People Get Vocal About Their Noble Revenge Story

Do you consider yourself a more vocal person, or are you more reserved and meek? If you answered the former, you're probably not afraid to speak your mind when necessary, even if you know it might hurt someone. If you answered the latter, on the other hand, you may feel more inclined to stay quiet during moments you should be more assertive and confrontational, for fear of starting drama or getting embarrassed. Sometimes it pays off to be vocal. The vocal people below show us that it's okay to get revenge in certain situations, and it's even more okay to share that story of revenge with the world.

13. So You Want To Be Liar, Deceiver, Bad Roomie And Terrible Student? Well, I've Got New For You!


“This story takes place a couple of years back.

During college, I lived with several roommates, all of them were nice and we got along well, except for this one bee with an itch, let’s call her Karen, a loud-mouthed stupid, egocentric witch who has the face that could scare the crap out of a toilet. She would never clean up after herself, she would always leave her plates and things out where she last used them.

I have lost count of how many times I caught her stealing my clothes without asking and if you so much as touch her clothes, she’d lose her mind on you. She’d drink our lactose-intolerant roommate’s almond milk and any time we confronted her for drinking it, she would shrug and say, “I only had a sip, stop being so stingy.” She plays her music loud at night, invites strangers over without giving any heads up, a time or two she didn’t pay rent even though her parents are FILTHY RICH and she is always wearing Gucci and Prada stuff.

Karen also lies about everything, even things that are not worth lying about. Like if she woke up 7, and you ask her, she’ll lie through her teeth and say she rose with the sunrise because she is a natural. (This is something i actually heard her say to her parents while she was Skypeing them….so cringy, who the frig says that? But I digress.)

Months we have put up with her, of course, we tried to get other roommates but unfortunately when we all moved in everything, all documents and contracts were done in her name, so kicking her out would require a lot of effort and most of us were busy with school and work and life.

So we ignored it as much as we could and tried to move on.

We are now all seniors and in our final semesters, meaning graduation was coming, AND Karen was planning a backpacking trip across Europe with her friends as a graduation gift to herself, this is important so remember this.

One of our roommates and my closest friend, Sasha, has had a crush on a guy that lives down the hall.

Any time the two of them are together, Sasha and the Guy keep giving each other googly eyes and blushing faces; it was sooo cute. Sasha is a verbal autistic person and has never dated anyone because she has a hard time with socializing and understanding social cues and subtlety, which let’s face it, that is the core of seeing/going out with someone especially flirting but with a lot of encouragement from me and the final roommate, Lola we got her to ask him out.

He said yes. She was so happy, she flew back into the apartment and did an hour of happy dance with her arms flailing about and a poop-eating grin on her face; Needless to say, we were all so happy. Karen caught wind of this and it just so happens at that time she was having relationship problems, I guess her bf finally realized he’s with human garbage.

Not one to be outshined, Karen, behind all of our backs went to the guy’s place and spun lies about Sasha, saying she is a serial cheater and even made a fake account for Sasha’s so-called bf. The guy never called Sasha, and eventually, weeks passed by he told us why but by then Sasha felt like the damage was done and lost interest in him.



This, this level of jerkiness and bloody pettiness is the straw that finally broke the camel’s back and I vowed I wouldn’t leave until I served my slice of justice. Here’s another character that you must know about, Prof C. His wife two years ago was in a horrible car accident and as a result, is in a wheelchair, this is especially problematic because she was a stay home mom who took care of their two special needs kids and they have a toddler at home.

Homelife is a mess for him, he is running ragged between working and is single-handedly taking care of his family. The uni took pity and also feared the workload would see one of their best and most beloved teachers leave. The school struck a deal with him to help him out. In all of his classes, there will be quizzes and midterms, this doesn’t change, but the assignments you submit now will be corrected at the end of the year.

This is important because our uni has zero-tolerance on proofs who don’t constantly update the student’s course work so that students have the chance to improve their grades.

Karen, the lazy and stupid dumb bunny he is, is somehow skating through his assignments, even though they require a huge ton of research and writing. I accidentally learned that one of her older friends told her that she only needs to submit the paper on its due date.

She told Karen to only write the first 3 pages and use a paraphrasing tool for the rest of the paper so the plagiarism software won’t detect it and would think it’s original material. When the end of the year comes, she’s to submit a hard copy but with the first pages being her actual work and the rest being completely plagiarized, professional work. Prof C won’t know cuz the likelihood of a man as busy as him thoroughly checking the work of 120+ students is pretty low.

I grinned. A plan was beginning to formulate in my head. Oh, she is going down! All semester long I let her do this for all of the 7 papers, one of them which is a term paper that has 20% on it alone, all the while I spied and gathered all of her passcodes, social media, her student ID, everything.

The end of the year came and I compiled all of her assignments, both the original one with the paraphrasing tools she used to circumvent plagiarism.  I even made photos where they are a side-to-side comparison of the assignments.

This is a good start but not enough. So, one day while chillin’ in the living room, I open a conversation about relationships, Karen is two-timing her new partner and is hooking up with some other dude, so I ask her questions like “Don’t you feel guilty?” and “You do realize this is wrong?” and I even paraphrase my words in a way that is vague but also clear.

For example, I would say , “It’s not fair, so many people work so hard every day to be successful and you are here deceiving and lying your way to success.”

Karen, narcissistic as ever, would respond with snippets of I don’t care and how she isn’t two-timing him, she is only having fun and that everyone does it so why not her too? This is too good to be true, even her answers are vague, it’s like God put his hand on my shoulder, looked me right in the eyes, and said, “Forget this witch,” and I’d be darned if I didn’t.

As you probably have guessed by now, I was recording EVERYTHING. The recording plus the photos, and her assignments were more than enough evidence, I sent an anonymous email to the Professor, and I tell the girls so that they can prep for the poop storm that’s coming. Three weeks later, the results are out. She failed and LOST HER MIND. She was screaming, crying, wailing, what a sight to see! You best believe, the girls and I were laughing.

She tried to talk to the prof, but he was not having it. She cried and begged for a second chance but he said a hard no. So now she has two options: she goes ahead and doesn’t graduate with us, and takes on a whole other semester for one measly course or take summer courses and cancel her trip to Europe, which she spent a lot on something like $13,000 and I know it could have been much cheaper but Princess Karen only wanted the best.

The next couple of weeks, her nights were sleepless. She was calling and canceling all the reservations she made, trying to get her lost dollars back BUT (again, GOD really was out for blood that day) because the cancellation was so close to some of her trip, most places refused to refund, or some charged her cancellation fees. She only managed to scrap 5.5 K back together, losing 7.5 K.


It’s not over. I told her she was going to pay all of the bills till we move out, which was in two months, payback for all the times she was late on rent or defaulted and she would from now on, do her part of the house chores or else I’m gonna send it all to the admin and faculty dean and she will for sure be kicked out and all those uni years will have been for nothing.

She hated it, she threw tantrums and cussed me out but, she cleaned her stuff, and apologized to Sasha for what she did. I forced her to come clean to her BF (don’t know the guy but the few times I met him, he was super sweet to us and I felt bad for the guy), I watched her actually do the dishes for the first time in like years. Ity was amazing and I don’t regret it one bit. In fact, anytime I feel sad now as an adult, I kick back my feet, reminisce and a slow poop eating grin draws itself upon my face.”

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12. Keep Kicking Students Off Their Remote Desktops? I'll Get You Expelled And Deported

“So this happened last October, in 2020, and I feel it’s finally safe to share it.

Given the situation at that time, going to campus was a no-go, so everything was online. As such, a lot of programs used for course work, which were only on PC, needed a remote link for those of us on Macs or other devices. This link connects students to assigned desktops physically on campus through an application like Citrix.

It would only allow students onto the desktops when another class was not remotely ‘using’ that lab at the time and at night when registered classes were done. The on-campus computers would show that their drives were in use, so the students who lived on campus would know that someone was remotely accessing it.

Well, I was taking a course in Remote Sensing, which required access to programs such as ArcMap, ArcGIS, R, and ERDAS (you can look them up).

They were only available on PC so I, as a MacBook user, needed to use the remote link.

The issue started at the beginning of October when I was working on an assignment in ArcMap. I was really startled when I was suddenly kicked out and then furious because I hadn’t had the chance to save my latest input. I then went back to the webpage, re-input my student credentials, and logged into a different desktop.

Not two minutes later, I was logged out AGAIN.

Rightly peeved, I emailed the professor and TAs about it and moved on to other homework. I figured it was a bug that it would soon be fixed.

No. It continued throughout the entire freaking month. I ended up having to work on my remote labs between 9 pm and 2 am, as I literally was not able to work during the day without being kicked off.

It was really annoying, especially since I couldn’t even work during my assigned lab time!

Other students started reporting this, and we’d get a lot of emails from IT. Updates, patches, and things like that we had to install to try and patch this ‘bug.’ And nothing worked. It was painful.

I decided that enough was enough, and took a train to campus after my online morning classes.

If it was going to keep booting me off the remote, then I would just go in person!

I completed the online health check, got to campus no problem, and made my way to the building that housed all the PCs. Yes, we have a building that houses all the PCs for computer classes. Anyways, I went up and towards the lab that my credentials were registered to.

