People Distribute Their Mischievous Revenge Stories

What's the biggest revenge you've ever taken? It might not have been much more than tattling on your sibling when you were kids or reporting your Karen of a neighbor to the city for watering her lawn on non-water days. Sure, smaller acts of revenge like these feel great, and they sure give you a sense of accomplishment. But what we really like to read are the stories that go beyond just basic, everyday revenge. Can you handle the heat? Let's read some devious stories of revenge! And we want your feedback, so leave us some comments on your favorite anecdotes.

15. Cancel A Land Lease? Hope You Like A Lot Of Dirt!

“Let me preface this by noting that this revenge was not my doing. At least… not exactly. It happened back in the 90s when I was in high school, and centered around the type of school I attended.

So, in case you weren’t aware, it’s very common in agricultural communities to have what is known as ‘farmer’s schools’. That’s not a technical term, but more just something easy to define. The schools are generally organized by the local farmers, and while you still study the various courses needed to get into college, you also study farming technology courses and get credit hours for work-study (i.e working on one or more farms).

The area I lived in was surrounded by a number of large farms which grew cotton primarily. So during the year, we’d spend time out in the field both tilling, planting, and harvesting.

One of the farms near the school was this thousand-acre spread that like the others grew mostly cotton, though sometimes they rotated to soybeans or silage.

(Basically corn, but you don’t harvest it.) This farm had a long partnership with the school, so the students provided near-free labor for the farmer. The farmer leased this property from some out-of-state owner and paid them a portion of the revenue from the harvest.

Imagine my surprise then, when I and many of my classmates arrived at the farm to do our work-study, and the farmer instructed some to crew the sprayers and start spraying herbicide on the fields, while others (myself included) were to take tractors and discs and plow everything under.

The farmer wanted every square inch of the fields returned to just dirt. We were shocked, to say the least, but after some discussion, we set to work. It took us the better part of a weekend to do so, and when we were done the field was in a beautiful, if barren, state.

The farmer thanked each of us personally and paid us about 500 dollars each. (Quite the sum for a 90’s high school senior).

We returned to the school, told our headmaster that the ‘contract’ was completed, and he informed us that the farmer would no longer be working with the school, and we’d be sent to one of the other larger farms for the rest of the year and our work-study.

It was probably two or three months later before word started going around about why we’d been instructed to destroy the crop. Granted, these were just rumors, but based on how things turned out for the farmer, I suspect there’s some truth to it.

So, apparently, the landowner had decided that he was not going to renew the lease the farmer had on the land. This lease renewal just so happened to fall a few weeks before harvest season would start. Given that the average cotton farm earns about 1,500 dollars per acre, a 1000-acre farm would easily net the owner 1.5 million dollars.

About 500k of that being pure profit. I don’t know what the farmer’s lease was, but it stands to reason that it wasn’t anywhere near that. So this landowner had figured out a neat little ‘trick’. Let the farmer get a good crop planted, and then refuse to renew the lease.

The farmer would leave the plants in the field, and the landowner would just need to pay some contractors to come harvest them, and they’d earn a profit.

Since at the time the farmer’s lease wasn’t yet up, he decided to prevent that from happening.

His act of revenge against the owner was to prevent them from cashing in on their hard work. Sure, it destroyed his farm, and he had to sell off almost everything he owned to buy some property for himself, but he’d proved a point.

The owner did try to sue the farmer, though he (the owner) really didn’t have a leg to stand on, or so I was told. I think the court ruled that since the farmer was still under the lease when he had the land tilled under, then it was his property to do with as he wished, and thus the landowner couldn’t tell him what to do with his property.

I learned a rather valuable lesson from that man, beyond what I learned about farming. That lesson was to never, ever cross someone with nothing to lose.”

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14. I Parked In Your Spot? It Won't Be Yours For Much Longer


“I work from home full time and rarely drive unless I’m grocery shopping or out for an appointment. In my complex, there are ‘non-reserved’ spots and ‘reserved’ spots in the underground garage, all of which are NOT assigned. As long as you have a ‘reserved’ sticker on your vehicle, any of the ‘reserved’ spots (which are all labeled ‘reserved’) are fair game.

I have a non-reserved sticker because it’s $40 cheaper than the ‘reserved’ pass. I was coming back from an appointment and turned into my neighbor’s ‘reserved’ spot so that I could back my car into the open, ‘non-reserved’ spot behind me. Lo and behold, male Karen in his rusty 2007 Rav4, starts honking at me for being in ‘his spot’, telling me that ‘I can’t park there’ because I don’t have a ‘reserved’ sticker.

I told him I was only backing out.

I probably should’ve let it go, but his Karen-ness ticked me off so much. As I was getting on the elevator, I quickly realized he only wanted to park there because it was RIGHT NEXT to the elevator.

A lightbulb went off in my head and I made my way to the rental office (it’s in the same building) and asked to upgrade my parking pass. It’s an extra $40 I’ll be shelling out but it’s worth the petty revenge.

I’m waiting for him to leave for work tomorrow so I can move my car into ‘his spot’ and leave it there for god knows how long. There are perks to being fully remote.”

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Familyangel 2 years ago
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13. Think I Can't Afford To Buy Macarons? My Wallet Says Otherwise


“So my (16M) two sisters (11, 13F) and I were on a day trip to Victoria, BC with our mom.

For context I do have multiple part-time jobs – I’m not rich by any means, but I do have some screw-you funds saved up which happened to be useful for this occasion. We stumbled across a macaron shop, and as you probably know macarons are very expensive.

I wanted only one cuz I was already pretty full at the time, and so I asked one of my sisters if they could spend $2 on a single macaron for me (as they were already buying like 4 of them for themselves). She refused, which was whatever for me because it IS their own money after all.

However what ticked me off is when she said in a snooty voice, ‘oh you’re too poor to buy your own macarons? I feel bad for you.’

Okay witch, game on.

So without a word, I went up to the counter and asked for a pack of 20 macarons.

I went across the entire store picking out almost every single flavor they had available, and said confidently, ‘I’ll have all of that on debit please.’ They were left speechless at first, but once they realized I was actually getting 20 macarons for myself they started whining to my mom and asking to have some but she didn’t care as it was my own money.

All I said to them was, ‘oh you’re too poor to get your own macarons?’ And I walked off eating my 20 macarons while they were stuck with their measly 4.

Was it petty? Yes. Did I just waste like $40 for essentially no reason? Yes.

Was it satisfying to watch them squirm? HECK YES.”

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SOBLESSED78 1 year ago
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12. Be Unfaithful In Our Relationship? No More Cushy Life For You

“This happened a little over a decade ago, and I had the perfect life: great house, great husband, great car, great job.

The American Dream. Soon, that dream turned into a nightmare when I discovered my husband was being unfaithful to me.

It started small, basically the typical signs (coming home late, ignoring attempts to get intimate, making excuses, etc.) Then, one day, I had the notion to go through his phone.

HUGE mistake on my part! Not only was he having a secret affair, but he was doing so… with a guy! I’m ok with the LGBT community, and I don’t have a problem with my husband wanting to explore other sides; the problem is that he didn’t have the ‘ahem’ to tell me what he was doing.

I had located the other guy, and we became fast friends. I found out, via the guy, that my husband had an app for gay singles and had hooked up with more guys. Together, the other guy and I came up with a plan.

He had tricked my husband to agree to a hotel room that night for some ‘alone time.’ In the process, he had gathered some very incriminating evidence of my husband’s (what’s the word for ‘not being faithful?’), and thanks to my father, I had a prenup.

My dufus ex-husband showed up while I was hiding in the bathroom. The other guy was playing his part well, telling my man that he was going to the bathroom to freshen up. That’s when I came out with the evidence and the prenup, the section highlighted in the contract.

I told him I was getting everything, and he was done for. He bolted.

When I took him to court for the divorce hearings, I had requested that I got the house and his car, since it was in my name. Thanks to Daddy Dearest, I was the primary breadwinner of our family, so I got what I wanted and got to keep my assets.

He lost everything but his crappy Nissan and his clothes. He had tried going back to the other guy, now my good friend, but that didn’t work.

In the end, my ex had to move back in with his parents, and I think he’s working at Target, last I heard, I don’t care.

Heck hath no fury like a Latina Scorned!”

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11. Try To Fire Me? Let Me Pull The Reverse Card On You

This is totally something that would be straight out of a movie!

“At the time, I was working as a manager in a mid-sized business.

While I was there, I was assigned a new member to my team. I’ll call her Evil. Evil was in her mid-twenties and was pretty fresh out of college. She was the kind of person who could talk your ear off about all of her ideas and plans and what she was working on, but never really seemed to have anything to show for it.

When I talked to her about clients complaining that she wasn’t getting back to them, she would always have an excuse about how difficult they were, how snowed under she was, and how she had written an email but it must’ve gotten lost in spam….

so on and so forth. Basically never her fault.

