People Reveal Their Obnoxious Revenge Stories

People have a hard time forgetting the bad thing others have done to them, that's why it's so easy to keep grudges that lead to obnoxious revenge plans. Here are some of the stories people have revealed about their unforgettable revenge.

16. Make A Last-Minute Price Hike? Then Make No Sale At All


“I like to buy video game collectibles on eBay. I found this one item that I was looking for, but couldn’t afford it at the time, I was short on funds that week, I had some extra expenses. It was $100 as a Buy It Now listing.

I contacted the seller ahead of time and asked him if he could hold it for me until my next paycheck. He said no, but he said as long as it doesn’t sell before you buy it, it’s yours. I told him I look forward to buying the item once I get paid, and he told me great, he hopes I get it.

I checked in halfway through the point to where I got my next paycheck just to make sure he still knew I was interested.

My paycheck came and I was ready to buy. Since it’s a collectible, I asked him how he ships the item, because some sellers just stuff things in bubble envelopes and mail them out. He had free shipping so I asked if it would cost anything extra to make sure it’s packed extra well. He said no, he packages all his items well, it’s their standard.

I told him great, I’m going to buy it now.

So I go back to the listing page and the price suddenly jumped up to $200. I messaged him again and I said, I just told you I was going to buy this item, we chatted back and forth for over a week. Why would you suddenly hike the price up to double the cost right before I buy?

The message I got back this time wasn’t personal in nature or friendly, it sounded like an automated message. I’m paraphrasing, but: ‘Thank you for contacting us. Sorry, but we don’t negotiate prices with buyers. The price is what it is and we hope you understand and purchase with us. Thank you!’

I responded to that and said ‘Really? That’s the response you’re giving me now, some automated sounding trash?’ He responded with the same cut and pasted message again.

Since you do payments quickly through Paypal and it checks out, he either got greedy at the last second or was hoping I wouldn’t notice the quick price edit right before I bought it. But I’ve been using eBay for a long time and one thing I know about eBay is 99% of the time they favor the buyer in any dispute.

So, I said screw this guy, I’ll buy your item.

I bought the item for $200 and when the item arrived at my house a handful of days later it ‘arrived damaged’ (wink wink) and I told him that the package arrived totally damaged and if he doesn’t allow me to return it, I’m contacting eBay personally and telling them you won’t accept a damaged item back. He told me there’s no way it arrived damaged it was packaged so well.

I told him I don’t know what to tell you pal, but that’s how it arrived. Maybe the post office handled it very poorly during transit, but I do appreciate how you are no longer sending me automated messages now that I have your attention. He begrudgingly accepted the return back. I got my full payment back. Since it was a collectible and now all busted up, he no longer can re-sell the item to anyone else, as it will have no value in the condition it ‘arrived in.’

All in all, I wasted a little bit of gas driving it back to the post office to return it and a little bit of time, but screwing someone over for being a jerk never felt so good, and it was totally worth it.”

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chga 2 years ago
He pulled a bait-and-switch. He deserved it.
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15. Summer Job That Led To The Closure Of 4 Restaurants


“I (22F) got my first job when I was 16 at a specialty restaurant with 5 locations. I worked at the busiest location. It was summer at the time so I was working 5 days a week from 12-10 pm. The restaurant is set up like Panda Express/Manchu Wok or those other Asian restaurants in food courts where the food is laid out and you pick what you want from the selection, except it’s not in a food court and has its own seating, so more like a cafeteria/Ikea setup.

My job is to give/serve people their food, checkout, and some minor prep. By 1 pm, all the cooks have left. I am left with a dishwasher/busboy until closing.

3 weeks have passed and I haven’t gotten paid anything. Turns out, the owner, whom I’ve met a couple of times, is spending all her revenue in the casino and a lot of staff aren’t getting paid.

Some employees have worked here for years and have over $5,000 of unpaid work. I talked to the owner and she said I can take my daily income from the checkout register after I do all my closing as long as I write everything down. I didn’t care at this time as long as I was getting paid. I didn’t know much about the law either since it was my first job.

But I did provide them my SIN/SSN, so I was hired legally to my knowledge. The manager that hired me never mentioned payments when she hired me.

I was getting my pay from the till for about a week until one of my coworkers found out. Obviously, she got jealous and told everyone. Since these people have thousands of unpaid work, they felt like it was unfair that I was getting paid and they weren’t.

At this time, the owner was out of the country, so I stopped taking my pay from the till to avoid getting in conflict with my coworkers. I mean, the owner will pay me eventually, right? (I was young, naive, and did not know better).

During one of my shifts, delivery came in and they wanted to get paid on the spot. I did not have cash on the till, and I couldn’t get a hold of my coworkers to deal with the situation, so the delivery guy eventually left with all the products.

That night, the owner’s husband gave me a call and he was furious that we did not get the delivery since we needed it for tomorrow because we’re low on products. He dropped by to leave payment for the delivery and made me wait until 12 midnight for the delivery to come, unpaid. I was left by myself in the restaurant, and I was crying. It was a very stressful situation for me, and working here led me to smoke (I don’t smoke anymore).

This was my breaking point. I wanted to quit but I was afraid that I wouldn’t get all my hard-earned funds. The job is easy but all the coworker drama and the trashy treatment of the owners got to me.

I kept working in this location until the end of summer, with over $3,000 of unpaid work, not adjusted with overtime and holiday pay. I did eventually get to talk to the owner on the phone and all I got was ‘it is what it is.’ I did not show up for work on the last day of summer.

After I didn’t show up, I filed a claim with the Department of Labour/Ministry of Labour. When school started, the manager from their other location asked me to come work for her on weekends. Of course, I said no, but eventually agreed when she said that I will be paid after my shift. The owner never came here to take the revenue for her gambling, and she’s still out of the country so I did get paid after my shift. Everyone that worked here was a lot nicer too since everyone was getting paid.

I asked my unemployed friends to drop off their resumes. The owner did not know that I was friends with these people, and she eventually hired one of my friends as a dishwasher/busboy to work with me. The manager leaves early on weekends, and it’s just me and my friend in the restaurant so I would give out food to my friends, customers that I know, and family, FOR FREE.

Not my food cost, so I did not give a darn. I know it’s a trashy move but keep in mind the $3,000 that they still owe me.

Everyone that worked here knows all the stuff that’s happening. The business has always been doing great, to the point that the owner was able to have 5 locations. Everyone was getting paid on time and was given bonuses during the first few years of the business until the owner started going to the casino. Her attitude changed and stopped taking care of the business.

She would even get mad at the employees for paying the bills, instead of keeping the funds for her gambling, we’ve had times that our electricity got cut off and couldn’t operate as a restaurant. Producers/Suppliers are also refusing to deliver products unless we are paid right away (they aren’t getting paid on time as well).

The owner only ever goes to the restaurant locations to take cash.

Her husband does most of the work and even takes cash out of his pocket to pay for the restaurant expenses. From what I’ve heard, their marriage went down the sewage since the wife started gambling, and coming home from the casino without her car. There were also rumors that the husband lied which led to the wife’s gambling problems. I believed all the rumors since it all made sense at the time, but no confirmation until now.

I also found out that one of their locations had to close down because they did not pay the lease, they’re now left with 4. We’re the only location (2nd location I’m working at) where the staff gets paid on time. Except for the manager who also has unpaid wages from years before and my $3,000 from summer. Everyone else here is new and is getting paid on time.

2 weeks have passed since I worked part-time at the other location. I started getting calls from the labor dept. about my claim. I told them everything. Staff not getting paid or the owner is paying cash. Plus all the trashy treatment that I did not mention above. Of course, the government doesn’t like it when we don’t pay our taxes. I kept a record of my hours in my notebook, I also had text messages from my coworkers about the working conditions of this place.

I kept working here while my claim was being processed, and while the owner is out of the country. Eventually, they got the letter a couple of days after the owner came back and she was enraged. ‘How do you have the audacity to work here after you file a claim against us?!’ She wasn’t aware that I didn’t show up for my shift when I was working at the first location and was hired by the manager in the current location.

So I got fired.

I went on with school, and eventually got paid $5000+ for my unpaid hours, and the trouble. The Labour dept. gave them trouble as well for not paying a minor. It seemed like they were taking advantage. That was basically my first paycheck. Quite a lot of savings for a 16yr old.

I started working at a food court elsewhere – totally legal, it’s a franchise.

One day I was approached by one of the cooks at the first location who recognized me. They all knew what I did and that I got paid, and he wanted to know how to file a claim. I told him everything, what he needs to do, and all the proof/evidence that he can provide. I also told him that whoever files a claim will get paid, and I encouraged him to tell everyone.

Two months later, my friends that knew about the situation started tagging me on an article posted on social media about the restaurant. Over 4 people have filed for a claim, and the owner is forced to pay over $50,000+ for unpaid wages, overtime, and interest, plus $2,500+ administrative fees. I, later on, found out that they got audited, and more people started filing for claims. A lot of people that worked there before and are still owed their wages also filed for a claim.

