People Share Their Most Satisfying Stories Of Pro Revenge

They say revenge is best served cold. But why? For added impact? For drama? For a good story? Maybe because it’s more satisfying if it’s calculated and exact. There has to be a certain level of “unexpectedness” involved. It’s far juicier when the perpetrator doesn’t know what’s coming. The unexpected grand reveal is a result of making the other person experience a taste of their own medicine. It’s the oldest story in the book, and definitely a fan favorite!

Some acts of revenge are petty. They can be pulled off in the moment with little planning or regard. Others, like the ones you’ll read in the following article, are the opposite. They require careful forethought, exacted by someone who feels deeply betrayed or done wrong by. These are by no means off the cuff. The avengers knew full well what they were getting up to and didn’t think twice about being conniving about their revenge. Yes, these stories are served cold, and sweet and chock full of scheming!
15. She Thought She Could Get Away With A Bad Back

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“Backstory- in the early 2000’s I worked for Overpriced CD Store. I really liked my job aside from one coworker, Karen. We just didn’t get along. I made the best of it, but she was a borderline bully.

Of course, she gets promoted to keyholder and proceeds to turn into a full-blown power trip bully. She made my life hell, and a job that I previously loved I couldn’t stand anymore. I made a formal complaint that made it’s the way to HR, but I was done working there, which was her goal. Of course, when HR investigated my claims, they found she and the assistant manager were dating (oops! ) and she was moved to another store since fraternizing was against policy. Apparently she didn’t like that store and quit.
A few months later I was happily working at Defunct Bookstore, and who gets a job at the Defunct Bookstore at another mall? Karen! Over the next few months, she proceeds to do little things to annoy me, like hanging up when I would call their store for a customer, or leave me on hold forever.

Of course, I would get in trouble for ‘not effectively handling the customer with their needs.’

The Revenge – about 6 months into the job, I heard through the grapevine of store gossip that Karen had been injured in a car accident. Apparently she had hurt her back and went on medical leave. She couldn’t stand for more than 10 minutes at a time without excruciating pain (this is important). She was on indefinite leave, and her store could not hire anyone to replace her while on medical leave, leaving them short-handed. And I knew her manager was really annoyed after a few months.

Two months later a few friends of mine and I decided to go play pool. A former coworker, Rick, from the Overpriced CD Store was there.

Rick- ‘Man, too bad you weren’t here last night! It would have been a reunion! Karen and assistant manager were here playing pool!’

Me- ‘Karen was playing pool?’

Rick- ‘Oh yeah. They come in every Wednesday night!’

Me- ‘Really. That’s interesting. Every Wednesday huh? How long has this been going on?’

Rick- ‘A few months now.’

Yes, for the entire time she was on medical leave, Karen was out playing pool once a week, not at home in debilitating pain like she claimed.

The next day I went to her Defunct Bookstore and asked to speak to the manager. I told him all about her weekly pool sessions and encouraged him to be at the pool hall the next Wednesday night to catch her in action.

That Thursday she was fired.

The last time I saw her she and her friend were attempting to follow me home from work. I called the police and lead them into the police station where they told her to leave me alone or be arrested. She stayed away from me after that!” AerwynFlynn

14. His Dad Waited For the Perfect Moment To Get Revenge


“So for Christmas one year my parents got us season passes for Six Flags.

We used those passes often throughout the summer as a family and had an amazing time. It was one of these days that it happened.
We waited in line for one of the more popular lines which were at the 45-minute wait point. This was relatively good for this ride as you can wait for up to an hour and a half at it’s busiest points. We got into line excited to share this ride with our dad as it’s one of the few he can ride as he has a bad back injury that makes just walking around extremely painful at times.

We were in line laughing and making jokes while watching the little TVs they have at various points in the line when a group of people rudely cut us and stood in front of us. Our dad has a habit of not letting things slide so we all braced for cover waiting for our dad to go off on these people for cutting us when to our surprise he didn’t say anything. With confused looks, we turned to our dad wondering why he hadn’t told them off and to get behind us. He just looked at us with a look in his eyes saying ‘Wait for it.’ We shrugged it off and continued our wait (we didn’t make it too far into the line at this point so it was still about a 45-minute wait).

As we got closer to the front of the line we got more and more excited waiting to get on the ride with our dad and have a great time. The way the line is set up is before you get into the loading station there is a two way staircase that has the regular line on one side and the fast pass line on the other and at the top of the stairs there are worker making sure the people in the fast pass line are supposed to be there.

This is where my dad strikes. After waiting the 45 minutes in line behind the cutters we stood at the top of the stairs and my dad signaled for a worker’s attention.

Once he received it he pointed to the group that had cut us and calmly stated that they had cut us at the beginning of the line. The work then politely told the group they would need to leave the line and go back to the beginning.
They were p*ssed but followed the instructions and left the line. The worker thanked my father for informing them and suddenly pieces pushed into place in our mind. Our dad purposely waited until the very last minute to make them have to wait another 45 minutes (plus more time as the line was longer now that it was later in the day and more people arrived).

I couldn’t help but laugh as I watched them walk out of the line and back towards the beginning and just hope that they learned their lesson not to cut after that.” Transboy6

13. She Gave Him The Reference He Deserved, Not The One He Asked For


“When I was a sophomore in high school, I was dating this guy. Let’s call him Jack.
He was this brooding guy in the Spanish class, and I was super into the whole mysterious, not talking to anyone, not caring vibe. Once we started dating, things were pretty cool. He was nice and funny, but he would make little comments all the time that just wasn’t okay.

For example, I didn’t like cursing back then. So when he would say f*ck, I would ask him to stop, and he would just say, ‘Why the f*ck should I f*cking stop saying f*ck?’

Over the next few months, things got worse and worse. He didn’t want me talking to boys, which I accepted as him just being a jealous boyfriend. But then, he didn’t want me talking to girls either, because he thought I would badmouth him. When I talked to girls in front of him, he accused me of talking in code about him, even though I was only saying things like, ‘Oh, that test in math was hard, right?’
Then came the emotional manipulation.

When we could get into arguments, he would storm out of my house and cause scenes in front of my neighbors, forcing me to just agree to whatever he wanted so that he would stop making me look bad in front of others. He would say things like, ‘Oh, if you loved me, you would do this.’ One time, I tried to break up with him, and he RAN TO MY HOUSE 10 MILES AWAY to make sure that I felt guilty enough to stay with him.

Not long after all of this came the physical stuff. He would throw things, hit me, he even punched a hole in my wall (that was fun trying to come up with an explanation for my parents).

Ten months after we started dating, I finally ended it after he sexually assaulted me. I told my parents everything, and they made sure that I was able to break up with him without him guilting me into backing out.

What I didn’t realize was that, during the sexual assault, he’d taken pictures. The next day at school, he threatened to show them to everyone – his friends, my friends, my parents, teachers, college admissions, everyone.

I told one of my rather intimidating friends about it, and she made sure to put a stop to that. She ended up hunting him down, beating the sh*t out of him, and forcing him to delete the pics.

She was the best, and I made sure to buy her a burger for that.
He’d also lent me his graphing calculator for Algebra. You know, the ones that cost like $200. He told me that he didn’t want it back, but that he wanted the money to buy a new one. He also wanted $500 for all of the pizza, dinners, etc. that he’d bought me over our relationship. I said f*ck that, bagged up all of the stuff he’d lent me, and put it in his locker. When I got home that night, the bag was sitting on my front porch.

I ended up driving to his house and giving the stuff to his parents, making sure to explain that, while he bought me food, I also bought him food, so I didn’t owe him SH*T.
All of that is a long-winded way to say that this guy SUCKED.

Fast forward about a year. I was in therapy, taking medicine, and doing much better after that entire ordeal. I hadn’t spoken to him at all, and things were great.

Then, I get a call from him.

Now, Jack’s dream was to join the Marines. He’d been training with a Marine recruiter for nearly 2 years, getting in shape, making sure he was up to standard to join.

As much as I hated him, I have to admit that he worked his a*s off for that.

When Jack called me, he asked me to be a character reference for him. Why he asked me, I have no f*cking idea. After all the sh*t he did, you’d think he would have wanted me as far away from the recruiting people as possible.
Nonetheless, he asked.

So, I did what any good ‘friend’ would do, and I told him, ‘Sure! I’d be happy to be your reference.’ He said great, and told me the stuff to say once the recruiting officer called. Stuff like, ‘Jack’s an upstanding person, very loyal, very strong, very hard-working, a great guy to have in the Marines.’ I said no problem and hung up.

Two weeks later, I get the call. Sergeant whatever asked me a couple of questions, like how did I know Jack, did I think he would be a good fit for the marines, what kind of person was he, etc.
You better believe that I told that guy EVERYTHING. I told him about the emotional manipulation, the physical abuse, the sexual abuse, all of it. In painstaking detail.

The Sergeant was pretty quiet through all of this. Just listening, jotting everything down I imagine. At the end of the call, he said, ‘Thank you for telling me all of this. I’ll be honest, that’s…not what I was expecting to hear.