It got to the point where after one of our monthly meetings I called her in and explained that if she couldn’t get her tasks done she needed to let us know so we could help delegate resources to make sure things weren’t slipping through the cracks.

I’ll admit, I was pretty direct. Her performance was impacting the whole team, and my job was literally to keep the team on track. I get that people can be under pressure, that there can be stuff going on at home which impacts work, and that sometimes people need a bit of help – but if every time I ask about a project you say ‘Yep, yep, everything’s good.

I’ve got it under control,’ and then it all falls apart and your only response is to blame the client—we have a problem.

I explained that I wasn’t going to start formal performance management or anything like that, but from now on I’d like her to check in with me on Monday mornings for 10 minutes to go over objectives for the week and to check if she needed support with any of her clients.

I know it isn’t fun to be micromanaged, so I tried to keep these check-ins short and mostly just offer assistance on stuff. She clearly hated my guts though, and apparently was hatching her own revenge.

Now part of my role included the use of a purchasing card, which wasn’t in my name but I had access to.

I was given the card to basically make small purchases for the office or spend up to $500.00 on clients. The card was kept in an office I shared with another team manager, where we both could access it when we needed it.

One day I get a call from accounts asking about a few abnormal purchases on the card.

A photoshop subscription, a couple of Uber Eats orders, an HBO subscription, etc. I say I don’t know anything about them and they should check with the other team manager. Apparently, the other team manager didn’t know anything about them either, because after the weekend I get called into the big boss’s office.

After my colleague and I had denied involvement, accounts had started calling adobe and Uber and stuff to find out where the transactions were coming from. They said that not only were the accounts in my name, they were registered to an email address with my name in it too.

I can’t describe what it felt like to be in that meeting. I felt physically sick. I couldn’t work out what was happening. I was so shocked I didn’t know what to say. I felt like I was about to get fired and I couldn’t understand how that was even possible.

The director was going on about how access to the card was a privilege and that I had signed an agreement about appropriate use and so on and so forth.

I denied that I had been using it inappropriately, and the boss listened but I could tell he wasn’t that convinced. To be honest, in my head I was gaslighting myself and worrying that I had somehow saved the card in google and maybe my wife had been accidentally using it or something.

It was terrible, and I found myself apologizing and saying ‘I don’t know how this happened, I assure you that I know that none of those expenses are appropriate uses of company funds – there must have been some kind of mistake, can I please have the details and look into it,’ etc., etc.

When I finally got out of that office, my job still intact (barely), Evil was waiting for me at my office door. She was grinning from ear to ear and sweetly explained she had been waiting for our morning meeting. I told her something had come up and we’d do the meeting tomorrow, and she said: ‘Oh will you be in tomorrow?’

Confused, I just replied, ‘Yes, why would I not be in tomorrow?’ and she just sipped her tea and said ‘Oh, no reason,’ turned around and went back to her desk.

Something felt off, but I was still worrying about what had happened with the boss so I spent the next couple of hours calling my wife, calling adobe, and doing the same leg work that accounts had done.

It became very obvious that someone had been using my name and the company card to spend a bunch online. Had I been hacked or something? Personal info on the dark web and these hackers just really wanted photoshop and Wendy’s delivered?

It was the Uber eats that was her undoing.

After getting on the phone and talking through what had gone on, and obviously giving my name for the account and everything, the fellow on the phone told me where the food had been delivered. It was in our city, which made me rule out straightaway any notion of my data being sold online or something.

Now I was suspicious and annoyed.

I don’t like to think the worst of people, but now I was. Listening to my gut, I pulled up Evil’s employee information and checked her address. I pulled it up on google maps, dropped a pin on her place, and then looked for the address Uber Eats had given me.

It was the corner of her block.

I was furious. When she left work for the day I got IT to give me access to her laptop. Sure enough, when I opened up her ‘domain’.com account under her listed accounts was the email with my name in it.

There were some things she had been smart about. The IP address she had been using was the office, which would have tied back to me. She had even had the food delivered to a different address. She had even made a fake email address.

But saving her passwords on a work computer was a mistake.

I called the boss that night and explained what I had found, and kept the IT guy with me to support the fact that I hadn’t just logged into her computer and made it all up.

The next day the boss called her into the office and fired her so bad there were red trucks lining up outside the building. When she teary-eyed left his office I made sure I was standing in the hall sipping a cup of tea. It had gotten cold while I waited for her but still tasted sweet.

I hope she went home that night because if she did she would have received some nice ‘goodbye’ Wendy’s delivered by Uber Eats. Paid for on my personal card of course.

Revenge and justice can be the same thing, right?

In the end, she was fired. The boss apologized and we were on good terms when I left in October for a new gig.

She never apologized and I haven’t seen her since. The boss decided not to get the police involved and neither did I, just didn’t want the hassle.”

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10. My Clothes Aren't Good Enough For You? I'll Just Take Them All Back


“My MIL is a very difficult lady and likes to create issues out of nothing.

Then likes to play the victim if I show any sort of reaction. Today I just quietly reacted with the support of my husband.

I have a two-and-a-half-year-old daughter. My in-laws love having her visit – and truly I don’t mind. My MIL is great with the grandbabies.

I try to keep their house stocked with everything they may need including pull-ups, wipes, clothes, etc.

Recently MIL has been complaining that she has no clothes for my daughter. I was a little confused because I brought a diaper box filled with her latest size only a month or two ago.

But I assumed maybe it’s just slowly made its way to my house and I didn’t notice.

Last week my daughter shows up in 18-month Santa pajamas… I didn’t say anything. But MIL states she is wearing those because she has nothing else.

Again, confused, but I let it go.

Today we dropped off my daughter for a weekend camping trip with the in-laws and I packed another diaper box filled with clothes and decided I’d pop in and take a look at what all was in the dresser they have for her.

(Thinking I’ll go through and take home whatever is too small now.)

So. Many. Clothes. Like you can’t even close the drawers.

Confusion amplifies. I calmly walk out with a dozen or more pairs of pants and ask ‘just out of curiosity, why do you keep saying you have no clothes?

Is there something wrong with these? They are her size and definitely fit… so is it that you just find them ugly or something?’

She immediately gets super snippy and defensive. And says that yes, some of them aren’t the nicest. They’re also stained up.

And I keep taking home all the nice ones. (Keep in mind I supply and buy all the clothes.. so to me they’re all nice. And all haven’t seen the light of day – so definitely no stains.)

So I ask what she wants me to do with them.

Does she want to keep them or should I bring them home?

My husband didn’t even wait for a response and told me to pack them up since they aren’t good enough for MIL.

So I did just that. I packed up two bags worth of clothes and brought them home.

She now has just enough for their camping trip.

I’m done playing whatever game she’s playing. She can get her own clothes if the vast amount I provided isn’t good enough for her. I will definitely pay for this petty act later.

But 10/10 worth it.”

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rbleah 2 years ago
Then let her pay for the clothes SHE WANTS. Don't take more over. Then when she whines about that you can tell her since she didn't like the stuff YOU brought the thought was she could choose ones SHE LIKES. You NTJ
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9. Bad Coworker Is Superstitious? Time For A Friday The 13th Prank


“I saw a post on social media about how it’s silly people are afraid of black cats, and it reminded me of something I did to a former coworker years ago.

I (and most of the staff) needed a little petty revenge because she was always wasted on the job, which made her very unproductive to the point someone was literally always picking up her slack on a daily basis, and even forgetting how to do basic things she’d been doing every day since she started the job, which eventually got her demoted to associate (not by me, by the big boss).

Very simple tasks like how to sign in to the cash register.

As Friday the 13th was coming up, she mentioned in passing she was very superstitious, and since we were both working that day (I was opening manager, and she came in later for a mid-shift) I spent the night before finding and printing a few dozen black cat pics and memes, and a few of my very eager to join me coworkers came in a few mins early and we taped them all around the store before we clocked in.

Register drawer, inside the office, break room fridge, all over the lockers, various places in the stockroom… even printed one small enough to slip through the slits of her locker so she’d have to see its cute furry face when she unlocked it.

The prank went extremely well.

she spent the day stomping around exasperated and telling us that we were all idiots, spending unpaid time just to prank her like that. The random AAAARGHHHHHH NOT ANOTHER ONE outbursts throughout the day warmed my evil little heart.”

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Foofer 2 years ago
You mean drunk, or high? Tell boss get her fired/call police and get her arrested
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8. Infringe My Artwork? I'll Shut Down Your Print Shop

“A little backstory, I’m an online artist and this took place when I was in my early 20s. There was a popular artist who calls himself a professional and works in the industries.

I used to look up to him. Let’s call him ‘Zack.’

Lately, I noticed how Zack’s art looked eerily too familiar to a piece of media I’ve seen before. So I looked up the images and found it too matched up to his art.

