People Plow Over The Story About Their Least Favorite Roomie

Does it ever come as a surprise to you how some people turn out? Initially, you think they're the calmest, coolest person on this planet. You have great conversations with them. They seem to have a lot in common with you. You two start to become pretty good friends. What could go wrong? Then you come to find out that they're not what they seemed at all. You see right through them: they're rude, lazy, uptight, negative, and all-around toxic. These people aren't fun to be friends with, and what is more, they make awful roommates. Yikes, here we go with stories about terrible roommates.

19. They Only Think About Themselves And Are Completely Unreasonable

“Somehow the situation with my roommate keeps getting worse. I have repeatedly asked them to stop badgering me about religion and my beliefs, but they always respond with, “We know questions like this make you uncomfortable, but we’re going to keep asking you anyway because it’s good to be brought out of your comfort zone, and you’re too quiet.”

They continue to ask me really personal questions, and when I answer them, they don’t like what I have to say and go off on me.

For example, the other day when I was asked if I wanted to have kids and I answered no, I was informed that I was “failing my God-given birthright” and “abandoning my womanly duties that were assigned to me by God” and that I would change my mind and inevitably have children because that’s what God intended for me. (To put this in perspective, one of these girls and I are 18, while the other is 17 and has a birthday in a few weeks, so the idea of them planning for children and trying to encourage me to plan for children is absolutely terrifying to me.)

In addition to the continuous shaming and judgment, my roommate continues to prove that she is one of the rudest and most inconsiderate people to ever walk this earth.

We just wrote our roommate agreement a few days ago, and when I mentioned that there were a few things that I disliked, she had increased doing them tenfold. For example:

In all of my paperwork, it is written that I have severe asthma and am at high risk for migraines. My roommate is an avid essential oil user, and I informed her of my issue and told her that I would appreciate it if she used a little bit of them at a time.

She could still use them, but preferably in small doses. Since I have mentioned this, she has taken to absolutely dousing the room in oils. The other day I had left my mask sitting on my desk, and when I came back from the bathroom and put it on, I found that she had sprayed it with essential oils. And when I say sprayed, I mean completely saturated it to the point that it triggered an asthma attack and a migraine from wearing it for a few minutes.

We had both put in the agreement that we didn’t want late-night phone calls and that if you were going to make a phone call, it would be appreciated if you wore headphones to take the call. She has called her man every night since we have been here at almost exactly 11 pm, picked a fight with him so bad that she is screaming and sobbing and gasping for air, and doesn’t hang up with him until well after 2 am.

(I have an 8 am class, and she knows this). The other day, I had mentioned that I really needed to study for a math test. She looked me right in the eye, said ok, and immediately called her man and started screaming at him. I got up and went into the common area, and when I came back, she was offended because my getting up and leaving implies that she was being too loud and annoying.

This has happened twice.

We had agreed that if we wanted to borrow something, we had to ask the other person first. I woke up the next day to find that she had gotten in my fridge without asking, drank half of my coffee creamer, spilled coffee all over my fridge and left it there, and had gotten into my snack stash.

We also agreed that we would clean our sides of the room on the regular.

She went home for Labor Day weekend (Thursday through Monday) and left dirty dishes all over her side of the room and a trash can so full that it’s overflowing onto the floor. (Both are starting to smell.)

This whole situation is really getting to be unbearable. Unfortunately, a roommate change is not possible right now, and I am scared that I could get put with someone worse.

I was going to try to talk to my RA, but she made it very clear that she wants nothing to do with any drama. (And honestly, I was talking to her the other day and I wouldn’t trust her to boil pasta water let alone mediate a disagreement.) She said from the first day that if we had problems with our roommates to figure out the problems ourselves and to only get her involved if we couldn’t talk it out ourselves and that we were adults now and need to figure everything out on our own. My school has also canceled any club meetings and all organizations, and they have flat out said that all meetings outside of classes and sports practice will not take place. I just feel really lost on how to deal with this situation, and I feel like I can’t escape them because I have to live with them and can’t join any clubs or organizations.”

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StumpyOne 1 month ago
I dont understand how legitimate health issues are "drama". File the complaints. If you have to be awake at 1am and 2am for an 8am class then the RA should be awake too. See if its "drama" then. I know theres a level of cleanliness that must be maintained.. get a lock for your fridge and foot locker. Report report report. Usualy there are single placements if your health is effected. Most of all, document all of it, especially your complaints. Put them in writing. Good luck.
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18. He Refused To Move... Until We Scared Him

“The dorm room was built for two. Three was definitely a crowd, but that was how Tom, Chet, and I started college life.

Two months later, after the normal drop-out period, plenty of room openings were available, but none of us wanted to move. Tom and I got along great. We were different, but he knew my type and I knew his.

Chet was from Long Island. His wardrobe cost 10 times what ours did.

He got an allowance. He was clearly a mama’s boy. He was naïve, nice, and had nothing in common with either of his two roommates.

We asked him to move. He refused. We asked again. He said he was having the time of his life. We found a single room for him. He refused (can you believe it)! We begged him to move. He said he was very happy to be with us.

We were good boys…

Well, that gave me an idea, ‘a wonderfully awful idea.’

He studied until 10 in the library every night. I usually saw him coming from our window facing the commons.

This night I prepared a special scene for his return. Two props and the appropriate music were needed as staging. I had found an empty bottle in the trash. The baseball bat leaned against the desk.

The CD player was queued up.

As I saw Chet heading towards the entrance, I took a shot of booze, swished it around in my mouth for a minute, and felt it warm my throat on the way down. I wiped the glass dry with the front of my shirt.

I hit the play button to loudly launch ‘The End’ by The Doors.

I picked up the baseball bat and turned away from the door towards Chet’s bed.

As he entered, I was happily clubbing his pillow with the bat and singing, ‘my only friend, the end…’ I slowly turned to face him. Putting the bat down on the floor, I stumbled towards him. I mumbled a profuse apology, coming right into his face to make sure he got a good smell of my breath. I went back to his bed and straightened the pillow.

As we lay in bed before falling asleep I said to him, ‘sometimes I just get possessed by a monster, I am really a nice guy, sorry for scaring you.’

He moved out 10 days later without ever saying a word.”

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17. This Roommate Was Very Narcissistic

“I lived with a roommate who was a complete and total narcissist.

It was a $1,500-a-month apartment (three-bedroom in a nice part of town) that should have been $500 a person, but he was a lazy dude and maybe contributed about $150 of that. His dumb idiot of a lady wasn’t much better, contributing about the same amount per month, but she was at least more pleasant to talk to.

I lived with them for about six months and paid the $1,200 I was paying to cover the rent because I didn’t want my credit to take the hit that would result from an eviction.

The whole time, they were going out to eat and wining and dining with each other; meanwhile, I never could do anything because I was struggling just trying to cover the rent.

Of course, I would talk to the dude to say, “Man, this can’t continue. It’s stressing me the heck out. I can’t afford to buy food most of the time,” but since he was a piece of trash narcissist, he would turn the argument around to somehow make it about how ungrateful a person I was.

The end finally came when I spoke with the leasing office people and explained that while I loved the apartment, I was the only one who was really giving the property managers any rent, and the situation was untenable.

I also said I would love to continue doing business with them (possibly with a smaller apartment), but I was locked into my lease and couldn’t afford to pay an early termination fee because these buttholes I lived with were sucking me dry.

They looked up the paperwork and said, “Well, it looks like only (piece of trash) filled out lease paperwork, so you have no legal obligation to pay the rent.”

“Is that so?” I responded.

I thought for a few moments and then said to the agent, “You should probably get eviction paperwork ready for next month. I have no intention of continuing to fund their lavish lifestyle. What other units do you have?”

I went back to the apartment and began packing. One day, they came home to see that my bedroom was empty and my car was gone. They started packing like crazy for three days, having to throw a lot of it away because they were going to get locked out before they could get it all.

On the second day, the power was turned off, because it was in my name at the old apartment, and now that I had my own place, I wasn’t about to pay for the power in two different places. So, they had to frantically pack in the sweltering July heat in total darkness.

Screw those people.”

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16. They Never Wanted To Lock The Door

“So, this was a few years ago during my freshman year in college. I had worked hard in high school to save up enough to buy two TVs, a PS4, speakers, kitchen utensils and plates, a futon, and a few other smaller items.

The college I went to had suite-style living where each roommate got his own individual room. There were four of us, so we had four rooms: two bathrooms, a small kitchen, and a great room/main room.

Since I was the first one who moved in, I got unpacked and settled in, making sure to leave plenty of room for everyone to unpack and claim space in the bathrooms and other common areas.

I set up one TV (the larger one) in the great room with my PS4, so we could all enjoy it, and I put all my utensils and plates in the kitchen, so we could use those as well.

I didn’t mind sharing my stuff up to this point since I liked to share and put my faith in others.

