People Chatter About Their Nefarious Revenge Stories

All of us will reach a moment when we get tired of dealing with people's attitudes. Regardless of how patient we think we are, there are some people who will drive us up the wall and leave us no choice but to reveal our anger. That's when nefarious acts of revenge take place. Here are some stories of people who finally said, "I've had enough!"

39. The Couple Didn't Realize They Don't Have A Home Anymore


“I attended Realtor Conventions when I worked in advertising and one was pretty much like another but this one, in particular, was worth remembering. Gossip usually wasn’t passed around or even tolerated given the closeness of this smaller tight community but this was the exception!

One such story this particular autumn day had tongues wagging and people snickering who had never thought of snickering before!

There were a couple of Realtors from the same office who always attended these conventions together. The perfect getaway. No sneaking, no separate cars, no spouses, no questions.

I’m sure almost everyone who saw them every year thought, as I had, that they were a married couple. This particular year they were very popular and so got invitations to visit the hospitality rooms hosted by brokers from companies all across the state. Not yet knowing the real reason for their sudden rise to fame, they proudly attended all functions With Bells On!!!

I suppose the 2 of them were the only 2 in the whole state, maybe even the entire southeast, who hadn’t called to listen to the OUTgoing messages that their spouses had recorded on their voice mails the second they got in the car. That bit of news spread like wildfire on a dry, windy autumn day.

Yep. The real SOs finally figured it out. They devised a plan and everything fell perfectly into place. The messages laid it all out there and you heard something similar to…’Thank you for calling. Your call is very important to me but not as important as having an affair.

You could say that I’m presently messing my life and the lives of my children down a rat hole because I’m a self-absorbed, sorry sack of monkey poop! Please leave a message with your name and number and if you’re important enough I‘ll call you sometime.

Probably after the division of all the assets, etc and the dust clears. If you have the property listed with our company or are purchasing a property through our company you are just sadly out of luck. Don’t forget to leave your number and have a great day!’

This couple didn’t realize they hadn’t gotten any calls until late Sunday PM about the time they got back home. Locks were changed, clothes were thrown out into the yard and everyone knew the big secret.’

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38. Greedy Cousin Loses Out On His Inheritance


“25 years ago my aunt passed away when I was a baby, leaving my two cousins who were both in their early 20s alone to fend for themselves.

My grandparents (who were very wealthy) put a clause in their will that grandkids will receive half of their share of inheritance if a parent passes before the children reach age 30 and then the other half when my grandparents eventually pass. Both my cousins received a very sizeable inheritance coupled with the money they got from selling my aunt’s house.

The younger of the two paid off her college loans and was able to buy property, she still lives on the same plot of land. The older sibling blew all of his inheritance. Straight out of a book of the bible, within 6 years, he was back to living in a condo working as a police officer.

Everyone in our small family knew he had a substance issue so he was barely making ends meet with his officer salary and buying copious amounts of substances.

For the next 4 years, my cousin went to rehab three times, sponsored by my grandparents. He sobered up after getting his partner, now wife pregnant.

Absolutely wretched woman. She saw my grandparents as payday and essentially baby trapped my cousin thinking it was her ticket. Within 7 years they had three kids so she is locked in tight. She’s a nurse and with 3 kids around they always needed a little boost. Guess who they would always ask?

You got it, my grandparents. Being the kind spirits they are, they always lent a hand. My father, mother, sister, and I got sick of it very quickly.

My grandmother, unfortunately, passed away when I was 17 leaving my grandpa as the last remaining. I was undoubtedly my grandfather’s favorite among the grandkids which left a real sore spot in the mouth of my cousin and his wife.

I had two more years at home before college so I lived with my grandpa to keep him company and help take care of him. My cousin and his wife HATED this, so much so that whenever they came to visit and I was not home, they would send their three gremlins into my room to destroy it (my room had double doors so it couldn’t be locked).

This was the start. The longer I lived there, the more they would mess with me. My cousin even went as far as to place one of those little mechanical noisemakers in the cabinet in my room (the ones that play sounds at random intervals that make you think you’re insane).

Thankfully my german shepherd would always hear it and after a week or so she finally found it.

They did this to distance me and deter me from taking care of grandpa so they could swoop in and be the heroes. This continued until one of the ‘kids’ ‘found’ my gun.

By this time I was 18 and in the ‘possession’ of a firearm. I use quotations because my grandfather has guns, but cannot aim and shoot them anymore due to arthritis and nerve degeneration, so when I moved in, he placed all the weapons in my hands should the need for self-defense arise.

But should he see them out for any reason other than cleaning, there would be chaos to raise. Being very well trained with guns and having a sense of pride in defending my home I took this responsibility very seriously. I always kept a handgun in a locked container in my nightstand with the key on a high shelf out of reach from the gremlins.

One fateful day, I am out getting my grandfather food when I come home and my older cousin, his wife, and my grandfather are staring at a gun on the table. It was my gun that I kept in the lockbox. IT WAS LOADED AND HAD A BULLET CHAMBERED. I always keep a magazine in the lockbox but never loaded into the gun.

The lockbox was nowhere to be seen. My cousin claimed one of the children ‘found’ the gun and was playing with it. I was 100% certain that he either found the key or broke the lockbox open to get to it and load it, as a 6-year-old would not be able to reach a key I could barely grab, figure out what it was to, load my gun and chamber it.

I tried my best to explain what my cousin had said was nonsense and that I never keep my firearms loaded in the house, but my cousin who is a cop scolded me on gun safety and threatened to have me arrested if I didn’t leave and hadn’t arrested me yet ‘because we’re family.’ I was asked to collect my belongings and go back to my parents.

My cousin had won, or so he thought.

The next day I apologized to grandpa and explained to him there was no way one of the kids could have gotten the key, he agreed with me and he apologized but he thought it best I move out until things cool down but once they do I would be welcome back home.

Our relationship was a little fractured due to misinformation provided by my cousin. A month later, my grandfather died of a heart attack at 86. I was DEVASTATED. I was just beginning to get back into rhythm with him and rebuilding the trust that was somewhat shattered. To this day, I am still unsure of what kind of man he saw me as due to my cousin.

Immediately, my cousin and his wife began sucking up to my dad, as they had sealed payday with grandpa, it was time to move on to the uncle. This persisted for a month or two. I wouldn’t stand for it. Then came time for the will.

My grandfather’s lawyer read out the will to me, my father, mother, and sister in our home, our two cousins would be briefed individually on their share of the estate, per my grandparents’ requests. Then the miracle line in the will comes to fruition: ‘if anyone attempts to claim any part of the estate that is not assigned to them, they forfeit any assets they are supposed to receive and will be divided equally among the remaining family members.’ This was basically their way of saying ‘if you try to claim more than you’ve been given, you get nothing.’ My father is supposed to receive every piece of physical property (aside from two or three items he set aside for me) from my grandparents as he is the only remaining child.

The revenge.

I hatched my plan. I called my cousin and told him all of grandma’s jewelry was to be donated to a charity auction. Grandma’s collection of gems and metals was extensive, to say the least, so a charity event wouldn’t care if a few pieces didn’t make it right?

It was a lure of gargantuan proportions that my greedy jerk of a cousin could not resist. He bit right on it and headed over to my grandparents’ house asap, determined to snatch up as much as he could, a handful would send his kids to college.

Regardless of what I said, the jewelry was never going to go to him anyway, so his actions were purely his own since none of it was destined to be his. Coincidentally, dad was on his way with the lawyer to my grandparents’ house to overlook everything, formality stuff.

According to my dad’s testimony, my cousin had three shoeboxes worth of grandma and grandpa’s jewelry piled on the kitchen counter ready for loading into his car. My dad and the lawyer stood in the kitchen wondering why it was all there when my cousin walks in from my grandparents’ bedroom with a fourth and final shoebox.

The jig was up and he put two and two together that I set him up. Which was true. but there was no penalty against me for exploiting my cousin’s greed so he would screw himself over. It’s worth noting that between the 18 years from my aunt’s death and my grandpa’s death, their wealth had increased several times over, so my cousin felt ‘wronged’ and expected to receive just as much as my sister and I, despite receiving half of his already and blowing it.

Throughout this whole ordeal, his younger sister (my other cousin) has not had a problem at all and is still weeping over grandpa’s death like the rest of us.

However, just like that, my cousin lost enough in the course of 30 minutes that made him contemplate his sanity.

OVER GREED. My cousin’s jerk of a wife apparently filed for divorce a few weeks later. We haven’t heard from him in nearly 6 years as he is all but disgraced now. You can call this a fairytale ending, and on this particular part of the story it somewhat is (there was a massive lawsuit by an unknown family member involving the IRS and FBI later on) but honestly I would rather have my grandparents.”

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37. She Got Promoted Then Demoted Again


“A supervisor spot had opened up on the night shift, and I was a shoo-in for the job.