I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t expecting what I saw. But I sure was really mad.

Through the windows into the lab, I saw two guys going from PC to PC… logging students off!

At first, I couldn’t believe it, and then I got furious. They were laughing about screwing with hard-working students! (I will call them Dumb and Dumber.)

That’s I decided to get some payback.

I pulled out my phone and placed it beside the window, and it was partially hidden by the trash bin inside the classroom, recording them and what they were doing.

They didn’t notice me, thank God, and I got onto my laptop, remote linking to my phone. I then got onto the university social media page, and started to live stream the video from my phone. I put a title along the lines of “Found the bugs kicking students off Remote Desktop” (the video has been deleted, and I will explain soon).

It didn’t take long for fellow students to take notice of it, and it went viral within 30 minutes.

Names were soon put out as Dumb and Dumber were recognized, and there was a lot of hate in the comments. Even campus police replied, asking for the location.

I was all too happy to give it.

It was then I saw on the stream that Dumb pulled out his phone, and he started freaking out. He had noticed the stream and that it was live. I quickly rushed to grab my phone and retreat, and that’s when Dumber rushed out the door and freaking tackled me!

We started brawling (it was self-defense, as he kept attacking me to grab my phone), and then I saw Dumb going for my laptop, which was hosting the stream (which was STILL being recorded from my phone!).

So… I kicked Dumber between the legs while elbowing him in the neck, before jumping Dumb.

To be honest, I don’t really know what happened next, but I do remember campus police having to pull me off Dumb. Apparently, I had full-bodied tackled him away from my laptop, and he punched me in the face…

With me apparently grabbing his carry-on bag, bashing him over the head with it… accidentally cracking his laptop.


So, anyways the fight was broken up and we were all taken down to the campus police office.

To make a very long story short, I got a relative slap on the wrist for my part of it. Had to do some on-campus community service, but my record was kept clean. Thankfully. I was not charged for the fight or the laptop, as I was able to prove self-defense, and that they hit me first/tried to destroy my property intentionally (which made it worse for them).

I was let off on the laptop for a technicality, as I was punched in the face, and had no idea that he even had a laptop in his carry-on. Phew.

As for Dumb and Dumber, I was called in to testify at each of their hearings in December. Turns out, kicking students off remote links was considered a very grave academic offense, as it was intentional tampering with others’ work.

The video stream I took was a big part of the evidence against them, and CCTV proved that they had been doing it for weeks. In almost all the computer labs. They had intentionally messed with over a hundred students. Adding to attacking me (I had a nice shiner for a month) and my devices (instead of running)… they got into pretty hot water.

Now, the reason this wasn’t discovered sooner was due to the fact that this Remote Link was new to us, and IT was still working through the bugs.

I don’t know exactly what happened next, as they just needed me to come in (masked) and tell what I did and remembered. However, I did get a notification in my email in March this past year that two students were expelled for intentionally tampering other students’ work. Can you guess who? Yup, Dumb and Dumber got the boot for their dumb actions.

It gets even better though.

Turns out, they were here on student visas! Which meant that not only were they expelled from the university with a black mark on their records, but they were also given the boot from the country! And most definitely back to their very disappointed parents.

Maybe it’s karma, but they got publicly exposed on a live stream for their actions for all the school to see (which was taken down due to it needing to be evidence against them and all). But, Yep. They were expelled twice for their dumb actions, and with their names in campus infamy for their stunt. Hope they learned their lesson!”

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Jove 1 year ago
I doubt that Dumb and Dumber would have graduated anyway. I cannot imagine someone who did that really worked at their studies.
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11. Steal A Ton Of Jewelry? I'll Steal Your Inheritance

Was losing your inheritance worth it?

“25 years ago, my aunt passed away when I was a baby, leaving my two cousins who were both in their early 20s alone to fend for themselves. My grandparents (who were very wealthy) put a clause in their will that grandkids will receive half of their share of inheritance if a parent passes before the children reach age 30 and then the other half when my grandparents eventually passed.

Both my cousins received a very sizeable inheritance coupled with what they got from selling my aunt’s house. The younger of the two paid off her college loans and was able to buy property, and she still lives on the same plot of land. The older sibling blew all of his check, straight out of a book of the Bible, and within 6 years, he was back to living in a condo working as a police officer.

Everyone in our small family knew he had a substance issue, so he was barely making ends meet with his officer’s salary and buying copious amounts of substances.

The next 4 years, my cousin went to rehab three times, sponsored by my grandparents. He sobered up after getting his chick, now wife, pregnant. Absolutely wretched woman. She saw my grandparents as payday and essentially baby trapped my cousin thinking it was her ticket.

Within 7 years, they had three kids, so she is locked in tight. She’s a nurse and with 3 kids around. They always needed a little boost. Guess who they would always ask? You got it, my grandparents. Being the kind spirits they are, they always lended a hand. My father, mother, sister, and I got sick of it very quickly.

My grandmother, unfortunately, passed away when I was 17, leaving my grandpa as the last remaining.

I was undoubtedly my grandfather’s favorite among the grandkids which left a real sore spot in the mouth of my cousin and his wife. I had two more years at home before college, so I lived with my grandpa to keep him company and help take care of him. My cousin and his wife HATED this, so much so that whenever they came to visit and I was not home, they would send their three gremlins into my room to destroy it (my room had double doors so it couldn’t be locked).

This was the start. RThe longer I lived there, the more they would mess with me. My cousin even went as far as to place one of those little mechanical noisemakers in the cabinet in my room (the ones that play sounds at random intervals that make you think you’re insane). Thankfully my German shepherd would always hear it and after a week or so she finally found it.

They did this to distance me and deter me from taking care of grandpa so they could swoop in and be the heroes. This continued until one of the “kids” “found” my firearm. By this time, I was 18 and in the “possession” of a firearm. I use quotations because my grandfather has them but cannot aim and shoot them anymore due to arthritis and nerve degeneration, so when I moved in, he placed all the weapons in my hands should the need for self-defense arise but should he see them out for any reason other than cleaning, there would be heck to raise.

Being very well trained with firearms and having a sense of pride in defending my home, I took this responsibility very seriously. I always kept one in a locked container in my nightstand with the key on a high shelf out of reach from the gremlins.

One fateful day, I am out getting my grandfather food when I come home and my older cousin, his wife, and my grandfather are staring at it on the table.

It was mine that I kept in the lockbox. IT WAS LOADED AND HAD A BULLET CHAMBERED. I always keep a magazine in the lockbox but never loaded.  The lockbox was nowhere to be seen. My cousin claimed one of the children “found” it and was playing with it. I was 100% certain that he either found the key or broke the lockbox open to get to it and load it, as a 6-year-old would not be able to reach a key I could barely grab, figure out what it was to, load it and chamber it.

I tried my best to explain what my cousin had said was bullcrap and that I never keep my firearms loaded in the house, but my cousin who is a cop scolded me on firearm safety and threatened to have me arrested if I didn’t leave and hadn’t arrested me yet “because we’re family.” I was asked to collect my belongings and go back to my parents.

My cousin had won, or so he thought.

The next day, I apologized to grandpa and explained to him there was no way one of the kids could have gotten the key. He agreed with me and he apologized, but he thought it was best I move out until things cool down, but once they do, I would be welcome back home. Our relationship was a little fractured due to misinformation provided by my cousin.

A month later, my grandfather died of a heart attack at 86. I was DEVASTATED. I was just beginning to get back into rhythm with him and rebuilding the trust that was somewhat shattered. To this day, I am still unsure of what kind of man he saw me as due to my cousin.

Immediately, my cousin and his wife began sucking up to my dad, as they had sealed payday with grandpa.

It was time to move onto the uncle. This persisted for a month or two. I wouldn’t stand for it, then came time for the will. My grandfather’s lawyer read out the will to me, my father, mother, and sister in our home, our two cousins would be briefed individually on their share of the estate, per my grandparents’ requests. Then the miracle line in the will comes to fruition: “if anyone attempts to claim any part of the estate that is not assigned to them, they forfeit any assets they are supposed to receive and will be divided equally among the remaining family members.” This was basically their way of saying “if you try to claim more than you’re given, you get nothing.” My father is supposed to receive every piece of physical property (aside from two or three items he set aside for me) from my grandparents as he is the only remaining child.

I hatched my plan. I called my cousin and told him all of grandma’s jewelry was to be donated to a charity auction. Grandma’s collection of gems and metals was extensive to say the least, so a charity event wouldn’t care if a few pieces didn’t make it right? It was a lure of gargantuan proportions that my greedy cousin could not resist. He bit right on it and headed over to my grandparents’ house asap, determined to snatch up as much as he could, a handful would send his kids to college.

Regardless of what I said, the jewelry was never going to go to him anyway, so his actions were purely his own since none of it was destined to be his. Coincidentally, Dad was on his way with the lawyer to my grandparents’ house to overlook everything, formality stuff.

According to my dad’s testimony, my cousin had three shoeboxes worth of grandma and grandpa’s jewelry piled on the kitchen counter ready for loading into his car.

My dad and the lawyer stood in the kitchen wondering why it was all there when my cousin walks in from my grandparents’ bedroom with a fourth and final shoebox. The jig was up and he put two and two together that I set him up. Which was true, but there was no penalty against me for exploiting my cousin’s greed so he would screw himself over.

