People Share Their Best Cases Of “You Picked The Wrong Person To Mess With”


These days, picking on anyone can be an ugly mistake. You just never know what that person you’re messing with is capable of, what types of connections they have, and who they are. They might be a black belt in karate, close friends with a couple of 6’5″ wrestlers, or even be a multi-billionaire quick to take you to court to get the matter legally resolved when you’re as broke as a joke. Depending on who it is you mess with, the consequences might become traumatic very quickly. It’s not until the consequences actually occur that you realize you’ve selected the wrong person as your victim.

But for some lucky individuals, they might get away with verbally or physically attacking another person, that is, if the victim is meek, mild, and not willing to fight fire with fire. We see this a lot in television shows and movies featuring school scenes. It seems like the big, bad bully always gets away with shoving the smallest student in school into a tiny locker or that the rich, arrogant cheerleader always gets the last word after verbally tormenting the underclassmen.

However, people don’t get away with their actions in the following stories. Instead, the perpetrator of the story finds themselves in an unfortunate situation after making someone else upset, whether it be another student, a partner, a customer, or even a random person on the street.

As an aftereffect of their action, words, or even lack of action, the bad guy of these stories often ends up bloody and/with a missing body part, with an unaccomplished goal, or even just straight-up embarrassed.
29. Never Mess With A Marine


You get what you deserve.

“My brother-in-law (let’s call him Pete) just came back to the south side of Chicago from California.

He took his future wife on their first date together. It was memorable.

After the typical dinner and a movie, they parked near a lake and walked down a hill to sit on a blanket and talk.

After 30 minutes, they heard his car alarm go off and saw two men breaking the windows of his recently purchased vehicle.

Pete took off running up the 300 yards to his car screaming at the thieves. They took off running in separate directions. Pete veered after one of them.
Even with a large head start Pete chased him down and eventually tackled the thug in someone’s front yard. In a matter of seconds, Pete had removed the guy’s belt and hogtied him. Hands and feet were bound together.

The homeowners came out and called the police. The police arrived and listened to the thug screaming, ‘I want to press charges!,’ ‘This is inhumane!,’ ‘Free me now!’

The police conducted their interviews of what happened and quizzed Pete about why he did what he did.

He explained it was the safest thing he could do given the circumstances.

His date / future wife had shown up earlier to get the keys and drive his car back to the neighborhood where the police cars were now located.
As the police were taking the thief away in handcuffs they passed by Pete’s car, and the cop said to the detainee, ‘Let me give you some advice. See that sticker in the back window that says ‘Semper Fi?’ You NEVER want to break into those cars.’

Yeah, Pete had just returned from the Marines.” Rich Henderson

28. I Bought All The Corn Muffins, So She Couldn’t Have One


Kind of sad that the corn muffins went to waste, but man, this story is hilarious.

“There was a very loud and obnoxious pregnant woman talking on the cell phone standing behind me in a donut shop. I turned around to look a few times. The woman noticed, and after I did that a few times, she gave me the middle finger.
She was going on and on and on and on, but in the middle of her conversation, she mentioned to the person she was talking to that she was dying to have a corn muffin.

When it was my turn to place my order, I told the person behind the counter what I wanted, and that included EVERY SINGLE CORN MUFFIN they had available for sale at the store at that particular time.

The woman behind noticed was I was doing and tried to object. To my delight, the cashier told her she could not, not sell me what I was asking for.
Close to 30 dollars later, I put all my paper bags filled with corn muffins on the ground, stomped on all of them and proceeded to dump them all in the trash.

My ice coffee was delicious.” Mario Mendes

27. She Accidentally-On-Purpose Spilled Her Hot Coffee On His Groin


“This is not my story but is my wife’s, and I love it…

She had bashed the glass ceiling in her organization, becoming the first female VP in the organization.

In her role, she was involved in a range of business and outreach activities…

When headed to one of the public events that she was expected to represent her organization, she was sharing the back seat of a car with a public figure who had been a prominent politician. He was also known for being a bit ‘grabby’ with the women.
In the back seat, my wife felt his hand ‘exploring’ her thigh… She told me later that she thought about what to do, and then a moment of quiet inspiration took hold. She was holding a cup of coffee, and as the limo made its way through some rough streets, she ‘accidentally’ lost her grip on her coffee.

It somehow magically flew a couple of feet and spilled hot coffee on a part of the male anatomy that really does not appreciate scalding hot water….

The groping ceased. Given that it was an ‘accident,’ there was no discussion about the inappropriate ‘touch and grab’ moment, but the pol had no course but to accept my wife’s profound (and utterly insincere) apology… So, the pol had a lap of scalding hot water, followed by speaking at a podium on with a more than mortifying stain on his suit pants. My wife told me that it took all that she had to keep from snickering the entire time he was speaking, and she was very aware that a number of individuals in the audience were focusing on that dark, ‘below the waist’ stain, that ran from his crotch down the pant leg.

There was a ‘next time’ with this public figure… However, it seems that he had, at least with my wife, lost his lust for ‘touchy-feely’ moments…” Eric Lautzenheiser

26. He Should Have Closed His Sunroof


“I once had a client who was, literally, the strongest man I’d ever seen. Harry was well-built and about 6′4″. Even though he was large to begin with, his sheer strength to size ratio was off the charts.

One day we were driving in the car together, and a guy in a Mercedes cut Harry off in traffic. Then, Harry expressed his displeasure at this move by honking his horn.

The Mercedes guy proceeded to flip him off and pulled over. I guess he was looking for a fight.
He got out. Harry got out. He was about 6′ tall and pudgy, but not small by any means. However, once Mercedes guy saw Harry, he hurriedly returned to his car. He forgot one thing: the sunroof was still open.

