my car giving me a strange look. And his reckless driving made us wonder again. I said, ‘this guy is putting his and others’ lives at risk.’ The way he was driving, an accident was bound to happen and in India, no matter whose fault it is, the one with the bigger vehicle is blamed for the accident and in many cases, the public overpowers the driver.

Doesn’t matter whose fault it is.

So the moment he went past us almost scratching our car, I got irritated and my wife asked me to let him go for our own safety. And I complained about our system and why can’t we do anything about such guys.

After a few meters, there was another switch, and this guy again in his zig zag driving disappeared on the other side making a sharp cutting turn from this side.

Since only one side of the road was useable, vehicles from opposite directions also used the same side and I think this guy forgot this in all his heroics.

When we went to the other side I could see an SUV stopped in the middle of the road. From a distance, it appeared like an accident.

The moment we reached near the SUV we saw a bike had rammed into it right in the middle.

Bang on the front side…head-on collision. Our colorful guy’s bike was kissing the ground and he was getting up on his feet with his mirror goggles resting obliquely on his face to head. The expression on his face was of pain but thankfully he was safe.

I stopped the car and saw the SUV driver getting down from his car while abusing the guy. I knew whose fault it was and I was aware of what the public might do. I just opened my window and shouted at people that he had been driving like this. The SUV driver acknowledged my help and thanked me with a gesture.

Later we all in the car burst into laughter seeing this instant karma but also thanking god that the guy was safe.

Hoping he learned his lesson.”

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4. Dad Who Wanted A New Life Ends Up With A More Miserable One


“My mom had lupus, back issues, was using a walker, kidney failure, lots and lots, and LOTS of other health issues.

My dad divorced her when I graduated high school. My brother has autism. I am the youngest and was the sole caretaker of my dearest mommy.

Well, my brother was there too, but…he couldn’t really ‘care’ as I did.

Anyways, so yeah. My dad divorced her. My mom, when they were together, would cook, clean, drive me and my brother to our appts, special activities, special needs activities, piano lessons, therapy sessions, etc.

And guess what, there were 2 of us, me and my brother, so 2x the appts and activities. My dad… Just sulked. Because he had a son with autism, and a wife who was very sick, and another son, who sucked at academics.

Well, my dad and my late mother, fought a lot. Actually, my dad would belittle her, and she’d always cry…like… Sad cry, very very sad cry.

Always singing… While crying… To the lord, as to why she was given this body and was treated like that.

So you guys get the picture right?

Anyways, fast forward to 2018, my dad remarried. His new wife was 30 years younger than him.

Not bad right?

Hah! Wait…

So the wife doesn’t know my dad’s like 60. As they met online (we’re Chinese-based Asian btw). So…yeah. I roll in to say hi to my dad, cause it was this annual ‘family’ thing (mom was still alive – but not included in these ‘family’ events, as it was my dad’s family), and my dad’s parents were there, so… my bro and I were invited to attend my dad’s bday again.

Well, the wife sees me and my brother, who has facial hair… Etc…and….. he’s naturally happy that he’s getting older! And my brother says, ‘happy bday dad!’ and then he later goes…’In February I’m going to be 27!’

The wife looks shocked and confused.


It sucked, cause…my dad has new kids now. The baby was I think 8 months old.

Anyways, the new wife is a little princess.

Such that, they don’t cook, drive, care for their babies, etc. She’s 30+, and when she was in China, her mother did everything for her.

It’s sad. Despicable, and just outright awful.

I’m sad for my dad, but I know it’s karma. My and my dad’s relationship wasn’t the best, but we always wanted the best for each other. I’m more upset that he treated my mom like that., along with calling me trash and garbage since I didn’t do well in school.

Well… Now I’m getting a 3.8>4.0 GPA…in college. Can’t believe it, I really can’t believe it.

I’m home with my brother now, my mom passed last year, and it’s still rough for us. I’m sad, because my dad’s terrified of his new wife, yet has kids… And he’s very smart. He knows how sucky his life was during the divorce. And he just up-and-did it again. Except…

He’s married, not divorced.

But, I’m really sad, because we live 4 mins away from each other, and I’m not allowed to see him because the wife’s embarrassed she’s 11 yrs older than me. Even though I babysit her kids while she plays with her 3 flowers outside in her little garden.

Wow. Divorces really suck, and…just…life sucks. Can’t believe my mom put up with that, just to keep the family together.

And I sat there telling her the divorce wouldn’t happen when it was already in the midst of being halfway done.