But a co-worker who had been sleeping with the boss got the nod, even though she’d only been at the plant months while I had years.

Still, I sucked it up and did my job. Half the time I had to instruct her in hers.

Any idea or suggestion of improvement she gave to upper management was a stolen idea. She was trying to seal her space in management heaven.

I found a way to streamline the process that increased output and cut down on overtime without sacrificing quality. Once again, she claimed the idea was her own.

She was showing the big dogs the process when one of the managers asked a question about how we got around a glitch in the machine’s capabilities. She had no idea, so she said, ‘I’ll let Dennis explain it. He can explain it better than I can.’

I was nearby setting the machine up and overheard. So I said, ‘Sorry, guys. I’m on a timeline. This truck goes out in half an hour. I’m sure her explanation will be fine,’ and I left to get my job done.

I watched from afar as she struggled to come up with an explanation.

It became abundantly clear she had no idea what she was talking about, and that someone else HAD to have come up with the idea.

A couple of managers came up to me later and asked if I knew how to get around the glitch, which I explained in great detail.

They nodded, looked at each other, and left.

Fast forward a week. The night shift needed a new supervisor again, as the one who had just got the job got demoted, got angry, and quit. And for some strange reason, I got an office and a raise in pay.”

Another User Comments:

“A very similar thing happened to me once. I had been at my company for about 6 years when they chose a girl to be supervisor that had only been there 1 year. She had screwed up her resume for retail supervisor jobs and ‘house manager’ aka nanny jobs to make herself look better.

Because of some reason I have no idea why they picked her over me, someone who has a Masters in Business and had been there so much longer than her. Then on top of that, she became my direct supervisor. Talk about pouring salt in wounds.

They didn’t even have the decency to tell me that she became my boss. I found out when I started receiving instruction from her. We butted heads a lot but I knew that I had to play nice to win in the end, so I did.

Eventually, they moved her to a different team that was struggling, because they thought that she could help. It didn’t go well, they demoted her, and she quit. Guess who is the supervisor now? Ha! Sometimes you just have to wait and watch things unfold.” Lisa Michelle

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36. She Had To Smell My Grandmother All Night Long

“My dad’s wife is a complete piece of work. It’s not just me. In the 30+ years I’ve had to deal with her I’ve never met anyone who had anything good to say about her. She is the kind of person who will absolutely run over anyone or anything to get what she wants and she wants everything!

To say she lacks scruples would be an understatement. She also has a really nasty temper. What’s not to love?

It came to pass that my grandmother, who had spent the previous year in a nursing home trying to recover from a brain stem stroke, went to live with my dad and his wife.

EVERYONE in the family, including her, was against the idea of bringing my grandmother home from the start. We loved her dearly but she would require 24-hour care. My dad was insistent, first putting pressure on me to do it, then his wife. I don’t know exactly what happened but, after months of refusal, overnight she completely changed her attitude.

I know my dad and I know her. He promised her something. Something big. This is not a woman who has ever acted benevolently in her life. And I have no doubt my dad reneged after the deal was done.

Not surprisingly it turned out badly.

After a brief honeymoon period, my dad’s wife’s anger and resentment began to pour out. There’s a long list of ugly things she did to my grandmother but this is the one that prompted the revenge.

One of the things my grandmother loved was her perfume.

She’d worn Estée Lauder’s ‘Youth Dew’ since it was first introduced. It was sort of a family joke. It was the gift she requested for about every birthday I can remember. That smell is so ingrained in my memories of her that experiencing it now is like a flashback.

My dad’s wife decided that the perfume was too heavy. That made no sense. She had always been one to put her own perfume on fairly thickly and she wore both ‘Opium’ and, appropriately, ‘Poison’. Who was she to decide that anyway? Like so many of her actions, it was about power and control.

She threw out my grandmother’s perfume (I kept some for her for when she stayed with us) and replaced it with some kind of bath splash from Victoria’s Secret.

It made my grandmother so sad. Such a little thing. A bottle of perfume. Small happiness in a life that had been robbed of so much.

Taking it away was just mean. So petty, so selfish.

My grandmother passed, back in the nursing home, in 2010.

Flash forward to 2015. Our daughter, my grandmother’s BABY, was getting married. I had decided to wear my grandmother’s perfume and some of her jewelry in her honor.

We were arranging the corsages for the grandmothers when a supremely devilish idea occurred to me.

Shortly before she arrived for the pictures I took my dad’s wife’s corsage and LOADED it with Estée Lauder Youth Dew perfume.

The look on her face as she was standing for pictures was PRICELESS!

She was forced to literally smell my grandmother all night long!”

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35. They Never Threw Anything On My Windows Again


“When a vacant room opened up on the second floor of our dorm, I decided to jump at the chance to have my own room and to be one floor closer to the ground.

The only downside was that I was moving away from my dorm buddies on the 3rd floor. Two of my best friends/pranksters had the room directly above my new room and they repeatedly threw food – eggs, chocolate syrup, milk – on my windows. It was impossible to get the junk off without a hose – which I didn’t have.

One night after a thunderstorm I decided to get back at them. I went outside and made approximately 50 mudballs (the size of softballs) and placed them right behind a tree in front of our windows. I then went up to my room and phoned these two idiots.

I pretended to be mad and told them to stop throwing stuff on my window. I then ran down to my supply of mudballs.

Of course, the two morons immediately fully opened both of their windows and prepared to throw more junk on my windows.

At this point, I must point out that the windows in our dorm rooms are the ‘crank’ type. You have to crank the windows open by twirling a little handle (crank) until they are fully open. It takes about 15 seconds to fully open the window – and more importantly – it takes 15 seconds to fully close the windows!

Well, I think we all know what is going to happen now. I waited until the guys opened their windows all the way and then I began peppering their room and them as they furiously and futilely attempted to shut their windows. I should note that I am a baseball pitcher who prides himself on my blazing fastball and excellent control.

I would estimate that 40-45 of the mudballs either entered their room or hit the pranksters. They were screaming like someone was murdering them all the while trying to crank shut their windows.

I later learned that they had just finished doing their laundry and it was spread out on their beds when the mud-fest began.

Needless to say, they had to do it all over again.”

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34. I'll Make Sure You're Stuck With Me Forever


“Here’s my story. I left my partner because she gambled/spent all I had and had 8 affairs. I treated her like a queen…but finally after therapy and everything I left her…and I took our son with me. So during our court day she swung me a deal, I could keep my son as long as I tried one last time on our relationship..she was only a couple of months away from having her second child (a result of a one-night stand with some jerk.)

Wanting my custody on legal paper without a fight in court sounded good….I said ‘ok’ and told her if she wanted to prove her undying love for me she has to get a tattoo that said ‘property of Doug’ on her arm. Wanting this to work she did it.

Two weeks later I had custody and dumped her a week after the tattoo was finished…..

Just for the record, I’m currently going for custody of the second child and recently won parental recognition for her…the mom is still sleeping around so this should be an easy victory…

My best tool is a mini tape recorder and I tapped my own phone. and I keep notes of everything…revenge has its rewards!!!”

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33. I Helped Her Take Revenge On Her Ex


“Tandin and I had become good friends within three weeks in my new school during senior year. In our school news spread like a wildfire.

During senior year, students rarely change schools, and I, being a newcomer girl, was the center of attraction. In addition, Tandin’s ex had approached me a couple of times.

Like any other girl, Tandin loved him truly and she still hasn’t gotten over the breakup.

She desperately wanted to see him broken the way she felt. She wanted to see him begging for love and as if God wanted to let her dreams come true, I landed up in that school being friends with Tandin gaining her ex as my everyday follower.

She was certain he would approach me for the third time, surprisingly he did because by hook or by crook he must get what he wants.

After 15 days of being in a relationship with him, I went to his block, called him outside his class corridor, and said, ‘I’m done with you.

Goodbye.’ His eyes watered and his jaw dropped. The delight in his face a few minutes ago when I called him outside his class was nowhere to be seen.

‘Oh my god, this is the best day of my life. Thank you so much.’ Tandin finally hugged me happily.

After that day, he kept on sending me letters after letters apologizing, wanting to know what made me break up with him, where did he go wrong… blah blah blah blah.

We were back to square one just like other teenagers. I mean Tandin and me.

Our ex was undergoing his first heartbreak.”

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32. Everyone Will Find Out Who She Truly Is


“I started going out with this girl, 30, I am 30 too. It was cool, when we met, she told me she broke up with her significant other a couple of months earlier. I started inviting her to dinners, we started hanging out casually. Then things developed fast, and we got into a relationship.

For 2 months, things were amazing, she told me she loved me so much, and she thinks about me all the time. I felt the same!

I told her from the beginning, I was looking for a long-lasting relationship that would lead to marriage. Then all of a sudden, she started flaking on me, not answering my texts or phone calls.