Harry, usually a fairly reasonable guy, was beyond p*ssed off. He went up to the guy’s car, PULLED him out THROUGH THE SUNROOF, put him on the street, turned him upside-down and STUFFED him back in his car, once again through the sunroof.

I’ve never seen anything like it before or since.

Harry has since passed away, but it was an awesome sight!” Rachel Fefer
25. He Wished He Never Honked At That Elderly Woman

JD Weiher

“The whole episode took less than a minute but made a lifetime impression on me. Before Miami Beach was cool, I used to hang out down there because $3 got you a humongous plate of Cuban food plus a huge Mango milkshake. The beach scene was of old hotels painted yellow, orange, pink, turquoise, etc. and old people, mostly elderly women in housecoats.

One day, an elderly woman was slowly crossing A1A when the light turned green. Some guy in a spiffy fast car got impatient and honked the car horn at the old lady, who wore a pink-and-white, almost see-through housecoat and carried herself bent with age.

‘A**hole,’ I thought.
She came to a sudden stop in front of his car, brought herself to her full height, turned her head and looked at him. More accurately, she looked right through his car, clothes, and eyes to his soul. She found it wanting. He was small. She stood there staring at him, which seem to make him anxious, so he backed up to maneuver into the other lane and slowly drove around her.

I realized then that it was highly likely that the green discoloring on her wrist was her prisoner number in WWII, and she survived that however she did.

Her reaction to some punk was wordless, ‘Bring it, just f*cking bring it.’ She knew he was a coward, and after that episode, I knew it and so did he. She bent back down, gathered her small bag, and finished crossing the street.
Less than a minute left me with unwavering respect for the deceptively frail elderly.” Chester Zellen

24. She’s A Sweet-Looking Undercover Champ


“Different kind of story:

At work, I had a chessboard and would play with various people during lunch. None of us were particularly great or anything, it was just a fun diversion. One day one of my co-workers came up, an older woman who was always very sweet and quiet, and asked if I wanted to play a game.

She destroyed me. Like, it wasn’t even a close game. Towards the end, I would make a move and she would just say, in the sweetest tone possible, ‘Oh, are you sure you want to make that move?’

Turned out she had actually competed in some chess tournaments when she was younger, and both of her sons were active competitors.” KirTakat

23. They Tried To Cheat Us Out Of The Right Hotel Room


The customer is always right.

“My wife and I pulled up to a nice chain hotel with our baby daughter and I went to check us in. We had reserved a ‘Junior Suite’ with a separate room and a door since this stay was part of a marriage retreat, and our baby daughter wasn’t quite a great sleeper yet.

Better to ‘retreat’ without a child in the room, I say.
I take suitcases up to the room and discover a normal hotel room! No suite, no extra room, no door.

At the front desk, it’s negotiation time.

‘We reserved a suite, but this room is not one. Can you please move us to the correct room?’

‘Sir, this room is a Junior Suite, just like you reserved. It is a larger room with higher grade linens.’

‘That’s not what I reserved. The representative with whom I made the reservation understood and reserved a suite with an extra room and door.’

‘I’m sorry sir, but this is that room.’

‘Please, I would like to speak with your manager.’
‘Yes sir, hold on, I’ll contact her.’

She calls the manager, has a short conversation and comes back with, ‘The best we can do is an executive suite…for $45 more per night.’

That’s roughly 30–40% more than my reserved rate.

Not happy. Raising my voice.

‘That is not acceptable. Either you honor the reservation I made, or I’ll take my business elsewhere.’

‘Well, sir, you’re welcome to do that. It’s your choice.’

Hmmm. That worked out better in my head.

I turned around, huffed back to my car, and told my Jamaican wife what happened. Frustrated, I explained that I had done everything I could think of to get us the right room for our reserved price…and failed.
My wife got out of the car.

‘I’ll be right back.’

I watched her walk into the lobby, speak with the same lady for maybe three minutes and then walk back out to me, with the same look she had going in.

‘They wouldn’t give it to you, either, eh?’

‘Come on, let’s go in. I got new keys.’

‘What?! How?!’

The woman behind the desk told my wife that this was a reservation problem, not this hotel’s problem, so there was nothing she could do.

My wife paused, and said in her loud, stern, forceful, Jamaican Mama voice, ‘Oh this is not a reservation problem. This is a customer service problem! (Sterner, more accent) Does this hotel have a customer service problem?’
The manager-phone rings.

‘Ma’am? Yes, Ma’am. No, ma’am. I was, but… Yes, ma’am.’ (Hangs up)

‘I apologize for the misunderstanding, Ma’am. Here is the room you requested, at your original rate.’

If you’ve never seen the business end of an angry Jamaican woman, be glad, especially if that woman has dual Master’s Degrees in Clinical Social Work and International Mediation with a focus on negotiation.” Carl Meacham

22. He’s The Silent Brooding Teacher


“In high school, I took US History from a Vietnam vet.

He was a stern man with no patience for bullsh*t and a heart of gold. I loved his class. He presented history based on factual documentation and with as little bias as possible. He forced us to critically think and encouraged discussions regularly. His tests were always fifty multiple-choice, fifty true or false, and two timed essay questions. You always studied for those because the easiest part was the timed essay. There were no easy multiple-choice questions. For example, if it asked you the date of an event unless you knew the correct answer, all four answers made complete and total sense.

When the class did well, he baked us brownies. I’m not sure if they were delicious on their own merit or because we earned them, but God d*mn they tasted like victory. To this day, I’ve never had a more challenging or rewarding class.

The only sign of his service was a small banner that read ‘Army Ranger’ he kept posted on his window. From time to time he’d tell us silly stories about his unit, but kept most of his service secret. Some kids did some snooping and a rumor he had been tapped for Delta and was a sniper in Vietnam starting flying around school.