It’s worth noting that between the 18 years from my aunt’s death and my grandpa’s death; their wealth had increased several times over, so my cousin felt deceived and expected to receive just as much as my sister and I, despite receiving half of his already and blowing it. Throughout this whole ordeal, his younger sister (my other cousin) has not had a problem at all and is still weeping over grandpa’s death like the rest of us.

However, just like that, my cousin lost enough inheritance in the course of 30 minutes that made him contemplate his sanity. OVER GREED. My cousin’s grouch of a wife apparently filed for divorce a few weeks later. We haven’t heard from him in nearly 6 years as he is all but disgraced now. You can call this a fairytale ending, and on this particular part of the story, it somewhat is (there was a massive lawsuit by an unknown family member involving the IRS and FBI later on), but honestly, I would rather have my grandparents.”

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10. Rude Boys Want To Talk Crap? I'm Telling Your Mom


“I spent a lot of time in school (almost 12 years in college total to get three degrees). During that time, I often would get part-time jobs in order to make a little extra dough for living expenses. From around… 2008 to 2016, I worked seasonally and sometimes summers at a video game store around where my parents lived. The store(s) themselves were your average Gamestop stores, but the people who worked there were super nice and friendly; the main reason I started working there was that one of the managers overheard me mention to my brother (whom I would frequent the store with) that I wasn’t going to buy a game that I had been looking forward to for a long time because having extra dollars was getting really tight for me in graduate school, and she said that she would give me some seasonal work to help out.

Say what you want about Gamestop as a whole, but at this place, I never had a negative experience with any co-workers or bosses as this area made sure to hire kind and hardworking people.

This is why when I would see customers treat them like crap it would really upset me.

I can’t remember exactly when in my tenure of being a regular part-time/seasonal worker this particular incident happened, but I do know it was at a time when I was working a shift with my manager and two other full-time workers meaning that I was the only male employee working that day.

I was restocking/reorganizing the shelves when I overheard a typical kind of incident; a group of boys (I think there were four of them, maybe around 12-13 years old) were trying to buy an “M” rated game (I think it was some form of Grand Theft Auto), which one of the full-timers and the manager politely explained that they were not allowed to sell mature-rated games without seeing a valid state-issued ID that proved the buyer was over 17 years of age.

Despite the pleading and the “come on, be cool” remarks, my co-workers stood their ground and refused the sale. The boys eventually relented, but they didn’t actually leave the store. Instead, they started having a loud conversation among themselves calling my co-workers “witches” and worse among other horrible things.

Now, I was a teenage boy once, and I was aware of what they were doing. They were doing that thing where they would try to one-up each other on “how bad boy” they could be by using “the naughty words.” I didn’t like it when I was a kid, and I certainly wasn’t enjoying this display now.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of customer service and the fact they were minors, there wasn’t anything the manager or my co-workers could do without potentially causing a huge problem.

The manager and co-workers eventually got so upset that they ended up taking their breaks early, which was fine with me since I had worked there long enough that I could run a register and mind the store. The boys continued to taunt them with remarks and lewd gestures as they left the store and high-fived each other on a job well done. By that point, I could feel my face becoming red with anger.

And then, a woman came into the store, and she turned out to be the mom of one of the kids.

I felt myself get a Grinch-like smile. I approached the mother and engaged in some polite introductory pleasantries; she turned out to be really nice.

“I’m sorry to bring this to your attention, but did you know that your son and his friends tried to buy an “M” rated game?“

The boys immediately stopped talking to each other.

“No, I didn’t.” The mom looked at one of the boys with a disapproving look.

“You know you’re not supposed to play those games. We are going to have a long talk about this when we get home.”

“I’m afraid that’s not all,” I said. I saw the boys’ eyes get wide as they realized what was about to happen. I then laid out in excruciating detail every vile thing that they said, every horrible name they called my co-workers (no censoring), and how they congratulated each other after they left for an impromptu break.

The longer I went on, the more visibly angry the mother got, which made the boys more visibly tense.

“I am very sorry that my son and his friends acted that way,” said the mother in clipped words. She then turned to the boys and started laying into them.

She. Was. Furious.

She ordered all of them to follow her to the parking lot and they were all leaving; in addition, she was going to have to talk to all of their parents about this disgusting behavior while loudly proclaiming to her son he was grounded for the foreseeable future.

None of the boys said a word as she berated them out of sight and then a minute later out of earshot.

About 30 minutes later, my co-workers came back and were delighted that the boys had left, and missed seeing or hearing the mother yelling at the group. I told them that the boys left, but my manager (who had known me for a couple of years) could tell I was being coy about the situation.

I assured her that I did nothing against company policy, but that those boys would not be back for a long time. She seemed to accept that answer and we went on with our workday. I didn’t want to parade around the situation as a “look what I did for you” sort of thing because I was sure that any one of them would’ve done the same thing I did if they happened to be around.

I never did see any of those boys come back to the store again. It’s the little things, you know?”

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9. Try To Stiff Me What You Owe Me? Pay Up Almost Double Instead

“I was starting my side business doing IT work for businesses and had some successful jobs for a few companies. I found word of mouth was the best way to gain new clients because entrepreneurs tend to network with other business owners. Tony was one such client who had heard I had done some work for a client and called to see if I could help.

His companies needs were to stop using a semi-accounting service that they had been paying a percentage of their profit to process payments, purchase orders, and billings/receivables. He brought in an accountant to work on a new product (pretty well known). They wanted a server to be accessed remotely, and had already paid their ISP for a static IP for the server but needed the actual server, redundancy UPS, and firewall device.

I explained that for the product they had we could probably set up a workstation and not a server and it would run approximately $3500 total and would be easy but no the owner wanted a full-blown server system with all the bells and whistles. He explained that he would likely be using the server for a CRM and a few other systems later on.

Overall the entire cost for the system would be $8000 not including a few other services that needed annual billing (VPN/Remote service).

The equipment cost was $7,500, my labor charge was $500. UPS was $1500, Server was $3800, and “refurbed” firewall (CISCO ASA) with programming by a 3rd party specialist was $1800, and a spare rack was $400. I got my contract signed, put an order with my distributor (I have net 45 setups with them) and the firewall specialist and got to work 1.5 weeks later when the firewall came in last.

I finished the job on a single weekend, and got everything up and going after a call to the ISP who did not like the firewall appliance I installed, for some reason they had to tweak things on their end and finally allowed the traffic to go through once more. I confirmed the function with the owner who verbally approved and was happy.

I sent my invoice promptly on Monday.

Left it as in, they had 1 week to pay. When I saw no reply, or payment after 4 days I messaged Tony and asked if they had received my invoice. To my surprise, he replied the server was not working and proceeded to call me and tell me that the whole thing was a total waste of funds, and I should have never done the job.

I of course apologized and informed him I would be on the way to fix whatever the problem was. When I got there, they refused to let me in to see the server claiming they had someone coming over to fix my mishaps. At that point, I informed them they still needed to pay for the equipment, and we could maybe discuss my labor after I figure out what’s going on.

Tony refused to let me in, and was pretty upset.

At this time, I was pretty upset. 2.5 weeks had passed since I ordered my equipment and my distributor was needing to get paid within 45 days. I was getting very nervous and was thinking of taking it to small claims court until talking with a friend he informed me I could pull a mechanics lien. I informed him this was for IT, and he stated that mechanics lien where I live can actually be pulled on various industries and IT was one of them.

So I started the process to fill out and file a mechanics lien on Tony’s company. Much to my surprise, there was no court date. All I needed to do was provide considerable proof to clerks, and later to the constable.

After filling out the mechanic’s lien and serving him notice, I once again gave him the opportunity to pay the $8,000 owed. By this time, I had spoken with my distributor and he switched my account from Net 45 to Net 90.

He refused via phone call and got him on text. I took the information I had and went to the local constables who after seeing the mechanics lien, and proof set up an appointment to meet me at the place of business to take back my server, ups, and firewall. I went in on Tuesday which I had learned was the day the accountant came in to start the week00.

Constable and I arrived at 7:30 am right on opening time. At first, they refused entry until Tony came by and was informed I was enforcing my mechanics lien and would be taking back my equipment. He immediately got riled up and claimed I could not take the equipment because a new person had replaced it all. The constable asked if I had serial numbers and models for the equipment which I did.

We go in and find my server, UPS, and firewall all in the exact same way I left it. The server showed it had been online for the entire time, no real changes were noticed and as far as I could tell no one had worked on it. Tony began to chuckle when I shut the server down and says “how are you going to take the system when it’s BOLTED TO THE GROUND?! Bet you didn’t think about that did you, you idiot!”.

He did not realize that rack-mounted equipment is not permanently attached to the mount. I guess he thought he had me beat because it was all one system that you cannot take apart and not something that was put together. His jaw dropped the moment I removed the server loaded it onto the cart after removing a couple of bolts.

He started panicking and started telling the constable that he would sue him if he didn’t stop me, the constable simply stayed calm and ignored the owner.