However, I wouldn’t be posting here if this trusting nature of mine wasn’t changed…

Onto the story.

One night, a wasted college kid came barging into our room screaming at the top of his lungs, waking me up. I was about to get out of bed until one roommate, the slob of the group, ran out and kicked him to the hallway.

Since I left a lot of expensive items in the great room for us to use, this made me fear anyone could walk in and steal my stuff, and that would be the last I would’ve seen of them. So, I asked my roommates to lock the door if no one else was home, and we agreed on it.

It worked for a few days until I noticed I walked in, and no one was home, but the door wasn’t locked.

Granted, they would go to a few friends’ dorms across the hall, but they had gone out for almost 5 hours. I asked them again, but they blew me off. A one to three vote doesn’t work too well at the college I attended as far as roommate agreements went, so there was nothing I could do. Anyway, there were three more instances of dumb, young freshmen walking into our dorm and either yelling or passing out on our couch with just the TV on and nothing on it.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when I noticed my dishes I was sharing were in the trash along with some stainless steel utensils. As I looked around, I also saw one of the four controllers I had was smashed and under the couch, and my remote was totally lost (never knew what happened to it after all these years).

I finally asked them once more to lock the door and to try to respect my things I shared with them, but they blew me off and said, “It’s not like you use them.

It’s basically ours anyway.”

With this, I got petty, and I mean petty.

I started my revenge when they went off to get booze since they wanted to play a new Call of Duty game (can’t remember which title). I first started with moving my TV and PS4 into my room, along with everything else I had out there, as well as my futon, which we used as a second couch.

It took me about thirty minutes of hard labor, but I finally had a packed dorm room, but man, it looked awesome!

But that’s my petty part; time for revenge.

After another 20 minutes, they returned with a whole group, and they were stoked to play the new CoD, until they noticed the entire great room empty, except for the couch and tv stand. I decided to leave before they got back, but I was receiving calls and texts for almost an hour asking where I was and where all the stuff went.

I decided to keep quiet and allow them to embarrass themselves in front of their friends. Not only that, but they confronted me on a few occasions to get me to surrender my items, or else they’d have to pay for new ones out of pocket. (None of them worked and sponged off all the snacks I bought for myself, which were now safe under my bed.)

I merely said, “Oh, sorry, but they are now LOCKED behind my room since that’s the only door that is locked in this whole place.

I told you I won’t share if it isn’t behind a locked room, but now it is.”

They were very unhappy and spent way more than I did on my items since I got my stuff from back-to-school sales and used work discounts to buy my items. I probably paid nearly $1,400 on everything I bought, and they paid nearly $2,100 to get back everything I had shared, and they had to split it all up at the end of the school year.

I know one thing for certain; it is fun to see three guys fight over a PS4 and a large TV since they all chipped in to pay for them.”

Another User Comments:

“Should have played dumb for a bit and pretended the stuff was stolen. Maybe that would have made them think twice about their “locks are optional” opinions! Screw sharing with people that can’t show you the barest amount of respect!” i-care-not

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15. Always The Problem, Yet Always The Victim


“I (21FTM) moved in with 20M and 21F (who are best friends, I only knew 20M as we went to high school together, assumed we were close) about 3 months ago into a 3 bedroom unit. I admit I was a little apprehensive at first as 20M (let’s call him Joe) had been talking about moving out for almost 2 years and had left me waiting until he was ready (I have been renting for 2 years of that time in share houses), but I swallowed my doubts and was pretty hopeful that the new living situation could be a positive experience.

The bedrooms all differentiate in size; I rent the largest room, 21F (we’ll call her Jill) rents the medium-sized, and Joe rents the smallest. We decided that it’s only fair that the largest room pays $10 more in rent, and the smallest pays $10 less in rent. I brought that idea up as I thought it was only fair, cool, no issues.

For some context about myself, I am mentally ill and going through the process of getting disability support due to the severity of it.

I have taken a term off education to organize this, so I am at home a lot. I usually just stay in my room though… But that’s for a reason more than the fact I’m an anxious person.

Because Joe has the smallest room he has his computer desk in the living room, which is fair enough, his room isn’t tiny but to give him some extra space in his bedroom.

But he has basically decided to completely claim the lounge room with the amount of stuff he lies around. For the past few weeks, he has left piles of cut-up paper thrown on the floor, books strewn all over the couch… It just looks bad. It stresses me out. Whenever I ask him to clean, he gets defensive, and it never gets done. More to come about that later.

At the moment, it’s just Joe and me as Jill is away staying at her girl’s house. Joe has a real issue with being conscious that this place is a shared environment.

This attitude has stemmed for ages. I do not understand it. Every approach I’ve given, he’s only been defensive and moody. This has all built up to me being sick of him ignoring the little that I asked of him last night.

I asked if he was going to finally pick up the stuff in the lounge room, and the response I got was just plain embarrassing for him.

He proceeded to huff and puff, slammed books down, stomped around, and slammed doors. Like a child having a hissy fit. It was bizarre and anxiety-inducing to say the least. I was just so mad.

I went into the toilet (separate from the bathroom) later on that night to see two smears of literal poop on the wall.

I was absolutely mortified. I didn’t even know how to react; I just went to bed wide-eyed and confronted him in the morning.

He immediately got defensive, saying it wasn’t his and he had noticed it (and he didn’t think to freaking clean it? And if it wasn’t me, who did, who else could have; it’s just us?) And I had just about enough of all this.

He gives me an annoyed, “Can you leave me alone? I’m working.”

I don’t like raising my voice, I hate confrontation, but the way he was acting was just disgusting. I just was at my limit. I tell him the way he acted last night was just appalling, and I’m at my limit of him treating me like this, and I’m considering moving out because it’s just upsetting to deal with.

He immediately starts to tear up, and I just wasn’t in the mood to deal with the waterworks. Immediately he’s on the phone with his mother, crying and whispering about how cruel I’m being, which is just… Pathetic, dude. Maybe that IS cruel to say, but the aggression I get from him almost daily has made me feel so jaded…

All because I asked him to clean up the trash he continuously leaves around, so no one can even remotely sit down on the couch, and the smears of feces he left on the wall…

He decided to go to his mother’s place and left saying in a passive-aggressive voice, “Now you have the place ALL TO YOURSELF,” to which I could only laugh. I feel like I’m going insane that he’s claiming to be a victim all because I asked him to do one thing?

What do I even do in this situation? I can’t move out. I don’t have any family around to stay with. Things are pretty dang tense, and I’ll have to continue to tiptoe around him, and I’m afraid he will go to Jill as they are much closer with each other and twist the situation around.”

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14. Her Middle Name Was "Suspicious"

“I’ve recently graduated university of arts, but before that, I lived in a nice apartment one minute away from my university. There were 5 tenants, including me. They were nice and standard roommates, but there was one that particularly stood out, and we’ve never seen something like this before.

I was the second roommate to move in. The first one was named Anna. She greeted me and my mom in pajamas (which consisted of tight pants and a t-shirt) as she proceeded to cook breakfast next to us.

Alright, you’re in your own place after all. But then I started living there and noticing really weird things.

She would spend her days at home all the time – didn’t seem to work nor go to school. A few times a week, she dressed up in very elegant clothing to go to the “gym,” and she always came back when everyone was sleeping.

(It was a nightmare to sleep when she was coming back.

She was very loud, didn’t have empathy for anyone sleeping, and used a loud freaking blender at 5 am to blend her power shakes.)

When her “fit” phase ended, she used to pack a really big suitcase and leave for 2, sometimes 4!! weeks to “the mountains” as she was admitting (across the country). She had a few expensive bags and makeup items. Occasionally, she used to sing songs out loud all day, NON STOP for 6 hours until I asked her to stop (which she resumed anyways).

Inside the house, she was wearing sunglasses, and with every word she said, she complimented with laughter. Every sentence ended with laughter like she was never serious in the first place. Not to mention, she never cleaned after herself, and the kitchen, as well as the bathroom, was filled with long, dyed black hair and some other unexplainable fluids.

I was convinced she was on something because every time I talked to her when she had sunglasses on, she really didn’t seem responsive.

She was always somewhere else, and when our landlord was coming for visits, she always managed to slip right before he came to inspect or whatever.

Other roommates and I told each other when some of our friends were invited or coming for dinner, and it was always a really cool and nice experience.

One time, she invited some dude, and they entered her room and stayed for 48 hours in it.

I had no idea if he jumped out of the 5th floor or what.

He just vanished after that.

Her room was locked tight.

One day, I was in a game jam with my friends, and we had a great time until my landlord called, and his first words were, “Anna ran away.” So, I got home to this scene: her room busted wide open, absolute chaos on the kitchen floor, and our corridor basically filled with clothes.

Stepping into her room made me feel like gagging. There was a foul smell emanating from it. Her wardrobe was almost empty – except for a tiger-striped coat and a few silky panties.