Sucks being a kid to parents who are divorcing. You never are told anything. Divorce just sucks.

I don’t want to say my dad deserved the karma, but…he’s pushing 60, and has 2 babies. One that’s 2, and one that’s nearing 3.

I play with them for 10mins, get tired. And I’m a young fit 20-year-old. lol


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3. I Let My Anger Get The Best Of Me And Got Covered In Mud


“It was a rainy day, not like romantic type, but the kind that’s annoying. Annoying because it had been raining for two days.

I was returning home from school, completely annoyed, tired, and angry because the play period was taken over by my maths teacher and he ruined it by some stupid derivation.

I was coming home when I saw my street was filled with water (it was normal because the contractor built his home with all the road money).

I was so annoyed that instead of taking off my shoes and going swimming into the black pool, I decided to place some bricks in the water and walk on them.

So I picked 3, all at once, and in anger, I just dropped them.

Do you know what happened next? Everything just splashed on my face, my white dress ruined, and it also wiped my anger just in a second. My mother was not happy when I returned home.”

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2. I Helped A Woman Pay Her Bills And Then Won A Lottery


Story 1:

Before retiring, I was head of the woodworking departments in a large workshop for handicapped adults here in Germany. About 17 years ago, I had an elderly lady in my team, doing the bookkeeping. As she had constant health issues, she couldn’t work more than half time and thus was usually rather short of cash. Came end of the year and she received some unexpected bills, electricity/heating, etc, that worried her much, as she couldn’t actually pay them all.

So I decided to help her and deposited an envelope with $600 from my Christmas bonus in her home letterbox. I knew, handing it over directly would have totally embarrassed her, so I did it anonymously, just writing ‘Aktion Mitmensch’ on it, (i.e. ‘Action Fellow Human Being’, referring to a well-known welfare fundraising campaign in Germany, ‘Aktion Mensch’, -‘Humanitarian Action’- which had also contributed to our institution.

Thus, she would have a clue that it was freely given to her aid by someone.

Weeks later, one of my sons, J (14) was involved in an accident, where one of his friends got severely injured and hospitalized. It was at least partially J’s fault and circumstances were so obscure and twisted that it seemed unlikely my liability insurance would step in and pay. Shortly after, a really massive financial demand came from his friend’s parents, so I quickly had to take a lawyer, who required an advance payment of $2,400.

We had recently bought a house, with a heavy mortgage to pay off; I was the sole earner in the family and we could just about make ends meet then. I knew, I had a little over $1,800 left on my account, and was expecting other bills too; taking another loan/overdraft was out of the question. Oh, dear! But what a surprise, when I looked into my online account and saw there were suddenly >$2,400 in it.

How? Turned out, that I had once, long ago and long forgotten, bought a permanent lottery ticket from that very ‘Aktion Mensch’ that they sold for fundraising. It got automatically renewed every year and I had just won $600! The first and only time ever!

Pure coincidence? Really? (Btw, that lawyer plus my insurance settled the whole matter later, we might have lost our house otherwise).

Story 2:

In my job, one afternoon a colleague and I were supervising the departure of our client co-workers at the front yard of the building.

There was one chap, X. among them, who had some psychic issues; his intelligence was perhaps just a tad sub-standard, but also, if his world view collided with facts, could become very nastily upset. And upset he was at that moment, obviously. We saw him walking off the premises towards the public bus stop across the street, mumbling and swearing to himself and being just short of throwing a tantrum.

Again: Oh dear! He would cross the street, looking neither left nor right, forcing all cars to stop. Luckily, there was a traffic light on red ahead, so they had already slowed down. It was too late and distant for us to intervene; so the Guardian Angel (that these guys usually keep busy) had to do the job again. But obviously, he failed to soothe X, for the latter, in a fit of rage, suddenly threw his carrier bag onto the open loading bed of a truck, that stood waiting at the red light.

And lo, at that moment the light switched to green, and off went the truck, bag on board. It contained everything dear to X’s heart, his electric shaver, that he frequently used where – and whenever he felt like a shave during the day, his impressive weekly supply of candy and much more interesting stuff… The expression on X’s face was absolutely priceless and we nearly rolled on the ground with laughter. But X was so stunned, he forgot all about rage and temper (which we had expected to follow now) and walked over to his bus stop like a beaten dog.

Colleagues told me later, that he was very calm, cooperative, and considerate the following days, so I guess, instant karma had given another good life lesson.”

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1. Bad Manager Gets Fired Over A Cup Of Shredded Cheese


“I work at a fast-food restaurant to pay for college but when I started a year ago and three months, I was a high school senior.