I guess after a bit he informed Tony that he needed to get out of his face and step back but when Tony refused to back down the constable undid his holster’s safety harness and put his hand on his firearm. Tony’s face was exquisite. Full of fear, and eventually a dawning sensation that this was going to happen one way or another. At first, I did not understand why he was so riled up and now had a panicked face like his world just collapsed until a bit later.

I wrapped up my server/ups/firewall and left the rack. True to Tony’s word undoing the bolts proved difficult to impossible with the tools I had, so I told Tony he could keep IT for the new server he tries to set up.

It didn’t take more than 2 hours before I got a call from him stating that he had talked to his attorney and he would be suing me for damages and I would be going to jail for trespassing.

I informed him he did not pay for the equipment, his equipment was repoed thus there was nothing to sue for. As far as trespassing, I was servicing a mechanics lien with a law enforcement officer thus it is not trespassing. He then starts hemming and hawing about how he needs to bill clients because he hasn’t had revenue in a week but his accountant can’t do anything because she has no access to the accounting software and they have no copies.

I informed him it was not my problem, I would NOT be giving access to the server nor data contained and he should have paid for the equipment instead of trying to screw me over for $8,0000. He then offered to pay me if I could install the server back the same day, but that ONLY if I did it that same day otherwise he’d find someone else.

I informed him that our original contract was null and void. I would be returning the equipment to my distributor but first I had to wipe the storage by DOD standards, which means 0% chance of recovering files unless he somehow had NSA-level funds. He starts freaking out, and resorts back to what he usually did: threatens me to a lawsuit, make my life a living heck, etc.

So I hang up and text him I am going to proceed to delete his data that evening and that I was NO longer interested in working with him.

He called me at least 50 times, I just silenced my phone and had a talk to my friend later that night, the friend who had given me the advice. He then tells me why I was returning the equipment, if I had the ONLY copy that has EVERYTHING from client names, contacts, phone numbers, billings, receivables, etc.

He asked me how much revenue did the company generate, I informed him I was taking a wild guess but it was somewhere in the ballpark of $58,678.21 for the last month. He laughs and tells me, why don’t you charge them double the price to get his equipment back, and have him pay you before you start? He was right, I was taking my petty revenge and walking out with $1,800 in a firewall I had to pay in advance, and a $500 unpaid labor charge.

Why not take it a step further get sweeter revenge and get paid a fat stack of bills.

The following day I messaged Tony, I apologize for the way I behaved yesterday, it was not professional. Unfortunately, your horrible attitude and attempts to screw me over got the better of me. The server has not been wiped yet. I would like to reconsider a new arrangement so we can salvage this sour experience and turn it into sweet honey.

Are you interested in working with me to get your equipment back, I must warn you it will be extra since I would be doing double the work. Let me know.

Tony immediately called me and immediately his AH ways came up. I knew you would change your mind and come crawling back, yes I want everything back but I am only paying $8050 and not a dime more.

The $50 is me being generous to give you a 2nd chance to do things right.

I immediately informed him that I still have all the equipment, and in fact, it would only take maybe 20 minutes to complete the job however I had a different idea in terms of the price. The new price was $15,000. He immediately starts yelling and hollering. I keep talking and inform him he has 2 weeks to decide if being able to get paid by his clients was worth it if not the equipment was going back and that would be that.

No hard feelings. I hang up.

About 2 days later I get a call from Tony informing me he agreed to a new arrangement to please set it up and install it asap. I tell him I can go Friday but I would need to be paid $15,000 in BILLS before I even unload a single bolt from my vehicle. He agreed. I could hear a lady talking tell him he needs to get this resolved because they had not had revenue in nearly 2 weeks.

This was on Wednesday. On Thursday I get a call from his daughter, who is apparently the accountant and the lady who was telling him to resolve it! She is cutting a check and needs to know my name. I inform her I would not be accepting checks, and I had told Tony specifically it would be in bills. She says ok and tells me if the amount of $12,000 was correct.

I once again correct her and inform her the correct amount was $15,000. She said in satire “Of course it’s $15,000. I will go make the withdrawal and have it ready tomorrow.”

Sure enough Friday morning true to her words she and Tony were there with $15,000 in bills. I counted it in front of her and Tony. She makes a comment saying that I was a lifesaver because they could not go back to the service they used before to get paid, and they urgently needed to get some PO’s sent out.

I placed it in my vehicle, locked the glovebox, and unloaded the equipment. True to my word it took me 20 minutes to place the server, firewall, and UPS inside the rack mount. Connect the cables. Power on the server and asked them to test it out when they get a chance. If anything was wrong, to not contact me and to have a good day. (I actually had tested it out already before I left their “server” room, despite my pettiness at times I am still a professional).”

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8. Accuse Me Of A Serious Crime? My Roommate Will Handle This

“So I live on a little street with about 7 houses.

We’re the only student house in the area, and so we’re often a target for people looking to make quick bucks by blaming us because they think it’s easy to get us into trouble.

This lady thought WRONG.

Cast: DB – our neighbor, TB – My housemate; a genuine teddybear, CW – Council Worker, Me – Me

So I’m walking back from university when I’m accosted by a middle-aged woman in her dressing gown and slippers.


I stop because I’m trying to be polite to the neighbors (the locals have a _location_ Hates Students group who vandalize student property to try and make us leave so I tend to overcompensate to make our household look good).

‘Hi! How are you?’


I cross the road to where DB is standing and where her car is parked – and ask ‘pardon?’

‘You dumb witch, did you not hear me? I said you vandalized my car.’

She was really trying to sell that I vandalized her car when I was on the other side of the road and she KNEW that.

‘I’m… Sorry? I think you’ve got the wrong person.’

DB points at a HUGE scrape down the side of her car and I wince, that poor thing must have been beaten up pretty badly, but I had nothing on me that could have inflicted that much damage.

I explain that the binmen destroyed my moped (still in for repairs) so they might have caught her car too and her eyes light up.


Our house has a driveway big enough for 4 cars and is, obviously, right outside my house. So I tell her no, that I haven’t been parking on her drive, especially because my bike was destroyed and has been gone for over 2 weeks.

‘You’re a liar,’ she’s spitting in my face at this point.

‘I have photos of your bike blocking my drive from 3 days ago. That’s why I was parked on the road and that’s why my car got totaled.’

‘Okay,’ I nod. ‘May I see the photos?’

DB is all too happy to whip out her phone and show me the photos of what she proudly believes to be my moped (a fire engine red piece of scrap that, to be honest, was well beyond saving even before the bin men mangled her).

Except… It isn’t my bike.

‘Ma’am, I hate to be rude but… That’s a mobility scooter.’

Cue the screaming and shouting about how rude teenagers are (I’m 21) and how we university students always disrespect the locals.

She tells me that I must think she’s an idiot (I do) for thinking that she’s wrong about my bike (she was). So I take a deep breath and say:

‘Ma’am I’m in a rush, but you really are wrong about the bike… Maybe ask (her next door neighbor, a kind old lady who owns that mobility scooter but is a little forgetful) about why she parks her scooter on your drive.’

I walk away and think nothing of it.

Except now she’s left her totaled car on our private property instead of her own drive, after running our fence that blocks the drive down and complaining to our landlady about anti-social behavior – there isn’t any, btw, we’re 4 reclusive students who stay in all night watching Netflix with our headphones in, and she’s also like 5 houses down from us so she definitely wouldn’t be able to hear the noise she was describing.

Pretty much the whole neighborhood is shunning us at this point, as DB had been spreading lies about our behavior – telling everyone that we vandalized her property so it’s only fair that she uses our driveway as compensation. I feel responsible for her behavior, as I should have shut her down immediately rather than letting this drag out. So I sit in my room (nothing new there) and hatch a plan.

The next morning, I walk past her house and watch as DB lets her dog out. I watch it take a crap on the public pavement, and then shrug and walk away.

BINGO. According to our local council, this is an offense she can get fined for, as it’s vandalism and obstruction of council property. So every morning as I walk to get my train, I take a photo of the turds – some fresh, some crusty, and some smeared across the pavement by some poor sod who’s stood in it.

Then I email EVERYTHING to my local counselor who is FUMING that someone fully able-bodied is allowing their dog to do this without cleaning it up. She gets fined £1000 with a threat of MORE if she continues to do so (I heard this from my neighbor as he was friends with CW, who handled the case).

And guess what? She did. And the more that dog pooped, the more I reported it.

She racked up £4000 of fines just for dog crap alone, and I didn’t even report her trespassing on private property.

But apparently, she’d spoken to CW, who was a newbie, and pressured him until he let slip that ‘a neighbor’ had reported it and of course she happened to 1) realize it was me and 2) know where I live.
She hammered on my door, screaming about how she was going to drown my cat (I don’t have one, my neighbor’s cat just loves me), smash my window, and then catch me when I was walking home.

Now TB is also a recluse, I’ve said in previous posts that he basically stays in his room and only leaves to go to uni or grab a beer and some food. But he is LIVID at the way this lady is screaming at me. He stomps downstairs, yanks the door open while she’s midscream and glares down at her. He’s 6’7″ tall and a rugby player, so he’s basically a walking muscle.

If I didn’t know that he liked to cry at anime while hugging us on the sofa, I’d think that he was terrifying. But this lady wasn’t privy to this information.