Somehow she managed to destroy her bed by cutting or ripping the material on it, and her table chair was barely holding it together. Under her table/desk, she held a composter. Under it were banana peels and other scraps that have been decomposing for several months now.

I also found a couple of pills and a wide-open letter that I peeked into, out of sincere human curiosity, as it revealed to be from her father. She never talked to us about anything personal regarding her, so it was quite a surprise.

Her father wrote to her how he misses her and wonders where she is and wants her back. Quite a sober conclusion.

Oh, and she never paid for these last 3 months before her final exit.

I was always wondering if it was just misunderstood youth or some other shady things going on.”

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13. He Pretty Much Permanently Contaminated The Dish Washer

“This was a few years ago, but I still get pretty worked up thinking about it. I moved pretty abruptly, and so I had to find a roommate quickly. I posted an ad and within a week I narrowed it down to one guy who seemed pretty normal. He was freshly 18 and had never lived alone. He didn’t drive, but his work was only like a 5-minute walk and a quick bus ride away, so the location was perfect, and he was looking for a new “grown-up” freedom…

We signed the lease and from there he got more and more insane.

First off, he was super weird about the groceries. I always bought my own stuff, and I offered to get whatever he needed anytime I was out. He never offered, but no biggie. Anyways, he would constantly throw away my new stuff, and if I mentioned it, he’d say it was “old” or “expired” even if I had just bought it a day or two before.

I thought he was eating it, which again, no big deal. But then I would find my full, opened, and NOT expired food in the trash. It was totally weird that he never asked or checked before just tossing stuff. Meanwhile, he’d have old food in the fridge for weeks, months, and if I texted to ask if I could toss it to make room he’d get super defensive and tell me I was wasteful with food.

One of the weirdest things is he would drink lactose-free, whole milk, CONSTANTLY.

Like a gallon or two a day. He always had to have like 4 in the fridge or he’d panic.

Flash forward, he has a cat that lives here with us named Salem. Salem is this old old old black cat that was chill and super low maintenance. I never even noticed him. UNTIL one day I got a text from my roommate with nothing but a picture of a cat (clearly not Salem) on MY bed in MY room.

That’s the other thing, he and his family would go into my room without my permission constantly even after being repeatedly asked not to because it made me uncomfortable.

I always felt like there was a camera watching me in my room.

Anyways, I’m reasonably very confused and annoyed that my roommate 1) got a cat without talking to me first, especially since it was against the lease not to get it registered with them first And 2) because this cat I don’t know is now in MY room unannounced.

I came home from class about 4 hours later, and there had been no litter box locked in the room with this cat.

So she had peed all over my stuff, my brand new mattress, a pile of clean clothes, on the carpet, etc. I’m a big animal lover, so I went out and got her supplies but made it clear to my roommate that I’m NOT cool with having another cat and it needed to find a new home.

He reluctantly agreed and we moved the kitty’s stuff into the front room, so I wouldn’t be responsible for her accidents.

Weeks pass, and every time I come home, it reeks like pee.

This cat is clearly not potty trained, and I’m angry beyond belief that my nice, cute apartment is now destroyed by the overwhelming, overpowering, knock you off your feet smell of ammonia.

I finally say something again, and I am no longer kind.

I throw a fit and demand that the cat has a week or I’m going to take her to the humane society. (In reality, I’d try to find her a new home first, but I wanted my roommate to take the lead since he’s the one who decided to take on this commitment.)

I came home the next day and went to do dishes.

I was primarily the one who cleaned, pretty awful dynamic that he just assumed right off the bat because I’m the girl, I “enjoy housework,” but I did it anyway because I wanted to live in a clean space.

I open up the dishwasher, and what do I find but the cat litter box mat.

I call my roommate out and he explains that “it was soaked in pee, so I rang it out and ran it through the dishwasher.”

I am furious, hot in the face, LIVID.

I step outside and calm down, then come in and tell him to never put it through the dishwasher again and have to explain to him that it is the most disgusting thing I could imagine a roommate doing with a shared appliance that cleans the items that our food goes on.

He seems frustrated that I’m scolding him, doesn’t understand what the big deal is, tells me I’m overreacting, and am a “Germ Freak.” Call me whatever; I take no shame in not wanting cat pee on my dishes. I ask him to PLEASE never do it again and he agrees to keep the peace.

I scrubbed it down for an hour, ran 3 empty loads, used bleach to clean it, and ran another empty load.

Two days later I found the kitty pooper scooper in the dishwasher. Needless to say, I was off the lease and moved out by the end of the month.”

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StumpyOne 1 month ago
That is THE MOST disgusting thing I have ever heard of. Good riddance.
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12. The Biggest Hypocrite To Ever Walk Planet Earth

“I had a clean freak roommate who was crazy.

She’d literally FREAK OUT and scream and clean up after you while you were cooking. I’d cut vegetables and be putting the first part into a pan, and she’d walk over furious that I’d left the cutting board out and messy for her to clean up….I’m literally still using it! I’ll clean up when I’m done using the cutting board! She however only ate two things, chicken nuggets, and popcorn…WHICH SHE NEVER CLEANED UP AFTER.

She cooked the chicken nuggets on the same baking sheet every day. And when it was so caked in nugget residue it would burn in the oven, she’d put a layer of tin foil over it and cook on that. And then when that layer was gross, instead of removing the tin foil layer, she’d add more tin foil over the top! When she moved out, she left the pan in the drawer under the stove covered in 6 layers of greasy burnt crumbed chicken nuggets.

She couldn’t stand me not cleaning a cutting board of vegetables halfway through cooking them, but apparently, a baking sheet covered in 3 months of chicken grease and crumbs can go back in the drawer?

She also made herself popcorn every night and then left the uncleaned pot on the stove all the time.

That pot was never cleaned.

She did this before she’d go to bed….at 7 pm.

She’s had the same bedtime since she was a child. She never went to bed after 8 pm. If you made it past 9 without waking her up though, she was a sound sleeper and the noise level wouldn’t wake her.

She would invite her nieces over with no warning. So I was working retail at the time and had just worked an inventory until 4 am.

I got home and at 6 am she and her nieces aged 6 and 9 started playing games that involved shrieking.

We’d never have any idea children were even in the apartment until the morning activities and she would get furious at us for implying we’d like them to keep it down until 8 or 9 because “this is just as much her place as ours and she can do whatever she wants!” However, if we had anyone stay for more than 2 hours she’d ask us to pay a higher share of the rent because they now counted as an additional resident of the apartment and we needed to be responsible for the burden.

She’d watch TV in her room with the door open, and get mad if you made too much noise in the living room on the other end of the house while she was watching.

But she would never change the volume, or close the door. If she couldn’t hear, she’d lecture you about roommate respect and watching the volume instead of shutting the door and turning the volume up a small smidgen.

Remember when I said she was a total neat freak and would walk around the kitchen cleaning up after you while you were still using items to cook? She made a big deal about how the cleanliness of the kitchen was of the utmost importance.

I got off work 2 hours early one day and walked in and what did I find her doing? Cutting someone’s hair….IN THE KITCHEN! There was hair all over the stove, counter, and floor.

Vegetables are a kitchen abomination, but she cuts people’s hair in there twice a week and doesn’t think it’s a big deal at all.

Finally, she was moving out. She let us know about a month ahead of time that she’d be leaving and slowly started moving her stuff. This was her last, and greatest SCREW YOU: She charged us for the last month’s internet service….and the first thing she moved out was the router, which was hers.

She refused to reimburse us for the month’s internet and hadn’t let us know ahead of time she’d be taking it for us to go get a new router.

Then when she was upset we asked her to pay us back, she exacted revenge. The table and chairs we ate at were hers because she insisted they be the common furniture because it was the only stuff she trusted.

We couldn’t fit our table and chairs in until she moved them out and she knew it.

So she left the table, our only place to eat, and she left the chairs, the only place to sit and eat…..and she took the cushions off the chairs! She had her brothers unscrew the cushions on all the chairs and take them, but leave the unusable chairs and table for 29 more days out of spite.

We tried to move her chairs to put our usable chairs down, and she hid all of ours into a closet in her room and set the chairs with no seat back at the table.

I still hate her guts.”

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11. Her Mood Went Every Which Way

“So my roommate is very rich and very spoiled and also very scary. She started off fine, but now she is harassing me and another roommate. All names have been changed. Joanne is absurd; Helen and Callie are normal.

We all knew she was absurd, but we never did anything about it because she got a good cable package and she kept buying food. (Yeah I know we are not the brightest bunch.)

Started off when it began to get cold.

It was 50ish degrees, so we started to turn the heat on just a little bit to keep warm air circulating, especially since Helen and I have fish. She freaks out – turns on the A/C and sends Helen these nasty messages like, “I know why all your friends hate you now,” “You’re ugly and fat, and this is why you’re single,” “You’re a wuss for not answering me,” and she just keeps repeating them over and over.