He was directly referencing official art and profiting off of it by selling it on his print shops online. He didn’t make any effort to make the reference detaches from the original piece.

I confronted him about it sending a detailed message not to do that and the possible consequences.

I have seen artists in real life who are sued for over $100,000 and to the extent in jail for doing what they did. Instead of being professional and mature about it, he lashed out at me and took it to social media telling me how wrong I was to falsely accuse him since artists use references and how I could get sued for libel.

I was dumbfounded at how clueless he was not comprehending what I was talking about.

He included my username which my blog had links to my contacts. My emails, social media page, art accounts, and more.

His fans including his group of friends joined in sending me downright horrific messages to me.

I had panic attacks resulting from the pure backlash of his enormous fan base. I constantly received hate mail, telling me how horrible I am as a person, how crappy my art was, and to the extent of death threats for almost an entire month.

The last straw that broke the camel’s back was when he directly referenced my art and made money off of it. I didn’t know how to find a lawyer and I feel hopeless and angry that I couldn’t do anything about it.

Later it hit me that if I can’t do it, then maybe another artist can or anyone who holds the copyright. The last time I remember, Zack never credited any of these artists for his references.

I looked into the art he referenced and examined each official company matching Zack’s art.

I used google search to find anyone working for said company and voilà! I found a staff member for a branch in a different continent. Let’s call him ‘Cody.’

I contacted Cody’s social media and tipped him about Zack’s activity through messenger.

I uploaded and sent a copy of their art and Zack’s art for comparison. Cody just simply replied, ‘Will contact our legal team, thanks for the notice.’

Another week passes by and during that time he constantly posts to every darn thing I post about in my art blog.

And then silence. I checked his print shop was removed. His response to my message was taken down from his social media. He stops talking to his ‘friends’ publicly. Days later a fan was asking about him and he responded that he is no longer friends with them cause they are very toxic hypocrites.

One of his former friends contacted my friend and cried about how awful a bully he was. Of course, my friend didn’t care.

It was the most glorifying feeling I have ever rejoiced. This would’ve been avoided if he at least heeded my warnings.

How he handled the situation was not professional AT ALL.

About 5 years later I had been informed that apparently, he has a tough time getting back into the industry after there were allegations of his past copyright infringement. The biggest one was having a lawsuit with the big company Cody worked for.”

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bejo 11 months ago
Idiot didn't even know that privately messaging him is not libel. He's the one who made it public!
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7. Be The World's Worst Co-Worker? I'll Orchestrate A Lie To Get You Fired

“I used to work at a hospital data center in the network operations group. We physically sat in a room 24/7 next to the servers to make sure things didn’t catch on fire, monitored for alerts, and did routine things like swapping out tape backups, but it was pretty simple work.

This was ostensibly a tech job, but there were people who had been there for many years back when you had to change out printer paper and run a command from an IBM mainframe. It was on really specialized hardware and software that was difficult to apply elsewhere, so it had become a dead-end job.

And because there were people who weren’t tech-savvy at all really, we weren’t given much responsibility. You can’t tell some people they can log into a server and others not, so we were reduced to the lowest common denominator. We were a network operations center where nobody was allowed to interact with any network equipment.

Lowest common denominator, you say. Meet my new supervisor, Karen (not her real name but definitely her real spirit), who had been there for over 20 years and got the job solely based on seniority. She was a sociopathic narcissist and one of the most unpleasant people I’ve ever encountered.

Shortly after I was hired, we were bought by another hospital and combined data centers. Karen was demoted to shift lead and had to work with us in the 24/7 rotation. She was very bad at her job and our responsibilities diminished to very little. We had no agency to fix any problems of our own because it had to be a problem that Karen could solve, and Karen was both lazy and stupid.

After a couple of years, I was promoted. On my first day after they announced the promotion, she said ‘you will fail.’ Just straight to my face.

But she had a powerful tool at her disposal: the hospital bureaucracy. Since the place was unionized, the hospital had a just cause firing policy instead of an at-will policy, even for non-unionized employees.

This is I think generally a good thing. But on the edges, it set up ridiculous situations where it was impossible to lose your job unless you were really egregious about it with repeated violations or you showed up intoxicated. We had someone steal computer equipment and they kept their job.

It was nuts. And Karen had been there for nearly 30 years. So she wasn’t getting fired without a lot of work.

That’s okay. She was terrible at her job. One of the most important things about the job was monitoring for an alert that would pop up and there was a procedure we had to go through in order for some data to go through.

If we didn’t do this, then a nurse wouldn’t get their lab results back. So in one case, an alert came in, Karen saw it, then decided to keep browsing the web. Because of this, a patient from the cardiac ICU was going into surgery and the doctors and nurses operating on the patient couldn’t get a white blood cell count I think?

(I’m not a doctor, I just… work in a building with a lot of them.) Something very dangerous for this patient, and the patient died.


(The reasoning from HR: well, it didn’t directly lead to harm…)

She didn’t even feel bad about it. Just a complete soulless sociopath. I’m real pro-worker in general, but some jobs you just absolutely have to do. I was so mad. She had to go.

I kept a paper trail of everything she messed up.

It wasn’t nitpicky. Literal life and death stuff here. Verbal warning, first written warning, second written warning, final written warning, termination. A slog and I’d rather spend my time doing anything else, but that’s the way it went.

Then she figured out she could work the system.

As she approached work Armageddon (termination), she would tell HR she was being harassed (the person harassing her was different every time) which would trigger a mandatory investigation. This investigation took about six months, they wouldn’t find anything, and we would carry on. Except these warnings?

They had a six-month expiration. So she could always reset the clock when it got close.

Everyone was helpless. Even the CIO couldn’t do anything about it because of the bureaucracy. Karen was a menace and the entire IT department had to interact with the data center staff, and that meant interacting with her, and she was universally disliked. And she had 20 years until retirement and she would outlast the heat death of the universe.

Then I had an idea: what if, under the guise of developing skills relevant to the 21st century, required everyone working in the network operations center to pass the Net+ exam? It’s not a difficult exam, but it’s not trivially easy. I felt pretty sure that everyone on the team fell above the line between ‘able to pass’ and ‘not able to pass’ except Karen.

We would give everyone better titles, a significant pay raise, and entrusted to do more with the equipment, which is something everyone desperately wanted. Then people could actually leave the hospital with transferable skills and do something else if they wanted and not feel trapped.

I spent THREE YEARS in meetings with HR. With my director. With the CIO. With HR again. Job description meetings that took six hours to tweak small wording. Hundreds of hours in meetings. Red tape nightmare. Absolute red tape nightmare. Do you have any idea what it takes to approve a significant raise in a bureaucratic muck-factory like that?

But the raises were crucial because it would absolutely not be fair to ask this of them. ‘Pass a test or lose your job’ without a large carrot attached would lead to mutiny.

And then it got approved! I also wrote the exam requirement into my own job description.

It was important to still be able to do the job and not let my skills lapse just because I was promoted, and also this meant I could cover for people when they were on vacation or sick. (Plus, I also got that sweet, sweet pay bump.)

It went over well! I was nervous, but the plan made sense and I was able to communicate that. People would be more marketable. The job would be more interesting. And most importantly, they would be making 20% more than they were before. And I think it really helped that I also gave myself the same requirement when I absolutely could have chosen not to.

The hospital would pay for offsite training. They would still get paid their full hourly during the training, including shift differential for 2nd and 3rd shifts. We paid for all the materials. I scheduled 8 hours a week for people to go someplace quiet and study.

The job itself had a ton of downtime so people could study, but this was formally carved out time anyway. We paid for the exam. And if they failed, we’d pay for the second attempt. We were given eight months to pass the test, so this is how it was for the eight months.

I did not want Karen to have any excuse whatsoever and somehow convince HR that this process was rushed or unfair.

Everyone passed on the first attempt except Karen. Karen did not pass her second, or her third attempt (a bonus attempt!).

Karen, being the classic narcissist, thought this was somehow all about her.

That this was a vast conspiracy engineered over multiple years and hundreds of hours just to get rid of her, and she would tell everyone within earshot that’s what was going on. Yeah okay, Karen. You realize how insane that sounds, right? Not everything is about you, sheesh.

Well, okay in this case it is but still. Only I (and two other people) know that.

I remember the exact time and date we told her. She was in such deep denial that it could ever happen. She thought she was bulletproof. I don’t think I will ever achieve anything more satisfying in my career.

I’m not usually one to take satisfaction in seeing someone’s livelihood go, but she was uniquely awful, she was a patient danger, and it had been nearly a decade of working with her by this point and I was just so sick and tired of her bull crap.

I was a hero the day after she was fired. I went to the main office for a meeting and people were congratulating me like I just had a kid or won a marathon or something. Even the CIO! They were just happy for me that I didn’t have to supervise Karen anymore.

