People Share The Creepiest Thing They’ve Seen While In The Middle Of Nowhere

Not everything is what it seems, even the moments we have uneasy senses. I remember a few years back, I heard a loud crash near my house a few minutes after my boyfriend left my house. With adrenaline pumping through my veins, I sprinted out the front door, forgetting to close it behind me, and ran all the way outside my neighborhood to the nearest intersection where I assumed I’d see the aftermath of a car accident. Nope, nada. From this event, I learned that we don’t always interpret our perceptions correctly. That loud crash could have been anything, but I only assumed the sound was correlated with a tragic traffic collision that my partner was possibly involved in. Something similar happens in Story #30 when the narrator believes they’ve come in contact with someone who just finished murdering someone. Nope! Just a fisherman. Silly brain (FYI my boyfriend is very much alive and since become my fiance)!

Regardless of whether or not things are interpreted correctly when something seems scary to us, we think frightening thoughts. If you’re not an easily freaked-out person, the following creepy situations people experienced while in a remote or rural area (everything is scarier in secluded locations) will provide you the amusement you crave!

30. We Came Across A Hung Spinal Cord

This is why I keep my distance from abandoned houses.

“I used to do some urban exploring in my late teens. This one night, my friends and I decided to explore this very large abandoned house about 12 miles out of town.

The house had been rumored to have belonged to a wealthy family with a newborn baby. The father was an avid hunter; the mother a doting home-maker. Apparently, at some point during a summer in the late 90s, the husband left on a hunting trip and mysteriously never returned. The wife soon after disappeared, leaving the house abandoned. Whether the husband was out for a proverbial pack of smokes or whether something more sinister had happened, it is unclear.

I tend to believe the latter, though. You will soon understand why.

That brings us to 2007 when my friends and I decided to check out the place. We were never looters, by any means. We just wanted to take pictures. We waited until after darkness fell because, well… what we were doing wasn’t strictly legal. Then we entered the house through the front door, the only door that wasn’t locked.

As we looked around the house, it became very apparent that the previous owners had left in a hurry. They hadn’t taken any of their belongings with them. There was even a baby room on the upper floor with a crib and rocking chair.

I will never forget the sickening feeling that came over me as I imagined the incredibly sad circumstances in which this home had been abandoned. This feeling must have been shared by my comrades as we all decided not to linger. We all met up in the main floor living room and together headed towards the front door, the only way out.

Now, we were pretty experienced urban explorers at this point. We had come prepared with any supplies we thought we may have needed in an emergency. Absolutely nothing could have prepared us for what we saw next.

As we approached the front door we noticed that there was something different, something that wasn’t the same as when we entered through that door.

As we inched closer, all on high alert, we realized there was something hanging in the doorway. Something long and thin, swinging slightly with the draft from outside. Soon, we came close enough to make out what it was. While we had been exploring the house, someone else had come in and silently hung a SPINAL CORD strung together with some twine in the front door.

I hope to goodness that it was a deer spine, but I can’t tell you for certain that it was. All I know is that the fear of whatever lunatic who had left this gift for us was stronger than the fear of the spine itself.

We ran (or I assume we did; to be honest, this part is an epinephrine induced blackout for me) and pushed the macabre pinata out of the way and got back to our vehicles as fast as we could.

I have never returned. Nor have I ever participated in urban exploring again.” ChiaPaleo

29. The Road Was Covered In Blood

“I’m from Prince Edward Island, Canada. Born and raised. It’s a tiny little place, where everyone knows everyone, and there isn’t much city life.

We get very dark nights, there, and beautiful starry skies since there’s no light pollution.

It was about 10 AM, and I was in the passenger’s seat with my mother as we were driving home from ‘Town.’ The only big town we have, an hour away from where we actually live.

It’s a pitch-black night, and we can barely see the road in front of our long lights. Everything is going perfectly normal when all of a sudden the asphalt turns dark and shiny.

It goes on for a while, and we’re not sure at all what it is, so we pull the car over to investigate. When we get out of the car, there’s a putrid smell, and we notice that the dark shiny stuff on the road is actually blood. A lot of blood. It soaked the road and went on what seemed like more blood than one human or animal could contain.

When we got in the car and left again, saw the end of the blood, and the tire tracks leading away, we only assumed it could be a cow (or two) that had been run over and dragged. There were no cow corpses.

Still don’t know what it was to this day, but it was weird as f*ck.” Vore-

28. Skinwalker On The Loose?

“My sister and I were visiting our aunt in Syracuse, Utah, when we passed a farm/ranch in the middle of the desert. It was about 11:30 at night. I just got this horrible feeling in my stomach, and I’m still not sure what compelled me, but I screamed, ‘Turn this d*mn car around!’ like something bad was going to happen if she didn’t get out of there.

Something smelled of rot, like a dead animal or something. I remembered tasting really strong metal in my mouth (realistically, it was probably only blood from biting my tongue, but I don’t remember my tongue bleeding).

She pulled over to the side of the road. I remember clear as day. This deer-looking thing jumped onto the hood of the car and jumped off a moment later. It wasn’t a deer, because it was wearing some clothing on its lower half. I didn’t get a good view of its top half, but it wasn’t human, and it sure as hell wasn’t a deer.

It left two pretty good-sized dents in the hood.