I thought she might be busy with work. Then one day, I went to visit her at work, she works at a restaurant, she kissed me and everything seemed fine. I waited for her to close like always, and she came out, she was supposed to go out with me, she hugged me, kissed my neck and said: ‘you are going to hate me, I’m gonna go home’.

I was like why? We had plans! She was like I just want to go home, things have been moving extremely fast and it spooked me. I said, are we breaking up? She said, ‘you are overthinking it’. So she went home and I drove home.

She was not normal with me. So I kept asking her if she wanted to be with me or not, she said she really has not thought about it yet and that she’s been busy with holidays and work. Fast forward 3 weeks, I went to her work, she was there, she started making out with me in front of all her customers, and colleagues, I thought, sweet, things are back on track, she started calling me on facetime and chat for hours, also told me that she was tired and anti-social. I believed her… until, one day she told me she was cat-sitting for her 72-year-old friend, and she just wanted to drive home and not talk on the phone.

My gut told me something is going on. I knew where her friend lived, but she did not know that, so I drove there after work, her car was still there!! So I texted her, did you make it home safely? No reply, so I approached the house, I saw her on top of another man from the kitchen window!

I was shocked, in disbelief, and in instant grief! I called her, she got off of her other man, switched her phone off, and went back on him. So, I went and knocked on the door, no answer, after, like 30 secs, I knocked harder. She came out, with a horrified look on her face when she saw me, saying, I am going home now!

I said, you lying piece of work, what about the man inside? And hey? Give me the apple watch I bought you. She gave it to me, went back inside.

I knocked on the door, and her man came. I was shocked to see that he was 6 years younger than her and the guy she told me was like her little brother.

Here begins the revenge. I told him how she told me he’s getting a lot of inheritance and how she is using him. I told her colleagues how she betrayed me, they were shocked. I found out that she was still talking to her ex, still in love with him.

And the 72-year-old friend she is cat-sitting for, she is sleeping with him as well.

She has some other dudes she calls daddy (probably sugar daddies). I told a lot of people she knows, with photos of the watch, how she is a compulsive liar.

Her ex told me how she has a borderline personality disorder. I told her prospective employer how she was planning to get him to leave his wife and be with her (she sent text msgs to her man saying he has a lot of money).

Best of all, I told her man’s family how she is using them, all the things she talked about them. They thought I was her ‘business partner’. I think they kicked her out of their house, she was staying with them after breaking up with her ex.

Basically, she always draws that picture in everybody’s mind that she is the innocent sweet girl and that her exes are horrible and evil. Basically, she lies to everyone and lies about everyone. Now a lot of people know who she really is, and her baby daddy told me she’s been looking like a wreck lately, justice served.”

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31. The Tale Of The Tornado Alarm Clock


“My roommate during my freshman year was a real loser – I’ll leave it at that. He was a real brain but he wouldn’t participate in any of our dorm activities and this led him to become somewhat alienated by the rest of our floor.

I got along fine with him but I did have one pet peeve against him.

When his alarm would go off in the morning, he would let it buzz for 2-3 minutes before shutting it off. Even after I told him to quit doing this, he continued to let it buzz.

Well, my father (who is the king of pranks) bought me this amazing alarm clock.

When the volume was fully turned up, it was as loud as most city’s tornado-warning sirens. I placed this alarm under my bed – as far under it as possible. I set it for 3:30 a.m. and then I went to spend the night with my friend who happened to have his room next to mine.

When that baby went off at 3:30, the whole dorm was awakened. Guys on other floors actually started filing outside, thinking that it was a test of the college’s alarm system. My friend and I listened as my roommate first fell out of his bed, then screamed, then tried to figure out what was happening, and finally searched all over for that darn alarm clock.

We could actually hear him tip over the bed and pull the clock’s cord out of the socket. We couldn’t get back to sleep for the rest of the night because we were laughing so hard. My roommate could hear us and he littered us with profanity for the next hour or so – but he never let his alarm clock buzz for longer than 10 seconds since I got my revenge.

After I had gained my revenge on my roommate with the Tornado Alarm Clock, and the story got around the dorm, some other guys wanted to borrow my extremely loud clock to gain revenge on some of their friends – of course, I let them borrow it!

Later that day I learned that they planned on using it on a guy who was somewhat of a condescending jerk, but whom I actually thought was pretty cool. Just before midnight, I went up to the guy and warned him about what was going to occur later that night.

The pranksters had already placed the alarm clock under his bed and it was set to go off around 4:00 a.m.

Well, the target of the prank immediately accused me of putting the alarm under his bed and believed that I was simply telling him ahead of time so that he wouldn’t think I did it?

Does this make any sense to anyone? Why would I tell him BEFORE the alarm went off if I was the one who put the alarm under his bed????

Well, now I am ticked at this guy for getting mad at me FOR WARNING HIM about the alarm clock.

I waited one day (that’s all the patience I had) and then got my revenge. My dad taught me this one… I got an old 78 record sleeve – the big ones that are about 14″x14″ – you know, the cardboard ‘envelope’ that you slide the big 78 records into.

Well, I waited till about 5:00 a.m.; filled the sleeve with baby powder until it was as fat as a sophomore co-ed; slid the opened end of the sleeve under his door, and then jumped up and landed – with both feet – on the record sleeve.

Physics will tell you that the baby powder exploded out of the sleeve, under his door, and all over his room.

This became one of the most popular pranks on our campus. The baby powder coats EVERYTHING in the target’s room with a cloud of slippery dust and it makes the room smell like a girl’s room for days.

I figure it took this guy a solid day to clean everything in his room. Oh, we got him with the Tornado alarm clock a couple of weeks later.”

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30. My Lying Skills Made The Criminal Pay For His Offenses


“So my friend needed a new phone, but couldn’t afford one – I wanted to get her a replacement for her iPhone (I think iPhone 4 if that indicates how long ago this was), but I couldn’t afford to get one straight out of the box either.

So off to my least favorite option that I always swear I’ll never use again until the next time I use it – Craigslist.

I found one in good (near perfect) condition at a good price – the guy was selling because he changed carriers.

I think at that time new ones were around $500 and he was asking $200. I arranged a meeting in a public place since my priority is not ending up in the news. The guy shows up, I check out the phone – looks good, it’s not locked and it’s on the startup screen.

Cool, we have a deal. I forgot to mention my friend lives four hours away. So I drive down and surprise her! She’s thrilled! We take it to her carrier to get it activated and… bad ESN number. Basically, it means it’s an expensive paperweight.

The phone was either reported stolen or the guy jumped carriers without paying off his contract. The store gives me the phone back – there is really nothing they can do.

I was livid. And I had a four-hour drive home to get progressively angrier.

So I arrive home and call the number I had for him. Disconnected. Son of a… now I’m beyond mad. But what can I do? The ad is gone and he gave me a burner number. Ah… his fatal mistake. When he met me he drove his work truck.

Gotcha. I called his work and asked for him (don’t remember his name now). I said, ‘Hey, remember me? The girl you sold the stolen phone to? Yeah… about that. You are paying me back. PLUS $500 for a new phone – or I tell your boss about this.

And the police, who have the stolen phone and would (really) like to talk to you.’ (Total lie but I needed to turn the screws).

So Mr. Criminal Mastermind gives me the $200 plus $500 for my trouble. He says he just jumped carriers and really needed the funds but my trust is at 0% right now.

I (might) have called his boss later and tipped him off that some of his employees might not be using the company vehicles for totally legal things during business hours.

The cherry on top was learning that some countries (cough) Russia (cough) can bypass ESN codes and are happy to pay for phones that are useless in the US.

So add $400 to the total of that disaster. Then subtract $500 for a brand new, in the box, never been opened phone for my friend. And a little something for those working hard driving that karma bus.”

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29. She Had No Choice But To Go Back To Her Trashy Ex


“So I went out with this girl for about a year. In all honesty, I’m just as much at fault — I saw the red flags and ignored every single one of them.

She was young and cute, but also lazy and didn’t really have any ambition, along with a host of emotional problems, including frequent meltdowns and explosive outbursts. She wanted to be taken care of, probably more than anything else. I wasn’t entirely opposed to it, but I did expect her to be willing to improve herself in some way.

I could see a better side of her that wanted to come out.

Toward the end of our relationship, she was constantly trash-talking me to one of our mutual friends, and she became increasingly hostile and difficult. I didn’t break up with her, but I told her it was time for her to move back home for a bit (she was living with me by then).

I hadn’t given up on her, but I needed some space and time away from her.

She called a short time later begging to come back. She was back at her mom’s house and hated it. I told her I wouldn’t be opposed to it, but I needed to hear her actually take some responsibility for her behavior, and show some willingness to change it.