Helen is super passive and lets it go.

Then my friends come over for 2 nights. We aren’t super loud and it’s the weekend. Joanne and I go to buy two bottles of booze. (Didn’t think anything of it, we were all just like, “Let’s crack these babies open!”) There were about 6 shots taken from her bottle, so I expected her to take some from mine to make it even.

No. She took the whole entire bottle. She left maybe 3 shots in it and then filled the rest with water. She drank two 90 proof handles of booze by herself in 1 night. Then when I asked for it, she starts telling me that I am a jerk and I am being mean to her when she has given me “everything” (I have known her maybe 3 months and I barely talk to her???) and so I go upstairs, knock on her door, and say “Joanne.

I want to talk about this. I am not trying to fight. I just want my booze back or for you to replace it.”

She cracks the door and says, “I am scared of you. You will yell at me.” And slams it in my face and then proceeds to start WAILING. It was so bizarre. Didn’t talk to her for about 2 weeks but constantly heard her saying how she was afraid to live in this house….even though everyone sleeps with their doors locked because she’s absurd.

Then I noticed Helen getting very distant from her and hiding in her room. Strange. I then get a text from Joanne, “I miss you so much. I hate pretending like we’re strangers. You are my best friend.” WHAT?! I barely know this girl. Then she asks me if I want steak or if I want to hang out.

She tells me how Helen was really angry at me the day she stole the booze and made her text me those mean things.

She claims Helen wanted me to leave the house and that we should turn on her. I am definitely one to hold grudges, so I just said, “Yeah, okay, Joanne. Sorry, I’m really busy; gotta go.” She got really weird and was like you’re just going to disrespect me like that? I apologized to you.

So I just left.

My partner comes to visit, we go inside after getting dinner for 15 ish minutes to go to the bathroom before we go drive somewhere else.

I hear Joanne running down the stairs (she always runs in a weird pattern) and go outside. I hear her run in while I’m still in the bathroom and then slam her door. No big deal, she must have ordered delivery.

We start driving and my partner’s car starts pulling more and more to one side and it starts shaking. We get out and see AN ENTIRE HOLE IN THE SIDE.

No nail, just a freaking gauged hole. We were just driving for 20 minutes!!! How!!! We think it was Joanne.

Then it’s Thanksgiving break, and I text Helen and say, “Please, let’s talk.” (I wanted to smooth things over and say there is no bad blood, and I wanted to say I’d appreciate it if my problems with Joanne stay between me and Joanne because I had no issues with her.) She didn’t want to talk in person, so I just texted her and she responds apologizing for something I’m not even talking about.

I just told her, “Listen, we really need to talk.” She comes downstairs, and I’m like, “Joanne told me you were trying to get me kicked out,” and she just shouts, “JOANNE KEEPS HARASSING ME, AND SHE TELLS ME YOU THINK I’M FAT AND YOU HATE ME.” I’m like, “What? Girl, I don’t even talk to Joanne.” So we both let loose and tell each other what Joanne has been doing.

She put sticky notes ALL OVER the bathroom saying that Helen was a fat jerk and how everyone hated her. What. I say, “I’m sorry. I’d never do that,” and she says, “Yeah, I didn’t even talk to her during the booze stealing night.”

That same night, it was time for Helen to ask for people to pay for the electric bill. Joanne responds and says, “Screw you, Helen.

I’m not paying anything.”

So I responded and said, “I’m going to take it up with the landlord if you do not comply.”

She says, “Go ahead; they won’t believe you.” I tell her I have screenshots and she says, “Good. I mean what I said.” Then starts sending more harassing messages to Helen. She enjoys picking on the weakest one, and Helen is very insecure and lets her in on all her weaknesses.

I finally told her I would call the police if she didn’t stop.

Then she started doing the wailing thing again and her partner came. She screamed, “I’M NEVER LEAVING. I’LL POOP OUTSIDE THIS WINDOW IF I HAVE TO.” He just books it and runs out the front door leaving it wide open. Not sure what happened with that.

Anyway, this isn’t even half the crazy stuff she has done, and I don’t know what to do. Helen is a mess. I am not much better and this environment is toxic. She keeps leaving bloody napkins and tampons everywhere, and she won’t clean up the trash all over the bathroom.”

Another User Comments:

“Uh, she’s legit psychotic. Like, scary psycho.

That said, she also probably suffers from a narcissistic personality disorder and perhaps delusions.

This is scary. Document everything and have her evicted!” TakeOnMe-TakeOnMe

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10. He Jacked My Car And Drove Like A Crazy Person

“I’ve got a good one.

In the mid-2000s, I moved out of the house, went to college, and started my life of living outside the nest. So, as is customary, I moved into the dorms with a few roommates. I had to get used to a number of things – cooking with others, waiting in line, taking turns in the shower, rationing food, etc.

To give you a sense of place – I was going to college to study a form of art (I won’t say which, not important).

I had two ‘official’ roommates.

They were both older, one liked to smoke (I’d smoked occasionally), and another was just a cool, laid-back guy. Things were going smoothly for the first month or so, and in general, I was getting used to things.

That’s when things started getting weird. More and more, my addict roommate started bringing over someone.

A girl with a hefty gut (not overly obese, just chunky), who didn’t realize she shouldn’t ever be allowed to wear a shirt that went any higher than her knees.

I’d go off to visit friends back home every weekend, and I’d come back and something would be off. The girl was always there, but I never saw her sleep with the guy.

One day, when they had class, I did a little exploring.

I looked into his room, found nothing, and was about to leave when I saw a little bit of cloth sticking out of the closet.

I open the closet (2’x4′ mind you) and there’s a wad of blankets with a pillow. The crazy bee with an itch had made a NEST in her man’s closet – hiding it from me and our fellow roommate. This story has a bit more to it but there are other fish to fry.

So, after finding out about the bird girl, I tried to mind my own business.

I’d say hello to our addict roommate, close my door, and try to ignore the fact that I had roommates.

One night, I come home after class and walk in on addict roommate.

He’s staring at the wall, which stands firmly two inches from his face.

He’s doing this on the stairwell, and my room is up said stairs. I stand at the bottom of the stairs for a moment, planning my next move, when I see bird lady from atop the staircase.

She informs me he’s on something and I nod, making my move up the stairs. He doesn’t notice me move past him, and I promptly shut my door and try to get some rest.

I fade off into a dreamy sleep….

Flashlights. Two inches from my face. This is what I wake up to.

I shield my eyes and look at the clock. It’s 2 AM and I now realize there are 2 cops insisting I get out of bed and come talk with them.

Shocked, I get out of bed and throw some pants on, following them downstairs. I may have asked what was going on, but this part is somewhat foggy.

I get downstairs and the cops are asking me if I realize I nearly hit a cop, ran a red light, and rode a curb, parking at my dorm sideways, half on the grass.

I tell them I have no freaking idea what they’re talking about.

Now, it’s important to note that bird girl, laid-back roommate, and scumbag addict are all sitting with their backs against the wall (as am I). Bird girl informs the cop that I had nothing to do with it, looks at me, and says she’s really sorry.

Scumbag addict speaks up and apologizes as confirming the truth as well. Laidback roommate just nods.

The cops proceeded to tell me that they picked up my name because apparently FREAKING SCUMBAG ADDICT STOLE MY CAR and did those things that were previously mentioned.

I moved out the next week. Screw that guy.”

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9. He Pretty Much Turned Into A Demon Overnight

“Junior year of college. I had to lease through an agency and get random roommates. Prior to the summer, I met my two random roommates and they seemed cool.

We had everything settled: who was bringing what, who got the parking, yadda yadda. The day before we move in we each get a phone call from a very nasally, stereotypically nerdy sounding guy named Chris. He screams into the phone “I need the parking space!” before even introducing himself.

And that’s how I met my third random roommate, Chris.

Over the first month of moving in, Chris proved to be weird as ever. The first strange thing was his overall appearance. Didn’t take care of himself, smelled like a gorilla’s butt, and was pretty obese.

Next, his room. He had the creepiest family portrait on his desk next to his collection of bullet casings. Yep, many used shells were just chilling on his desk.

And then, even from the moment he moved in, his room just had the foulest odor. It literally smelled like decaying something or other. And then the events started happening…

Event 1: Almost immediately we would hear voices. Chris would talk to himself in different voices all day, all night. Then the voices would stop and we would hear pounding.

It legitimately sounded like he was repeatedly throwing himself against the wall.

Then it would stop. Then it would start. Stop. Start. All the freaking time.

Event 2: I was home for Labor Day weekend and only my roommate Adam and Chris were at the apartment. Adam’s girl came to visit and Adam had a few friends over. Whenever we had parties (or even a few people) Chris would storm out of the apartment in his basketball shorts with no shoes (even in the middle of winter) and not return for some time.