So she looks up at this angry, MASSIVE Northerner and just trembles as he says in a very low, threatening voice:

‘You need to get off our property and take your car. If you so much as blink at WriterlySnitch and I hear about it, I’ll not only call the council for the dog poop you flung on our driveway, but I’ll call the police for damage to property and harassment.


Safe to say she ran faster than I’ve ever seen her run.

Last week I heard from the neighbor that CW had sold her car for scraps (she never got the thing fixed) just to pay off the eventual £4200 of fines she’d racked up, and every time I walk to the train station and see the mobility scooter parked on her drive it feels like another little win!”

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StumpyOne 1 year ago (Edited)
I think college "kids" get a bad rap. I live in a university town, and YES, there are issues. There are whole apartment complexes dedicated to student living. I've gone on callouts to some of them for out of hand party behavior, but it always seemed like just a few bad apples. Sure theres a 100 kids drinking, but only 2or3 are being asshats. The bad behavior was reported by fellow students because the other 97 kids wanted it to stop. It's a time in life when they're working hard, becoming adults, all of their life has changed, they're figuring out WHO they are and who they're going to become and that's A LOT of stress that builds. Do I want a party house next to me? NO. Are there many college kids in my neighborhood? YES. But in 25+ years I've only had noise problems less then 10 times and they've been "kids" parties maybe 3 times out of those 10. People just need to give more grace to others. Try to get your head out of your butts and remember how hard it is to be that age. Be kind, so the "kids" can learn how to be gracious and kind. I'm glad this worked out for the "kids"!
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7. Being The Client Doesn't Give You The Right To Act Entitled

“The client is not always right.

I work at a big ad agency with large companies as our clients. We expect to work in partnership with our clients; we fire clients that treat us poorly. Usually, we treat each other with respect.

Our biggest client has 5 different teams we work with, and one of them was led by Baseball Dad.

BD was the type of neckless marshmallow who gets wasted at his kid’s baseball games and starts heckling the other kids.

Just a boorish butthole. He never approved any of our work, putting out awful stuff that his internal team made even though he is literally paying us millions of dollars to make ads for him. His product was struggling to sell, and he blamed us, even though we were killing it with the other 4 teams. He didn’t know this, which comes back to bite him later.

Furthermore, he crossed several lines:

He used to call my female coworkers ‘sweetheart’ in the most condescending voice, comment on their clothes/bodies, and wink/smirk at me while they were talking because we are both men, I guess.

These women are highly accomplished, serious people and they are like family to me; huge misplay on his part.

BD was abusive to us. He would constantly interrupt us, tell us to shut up, call us ‘vendors’ and remind us he could fire us at any time.

BD would lie. He would tell his boss (actual nice guy but too busy to check closely) that we missed deadlines or forgot deliverables because he never checked his email. We would then have to awkwardly struggle to prove BD wrong without calling him a liar so we could keep the business. He never owned up to anything he said to us on the phone.

The final straw took place on a call between BD and one of my project managers.

I saw her run out of a room crying. She told me what BD said to her, in a 1 on 1 call, that she should worry less about budgets and more about wearing ‘that nice top’ she wore at our last presentation. Gross.

Revenge time.

I told my cool boss that our team had enough of BD; we were at our wits end with his crap. Several of my coworkers were looking for new jobs.

It’s hard to hire good people, so my boss asked me to give her a day to figure this out; she wanted to lose BD without the entire business.

The next day, she showed up with our IT guy, who set up a voice recording on our conference line. It’s illegal to record people without consent in my state, but BD was late to every call. Too bad, because if he ever had shown up on time, he would have heard the new message kicking off every call: ‘This call is being recorded.’ His team heard it and had no problem with it.

I suspect they hated him, too.

For the next two weeks, we recorded everything. Every word of it. One of my audio engineers made a supercut of every terrible thing BD said – every ‘sweetheart,’ ‘shut up,’ ‘no one cares what you think.’ My project manager even baited him into repeating what he said about her clothes on a budget call; this time, he literally said, ‘You’re much better at flirting than budgets, sweetheart.

That’s why I like you.’

The supercut sounded insane when played all together; it was an incredible piece of evidence. We sent it to his boss and his vice president and threatened to walk away from the work 2 weeks before product launch if BD wasn’t disciplined. They immediately apologized and begged us not to leave; they said it would be handled by Monday.

My one sweet project manager he had been so gross to got the best part of the revenge; she anonymously sent the supercut to his wife using the email address she had posted on LinkedIn.

I don’t know what became of that but I imagine it wasn’t good.

On Monday, BD wasn’t on the call. My boss snooped and found out that he had a few complaints prior, and got immediately poopcanned after we sent it through. He didn’t see vendors as people, so he was shocked that his words towards us ‘counted’ against his 3 strike policy. Apparently, he melted down completely as he was being fired.

He said it was all because we were incompetent, but the other 4 team leads had all put in their numbers and said that it wasn’t on our end; their products were slaying. Wish I could have seen it. I imagine he came home to a very angry wife as well.

We all hit the bar at the end of the day in his honor. Eff you Baseball Dad!”

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6. Screwing Over Toxic Former Employers

Toxic people get toxic consequences.

“I do have to be careful because two of these people have rather high profiles on the internet, and one is an actual celebrity. I didn’t include as many details as I would have liked because they could be easily identified. So, on with what I hope are the juicy details.

Over ten years ago, I worked for a company owned by a married couple whom we will refer to as the McGrifties.

Mrs. told her first lie to me during the job interview (not the last, though). She mentioned an employee who would be going on maternity leave and said that “we knew she was pregnant when we hired her.” I later heard from the pregnant employee herself, just in passing, that she didn’t know she was pregnant when she started working there. Just a stupid lie, so they could look like nicer people than they were.

The employee turnover was insane. They were micromanagers who treated their employees horribly. One guy submitted his two-week notice the week before we had a two-day holiday, and they make it effective immediately, thus screwing him out of pay for those days. Going to the bathroom? Be sure to log that in time since they need to know you spent every minute. Their employee reviews mention words like “toxic,” “terrible,” and “wish I could forget I worked there.” We once had some overflow work, and they had me find someone to handle it.

Literally the first person I called turned me down flat. She had already done work for them and had to take them to court to get paid and still didn’t recover all she was owed.

I had complained to a few coworkers regarding an ongoing issue with our 401k contributions to our accounts along with a few other issues; it got back to management, and I was fired.

I was a darn good employee but was tired of being treated not just poorly but with great suspicion. They assumed everyone was out to screw them which will tell you something about their own approach to other people. At that point, I didn’t care but when they got my unemployment denied BECAUSE SOMEONE SENT ME AN EMAIL that really angered me. Yeah, it was a bullcrap decision by the commission, but they bought that crap anyway.

The woman at the commission actually asked me in the snottiest voice just how did that person (a former employee) know my email. Yeah, lady, he used to work there; he knew everyone’s for goodness sake.

Here’s some petty revenge to tide you over. Not terribly long after that one of my former coworkers sent me a copy of Mrs.’ mug shot. Apparently, she had been pulled over for a traffic violation, things went sideways and she was arrested.

I wasn’t a bit surprised because she was always an entitled witch who thought rules didn’t apply to her. Over the next few days, I went to several different places with fax services and sent her mug shot to the company’s fax number. I also went by at night to tape some up around their office building.

So here we are many years later, and about a year ago, I am reading some gossip column about celebrities and see a familiar name.

One of the McGrifties’ offspring has become engaged to a celebrity worth double-digit millions (MooolaBags-MB). Of course, my curiosity was sparked so I thought I would see if they were even in business any longer. I turned to my friend Google and find they are, defying all logic and justice, indeed still in business. However, I also discovered the delightful news that Mr. was in the middle of an active bankruptcy.

I could only see docket entries, which include a motion for emergency sale of their homestead.

Wondering if they had managed to sell their million-dollar-plus home, I popped over the County Assessor’s website and looked up their address. They still showed as owners, but when I checked ownership history I saw that title has been transferred a few months before. Okay, so they did sell the house to an LLC.

Hmmm, interesting. I am on alert. I decided to look a little closer at MB and find their IG account. Well, well, whaddya know, the IG name is almost the same name that took title to the McGrifties’ house.

Now, I am verrrry interested and I really need to know what the house sold for. I am suspicious by nature and I know these people. Besides smelling a rat, I also smell an opportunity to drop some karma on their butt.

I do a little more digging and finally hit gold with a 72-page document that includes every lien and judgment against them (and there are LOTS). They have judgments against them from two different banks, one for around two million and another over half a million. Their house went into foreclosure some months back and they owed 400k more than the property was worth. I also found a notice from the state commission that they owe an employee 3k.

The sweetest though is that they have close to two million dollars in IRS tax liens against them. All told, they were close to four million in debt. I was overjoyed.

The best part, however, was the much desired and lovely copy of the sales contract(!!!) which shows the sales price is more than 500k BELOW the appraised value. The Motion also states that Mr. says this is a good sales price.

Yeah, for the buyer, HIS FUTURE XXX IN LAW! Mr. doesn’t care since he isn’t getting a nickel of the stash, it’s all going to the mortgage company who agreed to settle for the sales price.