But in my headcanon, they were congratulating me for pulling off this elaborate plan.

Morale back at the data center was also high. We learned interesting things, a couple of my coworkers left for better gigs elsewhere, the ones who were content staying were able to stay, and we all had more money and job security.

And because anything could set off a bull crap Karen harassment complaint, people were stressed out working with her. Her being gone was like a breath of fresh air. Newcomers were told stories of Karen, and they seemed exaggerated. They were not.

In order to solve a very important and extremely difficult problem, I pulled off a vast workplace conspiracy that improved the lives of the people I worked with in addition to keeping our patients safe.

Getting Karen fired is my greatest and most difficult accomplishment and I can’t put it on a CV anywhere.”

Another User Comments:

“How was this woman unable to pass the Net+ test after 3 tries? Especially when you provide that much training?! Without even working in IT and working a full-time job that gave me no time to study, it only took me a month or so to study and pass that test. Maybe because it was a different test back in 1999/2000 when I took it, but it couldn’t have been that different.

I took it again in 2008, so I could teach a class on it, but it hadn’t changed that much by then either.” rhett342

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bejo 11 months ago
I doubt that she bothered to study. She probably thought her conspiracy claim would save her.
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6. I'm Replaceable? Okay, Bye!

“I worked for a company for just under 5 years. The company I worked for existed for an additional 10 years prior to me.

While I worked at this company, it ballooned to be the number one provider in the region for its unique service with about 75% of the market. It was a small business with about 15 employees.

I loved my job and the skills I learned while working there were quite valuable.

I loved my team, and the clients we provided services for. My twice-yearly reviews with the owner were always 10/10 with no recommendations for improvement. I was exceptional at my job in every way. I handled company operations, HR/payroll, customer service, marketing, employee management, schedules, employee and client training, and many other things at this company.

I was also able to step in and do any of my teammates’ jobs if they were out sick or on vacation.

The owner of the company was giving out a bonus late summer last year and mine, while being more than previous years, was notably less than my teammates.

I asked the owner, ‘Are the bonuses related to performance, and if so, what could I have done to earn more?’

The owner replied, ‘The bonuses are not performance-related, you are just more replaceable than the others.’

‘Oh, okay,’ I replied and I proceeded to process each of the bonuses then went to lunch.

I called my spouse to gain wisdom and advice. I was pretty annoyed but didn’t want to make a rash decision.

My spouse is very intelligent and, while they are not a fortuneteller, they have an ability to foresee various responses and all the potential outcomes.

They are business-wise and have been on the executive team of a large company for the past 21 years while also serving on several community boards and business advisory boards.

We decided together to continue forward with our scheduled vacation and use the time away to calm our minds, relax, have fun, and also determine the best course of action for me.

We were leaving after working one more day, so I worked like all was normal the rest of the day and the following day, then left on vacation.

While away we discussed several scenarios and the potential outcomes and consulted with a business advisor and a business attorney.

With all the advice I received I determined that upon my return from vacation, I would resign from my role with a two-week notice. However, in a fit of rage, I was immediately terminated by the owner. This was one of the scenarios we thought would happen, so I was prepared for the owner’s poor reaction.

During the next couple of weeks, I created and opened a competing business offering similar services. However; I offered more customizable options with higher quality service and results. I knew our clients wanted these options and had proposed said options several times at my old workplace but was never green-lighted to implement the changes for no reason other than the owner didn’t come up with the idea so it was a stupid idea.

I also maintained communications with a few people from my old team. My old team did not relay the day-to-day happenings at my previous workplace and I never asked about the company; however, they would vent to me on occasion. I would listen without comment.

I knew service, quality, and the work environment, in general, suffered since my departure. Morale went down and clients were less satisfied. I also read the Google and social media reviews for the old company. Yikes!

Additionally, two full-time and one part-time people were hired to fill my role and a portion of my responsibilities, like HR and payroll, were filled by outside companies.

I quickly built up my business and within 3 months was able to hire several of my old teammates. They were able to jump in on day one with minimal training as they were the best employees at my old workplace. The quality of the previous workplace’s offerings continued to fall which sent additional business my way and quickly caused incoming work to be nonexistent at the old workplace.

My old workplace went from being the number one provider of unique service in the region to nothing in a matter of months.

My previous employer is now searching for gainful employment. I know this because over the weekend the owner applied for a position at my spouse’s company.

Side note: I think my spouse’s company should bring my previous employer in for an interview but when they arrive, surprise! I’m the interviewer and all I say is, ‘How replaceable am I now?’ My spouse, rightfully so, has said, ‘No.’

The moral of the story is don’t tell your employees they are replaceable because they might create a competing business that is better than yours while taking your best employees and your clients which will leave you with no business to sell (owner’s whole retirement plan was to sell the business) and starting all over by searching for employment under someone else.

Looks like your company was replaceable, not me.”

Another User Comments:

“I love it when especially downright awful managers/superiors realize they’ve screwed up, it’s too late, and are getting instant karma, all at once.

My anecdotal situation went like this:

‘If you do not want to do it, then you do not have to work here.’

‘OK, I quit.’

‘Wait, just like that?’

‘Just like that. You said I don’t have to work here if I don’t want to work here.’

As I’m taking off my badge, etc., they have the audacity to ask:

‘Are… are you going to finish your shift?’ (I had literally just clocked in, and they started this conversation at the device we used.)


The store itself closed 2 months later due to poor management. The company closed the entire district.” camxct

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5. Try To Extort Me? I'll Start A Dumpster Fire

“About 5 years ago, I was working in an organization that was super toxic. So much so that we were a revolving door – most employees stayed only a few months.

To counter this, our management put 3 months’ notice into everyone’s contract including existing employees (it’s not strictly illegal where this happened, but very unusual). I believe the idea was to make it harder for employees to find a job outside as employers didn’t usually want to wait for 3 months.

However, this didn’t work as people simply quit and waited for a month or two before starting their job hunt.

I was there for almost 4 years. I needed the funds, so I put up with whatever harassment was thrown at me. My boss was a guy we’ll call Vince (not actual name).

Now Vince was not particularly good, but he sometimes respected the fact that I was the most tenured grunt in the organization.

Enter Rajesh (not actual name).

Rajesh was brought in from outside for ‘Strategically improving’ our division. This was quite strange given our division generated the most profits.

Within months, Rajesh made the environment even more toxic. He pulled Vince’s team under him and got Vince fired, and he actively encouraged us grunts to spy on each other.

Rajesh also had it out for me from day one (until late I don’t know why).

He started making my life harder than the others. This culminated in him taking me aside and telling me that I was not pulling my weight.

Now at this point, I was doing quite well in the organization, plus I was doing a LOT of additional work since only I knew certain systems and processes (see: high attrition above).

So I was quite angry. I started looking out (I still wasn’t brave enough to quit and start looking). Fortunately, I was able to find a job that was willing to wait the 3 months.

So it was my turn to take Rajesh aside and tell him I quit.

Boy Rajesh was angry! He went from denial (‘You can’t quit!!’) to negotiation (‘what if I give you a raise at the year end’) to acceptance.

Thus I was serving my notice and working away like an honest bee (my usual work, plus the additional work).

At this point, I was called by HR and told that Rajesh wanted me gone. The insane part was that they wanted me TO PAY THE COMPANY for the 2.5 months shortfall in notice!

I obviously refused, then went back and checked the contract. Turns out a notice of fewer than 3 months could only happen through mutual consent, and the initiating party (company if they wanted me gone sooner, or me if I wanted to leave earlier) had to compensate the other party for the shortfall.

The next day, I stopped doing anything at all. I logged in and logged out my hours and did jack crap. Not my work, definitely not the additional responsibilities. Soon there was a complete meltdown all around. Rajesh would pull me into meetings and scream and try to bully me, and I would say nothing but smirk.

Then they tried to have someone else learn from me so that they could do what I did. Remember I said earlier how I was the only one who knew some of the old systems and processes? Well, now I claimed I didn’t really remember any of them.

So obviously there could be no handover.

Soon my workplace turned into a dumpster fire. HR/Rajesh smartened up and offered to buy out my notice if I cooperated and helped transition my work.

I refused.

Then, to twist the knife further, I started having meetings with fellow grunts (remember, everyone was always a newbie) and encouraging them to leave as well.

HR tried to get me to leave twice more, but I ended up serving the full 3 months (remember the mutual consent part?).”

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Familyangel 2 years ago
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4. Treat All The Employees Like Trash? I'll Get You Fired

Think twice before you hurt the best employee.

“I’ve been working in the retail business for over 20 years and let me tell you, some of the managers they hire, I can do a better job! But I’m getting ahead of myself here! Over the years of doing retail, I have established a reputation for myself.