Well, he stormed out in the middle of Adam’s get-together and didn’t come back. Everyone left around 1 so Adam and his girl went to lay down in his room, which faces the front of the apartment. Adam’s room is right next to the front door. So as they’re laying there about to fall asleep, Adam and his partner hear a man’s voice audibly say, “I’m going to FULL ON murder you all.” His partner freaks, Adam jumps up and throws open his door when he sees Chris reentering the apartment.

Adam asks Chris if he saw anyone outside and that he just heard someone blatantly whisper through his window. Chris’s response? “I would be scared if I were you.”

Event 3: About a week after Labor Day, I was in the living room doing homework.

There is a wall separating the living room and kitchen and Chris’s bedroom is on the side of the kitchen where if he walked out of his room, he wouldn’t be able to see into the living room.

As I’m sitting there, I hear Chris’s door open.

In the most demonic, deep voice (not nasally at all) I hear him shout “Who the flip left the light on?” He then turns the kitchen light off and returns to his room and slams the door. He then begins shouting in this demon voice, but then it changes to this soft feminine-sounding voice and then back to this demon voice.

In these two voices, he was having an argument with himself. At one point, he would be demon screaming, and then the next he would be softly crying “I’m so sorry, Chris.” When he started apologizing, he also started slamming himself so hard against the wall that the whole apartment shook.

I was sitting on the couch in awe at what I was hearing. I then hear his door slam open and he’s still shouting when he turns the corner and sees me sitting there in awe.

The moment he sees me, in his nasal voice, he says “Oh…” and left the apartment with no shoes, no keys. He never acknowledged it again, even when I brought it up to him when he later returned.

Anyway, I went to the realtor and tried to move or get him removed to no avail.

Adam and I installed key locks on our doors and I personally propped up my desk chair in front of my door every night (pretty sure Adam slept with a hammer by his bed for protection purposes).

Adam’s never came back over but we learned to deal with it. We would have parties, Chris would leave or sometimes stay (and our partygoers would hear him throw himself against the wall for hours and we would explain our weird roommate Chris). Last I heard Chris was in Texas working as a teacher and Adam and I live to tell this tale to this day.”

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8. She's Kicking Me Out Because I Asked Her To Not Trigger My Eating Disorder

“I texted my roommate to please not discuss calories and diets with me because I have a history of an eating disorder and it’s harmful to my mental health.

She went on about how she was just thinking out loud. (She would tell me about restricting calories and how skinny she was after she found out I was in recovery from an eating disorder.)

She’s very upset over me “accusing” her of “being bad for your mental health” (I was just seeing a boundary, I even said, “I’m sure it’s not intentional, but please don’t do that”) and came back from a trip accusing me of things like smoking in the house (never did that) and claiming that I was doing things to prevent her man from getting a job, and her man, also my roommate, who doesn’t like me, started cursing at me.

2 days later, I’m asked to sign a 30-day paper to vacate.

I don’t feel like 30 days is enough time, and I’m worried if I don’t find a place, I’ll be out in the streets. (I’m always having this fear; they put me out way earlier than the end of my lease. I had 4 months left and was going to work on getting a job before then.

I’m on SSI disability and trying to get well again.) I’m worried about the time frame. I’m in California.

Unfortunately, I have an eviction on my record which I was also going to work on clearing; I didn’t have time to do anything while on my lease and did want to move out because every time I set a boundary (my boundaries have only been asking for personal space and no comments on my weight, appearance, or discussing diets with me).

Every time I set a boundary, my roommates would get upset, would either ignore the boundary, pretend they didn’t hear me, and just gaslight me and continue to do it, and then, because I’m an introvert, I would be accused of avoiding and being mad at them when I just wanted space to myself. I constantly was explaining and justifying my boundaries, then I got firm and stopped engaging and they want me out. I’m shocked. And concerned about what is going to happen. I’m already looking, but so far, because I really just got settled here, it’s hard to find a place cause most want tenants to be employed, and I don’t have enough for a security deposit right now.”

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7. Living With A 54-Year-Old Bum

“In October I (32F) got a roommate (54F). She seemed nice enough. We chatted often and we also video chatted. We did not meet in person because she lived far away but she was coming here to finish school. I asked her if she has dependable income and she said she did (and thankfully she did).

So she moved in. The first thing I noticed was very little she moved in with.

She literally had 2 boxes. That’s it. I thought it strange a middle-aged woman had literally no furniture at all. She said she was going to buy some furniture. Ok. No problem.

The apartment I live in is nice. I take pride in it. I have put a lot into it to make the place enjoyable and comfortable. Sofas, TVs, awesome kitchen appliances. I really worked hard to get to where I’m at.

And our counters are super huge, so my roommate has a TON of room to add her things….but if she didn’t, then she was more than welcomed to use my stuff. I’m pretty relaxed when it comes to that stuff as long as you clean it you can help yourself to it!

First Red Flag – Sofa as Bed

I noticed she was sleeping on my couch. A lot.

Using the decorative pillows as sleeping pillows all the time. The first couple of nights, I figured she fell asleep watching tv. Then it became habitual. Long story short, I forced her to buy a cheap mattress on Amazon and put it in her room after two months of doing this. (She initially had an air mattress, but she would sneak into the living room when I fell asleep to sleep on the couch every night.)

Second Red Flag – Smoking

I came home early one day from a leadership conference.

She had assumed I worked a normal day (out of the door at 9:30 am and back home at 10 pm). However, this time, I walked in at 2 pm. She had a stranger in the house with her (remember, she’s from many states over), and the apartment was full of smoke. I told her she can’t be doing this because our complex will kick both of us out and how she is lucky we do not have a downstairs neighbor.

The dishwasher broke and a mechanic came to fix it (a couple of weeks later).

I received a complaint that my roommate reeked of smoke and so did the kitchen when he was installing the dishwasher.

New neighbors moved in. Three weeks after they moved in, I received another notice that my roommate was still smoking. The neighbors smelled it coming from our vent system.

At this point, I decided to work from home.

For now, I had to babysit a 54-year-old woman because her screw-ups would land me in trouble too.

Now, back in January, I had a private discussion with my leasing office.

They told me they did not put her name on the lease. They told me when she came into the office to sign the lease; they opted for her to take a background check and fill out the occupancy form instead (her smelling like smoke again gave my landlord a better judgment.

This happened back in October when she signed the papers before I knew this woman was foolish).

So we made plans for her removal.

Long story short, we can’t remove her. Thank God she’s still paying rent though. She gets social security and as I said before, she doesn’t have an issue with that. But I noticed other things.

All my plates and silverware started to disappear. One day I opened her bedroom door to see if I can find any, they were all there.

Third Red Flag: She’s gross.

I say this because she has not showered in three weeks.

She has not washed her clothes in two weeks. She still has the same travel-size tide pod bag she came with back in October (so that tells me she has washed clothes less than 9 times since October).

She smells like socks, pee, and fish. I am stuck with her.

So to recap:

54F Roommate:

Monopolized the sofa as a bed for two months.

Smoked in the home after repeatedly telling her not to.

She baths about once a month.

She has never cleaned any part of the common areas of the apartment (never ever).

She smells like fish, socks, and pee.

She literally believes she is a Generation Z (she doesn’t want to hear about how it’s impossible).

She still does not have any furniture. The only thing she has to her name is a coffee pot, a $100 Amazon mattress, and a couple of suitcases (she’s still borrowing my lamp).

And the awful thing? I have another roommate who is ready and willing to move in now. And I vetted the life out of him. He seems ok enough.”

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6. He Hung A Bloody Shirt On The Wall

“The second year of college (party/state school), 2 AM, I’m trying to sleep in my room when I hear a commotion outside of the apartment.

I look out the window and there’s some kind of fight going on with 4 or 5 people on the sidewalk. I walk out onto our 2nd-floor balcony to get a better look and I can see it’s 3 very inebriated dudes getting the living daylights beat out of them by one very large Andre the Giant looking guy.

I then realize the 3 guys are my roommate and his idiot high school friends who were visiting for the weekend. Having no idea how this beef started and being quite noodly armed I was not about to go down there to intervene, but I kept watching in case stuff got real so I could call the cops to prevent my roommate’s murder.

I then hear somebody slam open our apartment door, the jingle of the silverware drawer being violently pulled open, and the slam of the front door again.

Outside, the two high school buddies are still getting pummeled, and I see my roommate come out of the apartment complex main door with a freaking steak knife.

A scuffle occurs between him and Andre the Giant, but it’s right under the balcony at an angle that I can’t really see what’s happening. Five seconds into this, cop cars, sirens blazing, show up and the giant runs for it.

I decide to walk outside, because, well, my roommate might have just been murdered, and by the time I get down there I see him sitting hunched over and a cop kneeling over him.