Aside from AP US History, he also taught Psychology as an elective. I signed up because I loved his classes (also brownies).
On the first day, he handed out syllabuses and gave a brief overview of the things we would be covering. When he finished he asked if there were any questions we would like answered. I think part of the reason I loved his AP class was my classmates. We were all there because we wanted to be and took our academic pursuits seriously. Psychology was not the same batch.

This moron kid (who I recently found out is incarcerated on multiple DUI counts as well as domestic abuse and possession with intent to distribute) raised his hand.

He asked how many men, women, or children he had killed in Vietnam and whether or not he had kept ears as trophies. Immediately, everyone in the class knew how incredibly f*cked this kid was. There are some lines you don’t cross, especially when you’re talking to a guy who had a heart attack and a week later was out running ten miles (a light jog, as he put it).
The teacher handled it professionally and said he was only taking questions pertinent to the class. The kid followed up with: “So like twenty or what?”

You know that moment when you drop a glass and realize there’s nothing you can do to save it? The only you can do is brace for the impact.

Imagine that moment lasting longer than it takes for a glass to fall. Imagine it felt that way for a full minute. Two minutes. An hour. A lifetime. That’s how it felt in that room. Everyone looked intently at their belly buttons while we waited for the hammer to drop. Well, everyone except for me. My eyes were squarely on my teacher.
He used to say that life is defined by the trying moments, the difficult ones; it’s easy to act morally and justly on a full belly. The mark of a man is how he handles himself under duress. His jaw clenched and lips tightened as he placed his hands firmly on the podium he lectured from.

He was a master of the slow blink and now employed it with devastatingly terrible connotations.

‘Mr. [redacted]. Please collect your belongings and see yourself to the office. I will be along shortly.’

The classroom sat in silence. We knew how it felt when he was disappointed we didn’t do better on a quiz. We knew how it felt when someone asked a boneheaded question. But this, this feeling here, was new. It was coals of anger restrained only by sheer force of will, it was rage incarnate.
‘What?’ The kid smiled and looked around at his silent classmates, ‘Did I say something wrong? Why do I have to go to the office?’

I wish I could say this kid had balls of steel, but all evidence points to the contrary; he had brains of mush.

‘Mr. [redacted],’ his voice was even and controlled, but radiated power, ‘you will collect your belongs and see yourself to the office right now…’ He repeated again slower and more clear, ‘or I will assist you in doing so.’

And then it hit. Like a tsunami wave crashing against the shore, he realized how much sh*t he really was in. He wasn’t being sent to the office because the teacher was angry, he was being sent to the office for his own well being. Finally breaking my sightline, I look at the kid. His face was pale and mouth slightly open, signifying the epiphany currently washing over him.

He quickly grabbed his stuff, not even bothering to put them in his bag and left.
My teacher took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and then said, ‘Are there any OTHER questions regarding my class?’

What I should have said was nothing. What I actually said was: ‘We still get brownies for doing well on tests, right?’

He looked at me with the same cold eyes my classmate had earned. My boisterous confidence shriveled under the gaze. I had taken the anger from being asked if during a war he had butchered innocents and redirected it unto myself with a smartass question. I would be joining my idiot counterpart soon.

He gave me a slow blink and said, ‘Everybody but you Mr. Kid, everybody but you.”‘He gave me a small rare grin as the class sighed and chuckled. ‘Please open your textbooks to page [somenumber] and begin reading. I have other ahem matters to attend to. I will return momentarily.’
The kid transferred classes that day. Three weeks later I received my first, last, and only personal pan of brownies for a perfect score on his test.” TheKoreanKid

21. I Knocked The Mugger Out


“Something that happened to me. Some background first. I am female, and at the time of the incident, I was 19, 5″7, and about 150 pounds, I was a student, I worked as a waitress, lived off-campus with a roommate, paid my own bills and I know how to throw a punch.

And this happened in broad daylight.

I had been dating a guy I’ll call Dave. Dave lived in Worcester, MA and I lived about 2 1/2 hours away in CT. We’d been dating for about 2 months. Dave told me he wanted to introduce me to his parents, who lived in another country, but they were coming to Boston. Dave said I could stay with him and his parents in Boston for the weekend and that his parents would pay for my hotel stay, meals, etc. Dave’s parents were rich, he was in school, had his own apartment, and his parents paid for everything.

He even had his own Amex card, and he was only 21. So I believed him.
I confirmed everything with Dave the night before. He didn’t want me to come stay with him the night before and ride to Boston with him; he said he had to work on a term paper. This should have been a red flag, but I ignored it. So the day came, I gassed up my car for the long drive to Boston. Since Dave told me his parents would pay for everything, and I was poor; I only brought enough money for gas, parking, and a little extra.

Dave and I had agreed to meet in Boston Common down by the swan boats because that was a central area, and we could go to the hotel from there. This was 26 years ago, so no GPS and no cell phones. I arrived at our meet up spot at the time we agreed on, sat down and waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, as I was about to go find a payphone to call the hotel, Dave shows up. He tells me to sit down; he has something to tell me….
He broke up with me. YES, HE BROKE UP WITH ME.

I don’t remember what exactly he said, but it ended with a, ‘Well, I hope you have a nice time in Boston!’

I was dumbfounded. I took time off of work (which I did not get paid time off) and used some of my very little savings for what I thought would be a nice weekend in Boston all to be dumped by a jerk who could have saved me the trouble by just dumping me over the phone the night before.

So he left me there on the park bench upset. When I had calmed down, I started to walk around the park a little to clear my head before driving home.

It was a bright clear day out, and there were a lot of people out.
All of a sudden, someone grabbed my arm hard and I felt something cold and small in the lower back. A male voice said, ‘Give me your money and jewelry or I will shoot you.’