How often do deer jump onto the hoods of cars? How many deer are in the Utah desert anyway? I can’t explain what it was, but my uncle is a deeply spiritual Navajo man, and he believes it was a skinwalker and that we are now ‘marked for death.’ I’m not sure how much I believe, but he’s adamant.” chemicalrooms

27. Her Corpse Was Just Chilling Underneath A Tree

“Around 2007, I used to go hiking in remote parts of India. Once, I was visiting a friend of mine working in a very remote village.

Back then, the village had no electricity. I have been to this village a couple of times before. It’s a long bus journey to reach the nearest road that leads to the village. This road itself is pretty secluded and sees only two buses a day, and it’s a 4-mile walk through the fields to reach the village. I got down the bus in the middle of the night, and I started walking down the fields to the village.

It’s a full moon day so there was enough light to walk without any flashlights. It was a very cold day, but I was feeling dehydrated from the bus journey.

I walked to the nearest well in a farm to get some water. Once I finished drinking, I started walking back and looked at a really huge tree nearby, and I was terrified to see an young lady sitting under the tree with bulged out eyes looking right at me. I was frightened at the sight but tried to ask aloud what she doing there at that time, but she didn’t reply and was just looking at me with no movement.

It’s a mile from there to the village, and I started running at full speed. When I reached the village, I was running a fever, and it took me a day to fully recover from that shock.

Later, I have been told that it’s a tradition in that village neither to bury nor to cremate a woman when she dies pregnant but just to leave the body outside the village after a ritual.” veldro_

26. He Found Photos Of Us Sleeping On His Phone… He Didn’t Take Them

I don’t think I’d ever go camping again after this.

“This happened to me and a close friend of mine when we were camping in the hills of Buena Vista, CO. We work at an outpost that takes groups on week-long backpacking trips, so we were glad to go out on our own for once.

One night, around 2 or 3 am, we were woken up by flashes of light that we could see through our eyelids but never saw when we looked clearly. We assumed it was lightning in the distance so we paid little attention to it and closed our eyes. This continued on for about 15 minutes until it stopped.

It doesn’t get creepy until the next morning. Neither of us mentioned the light just because we assumed again that it was lightning and nothing out of the ordinary. My buddy and I were sitting outside our tent waiting for water to boil when his face went white like he’d just seen a ghost or a dead body.

He was looking at his phone when this happened.

I asked what’s wrong and he couldn’t speak. He was petrified. I walked over to see what he was looking at, and I understood his terror. On his phone’s camera roll were 15 or 20 photos of he and I sleeping in our bags in our tent from the night before.

Needless to say, we packed up faster than you’d think possible and jugged our way out of there at blistering speed.” looklikefootball

25. I Thought I Was Witnessing A Scene Straight Out Of A Horror Film

“From May 2010 to May 2011, I worked as a security guard at a hydroelectric dam in Virginia.

It was a fairly isolated location; if you needed an ambulance, you could expect at least a 20-minute wait. About a month after I was hired, one of the guys at the dam told me that most security guards out there quit after a few days because they got so creeped out being alone at the dam at night, and he was glad I was sticking it out.

In truth, it could be creepy. Sometimes at night, when I was patrolling the basement level of the dam itself, I’d think about the fact that I was fifty feet below the water-line on the low side, the only human being in about a mile and a half radius.

Sometimes I’d hear weird noises in the woods, or catch a flash of a shadow while I was inside the dam. It takes a lot to scare me, though, and I knew I was either hearing critters in the woods or my mind was playing tricks on me.

One night, however, something happened that scared the living daylights out of me. It was a little after 11 p.m., and I was sitting in the guardhouse reading a book. Suddenly, I heard a tap at the door.

What was creepy about the guardhouse at night was that when you had the lamp inside turned on, people could look through the windows at you, but the glare made it difficult for you to see outside.

When I heard the tap at the door, I thought it was a bug hitting the glass; it was so faint, and I knew there weren’t any contractors at the dam. I had the place to myself.

Then the tap came again, more insistent this time.

I grabbed my flashlight and opened the door. There was no one there.

Then I let the door slip from my hand and shut behind me. To my left — previously concealed by the door as I had opened it — was a huge man, at least 400 pounds, wearing a gray sweatshirt and gray sweatpants. The sweatshirt was smeared with fresh blood.

My heart started hammering. My blood ran cold. I was so scared I couldn’t speak.

As it turns out, he was a local fisherman who had been fishing off the bridge over the tailrace and he was wondering why the power company hadn’t started back-pumping into the lake yet, because they usually started a little before 11 and that was what always drew in the big striped bass. He was smeared with blood because he’d already caught and gutted a couple and wiped his hands on his shirt. He felt really bad when he realized that he had approached me basically in the same way that a murderer in a horror movie would have.

I am thankful to this day that I was unarmed security because if I had a gun, I would have either shot him or accidentally shot myself while trying to shoot him.” Frank_Wotan

24. A Man Chased Us Out Of The Woods

A lot of the time when someone chases after you, their intentions are not good.

“I was in a large wooded area near my boyfriend’s home with him, hanging out nearly at midnight. We had gone in pretty deep, and it required a good amount of climbing. The closest path was maybe 5 to 7 minutes climbing down, so it was highly unlikely someone could be at that spot at that time of the night, besides us.

As we were kissing and stuff when he saw a shadow move 20 – 25 feet to the left of us, climbing, but it stopped suddenly when my boyfriend looked at it. He told me to be wary, and that exact moment, we saw a dark figure climbing a little up but diagonally like he tried to go directly above where we were.