At this point, several ambulances show up and he and his friends (who are both next to the unconscious) are sped to the hospital, and the cops follow. His girl, who had called the cops and must have been out there the whole time, is bawling and I take her in a cab to the hospital.

We sit in the waiting room for a long time, until they eventually let us see him. He’s on a bed in a room, crying his eyes out. The nurse gives us an eye roll and says, “He’s fine.” A cop is there trying to get some semblance of a story out of him, but the intoxicated blubbering is making it impossible.

Having been the only sober witness, I tell him what happened, but not wanting to have my friend be charged with attempted murder, I leave out the part where he brought the steak knife to the fight.

The cop eventually leaves the room, and his girl and I spend an hour trying to calm him down and get him to stop crying, while he keeps buzzing the nurse every 5 minutes to get him some more fruit cups. He eventually sobers up and calms down and around 7 AM I take a cab back to the apartment.

I wake up around 2 PM and walk into the living room to find him and his two HS friends sunken into the couch.

My roommate is in the process of framing the torn, bloody T-shirt he was wearing the night before. I guess as a trophy.

I had already lost a lot of respect for him during the events of the night before, but this put a cap on it. At the end of the year, he went back home a week before we had to move out and left our other roommate and me to clean up our disaster of a college party apartment.

He had left his vacuum cleaner, which we threw out because we didn’t know what else to do with it. After learning of the loss of the vacuum he became irate with me, and never spoke to me again, because I was “not sorry enough about it.””

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5. It's Hard Living With Someone Who Threatens Your Life

“Not me, but my wife (at the time – partner); In college, she lived with 3 other girls in an apartment. The apartment complex was actually brand new and pretty nice.

Each of the rooms had a mini-fridge and a small kitchen sink in addition to the main kitchen in the great room.

Despite having bad roommates before, my partner had grown to like the girls for being such an eclectic mixture of people.

There was the redneck girl who was somewhat of a country belle but carried a snub-nosed pistol for safety. The Shy girl was a naive, book-smart introvert who seemed a bit too young for college. We actually didn’t know she was from another country in the middle-east until months later. The third was The Crazy girl who, at first, was your typical extrovert with aspirations of sorority life.

Typical to most random-roommate living situations, each person had their own set of dishes, while some of the items of the apartment were communal. The couch and dining table in the great room were both my partner’s, leftover from her previous bad apartment experience.

My partner first started having issues with her things going missing.

It started with glasses and dishes and eventually, all the chairs to the table were gone.

While Crazy was out at class, the girls would occasionally check her room if the door was unlocked. Sure enough, they’d find their dishes and glasses piled on top of the dining-table chairs which were being used as dinner trays so Crazy could watch TV and eat her food in bed.

The conflicting schedules and the combined passive-aggressive nature of the other girls would leave them with the only option being carefully worded notes with friendly and casual tones.

Crazy, of course, flipped out every time she got a note.

She would go into her room and scream about how she lived with a bunch of girls and whiners

It was at about this time that my partner opted to start living in my apartment rather than her own, the ultimate in passive-aggressive doctrine… She would two or three nights a week stay at her old apartment to make sure her things were okay and that Country and Shy were okay.

It seemed each time she stayed there Shy and Country would come out of their rooms with horror stories of how things were getting worse.

They all were able to joke and laugh about it, but as soon as Crazy got home, they went back into their rooms and locked their doors.

Things escalated around the time of Mardi Gras. Crazy went with a bunch of friends to New Orleans.

As best as we were able to gather, she got so wasted that she literally lost her car. She ended up hitching a ride home, and to this day we don’t know what happened about the car. Crazy, now without personal transportation, instantly 180’d and tried to be the nicest person the other girls had ever known in order to bum rides everywhere.

Country, more out of pity rather than hopes of friendship, gave Crazy a ride… once.

Crazy indicated that she had a sorority event that she needed to attend and begged Country for a ride. Country relented and they headed out in what I assume was a typical redneck’s beat-up pick-up truck. Crazy then indicated that she needed to visit the bank first… then somehow convinced Country that they should get communal groceries.

Hours later Country realized that she had been tricked into running errands for Crazy.

It turns out that the “sorority meet-up” was actually a lunch meet-up with some guy. Country laughed about it with my partner and Shy while advising them to never give Crazy a ride anywhere.

Turns out Crazy’s specifications for male suitors were surprisingly lack… they needed to have a car. She settled for an over-middle-aged man who drove a piece-of-junk. I’ve only heard horror stories of the noises that would come out of their room, which I imagine have permanently ruined Shy.

There was a bit more in the trade than just hooking-up-for-car, as she allowed this 40+-year-old man to stay in the apartment even while she was gone at classes.

This, much to Crazy’s surprise didn’t sit well with Shy and Country who escalated the situation to the property managers.

The property managers attacked Crazy and forced her to evict the love of her life which is when she went super-crazy.

She started coming home from sorority events (which I’m pretty sure she was crashing now that her life was in such shambles there’s no way she could keep pace) completely intoxicated and would throw things at the barricaded doors of Country and Shy. She would leave notes telling them that she was going to murder them in their sleep or start a fire and burn the apartment down.

On more than one occasion they would wake to find burnt matches under their doors.

Well after a few days of this they went to the police to investigate their options. I’m kinda fuzzy about what happened seeing as, at this point, my partner refused to go back to the apartment (and her absence allowed her to dodge the majority of threats to her life and police interaction).

It was pretty much Country fighting this battle alone while Shy hid in her room and cried to her parents who lived on the other side of the world.

Well to wrap things up, Crazy vanished (was evicted? arrested?) but had enough time to smash all the dishes of all the other roommates, including two crystal wine glasses my partner inherited. My partner graduated and I transferred out. We found out later that Crazy, while still driving her soul partner’s junk mobile, came across Shy who was walking across a cross-walk at an intersection on campus and tried to run her over.

Luckily Shy was only slightly hurt and Crazy was definitely arrested.

My partner had terrible luck with roommates/apartments and has other stories if anyone actually read my whole spiel.”

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4. Yeah... Please Don't Bring Your Scary Partner Over

“Made the mistake of renting my first apartment with a chick who I’d only known for about 3 months, but with whom I’d become very close very quickly.

I was 20 and she was 23.

She ended up seeing some scumbag dude from a very sketchy neighborhood on the opposite side of our city. He was an absolute butthole.

They fought often and I received not a few phone calls from her in the middle of the night, intoxicated off her butt, and begging me to come to pick her up.

She usually didn’t know where she was but wanted to get away from him. It was always on nights when I had to be up early for either school or work.

He also punched 2 holes in one of her bedroom walls when they got into an altercation in our apartment. Thankfully I wasn’t home for that one.

What sealed the deal for me not wanting to live with her anymore was when we had a Halloween party and only a few folks showed up.

She went down to a neighborhood bar to rally a few more people to come over. I stayed at home and drank some drinks that she’d gotten for us. Her man was there and was angry that she’d left to find more attendees, some of whom were guys… one of whom had a blatant crush on her.

The dude ended up sitting on her bed, crying and ranting that he thought she was unfaithful to him, and I sat on the floor with a buzz and covered in makeup, trying to reassure him that she wasn’t and attempting to calm him down.

It didn’t work and eventually, he said, “Screw this!” and reached into his overnight bag and pulled out a semi-automatic weapon.

He racked the slide and left the room. He went to confront my roommate and this other dude.

I sat on the floor in a daze, thinking that I’d somehow just made myself an accomplice to a murder. That the cops would be called, and that I’d be in even MORE trouble with the cops for drinking underage.

Thankfully, the situation somehow deescalated and no one was hurt, but that was the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back. It took about a week for me to summon up the courage to tell her that I didn’t want her man to come around anymore. She insisted that she paid half of the rent, therefore half of the apartment was hers, and that she could invite over whoever she wanted.

It took about another week for me to tell her that I didn’t want to live together anymore. She was FURIOUS.

She refused to leave and told me that I’d have to be the one to go. I ended up calling the landlord and explaining to him everything that had gone on in that apartment with my roommate and her man. He came one afternoon while she was at work and I had the day off.

I showed him the physical evidence (holes that she’d covered up with posters) and filled him in on the rest (there’s more to this story, but I’ve mentioned the biggest indiscretions).

He called her and told her that they needed to talk, giving her the heads-up that he’d be at our place when she got home.

She arrived and tried to avoid him, even though she had to walk past him through the living room to get to hers.

He demanded that she come and talk to him in the living room. She eventually relented once he’d asserted his landlord authority. He called her out on the stuff that had happened, she denied everything at first until he told her that he’d seen the holes in the wall and was, therefore, more inclined to believe me.

She started crying and fessed up to everything. He told her that she had a week to vacate.

I left for that week, moving back to my mother’s with my cat and valuables (in case she decided to exact some sort of revenge on my pet or possessions, which wouldn’t have surprised me in the least).

I came back to find her things gone… along with some of my art supplies and half of my dishes.”