She had a typical meltdown and hung up on me. A short time later, I find out she went back to her dealer ex and tried to hide it from me, while also telling our mutual friend how much ‘better’ he is, and how much he makes selling illegal substances and running an operation (which was probably exaggerated, and still less than what I made).

She was sure to include lots of pictures and details about the operation.

Last I heard, someone tipped off the DEA, and there’s trouble in paradise.”

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28. No One Respected Nor Believed Her

“I know a woman who cut up her husband’s clothes. She also put insects in his car among other things.

The best thing she did though was to sew dried-out fish into his rather gorgeous and very expensive curtains. He took the curtains when he moved… This particular woman was very savvy and very angry for good reason… After she calmed down she didn’t feel all that great about it though… so it’s a secret between us.

Most I know who get angry at their exes normally end up with a big dose of egg on their faces. It doesn’t bode well even if it makes for good storytelling.

The most recent was a girl who went out with a co-worker.

It ended after she was particularly spiteful about him going to see his very sick mother. She then tried to get him fired and also tried to ruin his friendships with others in the office, made threats towards him physically… she really has made quite the name for herself.

More so as when he was pulled in for ‘harassment’, he was able to prove categorically that he wasn’t and that she was trying, over a number of months, to provoke him. When that didn’t work she reverted to telling everyone he kisses like a chicken… needless to say by that point absolutely no one respected her or believed her.

She hasn’t been fired yet. But she has come very close and we are all expecting her to leave of her own free will sooner rather than later. We are kind to her because it’s polite but it’s a lot better when she isn’t there and none of us have to walk on eggshells…”

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27. I Don't Mind Paying For The Holes


“While taking a shower in the communal bath at college, my dorm-mates snuck in and took my towel. I was forced to run without clothes down the hallway to my room, which of course was locked. That’s about the end of it, except for my revenge.

Luckily for me, the two guys who stole my towel lived across the hall from each other. That night I snuck down the hall and tied a rope between their doorknobs. Then I ran the rope across the hall a second time to the doorknobs.

Next, I took a broom handle (perpendicular to the rope) and used it to twist the two strands of rope until the rope was so taut that neither guy could ever get out of his room.

Unfortunately, I forgot the duct tape with which to tape the broom handle (after turning it so that it is now parallel to the rope strands) to the rope.

I had my accomplice hold the broom handle while I went to get the tape.

As I’m in my room picking up the tape, I hear two (nearly simultaneous) thunderous ‘BOOM’ sounds. My accomplice had decided to twist the broom handle a couple more times and the doorknobs came flying out of the respective doors and right into the plaster walls – putting two huge holes in each.

The whole dorm was awoken as it sounded just like two shots from a 45 Magnum revolver!

That one I had to pay for, but they only charged me $18 per hole. What a bargain!”

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26. He Took The Chance While I Was At My Uncle's Funeral


“While I was back home (from college) for a funeral, I learned that my significant other, who was back at school, had two-timed me while I was gone.

Spring Break was only a week away and I had planned on staying home while he had planned on staying at the college – as he was broke except for his new VISA card, which he had just received.

I called him and told him that I needed some cheering up and so I thought that the two of us should go to Mexico for the break – on my parents.

He readily agreed.

I told him that a ticket would be waiting for him at the airport, which was 140 miles away. Of course, it wasn’t and I received a call on my cellular phone. I pretended I was already at the hotel in Cancun and told him that I wasn’t sure what had happened – that there must have been a mixup.

He ended up putting the ticket on his VISA (just like I knew he would), which nearly maxed out the card ($500 limit). I told him my VISA was already over the limit or that I would have paid for it, but that I had plenty of traveler’s checks with me and that I would reimburse him once he arrived.

Well, he ends up in Cancun and can’t find me anywhere. The hotel, that I told him we were staying at, didn’t exist. He looked all over for it. My cell phone rang non-stop for the next few days (I shut off the ringer, but every time I turned it back on, it would ring within 5 minutes).

I finally answered it and said: ‘Was it worth two-timing me while I was at my uncle’s funeral?’ and then I hung up.

He ended up hitchhiking back to the U.S. as he didn’t know anyone and no one in his family (I surmise) had the funds to lend him – not even his parents (he might not have even called them for all I know).”

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25. No Onions Means No Onions


“My friends and I frequented this local bar/restaurant several times a month and a certain cook repeatedly put onions on my nachos, no matter how many times I instructed the waitress to make sure the cook didn’t put onions on my nachos.

After the third time, I insisted on looking at the waitress’s ticket, and she had written ‘NO ONIONS’ on it, and she circled it and underlined it.

Well, guess what… ONIONS!

I sent this order back and asked for a new one without onions (previously, I just picked the onions off of the nachos).

I had never noticed before, but this night I saw that the cook was the mother of the girl I had been casual friends with.

We didn’t know it at the time, but this girl got pregnant and told her mother that it was mine — although I had never gone out with nor slept with the girl (I found out months later that the girl was pregnant by this guy twice her age and who was now in prison and so she figured her mom wouldn’t be so ticked if she told her it was me, a guy with a future, who was the father.

Problem was, I knew nothing of the plan and so her mother thought I was a jerk for ignoring her daughter and not coming to visit to discuss what we were going to do about the baby.)

Back to the story… we followed the lady home (without her noticing) so that we could see where she lived. Later that month we came back and jacked up her car so that its rear tires (it was rear-wheel drive) were about 1/2″ from touching the ground.

We then put some wood blocks under the axle so we could take our jacks with us.

We later learned that the lady went to drive her car and it wouldn’t move. She had it towed into the garage (at a cost of about $50) and of course, the garage couldn’t find anything wrong with it.”

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24. I'll Keep Your Stuff Until You Pay Me

“When I was a 17-year-old junior teen girl I used to go out with a jerk who didn’t love me and two-timed me. Things went south real quick. He went to my high school.

He’s a senior 18-year-old, so you would think he would lock his jeep. But his car has zipper windows cuz his jeep is really old. So I took all his doors and his flag (basically anything that I could carry even his poor spark plugs).

Sorry, not sorry. I put all the stuff in my car, drove home (I ditched fourth to do this), came back after lunch, and went to my class.

So anyway I get a call while walking to my truck and it’s him and he asks what I did to his jeep.

I’m sorry I don’t know what you’re talking about… I knew. He came over and I laughed because he spent 100$ on new spark plugs and I handed them back said here you go. He said what about the rest of the stuff and I said nope sorry that’s all I took when he could clearly see his doors in my car.

He was like those are my freaking doors!!!

Long story short I ended up keeping everything for about two weeks before he said ok I’ll pay you 100$ and do you a solid just give back my stuff please! Ok thanks. I had him go and beat up this kid because he hit my car on purpose and I was angry.

Anyway, we are friends now but he knows not to mess with me again.”

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23. Divorce Can Really Become Messy Sometimes


“The first story was about a couple in the process of divorce. The police were called as the result of a domestic dispute. He was arrested and the wife got a restraining order.

As part of the divorce, their house went on the market. She would call him, insisting that the house be ready for the sale.

He would come over, more often than not an argument would start, she would call the police and he’d be arrested for violating the restraining order. This probably happened four times. There started being jail time for him.

Finally, the police began catching on to what she was doing.

As I recall, there was some consideration given to arresting her for deliberately setting him up.

The result was that he moved all the way to the other side of the state and didn’t accept calls from her.

The other story was about a couple with one son who divorced relatively amicably.

All was fine until he remarried. Apparently, his first wife, who herself had remarried, didn’t think he should do the same.

So when their son was of an age to go to college, the ex-husband assumed that the son would attend the state university where he worked. Tuition was free for the children of employees and it was an excellent school with lots of options for study.

This was a plan made well before the divorce and he had no reason to think anything had changed.

But when the discussion of college started, his ex-wife informed him that their son would not be taking advantage of free tuition but wanted to go out of state to a school at a cost of nearly $40,000 a year in tuition alone.

Unable to resolve this on their own, they ended up in court. Even though there was nothing available at the out-of-state school that wouldn’t also be available for free tuition. The ex-husband went to court confident that the judge would see reason.

The judge ruled that their son had the right to go to school where he wanted and, per their divorce agreement, he was on the hook for all expenses.

So his retirement was put off for six years and he ended up with a second job to pay for his son’s school.”

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Botz 1 year ago
He was an adult, I don't see how you could be forced to pay his tuition. If you weren't divorced and said you weren't paying there is nothing he could do, so I don't see how being divorced forces you to pay his debts.
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22. Friend And I Conspired To Get Revenge On A Liar


“I was going out with this girl a couple of years ago. The relationship was nothing serious, but we had a decent time together. So everything is normal for a while, but I can kinda tell that this girl is seeing other men on the side even though she wouldn’t admit to it.

It’s not even the fact that she was seeing other men on the side that bothered me. It was the fact that she would lie about it that I didn’t like.

One day, I and some friends went out to a local bar to have some drinks and meet some chicks.