But I appreciate your honesty. That’s not the kind of person we want in the Marines.’ I agreed with him on that point, and we hung up.

Never talked to Jack again after that. Last I heard, he’s working at McD’s, still in our podunk hometown. I guess my character reference didn’t help him get into the Marines. Whoops.” theangrysquash
12. Their Landlord Expected Them To Pay For The Damage After A Hurricane


“I lived briefly in Florida about a decade ago, which is where I met my partner.

It wasn’t long after we met that we moved in together due to my not-so-great living situation renting a room from a friend who was so addicted to opioids she could barely function and her enabler husband.

We found a nice little 2 bedroom house that was owned by an elderly couple that lived just a few blocks away. Everything was ok, we did find cockroaches after we moved in which was quite shocking as I am extremely clean and had never had roaches before and when we told the landlords they told us they were not roaches, but palmetto bugs (FYI they are the same thing) and refused to have an exterminator come in. Bad sign #1.
Then a hurricane blew in. This was Florida after all. It was only a cat 1 or cat 2, I don’t really remember, but there was substantial damage to the roof and a lot of water had gotten in.

Being northerners we had no real idea how to prepare properly and the landlords just told us to lower the hurricane shutters, so that is all we did.

It wasn’t long after we had mold growing on our walls, esp in the laundry room. Reported it to the landlords and they told us to just wash it down with bleach water. So we did and it came right back so it was a constant cleaning process. When we complained we were told, that was what life in Florida was like. They also came and took a look at the roof, from the yard and told us ‘You two are strapping young men, you can go up there and fix it, just let us know when you’re done.’ yeah…no.

Then another hurricane blew through, again only a cat 1 or 2. But this time we had windows broken during the storm and since our roof was still not repaired or even tarped from the last storm our carpets and furniture were soaked. Here comes the black mold again, but this time not only on our walls but on our carpets and furniture too. I spent the days outside with our dog and we were sleeping in my partner’s office.

Our landlords again told us to just clean it up with bleach water and that the damage was our fault since we didn’t prepare well and hadn’t fixed the roof ourselves.

So we called the city and had an inspector come by. He walked in and balked at what he found. Black mold all over the carpets and walls, the roach population had a little boom and he could tell while looking at the roof that it was in need of repair prior to the storm. And it still hadn’t been tarped.

The best part is, when I was standing at our open door with the inspector just inside, the old man came walking up talking about how we better have repaired the roof and how they were gonna charge us for all repairs and carpet replacements and mold removal, yada yada yada.

Queue the city worker who came around the corner and asked him if he was the owner. He said yes and the inspector told him he was condemning the house because it was not habitable and that it was not our responsibility as tenants to make or pay for the repairs. He also recommended that we should be released from the lease. Never seen an old man wobble away so fast.

Later that night his wife called raising high holy hell about how she was suing us for damages, how we were not getting any money back, blah blah blah. She also said she had removed the condemned/danger signage that was placed on the door because ‘it was embarrassing, people knew it was their property.’ But she made a mistake, she wrote us strongly worded letters about how we were taking advantage of the elderly, how all the damages were our fault since we didn’t do any repairs, how she would not release us from the lease and how many lawsuits she was going to hit us with.

After contacting the inspector who saw our house, who took another trip to the house to replace the signage, we turned all of this in. He laughed and sighed and said he knew exactly how to handle it since he saw this all the time after hurricanes and if they actually sued, he would testify in our favor since what they were doing was highly illegal. He then told us he was going to pay them a little visit and make sure the letters got into the hands of the right people as well as how he had to replace the signs, another thing she admitted in the letters.

About a week later, we got a really pleasant call from the landlady saying we were such wonderful tenants and how she was refunding our security deposit and how she was graciously going to let us out of the lease and not pursue any charges or the rent for the last few months (which we had refused to pay since we could not live there) and if we needed help finding a new place to let her know and she would refer us to some of her friends who owned property too…lol nope.

We did learn, cause we were watching the situation, that the house had to be gutted and completely remodeled.

We actually parked up the road with some take out and watched a crew haul out sheetrock and carpet. They could have saved themselves thousands if they had just called a roofer and someone to clean up the mold instead of making us call the city and have the house condemned and then do whatever they did to make them change their minds on everything else. Still, I wish I could have been there when they were confronted by inspectors the second time, the first was glorious.’ anima-animus
11. They Figured Out A Foolproof Way To Get Back At The Mean Neighbor


“This happened a few years ago when I was in high school.

My school had an after class sports training which was open for whatever student wanted to come, except the training was 3 hours after all classes ended and since we weren’t allowed to stay, we had to go home and come back before the training started. As a result, the students that attended had to wait outside when they arrive until the school gate opened so we would usually sit on the sidewalk and talk while we waited.
That is when the problem started.

A very petty woman lived across the street from the school, let’s call her Mary. Mary did not like us sitting on the sidewalk, so she would shout at us and insult us even though we weren’t doing anything.

We mostly didn’t care and just ignored her.

On a very hot day, the sun made the concrete in front of the school too hot to sit on, so we all sat on the other side of the street, right in front of Mary’s house. Not even two minutes later Mary was screaming at us to get out of her sidewalk when we refused she went back inside her house.
The next thing I felt was my back getting wet followed by my friends screaming. Mary had poured cold water on us from her window.

We were VERY p*ssed because not only we weren’t able to train while soaking wet, my friend’s phone was in her hand got destroyed because of the water.

We screamed every curse word existent at her until or coach arrived and told us to stop. We explained to him what happened and he said that he would talk to the principal about it. We knew that probably nothing would happen to her so we decide to take it into our own hands.
We thought a lot about how to get revenge but since doing something illegal would get us expelled and possibly arrested we had to be smart about this.

My friend noticed that Mary’s sidewalk was very narrow and since a year back we did a lot of research about wheelchair accessibility, we knew that it was against the law.

That is when the revenge comes in.

Before starting we measured Mary’s sidewalk and it was about 90cm, the minimum by law was 150cm. Perfect.

With that knowledge, my friend and I went to the department of infrastructure in town and reported Mary’s house. Just to be sure we asked what exactly would happen if she was breaking the law.
The penalty was 500$ per square meter not in compliance per month counting the day she was notified. The penalty would double after 12 months.

Since the government doesn’t lose an opportunity to make money we knew that all we had to do now was wait.

Just for fun we also measured the length of the house and it was about 500cm, we did the math and it would cost her about 1,500$ every single month until she took the entire front of her house down and rebuilt it further back, which would also be very expensive.

Low and behold, 3 months later there were workers destroying the front of the house.
The best part is that she has no idea of who it was.” Skane_in_a_boot

10. Her Colleague Didn’t Read The Handbook – For 9 Years


“I used to work in an office, what kind of work isn’t particularly important to the story so just picture a basic office job.

Every January, HR would send an email to all employees with the employee handbook. This included job descriptions, office policies, etc.

Every year since the PDF handbook had been established it would be named with the year following it to establish it was different than the original and all other years. Any changes would have updated next to the section in the table of contents so you could see what had changed from the previous year and familiarize yourself with anything new.
Now with that background, we will introduce Karen. Karen had been with the company a pretty long time (about 10 years I believe).

She was fine at her job. Just fine. She would get things done, but not without making everyone else miserable in the process. She would ask questions that had already been answered, and basically just waste everyone’s time for fun. She was just plain nasty to people and tried as hard as she could to make everyone stay far away from her. The worst thing about her was she always seemed to be looking for a fight or looking for a reason to complain. She had threatened lawsuits a few times over any small thing, but would always just get over it and drop it bc she knew no laws had been broken and it would never go anywhere.

She’d comment on how she should sue basically every business she ever went to because she could live off the settlement and retire early. Over the smallest issues, you can imagine. She did her job and we never had a valid reason to fire her, especially knowing how lawsuit-happy she was, so she stayed. Karen’s job description (as per the handbook) called for a bachelor’s degree. Karen did not have a bachelor’s degree but had been hired prior to that being a requirement so she was grandfathered in. One day, a position above hers became open. A guy who we will call Terry had recently completed his master’s degree after taking night classes for a few years, and since an internal promotion is typically better than an outside hire, he was chosen for the promotion.

Terry had been at the company for about 4.5 years and was well-liked and great at his job, the new job required a master’s degree in its job description, and him being a recent grad it was a perfect fit and everyone was happy for him.
Everyone but Karen. Since she was constantly looking for something to sue about, she took it as a direct insult that she had not been considered for this promotion that she was not at all qualified for. She immediately cried discrimination and told our boss her lawyer would be in touch. We were all perplexed since it was very clear that this position required a master’s degree and given that she didn’t even have a bachelor’s degree there is no way she could have been hired for the role.