We didn’t move and watched him until he closed the horizontal gap and was directly above us maybe 15 feet of steep downhill thick forest. Then he began to come towards us.

Without skipping a beat, my boyfriend grabbed my hand, and we almost ran downhill until the path.

We made it in less than two minutes while still holding hands and listening to the man running behind us. We ran as fast as we could down the path and out of the forest where there was a cafe and some basketball and tennis courts next to the wooded hill, and of course, people.

As we realized we came really close to being mugged or worse, we vowed never to go there at night again.” CheeseCroquette

23. I Witnessed A Man Pushing A Mannequin In A Cart In The Dead Of Winter

“I don’t know if this applies because it was near my house, but anyway:

I lived in a rural area, though it was fairly close (25 miles) to the nearest city and maybe 10 miles to the nearest town.

One day, I was riding the bus to school and saw an odd collection of trash (a mannequin, shopping cart and tarp hanging from a tree) in the woods to the side of the road. A few days later, I noticed it was gone and figured somebody had cleaned it up.

Things got weird when it reappeared on a different road after a week or two. This happened a few times over the course of a couple of months, and I didn’t tell anyone because it sounded a bit crazy.

Really late one night, I was watching TV, and my neighbor’s dog started barking.

This isn’t unusual, but the nights are extremely quiet, and I heard an odd rattling that eventually sounded like a shopping cart. I turned off the TV, hid under the blankets and watched a disheveled person push a shopping cart with a mannequin in it past my house.

This was during the middle of winter. It’s bitterly cold, the wind is deadly and feet of snow is fairly common. There was zero chance anyone would believe me, so I never said anything.

Fast forward several years later, and I was home from college for the summer. My mom is an adult protective worker and tells me about a referral she got involving a schizophrenic homeless guy who pushes a mannequin (his ‘wife,’ apparently) around in a shopping cart.

This was in the city, but she then tells me he for some reason walked all the way to my area and lived in the woods for an entire winter eating roadkill and God knows what else.” FookYu315

22. We Believe We Witnessed A Bad Medicine Spirit

Nothing good ever happens outside at night.

“When I was a little kid, my mom was out of town, and I was with my dad at our house. Our house was on a remote Indian reserve in Canada, and about 3 miles away was my grandparents’ house. Our houses were separated by three large wheat fields, surrounded by forest.

I don’t know why, but my dad got me ready at night time, and we started walking on the gravel road to my grandparents’ house. My mom had the vehicle with her. I was under the age of 5 and a pretty small girl. I remember it was a clear autumn night, the wheat fields were a few weeks from being harvested, and there was a bright full moon. There wasn’t a single vehicle running in miles.

We started hearing something following us. It was in the ditch in the tall grass and in the wheat field. My dad held my hand as he grabbed some stones off the gravel road.

He started hurling rocks into the ditch. It would run off and then start following us again. He grabbed more stones and put them in his pocket, then put me on his shoulders.

I remember holding onto his forehead when I was sitting on his shoulders, and it was all sweaty. I wasn’t scared, I was getting excited every time I spotted that thing. I could see a lot better from way up, and I could see the thing’s back or shoulders moving through the grass. I’d point it out to my dad, and then he’d throw more stones at it, but it kept on coming back.

To make matters creepier, we took a short cut that was along the forest line on a thin dirt road.

My dad started whistling loudly for my grandparents’ German shepherd, Boss. The house was still far away, but we could hear Boss barking and moving towards us. Whatever that was following us was still following us. That dog was such a welcoming sight to see, sniffed around both of us for a moment, then dashed off into the field barking like mad.

We got to my grandparent’s house, my dad told my grandparents. I fell asleep on the couch. I talked to my dad about it many years later, and he said after that, they had smudged.

My grandparents and father believe in the old ways and think maybe it was some bad medicine spirit and prayed for protection. Whatever it was, I was the target. Predators always go for the youngest or oldest.

P.S. Boss lived to be an old dog.” ghostnstuffz

21. All I Saw Were Silhouettes

“Lived in Germany for many years while my father was stationed there (U. S. Army). We lived off base in private housing, and I LOVED it!! That country is amazing, the vast forests, the mountains, the countryside, the farmlands, the little towns.. everything.

I quickly became really good friends with some local boys whose parents owned the town’s dairy farm.

We were Always in the forests running around and exploring. Fishing, playing army, etc.. I was around 8 or 9 years old around that time (37 now).

One night, I stayed late at the farm hanging with the guys. Left about 9 or 10ish. It was dark, but the moonlight gave a pretty good vision that night I remember.. I lived just across the soccer field and a small cornfield from the farm. As I’m walking through the soccer field, I see a bit of movement, just real quick, from the corner of my eye along the tree line at the edge of the field.

I quickly step up my pace.

As I turn to take my usual path through the cornfield to my house, I see at least half a dozen silhouette figures emerge from each side of the rows of corn on the sides of the path. I froze so hard! They just stand there. Then there’s one behind me. Before I can snap around and haul a**, he asked, in German, where I was going..

I turn around now, and what I see surprises me but relieves me also. I answered in English and told him I was heading home. He was then curious about my English.

Turns out it, was a team of special forces operators (I mean, these guys were decked out in so much tactical gear, I couldn’t comprehend how they were able to move so stealthily. Night vision goggles, packs, bags, weapons, and there was even a dog. They looked like total f*cking bada**es) who were using these small towns off base to do some training.