A food inspection in one of the other locations uncovered several serious health and sanitation infractions. All 4 of their locations eventually shut down.

I know it’s not intentional revenge. And the restaurant could’ve closed down anytime due to their debts. Although my friends still joke about it to this day that I added fuel/spark to the fire/kindle that led to the closure of all their remaining locations.

I’m just glad I got my hard-earned funds.”

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14. Mess Up My Brother's Clothes? I'll Mess Up Yours


“So this happened when I was in my last year of high school and my brother in his second year. I was also someone a lot of people were scared of because I was a trouble maker. I’ve beaten up a couple of people (sent one to the hospital), I’ve vandalized school property, and so on (I’m not proud of it but I had my reasons which if curious you can ask for).

Also out of school, I wasn’t like this.

My brother had always asked me not to let people know that we are brothers since he doesn’t want people to judge him by the fact that I’m his brother. I can completely understand why he asked that and so I told nobody until the bullying went too far.

So my brother has been bullied ever since he started high school and I hated to just watch and do nothing because that’s what my brother wanted. He always thanked me at home for not intervening.

But this time I couldn’t stand it anymore I heard that a group of kids had just taken my brother’s jacket, ripped it apart, and threw his shoes on the roof of the school building.

I went to the people who did that to him and I just asked them nicely to pay for both the shoes and the jacket. They cost about 200 euro which is about 216 USD.

There were 4 of them so they would be 50 euro each. I gave them 3 days to pay it back.

3 days went by and they hadn’t paid back even a cent. And I knew they had the funds because, well I know people who do all kinds of things which include dealers. Those idiot kids spent over 100 euros on substances every week.

So 1 week after they should’ve paid back two of them show up with brand new jackets.

They probably thought since I hadn’t told them anything after telling them to pay for the jacket and shoes they were safe. Well, they’re wrong.

The next day I take one of my knives to school expecting those kids to show up in those new expensive jackets. Well, I was right, they show up and I ask them to pay up. Of course, they say they won’t pay.

I then tell them to give me their jackets instead. They also say no. I then proceed to cut both their jackets off of them. And tell them that they’d better pay me or my brother by tomorrow or I would cut something else off.

Needless to say, all of them paid me what they owed. Oh and I can’t forget that day when they paid me, I cut their jackets again telling them not to ever bully my brother again.

My brother hasn’t been bullied since and even brings friends over.”

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13. Be A Terrible House Guest? I'll Exploit Your Phobia


“I really don’t like my brother. He’s younger but has always been a jerk, leech, and general screw-up.

He’s the kind of guy who drinks all but a half-ounce of the orange juice and puts the bottle back in the fridge, or takes someone else’s lunch from the fridge at work. I’ve also never heard him say ‘thank you’; except as kids when he was forced to by our parents. Our parents did a generally good job of raising us. No mistreatment, no narcissism, no crazy church stuff.

So it’s all him.

Last summer we were having some brutally hot/humid weather for our area (90 degrees with 85% humidity at 9 pm sort of thing) and he knocked on my door, giving a sob story about how his car was broken down nearby and he needed a place to stay. If it were up to me, I’d have shut the door in his face.

But my wife came to the door too, and since she’s a better person than me, insisted we let him in. I acquiesced because I didn’t want to deal with her in a grumpy mood.

I cooked dinner (steak, with mashed potatoes and green beans. More than he deserved) and we made awkward small talk, him complaining about his current job until I was able to end the conversation.

We set him up in the guest room and headed off to sleep. He never thanked me or my wife for the shelter or the meal.

I woke up the next morning around seven to find him passed out on the floor downstairs in the area where my home theater is set up, a couple of feet from a big pile of vomit on the carpet.

And an empty bottle of scotch that I had purchased only a few days before and not opened yet. Lagavulin 16, to be specific, so not a cheap bottle. I’d bought it for myself as a celebration of getting an anniversary raise at work.

The sight of my brother having finished an entire bottle of scotch and then puked it up on my carpet was not exactly what I wanted to see first thing on a Saturday morning.

Then, because of the jerk I am, an idea struck me. My brother is terrified of thunder. Was as a kid, is still as a grown man. No real reason for it, it’s just a phobia of his like heights are for some people.

There is a 3/4 bath downstairs with a door that swings outwards instead of inwards because the previous owner crammed everything into as small a space as possible.

So I dragged my wasted brother into the bathroom and left him on the floor. Not being a total jerk, I grabbed a box of saltine crackers, a couple of bottles of Gatorade, some aspirin, and a plastic cup (for water) and put them in there with him. Then I closed the door and kicked two-door wedges under it so he couldn’t get out of the bathroom.

Then I went and found some thunderstorm sounds and fired up my home theater system. It’s nothing that would make the home theater subreddit jealous, but it’s way more than a soundbar or basic home theater in a box. The subwoofer can make drinks on the table rattle.

I fired up the thunderstorm sounds and cranked up the speakers. Then I went upstairs to make myself some coffee and breakfast.

The floor vibrated with the synthetic storm in the underground room and my groggy wife was wondering why it sounded like a storm when it was shaping up to be another scorcher.

I told her what my brother had done. And what I had done. She looked furious and looked at the clock, which was at about 8:15, and said ‘Leave that ungrateful little idiot in there until ten.’

After my coffee, I went down to clean up the puke and heard him sobbing and hitting on the door. Yelling ‘Screw you! Stop it!’ And other nonsense. I yelled back ‘Have some crackers and Gatorade!’ and turned up the speakers a bit. Not much, because I didn’t want to damage my equipment.

Around 10 am, I turned the thunderstorm off. I heard crying coming from the bathroom.

I pulled out the wedges, opened the door, and saw my brother’s pathetic butt curled up in the shower stall.

I looked at him for a long time, until he looked up at me and started to say ‘You son of a —’

‘Shut up and get out of my house.’ I cut over him. ‘You’re never allowed to ask for my help again.’

Eyes still red, he slunk out of the house and got an Uber. I haven’t heard from him since. I had to answer a couple of confusing texts from my parents, but mild annoyance on their part was really the only fallout.”

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12. Try To Get Our Fence Taken Down? Enjoy Life Without A Pool


“I grew up in a bit of a strict state and the town I lived in was pretty into everyone’s business.

Please remember this detail a bit later since it’s going to play a very vital role in my story. When I moved to the house I grew up in, we had neighbors who lived in a house right next to our backyard but technically on a different street. This fact will also play a vital role. For this story, we’re going to call the neighbors the Murrays.

The Murrays seemed nice when we first met. I played with their daughter as she was close to a year younger than me and their son who was five years older than me. Their dad became friendly with my dad since it was an extra hand to help with major construction projects. We were friendly enough that when we wouldn’t play in my backyard, we’d let the children and their friends or family play there.

However, as the years went on we started to see their true colors. Anytime I would get a major item like a guitar or a dune buggy, even getting a major role in the school play, their daughter would try to copy me such as getting a dirt bike or a guitar and join the drama club only to then quit when seeing how much work was involved. The dad would borrow my dad’s woodworking tools and never return them, the mother had a few screws loose and I remember bringing an art kit over only for it to be banned since ‘it made a mess.’ The brother probably was the only decent one in the family but had some of his own issues (that’s a different story) and they developed a hatred for my mother when they discovered her religious heritage.

Now here’s where the revenge story comes in: I was in my backyard driving my dune buggy and just refreshing some dirt tracks for the spring, I was about twelve at the time and as I was driving my dune buggy, I noticed a party going on at my neighbor’s house. It turned out it was their daughter’s 12th birthday party. I remember we gave her a gift to celebrate it but I wasn’t invited. I told my parents and they were annoyed.

Mainly because we bought her a nice gift for her birthday and the fact that her family didn’t have the decency to invite me made my family livid, especially my dad. My parents confronted The Murrays who apologized and bought me a birthday gift to make up for it since my birthday was in the same month as their daughter’s. A few weeks after that occurred, Mrs. Murray had trees put up around the border of our properties so they could have their privacy but still use our land.

My dad was furious. One thing about my dad needs to be made clear here everyone: he’s a 2 tour combat war veteran with SEVERE PTSD. And when you anger my father to a certain extent, that anger will stay for DECADES! Since both my parents were sick of their treatment of us, my parents hired a local contractor and had them create a fence to completely fence off our properties.

Not even a single door to allow them in our backyard.

The Murray’s were enraged we did this since it wasn’t on Mrs. Murray’s terms of privacy and cut their ‘friendship’ with us. Well, remember when I said I grew up in a town that had its nose in everyone’s business? A few days after this, an official from my town paid us a visit and told us they had a report of an illegal fence being made onto our property without ‘proper documentation.’ My dad knew immediately who called and in the fashion of my dad, showed the official paperwork which was not only ten years old; but had one major loophole: it never had an expiration date.