What we soon realized, was that Karen had saved the original company handbook named ‘company handbook’ and had not bothered to open or save any new editions that were sent in the following 8 years. She just assumed no changes had been made and that it was just sent every year to ensure all employees had it. If she has bothered to open the file, she would have seen the sections that say updated in the Table of contents.
Since Karen cried lawsuit a lot, no one expected much of this since it was ridiculous to claim. But Sure enough, Karen gives her resignation letter via email and it is scathing, about how she can’t bear to work in such a discriminatory environment that would only promote men.

When any higher-ups try to speak to her about this and clear up the confusion, she basically tells them to f*ck off and to ‘read the damn email, I don’t owe any more of an explanation’. She basically goes full Karen. Not long after, a letter comes in from her lawyer asking for a settlement to avoid a discrimination case. What Karen hadn’t realized was that our boss’s sister in law owned a law firm. She didn’t really take on clients herself anymore and mostly just managed the other lawyers of her firm, she was basically semi-retired. What this meant was she had plenty of time to review any letters from Karen’s lawyer and advise us.

Since Karen didn’t bother to read any of the updated handbooks, she was unaware that this position had required a master’s degree for many years now (I believe about 6 years). She supplied her lawyer with the original company handbook from 9 years ago, and he used that as a reference in his settlement demand. This was when we realized she hadn’t read any new handbooks in years. Since Karen rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, Boss’s sister in law decided to personally take on the case. Every letter Karen’s lawyer sent, she sent back one 3 times in length.

Some of it wouldn’t even really say anything, just wordiness, but it would certainly take Karen’s lawyer awhile to read it, and he did not come cheap. After several of these letters, they realize no settlement is going to happen, they want to take it to court. It’s a pretty cut and dry case. Boss’s sister in law shows evidence that Karen has received all updates via email. After the change was made and the handbook sent out, HR even sent an email to Karen specifically letting her know that she was grandfathered in and doesn’t need to worry, to which Karen replied ‘okay, thank you!’, confirming receipt of it.

The best part was when Boss’s SIL said that they couldn’t break company rules to give Karen a job she was totally unqualified for while neglecting another employee who went above and beyond to get his master’s degree to advance, as that would be unfair to all other employees.
Karen now had a huge (seriously, HUGE) bill from her lawyer for all of these letters and filing the case, etc., no job, no one she could list as a positive recommendation, and no degree. In the time she had been at the company, it had become an industry standard to require a bachelor’s degree, so she was effectively shut out of her career.

It would also be hard to explain how you worked somewhere for a decade and don’t have a letter of recommendation from anyone there. If she had only read her damn emails.” theycallmejaws

9. He Couldn’t Work Any Longer For A Discriminatory, Rude Manager


“I worked at a fairly well-known restaurant in a small, northern New England city as an assistant manager. The owners were very successful restaurateurs with several successful (non-chain) establishments and spent maybe a day or two a month in our location. The rest of the time there was a general manager in charge, her name was Jan.
Jan was about as ‘type A as they come.

She was a middle-aged woman, but beautiful and petite and she always looked put together and primped. Jan had started with the owners a decade earlier in their first restaurant as a server and had worked her way up to general manager over the years. At first, I just thought she had extremely high standards which I respected. I have high standards as well and take pride in my work. I had been impressed by how the kitchens were spotless, the staff was immaculate (like run a white-gloved hand under the back of the oven and it comes back white kind of clean) and the food was always top quality.

I had frequently been a customer and was thrilled that I got the job there. I had been in the business for a decade and that restaurant was THE place in our area. I was so excited. Unfortunately, I quickly learned why everything is so shining and perfect.
Jan was a tyrant. She was the kind of boss who soured the mood of the entire staff like a storm cloud hovering over us that never went away. Nothing was ever good enough and the standards changed from day today. On a good day, she would shut herself up in the office and then leave early.

Good days were very rare and could turn into bad days at the drop of a dime. On bad days you couldn’t be perfect enough and she would come up with new rules and regulations just to punish people. If a host called out sick (they were literal children), she would berate them on the phone and make them cry. If a cook made a mistake on a plate, she would humiliate them in front of the staff, accusing them of doing it on purpose and then give us all the silent treatment for hours after (seriously). If someone’s cash-out was off, even by a few cents, she would accuse them of theft and force me to cut down their hours.

As a fellow manager, I was mostly spared her awful behavior, though I had to hear about her treatment from my staff almost every day. All of this was just run-of-the-mill bad boss stuff until it came time for our yearly staff evaluation meetings. This is where Raoul enters the story.

Raoul was a hard-working dishwasher who had moved to our state from Puerto Rico a few years earlier and spoke English with some difficulty. Whenever I had to go over anything official with him, we would have a coworker translate between us to be sure we were both communicating clearly. Jan refused this courtesy to Raoul.

This made his evaluation pretty difficult. Raoul managed to communicate to us that due to recent cuts in his hours, he would be forced to get a second job to pay the bills. Something about this absolutely set Jan off. She told him she would fire him if he dared. I could see plainly on the intake paperwork in front of me that Raoul had been hired with the understanding that it would be a full-time position, so I pointed that out. Jan was furious, but agreed through gritted teeth that if Raoul agreed not to get a second job, she would bump his hours up to “at least 35 hours a week”.

It was stated as clear as day and I documented it in my daily manager log book. Work went on as usual after that and I didn’t think much of this meeting again for a few months.
Another time a while later, while filing out information for tax returns, Jan called me into the office. I could tell she had pulled the tiny room apart looking for something. “All the information about our Puerto Rican employees is gone!” she told me with a mixture of panic and suspicion. I looked at the files in question and they all seemed to be in order, so I was confused and told her I couldn’t help.

A few minutes later I walked back in the office to find her arguing with “Rosa”, our most talented chef and a Puerto Rican native. Rosa was perfectly fluent in English.
‘Noooo Rooosaa.’ Jan was speaking to Rosa as though she were hard of hearing or mentally slow. ‘Where. is. your. green. card?’

‘What are you talking about?’ Rosa was confused.

‘Are you an illegal or something? Is that why one of you broke in here? To hide the proof?’ Jan wasn’t yelling, but her eyes were cold and flashing with rage.

‘WHAT?!?’ Rosa was starting to get angry now. It suddenly clicked for me, so I interrupted.

‘Jan… uh… You do realize that Puerto Rico is a United States territory, right?’

‘Of course, I know that!’ Jan snapped back.

‘Okay, so you know that Rosa has a social security number like any other American native.’
‘Oh. Right. Never mind Rosa, you can go back to work.’ Jan did not apologize for accusing Rosa of theft. I was so done with this place after that.

Jan did all kinds of little things like that and she never apologized. I had already gotten a job offer for a place closer to my house when the final straw came. I was the closing manager one day and got in just before the dinner rush to see Raoul storming out the back door.

He didn’t speak much English, but his ‘f*cking b*tch’ was very clear. Jan had lied about raising his hours to 35 per week, so Raoul had gotten the second job he talked about. When Jan found out, she fired him, but not before saying something about how ‘all you illegals are the same.’ She was really fixated on these American citizens being illegal aliens for some reason. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ By this point, I f*cking hated this woman too. (She once told me my clothing made me look poor in front of the whole staff. I was wearing what she made me wear.

Meanwhile, she wore open-toed shoes behind the line which is against the health codes, and once her fake nail fell off into the coleslaw and she wouldn’t let anyone toss it out after she retrieved it. This is just the tip of the iceberg, but I have a life to live). Since I knew I would be leaving soon anyway, I told Raoul he should go after our boss for wrongful termination since I had documented proof (with Jan’s signature!) that he had been promised more hours and that Jan had broken the agreement, not Raoul.
The last time I saw Jan was on my way out of Raoul’s lawyer’s office after giving a deposition about several labor laws she had violated.

At least the ones that I knew about. Apparently there were many others she had broken in front of other employees. She couldn’t even look me in the eye. The best part? At my deposition, I learned that Jan was actually the one who was illegally in the country. Her green card had recently expired. She was Canadian. She ended up being sent back to Canada as a result of this case and no one has heard from her since. Raoul was granted six months of unemployment pay, plus the restaurant had to pay his legal fees. They closed that location not long after.

Maybe they should hire their managers more carefully next time?
Jan, if you’re reading this, I hope you got your sh*t together. I also hope you learned to wear closed-toe shoes behind the line. You wouldn’t want to end up a huge, gigantic f*ck up due to your own negligence, now would you?” FalseRip9

8. Her Grumpy Neighbor Got Caught In A Lie And Kicked Out


One year ago, I was renting a house next to the most unpleasant neighbor I have ever experienced. The only thing I liked about her was her cat, this freakishly adorable tabby who could grab even the most hardened criminal’s heart by the balls.

Every time I came home from work he would sidle up next to me for some TLC, which he never got from my neighbor. As far as I could tell, she just used the poor thing to keep away mice and ‘play’ (i.e., be terrorized by) her toddler grandkids on the weekends. The poor furbaby looked severely underfed and always appreciated the meals I’d leave out for him on our back porch.
Now, I have an indoor fur baby of my own (a tail-less ball of energy, aptly named Goblin), and one day he managed to escape outside. Luckily I found him within a few hours, but by the next morning, what jumps on my lap? Not Goblin, alas, but a flea.