I didn’t think, I just reacted. I whipped around and punched him in the face. His head snapped back, he let go of my arm, and I punched him in the gut, sending him sprawling on the pavement. Then I literally SAT on him and yelled for help.

The cops came, and he was arrested.

The look on their faces when they saw me sitting on him was priceless. He was a big dude. Probably a good 3 inches taller than me and at least 250 lb. His eye was swelling shut where I had hit him when they got there, one of the cops asked him if I had done that, and he just muttered, ‘Yes.’ The cop let out a laugh and said, ‘Well, looks like you deserved it.’
The cops are arrested him, and after I gave a statement, I left to go home.

I got a flat tire on the way home.

It was just not my day.

But that mugger definitely picked the wrong girl to mess with.” Emily Caravan

20. She Immediately Disarmed Him


I would PAY to see this.

“Whenever I was in between jobs, I would drive a taxi. I was living in Tampa at the time when I was laid off suddenly, so I went to the local taxi stand to ask about the local licensing laws when I witnessed this.

At the dispatcher’s desk was this tiny woman, maybe 4′10″ if that and really, really skinny. She spoke with a very soft voice and while giving me the directions I needed to get my hack in Tampa.

Then this really big guy comes storming into the office screaming really loud. From what I could understand, his cab broke down, and it took a while for the tow truck and he was losing money waiting for repairs.
He started demanding the dispatch staff assign him another cab or ‘Sh*t was gonna get real ugly.’ The tiny woman, who I now find out is the senior dispatcher in charge, calmly excuses herself from our conversation and walks over to him and very quietly and calmly tells him to just have a seat and wait for his car to be repaired. She said she will credit his lease for the day (which means he doesn’t have to pay a stand fee, and everything he makes is his).

Big dude isn’t having it, he starts to lean in on the little chick, and she doesn’t flinch. He screams in her face even more loudly and starts to threaten her with bodily harm, and still, nothing. She repeats herself again a few times, still speaking very calmly and quietly, which just appears to p*ss this guy off even more.
Big dude whips a gun out and sticks it in her face.

I have never seen anyone do this before or since, but she barely moved and took the gun right out of his hand, whoosh! Dude is just standing there in shock.

I am also standing there in shock, and this little chick, still very calm and now a little louder tells him, ‘Sit down, shut the f*ck up, and give me a minute to decide whether to let you keep working here!’ She then turns around and comes back to talk to me, smiling and still holding his gun by the barrel and asks if I have any questions in that very calm voice.
All I could ask was how she did that, took the gun away from him. She told me come back with my hack license, and she would show me.

I ended up finding another gig before my license went through, but I wish I would have went back to find out how she did that.” Linda Cooper

19. I Knocked The Bully’s Tooth Out


“I don’t pick fights, but I haven’t lost one yet.

I was in junior high school, middle school, whatever. This rather large kid was always picking on me and trying to humiliate me in front of my friends. He was in the same grade as me but he was a big boy. I, on the other hand, was skinny, awkward, and tall. I guess he thought it was the perfect person to pick on.

He did intimidate me, but I tried to ignore it for the most part.
One day, it was pouring rain during lunch break, so the students were permitted to use the computer lab (this was before internet) to play learning games or study. I went in to play a game, and this bully was there with his friends, calling me names and laughing at me. When I did not respond he started threatening me with a beating after the school day. I still offered no response. Inside, I was seething and wishing he would just stop it.

Then he walked over to me and punched me in the back of the head.

That did it. I stood up and backed him into the back of the classroom and punched him in the mouth so hard that I knocked out his tooth.
He didn’t wait for me after school like he had threatened, but his friends did, and they laughed when he didn’t show.” Cale Kavannaugh

18. His Dogs Nearly Tore His Attackers To Shreds


“The best example I’ve ever saw was when my boss, who was about 65 years of age, was walking along the beach with his two dogs. We were minding our own business when three youths started to mouth off. This didn’t seem to bother my boss too much.

We kept on talking as if nothing had been said.

The situation soon changed very quickly. One of the youths approached my boss and started to become violent. Swearing and cursing at him. It wasn’t long before a scuffle began. One of the youths started on me, striking me in the face. The other two started to punch and kick my boss. My inner man was frightened and l started to fight for my life. My boss was thrown to the ground and the two youths started to kick him.
Then things changed so fast. The two dogs came running to help their owner.

They latched onto one of the youths and they meant business. These two dogs started to tear this individual apart. They could drag this youth like a rag doll. The other two youths started to kick the dogs as hard as they could as they knew their mate was f*cked. One dog started to turn upon them. They had no hope. The dog grasped onto one of the youths’ forearms as he tried to protect his face.

Like the other dog, it would not let go. The one who was left standing started to panic and looked at me and my boss.

Both his mates have been hurt badly, chunks of flesh missing, blood everywhere. My boss and I looked at each other as to say, ‘What the f*ck is happening?’ My boss screamed at the dogs to stop, but they wouldn’t listen. The two dogs weren’t going to let go. We both thought they are going to kill these two people.
People started to gather now and could see that if something wasn’t done, these two are f*cked. A few brave men started to help and eventually got the dogs to stop. The two men who had been injured did need a hospital.

My boss did get into trouble for having his dogs off a lead, but nothing much else came of it. But what happened was so horrific; beware of angry dogs, they are not to be messed with.” Adrian Silvester

Another User Comments:

“You should never mess with a person who owns a dog, because if the dog sees you hurting his human, you are in big trouble. The dog will try to kill you in order to protect his owner, and the dog means business at that time; he wouldn’t stand down no matter what.
Your boss’s dogs didn’t listen to him because they went into beast mode to save him.

