People Open Up About Their Odious Revenge Stories

Sometimes it's hard to justify the awful revenge we've plotted in our minds, but if we know how bad it feels to get stepped on by hateful people, we'll also know how satisfying it is to finally bring them the revenge that they deserve. Here are some of the odious revenge stories people have opened up about.

17. She Got Arrested For Filing A Fake Report


“This was back in the 1990s. I’d recently been medically retired from the military and was attending college in Texas. My wife was working in her chosen field while I did my level best to decide what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

Anyway, one day I left campus, going around the backside to avoid traffic. I was heading over to pick my wife up for lunch and ended up sitting behind another car at a stop sign.

The car in front of me was a brand new Chevy, one of their little hot models (the actual trade name escapes me at the moment) in candy apple red, being driven by a fairly new blonde, also a little hot model (whose name will also slip by unuttered).

I sat an old sailor in an old pickup, just listening to the radio and thinking about lunch when the Chevy drove into the intersection… and then stopped.

I didn’t think anything of it, so I hadn’t done more than put my hand on the gear shift in preparation of pulling up, when suddenly, with a suitable squeal of the tire, the Chevy shot back at me!

I slapped the shift into reverse but was too late. The little Chevy smashed into the front of my truck doing around 25/30 mph. After a second, I cut my engine, got out of the cab, and walked around to the front of my truck.

The good news was that I could see that I wasn’t going to have to worry about that loose belt squeal anymore.

The bad news is that the front of my little pickup was pretty much totaled. Grill drove back into the radiator, water all over the pavement, headlights smashed… I bent down and noted that there seemed to be oil leaking as well.

With a sigh of total incomprehension, I walked further up to the passenger door of the little red Chevy and its blonde driver.

I was annoyed, but not enraged. I guess I was still trying to figure out exactly what had happened and why she’d ended up stopping in mid-turn and put it in reverse like that. I looked through the tinted window and she was on the phone, talking agitatedly to someone.

With all the cell phone silliness I’d seen since leaving the military, seeing her yapping on one really didn’t surprise me… although, had I thought about it, I should have wondered who – exactly – she was calling. Instead, I tapped on the window and she turned a bland face to me… then screamed into the phone, loud enough to penetrate the glass, ‘OH MY GAWD, HE’S GOT A TIRE IRON!!’

Naturally, I spun around and looked behind me… then the nickel dropped. I turned in a slow circle and noted that there were no businesses, houses, or apartments in view, nor was anyone on the sidewalks or walking down the roads. For that matter, the only traffic was several blocks away in any direction.

Her little car was sitting at the stop sign, almost exactly where it had been when I pulled in behind her! I stepped back and looked at our vehicles… yup, it looked for all the world as if I’d rear-ended her!

Darn! The little witch had set me up!!

I quickly walked back to my truck, thinking as fast as I could. Any minute now, a police car was going to show up, called by the little blonde, expecting to find a crazed man with a tire iron… and I dearly needed to not be that man.

I pulled my tire iron out from behind my seat and threw it as far as I could into the nearby field, then jumped into my truck. I was a slim chance, but it was the only hope I had.

I made sure the truck was in reverse, then belted myself in, slammed my face into the steering wheel, opened my door (and heard sirens not too far away), and half slumped out the open door at an uncomfortable angle.

I went limp just as the police car screeched to a halt.

I ignored the policeman screaming at me to get out of the truck, trusting that my limp body would not move him to open fire. He finally edged his way over, noticed the bad shape I was in, and let me drop back into position.

I stayed limp while he checked on the blonde, who was near hysterical with fright over the lunatic with the tire iron…

Until she saw me, that is. I’d hoped that her rearview mirror was as off as it looked, or that she’d be too involved with concocting her own story to notice what I was doing.

At seeing my body hanging limply below the driver’s door of my truck, she stammered to a halt. The second set of sirens had been getting closer and the policeman told the now silent blonde to stay in her car.

A few seconds later, someone cut me out of my seatbelt and laid me on the ground.

A competent set of hands checked my vitals, and, within a few seconds, a harsh and demanding smell flooded my clotting nose. I fought it for a few seconds and made a pretty good display of a man coming around after having been knocked out.

I immediately made to throw myself to the side… and stopped, half being restrained and a half staring wildly around to see what had happened.

The medic sat back when I sat up, looked at the front end of my truck, and moaned, ‘What did that idiot do to my truck!?!’ He told me to lie back down and started asking me professional questions about where I was hurt and could I feel my toes and all that stuff.

Every few seconds, I’d look back at the wreck and mutter about the idiot backing up like that, and what had he been smoking… little bits of angry stuff.

The policeman, having gotten the blonde’s statement, walked over and asked me if I felt up to talking.

I said I felt fine, just a little sore. The medic okayed it and helped me to my feet. I gave the officer my license and proof of insurance and included my retired military ID card, then sat on my front seat and, as if I just noticed it, asked what had happened to my seat belt?