And if my social butterfly cat had fleas, I was positive the next-door fur baby had fleas too.

Now, I already had a bitter history with this neighbor. In addition to being a twat rocket to her cat, she’d harass my older parents who were helping me move in. Why? Because our U-haul rental was blocking a sidewalk to nowhere in front of MY house for all of 10 minutes. My parents are extremely pleasant people — my mom frequently gets THANKED on customer service hotlines for being the rare kind soul in an ocean of impatient Karens. And this lady was berating them needlessly for ‘ruining the community,’ ranting even longer than they’d been parked until they eventually moved to an inconvenient and wholly unnecessary distance.

Regardless of her twat rocket personality, I figured I’d warn her anyway in the best interests of her fur baby. When I knew she was at home the next day, I knocked on her front door. When she answered (no ‘hello,’ just a scowl), I started to explain that my escaped indoor cat has fleas and so there was a good possibility that her outdoor cat also had fleas. Immediately she berates me for ‘letting’ my cat get fleas and snaps that she keeps her house very clean, unlike me, so there is no way her cat has fleas. I just loudly sighed at her and went back home as she continued to yell.

You’ve never even been to my house, lady! And that’s not how fleas work!
All week I noticed her cat scratching himself raw and felt so bad for the ‘lil guy. I wanted to give him flea medication and a flea bath, but with my neighbor now watching me like a hawk and screeching like a banshee if I even pet him anymore, I had to leave him alone. BUT, I realized, there was something I COULD do.

You see, we shared the same landlord, who was very concerned about household pests and instructed us to call him at the first sight of a bed bug, tick, etc.

I also knew that my neighbor was keeping her cat a secret from the landlord to avoid paying the pet rent, as I’d overheard her bragging about this to a friend outside one day. So what do I do? I call up the landlord to explain the flea situation, and I make sure to add that my neighbor’s cat has also been scratching like crazy. There’s a pause. ‘Did you say she has a cat?’ Yes, I assure him, she definitely has an indoor-outdoor cat.
Turns out that my neighbor had harrassed our landlord into replacing most of her carpet due to her alleged cat allergy.

I don’t know why the landlord caved into this, but it wasn’t cheap. And now our landlord learned that not only had Madwoman lied about an allergy to score a free renovation, but she hadn’t paid pet rent in more than a year.

Well, an exterminator gets called, and our landlord himself shows up to oversee the whole thing. We had both received a flyer taped to our front doors giving notice that he would be coming to our houses on that date, but I may or may not have removed my neighbor’s so she wouldn’t be able to just hide evidence of her cat for a few hours.

So our landlord arrives, and I listen gleefully with my window open as my neighbor tries to prevent him and the exterminator from entering. Eventually, she allows them to come inside, where there is obvious evidence of a pet living there. I don’t know exactly what transpired between her and the landlord (there must be other sh*tstains on her record, being such a nutcase), but a few months later I had a new next-door neighbor.
And guess who Madwoman purposely abandoned during the move? Her poor fur baby, who became a much-loved (and flea-free) member of our house.” BootlegMoon

7. Mess With The Crew, And The Crew Will Mess Right Back


“Back in the early 90s, I got a gig working as a front-of-house sound engineer on a major 10-day music and arts festival in London’s Docklands with some fifteen stages dotted all around the waterfront.

All of the crew working the stages were either experienced theatre techs and/or had loads of experience working major outside events, which is the reason we were hired. As an aside, this festival was to celebrate the culmination of a massive investment in the redevelopment of this area of East London, itself the former site of one of the largest dock complexes in the world.
I was tasked with running FOH sound on one of the largest stages. Normally, events like this are loads of fun to work but within two days it became apparent that the organizers had 1), no idea of how to run major outside events and 2), had not the faintest idea of how to book acts and schedule same.

In particular, we also had to contend with some woman from Docklands’ middle management team who had been given the job of “overseeing” our particular stage, a person who not only had rapidly proved to be totally ignorant of any aspect of managing outside events, but also someone for whom the word “entitled” had been invented.
Our stage was licensed to run events from midday until 10:00 pm but we rarely had a full days-worth of events for punters to enjoy, due to the aforementioned incompetence with booking. Still, not our problem—we’ll just work with what’s given us.

On Thursday, we had scheduled an evening of old-time Victorian music hall which featured, as a special guest, a very famous film and TV actress.

Her performance rider required a grand piano. For some unfathomable reason (and again due to the incompetence of the organizers), the piano—a full-size Yamaha concert grand—arrived from the hiring company on Tuesday. This was a remarkably stupid idea for any number of reasons: due to operational considerations, we had to store the piano in the backstage area where it spent two days suffering in the heat of the day despite our best efforts to shield it.
As any piano technician/tuner will tell you, this is An Extremely Bad Idea, especially with an instrument worth close to £100,000. Almost as bad was the fact that our area was little more than a roughly-graded building site: the ground was covered in hard-core rubble fragments around the size of hen’s eggs (very uncomfortable to walk around on, even with proper work boots), which also kicked up loads of dust and other detritus—not the sort of crap you want floating about gumming up the works of a very expensive concert grand!

Now let me properly set the scene: its mid-summer, very hot, and our venue is a large circus-style tent with around 800-seat capacity.

The cast of the show, along with our august star, was due to turn up at around 1:00 pm to conduct a production rehearsal so we could sort out sound and lighting cues for the show.
The main cast duly turns up on time, and we start sorting out their technical requirements (pretty simple and nothing that we’re not used to). At about 1:30 pm, our star turns up sporting dark glasses and immaculate couture. As anyone who’s worked in this industry knows, the initial interaction with a major A-list star vis-à-vis their technical requirements can go one of two ways: full-monty diva, or let’s go with what we have.

Her first demand was that the piano is dropped off the front of the stage so that she could maintain an eye-line whilst standing right downstage, both with her pianist and with the audience. The stage was about 4.5 feet above ground level and would have required at least eight burly lads to safely shift a full-size concert grand off the deck. Also not a good idea since it had been tuned that morning and moving it would have almost certainly caused the tuning to go out of whack.
I delicately pointed out that doing so would be in direct violation of both health and safety, and fire regulations—as per our written policy—as it would have put the piano in both the fire lane and close to one of the primary emergency exits from the venue.

Thinking rapidly, I then suggested that we place the piano as far downstage as physically possible and that she page herself three or four feet upstage so that she could still glance over and take cues from her MD whilst still ‘taking in’ the audience.

The tension was palpable: after a few seconds consideration she replied, ‘No problem, I can work with that.’ Phew!! No sooner than this crisis had been averted than the Docklands rep rocked up. I remind you, gentle reader, that this person had absolutely zero knowledge about how to run an outside event.
She had also been a major thorn in our side for the previous week, trying to micro-manage proceedings in the venue in order to big herself up in front of her bosses: we, of course, completely ignored her ‘suggestions’ but in such a way as made her think she was in charge—trust me, she wasn’t! She had also been inexcusably rude to virtually every single member of the crew from Day One, and had over the days previous reduced several of them to tears.

Production crews don’t take kindly to our own being treated in such a cavalier fashion, and while we’re generally fairly thick-skinned, there comes point where we want to get our own back. Believe me, after a week of constant abuse, we were coming up with creative ways of disposing of the body.
Although we didn’t realize it at the time, our savior was at hand… but I digress…

Obviously star-struck, she announced in gushing tones that she would be taking personal charge of our star’s every need and that we were not to concern ourselves with that aspect: indeed, we were to ‘keep our place’ as we were only the hired help.

Our stage manager, who was at that time sweeping the stage, bridled at the suggestion and made as if to use his broom to beat the brains out of this woman. I had to step in front of him as unobtrusively as possible and stop him from burying the woman right there and then—“she ain’t worth it, mate.”
She then swanned off, leaving our star slack-jawed in amazement. She then turned to me and said, ‘Is that f*cking woman for real?’ I replied: ‘Darling, you have NO idea!’, at which point she laughed uproariously. I gave our star a brief summary of the previous few days’ farragoes and instantly, she became one of us and from then on we were all on first-name terms.

We then ran a full tech rehearsal from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm, sorted out all our cues and then repaired to the beer tent with the cast for a spot of late lunch and a drink or two.
The show was scheduled to kick off at 7:30 pm. At around 6:00 pm, The Harridan reappeared to overlook the situation. She noticed that we had all the sides of the tent raised in order to get some air flowing through—remember it’s mid-summer and it’s currently low to mid-80s. She then demanded that all of the tent flaps be lowered because she wanted a more “theatre” atmosphere and the light spilling through the side walls would spoil the effect.