I’m ‘Mrs. Reliable.’ Need someone to come in? They call me. Need someone to stay late? They call me. Need to switch with someone because management said no for your day off? They call me. Need to switch with someone because of a last-minute plan?

They call me. You can probably see where this story might be going right?

This story takes place a couple of years ago when I worked at a major grocery store in my town/city as a cashier.

This has taken place a couple of years ago back in 2020.

I’m on my two years at this store and we went through so many people and managers it wasn’t funny! Literally, it felt like we had a revolving door with how much turnover in employment we had. Getting back to the story, I was a cashier and the thing about me doing this job is that I have a tendency to be ‘too good’ at my job.

I was just hired to be a cashier, I was not a manager, nor a monitor (someone that is a step down from management, but doesn’t have all the responsibilities of management), nor was in customer service. However, I was trained for nearly all the duties of someone who is.

Need change? I went to the cashier, got the money out of the drawer, and went to grab the change that they needed. Need an override? I came over to see what the problem is and did the override. Need something from behind the counter?

I just need to know what it is that you need and I went and grabbed it. I did all this on top of my cashier duties and self-checkout duties.

Then Jerk came along! My manager at the time, let’s call her Ashley. Ashley is the Front End Manager, meaning she’s in charge of everything that goes on at the Registers, Cash Office (where all the money is), Customer Service, and the Self Checkouts.

Now, I liked Ashley! She was a really good boss and I liked working with her. Ashley had gotten pregnant and was expecting her second child, I was excited for her! Unfortunately, when Ashley came back though she was no longer going to be a manager nor was she going to full time.

She decided to come back part-time. I can’t really blame her though. You’re working 40 hours a week and are not allowed any overtime whatsoever. Plus, you can be working as early as 5 AM to working as late as whenever the last customer decides to leave (last time that happened we didn’t get out until 11:15 PM).

Enter Jerk. Ever wonder what happened to that spoiled brat in school whose mommy never said no and always got what they always wanted? That’s Jerk all grown up in a manager’s position! Jerk was the type of manager that if he told you to do something, he expected you to do it without any questions.

Have plans after work? Jerk expected you to whip out your phone right there and then, cancel your plans and come into work. Have a doctor’s appointment? Jerk expected you to cancel that appointment and then come to work. If you told him no, he would say in the most condescending tone, ‘Well I need you to anyway!’ And then just standing there scowling at you the whole time!

Basically trying to intimidate you by making you feel so uncomfortable by staring until you cave.

Now, I had my fair share of awful managers to the point where if I didn’t need the funds I would’ve walked right out right then and there and never returned. And I had my fair share of good managers.

Jerk was somewhere in the middle leaning more towards the ‘walking out.’ Now, with me, I’ll admit. Over the years I developed a Sassy Sarcastic Personality. I’m blunt, have no filter, say what’s on my mind, and I don’t put up with people’s bull crap!

Apparently, Jerk never got the memo of my not taking people’s bull crap.

Around this time, summer was ending meaning we were in the ‘Now Hiring’ stage and many positions were starting to open up in the store. Keep this in mind.

I had out-of-patient vein surgery done on one of my legs and needed to take a few days off.

Since I had some vacation time saved up, I used my hours for those few days so that I didn’t have to worry so much about not getting paid. Jerk called me a day before I was supposed to come in asking if I can do a 9-1.

I asked him three times over the phone, ‘Who’s closing?’ because originally I was supposed to close that day until I got my approval for my days off. Jerk never answered me so I just figured they had it covered. I came in and of course, halfway through my shift Jerk calls me over and says that they don’t have a closer.

Keep in mind that I asked him three times over the phone who was closing. Jerk wanted me to clock out, go home for a few hours, and then come to work and close. I said no and then he tried the whole guilt-tripping about ‘not having anyone’ and that ‘we really need you to do this.’

I said no because 1) I’m really tired and just came off surgery like three days ago! 2) I already made plans with my husband for the evening. Of course, Jerk didn’t like this because the next time I came to work, he was just being petty and passive-aggressive with me.

Basically, he either pretended I wasn’t there, ignored me, or the transaction that he was doing was taking longer than it should and then chastised me in front of the customers for taking too long to get to him.

When I had my follow-up appointment with the vein doctor, Jerk asked me if I can come earlier.

I told him no, I can’t because I have a doctor’s appointment in the morning that day. Then he did his usual, ‘We’ll need you to do it anyway!’ And started to stare at me. Unfortunately for him, I’m used to this when it came to Karens and Kevins trying to intimidate me because something didn’t come right.

I quickly shut that down by getting the other cashier’s attention when they need help with something or quickly grabbing a customer’s attention.

When I came in after my appointment, Jerk with a smug grin very loudly in earshot of the Big Wigs from Corporate visiting that day said, ‘Well OP, looks like you noticed that I didn’t call you in because we didn’t need you.’

I replied, ‘Good because I wasn’t able to come in early anyway.’

Remember how I said that the store had openings? Well turns out Customer Service needed some help and the only way to get there was to ask your manager. So, I went to Jerk and asked about being at the Customer Service Desk.

With everything that I’ve already been doing, I was basically the ‘Front End Assistant Manager’ without the pay and title!

Jerk said that he would get back to me, especially since I’ve been doing a great job. Two to three weeks later, I’m seeing people that I trained or have started months after I did get promoted to Customer Service Desk while I stayed as a cashier with all the other responsibilities piled on top.

The Customer Service Desk position would’ve easily been a .50 cent raise. The monitor position would’ve been a .75 cent raise. And of course, Jerk didn’t want to pay more for doing the exact same thing that I was already doing. I was starting to get the message of ‘Why pay for the cow when the milk is free?’

I was starting to look for another job at this point because I was getting sick and tired of how I was being treated but I wanted to try and give this guy one last chance. So, I found out that the Seafood Department in my store had an opening and I even talked to the Seafood Department Manager Debbie about me possibly being in her department.

She was ecstatic to have me and was willing to work around my college schedule. I had to talk to my manager Jerk in order to get the transfer going.

I talked to Jerk and he started to come up with any and all kinds of excuses to not have me transfer!

I quickly shot that down and even the one where he tried to say that I can’t because another co-worker was transferring (First time I’ve heard of this) but the co-worker said they had no problem with me going. So, I thought that was that, right?


Three to four weeks have passed and I’ve been getting nowhere with the whole transfer to the other department. Even Debbie was wondering why it was taking so long for me to get to the Seafood Department and why management was dragging their feet with this.

Turns out, Jerk blocked my transfer and they wound up hiring a new employee to the Seafood Department. Jerk thought that if there were no positions available and he can just ‘Deny’ my transfer I have no choice but to stay.

After an argument between the two of us about this, because I was calling him out on his bull crap, Jerk said the magic words: ‘Just do your job!’

Just do my job? Okay! I was so glad that wearing a mask was required. Otherwise, Jerk might have seen my ‘Evil Smile’ when I agreed to just ‘Do my job.’

Need an override? Sorry, but I’m not management nor am I a monitor so I can’t do that.

Let me go grab someone who can. Need change? Sorry, but I’m not management nor am I a monitor so I can’t do that. Let me go grab someone who can. Need something behind the Customer Service Desk? Sorry, but I’m not trained nor am I Customer Service.

Let me grab someone who can get that for you.

Jerk was at his wit’s end and even tried to write me up for something. I quickly shut that down when I started to recite what being a cashier entails and what my actual job of being a cashier is.

And I told him that if he wants me to continue with all those responsibilities he needs to promote me so I can do all those responsibilities. He quickly stepped back into his passive-aggressive behavior which I quickly shut down.

I eventually found another job with better pay and better benefits and handed in my resignation of me leaving in ten days.

That Jerk tried to deny it and say, ‘No you have to give us two weeks’ notice!’ I quickly shut that down with a response, ‘You wouldn’t be giving us a two-week notice if you’re going to fire us! Or lay us off or let us go!

Just a two-minute warning!’

Now, you’re probably wondering what could I have possibly done for more revenge, right? Well, there was an old saying, ‘Never kill the Golden Goose.’ Well, readers what do you think happens to a department that is solely dependable on one person whose reputation is, ‘Mrs. Reliable?’

Need me to come in on my day off? Sorry I can’t. I have plans. Need me to stay late? Sorry, I can’t I already made plans. Someone called out? Sorry, I can’t make it.

I did this throughout the entire rest of my stay at that place.

Jerk couldn’t do anything about it either and it was starting to get to him on what happens when you rely heavily on someone else but treat them so badly that they actually decide to leave. Jerk’s performance because I wasn’t there to cover his butt was starting to take a toll.

He had to do so much now of his own responsibilities and there wasn’t a thing he could do to me. He kept trying to be extra passive-aggressive with me to which I just smiled and waved and said goodbye to everyone but him!