My friend Jason was talking about some chick he was seeing. Well, seeing is a ‘nice’ word for it because he was actually just sleeping with her. He started describing a night when they had some wild moments and he mentions a tattoo of a black rose that’s on the inner thigh of the chick he’s sleeping with.

Immediately, I focus on the tattoo and I asked him to describe it. Sure enough, it was the same exact tattoo that was on the leg of the girl I was seeing. The only problem was that the names of this girl didn’t match up.

The next time I saw this girl, I asked if she was seeing a guy named Jason, and of course, she denied it. Jason and I talked and eventually put together a plan to end all the confusion.

So one day, Jason had the girl come over to his house.

One thing led to another and they started hooking up. All this time, I am under the bed. By this time, I definitely know that we have been sleeping with the same chick. So I’m under the bed, a little annoyed, and anxious at the same time because I know that I’ll get the last laugh.

After they get done, Jason starts asking her about me, and of course, she denies it and says, ‘I met him once and I didn’t like him. He was just not my type of guy.’ At that point, I came out from underneath the bed. If you could have seen the look on this girl’s face; you would have thought I was the grim reaper.

I and Jason started laughing and we both put her out. We never talked to her again, but I have seen her around since that day. She immediately turns bright red and looks away.”

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21. You Shouldn't Go Out With Your Friend's Friend

“It all started with my sister…

Let’s call her ‘Ashley’. When Ashley was in high school, she had a best friend named ‘Mel’, they were thick as thieves.

In their group, they had two other friends, but Ashley and Mel spent the most time together.

So Mel had a friend…’John’, John was such a sweetheart, he was a cowboy and he had already graduated from high school. Mel had a crush on John, not that anyone knew at the time, but she had it bad.

When Mel wasn’t with my sister she was hanging out with John. They were good friends, had been for a while. John was going into the Police academy at the time. So John and my sister started hanging out.

And they started going out.

At first, they kept it a secret from everyone, Mel had no idea for months, and one night Mel made a move, that’s when John told her about Ashley.

Mel was angry, but she kept her mouth shut, and she started going out with John’s best friend.

Things got real after that.

Mel was jealous, Ashley was clueless, and John had no idea what to do.

Things got really awkward for all of us when Mel came on vacation with our family (already planned). Disney World was most definitely not the happiest place on earth that week.

When we got home, Mel stopped talking to Ashley and John. My sister was devastated. Mel turned their other two friends against her, and now everyone knew that she had stolen her non-significant other.

The pressure got to my sister and she ended it with John, but it didn’t matter, the damage had been done to their friendship.

They had several classes together. They had lockers right next to each other. They were enemies.

Mel thought she swooped in and stole her future significant other, and Ashley thought she made a mistake in breaking up with John because she thought she’d get her best friend back.

Fast forward to John graduating from the police academy.

Mel goes crazy and takes a bat to his truck. His poor sweet truck. She wrote all over it in sharpies.

Did I mention that Mel’s dad is a police officer too?

That’s why John was coming around her house.

To see her dad.

Well, Mel got John’s apartment address from her dad and drove over in the middle of the night to teach him a lesson in how not to go out with your friend’s friend.

When John saw the state of his beloved truck, he did the gentlemanly thing and took the hit.

I’m pretty sure he knew who was at fault, but he never said anything to her dad or anyone else.

When Mel returned to school the next week, it was like she had turned over a new leaf.

She tried to make amends with my sister.

My sister wasn’t having any of it.

That poor innocent truck.

I don’t know if he ever got it fixed.

I sure hope he did though.

He let me drive it once.”

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20. I Don't Care If I Go Home Without Steak

“I was at a couple’s house. I was friends with both of them. We were all drinking and I had brought over steaks to christen a new barbeque they bought earlier that day. Everything was happy and cheerful at the beginning.

As soon as the beer started to take effect it all went downhill. Richard was feeling guilty about the meat and beer I brought over and asked Isis to give me 20.00 to chip in on stuff. My best guess is that earlier she had stopped by a casino and lost everything they had.

Richard confronted Isis and of course, Isis wasn’t backing down. I started to go back outside when I heard the unmistakable sound of a face slap. I ran into the kitchen and saw Richard over top of Isis about to smash her in the face.

Isis was slapping at his face really angering him.

I made a big mistake and jumped in grabbing Richard. Was I rewarded with my bravery? Oh God no! Richard starts throwing down on me screaming I had no right to jump into their argument. As Richard was pulling back and screaming I took advantage of the split-second delay and tagged him square off in the face.

Instead of going down and ending it he grabbed me around the waist and tried to take me to the floor. This was not gonna happen. I continued to hit him in the head trying to at least knock him off me when I hear this scream behind me and here comes Isis at me yelling ‘get off him it’s all your fault’ holy cow.

I cover my head to keep her from hitting me and shove Richard back. She is going berserk. ‘Let me the heck out of here’ I scream as I run for the door. Make it to the jeep and take off, beerless, steakless, and completely amazed.”

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Posiden1212 2 years ago
Entertaining but.......... Where's the revenge? What's was the aftermath?
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19. I Had To Let Go Of My Anger To Truly Get Revenge


“After 6 years Mrs. Narc hoovered, while I still wasn’t educated about narcissistic abuse. Hence, I welcomed her back into my life.

Guess what? Surprise surprise… Same cycle all over again (exactly like in the first time!

Freaking disturbing), except the second time (and the last time), was the worst.

In the beginning, I was completely shocked. Obviously, I had the familiar gut feeling and saw huge red flags — but denied it as hard as I could. I just couldn’t accept she doesn’t love me and never did.

I just didn’t want to believe; neither was able to – she actually returned after 6 years, with the only purpose of destroying my life, again!!! How sick is this?

Long story short, I reached out to her ex-husband: The person she hated the most and was (still is probably) smearing his name, even after all these years.

She seduced me while she was still with him, she told me how abusive he is and that she’s planning to divorce. (I found out later he was the one to initiate the divorce)

I called and told him everything I knew about her; That she was two-timing him for the last 8 years of their marriage (with 40 guys), among other things.

He told me his side of the story, and I was absolutely blown away. It was freaking unbelievable. I just couldn’t understand how it is even possible to distort reality to such a degree. So many lies! So much lying, Jesus!!!!! Everything she ever told me was a lie with a touch of truth, not the other way around.

I was so embarrassed for believing her. I was ashamed of being his wife’s mistress.

Speaking about karma!!! What goes around, comes around. I was so terribly disgusted with myself that I felt sick to my stomach.

He wasn’t surprised and claimed that he knew about some of the stuff.

He just wanted to live his life with his significant other, and to forget about his miserable psycho ex (his words).

Apparently, he couldn’t care less about her, as opposed to Mrs. Narc’s twisted version; that he’s still obsessively in love with her and trying to ruin her life

If I’m being honest here, I was desperately craving for her ‘love’ and attention. It’s literally the worst addiction I’ve ever had in my entire life.

My intention was to provoke her into reaction, that’s it. I sent her an email with his number while thinking she would care enough to throw me one of her notorious bread crumbs, a Bone, something… anything!

She kept ignoring me and the rage I felt motivated me to actually go through with it.

I was in a state of severe ‘oxygen’ deprivation, I literally couldn’t breathe after facing the truth. My existence (a pathetic one back then) suffered from acute dependency and it really hurt.

Nevertheless, I got this rare opportunity to hear the ‘other side of the coin’; although sometimes I wish I hadn’t done that.

I did pay the price for holding on to my anger (a story for another time). And ultimately? It isn’t worth it.

I stumbled upon this quote: ‘The Best revenge is to have enough self-worth not to seek it’.

I couldn’t agree more! There is nothing we can do but suck it up, and keep moving forward. And you know what? In hindsight, it wasn’t really about her. I just couldn’t let go of the fantasy. I can’t punish an illusion for being one, right?

‘No one can hurt you without your consent’.

Now, when I can see clearly my part of the toxic relationship, I don’t have the need to destroy Mrs. Narc anymore. I believe she’s suffering enough.”

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18. Don't Mess With My Dad's Driveway


“We lived just across from a pool complex in a little street when I was little and we constantly had the issue of people parking across our driveway.

This annoyed my dad, but he was friends with the pool owner and would just get him to announce over the megaphone to move the car and they would apologize and do so 99% of the time. Once we had this one car that would park IN our driveway IN our garage.

The first time this happened my dad was just dumbstruck that someone had the nerve to do this. So he did his usual thing to get them to move, and this 30s woman comes up in a huff all annoyed that we broke her swimming routine.

She moves her car and goes back.

However the next day it happens again, so he just parks her in and goes in, gets changed, and goes to relax by the pool. After an hour the owner comes along and says that the woman is complaining that she is parked in and wants to leave.