Despite pointing out that dropping the tent sides would significantly raise the temperature in the venue, she demanded the sides be dropped, so despite our earnest advice to the contrary, we reluctantly complied.
At around 7:00 pm, we saw eight 50-seat coaches arrive. To our amazement, out from the coaches came an entire flotilla of old-age pensioners, many on Zimmer frames, who proceeded to shuffle their way into the tent across the hard-core rubble underfoot. We discovered later that the organizers had forgotten to advertise the event anywhere (seriously??) and in desperation, had gone around to all the local Darby & Joan clubs a couple of days before handing out free tickets and laying on transport in order to have an audience.

So now we have 400-odd OAPs frantically fanning themselves with anything to hand as the temperature climbs ever higher. We start the show: everything’s going fine but the mercury in the thermometer I have strapped to the FOH rack is slowly going up and up: it’s so hot up at the sound desk that I’m down to my shorts!
By the end of Act 1, the temperature has gotten up to around 94°F and one could clearly see the old dears are in a bit of distress. Naturally, the organizers had neglected to provide water for the public, and judging by the horrified expressions of the two St John’s Ambulance first-aiders stationed either side of the stage, things were about to get a lot worse.

I climbed off the tower, found the rigging crew and ordered the sides of the tent raised. No sooner had I done so than “our friend” standing nearby demanded that the sides stay down because “she was in charge” and “…her instructions were to be followed absolutely, no questions!”
It was at this juncture that diplomacy went completely out of the window. I informed her in no uncertain terms (and employing a fair amount of Anglo-Saxon vernacular) that it was, in fact, the crew who had the responsibility of ensuring the health and safety of all the people in the venue, not her, and that we have the legal authority to enact ANY procedure that we see fit at ANY time to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone present.

I then informed her that I was now exercising my authority under The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 to remediate the situation and that if she made one single attempt to circumvent that authority, I would have her ejected from the venue without hesitation. She then got in my face and screamed, ‘I’M IN CHARGE!’ No strike one, no strike two, instant strike three!
I glanced over at two of our security crew who had been hovering in the background with huge sh*t-eating grins on their faces, who then stepped up either side of her. Defeated, but complaining like a banshee with a terminal case of hemorrhoids, she was escorted off the premises in short order.

By the time Act 2 kicked off, we’d gotten the temperature down to a more manageable low 70ºF, much to the appreciation of our audience, and the rest of the show went off without a hitch.

After the show, cast and crew—including our august star—repaired to the bar for a well-earned drink. Moments later, you-know-who appeared and in imperious tones informed us that our star was to be the guest of honor at a VIP reception for the various Docklands’ bigwigs. With a tinge of regret for having our fun curtailed prematurely, we said our goodbyes to our star.
Now it gets interesting!

Not ten minutes later, she storms back into the beer tent with a face like absolute thunder.

Taken somewhat aback by her reappearance, we enquired as to why she had returned.

‘That f*cking woman! She drags me off to this so-called ‘VIP party,’ I get there and all that’s there are two f*cking plates of curled-up ham sandwiches and two f*cking boxes of cheap wine from Sainsburys! How the holy f*ck did she get this job? I gave her a right bloody earful and came back here because I’d much rather drink with you guys!’

At which point she calls the barman over and orders a round for the entire crew. We spend the rest of the evening chatting away like old friends: she regaled us with stories of her life, and she was gracious enough to listen to some of ours.

Despite us trying to buy her a drink, she refused point-blank and picked up the entire bar tab for the rest of the evening on the basis that ‘…you’ve had to put up with that f*cking evil b*tch all week: the least I can do get you, folks, a drink!’
All good things must come to an end and at the end of the evening, her chauffeur turns up to take her home. She embraces all of us like old friends: she hugs me, plants a big kiss on my lips and thanks me, whereupon I comment, “you have just fulfilled a boyhood dream!” Again, that uproarious laugh! She looks at me and says, ‘Don’t let that f*cking b*tch get you down! Leave it to me…’

I later discovered through the back-channels some weeks later that our bête-noir had been fired from her five-figure job for her monstrous screw-up, primarily because our star’s agent had ripped the organizers a new one in very short order; you do NOT f*ck with someone of our star’s track record without there being consequences.

So, although we were not directly responsible for The Harridan’s demise, we were gratified to have someone of our star’s caliber standing up for us. Revenge is a dish best served cold!” GhostOfSorabji
6. She Had A Detailed Paper Trail To Cover Her Butt


“I had a manager try and fire me for being rude to a caller. The caller wanted us to call internationally to confirm insurance. I asked the current floor supervisor if we could and he said no, so I told the caller we couldn’t. She ended the call and I went to ask the supervisor if there was anything we could do and was told we could not.

I asked him to e-mail that answer to me and he did.

I got called in and was told that I was unprofessional on the phones and that I was not following correct procedures and that I was being investigated with the consideration that I would be fired. My supervisor had no spine so I was in agreement that I needed to be fired. I was told we do not ever tell a member no, and that she had spoken with the supervisor who told me to say no, and he denied it and claimed I never asked him.
Luckily I had 3 years of weekly e-mails I saved and printed out that showed me, every Thursday, asking my supervisor if I was doing okay on the phones, how I could improve, and if there were any classes I could take to improve my skill and knowledge.

Every reply was praise with how well I was doing, how I was being considered as or doing well as a trainer (I became one after a year) and had reviews of my work attached. Every single QA review gave me 100% scores, and I was the ONLY one on the whole team who consistently got 100% reviews. I also had a large file full of customer compliments, where they asked to speak with a supervisor to praise my work and then I am given a certificate. I also included the e-mail from the supervisor who instructed me to say no.

I quietly put this all together in an inch thick file and made three copies.

I was called back to discuss my reprehensible behavior and to review calls I had made as ‘evidence’ of my bad service.

As we listened the Manager pointed out how cold and emotionless I sounded. I agreed that it could have been taken this way if one were to look for a problem, but my phone voice is always calm and careful so that I am easily understood. I have been told how much it is appreciated by our callers since we mostly deal with the elderly and doctor’s offices and they appreciated that my information was clearly presented since misunderstandings can be very bad.

I had customer compliments that often included appreciation for the way I spoke.
Three out of five of the calls we reviewed she said were the worst interactions she had ever heard. I said that was odd since I had a certificate for all three calls, signed by my supervisor and her, and certificates weren’t given out until the call was listened to. The other two”problematic” calls were ones where I had received a 100% score by the QA department.

So I asked, ‘Well, my supervisor is telling me weekly that I am doing the best on the team, the QA department is telling me I am always meeting 100% of my goals, and the customers are giving me positive reviews…soooo….if my attitude has been such a problem for so long why wasn’t it addressed before?’ No answer.

I demanded to know why this issue was allowed to continue for so long. The manager asked me to return to my desk but asked that I leave my folder of evidence for review, which I did.
I went to lunch and when I returned I was told there was a ‘computer error’ that wiped my e-mail profile and all saved e-mails from my e-mail account and my computer had been reformatted to ‘fix’ the error. I asked the Supervisor about it and she said she needed to talk to the manager. I was called in again and told that without any evidence to back up my claims of 100% QA scores and my customer appreciation certificates they had no choice but to move forward.

I asked where my printed copy went to and the manager claimed she didn’t have it and that I had never given her a copy.
So I pulled out another copy of all the paperwork and explained that deleting it off my computer didn’t delete my copies, nor the copies she had no access to on the company cloud, which is where I backed up my information daily. Something that was so uncommon the supervisor didn’t even know it was something we could do.

I then asked for an HR representative, and the manager said I waived my right to have an HR rep present when I didn’t ask for one at the start of this mess.

I said the matter should be put to rest and the Manager said SHE was the one who decided this as SHE was the one in charge. She also handed me a write-up and demanded I sign it. I took the time to read it and of course it had me admitting that I was 100% at fault and that I would not retaliate in the slightest regardless of action. It wasn’t even on the companies disciplinary form, it was written in Word.
I was done, I decided to just go with the nuclear option. Instead of quietly trying to talk to HR I went far above their heads.

I grabbed the write up and walked out. The manager went to stop me until she saw me walk into the office of the director of all the call centers in the company, a guy who was magnitudes above her and who I was on friendly terms with. He asked what was up and I told him that the Manager was in the process of trying to fire me. I gave him the write-up and my folder of evidence and he went from friendly disinterest to dead serious. 30 minutes later he finished reviewing everything and said: ‘Follow me.’
We returned to the Manager’s office and she turned white when Director told Manager to call in Supervisor and HR.

He kept asking her what she was trying to do, why she was going after me, and why she felt it was okay to try and delete evidence from my computer. He never yelled, he would ask her a question and then patiently wait for an answer, which she couldn’t give. Whenever she would bring me up or look at me Director would say something like ‘No, don’t look at him, you and I are talking right now!’ When Supervisor arrived he did the same to her. No answers, just stammering and half excuses.
HR arrived and the manager jumped to speak over me to give her side.

The supervisor did the same once the manager was done. They were clearly trying to run out the clock since HR was a small department and had blocked out time for meetings. I finally mentioned this and the HR person said that they had canceled all other meetings today and she would be there as long as it took to get to the bottom of the issue. The manager looked enraged, Supervisor looked pale and terrified.