After talking to a friend of mine about what happened when I worked there, he told me to report this to the district manager because that kind of behavior isn’t good for the workplace.

I got the e-mail address of the district manager from my friend and then I went back to the store as a customer.

I kept in touch with a couple of my old co-workers and kept asking them how they were doing and how’s work going. None of them had a problem venting to me about how bad things were getting with Jerk. I asked if they didn’t mind if I put their name in the complaint or if they just wanted to be anonymous.

A lot of them chose the latter. I whipped out my phone, used the quick memo app that I had, and quickly wrote the notes on my phone. The date, and the register that the cashier was on at the time. I sent that e-mail with the attached notes and with the entire account on my part as well to the district manager.

Now, this wouldn’t be a revenge story if it just stopped there. I took a step further. You see, with the receipts that we get, there is a survey on the bottom of every receipt and management kept trying to boost us to get customers to take the survey because it helped with the storefront and all the points that the store gets.

Well, here’s the thing about that survey, when you fill out the survey including the comments, everyone gets to see it. And I mean everyone.

Jerk, the assistant store manager, the store manager, the regional manager, the district manager, and the representative of corporate get to see it all.

So, you can imagine what I did. Needed a snack for school? Filled out the survey. Needed groceries? Filled out the survey. Needed a drink? Filled out the survey. I went to that store multiple times and got so many different surveys because there wasn’t a limit for how many you can fill out.

And I made sure to put everything that Jerk was doing on all those surveys. Including how he treated his employees.

Three months after I left, the person they hired back in Seafood to make sure I couldn’t go back there quit.

Six months after I left, Jerk was nowhere to be found.

A new manager took over for him and no one seems to know what happened to Jerk.”

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TJHall44 1 year ago
I wish I had a dollar for everytime this gal "quickly shut that down" . Nice fake story of quickly she shut shit down while she patted herself on the back.
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3. Refuse To Have A Proper Conversation? Enjoy Being Shut Down For A Week


“When I was 18 I started working in an ice cream parlor/lunch room. I worked there every high season (the summers/springs). In my second season there I got ‘promoted’ to shift supervisor (more responsibilities, same pay).

Every time they needed someone to pick up a shift or start earlier, that person would be me.

Cut to my third season. I was starting to take less crap from everyone and generally standing up for myself more. I got a complaint filed against me from a customer because I refused to serve her once we were closed one evening.

Instead of talking to me about it (I knew the owner personally, and up until that time I considered her a nice person and she liked me), I started to notice I got fewer and fewer hours.

When I asked the general manager about it she swore up and down that it had nothing to do with the complaint, and that business had just been slow.

This all kept happening until I got notice that they had overscheduled a shift and that I didn’t have to work that day. When I dropped by, imagine my surprise that there was someone working who wasn’t scheduled because it was busy!

I asked the owner to have a conversation with me, and these are some highlights:

  • We don’t owe you any answers
  • You do know there are cameras right? (Someone stole €40 a week before)
  • Did something happen at home because you’re acting different this year?

After this conversation, I quit right there.

Cue petty revenge.

I happened to know that their AC was ridiculously dirty.

I knew this because my now fiancé worked with ACs at the time, and had warned both me and the owner about it. (Think mold, dust, etc. in there).

They had not done anything about it, and when given the opportunity to get a new system at a VERY discounted price, they just laughed and said it was too expensive.

Guess who anonymously tipped the health department. And guess who had to close for a week while their AC got replaced and got a pretty hefty fine?”

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2. Treat Your Little Sister Like A Slave? Not On My Watch

“Here’s some backstory: Many of you have probably heard of families with a strong hierarchy structure, normally with the eldest in the family having the most influence. My family is one of them, except that my parents are addicts deadbeats so my eldest sister (31F, our Entitled Mother) raised all 5 of us.

She is the boss of the family. She says ‘Jump’, everyone says ‘How high?’

The focal point of the story is my youngest sister (20F, who I’ll call Little Sister). Most of us have a handful or at least a couple of memories with our mother before she lost her crap, except for Little Sister.

For her, Entitled Mother is the only mum she ever had, and Entitled Mother knows how to take advantage of that.

All of us ‘noped’ out of our parents’ house as soon as we turned 18, except for Entitled Mother who waited until Little Sister and our brother were raised and in their mid-teens to move across the country (and soon found jobs and accommodations for all of us to move to the same state as her).

Little Sister begged for years to move in with her, but Entitled Mother always denied, saying that somebody had to take care of our father and because she and her new husband needed privacy and space. That was until Entitled Mother got pregnant. She got Little Sister to move in with her and she has been there for the past two and a half years, ‘helping out’.

Now to the story.

Entitled Father’s family wanted to visit for a couple of weeks, so Little Sister had to stay with me for that time so that they could use her room. (It’s worth noting that Entitled Mother didn’t ask or let me know about it, she just dropped Little Sister off).

One day she saw me studying for my master’s degree and said something about how she always wanted to go to college and this is how it went:

Me: ‘So why don’t you?’

Little Sister: ‘Oh, I talked to Entitled Mother about it but she said not everyone is the college type and that I wouldn’t have time to work, study and take care of Niece at the same time.

And it’s expensive.’

Me: ‘Most people work and study at the same time, and she can put Niece in a daycare. I’m sure it wouldn’t be that much more expensive than what she’s already paying you.’

Little Sister: ‘She doesn’t pay me.

She already gives me food and shelter and if I need money I just take a shift at work.’

And this is how I learned my sister was not only babysitting but also cleaning the whole house for free every day. She was even only working 8 hours a week at her normal job because she was too busy taking care of our niece.

Long story short, it took me weeks to convince her to apply to community college, and then more weeks on the actual process but she finally got confirmation she would start in September. All of that behind Entitled Mother’s back. She was planning on telling everyone the next time we all got together, which would be Independence day.

But before that could happen, Entitled Mother got everyone together at her house to announce that she was pregnant. Little Sister starts crying because now she wouldn’t be ‘allowed’ to go to college. Entitled Mother gets ‘deeply hurt and offended’ that she planned this behind her back.

I butt in. Our other siblings butt in. It’s just generally a mess.

‘How could you do this to me? Who’s going to take care of the babies? I can’t believe you’d be so selfish! If you like OP so much, go stay with her!’

These were all some of the things she said. She kicked me and Little Sister out, who stayed with me until they made peace. Both of our siblings reached out, one to say that I should have minded my own business, and the other to tell me she was on my side but wouldn’t say anything.

After that Little Sister moved back with her and didn’t go to college. But they agreed she would get paid 6 dollars an hour and be allowed to take more shifts at her job until the baby is born, and then go to real college after the child turns one year old.

I know it’s messed up, but all of them – especially Little Sister – worship Entitled Mother like a god. I waited a year to act on my revenge, making sure my sister had saved enough to live on her own.

First, what I did was research the legality of paying a homeless person in food and shelter.

In the US and depending on the state it’s legal as long as you do not cross the line and the person becomes an employee. For example, you can give the person a list of tasks you want done, however, you can not say that it has to be done in a certain amount of time.

You also can not request someone to be somewhere at a certain time. You can ask but not demand on the time. It comes down to a choice of words. Also, you have to comply with rental laws. If your local laws say that you must give 30 days’ notice to a tenant, then you must give 30 days’ notice to this person as well.

I had proof of all of the situation, several screenshots of Entitled Mother admitting not paying and not allowing Little Sister to move out/get a job and also admitting to kicking her out whenever she wanted.

All this technicality seemed worthless since no one would sue her.

But that didn’t matter, I just wanted to make sure that her boss knew that if she were to be sued, it would be a sure case.

Entitle Mother works for a civil rights attorney’s office, so discovering she has a literal modern-day slave would probably get her fired. I could have just created a burner email and sent it all to her boss, but then they would explain to her why she’s getting fired, and that would get me and Little Sister in trouble.

So what did I do? Entitled Mother was always complaining about one of the bosses on her job that hated her and had tried to get her fired for ages. I went to the company site, found the woman (thankfully she was the only ‘Ashley’ that worked there), and found her on social media.

There she had a post tagging her yoga studio. Went to said studio and created my membership. It took a few weeks of trial and error trying to find exactly what class Ashley belonged to, but I finally found her. Then I went to yoga class every Tuesday and Friday at 8 a.m for months, slowly building a friendship with her.

Around 3 months in she asked to follow me on social media, and I was already prepared for this scenario, having deleted the few pictures I had with Entitled Mother. After 9 months, when our friendship was a strong baby, I brought up the crazy coincidence that I found out she worked with Entitled Mother.

Before things could get awkward I said ‘It’s ironic that she works for civil rights, considering, y’know, everything…’ That got Ashely’s attention. I told her everything. Showed every screenshot. I could practically see her eyes shining. They had their own history that is not important to the story, all you need to know is: Entitled Mother is a witch.