Because of this, the town official couldn’t argue with this and approved there wasn’t an issue with the fence. However, right before he left, dad gave the official a ‘tip’ on the Murrays since it was them who called on us (Mr. Murray even confirmed he called the town on us weeks later). The tip? The Murrays have a small above-ground pool. One of those trashy ‘build your own above grounds’ you can buy at your local warehouse store or wherever.

Now as heavily stated, my town had a lot of regulations in order to live there and if you didn’t follow them, they’d be all over you like a bee on sugar until it met the town’s standards. My dad always found a way to get what he wanted and it turns out The Murrays had hedges surrounding the area where their pool was and dad tipped the official off that it was actually against town regulations.

Lo and behold, dad was right. The town was all over the Murrays afterward and told them to either cough up the expenses to get a proper fence in within a month or tear the pool down. The Murrays were forced to tear their pool down, their only source of outdoor entertainment.

Since then, Mr. Murray ‘made up’ with my dad but it didn’t last long at all.

We moved away from that neighborhood three years ago and mainly get along with our current neighbors.

After I told my dad about this story, he openly admitted he forced The Murrays to have the trees they planted to be dug up and moved farther back since the fence was going on the property line. One of the subjects my dad studied in college was horticulture and since the trees couldn’t get direct sunlight, the trees died. Basically, this is my dad for you!

My dad also recently revealed to me that those trees they placed were technically on our end of the property line. I wasn’t aware of this at the time and he told me years later. If I recall correctly, since they technically built on our property without our permission, the trees were illegal. My dad wanted the fence on that spot and it was technically our land right there so that’s why he made the Murrays move their trees.”

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11. Treat Us Like Garbage? I'll Shut Down Your Business


“A little bit about the restaurant owner… he was a heavy drinker. He would crack open a beer first thing after he opened the restaurant for the day, then he would drink continuously throughout the day… all day, every day. And when he did, he yelled and swore at his employees. He would keep drinking in the evenings and sometimes he would pass out. Because I was responsible for cleaning, oftentimes I was the last one to leave at the end of the day… one night, he drank so much he passed out on the seats at the back of the restaurant, then he yelled at me the next day for not waking him up.

I later learned that he slept through the night with all of the lights still on inside the restaurant and the front door unlocked. But I digress…

The biggest kicker was how the owner thought he could mess with our wages, shortchange us in the most blatant ways possible, and get away with it. He kept a notebook where we would record our hours worked. Unfortunately, when it came to calculating our wages, he calculated the minutes as decimals: that is, 15 minutes is equal to 0.15 hours, 30 minutes is equal to 0.30 hours, and 45 minutes is equal to 0.45 hours, and he did that with every day we worked. He was very much aligned with what he believed was the Chinese working culture (996 work schedules for full-time employees, straight-up sub-minimum wages, no overtime, no holiday pay, etc), and any suggestion to the contrary was met with direct verbal mistreatment.

There were no breaks; we worked continuously. The one time I did get a short break, I had worked for 15 hours nonstop and he thought I was about to burn out right where I was standing. Back then I was still a college kid, so I didn’t know my legal rights that well, and he made it clear that it was not up for discussion, but I had a strong feeling that something wasn’t quite right.

It bothered me terribly and I had to do something eventually.

The only reason I worked this job was to earn a little extra on the side. I was handing résumés one day and he hired me immediately; he got my résumé in the afternoon and told me to start working that evening. I didn’t like to be yelled at, but I thought it was just a normal part of the job, so I basically toughed it out while he bombarded me several times a day… soon enough, I kinda got used to it.

But deep down, I was angry… I wanted out, but I didn’t know how. At the same time, I needed to do something. Then the opportunity presented itself.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was how he wanted me to work on Canada Day: my shift was scheduled from 11 am to about 3 am the next day, with no bonus, no holiday pay, no nothing, at sub-minimum wage, that’s it.

No breaks either, remember? Of course, I bailed on him when that day arrived… he asked 20 times over the last 2 months and I told him no every time. When he approached me, he wasn’t asking; he was straight up telling me that I must work on that day, under those conditions. He fired me the very next day; I couldn’t be more delighted. I went right over to the labor board and reported everything.

I told them everything. I also told them where to find that notebook with all the evidence in it; the officer at the labor board gave me a very serious look and told me he would investigate this thoroughly. The owner was illegally hiring study abroad kids from China to do the dirty work for him and treating them like absolute trash. One of the waiters told me she was paid as little as $6 an hour.

The officer at the labor board ordered the owner to pay me more than $1,000 in compensation. Some days later, I brought a buddy with me and returned to the restaurant to collect the rest of what I was owed. I got quite a few missed calls from the owner after that, then I blocked his number.

The cherry on top? I think they must have been audited or something because soon after my complaint, I walked by it one day and it was completely boarded up.

I went on Google to check and they listed the location as permanently closed.”

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10. Calling Out A Narcissist Ex In Every Public Way Possible


“My closest friend, ‘Tammy,’ went out with her now-ex April for seven months. They moved pretty fast but she was happy so I let it go. Tammy is my family, all holidays together, kids willed to each other, all that jazz.

Shortly into the relationship, April’s father figure Mark passed away, leaving her a large inheritance that set off a chain of events that included Mark’s firm’s therapist trying to kill her, Mark’s brother then challenging the will to try to take her inheritance, Mark’s wife Wendy being kidnapped and beaten, then Wendy coming after April’s inheritance herself, on and on.

The story just kept slowly building, and every time we would start digging into the story and asking questions, April’s actual family members or one of her exes would do something, or allegedly do something, crazy that required our immediate attention (sending people to follow her at work, trying to extort from her, etc). It was always something, and with the will in probate all of April’s accounts were frozen, so Tammy ended up sinking around $10k, maybe more, into all of this drama trying to get it all to go away so they could just lead a normal life.

Oh, and April had a whole host of health problems that would leave her lying on the floor writhing in pain or unable to walk or with chest pains… everything all at once, always something, some emergency.

The probate case was supposed to go to trial, and when that started was when Wendy supposedly went after the inheritance too. April said her attorney advised her to just ask for her legal fees in exchange for walking away from the $750k that was rightfully hers.

I called nonsense and started digging hard. Surprise surprise, it was all a lie, Mark and Wendy aren’t even actual people. Tammy had exchanged 350 text messages with fake Wendy, including with April sitting right next to her. April and at least one accomplice spent some serious effort and a lot of hours carrying on this lie for nearly seven months.

I moved out of state a few months ago but flew to Tammy’s state the morning after April finally admitted it was all a lie.

I stood outside while April picked up her stuff, and told her we knew she’d been running around spreading lies about Tammy, saying she was abusive, etc. I told her if she said one more word, I’d spend the rest of my life making sure that everyone she ever knew what she’d done to Tammy and would never stop. She’d spent their entire relationship bragging about Tammy’s and my bond, how we’re fiercely protective and will go to war with anyone who hurts either of us or someone we love.

She knows me.

Less than a day went by and we get a call from one of April’s friends-turned-informant that April had just left her house and was tearing Tammy down again, saying all the same things. In my previous job, I was a marketer, so I’m pretty good at getting people’s attention when I try.

I changed my social media profile photo to a meme ‘is this not what you wanted?,’ bought a petty domain name about her, and announced on that post I’d be launching a tell-all website in a couple of days.

I then went through all of April’s nosiest friends and family and sent them all friend requests so they’d see it. (She hadn’t blocked me yet. Dumb.) Tammy started getting calls and texts right away, including from April’s ex and family friends.

I spent days going through thousands of texts, redacting names and numbers to protect the innocent and also to stay on the right side of the law, constructing a timeline, and writing out the entire story.

Built the website, recorded the story in three still-long videos, posted said videos, a bunch of screenshots, and the written story on it, and announced it was live on social media. April’s sister called Tammy just a few minutes later, and so did one of April’s exes, April’s best friend’s recent ex, and a few other people. I’ve only posted the Mark and Wendy story so far but promised to be detailing all of the other side stories—the various lies she made up about her other friends and family to get Tammy to pay her various debts to them and others—in the coming weeks.

So they’re all still watching and talking about it, waiting to see what I’m going to say about them and what April has already said about them, calling attorneys, etc. They even had someone impersonate an attorney and call April’s best friend’s ex, telling her she was going to get a cease & desist from talking to me and Tammy about any of this.

It’s been glorious to watch them scatter like roaches when a light comes on. April’s mom called Tammy the day after I announced the site but before it launched and threatened to sue. So I commented on my original profile photo post inviting them to sue me because I’d be more than happy to be able to subpoena everyone involved to try to figure out who was sending the Wendy texts and who knew what and when about these insane stories.

I’m still redacting more screenshots to post with what I’m calling the side stories but have a bunch up already, including the 350 with fake Wendy.