I just happened upon them this particular night. I’ll never understand why they chose to break cover and show themselves. They could have easily just stayed put, and I would’ve walked right by them none the wiser. They walked me home as it was on their way back they said.

It started off creepy for me, but it was actually pretty cool. An experience I will never forget that’s always stuck with me.” Mysteryck_386

20. We Possibly Almost Got Murdered

“Nearly got murdered backpacking in rural Tasmania.

My boyfriend and I were backpacking through rural Tasmania a few years ago. While on a bus, we were discussing our plans for the ensuing two weeks. The girl in the seat in front turns around and offers us a place to stay in her town. We declined as we were headed elsewhere first, but she gave us her mobile number and said that she and her partner would love to have us.

A few days later we decide to take them up on their offer. We call her, and she says they’re happy to host us. So far so good.

They meet us at the train station and immediately something feels off. It’s really difficult to explain, but it’s that primal, ineffable feeling in your guts that tells you that something isn’t right. We ignored our guts and followed them.

They lead us straight out of town. We ask them where we’re going and they say that they live on the outskirts. This town is creepy as f*ck. It’s an old mining town that has been largely abandoned, and as we walk the 15-odd minutes to their home the houses get sh*ttier, with boarded-up windows, overgrown gardens and no people in sight.

Eventually, we reach the house at the very end of the town. It’s their house. We go in.

Set up in the middle of the living room is a single mattress with a sheet hanging around it. They show us around the house except for one door which stays closed. When I asked what was behind it they pretended not to hear. Our room has a made bed, chest of drawers and looks like a normal room. It seems weird that they sleep on mattresses in the living room when they have a ‘guest room.’

We go back into the living room and look around.

Knives. A lot of knives. My boyfriend asks if they go hunting. No. The partner hands one of the knives to my boyfriend and asks him to open it. It’s a massive f*cking Bowie knife with what looks like blood staining around the edges of the blade. My boyfriend laughs awkwardly and sets it down.

They have a tattoo gun – ‘to practice.’ My boyfriend asks if they have any tattoos. No. There’s a small ax at the door. I ask if they collect wood. No.

Suddenly the guy says he wants to go to the shops. We agree quickly because we’re creeped out and want to get back into the town.

The four of us leave and they start walking in the opposite direction to the town. I say that the town is back the other way. The guy says this way would be more interesting because it goes up through the trees. He says that they have never been up the mountain before but he knows the area and it would take the same amount of time.

I tell my boyfriend that I’m freaking out but he thinks it’s ok. We follow them into the trees. The path goes up the mountain. We are going in the total opposite direction of the town.

The girl turns around to her partner and whispers – ‘So where was the place again?’

My boyfriend and I freeze. I say I want to take the road back to town and start walking.

When the four of us arrive in the one shop in town – no one recognizes the couple. And this is a really small town. We make an excuse that we want to go look at sights and that we’ll catch up with them later, and instead book a hotel room and freak out.

I did some snooping on the area. Their house had an extra room (behind the mystery door) and a basement.

The path that we were taking led straight out of town and up the mountain. There was no way it could loop back into town.

So, yeah. Pretty sure we narrowly avoided being murdered. Or maybe they were just massive weirdos. To be honest, the creepiest thing was the fact that there was no drug paraphernalia at all – the state of the house and the weird behavior would have been understandable if they were intoxicated, but that wasn’t the case.” DrDiagnonsense

Another User Comments:

“It makes me think of human trafficking. Bring people in from town, tattoo gun (traffickers often tattoo their girls) and the basement to hold people…” Reddit user

19. Three Massive Fireballs Were Falling From The Sky

“I was probably about 14 or so on a camping trip with my scout troop out in the middle of nowhere.

Literally hiked into the woods for about 40 miles and set up camp. No phones, no way of contacting the outside. Just us and some of our parents fishing and hiking, etc.

Anyways, second night into the trip, my dad, myself, and two other parents are sitting around the campfire talking and get on the subject of UFOs. We start talking about different stories we’d seen on TV shows and such.

Right in the middle of a story my friend’s dad points up at the sky and goes, ‘Holy sh*t, what’s that?!’ We thought he was joking around for a good minute ’til he goes, ‘Seriously, turn around! There’s more.’

We all turn around finally and see 3 massive (and I mean f*cking massive) fireballs screaming down from the sky towards the earth.

They look like they’re going in slow motion or maybe time just seemed to slow down, but it took forever for them to disappear behind the treeline.

Naturally, we’re all freaked the f*ck out and started talking about what it could be, but there’s no way of finding out for at least 3 more days. The hike out of the woods was the worst. Just walking quietly contemplating what could be waiting and what the world might be like if our worst fears happened while we were in there.

Turns out, a Russian satellite had broken up and fallen to earth that night, and it was seen for miles and miles.

Still the creepiest 3 days of my life.” MRFlSTR

18. Tree Of Death

“When I was a kid (10-12 maybe) there was this really old creepy house just round the corner from me. I lived in a fairly nice area, and this house was just old and had stained net curtains and a cracked front door and all the works. The guy worked irregular shifts, so nobody ever really saw him, but other kids would tell stories that they saw him coming home in the early hours with dead animals and bloody knives. Obviously, the rest of us laughed it off as bullsh*t.

Anyway, one summer we were all bored and decided to sneak past the factories around the back of his house and on to a patch of grass to try to get a look through his back garden. To get there you had to sneak past these buildings, through a bunch of trees and then through a mesh fence that we had to climb over. Not an accessible place at all and no other way to get to it.