I was then taken to a separate office to give my side. The manager said she had the right to be there and the Director told her and Supervisor that they had the right to sit there and wait.

Both were told they were not to leave until he told them they could, because both were known to disappear and go home if any problems happened on the floor.
HR, Director, and I had a nice chat. We went over my evidence and call history, listened to the call the started the whole landslide, and then asked if there was anything I think I could have done better. I said that I could have asked a different supervisor for help. I used the HR person’s laptop to pull up my stuff I had saved on the cloud and there it was, document after document proving my side, e-mails from Supervisor, e-mails from Manager all praising me.

Proof of my 100% QA’s, everything. Director was almost gleeful that he finally had something concrete because there had been complaints about the Manager and Supervisor, but those complaining never did anything. He called the QA manager in and got a statement about my QA scores and how I was professional 100% of the time, and pulled in supervisors from other teams who confirmed I was a pleasure to work with and always went above and beyond to help.
It felt pretty good to know I was actually appreciated by people who matter. You don’t get that often in a call center environment.

They agreed I had done nothing wrong and asked that as far as they were concerned the matter was closed for me, but they would be looking into Manager and Supervisor. They couldn’t tell me anything officially of course.

The manager and Supervisor got official disciplinary actions with a threat to terminate if they were caught doing this again, ever. The Supervisor was demoted and transferred out of the department completely. I heard that it basically ruined her career with the company since the actions were so serious. The manager ended up moving to a different office at lower pay and about 40 minutes farther from her home because her actions against me opened the flood gates against her and she could be fired or take the far worse position.

She ended up quitting after about a month.
Why did the Supervisor and Manager decide they hated me? I don’t know exactly what caused it, but apparently they had problems with me for a couple of years and would talk to other employees about me behind my back about what a lazy and bad employee I was. Of course, some people agreed, that’s the nature of the beast, but it was rewarding to know that most of them disagree.

Keep your paper trail folks, and be friendly with upper management.” thematgreen

5. She Followed The Assignment To The Letter


“For a bit of backstory, my calculus BC teacher in high school hated me and did her best to make my life difficult.

One example of this: My school district swapped over to required uniforms that year (my last year, in fact). On Fridays, we were allowed to wear ‘jeans and a t-shirt.’ I wore camo cargo pants. She sent me to the office because apparently ‘jeans’ means ‘blue jeans only.’ The lady at the office sent me back to the class with a note telling her to lay off. So she went to the principal about it, who decided to side with her.
After this, I decided if she wanted to make things hard for me, I was going to return to favor.

Late into the year, another teacher in a history class came up with a bonus assignment where you either modify an existing song to make it about history or write your own song about history, then perform it in front of the class.

Apparently she liked this idea and decided to have us do a similar assignment about math. She told us it was a bonus assignment that we were required to do. I asked why, if it was a bonus assignment. Her answer was because she told us to.
So I picked ‘Around the World’ by Daft Punk. For reference, that song consists of the words ‘around the world’ repeated 144 times (I counted). I changed ‘Around the World’ to ‘Derive the Root’ because we were talking derivatives at the time.

When the time came for us to perform the songs in front of the class, the person who went before me performed his own original song, including music from his guitar.

Everybody loved it. When I went up, I stood there and monotonously said the words “derive the root” until she told me to stop.

At first, she thought I was joking and she asked me to pull out my real song. I told her this very much was my real song. The small smile of disbelief faded and was immediately replaced by rage. ‘So you just replaced two words in this song?’
‘I replaced more than half of the words in the song, yes.’

‘And you expect to get the same grade as *so-and-so* after he put so much work into his?!’

‘Yes ma’am, I do.

I followed the assignment to the letter. Are you ready for me to keep singing?’

I got a 100. Her hatred of me only grew. It was fun.” whatmustido

4. They Messed Up His Important Flight, So He’ll Never Recommend Them Ever Again


“I was doing some hr training at work today and the hr rep told a story which was given as an example of one of the consequences of poor customer service.
When my coworker was going to be married, the wedding was out of state so as to be closer to his and the bride’s families. One of his friends who was going to be in attendance had to fly coast to coast across the US in order to attend.

On the day of the wedding, his flight was canceled, and the airline refused to rebook him a flight in time, and on top of that were not at all kind or hospitable. As a result, he missed his good friends’ wedding, and this p*ssed him off.

What the airline didn’t know, was that this particular person worked as a travel agent. His job was to book commercial flights for large groups. This airline was on of the bigger international airlines based in the US, and someone he would normally consider when booking flights. However, after this airline refused to rebook his canceled flight and caused him to miss his best friend’s wedding, he refused to even consider them as an option for his clients.

He was so p*ssed off by the airline’s customer service, that he even kept track of how many times he could have booked a flight with them, but instead chose another, perhaps even more expensive option. Over the next couple of years, he cost the airline over two million dollars in lost revenue because they were rude to him and refused to rebook his flight, causing him to miss his friends’ wedding.” canned-bread-430

3. Dad Knew Exactly What He Was Doing


“This is actually what happened between my father and the contractor who built his house (my childhood home).

In 2000, my parents and their two young children, ages 7 and 5 (that’s me!), were looking to move into a house big enough for a family of four and that they could stay in for a very long time.

They found a newly constructed street in a quiet neighborhood in a town known for being family-friendly. It was perfect. There were only four available lots, so my mother chose the one she liked best.
Now the houses on these lots were still under construction, so they were mostly just framing at this point. So my parents decided to contact the contractor, let’s call him Alfred, and see if they could have any input into the design, as they had already set up a mortgage agreement on the property. Alfred agreed but didn’t let them do too much, which wasn’t all that bad.

My parents were pretty busy trying to sell their old house anyway.

A few months go by, and the house is finally ready to be moved into. My parents are thrilled, they finally have their family home! We move in and everything’s great…for about 36 hours. On literal day 2, the furnace in the basement breaks and spews smoke throughout the whole house, setting off the smoke detectors. The police and fire department shows up, investigate, and tell us that we can return in 72 hours. So we stay in a nearby hotel for three days.
Everything is great again until we start noticing a bunch of small details that Alfred seemed to have overlooked.

My dad hires a home inspector to look at the house; the inspector finds numerous faults that could cost thousands to fix. My dad is P*SSED. So my dad, being the calm asshole he is (and I love him for it), decides to get some help in paying for these repairs to his 7-month-old house.

You see, Alfred had been the contractor for four houses on the street, of which only one (ours) had been bought. So my dad went to the bank and expressed interest in the other lots. He asked that a $1,000 lien be placed on each one. This was all legal.

Alfred found out and was rightfully angry. He couldn’t sell these lots because of the liens! He asked my dad to remove them. My dad agreed and said he would IF Alfred paid for the repairs. Alfred refused to pay, so my dad refused to lift the liens.

Alfred then sues my parents. My parents counter sue. The court rules in favor of my parents. My dad had to lift his liens. But Alfred, he had to pay my parents $50,000! Instead of paying $2-3k for repairs. AND a home inspector looked at the other three lots and made him pay for any repairs on them.” KevinJGraham
2. She Was Left With No Other Choice But To Come Up With An Elaborate Plan


“My guilty pleasure is karaoke.

I love going to local bars when there’s a karaoke night on. I have a musical background and I studied music at Cambridge University (UK), graduating with first-class honors for my bachelor’s degree and my master’s in Music Performance. I also trained at the Royal Academy for a while. I specialized in Music Theory and I am now a teacher in a local college. I am primarily a classical guitarist, but I am also Grade 8 standard on piano and flute. I am also lucky to be blessed with perfect pitch. I have never studied vocals or ever had any singing lessons, but my musical aptitude and perfect pitch makes me a decent singer, and above the average ability of most people who get up to sing at karaoke.

I don’t go to karaoke to show off or anything, I enjoy listening to everyone (good and bad) and just generally having a laugh with my friends. I met the DJs Kate & Peter, a husband and wife DJ team from the next town over, about 8 years ago when I started going to a weekly karaoke at a local bar, and over time we have become close friends. I follow them to every bar they go to for karaoke, help them out with their company social media pages and act as unofficial tech support. They also occasionally give me some DJ work when they are double booked.

However despite this, I am not an employee of the company, I just like to help out and I do not get paid for my tech work, and I make a flat rate of £100 for each gig they give me, they get the surplus. This is important later.
So about 3 years ago, Kate & Peter were booked for a recurring monthly karaoke at a members-only social club in a town about 15 miles away. I already knew a lot of the people who were members there from karaoke at other bars they had come to, specifically a bar which was just up the road from this club.

One of these people, Bill, was on the committee for the club. He was a good friend of mine so I had a chat with him, and made sure that although I was not a member (at this point), I was ok to come to the karaoke once a month.
At the first karaoke night at the club, I met Jane and Robert. I learned that Jane was the Entertainment Manager on the committee, and Robert was a major narcissist who thought he was Elvis Presley reincarnated, with an ego the size of Europe. He only sings Elvis songs and tries to do the dance moves to match.