I wasn’t close to any of the managers as I am now as I’m very shy and timid, and I don’t open up to people until I get to know them.

There was one manager, however, her name for the sake of this story, we’ll call her M.

M was the closest to the cashiers’ age; she was about 23 I believe. She was young and she wore a lot of makeup. I ‘bonded’ with her and began to talk to her more than most managers but her attitude soon changed.

She was a straight-up jerk. Stuck up and rude to the cashiers and the customers. Even rude towards her fellow managers, people she was supposed to be on good terms with.

Every time I made one little inconvenience of going to get her something, she would make a fuss that I was too slow. Or at one point I was told to cut the chocolate cake but we got extremely busy to the point where I had to reheat the icing because when I got back to doing the cake, the icing was dry and it couldn’t be spread all over the cake without messing it up.

I reheated it and she took her frustration out on me, saying that I was taking forever in just cutting the cake. When I tried to tell her that the reason was that everyone kept calling me to the front to help the customers, she cut me off saying, ‘I don’t give a damn, Natalie! There’s only one cashier up there. You should be able to cut a cake like this in ten minutes!’ I honestly don’t know why I talked to her, I wasted my time with her and should have been bonding with the GM which I eventually did.

This manager did other things that would anger me. For example, one day I was working the whole day, 11 am to 9 pm. She came in around 4 and saw that I was there but she didn’t say anything. Now someone who isn’t the rank of a manager shouldn’t have to work more than 12 hours, working 11 hours though is unheard of. At the ten-hour mark, the manager closing is hassling people out the door who’ve already worked the whole day, telling them it’s time to clock out.

Not M. I remember one time on a Saturday it wasn’t even busy and I had finished everything on my list, I had refilled beers, done the salsa, had done the floors, had helped somewhat at the drive-thru, restocked, and had restocked soda cups. Still, she wouldn’t let me go. She was having me stand around doing nothing. There was another manager there however who saw me doing absolutely nothing and confronted M about it.

M blabbered helplessly but the other manager got fed up that she just told me to clock out and go home. I was irritated but grateful that the other manager had saved me from working almost 12 hours. I remember too one time saying that we were short-staffed and that the GM could do with hiring more people. It was a suggestion as I knew my place and I didn’t want to make it seem like an order.

She turned around and looked at me and said, ‘well it doesn’t really matter. You cashiers don’t really do anything. You just stand around all day.’

M was rude to the customers like I said. She had many complaints. Many complaints were on the orders. She would treat the customer like they were stupid, even the ones who had reasonable questions. For me, it was the time on the phone when I called in sick and she answered.

I told her I had gotten an eye ulcer from my contact lens and that the doctor suggested I didn’t show up so I didn’t get anything else from working with the food. All she said to me was, ‘you found someone to cover you, right?’ She didn’t even care I was sick and she sounded annoyed. When I was off the clock too, she’d pull off stunts.

I’d go with a group of friends from school and she’d see me, roll her eyes, and sigh. She would refuse to take my order even if one of the other managers told her to do so. My mother sent me one time to get something for a party we had and I made the mistake of going in alone. M saw me come up for the order and she asked ‘what are you doing here?’ When I told her my mother had sent me, she shoved the food at me and didn’t say a word, just glared at me.

My sensitive self was close to tears but at that moment one of the other managers came and saw me and started saying hello, etc. I brightened immediately and said ‘hi’ back before leaving.

The last straw was a morning I wasn’t there. Apparently, she got into an argument with a fight over a cup of shredded cheese. The customer asked for a scoop of shredded cheese.

M said he had to pay. The GM encourages that if they ask for cheese, tomatoes, or lettuce, especially not anything like sour cream (sauce) to just hand it to them. It’s not worth the argument or attention. But M didn’t do that. She ignored the customer’s attempts at just asking for a single scoop of shredded cheese. The customer ended up not receiving what he wanted and complained online, etc.

The GM, finally realizing that M was nothing but trouble, fired her on the spot.

Although I never heard from her again, I heard from a former coworker that she ran into her at Walmart. M asked how we were doing and especially how I was doing. The former coworker told me all of this and that ‘M missed me’ to which I scoffed and laughed.

I don’t miss her. At all. All I gotta say is her eventual replacement is pretty cool. He’s chill unlike her and he’s the kindest.

There are rumors that M ended up working at Pop-Eyes because she had experience as a manager at my job. But the other managers say she’s gone back to her old job which involved taking care of old people.

Good riddance.”

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