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3. We Should Have Never Gotten A Job Together

“For me to list all of the reasons why my roommate is a jerk and I hate her would be a whole separate rant, so this is specific to our job.

It started in September. I work at our school’s equipment checkout for the communications department, and this includes sometimes being scheduled for the front desk of the computer labs. She said she’s always wanted to work there, and we were hiring (by recommendation ONLY).

So I gave her my boss’s email. When I asked if she applied; she admitted she forgot, so I helped her out and told her to email my boss that she’s free during the shifts I knew she wanted to be filled. I also told her to mention she’s my roommate since I’m very close with my boss.

First of all, she REFUSES to let me carpool with her to work (I don’t have a car).

The other day, we walked out of our apartment together for our shift at the same time. I saw her visibly holding her keys and asked if she was driving, and she said, “Umm, I don’t know,” then BOOKED IT to her car!! I texted her saying what gives, and she went off on ME for “inviting myself” in her car and how I’m not entitled to a ride.

WE ARE LEAVING THE SAME PLACE, GOING TO THE SAME PLACE, AT THE SAME TIME! She said gas and parking cost a lot, so I don’t get to ride with her, but I have offered to split both. And she’s way better off than me financially/wouldn’t have this source of income without me. It’s literally a 5-minute drive (not even because we work on campus) versus a 15-minute walk, and I’m disabled.

Meanwhile, I’m scheduled in the equipment station (while she’s scheduled for the front desk), so if I could avoid doing labor before more labor, that would be great, but she said just take the shuttle. What the flip?! HOW HARD IS IT TO LET ME SIT IN YOUR CAR WITH YOU IF YOU’RE ALREADY DRIVING?! Plus, I introduced her to one of my sorority sisters (another huge mistake), and she is OBSESSED with her.

Will bend over backward again and again (this is part of the much bigger issue.) The other day, she literally said, “I’m driving to work if you want a ride on the way,” but can’t even drive me when I WORK WITH HER.

Second, she straight up doesn’t take the job seriously. The other day, she texted in our group chat with our other roommate, and the sorority sister like, ‘Omg, guys.

I’m sooo stupid, hahahaha’ because it turns out for as long as she’s been working here, people have constantly come in to ask if we have SD card readers, and she told them no, but the other day, she “looked at our list of responsibilities and saw that we do.” WHY WAS LOOKING AT THE RESPONSIBILITIES NOT THE FIRST THING YOU DID? IT’S ALSO LIKE THE ONLY REAL RESPONSIBILITY OF THE FRONT DESK! And she kept treating it as a joke like it was so funny of her.

IT’S NOT! Students need that equipment! A girl literally came into the checkout area and asked for one, and I told her we had them upstairs at the computer labs only for my dumb as rocks roommate to tell her we didn’t (that’s what inspired her to actually look at the responsibilities but only after the girl left). That was Tuesday.

Today, she said a girl brought in $20 that she found on the ground, and instead of taking it to the lost and found, they SPENT IT ON COFFEE AND DONUTS FOR THEMSELVES! Granted this was her whole shift and not just her, but she was like, “Omg, I’m so happy.

I got free coffee.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That girl obviously didn’t know where the lost and found was, so she brought it to us to take. If someone was going to pocket the $20, it should have been the girl who found it and not my dumb coworkers who I have half a mind to report because that’s jacked up. When I asked why she didn’t take it to the lost and found, she said, “Oh, OP.

Please” and “Relax, OP.”

Also, she exclusively talks to me in either demeaning or passive-aggressive ways, and I had a talk with her about it a week ago, but that obviously didn’t get through her thick skull. She’s also CONSTANTLY texting me to ask where things are/how to do certain things, and I’m like, text our freaking supervisor. One time, my boss walked in on her eating IN THE DARK.

Honestly, we aren’t allowed to eat, but everyone does it anyway, but why the heck did she have the light off?

I’m also not allowed to say that I got her the job because she gets really angry that “it makes her feel like she wasn’t qualified” even though, 1. I literally did get her the job, 2. SHE EVIDENTLY ISN’T QUALIFIED BECAUSE SHE’S TERRIBLE AT IT, and 3.


In addition, she has an attitude all the time and was rude to our boss. Our boss had me go to the desk with her to help with something while my roommate was on shift there. We were trying to talk to her/make jokes (not at her expense), and she legit was like, “Okay, you guys can leave now.” Like…? I’m actually embarrassed to be associated with her.

I hate her. Every one of my friends who has met her has hated her. I’m so happy she’s graduating, so I can tell my boss how much I hate her once she’s gone.”

Another User Comments:

“Listen, if I had read this entire thing, I would’ve had a heart attack from all my anger. I stopped at her refusing to give you a ride. I then scrolled to the end and saw she’ll be leaving soon. I’m happy to hear that, and hopefully, your boss doesn’t give her a good reference for her next job.” futuremrsjonas

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2. They Just Won't Help Pay The Bills

“This story takes place a couple of years back. During college, I lived with several roommates. All of them were nice, and we got along… Well, except for this one idiot. Let’s call her Karen.

She is a loud-mouthed, stupid, egocentric jerk who has a face that could scare the life out of a toilet.

She would never clean up after herself. She would always leave her plates and things at the spot where she last used them.

I have lost count of how many times I caught her stealing my clothes without asking. Yet, if you touch her clothes, she loses her lid on you. She would drink our lactose-intolerant roommate’s almond milk, and any time we confronted her for drinking it, she would shrug and say, “I only had a sip. Stop being so stingy.” She plays her music loud at night, invites strangers without giving any heads up, a time or two she didn’t pay rent even though her parents are FILTHY RICH and she even wears luxury Gucci shoes and Prada, and Karen also freaking lies about everything even things that are not worth lying about.

Like, if she woke up at 7, and you ask her, she’ll lie through her flipping teeth and say she rose with the sunrise because she is a natural. (P.S., this is something I actually heard her say to her parents while she was Skyping them…. So cringy. Who the heck says that? But I digress.)

Months we have freaking put up with her, and of course, we tried to get other roommates, but, unfortunately, when we all moved in, everything, all documents, and contracts were done in her name, so kicking her out would require a lot of effort, and most of us were busy with school and work, and life happens.

So, we ignore it as much as we can and try to move on.

We were now all seniors and in our final semesters, meaning graduation was coming, AND Karen is planning a backpacking trip across Europe with her friends as a graduation gift to herself. This is important, so remember this.

One of our roommates and my closest friend, Sasha, has had a crush on a guy that lives down the hall.

Any time the two of them are together, Sasha and the guy keep giving each other googly eyes and blushing faces; it was sooo cute. Sasha is a verbally autistic person and has never gone out with anyone because she has a hard time socializing and understanding social cues and subtlety, which let’s face it, is the core of seeing someone, especially flirting. But with a lot of encouragement from me and the final roommate, Lola, we got her to ask him out.

He said yes. She was so happy, you guys. She flew back into the apartment and did an hour of happy dance with her arms flailing about and a grin on her face. Needless to say, we were all so happy.

Karen caught wind of this, and it just so happens that at that time, she was having relationship problems. I guess her man finally realized he was seeing human garbage.

Not one to be outshined, Karen behind all of our backs went to the guy’s place and spun lies about Sasha, saying she is a serial affair-haver and even made a fake account for Sasha’s so-called man. The guy never called Sasha, and eventually, weeks passed by, and he told us why, but by then, Sasha felt like the damage was done and lost interest in him.


This level of jerkiness and bloody pettiness is the straw that finally broke the camel’s back, and I vowed I wouldn’t freaking leave until I served my slice of justice.

Here’s another character that you must know about: Professor C. His wife two years ago was in a horrible car accident, and as a result, is now in a wheelchair. This is especially problematic because she was a stay-at-home mom who took care of their two kids with disabilities, and they have a toddler at home.

Homelife is a mess for him. He is running ragged between working and single-handedly is taking care of his family.

The uni took pity and also feared the workload would cause one of their best and most beloved teachers to leave, so the school struck a deal with him to help him out.

In all of his classes, there would be quizzes and midterms; this doesn’t change, but the assignments you submit, he corrects at the end of the year.

This is important because our uni normally has zero-tolerance on professors who don’t constantly update the students’ course works so that students have the chance to improve their grades.

Karen, the lazy and stupid jerk she is, is somehow skating through his assignments, even though they require a ton of research and writing. I accidentally learned that one of her older friends told her that she only needs to submit the paper on its due date and only write the first 3 pages and use a paraphrasing tool for the rest of the paper, so the plagiarism software won’t detect it and would think its original material, and when the end of the year comes, she’d submit a hard copy but with the first pages being her actual work and the rest being completely plagiarized, professional work.

Professor C. wouldn’t know because the likelihood a man as busy as him would be thoroughly checking the work of 120+ students is pretty low.