They must’ve thought if they didn’t kill those guys, those guys would kill their owner.” Parshuram

17. An Old, Leather Shoe Was His Choice Of Weapon


“One morning when I was 12, I was in the living room of my house with my father, my mother and one of my little sisters. I was sitting on the couch reading a book and my father was adjusting a pair of my leather shoes that I had recently outgrown. He was confident that after applying a leather shoe stretching liquid and flexing and extending the shoes I would be able to fit them again.
He applied the liquid and he began slowly and carefully bending and straightening my shoes over and over again.

I can still recall the strong smell of leather and rubbing alcohol that filled the room. My mom said “Richie would you open a window please?” Just then there was a loud knock at the front door.

My mother opened the door slightly and said, ‘Can I help you?’ A man replied, ‘The payment for your washer and dryer is late.’ He then suddenly pushed the door open, knocking my mother onto the floor at my feet.

I was shocked and frightened as I looked up from my mother to see an angry-looking large man walking into my house, with another man right behind him!
The man looked down at me and my mother as he walked through the door.

As I was looking up at him, suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw a blur of motion as my father sprung forward, swung and hit the man in the face with my shoe.

The shoe hit the man square in his jaw, and I saw him go flying through the air while he flipped upside down with his legs flying backward and over his head. He landed on the ground with a thud outside my front door.

The second man seemed to be turning to run out of the house when I heard a loud thud as my dad’s left hand crunched flush against his cheek.

I followed my father outside and I watched him as he helped the staggering men get to their feet. He held them up as he walked them back to their car. He opened their car doors and he heaved them inside.

Moments later we watched the car begin slowly driving away while the doors were still open while one of the men’s legs were still sticking out of the car door.

I walked back into my house and I tried on those leather shoes. They still didn’t fit.” Brian Richardson

16. He Tried To Get Away With Scamming Me Out Of $1,000


“I bought a new gadget on eBay.

Now I normally don’t buy from sellers with 100 or less reviews (I make sure I buy from those with at least thousands, so I don’t get scammed), but this guy’s offer was irresistibly tempting, and he has 50 plus reviews with recent ones stating he is a great seller.
So I took this guy’s offer, paid via PayPal (eBay is linked to PayPal), then waited for my gadget. Five days passed (seller hasn’t shipped my item), which is seller’s timeframe of delivery. Excuses, excuses, excuses. Then on the sixth day, the seller provides me a tracking number. He said he shipped the item, he insured it and it will come to me in 3-5 days.

Waited again until the fifth day for the item delivery. Finally, USPS delivered me the box. Literally just a box, an empty one. So yeah, I was scammed. First f*cking time. So I was like, ‘This guy should learn that he messed with the wrong guy, and I need my thousand dollars back.’
First thing I did was check out his email via the PayPal website (every transaction has eBay buyers’ and sellers’ emails.) I found him on Facebook, friended him, and took screenshots of all of his info and pictures. Next step was to call USPS to report the missing item (this is needed as USPS will do their own investigation whether it’s the deliveryman’s fault or the seller’s).

Next day, he sent an email to me asking, ‘Did you receive the item?’ to which I replied ‘No.’ He then requested me to email him a picture of an empty box, so he can file an insurance claim on the missing item and he is ‘sorry’ for the inconvenience.
I told him three things:

I will not send him a picture of an empty box and I already reported the claim to USPS

I will expose his scam to all of his Facebook friends. I told him I know his account and his company, which was indicated on his Facebook page.

I have reported him to eBay, PayPal, USPS and the local police.

(I really didn’t, just wanted to scare him.)

During my communication with him, I always addressed him using his complete name (it was a unique one), so he knows that I basically know all his personal details.

The scammer returned my money via PayPal after 10 minutes of all my scare tactics.
Now I have my new gadget bought from an eBay seller with 1000+ reviews.” dont_read_my_user_id

15. We Had Squirt Guns, They Had A Fire Hose


“When I was younger, my family would go rafting with a couple of other families down a very calm river. People would often bring some kind of squirt guns, and people would try and fire at people in other rafts.

Everyone on the river did this.

Well, one time we were floating by a very large group (at least 40+). They had all their rafts tied together, which were all covered by towels. We thought, ‘Oh boy, we should get them! Look at how many people there are! This will be epic!’ Mind you, this is 9-year-old mentality. Then, we issued the first strike.
This is where things went wrong. They shouted, ‘I wouldn’t do that!’ We had heard this before; an opposing raft issuing mild threats to get us to not fire our Tinker Toys squirt guns. Hence, we continued. Another warning, ‘I really wouldn’t do that!’ The measly firing ensued.

Then a loud ‘You’ve really done it now!’ And this is when I thought, ‘I messed with the wrong person.’

Suddenly, the sound of a generator came across the river. The group of 40+ unveiled all of the towels, only to display they had a fire hose. The pressure from the fire hose was insurmountable, and could easily reach the other side of the river. Our entire group was heavily doused in a matter of seconds. Needless to say, the squirt gun game ended quickly.” a_very_nice_lad
14. My 5’5″ Dad Made Three Dudes Regret Picking On Him


I guess they never heard of Little Man Syndrome.

“When I was fourteen, my dad took me to one of his favorite spots for a weekend of squirrel and rabbit hunting.

We had a great time with Dad teaching me how to survive when game is scarce. Anyway, my dad was not a drinker, but I guess in a small way he wanted to celebrate this moment of our bonding. On our way home, we stopped at this little bar in some small town in Western New York.

Dad just wanted a single beer and he ordered me a Pepsi. There were three big, good ol’ boys at the bar and they started making fun of my dad (5 foot 5 and 153 lbs).