Having never tried to run an ad for something like this, I’m also closely reading all millions of Google’s advertising policies to make sure I can run ads for her name so the site shows up when people search her name.

So far it looks like I can so I may just give it a shot and see what happens. Worst case scenario they suspend the ad account, which will be a different one than I use professionally anyway, so no real harm done there. If something like had existed before, I’d have seen it when I googled her when she and Tammy first started and we wouldn’t be here so maybe it will help someone else… and also I’m a little petty and I told her I’d never stop so here we are.

Narcissists get away with this stuff all the time and for once, one doesn’t just get to walk away and not have to deal with any of the fallout. It feels good for this time to be different.”

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chga 2 years ago
I would pay to visit this site.
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9. Keep Me Up All Hours Of The Night? Enjoy Finding A New Place


“I live in a four-unit apartment building on the ground floor with my significant other. We have lived here for three years. When we moved in our upstairs neighbor was a flight attendant who was rarely home, totally ideal. She moved out and the new tenants could be loud at times but never much and never late, they moved out after a year.

Our story begins with their replacements.

A couple roughly our ages (late 20’s/early 30’s) move in. The first few days were pretty loud but we assumed they wanted to get everything in soon, even if it meant doing so late at night, getting set up, etc. A couple of weeks passed but the noises never really stopped. Slamming doors at 11 pm. Hooking up loudly at midnight, screaming fights, then make-up time, etc.

My significant other is possibly the world’s heaviest sleeper. I have a hard time waking him up for ANYTHING. Significant other was also lucky enough to travel for work at this time so he didn’t deal with most of it. When he was home though, it woke him up. Roughly 15 days after moving in they wake us up at midnight fighting. It quiets down, we go back to sleep.

Then we get woken up at 4 am to more fighting.

My significant other goes up and knocks on the door. He gives a gentle ‘Hey guys sorry to come up but we have to work in the morning and can’t be getting woken up like this.’ The guy apologizes. The girl has the glassy-eyed stare/sway of someone drinking or taking something and the whole time her partner is apologizing, she’s slurring that her partner is a jerk.

Significant other comes back downstairs. An hour later one of them calls the cops. They ask for our statements, if we heard anything, what we heard, and that’s that.

They quiet down for maybe a week. Then the nightly naughty time starts. Waking us up at midnight, two, four, sometimes multiple times a night. So not wanting to be too over the top we write a note.

The general gist being ‘Hey, noise ordinance is 10 pm to 7 am, you’ve woken us up quite a few times slamming doors or having adult activities. We’d appreciate it if you keep it down during these hours. We don’t want to have to involve the landlord but we do need to sleep.’ Tape it up on the door and leave it.

Two days later we receive a two-page return note from the girl.

Highlights include ‘Fine I’ll leave my garbage not in a cabinet – I sure hope my dog doesn’t eat something and DIE’ and ‘We can hear you sneeze and go to the bathroom – should we threaten to call the landlord too?!’ And quite a few references to their ‘adult fun time’ being within their rights in their apartment.

I was annoyed but almost wanted to hear the reaction of my landlord for being told we sneeze and use the bathroom.

Still, my significant other went upstairs and tried to clear the air and explain that we definitely don’t care what they do – but it’s not okay to wake us up during noise ordinance hours with it. Both times he went up when they were home they refused to answer. Fine.

So I started keeping a log. Simple. ‘November 4 – 2:17 am – Adult activities’ every time they woke us up.

In two weeks we were woken up ten times. Sometimes twice a night. SO even recorded it on his phone and jeez it is LOUD. We emailed it to the landlord and asked if he could please remind them of the noise ordinance because we need to be able to sleep.

He did so and it was okay for a couple of weeks. And then it started again.

We started responding. If they woke us up we would knock on the ceiling. It would quiet down. Once we got really annoyed and played Baby Shark on our phone at full blast pointed at the ceiling for like 30 seconds.

Then one night, when my significant other was out of town for work, they woke me up at 2 am fighting. I knocked on the ceiling, they moved it to the living room and I tried to sleep.

About an hour later they were back fighting in the bedroom. I knocked. She stomped back as hard as she could about ten times and screamed at me for being a jerk. Well then. They kept screaming at each other. Throwing things. Setting off their car alarms.

I had enough. I called the police and reported a domestic disturbance. Police came. Talked to me. Went upstairs.

Slammed on their door and shouted ‘POLICE OPEN UP’ and that’s all I knew until I left for work around 6 am.

I went out to get in my car and found a cell phone and supplies in the parking lot behind my car. I picked them up and moved them in the grass (petty, I know), and went to work. It was still there when I got home.

I ignored it.

A little while later there was a knock at my door. I wasn’t going to open it but heard a tiny dog so knew it was my good neighbor in the other upstairs unit. I let her in and she asked what happened. I told her I called the cops. She said she was close to doing the same and no one had been home there all day.

She heard one of them being read their Miranda rights though.

I grabbed the stuff from outside and put it outside their door because I didn’t want to leave a phone out overnight. Over the next few days, we learned the girl had been put in court-ordered rehab. Apparently, she had clawed the life out of the guy among other things. That weekend they moved their stuff out.

She one day, he the next day.

I wasn’t trying to get anyone kicked out but man being able to sleep is nice.”

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aofa 2 years ago
I'm guessing they must have read this and recognized themselves and are the 2 dislike votes I currently can see exist
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8. Steal My Truck? We'll Find You


“Tuesday, April 28th, 6:30 am. I stop at my local gas station on my way to work, not even two miles from my home.

I pulled in, parked, and proceed to grab my morning monster to get my day started. I was inside maybe a total of 90 seconds and well my first and only mistake was leaving my keys in the truck to run in. I told my self ‘I am only going to be 2 seconds and might as well let the truck warm-up’. After paying for my things I walk out of the store to notice my truck was no longer parked where I left it.

At that moment I realized I SCREWED up.

So I immediately called my wife to come to the store and sit with me while I called the police. After an hour of waiting on them to show up, thank god I wasn’t in dire need or anything. The police did the normal vehicle description, year, make, model, possession’s inside and asked for any unique descriptive markings on the vehicle.

Now I drive a 2005 ford f-150 crew cab 4×4, out of the factory it received a Rough Country suspension system. Nothing too aggressive about a 5-inch lift, all in all, the truck stood out a little more than most standard f-150’s.

I have never felt so helpless, mad, and sad ever in my life all at one time. I worked so hard for this truck, saved up for 2 months to buy this truck, and it was just ripped away from me.

I know it’s just a truck but it’s hard to explain, it was mine and I wasn’t just gonna let it go. It was time to get to work, since I didn’t have any social media I contacted my brother and some immediate family. I gave them all the information I could and told them to spread the word.

Wednesday, April 29th, 8 am. The social media posts hit over 2,000 shares in less than ten hours, I had to go to work which just killed me.

I couldn’t do anything and the feeling of helplessness was setting in even deeper. Around 10:30 am I get a call from my brother saying a distant friend of his had found the truck occupied by one female and one male parked at a storage facility about 10 miles from my home. Sadly my occupation is a truck driver so I was nowhere near close, and couldn’t get a hold of my wife at the time.

So my brother’s friend without even knowing me and barely knowing my brother agreed to follow them with the police on the phone.

Long story short he did good but we believe they were on to him, so he had to deviate to avoid confrontation, which I don’t blame him at all. He later stated that he wish he would have just stayed on them.

He wasn’t able to catch back up to them and we knew he lost them. Now out of this information, we know the truck is still in the area at that current time. So we kicked it into high gear. My wife and brother’s friend started canvassing the area, hitting all sub roads, and outlets checking everywhere. 2 hours in and it wasn’t looking good for us.

My wife was searching all the local social media groups in our area via my mother-in-law’s social media and was getting some leads on spottings and locations but they were earlier in the morning around 3 to 4 am. Then it happened, at roughly 1:30 pm my wife found a post from a woman who had just been in a hit and run with a truck she claimed was black, she said the truck rear-ended her, an older female stepped out asked if she was OK, handed her an expired insurance card with mine and my wife’s name listed on it.

Then she says to the lady ‘I think we are blocking traffic lets move to the side of the road.’ The lady who was hit by my truck moved over and the older female in my truck just drives right off.

Well, thanks to a homeless person, we were able to determine which street the older female in my truck had turned down leading into a neighborhood.

Now mind you I’m still at work but was en route back home after this. My wife decided to go on a limb and search the neighborhood, she said why not. She was searching through this neighborhood for about 20 minutes then my brother-in-law joined her in the search. At this point I was 45 minutes out, it was roughly 3 pm at this time. My wife finds a truck that looks like ours parked at a home partially backed into a privacy fence.