Four of us made the trip and took turns to bunk each other up to get a look over the fence. I went last and could see my other friends were creeped the f*ck out.

There were two dead cats hanging from his tree by their tails with a bunch of dolls heads tied up off the branches and swinging around in the breeze. I could just about see into the house, and there were no lights on and a few candles lit in a circle on his floor. My friend swears he saw a limp human leg/foot in the doorway, but none of the rest of us did.

Just as I got a good look, the gate opened and the guy came strolling out, casual as f*ck, with a bloody machete in his hand. We ran, he chased.

We all leaped over the mesh fence and then he was gone. Never saw him again. I still have no idea what he was up to, and we never told anyone for fear of getting in trouble for what we did.” CouchPoturtle

17. They Swore They Saw Someone’s Hand Reaching Out Of The Mud

“Used to work for a humanitarian org. We were sent to a remote village to assess the damage and emergency assistance needed, which was swept away by a deadly flash flood and the death toll increasing as each day passed.

We were walking around the site with a group of guys who were looking for trapped bodies when they suddenly rushed to a small mound of debris of boulders, tree trunks, and mud created by the flash flood and started to madly dig with their hands and shovels.

10 mins later, one of them, who was hoisted into a small hole they have dug, yelled them to stop and quickly scrambled out of the hole and told the group to leave.

Before leaving the site though, the guy who yelled took out a candle from one of his pockets, lit it up, and laid it beside the mound.

Turns out they heard someone call for help (female from what they say), saw a muddy hand waving from one under a small opening and thought someone was still trapped inside. But when they dug out most of it, they realized it was just full of mud and debris.

No trapped person.

Quickly noped out of there after finishing our work.” yakultisgood4u

16. The Fire People

Everything appears more terrifying at night.

“I was jogging at night with headphones on in a park with dense trees and bushes. The path I jog on at night is nice and bright because the city of Winnipeg uses those LED street lights now. The wooded area leads to a small area called Don Garry Park, where I get to a bench and take a minute to reflect on my day and my goals for tomorrow. However, the overgrowth was taking over the path, and it was difficult to see, so I turned the flashlight on my phone on.

I started to see a fire burning ahead but couldn’t really make it out. (I take my glasses off when I jog.) As I got closer, there’s a clearing, and I see a big, big fire raging and no one around. So, I pause a minute and fish my glasses out and find out that, yes, there’s 6 people standing there actually, perfectly spaced apart from each other, and they all turned at the same time to look at me.

I turned 180 and sprinted the f*ck out of there.

Also, the bench I rest at it is right beside this police launch dock for the Red River.

I have never not felt safe there. My friends and I have speculated that the 6 dudes I saw were probably police just blowing off steam on a quiet night.” HAW711

15. A Pair Of Red Eyes Was Staring At Him

“Went camping with my buddies on Canyon Lake, about an hour or two outside San Antonio, TX. This night was drenched in very bizarre occurrences, and I remember it as one of the worst nights of my life. We were swimming, fishing, drinking beer. Then things got strange.

Living in a big city, I rarely got to see stars in myriads, clear and ineffable.

I was admiring them with a buddy until what looked like 10 shooting stars began zooming off in different directions. My heart was racing, and I couldn’t believe what we had just seen.

Once the awe faded, couple buddies and I went into the wooded area to play drunken hide and seek. We paired up. Not five minutes in, we hear our friend yell loudly. We rush towards his voice. He was hunched over by a tree. He looked at us and shook his head saying, ‘Dude, red eyes. I saw red eyes just staring at me, not more than 10 feet away.’ So we all ran back to camp.

It sounded like a cliche prank, but my buddy still to this day, sticks to his story and has trouble being alone at night.

Finally, to end the night, we retired to our tents. I had a compartment tent with some friends. I was sitting outside of it with one of them when our buddy Percy walked up saying something under his breath. He finally started raving about how he needs to go home, and he can’t be there any longer, and he started holding his head and he fell to his knees. We tried to console him and he got aggressive, got up and pushed me hard into the tent.

I got upset, and he said I didn’t understand. I don’t know what he was talking about, and neither did he, because he swore up and down that it never happened and that he’d never say things like that or push me.

I will not be returning to Canyon Lake.” LocalPharmacist

Another User Comments:

“Heh. When I was an angsty teen, I used to go out into the woods sometimes and set up little pairs of low-energy, red LED lights with a battery and a simple random timer circuit. I was mainly doing it to f*ck with a friend who used to head out into those woods to drop acid and had this major werewolf paranoia.

I don’t know if he — or anyone — ever saw any of them, but it gave me a chuckle at the time.

What I’m saying is, people can be really random d*cks.” ghostwoods

14. I Saw A Giant, Spider-Like Creature… It Wasn’t A Spider

If you have arachnophobia, I apologize in advance.

“Here’s my story. Perhaps someone can come up with a plausible explanation.

So there’s a mountain range known as Krkonoše separating Poland and the Czech Republic. About 8 years ago, I was coming back from Prague to Wrocław and missed the last bus from the CZ side (Harrachov) to the PL side (Szklarska Poręba).

It was summer, about 7 pm, so there was still a lot of light. I decided to cross the mountains through a low pass, figured I’d reach Poland before dawn.

The journey had been uneventful until about 2 am. That’s when I started hearing a high-pitched, wailing sound. It sounded a lot like a whale’s call; it felt terribly sad and lonely. I started looking around, searching for its source. The moon was high, and the sky was clear, so the visibility was really good.