He explained that I had to be cut out of it and I shrugged.

‘Just another item for his insurance company to pay for, I guess… what was his story, Officer? Why did he back up that way?!’

The policeman looked sharply at me and asked me what I meant.

I described exactly what had happened but concealed the fact that I knew that it was a female driving the Chevy and kept referring to her as ‘him’. After I got done and he’d finished writing it all down, he asked if I had any proof.

‘Proof? What do you mean, proof?’ I frowned at him… then let my jaw drop a bit. ‘Hey, wait a minute! You ain’t telling me that guy… that idiot is saying that I did this, are you?!?’

He admitted that the other driver’s story was that I’d rear-ended her – not him – and then threatened her with a tire iron.

I frowned again and informed him that I didn’t have a tire iron, that it was sitting in the garage of my house, a couple of hours away. I moved aside as he searched the cab of my truck… and caught a lucky break when he noticed, without my having to point it out to him, that my truck was still in reverse.

He got out of my cab, frowning, then asked me to stay where I was and walked up to the Chevy. He then asked the blonde to step out of her car and, when she’d done so, leaned into the open driver-side door. After a few seconds, he stood back up and asked the girl to repeat her statement of what happened.

It was a marvelously teary bit of acting, but she almost blew it by being somewhat puzzled when he didn’t react. Instead, he asked her to go on and describe everything that had happened after the accident and everything she’d done then. She backed down from the tire iron story, saying that it might have simply been a reflection on her window, but insisting that I’d at least beaten on her window and that I’d simply been putting on an act for their benefit.

The policeman looked over at the medic, who slowly shook his head. (Years of doing Search and Rescue might not have done much good for me, physically, but I sure know what an unconscious man acts like!) The policeman then asked her if she’d tried to drive away or had she immediately shut off her engine.

She said that the engine had died and, no matter what lies I’d said, that she’d never tried to leave the scene of the accident!

The policeman nodded once and asked the medic to step over. He then asked the medic to sit in the Chevy and confirm that it was in reverse.

(I love smart people!! I didn’t even have to suggest he checks!)

When I last saw the little blonde, she was honestly crying. She was also handcuffed and being driven away, arrested for making a false police report, some legal mumbo-jumbo about trying to run a con, and – my favorite part – assault and battery.

Once she’d realized that she’d blown it, about the same instant she was handcuffed, she started weeping and explaining that she didn’t have the funds for the payments on the car, and that her only option was to fake an accident, but that I’d been faking, too, and hadn’t been injured…

you gotta believe me! She wouldn’t lie about that!!

I signed my name to an almost letter-perfect statement of events over at the police station, being careful to never mention in my statement how my nose got messed up, or how I’d ended up unconscious and hanging out of the door.

The arresting officer’s report, as well as the EMT’s, had already noted that it appeared that I’d either been partially ejected by the impact or might have been trying to get out of the truck at the last moment. (I’ve always believed that one should never sign one’s name to a false statement.

Wisest, in the long run, don’t cha think?)

Turned out that her car insurance was good, however, and they paid for my little pickup’s repair. The damage wasn’t as bad as it originally looked, thank God. A little front-end work, a new radiator and assorted other dinged or dented gizmos, a little cosmetic surgery to make her outside look right once more… the mechanic is even going to toss in a full overhaul, including fixing that darn fan belt.

I had to drive a loaner for the next week (also care of the blonde’s insurance) and the irony of this will make you laugh; it was a little red Chevy. Nice car and my wife and I had a ball riding in it, but way too expensive for a guy like me to drive every day.

A car that nice might have made me try something stupid to make the payments…”

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16. Shame Me For Being A "Tomboy"? Here's My Trumpet

“There was a boy who picked on pretty much every girl in his grade when we were in grade 7. He and his friends started getting fairly inappropriate. No one ever stood up to him because he was the very tall ‘cool’ athletic popular kid, and pretty much everyone was intimidated by him.

I played trumpet in band class, and I was the only girl who did, in a big group of boys including him, so he picked on me a lot. Calling me ‘butch girl’ and ‘lesbian’ simply because I played trumpet instead of flute or clarinet.

I wasn’t even a tomboy, I was a pretty feminine girl so he was really reaching.

One day he came up behind me in the hallway after school was out, and of course, started acting inappropriately. Luckily I was carrying my trumpet case, so I spun around and smashed him in the nuts with it.

He crumpled down to the ground with tears in his eyes and never bothered me again after that day. Sometimes I feel a little bad though because I wonder if I may have caused him permanent damage.”

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detu 2 years ago
you hurt his pride... no permanent damage to any body parts.
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15. I Got Revenge On My Homophobic Parents


“So back when I was fifteen, I had a “father” who we’ll call Deadbeat Joe.