My wife calls her brother to come to look and see what he thinks. I’m on the phone with them the entire time, also have already asked my brother to head towards them for backup. Now I’m 15 minutes away. My wife didn’t want to call the cops just yet because she was not 100 percent sure it was ours. Now there was a daycare across the street from the home where the truck was parked about 50 down but was hidden by some shrubs and out of the home’s line of sight.

This became our meet-up spot, 5:00 pm I arrive. I instructed my wife to bring my 9 mm pistol, my brother brought his 40 cal, and my sister-in-law had her 9 mm as well. Once we confirmed it was them, we detained them ourselves.

There were absolutely no children at the daycare at this time. We also made sure there were no children around the property. We watched them and had already called the police about 5 minutes before we pushed them.

The only reason we even approached them is that they were attempting to leave the scene, I know we didn’t have to push them as we did. Taking a chance on them having weapons was a factor, that’s the main reason we brought ours.

We were 100 percent aware of our choice is was discussed before the situation. The thieves had already evaded a tail we had on them earlier that day, and we did not want them to get away again.

So yes we detained them, I know it was not the smartest thing to do but we planned.

To conclude the story, we detained them aggressively at first. Once we saw they were unarmed and complying the aggression subsided. Yes, we are southern, and my family isn’t the type to sit around and take a hit. When we knew we had them for sure, we took our chance.

Also, I know I made a mistake leaving my key in the ignition, that was a hard lesson learned and I am normally the person to never do things like that. 4 out of the 5 people that were on the scene were released, they said they were just present through social media trying to purchase the vehicle. The elderly woman in the little white car was immediately pointed out by the four individuals as the person selling my vehicle.

She was arrested and charged with about 5 felonies.

The move I made was risky but I believe if we hadn’t done what we did my truck would not have been found or it would have been 100 percent totaled. At this time the estimate is around $4,000 worth of damage to my truck.

We spoke with the police after everything was wrapping up and mind you we were expecting to go to jail.

But at least we had the truck recovered. The cops literally said we did the right thing holding them, and putting our weapons down and arms up when they arrived.”

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7. Making Me Quit Will Cost You A Lot


“I had just been promoted and got a big raise at the Funeral Home I worked at in Virginia, but my (then) wife decided she wanted us to go back to Arizona because she missed her kids (grown, not little).

I wasn’t happy but agreed as I promised her this before we moved East.

The only opening in my hometown (in Arizona), was with a Family owned Funeral Home with a bad reputation for how they treated the staff. The father who owned it decided to let his son (a total screw-up) run the place for him. Now just to explain, Junior (the son) didn’t pass Mortuary College, failed the National Board exams, and failed the state Licensing tests.

Daddy showed up with funds and suddenly, he passed everything. He spent all his time reading fishing magazines (wanted to be a Pro Fisherman) in his office and causing trouble with the staff.

One lady in the office was called ‘The Dragon Lady’ as she was always trying to report others and get them in trouble. She had caught Junior’s Father in a compromising position with another Secretary and blackmailed him to keep her on the job at more pay.

She pretty much ran the place because of his fear of her. She took a disliking to me and caused me problems from the beginning and I had tried to get Junior to see she was the problem and that she was lying about everyone. I had had enough after 2 years and put out feelers to see about another job. One day, The Dragon Lady said I needed to answer a question on the phone but there was no one on the line when I picked up.

I had heard from another employee that she told Junior I hung up on the person after cussing them out. Junior was annoyed and was going to fire me. After lunch, I was called into the office and he asked me to explain. I told him what happened and at the end, I added, ‘By the way, I quit.’ ‘But I was going to fire you!’ Junior said.

‘You can’t since I already quit.’ I then proceeded to tell him all about what I thought of him and the Dragon Lady’s secret about his Dad. I left and went to another Funeral Home close by that was interested in me and was hired an hour after quitting.

I wasn’t scheduled to start for a week. Junior had heard about me getting a job there so he called my new boss to ‘Tell him what a mistake he was making.’ My new boss laughed it off as he knew Junior’s reputation.

This really annoyed me and I vowed to get him back.

I started by going to the State’s Hour and Wage division and reported him for not paying me while on call. One weekend a month and twice a week I and the other directors had to be on call for questions, prices, and other funeral-related business but we never were paid. Hour and wage said they’d look into it.

About a month later, the bookkeeper from Junior’s funeral home came to my office to give me a check and she told me he was really angry with me. She didn’t go into details but I was happy with my $1500 check and thought I got revenge since Junior and his family were rich snobs and hurting them in the pocketbook was the worse thing to do to them.

But I later found out my revenge was just starting.

Several employees had worked there for many years and one man worked over thirty years there. I later found out that the hour and wage looked into all the employee’s records (not just mine) and found Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in unpaid work and overtime. The guy who was there over thirty years got a check for about $200,000 since he had worked one day every two weeks since starting without pay and he didn’t know it.

The pay and interest were almost $200,000. Another longtime employee got almost $100,000. While these employees loved me, Junior and his family wanted me dead. Revenge done. Or was it?

I found out later that Dragon Lady got fired too. I guess while trying to find the funds to pay off all of us the bookkeeper found some issues with the books. Apparently, the Dragon Lady was embezzling (more than $100,000) and anytime she thought the owners were getting close to catching her she lied about an employee doing something wrong to take their attention away from the books.

She almost went to jail, but Junior’s father stopped it after she threatened to expose his affair. Now, the business is still running, but its reputation is damaged and they no longer get the amount of business as before. Guess you better take up Pro Fishing Junior.”

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6. Increase My Workload? I'll Cost You Thousands Of Dollars


“So a while back my school switched to an online platform for giving students assignments and tracking their progress. It made our lives miserable. Teachers would mistreat the platform by giving us a lot of assignments, even during holidays. The worst part was that they could see when we opened the assignment page and if we were even a minute late, the platform would flag it as late.

The worst part was that my school would give these assignments a 50% weightage for the final grade (with the rest of the 50% going towards exams). After the introduction of this platform, all students’ grades started to fall hard. Most people lost at least one letter grade. I know doing work is important and all, but if all of your subject teachers are giving assignments every day with submission at 9 PM the same day it is an impossible task for anyone.

Our school also expected us to log our extra-curricular activities on the platform and put regular reflections and pieces of evidence for the same or else they would fail us! (This part comes in later). We tried to reason with the school management, but they said that ‘students should do as told by their teachers’ and ‘back when we were students, we also had to do hard work’.

After having ruined my sweet sweet winter vacation with over 40 assignments in a period of two weeks, I decided that we needed revenge. I did some digging and found out that our school used an online platform that had decent documentation available. All they had done was host a version of that on their own servers. The platform they used allowed for integration with a file hosting service.

If enabled, it allowed students to upload files to the platform. My school had enabled it for assignment submission and putting pieces of evidence for the extra-curricular activities. After a little more googling, I found out that the file hosting service does not offer any Unlimited plan. The file-hosting service even charged for every time the file was downloaded or uploaded. The prices were very low, so I think that the school admin team was ok with it.

(I had found my opportunity for revenge!)

I asked a few of my friends to help me execute it. The core team was formed. My friends and I started to make a database of thousands of reflections and pieces of evidence. We asked our seniors, who were more than happy to help. We asked students from other schools who had the same platform, once they found out about our plan, they asked me to do the same to their school’s server.

Also, we drafted tons of them ourselves. At the end of this, we had a database of over 5 thousand activities and 50 thousand reflections and pieces of evidence. This took the 12 of us about 2 months to make.

I, being familiar with programming, made a program that would look at the database and then put it on the school’s platform. Here is the fun part. In the pieces of evidence section, I made the program upload a 500 MB file (The maximum file size we were allowed to upload was 500 MB), download it, and remove it.

My program would do this over 50 times after which it would upload the real file that was supposed to be there. I also made sure to check the ‘terms of service’ and ‘privacy policy’ of the platform which stated that no record of deleted files will be stored. Just to be sure, I made the bot only go all out from 3 PM to 8 AM, since no teacher or admin ever went online during that time.

The bot would still be going in the gap, but it would not be uploading the fake files, since we could not risk the school finding out about this.

Of course, I could not do this from my home computer, since I did not have the bandwidth to make any significant impact. Here is where my genius takes this to a whole new level. My friends and I had .edu email IDs, which we used to get credits on some service providers.

One .edu Email ID would give about $100 in credits, which would allow us to buy a basic and cheap server for one month. This server had about a 14 TB bandwidth limit. 8 of my friends from the core team got the credits (I and three more friends of mine had already exhausted them with other projects) amounting to a total of $800 or a little over 56 TB!

Before going all out, I needed to make sure that this was safe. I deployed the program with the ID of a student who had left the school (somehow it was not deactivated) and the school did not notice anything.

After two weeks of testing, we decided to roll out the entire operation. We decided to start slow. Using the core team’s IDs, we unleashed the bot on the platform.