They came over to our table and just would not let up on his small size. Anyway, as there was one on each side of my dad and one behind him, my dad was trapped.
I tried to get up, and they told me to ‘Sit down and sh*t up.’ The bartender started to call the cops. Before I could even blink my eyes, two guys were on the floor screaming and the guy behind my dad was passed out with a broken bloody nose!

Without warning, my dad had grabbed the crotches of the two men on either side and in the same movement rapidly stood up and slammed his head into the face of the guy leaning over behind him, all the while lifting and twisting the gonads of the other two.

The cop, who arrived a few moments later, talked to the bartender and then came over to speak to my dad. Cop: ‘Is there a problem, Sir?’
My dad’s response was priceless: ‘No, sir, the three problems are now yours!’ And with that, my dad finished his beer and we went home. He only asked me never to mention this to my mom, and I never did.” Steve Kumm

Another User Comments:

“I think many readers missed the remark on the tattoo. I used to live in S. Florida many years ago and had the opportunity to meet a holocaust survivor. She was a grandparent of one of my coworkers.

The story she told remains with me today. It’s hard to even fathom the evil she spoke of. The elderly lady in your story surely experienced worse. This was her day to walk in the park. Thanks for sharing!” Ray Moser
13. My Sister May Be Short, But She Can Throw A Punch


“My sister is somewhat short on stature (maybe 5′1” on a good day), but make no mistake; she knows how to look after herself.

Years ago when we were in our twenties, we visited a local bar in my neighborhood. The music was fairly loud and the bar quite busy. My sister stood behind two empty chairs, really high bar stools at the bar, and I went a few feet further on as I recognized a colleague from my office and went over to say hello.

After a minute or two, I headed back to join my sister.
At that moment my sister was trying to access one of the empty chairs at the bar, and it appeared that a nice young man nearby, early twenties and quite tall, was pulling out a chair for her to sit on. He smiled, a real gentleman.

My sister thanked him and prepared to settle into the chair. At the last possible moment, he quite intentionally yanked the chair away, and my sister hit the floor quite hard. It’s a good thing she didn’t fall backward as she would have hit her head on a floor as hard as concrete!

Before I could reach out to help her, my sister got up without assistance.

The jerk who had pulled this stunt was leaning forward, laughing. In a split second, my sister had wound up with her right fist, and as she rose from the floor, got him with a right cross directly on the jaw. Normally I do not condone violence, but this punch was a thing of beauty!
He reeled backward and landed on one of his friends who was sitting in a chair. The look on his face and those of his friends was priceless. Nearly knocked on his a** by a 5′1 woman!

Anyway, my sister had some choice words for him, and he and his friends took off.

Moral of the story – don’t mess with my sister!” Sharon Bowles

12. He Still Couldn’t Win A Fight Against His Father


“My oldest brother in ’69 had just finished combat training before being deployed to Vietnam. He was 5′10″ and always husky at a little over 200 pounds. When he came home on a two-week leave before deploying, he was ripped.
House rules had been set down by my father that curfew was 1:00 am. No excuses. Rick spent his first 3 nights with his buddies, hanging out until 3- or 4-o-clock before staggering home, waking everyone up. Dad put his foot down and called house rules for curfew.

Rick was outraged. Here he was, 20-years-old and getting ready to go to war. He felt it was his God-given right to stay out as long as he wanted.

He got the ‘dad look.’

Dad told him, ‘I’ve always told you boys, the day you can whip me, you can make the rules.’ Rick made his first mistake. He said ‘I think I can take you.’
Dad said they’d take it out to the back yard, so nothing in the house would get broken. Rick made his second mistake. He swung a punch at Dad. He ended up face down in the grass in a hammerlock, with Dad sitting on his head and shoulders.

Dad let Rick up and dusted grass off his shirt. Rick made his third mistake: he swung again. Instant replay. This time, Dad sat there a minute longer and bounced up and down a couple of times to get his point across.

They stood up and shook hands. Dad never hit him. He didn’t have to. Rick was home before 1:00 from then on. Dad wasn’t an imposing figure at 6 feet, 180 pounds. But by then, he’d been working on a fire truck, hauling around 4-inch hoses weighing hundreds of pounds, for 7 years. He also grew up on the west side during the depression.

When you saw him without a shirt, you couldn’t count the scars on his torso, not to mention the two circular puckered scars low on the left size about .32 inches in diameter.” Stephen Gregory
11. I Had All Of His Account Logins


Cruel but epic punishment!

“I used to have a friend, and he was an okay guy. Then one day, he decided to be an a**hole about EVERYTHING, from the music I listen to, the way I dress, and even my religion (something I don’t even talk about, so it’s beyond me how he even knew my beliefs). He wasn’t just being a f*cking around kind of a**hole, he was genuinely being a f*ckwit.

I told him politely to just stop and that the whole thing was uncalled for. He kept going on and on and on. Well, later that week, I got my revenge. I had his login for Xbox, Skype, Tumblr, and his phone number.
On his Tumblr, I posted that he ‘was proud to finally come out as a bisexual furry’ and wrote a whole two-page confession. Because he had the same password for everything, I was able to change his Skype password, so when people messaged him about being a furry, I could reply and ‘confirm’ it. Also, I have a buddy who knows how to hack on Xbox.

Had an aimbot and wallhack installed and played on his account until eventually he was banned.

As one last measure, I posted his number on a hooker ad on Craigslist saying he was a hooker called ‘Sasha Diamond.” I then dropped all contact with him.” drinkcoffeeplaygames
10. He Got A Little Too Close To A Biker


“Not me, but a friend I was traveling with. When I was 20, we were in a DCA drum corps for the summer, on our way to a show in PA or something. We had stopped at Wendy’s to eat. While we were there, a group of bikers (obviously part of a club) came in the same Wendy’s to eat.