Deadbeat Joe was the stereotypical deadbeat father as he almost never contacted me of his own volition, and he resisted paying my mother child support whenever he could because he hated her as she left him and took “his” baby away from him, so he took it out on me (his words not mine).

My mother, being the saint she was, never talked bad about him and tried to endorse a relationship between us throughout my entire childhood. I did love Deadbeat Joe and would often want to spend time with him but to no avail, because he was always busy getting it on with some rather questionable women.

So I was basically forgotten about by him until the few occasions when he realized he remembered that he did have an older son.

Because of that, I was raised by my mother and my stepfather (who I call Dad). They really loved and still do love me, and they worked their butts off to make sure that I was well cared for and provided for.

Unfortunately, my family and I had to move away to another state when I was 12 which meant that my parents ended up buying a house that we moved into. Now, something to mention up to this point is that we were very poor, and my parents ended up buying a house after getting a great deal for it.

However, the house was and is very poor quality, and my parents didn’t know that, so we ended up basically getting scammed. My mother lost her job, and over time, we ended up becoming so poor that we ended up having to rely on food banks to supply us with the food necessary to survive.

Luckily (or rather unluckily), Deadbeat Joe and his new wife (who we’ll call Chris) said that they’d take me in and that they had a good, decent quality of life which my parents bought because to my mother, Deadbeat Joe didn’t really seem like the type of guy who would lie about something that big.

So despite my objections (I hated Deadbeat Joe by this point), I went to go live with Deadbeat Joe and Chris plus their kids due to the fact that my real parents were about to lose our home at the time, and they didn’t want me to be homeless along with them.

At first, they were very welcoming, but after a few weeks, things started to change. Both Chris and Deadbeat Joe had lied, and they were just as poor as my parents were. Over time, Chris had started to show the volatile side of herself, and Deadbeat Joe found out I was gay, which was a problem for him due to the fact that he was VERY Christian.

They both really hated how I was LGBT despite claiming otherwise as Deadbeat Joe felt that I needed mental help because he felt that being gay was an illness. They tried to force me to conform to their beliefs that being gay was wrong, but I refused, which made them VERY angry.

Chris also ended up just being horrible and manipulative to me on a regular basis as she would do things like setting up a schedule for the time when we kids could do certain things, refusing to let me go to school for no good reason, threatening to isolate me from her entire family if I didn’t do what SHE wanted me to, etc.

This all caused me a lot of stress and anxiety over the two months I stayed there, and I would cry a lot in the corner of my room wishing that the fuses that kept breaking would set the house on fire and take me with it.

It built up a lot of anger and resentment within me and all of the things that Chris and Deadbeat Joe would do and say to me.

After a while, the hostility in the house built up. Deadbeat Joe ended up taking away my phone and threatening me with knives, which culminated in me taking my phone back and running away to hide in the bushes outside of the trailer park we lived in.

The cops came, and my “parents” manipulated the situation to make it seem like I was a terrible child and they left. The next week was a living nightmare afterward as Chris and Deadbeat Joe kept trying to get a confession out of me and kept threatening me, but I held my ground and was able to leave their house and move back in with my parents.

By this point, I was seething with rage but I didn’t do anything to them as I wanted to move on. However, a month after I left her house I remembered the smug face Chris made throughout the week she kept me a prisoner in her house and kept trying to ruin my life.

I decided that I hated her too much to not retaliate against her and her husband. So that’s what I ended up doing.

I decided that I would sign Chris up for all the spam/junk mail I could find using the information I could find online and on the school directory of the school she worked at.

Looking to hear the sacred word of Scientology? Signed them up!  Want to hear about our trashy products that will fall apart after one use? Signed them up! Want to see some hot, attractive women get it on with each other? Signed them up! Signed them up!

Signed them up!

Next, I decided to send Chris’s family some recordings I took of some of the things that she would say to me. During my stay at Chris’s house, I had recorded the things that she was saying to me, so I had evidence to show my parents that she was awful to me.

I ended up sending those recordings to all of her close friends and family before blocking them. They were VERY bad, so it wouldn’t have surprised me if some of them ended up distancing themselves from her after listening to it.

Lastly, I decided that I would continue to make Deadbeat Joe pay my mother for what he owed her in child support.

I was originally going to ask my real dad to adopt me, but after learning of how much Deadbeat Joe had to send my mother (around $1,200 per month), I did the math and concluded out of spite that I would let my mother keep on milking him for what he was worth until I turned 18.

It’s going to be quite a bit of time before I become an adult too, as currently, I am 16, so by the time I will have turned 18, DJ will have to legally pay my mother $25,000 over the next few years of my life, which is definitely NOT something to sniff at.

I never heard back from my evil “parents” after I carried out my revenge against them, so I don’t really know their immediate reaction towards what I’d done.