I saw it among the trees, about 100 meters from me. It was moving slowly, carefully testing the ground before proceeding.

Its sirens call made me shiver. The creature looked like a giant spider with a bat’s head placed on a long, thin neck. Its ears were huge, and probably highly sensitive – it turned its head, as if noticing my presence, but it didn’t seem to mind me and continued to move slowly and wail. It was about 3 meters long, 1.5 meters tall. It didn’t do anything paranormal except for, well, existing.

What I felt wasn’t exactly terror; it was more of awe and profound sadness. I remember thinking it might be the last one of its kind, that its calls had been a dying song.

After watching it for a few minutes, I proceeded to follow the trail and eventually reached the town of Szklarska Poręba around 5 am. I remember feeling really strange for a couple of days afterward.” Code412

13. There Was A Man Playing Music, But Then He Vanished

“A few years ago, a bunch of climber buddies and I were camping out in a well-known climbing area in Tennessee. It’s not really that backwoods at all, but you feel very remote. The area is beautiful, and the forest is thick. The climbing ain’t bad.

One night, it was an especially cold and calm new moon.

There was no wind at all and it had rained recently, so the leaves were wet and didn’t crunch underfoot. We had the fire going late into the night, not wanting to go to our freezing tents. Anyone who has sat around a campfire knows that feeling you get when the last flame dies, and all you have left is an empty timber pile and the warm glow of the coals.

At that exact moment when the last flame went out, we started to hear someone in the parking area tuning up a fiddle. That’s not so weird, right? We’re in rural Tennessee after all.

After a few moments of tuning, the player breaks out in full song. It was incredibly beautiful, and the sound carried perfectly through the still air. My heart was on fire. I wanted to meet the man playing this wonderful music in the dark.

I told my buddies I was going to go find the guy and ask if I could play with him for a song or two. Let me remind you, it was very cold. There’s no way I could have played for more than a song, but this person played for a few by the time I got up.

My friends never said a word to me. Never warned me not to go, never said it was a good idea, didn’t even look at me. They just listened.

I knew the area well and made my way to the parking area by instinct, following the music. As my foot transitioned from the leaves to the gravel in the parking area, the music stopped mid-measure. My heart rate spiked. I stood still for only a moment before I turned on my headlight, which had been off despite the new moon, so I could save what little night vision I had in these conditions.

There was no one there. I looked around the parking lot, and all I saw were our cars. I ran as fast as I could back to our tents to tell everyone what happened, but they were all asleep! I know it was just some mountain man messing with us, but to this day, my friends won’t talk about it.” hotwingbias

12. There Were Hundreds Of Evil Dolls

This would be everyone’s worst nightmare (except Bunny Meyer AKA Graveyard Girl).

“This happened almost 20 years ago when I was 8. My family and I are from the desert, and we do a LOT of quad and dirt bike riding.

One day, we drove out to the middle of nowhere and unpacked all the vehicles. Anxious to get riding, I hop in the driver seat of a go-cart, and my brother jumps in the passenger seat, and we start riding.

As we make our way around the first large hill, we see HUNDREDS if not thousands of evil-looking dolls sitting up against the hill. They were positioned as if they were being an audience. I immediately look at my brother, and I could tell we were both freaked out because our eyes were tearing up from the fear we both felt.

To make matters worse, we HAVE TO continue around the mountain in order to loop around to go back to our parents.

Around the next bin, there was a burnt area on the ground, and as we got closer, we realized it was the body of a torched dog. A few meters away, we found the dog’s head which had been cut off.

Years later, I had stumbled upon a website talking about devil worshipers, and I could not help but think this was the explanation. We continue to this day never riding in that same area.” AgainstOddsMSEE

11. Possible Bigfoot Sighting

“I had a friend who told me a story once. He didn’t like to talk about it though as it still creeped him out.

He told me this story maybe 12 years ago now, and it had been 2-3 years before that when it happened.

Anyway, he was out riding 4-wheelers at the St. Anthony Sands Dunes in Idaho one weekend, and as they were riding, they saw this tree off in the distance on a hill, just a lone tree with sand all around it. At one point, they saw what looked like a man dressed all in black, almost like he was wearing a gorilla suit or something, but it was hard to tell as it was too far away. He was standing next to the tree, holding onto one of the low-hanging branches and just watching them.

They didn’t think anything of it initially, though thought it was weird to see someone out there all by themselves.

Eventually, they drove over in that area, and by then, the man was gone, but as they got closer to the tree, they noticed it was actually a huge tree, not as small as they initially thought it was, and the lowest hanging branch was a good 10 feet up, and it had come to this guy’s shoulder, making him absolutely huge.

They didn’t know who or what they saw, maybe it was Bigfoot, or my friend thought it was something else entirely.

He never talked about it again though.” TheDunadan29

10. I Watched Him Disappear Into The Ocean

“Quite a few years ago, I used to go to the beach sometimes after work and just watch the world go by. One day, I sat there on the pebbles, quite a windy day, sea quite rough, must have been a bit after sunset and starting to go twilight. Very few people on the beach at this time of day, but this man, mid-30s, didn’t get a good look at him, but he was dressed in a smart work suit, walks past me heading towards the sea.

At first, I didn’t think much of it. Maybe just seemed a bit odd, but after watching him walking towards the shore for a couple of minutes and then continue walking into the sea fully clothed, I suddenly realize what’s going on, and it was too late; he was too far away.