Ashely wants revenge as much as I do.

I told her about Little Sister’s situation and why Entitled Mother couldn’t ever know about this. This is why being friends with Ashley was so important – if I had just sent them the proof and explained the situation they would have probably just ignored it since this was a very legitimate reason to fire her and they wouldn’t risk firing her for a minor mistake and maybe getting sued. I sent her the files with her promise that Entitled Mother wouldn’t hear about this, but she needed it to convince the other owner – who was the reason why she wasn’t fired yet.

Two months later, Entitled Mother was fired for minor mistakes, lateness, and general bad productivity.

Small victory, sure, but I loved coming to visit her during the 4 months she was unemployed. She was looking so tired and miserable all the time since she had no money to pay for a babysitter and Little Sister is away at college, so she actually had to take care of her children.

Moral of the story: check on your siblings, they might be living in a modern slavery arrangement.”

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1. Call Me An Ungrateful Brat? You'll See How Much Of An Ungrateful Brat I Really Am When I Take Everything From You

“Growing up, my sister and I had no love toward our father whatsoever. I’m not gonna bore you with details but he was horrible.

When my sister got accepted into a much better but also further high school than our local, she moved immediately and rarely visited. We were 10 years apart so I was 4 at that time.

I grew up resenting her for leaving me to deal with his crap all by myself, but now I understand better and we’re on good terms.

My local factory was so big that it supported my whole town. Almost everyone worked there, so everyone knew each other.

My parents too, but then it was purchased by the defense ministry and they decided to cut off anyone without at least a high school degree. My mother was let go, and this was after she’d had me 4 months. My father, however, made it until retirement and was granted military status.

Basically, they gave him an honorable rank so his pension would almost double, but also you’d have to act accordingly because, in terms of speaking, you’re military personnel now.

My childhood was an absolute nightmare, so needless to say I turned out to be an absolute mess.

Anger management and mental instability are notably the worst and I’m still working on them.

When I turned 18, I enlisted. Two major benefits: it didn’t cost anything and I could never come home if I didn’t want to. For me, it was literally a highway out of a nightmare.

Fast forward 3 years later, I got an honorable discharge (turned out I had actual mental problems, who would have known?) I got a bulk load of funds and even more in the following months when they were able to process my military insurance. I came home to find my town incredibly underwhelming and my father hadn’t changed a bit.

Not wanting to spend the rest of my life in this trash hole, I took what I could and moved to the city where my sister was living. The last words dear old dad said to me was ‘You’d never make it’ because apparently, being discharged for a mental illness showed that I was a coward.

Also, I think he didn’t like that I was tougher than the boy who used to obey his every word that I once was and that I’d stood up for myself more in the few weeks I’ve stayed with him than the entire 18 first years of my life.

I moved to a new environment, took up a blue-collar job (I was pretty beefy thanks to the military), and decided to pursue a career in IT, all the while taking care of my mental health.

Sometime during this time, he got diagnosed with cancer.

I was told it was not dangerous, but operations were required. My sister had actually reconciled with him, partly because of my mother, a few years prior and would occasionally bring my niece home to visit them. She was quite successful, so she decided to pay for the whole thing.

Operations, treatment, hospitals, recoveries, it was all hers. She paid for this while moving into a new house and buying her first car (those things are pretty expensive in my country). My father had a huge bank account because of his pension, but he didn’t have to pay a single penny.

After a year or so he’s on recovery, and all in all, things were good.

During this time I was struggling with working and studying, living paycheck to paycheck, and had to rely on a social program to get treatment for my illness. I visited him after every operation, though it wasn’t anything tearful.

If he didn’t poke me, I was fine.

After nearly a year of staying at my sister’s house, he and my mother headed home after his doctor gave him a go. At that time I was looking for a new job because my current job was horrible and it made my mental health actually worse, and I was lucky to find one where most of my skills were transferred and I had enough time to finish my studying.

One day my mother called in tears and asked me to come home that weekend. She told me that my father had been seeing someone else. Now I must admit I’d not put anything behind this man, but then I thought she was paranoid (she still is, up to this day, about everything) and I resented the thought of going home on a 4 hours trip both just for something that’s utterly unimportant.

So I calmed her and swept it under the rug.

Fast forward a few months, I got another call, this time from my sister. She came to visit that week with my niece to inform them that she was 3 months pregnant. What was supposed to be a happy union turned into an absolute crap show.

Apparently, when my father left his phone unattended for a few minutes, his mistress sent him a very inappropriate picture and my mom saw it pop up. Needless to say, all heck broke loose. My sister said that was the first in many years that she saw my mother scream bloody murder at my father, and when he tried to hit her, my sister threw herself in between, which prompted her husband to throw himself in between (because, you know, she’s 3 months pregnant).

It all ended in a very teary trip back to our city after hours of hurling insults at each other. The only good thing that came out of it was my mother somehow was able to bring his phone with her.

We convinced my mother to get a divorce, but she’s the submissive housewife who thought divorces were worse than boiling live puppies, and I think back then she’s still somewhat hoping that he’d turn around.

They’ve been together for almost 35 years at that point so I figured something must have been there. She didn’t want it, so we dropped it and decided to cut him out for good.

Lo and behold, half a year after the incident, my father’s side of the family started to contact me.

I have a strict no-call policy where the only people allowed to call me outside of work hours are my mother, my sister, her husband, 3 of my best friends, and only recently, my significant other. So to my bamboozlement, my father, his sister (my aunt), and his mother all called within a day.

They suddenly acted so nice and convinced me to come to visit them. Obviously, that was all a ruse. After the incident, my father’s side all blamed my mother and said she should have kept it a secret and not made a mess ‘for the family’s sake’.

They also disavowed me and my sister because we were ‘ungrateful brats’ after we did not accept their ultimate argument ‘He’s your father after all’.

Out of morbid curiosity, I ventured back alone to see what it was about. Turned out, that they wanted to sell his house.

It was on my grandmother’s land. Back when he was about to undergo his first operation, we didn’t know how it’d turn out so he transferred the house to my name because apparently, inheriting a dead person’s estate in my country is a living nightmare.

Out of convenience, we convinced my grandmother to give me the land as well since she was very old (80) at the time. This was back when we were on good terms, I knew for sure they would rather gouge their eyes out than follow up with any of that if it had happened a year later.

I smelt something in the air, I couldn’t place it but I knew it was there. So I told them (nicely) that I would think of it and immediately went back, faking an emergency. A plan formed when I was driving back, and that’s the first time I’d been so pleased about anything I actually cracked a smile.

I went to my sister’s immediately (my mom had been staying with her) and laid out a plan. After a year of living in the city, my mom was much more open-minded and it only took a few convincing for her to agree with the plan.

My sister contacted a lawyer and asked what our options were. Because both the house and the land were in my name, they had no claim to them, and any paper that didn’t have my signature on it would be considered useless under the law.

They could try and claim it was rented out, but then they’d have to move far away in hope that I’d never be able to locate them, and I knew it’d be too much trouble for a couple of old folks. They could claim it’s his life achievement, but because he and my mother never divorced, it’s technically half hers as well.

This is when I came up with an idea. I asked the lawyer what if my mother filed for a divorce, he said it’s highly unlikely the court would reward my mother’s full claim unless we could prove that he was unfaithful before the separation.

To his surprise, I could.

Remember the phone that my mother brought back from that day? It was smashed during the fighting but generally, still in one piece. She asked me to throw it away a few days after but my lazy self just brought it back to my place and threw it in the loft. Sufficient to say it provided us with more than enough proof of his indecency.

After weighing our options, I called to inform my father that I would come home the next month to make ‘an announcement.’ He was eager to hear it. Upon my arrival, they were so nice and sweet and whatnot, but after I introduced my lawyer it’s like they flipped a switch and suddenly became vile and violent.

I presented him with 2 options: relinquish any claim to the house, or be served with a lawsuit. In my country, marital violations are 6 months probation minimum, up to 2 years in prison. After a lot of screaming and name callings and feet stomping tantrums he kicked us out, so naturally, I assumed he chose the latter.

At the first hearing my mom, my lawyer, and I were present. It turned out to be another screaming contest in which he made up all kinds of lies about my mother. At some point, my lawyer leaned in to tell me that if the officer didn’t stop his rantings, it’s likely that they were buddies and asked me to let him handle things.

The officer told us this case wasn’t a priority, it would take months to process, we wouldn’t like the paperwork, and it’s best to settle this out of court. My lawyer politely declined and told my father to expect another hearing soon, under much less friendly circumstances.

He tried one more tactic in between, which was calling all the relatives and telling them how my mother was a witch and I was an ungrateful brat in hope of creating some kind of pressure on us. Very few of them took his side and even if all of them did, I would have never let him go that easy.