Now, I’m no bankruptcy attorney but this looks shady as heck to me and as a tax-paying US citizen I feel compelled to report what I believe might be fraud. I copied the tax rolls showing properties in that area rarely sell for under a million, and their property was valued at over $1.3 million.

I also included a screenshot of MB’s IG page announcing the engagement and showing the IG name was pretty much the same as the purchaser. One last thing I found was a little blurb along with their picture in the rich neighborhood “happenings” publication mentioning the McGrifties hosted an “intimate” get together for 30 at some nightclub around the holidays; after Mr. filed for bankruptcy, and all while asking the court to discharge MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS in debt.

Just for fun, I took a screenshot of that, too. I sent copies of all to the bankruptcy judge, bankruptcy trustee, and lawyers for the mortgage company along with a nice cover letter pointing out a few other inconsistencies. Then I sit back and wait.

After a bit of thought, I decide the information I have is too special not to be should be shared with others.

Now, Mrs. considers herself a mover and a shaker in the higher echelons of the business world when in truth she’s just a pretentious wanna-be, and a broke butt one at that. I must give her credit though, she has a large internet presence and had promoted herself quite effectively. A lot of that is based on something she did a while back that brought her a lot of attention at the time and she played it up to the hilt.

Funny thing though, I believe that very same accomplishment is what started the downward financial spiral since it was a very expensive endeavor that doesn’t seem to have paid off as they had hoped. Several websites list the company’s revenue at 5-10M a year but it’s a lie. Less than two years ago the company had a total of $391.37 in the only corporate bank account (gotta love those bankruptcy records).

That kind of blatant BS really cheeses me off so I sent copies of all the judgments (and highlighted the part where Mrs. said they were broke and drowning in debt) to the chair of some ivy league college women’s board that she belongs to (and pays 20k a year to be a member). I also sent copies to someone in politics with whom Mrs. had curried a suck-up relationship for years.

I’ll eventually get around to sending something to D & B so they can make a correction.

After about a week, I check the docket sheet and just about fell out of my chair laughing. There, on the bankruptcy court docket sheet, was “Response to Order” filed. Although I was highly amused, I was also a bit freaked out because I really didn’t expect it to become part of the public record.

However, I did expect there to be some sort of blowback. By now you can guess what happened and why we find ourselves instead of nuclear. Nada, nothing. Bankruptcy proceeded as usual and the debts were eventually discharged. My bomb failed to launch. I am left with disappointment and future regret (not really, I just love that line from the coin commercial).

The saga is not entirely over, though.

They are currently being sued for non-payment of rent by a past landlord (their second time for this sort of thing). The first time they stopped paying rent they were locked out of the premises but according to court docs “picked the lock” and moved their possessions out in the middle of the night. Landlord sued and was granted a 45k judgment against them that they actually paid.

They eventually quit paying rent to the new landlords and that is the case still in court. Since they broke their lease they could be on the hook for around 400k. Concerned for their current landlord, I made sure to send them evidence of their tenant’s propensity for stiffing their landlords and warned them not to let them get too fast past due.

While looking over the filings of their current court case, I discovered a few inconsistencies.

For example, Mrs. wrote in an email to the landlord that she was working to settle her debt with the IRS, and that had to be a priority. Hmmm, the debt that was dismissed in bankruptcy? She also claimed that they had employees that had been there since the company started, which is true: Mr. and Mrs. McGrifties. I am 99% sure they are the only ones.

I shared that information with the plaintiff’s attorney and suggested they were being rather disingenuous (such a lovely word for liar). Oh, and that document, too, became part of the public record. I do take great satisfaction in knowing that they are now aware that someone keeping track of their misfortunes and actively seeking to make them worse. Oh goodness, that reminds me. Shortly after I discovered all this information, I sent them a condolence card telling them I had heard of their tax liens and judgments, and it couldn’t have happened to two more deserving people, signed it KARMA, WITCHES.

As for me, great things happened after I left the McGrifties. I did get my unemployment. Took a job that ended when my new boss resigned but it was just long enough to qualify. Pretty sure the McGrifties ended up being on the hook for most of it after all. I then went to work for a wonderful guy who paid for me to go back to college, finish my bachelor’s, and get a master’s degree.

As an undergrad, I co-wrote two papers with an awesome professor that were published in peer-reviewed journals. I’ve saved a nice sum in my bank account, own a lake house, and look forward to retiring in a few years and enjoying myself, all while the McGrifties basically have nothing. The offspring did marry MB recently, so I guess they’ll have the hope that some of those riches will migrate over to them, or they can get MB to invest in their failure of a company. Let’s hope there’s a prenup.”

Another User Comments:

“You could SO sell this as a screenplay. Would love to hang out with you, and enjoy when it happens if it happens…” katidid

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5. Set Up The New Display On The Busiest Day During My Shortest Shift? Okay

“I had Monday through Friday off this week, and on Saturdays, I work in two departments at once. I do paperwork and receive two deliveries for the receiving department, and then I go back to my regular job. That takes 2 hours out of my day however so that means I only have 6 hours to do production, minus break.

My boss has no real grasp of my job at times, and it can get a little frustrating.

He had to do orders while I was away, and he messed up pretty much every order he did. This of course already made my job harder, but when I checked my email, I had a very demanding email telling me to reset the displays on the sales floor to the new map TODAY. He of course has no idea how much time it takes to do this, because I have to take everything down, take all the signs off (which are practically glued to the shelves because of how long they have been there), clean the shelves, put everything back in its new place, make new signs, etc.

Normally, I’d inform them how long it would take, and that we have A LOT of work to do on Saturdays, and that I have less time than usual. However, they sent this demand in an email, and they were not working on Saturday. So my instant thought was.. you know what? Screw it. I’m doing it. I’m also doing it 100% correctly. I’m wiping down every inch of these shelves, I’m making sure the signs are cut perfectly, I’m arranging everything exactly how the new map says to put it, even though half of it doesn’t make any sense.

(The salsas are not even in order of spice level anymore, it used to go Mild, Medium, Spicy, but the new map is Spicy, Mild, Medium?? )Because that’s what the new boss wants.

Well, I finish everything, and I barely even have any time to actually do any production, so even though everything is mapped and looking good merchandising-wise… we are out of A LOT of products.

It was pretty fun explaining it the next day, saying that I was told to do this and that when I only had 6 hours to do it all. Yes, it looks better… but we could have just done it on Monday after the busy weekend was over.”

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4. Cancellation Fee Is 50% Of The Order Value? We'll Revise The Purchase Order Value, Then.

“Once upon a time, many moons ago, I was but a lowly peon project engineer (I’m being repressed!) working on a big, million-dollar project that my company was contracted to do for Client Corp (that was a part of a larger project by the Client Corp). Things were progressing well, we had the job design and engineering done, materials ordered, ready to mobilize the team to the job site.

All of a sudden the client, Bob, says unto us peons: “Hark ye, your project will now be canceled because the project will be canceled.”

Of course, we weren’t too happy about it because:

All the work we’d put in up to that point basically just went up in smoke;

Even with cancellation fees, that kind of just barely covered the costs we’d incurred to date, no profit;

We were now stuck with a huge amount of materials that we had to find a way to redeploy, with a shelf-life;

We knew that claiming cancellation fees was going to be a painful, thorny path.

Boy, oh boy, was it a truly painful and thorny path to walk indeed.

So my team and boss put together the supporting documents etc and prepared the job cancellation invoice, then appointed me as the sacrificial lamb Bearer Of The Cancellation Invoice to deliver the news to the Client Corp.

Bob was not happy. Duh. Negotiations started with Bob, his bosses, Adam (my boss), and me in the room.

Barely 10 minutes in and there are raised voices, palms slamming on the table, angry angry men all around. Adam and I tried our best to placate the Client’s team to no avail, even as they tried whatever intimidation tactics they could to bully us into dropping the cancellation fees. We’d worked out a few options beforehand to be more flexible in this, but all were shot down by Bob’s team in anger.

Finally, Adam said the magic words: “This cancellation clause is written into the master contract with MegaClient – if you don’t agree to this, then perhaps we can escalate to MegaClient’s higher management for arbitration.”

The room fell silent. Obviously, Bob’s/Client’s team already had a lot of foul-smelling substances on their plate already with the failure of the larger project as a whole – their subsidiary organization was formed as a special purpose company just for this project – and the last thing they needed was more attention from the parent organization.

“Fine,” says Bob. “You know what? We’ll pay you the cancellation fee, 50% of the purchase order value as stated in the contract.”

Bob’s face took on a sinister smirk.

“But we’ll need to adjust the purchase order value.”

And with that, Adam and I got booted out of their office.

The very next day, my company accounts department started screaming. Apparently, Client had indeed adjusted the purchase order value – from the original X million dollars, down to 10,000 dollars.

That meant that the cancellation fee, going by the letter of the contract, was now only 5,000 dollars!

Jesus. Talk about a low blow.

But wait, there’s more!!! All subsequent attempts to reach out to Bob and his team by phone or email were stonewalled. Finally, after a few days, I personally paid Bob a visit at his office – only to have him laugh in my face and basically say “Whatchu gonna do about it?”

Other follow-up meeting requests to Bob and his team were denied outright for a couple of weeks…

Finally, Adam pulled some strings to have our company’s senior management talk to MegaClient’s senior management, after which we got to meet with an entirely different team than before.