They sat behind us. My friend decided to try to hit me with his straw paper. His attempt went right past me and hit a biker in the back of the head. We go dead silent, waiting for a reaction. Nothing. We let out a deep sigh of relief and continue eating.
As we are heading out the door, my friend decides to use the bathroom. I wait for him on the bus. A few minutes later he comes flying out of the Wendy’s, red-faced and looking terrified.

Apparently, a biker had met him in the bathroom, cornered him and explained, ‘I’m the nice kind of biker, so I’m going to let you off with a warning, but be aware that many bikers would be kicking your ass right now.

Get out of here.’

That was the end of shooting straw paper.” SigKapEA752

9. My Little Sister Made My Bully Bleed With A Lunch Box


For a first-grader, that’s pretty impressive!
“When I was in the 3rd grade I had a bully, Lester Furman, a 4th grader, who would ambush me on the way home, push me to the ground, sit on my stomach, pummel me for a few minutes, then get up and laugh at me while calling me a sissy. He was considerably bigger than me and I was afraid of him.

My sister, who was in the first grade was usually a block or so behind me because I didn’t want to get caught walking my little sister home.

My friends would all make fun of me if I did. Mom had always told me to walk with her but I seldom ever did.
This particular day, she came upon Lester sitting on me, pummeling me as usual. She was carrying her metal, square-sided, Cinderella lunch box that she’d gotten for her birthday. She ran to my rescue and hit Lester as hard as she could, right alongside his head with her metal lunchbox. He fell off me holding the side of his head. Blood was going everywhere. She had caught him right on the ear and cut him real good.

He ran off crying and howling.

Lester never bothered me again and I walked my sister home every day after that. We laugh about it every time we get together.
I hope Lester reads this.” Bill Pratt

Another User Comments:

“Different days indeed, man. These days, you’d have lawyers fast-roping out of helicopters, CNN would be on the scene, somebody’s civil rights would somehow be violated and half the internet would be outraged and arguing with the other half. ‘Here’s to the sunny slopes of long ago.'” Sean Barnes

8. He Kept A Bat By His Front Door


“Several years back my father, now passed away, was living by himself (my mother having died two years prior due to cancer) in North Carolina.

There had been a rash of people knocking on the doors of older people, and when they answered they would bum rush the door and proceed with beating and robbing the elderly homeowner. This happened to my father.
A little back story is required here. My father served in Korea and was an MP in the Marine Corp. He did not take sh*t from anyone. He had one of the biggest hearts of anyone I had ever met, but if you crossed him, may God help you. To wrap this up quickly, two were taken to the hospital and one was taken to jail after my father was finished and called the police.

He was old school and always kept a wooden bat by the front door.

The sad part is that if they had knocked and simply asked for some money, he probably would have given them work to do around the house or bought them dinner. Now, I know I did not ‘witness’ this, but I read the police report, and it painted a pretty clear picture.” John Reynolds
7. Quiet Girl Beat The Guy Until He Cried


Didn’t they ever tell him never to mess with the quiet kid?

“It was actually in middle school way back in the early 90s. There was a very quiet and reserved girl in my class who didn’t bother or even say much to anyone.

She wasn’t a loner or some secret bada*s or anything; she just was a quiet individual. She had started taking some Taekwondo classes after school that one of the school teachers held.

Now I repeat she wasn’t a bada*s or anything. In fact, I don’t think she was in those classes long enough to really learn how to do very much. However, there was this one fat boy in our class that just couldn’t help but mess with her. He was a lot bigger and started a fight with her……and she whooped his a**.
The scary part wasn’t that she could fight, it was that this very quiet and seemingly meek girl when pushed, unleashed a raging beast that could rival any MMA fighter.

She beat the fat boy so badly he cried. Nobody expected that from her, and she certainly more than earned my respect that day.

But the story doesn’t end there, of course being the dumb yet cruel kids that we were, we couldn’t let the fat boy just get away with being beat up and embarrassed that day by a girl. He never lived that fight down, and he got teased about it all the way until senior year. I guess in some effort to save face, he tried to fight this girl again…..and he again got his a** handed to him and cried again.

Moral of the story, don’t judge a book by the cover and leave quiet people alone. It’s so terrifying to see a meek person finally let go and get mad like that. Like, it’s really genuinely unnerving to witness it, and truthfully, I learned a fine lesson that day by watching it unfold.” Jay Flores

6. I Tripped My Mugger


“Recently, a particular person decided that they wanted to steal my Bluetooth headphones.

I was just minding my own business, earbuds in, walking to my bus. All of a sudden, I feel a force slam into me and snatch my headphones. I drop my purse and bookbag and I break out into a sprint.

All I could tell was that it was a bigger guy but other than that he looked to be pretty nondescript. Nevertheless, I ran after him and managed to catch up with him. I stuck my foot out and tripped him to where he landed on his face. I yanked my headphones out of his hand and I ran.
He just sat there and looked defeated, as if he was thinking, ‘Wow, did I really just get defeated by a scrawny white girl?’ He didn’t try to come after me again. He just lay there until he saw me get my stuff and get on the bus.

Normally, I would never have the guts to actually do something like that. But when it comes to my headphones, those are my quintessential lifeline; no one steals them. I was already having a bad day at this point, and no one was gonna mess with me. I guess he didn’t get the memo and thought I wouldn’t fight back.
Hey, big dude, if you’re reading this, you picked the wrong target and have been reported to the school resource officers and school personnel.” Angel Summers

5. He Messed With The Little Guy


Newsflash: never hit on someone else’s woman (or man) in front of them!

“I went to a party while I was in college and a lot of people were pretty drunk.

One bigger guy was being especially douchey and was starting sh*t with basically everyone who was there.