After only one week, we had uploaded and downloaded a total of 1.2 TB! Weirdly our teachers were very happy that we were maintaining our extracurricular portfolios on the platform. It was time to scale up. I got the platform IDs from 42 more students (juniors and seniors, all of whom were annoyed). We made the bot go all out and deployed additional servers to speed up the platform’s death!

Two days go by and I was just browsing the file hosting services pricing, I realized that I was costing the school $90 per TB. By this time, my stats page showed a little over 8 TB had been downloaded and uploaded. (I cost the school $720.)

But wait there’s more. I put the bot down thinking that what I was doing was a little too much. The core team was not very happy with my decision, but they honored it.

It was a Thursday, and Friday and Monday were a holiday because of a festival. After school, we found out that the maths teacher decided to give over 200 questions for practice with a note saying ‘This assignment will be given an extra 20 percent weightage in your grade since we won’t be having any formative exam this term’. Followed by another assignment by our English teacher for writing 3 Essays and Peer Reviewing 1 from three friends.

Then came my breaking point with the Physics assignment, the teacher wanted us to write a 30-page investigation task about Young’s double-slit experiment! We didn’t even do that experiment; He wanted us to use an online simulator to collect the data!

Screw it! I am taking this thing down! I put bot back on. The core team was very happy with this. By this time, we had received a few more student IDs for the platform.

I put all my servers so that the maximum possible damage would be dealt. Within those four days, I downloaded and uploaded about 45 TB. This should have cost the school a good $4000 or so. The school would later get a bill for the month for approximately $5000. I wish I could see the admin’s face when this happened.

Needless to say, the platform was shut down within 3 days.

They could have turned off the file hosting service, however, the platform would be very useless without it. The assignment workload automatically decreased (still not to a normal level) because we as students did our best to send assignments in multiple parts and our super lazy teachers would have a cluttered inbox which they would have to sort through.

The final bit is my favorite.

Despite having had many arguments with the school management about our workload, they do acknowledge my IT skills. I go to the principal and start talking about how we should be given a little grace period as submitting assignments via emails may cause a small delay. I then casually bring up the platform and asked if we can have it back (I knew what I was doing).

She said that the school had to pay a ridiculous amount for unknown reasons and the infrastructure was not worth it. I chuckled and said ‘Well, I bet it was the mistreat by teachers who gave so many assignments which caused this. Maybe you should make sure the same does not happen to the school’s email if we keep getting so many assignments.’ This was all nonsense, but my technologically challenged principal does not know this.

Three days later, a new rule was put in place about how much work can be given to students by each subject teacher.

I was hailed as the savior of the school since at this point everyone know of my scheme. Some people may think that telling everyone was not a good idea, but well even the toppers and teacher’s pets were suffering so no one did anything.

Some sophomore (who was forced to take eight subjects) threw a party for everyone that week in celebration of the platform going away. Also, karma awarded me. My crush asked me out as I was the hero of the school and she is now my significant other.”

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5. Horrible Teacher Calls Parents To Punish Kid But Nearly Gets Sued Instead


“I remembered an incident that happened to my classmate when we were in secondary school. I was in 2nd year, I guess Stateside that would be 8th grade?

So anyway, for the first 3 years I had this teacher for geography and she was literally Satan walking the earth. She hated children and listened to no one even the principal. In my country it was legal to hit kids in school until the early 90s but that changed literally overnight and it became illegal to even touch kids without their consent or to curse at them and I’m so glad I went to school after these laws came in otherwise there would have been serious beatings handed out in her class.

Anyway, she had a set of rules coming into her class regarding equipment so you had to bring your book, hardback copy, a 30cm ruler, and several pens and pencils, and if you didn’t have that then detention. So one day we come into class and it transpires within 5 minutes that one guy has no ruler. Now she already had it out for him, she constantly bullied him and gave him harsh punishments for the slightest mistakes and this was no exception so she gave him a Saturday morning detention (That was 8 am-10 am) and also to write out the first 5 pages of the geography book for tomorrow.

Bit overkill no?

But then she finds out he has no pen so she wants to give him 2 more detentions but he starts telling her that he did have a pen and that on the way to class it burst so he threw it in the rubbish bin. So she legit dragged him out to the corridor and made him put his hand into the bin and retrieve the pen after which she believed him and knocked off the new detentions.

However, she wrote a note to his parents requesting to see them during school time tomorrow about his progress.

This is where the revenge starts. Some of this I know because he told me but some of it I heard along with the others as we stood outside the class waiting to be allowed in while the meeting was inside. I’m gonna use Karen for teacher and Bob for dad.

Karen: ‘I wanted to let you know that your son did not bring a ruler to class yesterday.’

Bob: ‘And?’

Karen: ‘No no you don’t understand, he disrupted the learning of others by not bringing the correct equipment.’

Bob: ‘Did he need a ruler yesterday?’

Karen: ‘Well I was going to get the students to draw a diagram but I didn’t get that far so we’ll be doing it today but he also didn’t have a pen.’

Bob (Looking at her stack of pens on her desk): ‘And he couldn’t borrow one of yours?’

Karen: ‘I couldn’t give him one because that would teach him to be irresponsible and to forget things and the rules of the class say he gets detention for forgetting it.’

Bob: ‘Yeah but the school rules don’t. My son tells me you pulled him into the corridor and forced him to retrieve his pen from the garbage?’

Karen: ‘Yes to prove to me that he actually had a pen at the start of the day.’

Bob: ‘But did he consent to you pulling him into the corridor and to stick his hand into that thing?’

Karen: ‘Well not explicitly.’

Bob (Losing his mind at her): ‘So who do you think you are? Dragging me and my wife out of work to tell me he didn’t have a ruler that he didn’t even need?

You’re supposed to be the teacher, not a torturer you sicko! Where’s the principal? I’m reporting you, I want you fired and I wish to press charges of assault on you for what you did to my son! My brother is a lawyer, we’ll have you behind bars for years for this. You’ve been giving him detentions for over a year for this kind of trash and I won’t have you bully him any longer.’

He storms out and we all see this spill out into the corridor. She’s really scared and is all like ‘I’m so sorry sir’ and bear in mind, in over 1 year I NEVER heard her apologize to anyone, didn’t think she knew what ‘sorry’ was. Luckily for her, the parents didn’t know how to get to the principal’s office so they were forced to listen to her and eventually they calmed down.

After about a million apologies she took the detention back and they left. Obviously, no charges were pressed and she was nice to the kid for the rest of our school lives. Like she never gave out to him again, and let him do his own thing every class and never even checked his homework. So although this revenge story didn’t happen to me, seeing her be nice to him every class after that was a pleasant reminder of that time she had her bubble burst and her entitlement curbed.”

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4. He's Never Seen Such Epic Destruction Of A Computer Program


“In the mid-1980s, I was working on a master’s degree at my hometown, third-tier university. The university decided it would finance its new computer science department by making one three-hour course of computerizing mandatory for most degree plans.

There weren’t enough instructors to teach even minimal skills, like basic Basic. I passed the classroom portion of the course by showing the instructor how to score her own test.

The lab portion of the course required students to write a program in Basic and upload it at a station in the computer lab. They then had to wait for their program to be executed, and get the results on paper, which had to be turned in by the last class day.

There were far too few stations, and even fewer printers, to serve the students who needed a computer course credit. Lines, multi-hour waits, yelling, and scuffles were some of the results.

I was ten years older than most other students, and my experience taught me to go to an early morning Sunday lab session because many students went to church or slept in. I was right to a point, the line was long, but not ridiculously long, and the sign-in sheet still had blank spaces, giving hope of a relatively short wait.

The waiting room, as always, was a cacophony of bad ’80’s music and talking loudly in a cloud of smoke, so I asked the comp sci student in charge of the lab if I could park a chair by his desk in the hallway and read until my name was called. He said sure.

Evidently, a shift change happened, because a different student took over and very curtly told me to sit elsewhere, which began the following interaction:

‘I’m just sitting here reading quietly, the other guy said it was OK.’

‘Well, it’s not OK with me.’

‘I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.’

‘No, we won’t. I’m the assigned manager of the lab room, and I say get up and move away.’

‘Yeah, well I’m a grad student waiting to upload my final exam program so I can pass a pointless computer science class and get my degree, so I’m not moving.’

He gave me a nasty look, walked off with a stick up his butt, and I resumed reading. He returned with the professor on duty, who was also head of the computer department. He laid into me, shouting about the sacrifices made by the student volunteers, and how dare I mistreat one of them. I again said I’m just sitting here reading a book, and I haven’t mistreated anyone.

He barked at me to get up, right now, and move away, or I was barred for life from the computer lab, which meant I couldn’t get my degree. Realizing I was trapped, I said fine, if it’s that important, I’ll move. The little jerk gave me an ‘up yours’ smirk, and I went into the waiting room.

In the classroom portion of the course, I was seated beside a guy who was freaking out because he didn’t understand the material at all.