Enter Charlie. Charlie was on a different part of the team from Bob, and we hadn’t had any dealings with him before. Charlie told us that Bob had been transferred back to MegaClient HQ (Client Corp was being disbanded), and now Charlie had to take over from Bob.

Charlie also had no idea of what had transpired before this, so we filled him in.

You see, Bob had pulled a fast MC on us – he knew he was being transferred back to HQ, so he tried to screw us over and also make it look like the project cancellation costs were smaller than what they actually are.

To give Charlie due credit, he did try to help us resolve the cancellation fees – the only problem is, with the stunt that Bob had pulled just before leaving, we were collectively stuck in a cesspit.

You see, in order to correct the purchase order to the original, correct value, it needed to be verified by the originator of said purchase order (Bob, who was no longer around), and approved by a manager (Bob’s boss, who was also no longer around).

To make things worse, since the larger project had been canceled, finance and accounting functions were now taken over by MegaClient’s finance team who had no idea of the backstory.

And a boatload of suspicion as to why the purchase order now has to be retroactively increased after project cancellation in order to facilitate cancellation fee payment to a supplier….. By a huge amount, no less. (What do you mean you need to increase the PO amount from 10,000 to X million AFTER THE FACT??? / We need to get verification from the originator and approver to proceed!)

All in the midst of a corporate reshuffle within Client/MegaClient Corp, which meant we had to deal with a rotating cast of different people who again, had no idea of the backstory to all this.

Fun times.

All in all, it took us A YEAR of painful back-and-forth explanations and negotiations, often repeating the same story to multiple senior managers, multiple parties; accusations of fraud; some creative negotiations – including the transference of inventory to the parent company MegaClient to support some of their other projects (which in turn messed with our company’s other projects with MegaClient) – to get things finally resolved and recoup our losses.

Meanwhile, just dealing with all this meant that effectively I couldn’t be reassigned to other projects because dealing with this became a full time job in itself.

Thus went one of the most stressful and unproductive years of my career, and also an abject lesson in personal and professional integrity. Please, dear readers, don’t do this to your suppliers. And always pay attention to the cancellation clauses in your contracts.”

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StumpyOne 1 year ago
Was there a revenge?
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3. Make Fun Of Your Own Family Members? Lose Your Family And Fortune

“So, this story happened a few years ago back in 2016 when I was in my senior year of high school.

I will start with some information about the victim of this story or, in better terms, the jerk who got what he deserved in the end. My dad has 3 siblings all older than him and all equally horrible human beings. They bullied my dad for years and made his childhood terrible after their parents divorced due to him being slightly darker in skin tone than them (my grandma is white, and my grandpa is brown-skinned).

They were abusive racists and the worst of them was my older uncle. He was a big bully and a snob who saw himself better than anyone else.

All the mistreatment messed up my dad mentally so much that he became a raging substance abuser which made my life a living heck until I moved out 2 years ago.

Anyways, in my country, the most important year in your life is your last high school year.

It ends with a nationwide exam that determines if you can even go to university or not and the success rate in this exam is fairly low, so basically, if you fail, it’s either you dropout and move to low paying jobs where you will never amount to anything due to our country’s bad and declining economic state, OR you just keep repeating till you get your degree and go to a university that you don’t even want to be in, but at least it’s a safety net that can get you out of the country hopefully one day.

Things did not go well for me due to family issues and me having undiagnosed ADHD at the time that was causing me a lot of academic problems without me knowing the cause. This gave me some sort of depression. That goes without saying that year ended up in me failing, and due to the importance of that exam, people saw it as a shame and kind of a big letdown.

Needless to say, due to the long introduction, my family never had a relationship with my uncles, especially since they looked down on us due to my father being a substance abuser and us being dirt poor. This made them think less of us. Bear in mind, they stole everything my dad inherited from his father including a house and a piece of land that could have lifted us at least to a mid-class level.

Lo and behold, my big and bad uncle that I last saw when I was 7 came to visit us 3 days after the failing of my diploma. I already didn’t like the guy after all the stories I heard about him, and his visit felt weird like he had no business being around us at all. He came uninvited. My mom sat him down and started making the usual small talk and then she called me saying that he wanted to say hi.

I went and the conversation went as follows…

Uncle: Ohhh, look how much you’ve grown up. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you. You look just like your dad. The apple does not fall far from the tree after all. Even in terms of of being a successful person, you’re following in his footsteps. -letting after that the loudest and most sarcastic, evil laugh ever-

Me: What do you mean by this?

Uncle: Well, I heard you failed your high school.

Guess this branch of the family is bound to be the loser side.

Me: I guess you better shut your mouth and beat it. No one wants you here anyway.

Uncle: Guess your nasty mom didn’t raise you well. What did I expect from hood rats like you?

After that, things devolved into a shouting match and he left. After what happened, I was mad for a while. I couldn’t forget the humiliation and I decided that one day I will exact some revenge, so I started plotting.

I did some digging till I discovered that his business and assets are in his wife’s name, and he basically owns nothing due to him committing tax fraud and ripping off his formal business associate out a lot of bucks before declaring bankruptcy and transferring the bills and everything he owns to his wife to evade taxes.

I came to contact with former employees who agreed to testify if this stuff ever came to court due to him being a crappy human being overall and treating them like absolute trash while they worked for him.

I couldn’t even hope for a better outcome than this… He came to our house again to speak to my dad because he wanted to make a golden custom ring for his daughter in her 10th birthday. (My dad is a jeweler.) While he is in our house, he called out for me asking for a phone charger because his phone is dying and at that moment I almost jumped with glee.

It was my chance to get his phone and dig around. Maybe I could find a document or email that can be used later in a police case I was assembling against him. I told him I don’t have a brick, but I can charge his phone with a cable from my laptop. Not knowing any better, like the boomer he is, he gave me the phone without batting an eye.

His phone had a passcode and asking for it was too suspicious, so my plan to check his email went down the drain, but still, I removed his SD card, put it in my laptop, and copied all his files. I charged his phone and gave it back.

He eventually left, and boom, locked my room and started to check all the files. I found nothing at all, but as soon as I started to give up, I found a well-hidden file with a few videos on it and then I struck gold: a full-blown tape of him with another woman with his face fully visible, clear as daylight.

I was literally singing to myself from excitement.

For a few weeks, I made a bank account and made it look like it’s his mistress’s account, made a bunch of other accounts that looked like friends and family commenting and interacting with her.

After that, I added his wife and texted her saying that I am her husband’s mistress. She did not believe me at first until I gave her too much personal information that I knew about him for her to keep not believing me.

I told her that he lied and said they were divorced and how he promised me marriage. She requested to talk to me on the phone. I got a hold female friend to help out by lending me her voice. My aunt was destroyed. I sent her the tape as proof. After that, she filed for divorce immediately and sued him for infidelity which lost him custody and visitation rights for his girls.

She took everything from him even the house and all the assets that were in her name.

Overnight, he became homeless with 0 pennies to his name, but that was not enough for me. I met up with his former business partner through a former employee who especially hated my uncle’s guts and told him everything and that the employees are willing to testify against him in court.

He agreed to filing a lawsuit.

The cherry on the top came when his ex-wife testified that he threatened her safety and her kids’ safety if she did not let him put the assets on her name by force. She literally pulled out phone recordings that she had of him being threatening and him saying that he will do terrible things if she didn’t let him basically use her as a tax evasion tool.

She said she was scared to use these recordings against him due to her fear for her children’s safety.

Due to their previous divorce case, the judge needed to hear no more. That man got hit with 15 years in jail so fast that he couldn’t even comprehend what happened before he was on his way to the slammer.

Just to rub some more insult to injury I visited him a year ago and I just said one sentence, “This would have never happened if you just did not call me a loser” and left.

The look on his face while he pieced everything together almost cured my depression. I never told my involvement in this story to a soul except for my little sister, my female friend that helped me and now you, too, but I had to make him know just to be able to finally sleep at night.”

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StumpyOne 1 year ago
You couldn't pass your High School exam and yet you managed to launch an in depth destruction of your uncle's life, literally evil genius level, including causing him to go to prison for 15 years (for threats nonetheless, literally an impossible sentence for that crime) and expect all of this to be believable. I get he hurt your feelings. You listed all of these reasons you failed (none of them your fault), but were literally able to overcome those issues IMMEDIATELY in able to become what you couldn't be (due to insert excuses). I'm amazed. Maybe everyone who fails a test should be called "losers" and then immediately retested, since that seems to be a cure for failing. Not studying. Not trying harder or getting help. Wow. All of this seems credible!
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2. Making Saying "Goodnight" Every Night Such A Big Deal? I'll Take It Very Seriously

“In my family, saying “good night” every night is a big deal.

“How dare you pass out from exhaustion in your own bed? How dare you go to sleep in such a selfish, ruthless and unceremonious way! This is some passive-aggressive barbarism! If you don’t say good night to everyone in the entire household, the pets, the ladybugs, and the plants, how will your family know you still love them?! They will toss and turn all night long, wondering what your problem is…”

(Conflicting schedules is not an excuse, it’s a safer bet to wake up a light sleeper to wish them a good night…)

If I go to bed without saying it, my dad will guilt trip me the next day and act “upset” as if he has to walk on eggshells and trying to “read my mind”…

Acting dramatic as all heck before I’ve even had my coffee!