My dad responds, ‘She parks in my garage, she can leave when I feel like moving my car.’ She then storms over and demands that he move it because she has an appointment yadda yadda yadda. My dad relaxes for an hour before finally moving it.

He hopes that has taught her a lesson. But lo and behold she does it the next day again.

So he uses the old coat hanger trick to open the door and takes her passenger seat out and puts it around the next corner. He then locks it up and parks her in, sure enough, she comes around and demands to be let out.

He does so without a word and lets her drive out. As she leaves she goes to put her bag on the passenger seat and notices it missing. She does a double-take and then stares at my dad in alarm. He just stares her down slowly, then points to the corner where the seat is.

She is obviously startled and drives off. We never saw her again.”

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17. She Blew All His Riches Away


“I’m seeing drama left, and right, and so I don’t really know where to begin, and who to use as an example.

That’s part of the reason why I’ve been single for so long. I get dragged into the drama, and I don’t know what to say. I’m caught in the middle. Some people are fighters and the aggressive type.

Example: One of my best friends was going through a divorce, and her ex-husband wanted revenge on her, and he two-timed her.

His new lover that he was messing around with, and two-timing with on my friend.. was blocking her in the driveway. The cops had to come, and all the drama went on.

There was another time where my sister was going through her first divorce, and I had to hold the divorce papers and play messenger back and forth.

I hated it. I told my sister I didn’t want to be in the middle, and she made me do it.

There was a time when my sister, on her second divorce, took so much out of her ex-husband’s bank account and went on a shopping spree, and she said… ‘Good, and I don’t care.

All you care about is money, and being financially free. I never see you, and you never spend enough time with me… except deploying and running off someplace.’ She called him cheap, and took his riches, and got laser vein treatment done on her legs, and got a breast augmentation done on her bc she ended up flat-chested after having the baby of his.

She went and got somewhat a tummy tuck done, and… then she got… her arms lasered somewhat, and that didn’t work because she was supposed to shave it first. She got revenge… by blowing his funds away, and making him broke.”

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stro 2 years ago
And what did your sister's husband do to deserve this? Did he cheat? Or is your sister a narcissistic sociopath?
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16. He Turned Purple, Literally


“My best friend in high school was a genius. He was the type of person when wronged, would get even. At the start of the school year, one of the jocks took it upon himself to pick on my friend. We knew this would not end well.

As we all rode home together, we were somewhat upset when our friend would be late for the car. What we did not know was he was studying his foe’s movements. Observation went on for weeks.

Turns out the jock was on the school dive team.

He would practice and then go into the shower. He would undress and go into the first shower.

One day, our friend told us he would be late. He went into the locker room. Unscrewed the first showerhead, and filled it with gentian violet dye powder.

These were the kind of showers that did not have hot or cold, just on and off with a set temperature.

The unsuspecting victim comes in, undresses, heads into the shower, turns on the water, and is drenched with the purple dye that stains his skin.

He was purple for quite some time.”

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15. Gave My Noisy Neighbors A Taste Of Their Medicine


“I travel for work, & my jobs require a very early start time each morning.

After one particularly long day of air travel, baggage retrieval, rental car procurement, & a long drive to my work location, I checked into my hotel for some much-needed rest. I had been traveling since 3:00 am and was dog-tired.

My neighbors had other ideas. A rather large & noisy bunch were having a party next door with their friends across the hall.

Their yelling, cussing, door slamming repeatedly & general obnoxious behavior was preventing any sleep on my part. After a couple of hours & close to midnight, I had had enough, so I gently tapped on the wall. A simple reminder that I was over there.

They became even more obnoxious, throwing things at the wall, knocking on my door, screaming & cursing me like crazy people. After another hour, I finally called the front desk. The young man came up, & reminded them that people were there to rest, & they needed to respect that as it was a public place.

After he left, their behavior only escalated. After another hour of hoping they would calm down, I again called the front desk. This time he came up & told them that if they didn’t be quiet, he was removing them from the hotel. They threatened him, & were yelling that they paid their money, & could do whatever in the world they wanted. He told them that actually no, they couldn’t & he would call the police.

By this time it was after 2:00 am & I had to be up at 5:00 am.

When I arrived at my location, other people were talking about how loud the third floor was of their hotel. I asked & sure enough, it was the same hotel.

When I told them my room number they asked how I managed to be right next door when they were disturbed by the noise at the very end of the long hallway. It wasn’t just me being an a sleep princess.

Oh yeah, revenge….

When my phone alarm went off at 5:00 am, I turned it up to full volume and placed it right against the shared wall. I then turned the TV up to full volume & got in the shower.

I thought maybe they should see what it felt like being tired, unable to sleep due to noisy neighbors.”

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14. People Heard About His Pee-Soaked Mattress


“I moved into a flat in a town where I knew no one, just for the heck of it. I worked from home, it seemed like a nice enough town.

I discovered after several months of stress-free living that I had not had any neighbors, which I learned by… well, by getting neighbors.

Only on one side, I met the lad as he was moving in. He seemed nice, a bit wet, but nice enough.

Pretty soon after he moved in, so did his friends, who clearly took advantage of him being a wet fart of a personality.

I’m not exaggerating when I say there must have been 25 kids sleeping there of all ages, from about 8 up to 18.

The dance music went on into the night, as did the shouting. On the one night, it was quiet, it was because he was out; when his friends came back, they handbrake-turned into the car park with the loudest music I have ever heard from a car.

They just didn’t want me to sleep, it seemed.

It went on.

They started dealing substances from the flat. Out of the window, from the first floor (second floor, US readers).

They were not subtle.

I was getting pretty annoyed, to say the least, though they were always careful to be pleasant when they saw me in person.

One day, it was very sunny and warm out. They took a single mattress outside and lied on it in the car park. I walked by on my way to the pub to get wasted enough to sleep through their nonsense. We exchanged pleasantries.

On my way back from the pub, many many beers later, I noted the mattress was still out, and I was desperate for a pee.

I laid it back down and unloaded the result of at least 10 pints worth of beer (not a 10-pint pee, obv, but the last one at the end of a night on the lash).

I soaked it. Absolutely soaked it.

The next day, it was another sunny one.

They were outside lying on the mattress again. So I surreptitiously, from my back windows, took photographs, then posted them on my blog with the story of how I had peed all over the mattress the previous night, and what utter jerks they had been.

My blog – which was all about life in the town, written under a pseudonym – was later found by some locals and went through the town swiftly.

Plenty of people read about his pee-soaked mattress, complete with photographs.

I’m told they were furious.”

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13. Dad Asked Him The Same Question


“When I was about 13 years old, my family had saved up to take us to Six Flags over in Georgia.

It’s about a two-hour drive away from our house, so we left early to get there as soon as it opened so we wouldn’t have to fight any crowds at the gate. As we pull into the parking lot, we find a decent parking spot in an area that’s already packed. As we start to pull into the spot, a car of four 20-something-year-olds, cut us off and take the spot.

Ok, whatever we think. But no. To add injury to insult the driver then gets out and yells ‘What are you gonna do about it?’

His buddies all have a good laugh and head to the gate. I can tell my dad is steamed but he keeps his mouth shut.

We find another spot and as we are heading to the gate, my dad says he’ll be back and walks off. Fast forward to the end of the day. The park is closed and we are the last group of people leaving the park. We hop in the car and lo and behold, as we are leaving the parking lot, we see the same car with 4 flat tires, and 4 annoyed guys just sitting there.

My dad drives by them and without missing a beat, rolls down the window and yells ‘What are you gonna do about it?’ as we drive off into the sunset.”

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12. Karma Caught Up With The New Kid


“When I was in high school, a new kid at school wanted a ride home. Being nice, as it was not on my way home, I offered to give him a ride. I can imagine moving to a small school that had less than a hundred in the graduating class, everyone knowing everyone, and you being an outsider can be terrifying.

I ended up giving him a ride a couple of times a week for about a month or so. Until I found out he was talking trash about me. I had done nothing to this kid, he did not even speak to me most times on the ride home he just kept to himself.

One day he called me a ‘fat piece of trash loser’ to my face in front of a group of people. Then the kid had the nerve to ask for a ride home. Sorry buddy, you screwed that up! And then karma kicks in. He had to ride the bus for a while, being in high school and riding with elementary kids on a packed bus has to be annoying!

He found a new group of friends that started taking him home, thus saving him from the tormenting bus rides. This group of ‘friends’ that he found was known throughout the school as the ‘bad’ kids. Illegal substances, theft, you name it they did it.

Well in an attempt to impress his new best buddies he decided to rob a bank. That did not go over so well, he got caught and sent to prison for ten years. (just turned 18 dang the luck). If he had not been a jerk he would have been able to grab a ride from me thus never getting involved with the other crowd and maybe he would not have ruined his life by going to jail.

If you are going to be mean to others for no reason, karma will catch up.