I ran like f*ck after him towards the shoreline, but he must have already been 50m+ out, so I called 999 on my mobile. I was panicking and had no idea whether to ask for police or ambulance or to give up on that and try going after him in the choppy water.

All I could do was stand there waving my arms shouting to this guy who was now so far out I could barely see him. I have never felt so helpless.

Search and rescue found his body a few hours later.

Looking back, that whole situation was pretty f*cked up and still haunts me to this day. I don’t visit that beach anymore.” skifters

9. We Thought We Saw Men Dancing Oddly In Circles

“This took place in Turkey in a small village near Kayseri. Me, my little brother and my father took a walk in the middle of the night (around 1 am) at a field behind our house.

It was very dark, and we walked for a long time. We took a rifle with us, as we heard there were wolves nearby (even though we never have never seen them). After about a mile or two, we decided to walk back home, as it was really dark, and we wandered off too far.

It was around 2 am, and we were almost home. Then we saw something strange. There was 1 building, small, next to a wheat field. Probably used for storing wheat. There was 1 lamppost next to it, near the entrance. And here it comes, there were a bunch of men in white robes, like 6, dancing in circles under the lamppost.

The more we focused the scarier we got. It looked like some crazy ritual. We couldn’t make any sense. Why would a bunch of men dance in circles at night in the middle of nowhere?

However, we got very curious, and it didn’t matter how scared we were; we just walked towards it. The closer we got, the faster our hearts beat. Eventually, my father saw what it was and began laughing. Then we all realized what it was and laughed very hard. It was a water sprayer for the field next to it. The sprayer sprayed water in such a way that when the light from the lamppost hit it, it looked like a bunch of men dancing in circles.

Happy we walked towards it and find out what it was. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have overcome our fear.” ShovledKnight

8. A Bloody Man Casually Walked Out Of The Bushes

You definitely wouldn’t expect this happening on 10 acres of land.

“I grew up on about 10 acres. Not big but with other people’s property having acreage around me, it was a lot bigger of an area, and nobody was around. It was all wooded too, besides 2 acres for the house and yard.

Anyways, I’m like 5 playing outside, and my neighbor and his friend walk over. They were roughly 13 and came over all the time to see my brother and sister.

They walk up and say, ‘Hey, you know something’s in your bushes, right?’ Confused and curious, we walk outside, expecting a normal deer or elk to walk out.

Nope! A man walks up all bloody, f*cking high as sh*t in the middle of the day. We all run inside lock the doors and try and hide, so he doesn’t see us as we call 911. The police eventually come to get him after he breaks a glass door panel and almost gets in.

I’m still scared of the dark! Even though I am a mother, I am not afraid to admit I’m scared of the dark from it.

(My brother always made jokes about it growing up.)

I don’t do hobos, haunted houses, the woods or the dark. I sleep near my guns. Stupid f*cked up man… scarring a little girl for life.” Furrypotatoes

7. A Mountain Lion Nearly Made Us His Dinner

“This was about 12 years ago. I was living with my uncle and aunt on Camp Pendleton, which is a Marine corps base, and the housing area we stayed in had a lot of mountains and tall brush, which me and a friend I made there decided to explore one night after dark.

So, after making our way down a steep hill with some flashlights, both of us freaking each other out back and forth.

We get to this area where the brush is literally over our heads. (We were like 12 and 11 years old at the time.) And now we are scared and huddled close, taking it slow when we begin to hear what sounds like something else crunching around in the brush.

So, we keep moving when we both stop dead in our tracks when our flashlights shine on a mountain lion. Which is at least just a foot or two in front of us just staring dead at us standing completely still. We have some big, sharpened branches from a palm tree but decide quietly to just back away slowly.

And once we get out of sight of the thing, we begin to hear the brush crunching again. It sounding as if it’s moving toward us when we just decide to haul a**. Luckily, my patio is right near the edge of the steep hill, and we jump over the fence and run into the sliding door and slam it closed.

We ran upstairs to my room to look out the window and saw that the mountain lion was just sitting a little way down the hill, as if it was waiting for us to come back down.

Needless to say, we didn’t venture out into the thick brush ever again.” SaucinAnBossin

6. A Man With A Cloak And Bunny Mask Was Sprinting Towards Our Car

“For a while, I lived in a very small town with around 300 people for the population.

It was a logging town deep in the woods in the state of Wisconsin. I was living there and working at a ski resort about a half-hour away.

One day, my girlfriend and I decided to drive to Seattle, which was an hour and a half drive; we did this every week or so.

Well, we were driving back at night. It was around 3 am on a 2-lane highway. It was dumping rain and visibility wasn’t great, so I was going slowish. The area we were driving through was about a 25-minute drive to the nearest town in a very densely wooded area.

We came around a bend and both saw a guy in a big black cloak, wearing a bunny mask on the side of the road and as we drove past, we both had a case of the what the f*cks? Even worse, we saw him in the mirrors sprint into the road towards our car.

We were both so creeped out and had no idea what to think of it.” King__ginger

5. Seeing Her Sent Shivers Down My Spine

The image of her is probably permanently ingrained into their brain.

“Rural area, driving home after an evening shift at around 1 to 2 am two years ago.

I have driven this route hundreds of times. I turned a corner and began driving up a long stretch of road. There was a woman walking on the sidewalk, so I usually slow down and move away from the sidewalk to be safe. I was bored, so I looked at her.