I told him it wasn’t so hard, just Basic computer language. He asked me to look at his work to see if he was doing it right and gave me the password to access his files. A week later he dropped the class, but I still had his password. After I was granted a computer station to upload my final exam, it occurred to me to log out when I was done, and then try to log back in with my vanished classmate’s password.

I got in with no problem and logged out. I waited a few minutes, then wrote and uploaded a two-line program to be executed – 10: PRINT ‘THE COMPUTER DEPARTMENT IS A DISGRACE.’ 20: GOTO 10. An endless loop I hoped would cause the paper to spew out of a printer until somebody turned it off. That’s not what happened.

The Old Computer used for the lab executed the program and stored the results in memory, to await a place in the queue to be printed. My program never ended, their security was apparently nil, so the Old Computer filled its memory banks with the results of my program, then hopped over to the Vax (the Real Computer) and its memory modules across the hall, ensconced in a locked, glassed-in room, and started filling them as well.

Like in a movie, a guy inside the glass room was about one second too late to see the problem and sever the connection before the Vax crashed. The destruction was epic. Anything in dynamic memory at the time of the crash was lost. Term papers, dissertations, programs being executed, etc., are gone. They weren’t able by themselves to figure out how to recover the memory and reboot the machine and had to get help from the manufacturer.

It was two days before the VAX was back online. The manufacturer pointedly informed the department head that he had no security whatever, and that’s why a simple endless loop uploaded in the house could cause such damage.

They didn’t look too hard for the culprit after that, but mutual suspicion grew among the comp sci students. There was much rancor and dissatisfaction among staff and students, and the entire system was made much more difficult to operate, for security’s sake.”

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3. Don't Try To Screw Me Over On A School Project


“A little under a year ago, I was just a wee junior in high school. It was just the time around the end of the year to where teachers would assign stupidly long and hard group projects due about a week before the end of the school year. There was this one teacher who never really liked me, though my efforts to try to get on their good side were for nothing.

I did my dang-darndest best to try to excel in their class but to no avail. I still managed a B+, but not what I was hoping for. And whenever I would review her rubrics, there were parts where she would dock me 2 or so points per section just for forgetting a single period in a single spot. She wasn’t my English teacher. Tesha and Daisy are also coworkers at our workplace.

I’m also on the autism spectrum which makes it exceedingly hard to put my words through unless I know what I’m saying.

So, I’m in my history class with Mrs. B. She goes over the rubric for our group project. We would be put into groups of five. My friends all went together, but there were too many for a group with all my friends.

Since I had 6 friends, that only gave me Micah, who was a chill dude but was always seeming like he had something to hide. Didn’t matter to me at the time. Time would play my hand.

The rest of my group consisted of my brother, Tesha, and Daisy. I had a solid plan for our group project and thought it was more than fair for our group.

The way it worked is that each person had something individual they would do and then contribute to the group paper. The way I split up the work was very fair. It was an even amount of work between all of us, giving myself and my brother a little bit extra to do (group project chivalry, and my brother was cool with this).

We created a joint Google Doc.

Tesha was the owner of the doc and invited all of our group for the doc. However, after each day she would keep inviting us to the same doc. I thought it was weird because half my emails were just her inviting me to the google doc.

It didn’t matter. We got to work.

A few days go by and we’re almost done with the project.

Tesha and Daisy have a few things more to complete, and we would be done. But then, I’m asked for my first and last name by Mrs. B. That’s never a good sign.

Tesha and my brother come over too as they were called over.

Mrs. B: ‘OP, I called you over here because you’ve been accused of not doing any work towards the group project.’

Me: (in shock) ‘Uh… what?’

Mrs. B: ‘Tesha’s told me that you’ve not contributed towards the group paper. I assume that you’ve been doing some, at least?’

Tesha: ‘No, Mrs. B. OP AND MB have done no work whatsoever and left it on me and Daisy. We’ve been falling behind in other classes because of his negligence. Micah did his work.’

Mrs. B: ‘OP, you do know what academic dishonesty is, correct?’

Me: ‘That’s… simply not true! I’ve been doing all my work right here!’

I pull up the google doc. I pull up the history of work done.

That’s when I realized why she was sending invites every day.

She was taking MY work and copying it, then creating a new doc with the SAME NAME and pasting it there. Since Google doesn’t know where the original info/work came from, it was showing that SHE was the one who did all of MY work.

Daisy did the same thing but with my brother.

Me: ‘Mrs. B, I swear, all of this work was mine. I’m the one that did this work!’

Mrs. B: ‘OP, I’m afraid I’m going to have to give you a 0 on this project unless you can find some way to prove that you otherwise did some work. If not, you’re going to go to Mr. K and discuss punishment.

Your parents will be called too. Get to work.’

I. WAS. ANNOYED. Tesha got away looking all smug. I knew what I had to do now, but then, I was so angry and sad. I contemplated whether or not I should keep working on this. MB was also feeling the toll.

Mrs. B then called my parents and let them know what I was accused of.

I was punished and had my laptop taken away immediately. I just remember sulking in my bed watching RSlash stories because they were entertaining. I then heard him tell a story of another poster just like me in a similar situation.

That’s when I got an idea.

I was looking over the google doc. I went into history again. I finished up my work. But this time, I copied my work and pasted it into a Notepad doc, so that I could have it in case Tesha made a new doc.

However, what Tesha failed to do is to delete every old doc that she created.

The proper work history was shown there.

You can bet that I screenshotted those histories AND put them into my Notepad doc. I also screenshotted my Gmail in showing that Tesha was creating a new google doc every single day. This would be the way I would show them that she was purposefully trying to sabotage me and my brother.

With my 12+ Sheets of paper worth of screenshots and the notepad doc printed out, I went to bed ready to destroy her and Daisy. My brother did the same, just with Daisy’s.

Tesha, Daisy, MB, Mr. K, Mrs. B, myself, and all parents involved are called into a meeting in Mrs. B’s classroom.

I. Was. Prepared.

Mrs. B: ‘Mr. and Mrs. OP, your children have been accused of academic dishonesty.

They’ve been shown that they’ve done none of their work towards the group paper. OP and MB, do you have anything to say for yourselves?’

Dad: ‘Yes, I’m aware. Boys?’

Tesha: ‘MB and OP have done no work whatsoever on the group paper, leaving it to me and Daisy. We’ve fallen behind in other classes as a result.’

Mr. K: ‘If you don’t have any evidence proving you did your work, you will be expelled. Do you understand, OP and MB?’

I was grinning from ear to ear.

I look at my brother, and he looks at me. Smiling at each other, and then to our screw-ers. They look confused, but continue with their ‘I’m the poor victim and these two 6′ 4” boys are pushing their weight all on to me!!!!!’

We pull out two folders, filled with the evidence of our work. There’s an audible (thunk) as we put down the heavy folders.

MB and Me: ‘I believe the work you’re looking for is right here. And we have evidence that THEY were not doing any of THEIR work.’

Me: ‘As you can see here, these screenshots show that WE were the ones doing our work. Then, Daisy and Tesha would copy and paste our work into a new google doc, showing in the history that THEY were the ones that did the work when it was really me and my brother.’

Tesha: ‘Uh, no? The history shows that I and Daisy did the work.’

MB: ‘Really? Then why did you create 17 NEW google docs? Every day of the project? And why would there be only short bits from us but HUGE blocks from yourself and Daisy?’

Mr. K: (leaning forward) ‘OP, enlighten me real quick. What is this?’

Me: ‘As you can see, sir, I’ve done my work every single day.

We started falling behind on due dates so I and my brother were the ones that had to fill in Tesha and Daisy’s work. They then copied what we had done, created a new google doc as shown through my Gmail inbox history, and pasted it and called it their own. At the end of it, they had GIANT blocks worth of text by the end of each day while Micah had moderate blocks and me and my brother with nothing that was claimed to be ours.’

MB: ‘I have my evidence here showing that Daisy has done the same thing to me. Tesha’s the owner of the doc so I have the Gmail history too.’

Mrs. B: ‘That’s impossible. Tesha showed me that YOU didn’t do any work! How could you have done any?’

Me: ‘Because she created a new google doc EVERY. DAY. She showed you the finished product AFTER she had copied and pasted our work.’

Mrs. B finally gets the message. She turns to Tesha and Daisy.

They. Are. Sweating. Bullets.

They thought that they were in the clear. They thought that they were going to get away with screwing over me and my brother. They’re sputtering, calling us liars, and overall throwing a fit. Mr. K silences them by holding up his hand.

Mr. K: ‘Do you have ANY idea how much trouble you’re in?’

Me: ‘I’d also like to point out that before we started this project, we came together to discuss who would be doing what. I PURPOSELY gave myself and my brother extra work to do but within the context of everyone else doing the rest of their project work. It was MORE than fair.’

My parents look at us. They’ve also been on Tesha and Daisy’s side.