He even has at least 5 full-blown Elvis costumes he wears, even on a casual basis. He thought the sun shines out of his arse, was the best singer in the county (he really wasn’t, he was really quite bad) and I quickly learned that he instantly disliked anyone who was a better singer than him. He was right up Jane’s arse, and she would do anything he said. Initially, they were both nice to me, but after I sang, they would refuse to talk to me despite going out of my way to talk to them every month, and I had never shown any hostility towards them.

This went on for a year. Bear in mind that Jane and Robert are in their mid to late 60’s, I’m in my early 30’s, and it was like dealing with a couple of children. I swear the students I teach are more mature than they’ll ever be. In the end, I gave up trying to be nice and salvage some sort of friendship, and only spoke to them when I had to. Over the course of the year, Robert would instruct Jane to stop certain people singing, he wouldn’t allow anyone else to sing Elvis songs (there are hundreds on the hard drive FFS) and even tried to get people banned from the karaoke and the club.

They had a major falling out with my friend Bill, he sang an Elvis song without Robert’s permission, which was escalated to the head of the committee but no action taken as there was a lack of evidence, despite several witness statements in Bill’s favor. At this point they had never done anything like this towards me, so I wouldn’t get involved in any of the disputes. They really p*ssed a lot of people off, but there wasn’t much that could be done about it as the committee would always say there was a lack of evidence.
Suddenly the karaoke stopped, Jane didn’t rebook Peter and Kate.

We later learned that Robert was moaning to Jane over the Bill incident and demanded that the karaoke stopped. At this point, I had made many friends at the club and had also started going to their monthly quiz nights, so I had decided to become a full paying member.

I am a helpful and kind person by nature, and I am always more than happy to give my input if I can help. I got involved in the quizzes, I even wrote and ran a few, for free, and passed on details of my musical connections for when they wanted live music, which was at a reduced rate for the club as the booking had essentially come through me for my friends & connections.

I helped to update their till systems, install WiFi, made posters and helped promote events at the club on the internet and social media, all for free. The management loved me.
Everyone was disappointed at the karaoke being canceled, as it was always busy and everyone had a great time despite Jane and Robert. It took us a few weeks to find out the truth of why it was canceled, and there was a minor uproar, which I did not get involved in. However, Jane stood her ground and nothing could be done because she was the Entertainment Manager, so the buck stopped with her.

Around 6 months later Jane decided to start the karaoke nights again, I assume Robert was fed up with not being able to show off, and booked Kate & Peter again for the following month. Everyone was very happy, as the karaoke was always popular, brought in new members and good revenue for the club.
So the karaoke night rolls around, and by the end of the night, I realize that my last 2 turns were skipped and Robert sang the most songs. Suspecting something fishy, the next day I went round to Kate & Peter’s house for coffee to find out what, if anything, had happened.

Lo and behold my suspicions were right. Kate told me that about halfway through the night, Jane had approached them and said ‘Can you not let [my name] sing anymore? She’s really annoying everyone and we don’t want professional singers putting people off and she’s making people leave.’

I. Was. P*ssed. I wasn’t angry at Kate & Peter, they had to comply with what Jane said because she had threatened non-payment and no more work there if they didn’t. They did what they had to do. After being a regular at this club, a full paying member for nearly a year and all of the work I had put into helping the place for free, I couldn’t believe their audacity and I was annoyed that they couldn’t even say it to my face.

So the next day, I went to the club knowing Jane would be there in order to confront her. I hate confrontation and I’m usually pretty easygoing, but I wasn’t going to be singled out and lied about, and I’ve always been the type of person that if you’ve got something to say or a problem with me, come and talk to me and we’ll try and work it out. I really can’t stand being talked about behind my back. Before talking to Jane, I went and spoke to a few of my friends who were there. I needed to know if they had thought or said I was annoying them with my presence at the karaoke, and if any of them had said anything to Jane or Robert before I confronted to her, so I could get my facts straight.

They were shocked and I learned that the only one b*tching about me was Robert. It seemed that I was next on his hitlist. So I approached Jane. This is how the conversation went down to the best of my memory:
Me: ‘Hi Jane, can I talk to you for a minute?’

Jane: ‘Ugh, I guess so but I’m very busy!’

Me: ‘I just want to know why you and Robert stopped me from singing at the karaoke the other night?”

Jane: ‘Everyone was getting annoyed with you and we don’t want professional singers at the karaoke and it’s not fair anyway because you work for Kate & Peter.’

Me: ‘But I’m not a professional singer Jane, as you know I’m a guitarist and I’m a teacher.

I have never made a living from singing nor have I ever been employed by Kate & Peter. I spoke to everyone and no one else was annoyed with me, it was literally just Robert. No one left because of me either.’
Jane: ‘That’s all lies. You’re just being an entitled brat.’

Me: ‘You think that I’m the entitled one? And you’re saying that I don’t know what my own job is and that everyone else here is a liar too?’

Jane: ‘You should know that you’re not welcome here. No one likes you. You should just leave and stay away. I’m going to talk to management and get you banned.’

Me: ‘Ok Jane, you do that.

This is obviously a lost cause and fruitless conversation.’

Jane: ‘You are the lost cause. All you’ve done is upset people since you came here.’

At this point, I left, more p*ssed off than I was before, and started plotting my revenge. Thankfully I wasn’t banned because I was on good terms with the management after all the work I had done for them. I knew my plan would take time to pull off, and this may seem like a really petty reason for revenge to you, but nearly everyone at the club had suffered at the hands of Jane and Robert at some point, some worse than me, and in my opinion, they needed to get their comeuppance.

They needed to know that the club did not revolve around them and that they can’t treat people this way. I doubted anyone else would go up against them. I was willing to be in it until the bitter end, and I got way more than I had hoped for.
I started going to the club more regularly than before. I needed to make friends with everyone for my end move, and people love to talk and gossip. I wanted all the dirt on Jane and Robert that I could get my hands on. I heard rumors that Robert was acting as an unlicensed agent for bands and singers, that Jane was in on it, and they were both taking a cut of the money that the band was being paid by the club to perform.

This is very morally wrong and most likely illegal, but if it was true, This. Was. Huge.
Over the course of 10 months or so, I set up multiple sting operations, using my contacts in music circles, to gather evidence of this. It turned out that the rumors were indeed true. Jane would tell the club that the band was charging £250, but pay them £200, keeping £50 for herself, and then Robert would charge them a £50 ‘agents fee’ for the gig. After some digging online, I found out Robert had even set up a fake agency company in order to look legit.

I invested a hidden spy camera, asked my friends to record their meetings with Robert and Jane, as well as record all phone calls and to forward all emails sent between them. In the end, I had a big ring binder full of evidence of this shady operation. They were booking performers 3 times a week, bear in mind that events such as Christmas and New Year’s they charged upwards of £500 per band, and Jane had been entertainment manager for 20 years at this point with Robert as her right-hand man. That’s at least £150 a week, if not more.

I estimated they made roughly £2,000 a year from this, so over 20 years, that’s at least £40,000 of undeclared income.
I also went around my friends at the club that had suffered injustice at the hands of Jane and Robert. In total, I gathered 12 statements and over 50 signatures on a petition I created to remove Jane from her position as an entertainment manager and to remove all of Robert’s influence over the Entertainment bookings.

It was finally time to put my plan into action.

I went straight to the committee head with the statements, petition and the evidence of their fake agency scam that I had gathered.

He took the file and went through it that evening, although I wasn’t sure if he was on Jane and Robert’s side, I had 3 encrypted digital copies in various places just in case he destroyed it. He called me the next day, and I was requested to be at the next committee meeting in two weeks time as an independent witness, where they would confront Jane and Robert on their actions, and also if I could give a copy of my evidence to management. With pleasure!
The day of the committee meeting came and it was glorious. At first, they both denied everything, but when faced with the hard evidence I had gathered, they knew they couldn’t get out of it.

Upon seeing the statements and petition, Jane broke down and cried. Robert looked deflated and defeated. The committee voted unanimously not just to remove Jane from her position as an entertainment manager, they voted to remove her from the committee altogether. The committee head told them that they would be seeking legal advice to try and recover the money they stole from the club, and to find out whether they could press charges against them for theft and fraud. As a final kick in the teeth, the management decided to revoke their memberships and banned both Jane and Robert from the club premises permanently and indefinitely.

My hard work over 10 months paid off in spades, and within an hour I had brought their world crashing down around them. I’m normally a really empathetic person, but they brought this on themselves and I have no shred of sympathy at all.
But I wasn’t done. I also took my evidence of the fake agency scam and along with the management and committee of the club, reported both of them to the Tax office for undeclared income, and the police for fraud. It took them a good few months to investigate, and it also transpired that Robert was regularly traveling abroad to Europe, buying copious amounts of tobacco, cigarettes and alcohol, smuggling them back into the country failing to pay the duty tax, and selling them for profit.