In the second hearing, he finally cracked and agreed to my terms, which were relinquishing any claim he might have with the house and divorcing my mom. Basically, the only person who has any claim to the house now is my mother. I agreed to let him keep living in it for the rest of his life though, but not anyone else, otherwise known as his mistress whom he was basically living with.

This was where my work started. First, my sister gathered all the receipts from all the medical billings she has paid for his treatment. A few of them were missing, but we were able to put up a huge folder. I also crapped my pants learning how expensive cancer treatment could be.

Not a fan.

When we had a general sum of the funds we billed him for it. This is very unethical in my country since children are expected to take care of their parents, but we threw that out the window long ago. We also knew it was not a criminal case so we just went to small court claims and then sent in bailiffs to collect, which was just this lady.

She went on with an ‘I don’t give a crap’ attitude and when he failed to comply, she sent in the police to start seizing assets. So say goodbye to wooden furniture, a 27-inch smart TV, a fridge, and a reclining massage chair, all were bought by my sister as well.

He had to pay out of his pocket because that lady insisted they continue seizing whatever he bought until she saw the funds. Although the final amount was halved (my mother, under the eyes of the law, shared half of that for some reason), it still cost him 70% of his saving.

Of course, this wasn’t about the money, we were just petty. We told the moving company they could do whatever they wanted with the furniture. Looking back I should have taken the recliner because my back hurts even though I’m only in my late 20s.

After that was done, I contacted my local factory to file a report. Remember the sweet pension he got with the condition that he behaved accordingly? Clearly, someone had been a bad boy. They let him go with it even though it was a small town and everyone knew everything because nobody ever filed a report, but that’s not the case anymore.

I gave them a very detailed folder with pictures from his phone. To say they were inappropriate was an understatement. They immediately set up a hearing and he was stripped of his rank, making his pension down to just over half of the original amount.

I know this because old folks gossip like their lives depends on it, and my mother is not excluded. She was very happy hearing about that, it’s all she talked about in a month.

I was about to be done here but a week later, my sister called to tell me that my aunt came to her door to berate her and her children.

My sister was working from home, and my mom also lived there but had gone out for some reason. My sister just called security to kick her out and warn me she could go for me next. I was seeing blood, not because of some lame Karen that could cause me inconveniences at most, but because she was screaming at my niece and nephew.

As a gay man, I know full well the bloodline ends with me so I put all of my love into those little guys, to the point that if I had been there, I would have bitten her head off.

So I dug a little and found out my aunt was knees deep in debt.

She was hoping she could leech some funds off my father, if not from what he made selling the house then from his big bank account. Since neither of those was available anymore she was very angry and thought she could lay it on my sister.

You wanna know what a man could do with determination and raging hatred?

I never set up an online social presence, mainly because up to my 18th birthday I was too poor to have a phone, and then the military taught me it wasn’t needed. But, for this special occasion, I made an exception.

I created a social media account and befriended her. I didn’t even have to pretend to be anyone since old people apparently accept friend requests from anyone. She had this vibe where she’d show off her money and her vacations and her items, like a wealthy person.

From my mother and her trusty gossip circle, I knew that she always told whoever she owed funds that she was struggling. So I figured she must be blocking them.

The next part was easy. I just had to send all of her selfies to everyone she’s owing to.

I didn’t have to declare myself since I was literally on a throwaway account, so it’s just this really long line of messages that showed my aunt spending her money lavishly. For the next following month, she was threatened, not with legal actions like I did, but with much more sinister actions.

She would have people throw ‘gifts’ at her door, like paint, fish sauce, and sometimes, literal crap. My mother also told me this of course. She finally figured out what I was gonna do when I told her to find me a list of all the people she owes.

As much as I want to take credit for this, the idea wasn’t mine. Forgive me for I once again had to lay out a bit of background.

My father’s side of the family is this very traditional family where you would have a person acting as the head of the family deciding things that matter.

This was way before the war so obviously they don’t do such things anymore. But the head of the family still has a certain voice, and there’s this once-in-a-year ceremony where we gather together to pay tribute to our ancestors. During the ceremony, the head of the family will give a speech, and then some announcements like who died, who got married, who gave birth, etc. Then there will be a celebratory party where we basically get crap-faced intoxicated. My great grandfather was the head, he had three sons and 2 of them died during the war, so my grandfather took the mantle, then my father, and eventually, me.

This whole side of the family is in another town that’s like 3 hours away from our town, mainly because my grandfather didn’t expect to be the head, so he moved out seeking opportunities. I found these gatherings redundant and unnecessary, but that year I was actually looking forward to them.

My father tried to keep the actual date hidden (it wasn’t fixed but generally, somewhen between June), but he seriously underestimated my mother. She doesn’t have a gossip circle, she has an infinite number of them. So my mother, my sister’s family, and I all head back for it.

The trip was 14 hours in total, but the result was worth it.

We timed it so we would come 2 days earlier than my father (again thanks to her gossip circle). This side of the family had never heard the full story before, only the version my father gave them, which was that he and my mother left in good faith.

I actually gave my father some credit for not badmouthing my mom. After weighing all the pros and cons, we decided to let my mother loose, and she’s exceptional when it came to relaying details about her personal tragedies. I kid you not if I had posted her story, word for word, by this time next week there would be a global Justice-For-OP’s-Mother movement.

It took just one day for everyone to know what a jerk my father had been.

The look on his face when he arrived, with my aunt and my grandmother, and saw my family already there was priceless. He got the stink eye from everyone for the rest of the day, nobody would initiate conversations with him so he’s just sitting there like a sad dog.

Now I know what they said about dead horses but this idea was brilliant not to follow through. My uncle, let’s call him Oliver, came up with this. In the hierarchy, he’s equal to my father, and in the event that my branch doesn’t have a male successor (100% what’s going to happen), his branch will be the head of the family.

He told me I should take up the mantle of the head. It was very sudden, I didn’t have a speech ready, my father was supposed to do that, but Oliver told me I could just tell whatever I want because nobody really paid attention to that thing anyway.

All the other elders were okay with it.

The speech wasn’t even the best thing. At the celebratory party, people will be assigned tables based on the family tree. Heads of each branch will sit together, their children sit together, the elders sit together, and so on and so forth.

Because I was elevated to the head of my branch, I would be sitting at the big boy table. My father didn’t even get to sit at my supposed table because miraculously, it was full, even though I could have sworn there weren’t 20 of us and each table can sit up to 10.

He had to sit at the regular table, with my aunt, and a bunch of nasty widows who didn’t hold back on their snarky comments (so I was told).

I don’t think he’ll ever come back to one of those any time soon.

My father is now just a miserable old man. His mistress left him because surprisingly, she was after his money. He’s living in our old house with next to nothing. His retirement money, though halved, was good enough for him to live by. Last I heard, his cancer has come back, and obviously this time my sister won’t be paying for it anymore.

He had tried to initiate contact with my mother, trying to make amends. We had to block his number and his profile on my mother’s account because she actually considered it. She has her soft sides.

My aunt has to sell her house to pay for all the debt, or else they’d just continue harassing her.

She now lives in a small house she bought with the rest of her money. I felt bad for her husband because he’s actually chill and quite nice, but he’s not the most decisive and therefore doesn’t really confront her. I hope he’s doing better.

I have no empathy for her only son though. Let’s just say the apple doesn’t even fall from the tree.

How do I know all of this? My mother’s gossip circle.

I left my grandmother out of this because she’s very old.

She’s not demented in any way, she’s perfectly sane, but she loved her son too much to admit he’s in the wrong. Also, she was very nice and sweet to me growing up, a lot of my good memories are with her.

I’m sad because she doesn’t see my mother the same. I also stopped talking to her, and would only visit once during Lunar New Year. She’s lived in the small house she and my grandfather built, on the land that’s now in my name.

When she and my father are dead I will carry out her wish, to build an altar for her and my grandfather. Whether or not my father will be included is still up to debate.”

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Was this revenge too harsh? This person thinks so.

“Still, somehow, I feel a little bad for his father. Myself, having an awful narcissistic parent who got alienated later in life, in no way support any of OP’s father’s actions, but the picture of a cancer-stricken old man sitting defeated in a lonely house somehow melts me.” Bee_Ina

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mary 2 years ago
Growing up with a crazy mother who caused a bleeding ulcer and migraines, I finally said enough and cut her out of my life. Some of the things she did was to ground me to the yard for the summer because 2 of my sisters were fighting. I had no part of it but was punished anyway. She got mad at me because I visited my grandmothed in the hospital almost every day and because I cried at her funeral/memorial service. I had 4 sisters and she liked to pit us against each other. She once didn't talk to me at all for several months and if one of my sisters talked to me she would get mad at them. These are just a few of the crazy times I put up with growing up. At the end of her life, she got cancer and while I felt bad for her, I kept to my decision to stay away. To this day, I know I made the right decision. My life was much more peaceful.
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