I grinned. A plan was beginning to formulate in my head. She is going down! All semester-long, I let her do this for all of the 7 papers, one of them which is a term paper that has 20% on it alone.

All the while, I spied and gathered all of her passcodes, social media, her student ID, everything.

The end of the year came, and I compiled all of her assignments, both the original one with the paraphrasing tools she used to circumvent plagiarism and the one she finally handed them in, and I even made photos where there is a side-to-side comparison of the assignments.

This is a good start but not enough.

So, one day chilling in the living room, I open a conversation about relationships, and Karen is two-timing her new man and is sleeping with some other person. So, I ask her questions like, “Don’t you feel guilty for being unfaithful?” and “You do realize this is wrong?” and I even paraphrase my words in a way that is vague but also clear. For example, I would say, “It’s not fair.

So many people work so hard every day to be successful, and you are here having affairs and lying your way to success.”

Karen, narcissistic as heck, would respond with snippets of, “I don’t care” and how she isn’t having an affair and that she is only having fun and that everyone does it so why not her too.

This is too good to be true. Even her answers are vague.

It’s like God put his hand on my shoulder, looked me right in the eyes, and said, “Bury this idiot,” and I’d be damned if I didn’t.

As you probably have guessed by now, I was recording EVERYTHING. The recording plus the photos and with her assignments were more than enough evidence, I sent an anonymous email to the professor, and I tell the girls so that they can prep for the crazy storm that’s coming.

Three weeks later, the results are out. She failed and LOST HER MARBLES. She was screaming, crying, wailing, what a sight to see! You best believe the girls and I were laughing. She tried to talk to the prof, but he was not having it.

She cried and begged for a second chance, but he said a hard no. So, now she has two options: she goes ahead and doesn’t graduate with us and takes on a whole other semester for one measly course, or she has to take a summer course and cancel her trip to Europe, which, mind you, she spent a lot on, something like $13,000, and I know it could have been much cheaper, but Princess Karen only wanted the best.

The next couple of weeks, she had sleepless nights because she was calling and canceling all the reservations she made, BUT (again, God really was out for blood that day) because the cancellation was so close to her trip most places refused to refund, or some charged her cancellation fees.

She only managed to scrap $5,500 back together, losing $7,500.


But it’s not over. Having damning evidence, I, with earned gusto, told her she was going to pay all of the bills until we moved out, which was in two months.

This was payback for all the times she was late on a payment or defaulted, and she would, from now on do her part of the house chores or else I’m going to send it all to the admin and faculty dean, and she will for sure be kicked out, and all those uni years will have been for nothing.

She hated it; she freaking threw tantrums and cussed me out, but my God, if she didn’t do what she was told… She cleaned her stuff, apologized to Sasha for what she did, I forced her to come clean to her man (I don’t know the guy, but the few times I met him, he was super sweet to us, and I felt bad for him), and I watched her actually do the dishes for the first time in like years.

It was flipping amazing, and I don’t regret it one bit. In fact, anytime I feel sad now as an adult, I kick back my feet and reminisce, and a slow grin draws itself upon my face.”

Another User Comments:

“Is it just me who is bothered about Prof C requiring work to be turned in throughout the semester even though it won’t be graded until the very end? I feel horrible for Prof C and his family and totally agree that accommodations should be made.

However, I always thought it was a jerk move for profs who made work due and then not grade it in a timely manner anyway. I think more reasonable solutions would have been 1) Have TAs (grad students/other profs in the dept helping out, etc.) help grade or 2) Prof C makes all work due at the end since students won’t receive helpful feedback anyway, and we’re all adults here. (If you can’t manage your time, not my problem.)

Sorry, this was slightly unrelated, but I wanted to see if anyone else was also unreasonably annoyed about this.” dailyprocrastinating

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1. Refuses To Treat Me Like A Human

“So I moved into a space when the previous roommate decided to move in with her partner. I found this post on Craigslist and the price + location makes it an unreal steal. The place is huge with bedrooms and living, dining, and kitchen areas plus a spare room for storage. There is a back porch that connects to the posted room with a clear amazing view of the city skyline.

It was posted for an October move in during the end of August, so a full month before they had to make a decision. I interviewed with the one I’d be living with and the girl moving out. They were both very nice and the conversation was easy. I let them know right away I’d love to move in if they thought we’d be a good fit.

That week I was told I’d gotten the spot and could not have been happier.

Then I move in and the things I thought you normally talk about in a shared living situation turned out to be a real struggle for conversation engagement. Like where appliances should go or where my common area furniture should be. Which items I had that were ok for community use (electric kitchen equipment, tech entertainment, etc.), and if there was anything I shouldn’t use.

The entire time I was moving in, my new roommate would not come out of her room. I had to go to her door to talk to her. My previous roommate (and now friend) was helping me move in. He admitted that it was awkward and she seemed really antisocial. That’s when I started to get worried and knew I wasn’t crazy.

For the first months now, I have noticed that my roommate does everything in her room: watches shows (which is weird to me since we have a tv in the living room that is hers) and eats there too.

Like she will make her meals in the kitchen and take them to her room even though we have a dining room. Anytime I talk to her, she has a look on her face like she’s in pain. I say hi and goodbye on arrival or departure and she does not even respond. When I text her, it’s about a 50% chance she will respond at all.

At one point, I asked her what her previous roommate situation was like, and she said she generally liked people that keep to themselves. I get that (or I can respect it), but is it really too much to ask someone to just be polite in a very basic way if we live together?

At first, I thought she was just an introverted person but I have since seen her with 2 friends she’s had over (without asking – but I don’t care about that), and they introduced themselves because she pretended I didn’t exist while they were there.

It disturbs me that they were more polite to me than she’s been the entire time I’ve lived there. It also made me genuinely hurt to also see she was fully involved in a conversation with them and smiling without that look of pure disdain she reserves for me when I talk to her.

This has manifested in me trying extra hard to get her to be nice – I regularly do all the dishes/put them away, buy supplies for the place, clean common areas.

It’s like I’m trying to figure out why she doesn’t like me and trying to do everything I can to get her to.

I think this would be less strange to me if it weren’t for the fact that my previous roommate and I had been complete strangers when I moved in as well and became fast friends. We got along great and would have meals together or just hang out in the common areas.

I was really sad to move, but my room there was tiny and had no closet, so most of my stuff was in storage which was a real pain.

I don’t necessarily expect the same thing or need to hang out with her, but I am seriously starting to feel like a leper in my own home. I feel like she deliberately avoids me and is trying to distance herself by being unfriendly.

I try to engage her in conversation once in a while (taking full note that she probably doesn’t want me to be a friend, so I’m just trying to be polite like I would with a coworker or acquaintance), and she will flat out not respond or give one-word answers. I might be sensitive, but I feel like it shows a real lack of respect when someone can’t give you the courtesy of a simple hello.

We live together, we aren’t strangers on the street.

I know I will need to address this cause it is slowly chipping away at my emotional state, but I don’t know how to ask her. I know it could be much much worse, but I also don’t see why this can’t be better. I don’t think I’m asking for much and it especially hurts that I’ve seen that she is capable of being friendly with others; she just chooses to treat me like this.

I just don’t want to make it worse.”

Another User Comments:

“I think you need to redirect your energy to other people. Being roommates doesn’t equal friendship and she doesn’t have an obligation to be your friend. I used to have roommates I wish never talked to me. But I do also enjoy knowing and having fun with people I live with. She could be dealing with depression or anxiety or many things.

I ignored some girls I used to live with because I was in an abusive relationship (long distance so none of my roommates met the guy). I’m sure to them, it seemed like I just stayed in my room and didn’t do anything. The reality was I had such anxiety and was constantly in fight or flight mode. I could not even imagine talking to my roommate, let alone become friends with them.

I would suggest asking her if you can set a time to talk about basic roommate stuff. She may say no and that is okay. You will have to adjust your expectations. And if that relationship isn’t what you want, you will have to move on. I would see it as a blessing. You have a house to yourself essentially. Not everyone wants to be friends and that is okay.

She has the right to ignore you and you have the right to ask her questions when she is out of her room. But I think you will have to adjust. She isn’t your old roommate. She is her own person and may just want to be left alone. I know roommates I’ve had that talked way too much and didn’t get the hint I did not want a relationship or friendship or even a roommate ship.

Decide if this is a dealbreaker for you.

Can you get your emotional needs filled with other people? Can you adjust to living essentially alone? If this is a dealbreaker, I would move on to another place. But no one can guarantee you will get along or not. I think it’s important to label your needs and you can express that to her. But try to respect her boundaries as well. It looks like she doesn’t want to be friends and that is nothing to do with you. Like I mentioned before, we do not know what she is dealing with. I hope you are able to figure out what you need from this situation and make it work for you.” theravesholm88

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chhu 1 month ago
This is in response to theravesholm88: did you even read the post? OP isn't asking roomie to be BFFs, just to be polite.
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