The club was able to press charges against Jane and Robert for theft and fraud and sue them for the money they stole by skimming from the band fees. The tax office also took them to court for undeclared income, unpaid income tax and in Robert’s case unpaid duty tax and unlawful sale of restricted goods. They were found guilty of all charges, each sentenced to suspended jail time, and ordered to repay the unpaid tax on their undeclared income, the unpaid duty and repay the club the money they stole as well as over £1,000 in compensation.
The last I heard they had both been declared bankrupt and had their cars, houses and other valuables repossessed by the court, to be auctioned off to pay back the money they owe.

Finally, when I said I needed to make friends with pretty much everyone at the club for my end move? We just had the committee elections a couple of months ago, and I was elected as the entertainment manager with 96% of the vote. I am loving my new role, and everyone is happy with the bands I am booking and the entertainment I have put in place so far. I also have a monthly discussion meeting with any members who want to turn up, and ask for their input and suggestions, and what they want to have going on at the club, something which never happened under Jane and Robert’s dictatorship.” Wayward Ouborous
1. They Got The Ultimate Revenge Wedding


“This has to do with my friend’s wife (And her family) and my friend’s mom, the evil mother-in-law.

My friend’s wife’s family is of Sinti background. Now Sinti and Roma heritages have a bad reputation here in Germany. They are called gypsies, and supposedly are all scam artists, which have no real home and travel around to be always two steps ahead of the law on their heels. But her family is actually really well off (in fact quite a bit richer than the mother-in-law but she did not know that. The mother-in-law has never asked, decided that her prejudices are a better source of information than simply asking since all gypsies lie? ), lives in Germany for well over 30 years and owns their own company that produces motor parts for several big car and truck companies.

Now how much the company is worth is really not all that important, but to paint a picture – they employ well over 250 people just in production alone, and on top of that, all the other staff from IT, over clerks and what not. The mother-in-law’s family is typical middle class, nothing much to say there which makes the mother-in-law’s assumption she is a golddigger hilariously wrong. My fried’s Dad works an office job, and his mom (the mother-in-law) works delivering drugs for a pharmacy a couple of hours a week.
Now since there was so much leading up to the wedding, here’s basically what happened and most of what the mother-in-law did was typical just-no behavior.

In the first year of the relationship, the mother-in-law pretty much ignored her son had a girlfriend until she sees a photo and realizes the daughter-in-law is a few shades too brown for her taste (her words). A friend then explained to the mother-in-law that the girlfriend is Sinti, and she lost it even more. It boiled down to her being a golddigger or scam artist or constantly switching between the two. But the friend has a steel spine, and it ended in her being in a timeout for 6 months, which became over a year since every time the mother-in-law tried to force contact, the time out started again at zero.

Once contact was established again, the mother-in-law had realized open warfare was not something she could win, so she decided to switch to guerilla tactics. The absolute highlight was creating two fake Facebook profiles, one for a friend, and one for his ex, with which he had spent 4 years of his life, at this point. She sends back and forth texts for months, to create a fake affair. My friend had 4 weeks prior to a 4-day business trip for his company. The texts basically claimed his ex had come with him and they had wild hook-ups every night. What the mother-in-law did not know was that the friend never went there.

It fell through a week prior, and he took the days off instead to do a short trip with his girlfriend. So he had the best possible alibi for the time, being with the woman he supposedly cheated on 24/7. Otherwise, I don’t know what would have happened on the day the mother-in-law came into the house with printed out screenshots from that page. At first, the girlfriend was devastated and p*ssed, until they found the messages about the business trip. In that moment, they both turned on the mother-in-law, who of course denied everything. It landed her in 9 months’ time out again.

The rest until the engagement was a flow of constant hints (the mother-in-law appeared to have learned her lesson about open attacks and racist rants at least) of her not being trustworthy, bringing up news stories that showed Sinti in a negative light etc.etc. But since they where low-contact (meeting twice a year and the one or other phone call), she did not have many opportunities. Then came the engagement about 1 year before the wedding. The daughter’s family was over the moon of course (they are very just, but describing them in detail too would make the story too long), while the mother-in-law had a complete meltdown over the phone (she said she would stop this wedding if it is the last thing she does with her life).

The actual wedding planning began, and it was a total sh*t show. When she was asked for an address list, she actually gave them false addresses, in the hopes that once the cards would have been returned, it would be too late to send a new batch to the actual addresses. Of course, the cards came back within a week, and this time they were smart enough to ask someone else for the addresses, and simply did not tell her. The mother-in-law started a rumor campaign, that was at least partially successful, so the contact to his side of the family got worse and worse.

She tried to just cancel the flowers, but since the florist knew the bride in person, he called her to confirm. After that everything was secured with passwords. This way they found out she also tried to cancel the venue, change the whole menu (most of the bride’s side of the family is vegetarian, and she tried to change it to an all-meat menu) and other shenanigans.
Finally, came the thing that made my friend and his fiancee snap and decides it is time to show the b*tch who is boss. He had found out (thanks to his brother, who had volunteered to work as a spy in the enemy camp – he acted like he was on his mother’s side, when in reality he was firmly in his brother camp) that all the women on his side planned to come in black mourning clothes, to make it clear this was not a day of joy for them, but a day of mourning, since her son made the biggest mistake of his life.

But since they wanted to embarrass her to the bone they acted as if they knew nothing, and decided to exact their revenge on the wedding day. IMPORTANT: this was a good 4 months before the wedding, so it gave the young couple ample time to plan.
The day of the wedding arrives. All the guests have entered the church and are sitting down. The guests are informed that the wedding party will be late by about half an hour, but they would show a DVD in the meantime. That DVD? It was explosive. They had collected evidence, and witness accounts detailing exactly how sneaky the mother-in-law had tried to sabotage the wedding.

It started with an account from the food caterer that she had tried several times to change the menu. Followed by the florist’s story about how she had tried to cancel all the flowers for the wedding (including a message she left on the answering machine trying to act like she was the daughter-in-law but everybody who knew her could hear it was the mother-in-law’s voice). Up to this point, the mother-in-law had been shocked into silence. But the next part would change that. You see the groom’s brother had secretly recorded how she trash-talked and lied about he daughter-in-law to everybody who would listen to her on Skype (the brother simply installed spy-software that recorded everything, emails, skype etc.

and created a highlight reel, after all, she used his computer to do all that). Once she started to hear those words, she suddenly screeched like a banshee and stormed to the front to stop the DVD from playing. But everyone had anticipated that, so before she could even get close, 3 gentlemen closed in on her and told to either sit down or she would be escorted off the premise. The film only went on for another 3 or so minutes anyway, and they escorted her back to her place. Where was her family in all this ?? They had already had a full showing of the video the day before but were sworn to secrecy.

So they acted as normal as they could until the DVD was finished.
Now once the film was over, the father went up to the altar with his wife and addressed the family of the groom. He told them the following, ‘Our daughter could have accepted you do not like her and has tried for years to have a good relationship with all of you, especially with mother-in-law, but to no avail. Our daughter was either insulted or shut down. Finally, they started to plan the wedding, and mother-in-law was trying everything to ruin this very special day for the two of them.

And so, they finally had enough. The couple has decided your side of the family does not deserve to be at the wedding. I hereby inform you that there will not be a wedding today at all. They changed the wedding date months ago. My daughter and your son got married a week ago at ‘XX location’ and let you believe the wedding would be today. That way we could ensure there would be no further evil plans to ruin this young couple’s wedding, and we all had a wonderful wedding. Without any of you there it was a day of joy, and a day where everybody was happy for the couple and acted very supportive.

Right now they are already on their honeymoon and will return in four weeks. Since the wedding was so much smaller than originally planned, they had a way bigger budget for their honeymoon.
Once they return, they do not want any contact with any of you for a year. After that, they are ready to get into contact again under certain requirements, which you will be told once the year is over. As mother-in-law will be able to confirm, they will remain very strict to this rule. ANY attempt to contact them in any form leads to the perpetrator’s year to start again at zero.

I suggest you take the year to reflect on your behavior and decide what is more important to you, to have your son and his new wife in your life, or to treat my daughter badly, because right now he is ready to cut contact for good. But I talked him into giving you one last chance. Friends and family stayed very silent during this speech, probably shocked and embarrassed into silence.
The mother-on-law was not the only one in the family treating the daughter-in- badly, but she was the reason for it. They are back in contact with most of the family, but definitely not the mother-on-law.

After the year was over, some family members sheepishly apologized and told the couple about all the lies they where told. But the brother, using his evidence, showed the family how mother-in-law triangulated, lied, tricked, etc. Today, the mother-in-law is a pariah from at least 80% of the family.” hicctl

When it comes to pulling off a satisfying act of revenge, there’s careful planning and intricate details involved to make sure it goes off without hitch. These are elaborate and calculated and juicy to the max! Got any of your own you’d like to share? Tell us everything!

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