Now with the evidence, their faces were filled with guilt. I didn’t want them to feel guilty, but I still didn’t like that they took their side instead of me and my brother’s.

Their parents (Daisy’s and Tesha’s) also accuse us of lying about the screenshots, but then I pull out my Notepad paper with ALL the work I’ve done. This was the proof to show that this INDEED was my own.

Me: ‘This Notepad doc has ALL of my work on it.’

MB (pulling out his own): ‘This has all of mine. We were the SOLE people that did 80% of the work outside of Micah.’

Tesha and Daisy are done. They’ve lost, and they know it. Mr. K breathes in. Then out.

Mr. K: ‘OP and MB, you are free to go. I’m so sorry for all of this.

Thank you for showing the truth.’

My parents, my brother, and I all walkout. Mrs. B isn’t happy but has been proven that we were, in fact, the ones that did the work. Our parents apologize to us EXTENSIVELY and treat us to our favorite restaurant as a way of saying sorry and excellent work done.

We held our heads high from there on out.

We got our A- and Tesha and Daisy are given an F and expelled immediately from the school.

But it doesn’t end there. No, no it does not.

Remember, Daisy and Tesha were our coworkers. I learned through our other coworkers that the reason why Tesha decided to screw us over was that we wouldn’t cover her shifts.

My brother and I have covered at LEAST half her shifts because they didn’t EVER want to work.

But after the incident with our project, she absolutely HATED us now and would try to pawn off her work onto us.

We maaaaay have gone to our bosses (they’re husband and wife owners) and told them what happened with the proof. We told them the story behind it and told them that they also never show up for their shifts. I show them text messages between me and Tesha that show she was trying to bribe me into doing work by offering to do it.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t fired… yet.

You see, the text messages WERE able to get her fired. Not any of my project work. They (the owners) care about honesty, but if it’s outside of work, they can’t do much except keep an eye on them. The project was to have them keep watch for her behavior.

Then, Tesha leaves for a trip up north. Without telling anyone about it.

My manager, who’s the owners’ daughter, is an AWESOME person. She takes nothing from anyone and everyone.

Tesha decides that instead of showing up for her shift, she would leave. She asked for someone to cover her, but no one was able to.

The following conversation was over text.

We also have 4 new people: 2 other coworkers and the owners.

Tesha: Okay someone helps me out here.

I’m up north today. I’ve been asking since the beginning of the week for someone to cover me.

My manager finally decides to put down the foot with permission from the owners.

Manager: Tesha, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been asking. If no one says they can take your shift, then YOU show up to work. You don’t go up north and make YOUR shift OUR problem.

PERIOD. It screws over everyone when you continuously call in unavailable to work or don’t show up for your shift. Everyone has to suffer because YOU failed to communicate your availability, and when you make plans when you’re scheduled to work.

Coworker1: OH DARN.

Coworker2: OH DARN.

My brother: Hey Tesha.

Me: I would’ve come if I had my driver’s license and if my brother didn’t work today as well.

Listen, though, Tesha. I personally never have had to cover as many shifts for me for as many as you ask of us.

My brother: I know it sucks when you have an event scheduled and no one can come in to take your shift, but you can’t just opt out of work.

Me: What my brother said.

My brother: It’s your responsibility to show up for work when you’re required.

C1: Guys shut up she only has to hear this from the Manager, not the twins.

Me (upset that he’s taking Tesha’s side, but still has a fair point): Ok, I’ve said what I’ve wanted to say.

Brother: Lol, alright, I’m out. Sorry though Tesha. We just have our own complications with canceling plans to take your shift. We just couldn’t do it this time.


This was posted on our LIVE WORK CHAT. The owners IMMEDIATELY saw this and the manager blows up on her saying that this was the final straw and she’s terminated effective immediately. Since she worked at a restaurant, she doesn’t have anything to pick up that belongs to her.

If you’re wondering, Tesha managed to sweet-talk me and my brother into giving her another chance with being semi-friendly.

I and my brother heavily believe that people are deserving of second chances, no matter what happened (unless it was something really serious, like a murder or something of that nature). We thought that after what just happened with school, she would know that we would bite back if bitten first. We gave her her chance.

She went ahead to try to bite us again.

Some people might not be deserving of second chances, I’ve learned. Because they just do the same thing to try to screw you over.

Last I heard, her parents hate her. Now that she turned 18, she’s going to be charged rent which will be inflated because of what she’s done to me and my brother. But with her record, I doubt she’ll get a job at all.

Daisy, after learning about what she does, came up to our house (our addresses are in the yearbook, for some god-forsaken reason) and apologized to us personally and told us that Tesha was blackmailing her. Daisy was falling behind in a class and Tesha would tutor her under the condition that she would help Tesha screw us. Daisy was in such a bad spot that she had to accept and Tesha helped her pass in that class.

But after what Daisy had done to us, she failed history. She had to retake it.”

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2. Think We're Too Stupid To Understand Your Subject? Get Reported


“Back in my freshman year in junior high school. I was 12. In my country, middle school/elementary ends in 6th grade. 7th to 10th grade is junior high school and 11th to 12th grade is senior high school which was just recently implemented in our country to keep up with the other Asian/western countries since we only used to have 10 years of basic education instead of 12.

So anyway back to the story, we had a new algebra teacher who also happened to be our homeroom teacher who would constantly yell at us and blame us for not understanding her lessons. She would make us answer her seat works/quizzes and would get angry and berate us when the majority of us gets a low grade. She would be like, ‘Was it really that difficult?

Or are you all just really stupid?’ She was worse than we thought.

We were shocked by her behavior, we could barely believe what we were hearing. We barely understood what she was teaching and it was taking an awful toll on our academic performance. We finally got sick of her blaming and insulting us so we decided to report her to the principal. So one day, our class president bought a big manila paper where we wrote our complaints with our names and signature under our complaints.

It was a pretty small private Christian school and our class only consisted of 20 students so we made sure to write our complaints in big fat letters. We wrote the way she treated us and threw some constructive criticism about her way of teaching. We then sent it to the principal. She saw it and sent the assistant principal to investigate it the day after.

Our assistant principal entered our class during homeroom and she asked us about what happened and that maybe our Algebra teacher was being like that because we were being pesky and naughty. We weren’t. We defended that if we were, the other teachers would have complained. She was the only teacher who treated us that way. Sure, we can be a bit of a handful sometimes but we knew our boundaries.

In the end, the assistant principal believed us and told us not to send a big manila paper filled with complaints again, instead formally send a letter or personally talk to the principal about it.

Later that day when Algebra subject came, our Algebra teacher was like an entirely different person. She suddenly had the patience of a saint and would kindly treat us and help when we didn’t understand something.

She even began giving more examples and would even help us during quizzes to the point that she would give us the answer. It was a good wake-up call for her behavior.

When we became sophomores, she no longer taught in our school. We could only assume that she resigned.”

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Lori 2 years ago
I was waiting to hear that everyone's grades had improved after she started doing a better job teaching
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1. Spoiled Brats Get Their Minecraft World Destroyed For Being Racist


“John, Peter, and I used to be friends and hung out together after school. Lately, since they don’t really play with me much online I usually play Minecraft with Nick after we finished online class. Fast forward to the 2nd of May.

I was waiting for Nick to come online (he said he’d be 5 minutes) and John sent me an invite to his party, so I joined and we talked for a minute and he invited me to his world.

After I joined the world John’s snotty brother, Andrew, joined the game, and Elissa (Peter’s sister) joined. Then shortly after Nick joined the party chat and they instantly kicked him out. That annoyed me a little and I told them I was going to leave and play with Nick, But instead of them saying something like ‘oh ok sure bye!’, they started telling me they kicked him out because he’s black.

THAT caught my attention, so I called Nick and told him I would join him in 5 minutes and that I would ‘make an improvement to their world first.’

Then I hung up on Nick and went to plan my revenge on their world.

Then another thing caught my eye, they all had full enchanted diamond armor on their ‘legit’ survival world. I just shrugged. But what really made me mad was when they started killing me for no reason, any normal person would leave, but not me, so I spent the next two minutes being chased by them and killed, after that they left me and I looked into the chat and noticed I could use commands (since they made it so you get operator when any new player spawns into the world.)

So I turned myself into creative and took TNT and flint and steel from creative and started exploding their bases. By the time Peter realized what was happening he left. But it was too late, their houses were destroyed. Shortly after they removed me from the party and I reported John for unsporting behavior and harassment in-game, (since John was mainly the one who suggested killing me).

Shortly after he messaged me. Saying I made everyone sad, so I reminded him that he struck first. Then he called me and asked me why I did it and I asked him instead of answering him why he and Peter made racial slurs about Nick and he hung up and blocked me.

I joined Nick’s party afterward and we had a laugh about it and played some Minecraft.

Luckily he didn’t get his mom to storm down to my house (he lives 5 minutes away) and chew me out for destroying Peter’s world.”

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