“Well, you just simply went to bed last night! Didn’t even say good night! I must have said or done something terrible to offend you! I can never know what’s gotten into you. So sensitive! Sulking and pouting again for absolutely no reason at all… Leaving me wondering, like I don’t have enough to worry about! ”

I most likely saw him sleeping in front of the tv, hugging the remote and I decided to let him rest!

Sometimes he doses off pretty early, but he insists he’s fully awake and watching the news or F1 …

If I don’t wake him up and send him off to bed, I might find him like that in the morning.

For the malicious compliance, I might quickly pop my head in the living room and say: “Good night!”

He jumps off, tosses the remote like it’s on fire, cats and dogs flying in the air, and he yells: “Aaaaah! Whothewhatwas mhumhr, huhH?!”

“Oh, sorry to wake you up…”

“No! I wasn’t sleeping, I’m watching F1!”

“Oh, really? Who’s in the lead?”

“Go to sleep immediately! Good night!” (snuggles in the blanket)

“Good night.”

Later that same evening as I turn off the lights in the bathroom while he’s in there: “Good night! ”

“Haargh! Stop following me everywhere! This is an ambush!”

“Am I following you or is it an ambush? ”

“Go to bed this instant!”

“But I need to use the bathroom…”

“Oh, ok.

Good night!”

“Good night!”

A few hours later, somehow we both meet in the kitchen for a 3 am snack…

He’s stumbling around like an intoxciated pirate and I tiptoe quietly like a cat in the dark…

I see him rummaging like a demented squirrel as I approach from behind and I whisper:

“Good night…”

High jump and a bag of croissants au chocolat hits the floor:

“Arrrrgh! You nearly gave me a heart attack! How dare you! I’m an old man! What is this “good night”?! It’s already tomorrow! What are you even doing here at this hour, why aren’t you asleep?! ”

“Oh, sorry, good morning.

I’m here for breakfast. The most important meal of the day!”

“And you’re mocking me on top of it all! Go back to sleep! ”

“Put that down, you have diabetes. ”

“Well, I have to take my bedtime pills with something!”

“Ok, good night!”

“Good night!”

When we watched the latest Magnificent Seven we both almost wet ourselves laughing at “Goodnight Robicheaux” and that’s what we call each other sometimes, when someone’s quicker on the draw…

When leaving in the morning, he’s often yelling “good night” instead of “good bye”…

Some neighbors have heard him and asked why he would say that in the morning.

“Haha, long story…” (They must think I’m a vampire.)”

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1. Keep Positioning Me As The Villain In Your Backwards Life? I'm Out Of This Friendship


So, as a backstory, this happened when I was in the equivalent of Junior year of high school. I became friends with a girl one year older than me and soon we grew to be like sisters, doing crap together all the time and being generally like sisters. Might I also mention that at that time both of us were into stuff like Reiki and weird sorts of spirituality and the occult and stuff like that, and me being the edgy teen I was at that point was incredibly happy to have someone share my interests.

When my junior year started she was a senior and met a guy at college admissions prep who she apparently immediately fell for.

Of course, she introduced him to me and he and I took to each other almost too well.

(Bf is my friend’s partner, D is my friend.)

Bf and I started to get along marvelously and being the stupid kid I was, of course, I fall for him hard, but I hid it and decided that I would be the better person and eat my feelings since he was her man.

So I kept it friendly and basically developed an iron control on my emotions (which to this day is both a good and a bad thing for my mental health).

Over the next 6 months, D had become obsessed with him, increasingly jealous and manipulative with both of us, and was basically making both our lives a nightmare. She was calling me for hours sometimes just complaining about how Bf has the emotional range of a teaspoon, other times raging and crying, and at that point, I was stuck mediating between D and Bf on a daily basis, almost to the exclusion of everything else.

I recognize now, years later, that she was incredibly emotionally abusive to both of us. While being a generally abusive jerk and psycho witch, she was also very very seductive and flirty. About a couple of days before poop hit the fan she made out with a classmate of mine in front of me while asking me not to tell her man.

One day soon after, BF calls me angry beyond belief because he and D got into one of their arguments which after half a year of the relationship became explosive in nature.

He wanted to leave her since he was tired of her crap and she threatened to take her life. I don’t remember exactly what had triggered the argument but what I do remember was that I was feeling so darn guilty about not telling Bf what I had seen. He was one of my best friends after all, and I was put in the situation of either covering up her two-timing or risking a big meltdown.

I chose to tell Bf that I think she’s just crying for attention since she made out with So-and-So the other week and he went mad. Like seeing red kind of mad. He thanked me for telling him what happened and said he’d go to her house and break up with her and that he’ll keep me posted.

An hour later I get a string of angry texts from her that I betrayed her and that I should stay away from them and all sorts of belittling things.

Bf also blocked me on her request and told me to stay away and so I ended up the “villain” and feeling like I wanted the earth to swallow me whole.

After a few days of being miserably depressed, a few girls from my class approached me at a party I couldn’t dodge out of and asked me what’s wrong. After telling them what D had done they were the ones who convinced me I did the right thing and that I wasn’t the villainous bee with an itch she made me look like.

You can imagine how freaking angry I was after giving my all to her and getting jack in return so I started plotting revenge. The first step was contacting her ex who I knew she hated, going out with him but bailing like a chicken because I was still feeling guilty. That didn’t work, I was a weakling and made up with her and suffered a few more months until summer came and the three of us went on a seaside vacation where crap REALLY hit the fan.

I booked a couple of extra days after they were supposed to leave and on their last evening, while at a restaurant, I got a call from my parents telling me to not come home early because my favorite uncle had died and they were going to his funeral. I was distraught and went to my hotel room while D said they’ll just drop by their room and come stay with me since I wasn’t feeling like being alone.

Guess what: she got flirty and decided to hook up for hours while I sat alone crying my eyes out. When they came over to my room,  D wanted to do some illegal substances, got incredibly unsober and started arguing with me and Bf about some stupid spiritual stuff she saw while on her trip. Bf was already angry with her since on our second night she got wasted and flirted with everyone in the club, so he and I decided we wanted to go to the beach and see the sunrise.

She came too, arguing with Bf and me the whole time until these stupid words left her mouth:

D: “Bf, I cannot believe you are arguing with me – stop whining, it’s just some dead guy, get over it already!”

What. The. FUDGE. Did. You. SAY?!

I stormed off in a rage, with Bf running after me afraid I’d do something stupid in my altered mental state and she kept sneering and complaining.

I can honestly say I blacked out of rage at some point because I can’t remember what she said that made me punch her.

I got home the next week and started looking for a way out of this sham of a friendship. D didn’t even apologize for the crap she said and I had had enough, so when a mutual friend reported that she was making out with some guy at a party, I immediately reported it to Bf and the same thing as before happened with both of them blocking me.

Good riddance, I thought, but boy oh boy karma served me a true opportunity to wreak havoc not long after.

Fast forward 6 months I was in my senior year, kept to my side of mine and D’s mutual friends, and was dealing with what I know now is my still severe depression when guess who calls? You guessed it, Miss D sobbing on the phone because Bf “wrongly” accused her of two-timing with a friend of his.

Oh but of course I’ll help, I say, not mentioning that I’ll help get her exposed if anything.

I wheeled and dealt, called favors, pretended to be friends to people, and generally was a manipulative person until I got the information of what exactly she did and wasn’t telling me: that she actually went behind her man’s back with SEVEN blokes. Seven. Not one, not two, seven.

I was flabbergasted, to say the least.

Through a bit of clever usage of computers, I even got convo transcripts and made sure Bf found out everything – ie I told him every single dirty thing she did with a grin of satisfaction on my face, and then as the “nice” girl, I held him back so he wouldn’t freak out on her. I do believe my thoughts were on the line of “nobody get to her before I can make her suffer.” Just peachy, I know.

I somehow convinced him not to kick her butt into kingdom come and instead arranged a meeting in the KFC next to our school where Bf wanted to “make up with her.”

I told D that I had convinced him of her innocence and he agreed to get back together and she was “soo relieved I worked my magic again.” Little did she know, I didn’t have to drop by the post office when I told her I’ll go ahead, run an errand, and meet her there, but that I went ahead, got all of our friends there to witness and plastered a whole section of KFC with screenshots of her lewd conversations with various blokes.

Bf was also there, almost murderous, waiting for her to arrive.

After a bit of a wait, I had the honor of witnessing the most glorious sight ever: D walked in, all happy and hopeful in her tiny lying soul, and her face instantly dropped when she saw me, her now ex-partner, and everyone in her group of friends from high school waiting for her surrounded by proof of her shenanigans.

That was not the only thing that dropped though, since as I was reveling in the look of utter betrayal on her face, she proceeded to pass out.

I didn’t even care what happened after; it was enough that she saw me there, looked at the predatory grin on my face and knew I was behind it all, and had robbed her of the one thing she cherished most: her Bf. It was worth the almost full year of manipulation and lies to see her fall.

Years after she even apologized sincerely when she realized what drove me to this revenge plot and now we’re civil, but now she knows she should NEVER. Ever. Cross me.”

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