She was wearing clothes I would describe as business casual. Her hair was long. Nothing about her seemed unkempt or messy, so I can’t convince myself she was on drugs. Two things happened:

She was walking very weirdly, in a bizarre jolted way.

As I drove past, she turned her head and grinned widely at me.

I am not a superstitious person. I don’t believe in ghosts. I am very much a skeptic. But this chilled me to the f*cking bone, and I drove maybe 80 mph to get back home that night, breathing heavily and trying to absorb what I had seen. Even typing this outputs the image back in my head, which sends chills up my spine. (The closest comparison I can think of is that Bongcheon-Dong Ghost webcomic.)

I drive past that spot at least twice a day, and I always think about that woman.” sdfghjkjhgfrdf

Another User Comments:

“Could she have been assaulted or drugged by someone and in a daze?” Rufflenuggins


“She looked very clean and tidy (no blood or injuries), and she was walking upright.

There were also no police reports in that area, and the spot she was walking past was a residential area with lots of children and elderly people. I definitely checked the news after that and found nothing.

The only theory I have that makes sense is that maybe she was just a normal woman with a mobility issue who thought that being as creepy as possible in public would scare off any potential attackers.

But it seemed really unnatural that she would turn her head at the exact right moment and grin at me when it was probably too dark to even see into my car windows.” sdfghjkjhgfrdf

4. The Duck With The Missing Head

“This happened in my next-door neighbor’s front garden in a small well-to-do village in northeast England.

Not exactly the far-flung wilderness, but it’s all I’ve got.

My neighbor had a very large front garden, and in this village was a duck pond. The ducks would roam the village and often come and sit and sleep on people’s lawns. It was nice.

So, one day there was a (flock?) of ducks sitting peacefully on my neighbor’s lawn, most of them asleep. My mom set out late morning to the shops. I was in our front garden and watched her walk by these ducks, and I looked at the ducks because they were all spread out asleep, and it looked cool.

Nothing out of the ordinary.

When I next look up from whatever I was doing, my mom’s coming back past the ducks from the shops and goes into the house. As I look at the ducks, I see that one is now missing its head. A red stump is there, just as if someone had popped it off of its little duck shoulders.

It was still in the same lying/sleeping position it had been in, but now its head was gone. None of the other ducks were disturbed or had even noticed.

I don’t recall noticing it not having its head before, and it was really noticeable.

I didn’t hear any quacky commotion; I was in the next garden the whole time. It was just weird.” IAmAlion

Another User Comments:

“Some hawks do this when they hunt other birds. They dive fast and then turn towards the sitting bird. They spread their claws and just hit them in the head at full speed. Sometimes the head comes clean off. Sometimes it’s left hanging there by some skin and muscle. There’s videos of it and a pretty popular GIF of it happening. Don’t have it handy, though.” jamesduskwood

3. He Was Just Chilling There In Solid Black Clothing

I would have floored it in the opposite direction.

“It was mid-summer, and my family and I had gone to my parents’ house on the shore of Lake Eerie for dinner and ended up staying until around 11 pm.

It’s overcast, so it’s pretty much pitch blackout when we load into the car and start driving home down the county roads between their place and the town I live in, which is about a 30-minute drive away. It’s a farming area, so the roads are flanked on either side by cornfields, which are quite tall by this point in the year.

There are also a lot of deer in the area who are known to randomly cross the roads, popping out of the fields without notice, so I’m driving cautiously with my wife and keeping a vigilant eye on the fields ahead of us to hopefully spot them before anything bad happens.

Suddenly something appears out of one of the cornfields in front of us, not a deer… but a man dressed entirely in black with a hood on. He just stands there on the gravel shoulder. He doesn’t look at us or make any gestures to suggest he wants help or is hitchhiking, just faces forward across the road towards the field on the other side.” ScubaAlek

2. V-Shaped Unidentified Flying Object

“Driving to Anchorage from Fairbanks is a long haul with huge stretches of wilderness and nothing in between. A few towns, but the majority is mountains and plains. In a specific pass, me and my girlfriend at the time saw a floating ‘upside-down metallic V’ shaped figure hovering in the sky.

It would disappear, reappear, and show up in random spots. This is an area with NO PEOPLE and no scientific equipment whatsoever. This thing was high enough to be a flying object but low enough to be seen by us. We stopped the car and stared at it as it zigzagged in height and distance from us for about 20 minutes and then it just ‘faded away.’ It never returned, and to this day, we have no idea what the F*CK it was.

I have talked to people with similar reports in the same area.” mikegates90

1. I Witnessed Them Doing Sketchy Business

“Back in the day, my cousin and I used to go on trips on a quad bike.

It was always a lot of fun. We see animals near the woods and old abandoned buildings.

Once, we were heading down a road, and we saw an overpass. When we got closer, we saw two black cars underneath and a few guys in black suits. We stopped to see what they were doing. One of them opened the door of a car and dragged out a man (looked like he was bloodied, but it was pretty far away, so don’t quote me on that), and a few other guys took him and put him in the other car. Then they said a few things, exchanged something in a briefcase then everyone got back into their cars.

At this point, we were pretty scared and decided to head back as quickly as we can. We stopped near some trees when we heard their car coming. That one second when our eyes met with the men in the car, it felt like minutes. We quickly went back to our parents.” khapor

Sometimes when you get creepy vibes, the best thing to do is listen to your gut just to be on the safe side! What was the scariest thing you’ve witnessed while in a remote area? Share it with us!

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