Another time, I was a valet at a couple of hotels. I had worked my way up to the most coveted hotel in the area. You made more at this property in one night than 3 nights at any other hotel.

I was the guest service coordinator meaning I ran second shift bell and valet services. Our arrival and departure standards were top-notch. We always received outstanding scores. Where we lacked was in the claims department. We had more accidents than any other property. I know with the sure volume of cars we parked if you compared it to any other property it was the same percentage of claims. We parked quadruple the number of cars anyone else did.

Also, we had a revolving door of ‘runners’ most of them college students, you had to be in decent shape to run as much as we did at that hotel, thus always having new employees and not a seasoned staff led to mistakes. At any rate, a coworker wanted my position really bad, he worked at another property in town.

I offered to show him how I ran things and essentially set him up to be my replacement when I moved on. Well, he could not wait until I moved on. He tried to set me up so many times, I lost count. I had the respect of my coworkers that would fill me in on his doings.

I also had my stuff together and ran a pretty tight ship. He was finally able to convince the big boss that he should be at the hotel I was in.

Also, the property he was at wanted him gone, because oh I don’t know he sucks at his job.

Anyway, the big boss relocated me to the other property against the begging and pleading of my direct boss. He stated that the other hotel had poor arrival and departure standards and also fewer claims. So he needed me to straighten out that hotel’s arrivals/departures.

And since they had fewer claims he wanted this other guy to straighten that out at my property. Well, less than a month into this experiment he had a car stolen and totaled a rather expensive BMW on his watch. Both of which totaled more in damages than I had in two years of working valet.

He ended up getting let go. (also come to find out he was pocketing the funds) Karma… if he had not manipulated his way into my position it could have been me with a stolen/wrecked car and no job.”

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11. She Said I'll Never Get Passing Grades But I Did

“Back when I was in 10th class there was this teacher who absolutely hated me because of my fight with my friend (it was not really a fight just goofing off) but our teacher says Mrs. P absolutely hated me for that.

She would often say stuff about me in class saying that I am waste, ruining my life, blah blah blah over just a silly friendly fight.

Now I was never a topper in my class, though I was doing pretty good in my studies. Now here comes Mrs. P, she was our math teacher.

And she would always give me the hardest questions to solve. Sometimes I could solve it sometimes not. Whenever I failed to give the correct answer she would always downgrade me. And whenever I started giving correct answers she would always turn her attention away from me never complimenting me in the process.

And mind it math is my strong suit. And Mrs. P was 100% sure that I would never in my life get good marks in math.

So after the final exams were over I score 95 out of 100 in math top in my class. The look in her eyes I will never forget that sight.”

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10. I Got Promoted And Never Saw Him Again

“I was a young police officer when a new Sergeant who had been in the department for 16 years had just gotten promoted and transferred to where I was working. He thought that he had to know everything that was going on in our area. When a call would come in and if he was close he would respond talk to whoever made the call then leave.

I and others would get there and try to talk to whoever made the call and would be told that someone else had already been there. We would assume that someone else had handled the call. It finally became known what the Sgt. was doing, so we would handle that call.

On one call of an assault, I got the call and went to the address. The woman was extremely upset, which was understandable, and very emotional. I began to ask her the primary information and all she would say is ‘I told the other officer’, after several attempts to interview her I returned to the station and talked to the Lieutenant about the problem.

He took me to the Captain, who had the Sergeant called into the station. The Sergeant got a butt-chewing that was a classic, including the promise that if he ever pulled something like this again he would be charged with interfering with an investigation, charged within the department, and reduced in rank.

Then told to make the report and to bring it to the Captain for approval.

Shortly after that I was promoted and transferred I didn’t see that Sergeant again until I was at a retirement luncheon about 20 years later. Here comes the Sergeant looking for a seat at a crowded event and asking if the seat next to me is taken.

I told him that no one was sitting there and he couldn’t take the spot. I told him my name and refreshed him about the incident. I told everyone at the table, six guys, about what happened and what an idiot this guy was.

He left in search of an open spot, they had to bring out a small table just for him..”

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9. I Got Both Revenge And Closure

“I was on one of my Amsterdam trips. I was in my hotel room on one of those apps to meet single gay guys in the area one evening.

I was talking to a guy who was about 1 km away from me at the time (0.6 miles). I had decided that I wanted to go out to a bar and have a few drinks. After 30 minutes or so of chatting, I gave the guy my Dutch cell phone number and told him to contact me if he wants to meet, then I left my hotel room.

About 10 minutes later while I’m on the tram, I received a call. It was him. He said he wanted to meet now. I agreed since I was only 4 or 5 stops away from my hotel. I exited the tram, went to the other side of the tracks, and took a tram back to my hotel.

We met in front of my hotel.

We then went up to my room. We entered, kissed for a few seconds, and then he said, ‘I’m sorry, this won’t work out.’ I said, ‘ok.’ Then he left. I was angry, annoyed, and felt like my time and money (I had to pay for the to and return trip by tram) were wasted. I knew that he took one look at me and decided he wasn’t attracted to me, even though I put my height and weight and a full body picture in my profile.

I decided to test out my hypothesis. While still in the hotel using WiFi, I took my other phone, downloaded the app, and made a fake profile. I called it ‘Visiting Amsterdam’, and I uploaded a picture of a conventionally attractive white guy and said in the profile that I was visiting Amsterdam for a week.

I let it sit on the app for a while, left my hotel, and went to the bar.

The next day, I decided to use the fake profile to target that guy who wasted my time. We talked a bit. And I told him that I was staying in a hotel which was a few hundred meters away from me but closer to him.

We set a meet-up time. He was telling the fake profile that he was at the hotel, and I was responding that I’m here in the lobby, and he said he couldn’t find me. Then I stopped talking to him.

The next day as I was on the bus to the airport, I sent him an SMS asking how his meeting was with ‘Visiting Amsterdam’.

He said that he didn’t meet that guy and then asked how I knew about this. I told him that it was me and that he should be careful in the future about whose time he wastes, or someone like me would along and bite him in his cute little French butt.

He asked if he could call me. Reluctantly, I agreed.

On the phone, he said that he thought he saw the guy in the picture and almost went up to the wrong guy, and I told him that I know he rejected me because of my looks, despite the fact that my full description is in my profile.

I told him that he wasted my time so I wasted his. He denied that he rejected me because of my looks. He also said that next time I’m in Amsterdam we should get together for a drink. I flat out said no, because I absolutely could not trust him now.

In the end, I got some sort of closure. I got revenge on this guy in the most perfect way while requiring the least energy, time, or effort. I’ve always been a firm believer in giving people a taste of their own medicine if they do me wrong in some kind of way, but there are not many times that there’s been an opportunity to execute a plan to do just that.”

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8. Don't Mess With The Man Who Built A Part Of Your House


“My friend’s dad is a builder and he learned everything he knows from his dad. His dad had a motto that was, ‘When it comes to business, you have to have a little jerk in you.’

One job he built a full deck and two additional rooms onto this guy’s house. The job was a good one and it was finished on time (for those that have ever had something built on a house you know how rare that is), however, the client refused to pay (note that this man was wealthy, the house was valued at around a million back in the 70s), claiming all these ridiculous things: the floorboards are running the opposite way to what I wanted, the deck is 10cm shorter then you said it would be, the doorway is too wide, the deck feels like it is on a tilt.

So the dad proved him all wrong on them by pulling out the original designs that the client had approved and that they were exactly what he had wanted. The guy still declared it was a shoddy job and refused to pay. So the dad gave him a week to pay up, calling him every day that he didn’t get paid.

Every day he said no. So after a week he went to the guy’s house when he wasn’t home and took every door in the house out with a drill, put them in the back of his ute, and drove home. The client paid that afternoon.”

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7. I Made A Girl Gain Weight


“In 2003, my office got a new secretary and a new manager. The secretary, a thin blonde, was a vile she-devil, she wouldn’t do anything the staff asked (find info, set up calls, get coffee for anyone who wasn’t herself) and the manager wouldn’t do anything about it.

We joked that her job title was ‘Internet Quality Control’ because she more-or-less sent a personal email and played on myspace all day, to which when she overheard, literally went to the manager in tears.

Then one day I got a rather large jar of candy as a gift and she just about single-handedly consumed half of it, which really annoyed me.

Then later that week, I brought in a dozen donuts and she ate half of them on her own. Upon putting the facts together, our web designer, editor, and I decided to fuel the fire in something we called ‘Operation: Butter-Up’, where we each, in turn, brought in a large bag of candy to fill up my jar as fast as she could empty it.

In the course of three months, she put on 20 pounds. In a year, she was unrecognizable and along with being a crank, she was an idiot and couldn’t figure out how. Several times a week we provided her sweets and snacks of every kind until her significant other dumped her, which was about eight months into the project, and she had to get a new wardrobe.