He began to hit on this girl when the girl’s boyfriend came up to her to say they should leave. When she began to stand up to leave, the bigger man grabbed the smaller man’s arm and asked him where he was going.
The smaller man was about 5’9″ and I’d say about 150 lbs. The bigger man was about 6’2″ 220 lbs. He was a little on the fatter side but still a big man.

The smaller man proceeded to tell this man that was his girlfriend and he was going to leave with her.

The man then said, ‘Tell your b*tch to hit me up.’ The small guy stares at the bigger man, takes a step back, and straight-up kicks the man in the face, breaking his nose and straight-up knocking him out cold.

I am a volunteer paramedic and ran to the aid of the big man, even though I knew he was in the wrong. He came to and I told him he needed to go to the hospital for his nose. I then asked the smaller man if everything was alright. He said, ‘Yes, I’m a black belt in karate and compete in MMA fights in my hometown.

The kid f*cked with the wrong guy.’
I learned don’t mess with even the littlest guy at the party, and always respect another man’s woman.” jbone17

4. My Photographic Memory Came In Handy


“I was in the county jail, and there was this guy in for beating his wife: typical narcissist, me, me, me. Anyway, he thought he was slick like in a club ’cause he was in jail and he was cool. Loud, obnoxious, demanding… I was tired of listening to this mouth blather on and on about how nice he has it.

Well, it’s not uncommon for a CO (corrections officer) to have you pass mail under the door, so the CO comes by with a piece of mail for this loudmouth wife beater.

I get passed his letter to hand to him, so before I do, I glance at the addresses on it. The loudmouth guy says, ‘That’s my mail, you’re not supposed to have it,’ I said I was doing him a favor by handing the mail from the CO to me to him. He couldn’t get what happened.
I said, ‘Look, dude, I’ll tell you what. I don’t like cowards that feel like they have to hit a woman to be a big man,’ I said, ‘You ever come back here, I will hunt you down and give you a taste of your own medicine.’ He says, ‘You don’t know where I live!’ Right then and there, I said, ‘You live at …’ and he got real defensive and I saw his uneasiness.

I said, ‘I got your address just from that 5 seconds I had your envelope. I have a photographic memory. I remember the good and the bad, so quit thinking your sh*t don’t stink.’
From there on, the loudmouth realized that he wasn’t the smartest person in the room like he originally thought and studied the backs of his eyelids the rest of the time there.” Conrad Burke

3. He Was Being Rude And Got What He Asked For


We’re from Ireland, but now my brother lives in Boston with his fiance. I flew to Boston to visit for a couple of weeks, and we decided to go downtown one night to hit the bar scene.

It was me, my brother and his fiance.

Anyways, we’re standing in line when all of a sudden a guy pushes through us and takes a spot right in front of us. He was wearing a military uniform – Navy I think? Although I’m not 100% sure. My brother’s fiance fell to the floor because of this guy, and all he did was look over his shoulder and snigger after he did it. Naturally, my brother confronted him but was met with various insults that was ended with something like, ‘You see this uniform, guy? Yeah, f*ck off.’
So yeah, it’s an understatement to say that my brother has a sharp temper.

After a few seconds, my brother stuck his boot into the side of the guy’s knee, which caused him to fall towards the floor like a sack of sh*t. As he was falling, he was caught with a serious right hook which in turn, knocked unconscious. I don’t know what happened after that as we had to leave the area sharpish.

It proves you’re not a hardass because you’re wearing a fancy uniform. KarmaHoldsYouBack

2. They Scared His Racist Butt Out Of The Store


“I was standing in line at the checkout of my local drugstore. There was a Muslim woman in front of me, her full head and face covered except for her eyes.

A large white guy was in front of her and suddenly turned to her yelling insults about ‘…d*mned Muslim terrorists, get the hell out of our country. You don’t belong here.’ He also said a bit more, which was so disgusting that I will not repeat it.
I was just going to call him out, when an elderly woman behind me, beat me to the punch. She very calmly, but firmly stated how totally wrong and disgusting his words were and demanded that he apologize. As the guy was standing looking dumbfounded, but not apologizing, she really ripped into him about his intolerance and hurtful actions.

She said that, by his remarks, he was the one who didn’t belong here. There followed a round of applause for her courageous challenge. By this point, the lout put down his intended purchase and meekly shuffled out of the store.

Several women went up to the Muslim woman and tried to console her. She may not have understood everything they said, but the message was pretty clear.
The big idiot richly deserved the best put down I have ever seen and it came from a tiny, but feisty senior.” Robert Reid

1. Military Moms Always Find A Way


The initial staff member would have had my blood boiling! To disrespect a military family like that is beyond me.

“My son is in the Navy. This past July, he came home for a visit. When it was time for him to fly back to base me and my husband took him to the airport. Waited in line for an hour while he checked in.

We asked the man for 2 family military passes to go to the terminal with our son until he was to board the plane. Well, Mr. Very-Feminine-Snobby airline employee laughed at me and said, ‘We don’t do that!’ I explained that that specific airline HAD done that multiple times before for us. He still refused. I was like, ‘Oh hell no! Just watch me!’
I marched right up to someone that appeared like they had some authority and explained the situation.

She immediately told me, ‘I’ll take care of you, follow me,’ took me right to the handicapped checkpoint and got me 2 passes. We walked right past that man and I just held the tickets up and smiled at him.” AmyJK7110

If there’s anything to be learned from these entertaining stories, it’s that it’s important to be mindful of who we talk rudely to, physically attack, try to sabotage, or just generally disrespect. Even if we think we can get away with bullying or victimizing someone else, the tables just might turn!
Couldn’t get enough of these stories? Good news: we have two more sets of similar stories.

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