We lucked out because she was rather stupid, but we had more diabolical measures lined up if she stopped eating the candy, along the lines of mixing in weight-gainer to the non-dairy creamer she was using and things of that nature.

That was 2003 and she’s still big to this day, saw her on social media and smiled at our handiwork.

Still single to this day, and I would like to think that we had something to do with it.”

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6. She Had To Spend Her Laundry Funds For Shipping


“Let me preface this story with a little FYI. A salt block is an approximately 8″x8″x12” solid block of salt that farmers use for their cows (I guess cows need them or like them…?). They weigh about 15 pounds I would guess.

I was out running after heavy rain when this car drove by and went through a huge puddle – completely soaking me.

The girl, and her friend, obviously had planned the attack as I could see them laughing their heads off as they drove away.

When I finally got back to my dorm room, I had a good chuckle about it too, but I still thought the driver should pay.

Thinking that the girl probable was co-ed, I kept my eye open for her car – a Ford Probe – not a difficult car to remember or to find. It didn’t take long to find out that the owner was this fat girl who was not well-liked by anyone, and who lived in the dorms across campus.

When I went home for Christmas, I stopped by Quality Farm and Fleet and picked up a salt block for $6. I packaged it up and sent it to the jerk the same day I returned to campus. Oh, did I mention that I sent it C.O.D.?

(cash on delivery – meaning the receiver of the package had to pay the postage). The shipping was over $20 from my hometown to the college for this monstrosity of salt.

I was at a party later in the year and heard a girl telling a story about how someone had sent her roommate a block of salt C.O.D.

and how mad her roommate was because she had to spend all her laundry funds to pay for the shipping.

I must admit, that although the salt block cost me $6, this was one of my favorite revenge tactics (actually, my dad laughed so hard when I told him what I was going to do with the salt block – he saw me packaging it up at Christmas – that he gave me the $6 back).”

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5. Fish Smell Stayed In School For Three Days


“I just graduated from high school back in June. Well, each year there is a thing called the ‘senior prank.’ This is when members of the senior class play a prank on the administrators of the school.

My class was crazy, so we played a number of pranks all year including yard jobs to the school lawn, pepper spray in the hallways before students changed classes, and of course the cafeteria food fights. Out of all the wild stuff we’ve done, there is one prank that sticks out in my mind the most.

The year was winding down, and it was the beginning of May. I am in a school in Florida, so it is usually hot, but in mid-May, the summer is just beginning. It was pretty darn hot and humid, so we were really restless. We decided that we wanted to do a prank that would last longer than a few minutes and affect the entire student body in one way or another.

So here’s what we did.

On Friday, right after school let out, I and a couple of friends went to the fish market and bought six really big carps. Then, we went to the store and bought six cheap padlocks. We returned to the school after we gave the teachers time to leave.

Next, we went to six different lockers that did not have a lock on them that were spread out all over the school. We put the fish in those lockers. After we closed the lockers we put the padlocks on, to make sure that no one would get into the locker without some trouble.

The fish sat in those lockers all weekend in the humidity and heat. Monday morning, the school smelled like nasty, stinky fish! It was great! Everyone – student body, teachers, principals, custodians, etc. – were all victims of our revenge! The smell didn’t leave the school for three days!

Of course, I skipped the rest of the school day on Monday. Why should I have to smell those nasty fish?”

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Posiden1212 2 years ago
How was that revenge? Just sounds like you and your friends where bored and hot
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4. I Removed Their Window Frames


“During my freshman year at college, the school would have monthly room checks to make sure no one had ruined their dorm room. The day before my autumnal room check, some of my new buddies had stolen the screens off of my windows. The college ended up billing me $180 for them.

The college would not accept any excuse even though they knew some ‘friend’ of mine must have hidden them somewhere. I eventually got the screens back from my dorm brothers and the college refunded my payment, but it was one stressful experience.

Well, I waited until wintertime to get them back.

Ours is a small, friendly, private college, and a lot of the time no one locks their dorm rooms – until now.

I went into the offender’s room last January and removed not only their screens but their WINDOW FRAMES (and windows) too! It was about 20 degrees at the time.

They, of course, approached me right away and I denied any knowledge of the infraction.

Eventually, (the next day) I was called into a meeting with the PRESIDENT of the college and the Dean of Admissions. I stuck to my story that I knew nothing of the missing windows.

It helped that my whole dorm floor was carrying a 1.0 GPA while I was holding a 3.5.

Well, the college didn’t have any window frames in storage and had to have them made. Manufacturing new window frames would not be a one-day process. In the meantime, the college put up 3 mil PLASTIC for the guys.

It was hilarious! It was 20 degrees out and these guys had to sleep in 3 pairs of sweats, gloves, and stocking caps – and they still were freezing (I’m laughing so hard right now that I can barely type this out!).

Three days later I heard that the new windows would be done and would be put in – so I snuck in during dinner and put the old windows back in.

My reputation has been made and now no one screws with me anymore.”

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Posiden1212 2 years ago
So you vandalized school property and made your friends sleep in freezing cold rooms over them taking just your window screens?
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3. I Sent Her Significant Other A Gift


“I was going out with this girl who had a significant other for about three months.

Everything was cool at first, but eventually, that whole process of her constantly looking over her shoulder caused the girl to want to end our little rendezvous. I liked it the way it was because I didn’t have to deal with all the drama that comes with a relationship, but I definitely got the ‘good stuff’ – if you know what I mean.

So when she decided that she should end my constant supply of the ‘good stuff’, I decided I was not going to let her get away so easily. I had her come over and we talked and eventually, I got some ‘good stuff’ (Hey, I’m pretty irresistible, she couldn’t help it).

However, I had my video camera going and I got everything on tape.

We all go to the same college, so I found her significant other’s address easily and sent him the tape as a graduation present, Fed Ex, and gift-wrapped. I labeled it ‘the many reasons to love your girl.’ I don’t know how he reacted to it, but I know the girl was pretty upset.

But hey, I didn’t make her two-time her significant other.”

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2. You Should Never Forget Your Wedding Anniversary


“Told to me by my solicitor who also did divorce work. He had a client with a well-appointed home office, a real man cave.

He kept a large tank of tropical fish he’d built up over many years and would often travel the country to get the exact specimen he wanted.

Cut to their wedding anniversary. The marriage had taken a dive in recent times and neither of them was very happy.

He’s driving home from work and remembers it’s their anniversary, he wondered why his wife had been acting a little weird that morning. However decided he couldn’t give a darn, so not even a bunch of petrol station flowers!

He arrived home to find the dining room is lit by candlelight, his favorite album is playing and his wife smiling and having made a real effort to look beautiful.

She hugs him and says she really wanted to make an effort. She sits him down and serves a wonderful bowl of seafood tagliatelle – creamy rich and really delicious. The evening goes well and he pops into his office and looks at his prized fish tank.

Empty – every single fish had gone and this woman had painstakingly filleted every single tiny little one of them.

Needless to say, the marriage was over. Lesson guys, don’t forget your wedding anniversary.”

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Bingobaby 2 years ago
That's horrendous. Did the fish deserve that? That's psychopathic.
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1. I Had My Friends Ruin My Manager's Reputation


“I worked at a sports apparel store – (you know like Foot Locker, The Finish Line, etc.) I had only worked there for about three weeks and my manager was giving me a lot of trouble.

I wasn’t late, but I did talk on the job more than other people. I mean, come on! The job was in the mall and I am a popular person. It is only natural that my friends were going to come in and talk to me.

Every time I would talk to my friends for more than one minute, my manager would shoot me a mean look and tell me to stop talking and do work. This annoyed me a lot because there was never any work to do besides talking to the customers.

One day, I decided I had taken enough from her and it was time to get revenge.

This manager prided herself on running a very efficient and quality store. The store’s customer service ratings were usually the highest in the region. That’s where I would get her.

I devised a great plan to not only hurt her ego but also embarrass and terrorize her for an entire day. I talked to four of my crazier friends that have never come into the store before and asked them if they would help me out.

Once they heard my plan, they agreed.

It was a Monday when the plan went into action. At 12:00 pm, one of my friends came into the store and I got him a pair of shoes from the back. Then, I found my manager and told her that a customer wanted to talk to her.

When she came out, she was greeted by a very angry ‘customer.’ My friend went on and on about how trashy the service in the store was and how the pair of shoes he got was overpriced and of poor quality. After arguing for about two minutes and causing enough of a scene that the other customers in the store started listening and paying attention, he threw the shoes in her face and stormed out of the shop.

My manager was very embarrassed and stressed because everyone saw and heard what happened. I had my three other friends come into the store that same day and do nearly the same thing. By the end of the day, my manager was very mad, emotionally hurt, and the store had lost quite a bit of goodwill.

It was great!! That’s what she gets for being a jerk!”

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Botz 1 year ago
YTJ, it's called work, not social time.
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