However, after going back to the school directory to see if any changes were made to it, I discovered that almost all of the teacher’s info was scrubbed from the site, and my stepmother’s name was nowhere to be found.

I connected the dots, and it made me realize that I had caused an entire site-wide change, and the reason why I’d never heard back from my awful “parents” was because of how badly I had humiliated Chris, and I knew that Chris would’ve flogged Deadbeat Joe if he dared try to talk to me again.

After realizing this, I laughed so hard I almost peed myself, and I left the school’s website. Currently, I am studying for an exam that will earn me certification in an aspect of design which is important for the field I want to get into.

I am taking my education seriously, and I now have opportunities that I wouldn’t have been afforded had I stayed at Chris’s house. I have made some new friends and have now moved on from the things that my “parents” did to me.”

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14. Physically Abuse Me? Kiss Your Desk


“In the late ’70s and early ’80s, I went through elementary and middle school in a small west TX town.

I was the socially awkward kid with only a few friends so I pretty well kept to myself. I remember my bullies well… all of them but this one jerk in particular… Larry Garrett.

Larry thought he was some world-class TV wrestler and loved to try his moves on me.

I got my butt beat at least once a day. My step-dad only told me to carry an equalizer… teachers and such only told me to report the incident. I opted for the less violent and reported the beatings. Instead of being vindicated I was ridiculed and punished for fighting even though I never threw a punch.

When I told my step-dad he simply said… ‘I told you to walk tall and carry a big stick’.

At the end of my 8th-grade year we moved to a larger city… all new people in new schools… this was my chance to change the way the world saw me.

I refused to play the victim any longer. Things went well that summer and into the start of my 9th-grade year. I had friends… lots of friends… and I am sure I made a few enemies as well but mostly good times with good friends.

Then it happened! I was sitting in my TX History class when the new kid was brought in and was seated directly behind me. There he was… with his pig nose, fat butt, messed up hair, and body odor… wearing his favorite t-shirt with some stupid wrestling thing on it… Larry Garrett.

At first, I decided to just ignore him but he had the crazy idea that we small towners needed to stick together… I gave him the benefit of the doubt and we became ‘friends’ for a brief moment. The tensions started to appear pretty quickly and he started his same old played-out stuff again.

The teacher had to leave class for a few minutes and he thought that was a perfect opportunity to start messing with me. First, he hit me in the arm… then the gut… then he sat down feeling satisfied that he had just shown our classmates how much of a loser I really was.

That was his mistake…

I remember flipping his desk with him in it causing him to hit his head on the wall. The last thing I remember was kicking the soul out of him and that is when the teacher walked back into class. We were sent to the office for punishment… he was behind me as we were walking and at one point he got close enough to kick one of my legs in an effort to trip me.

It was about that moment in time that the head principal walked around the corner towards us and saw what happened… I didn’t see him though… as I caught my balance in one smooth move turned and knocked that idiot out… right in front of the principal.

Obviously, we were escorted the rest of the way, and parents were called. The biggest thing that upset the principal was that I was smiling the entire time I got paddled while Larry cried like the little idiot he was (and presumably still is). His parents moved him to a private school and I never saw him again.”

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13. Good Thing I Saw Him Just Before I Left

“When I was 21 I went out with this girl who told me she’d been beaten up a bunch of times by the guy she was with before me.

So anyway we were at a house party once and he was there. The whole time I really just wanted to maybe punch him in the throat, but the fates had another plan for me: before we left late into the night I found him passed out downstairs in a bedroom near the back door.

I locked a bike lock around his neck and threw the keys in the bush about a block or two from the house when we left. It was one of those u-locks. I’m sure he had a great time having it cut off with an angle grinder, sparks, and all shooting in his face, or he had to go to the fire department and have them cut it off with the jaws of life, which must have been fun.

Either way, he had to wake up and then walk around with a U-lock around his neck for a while. I hope he enjoyed it.

I’ve told this story a few times, but there’s always at least ONE guy who gets really upset about it and calls me a bunch of names or cries and whines about how horrible of a person I am.

Yep, I’m a real monster towards men who beat up women. You’re absolutely right. I can only imagine these guys are also women-beating pieces of trash who’ve had something similar happen to them as karma. So just remember that, if you’re about to cry and complain about how you think I’m a mean person.”

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dewi1 2 years ago
At least it was just a lock.... you could have seriously hurt him.
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12. Bully Me? I'm Not Going To Just Sit Still


“As a short Asian girl, I have been bullied a lot. People think I’m weak or a pushover. Well, I may not be the greatest fighter but I am by no means a pushover. I have gotten revenge on plenty of bullies, but the one I remember the most was in middle school.

There was this guy, Todd, (screw you Todd if you’re reading this) who knew that he was a big deal. Basketball team and was fairly attractive, he even wore a leather jacket because he thought he was all that. In reality, he wasn’t so much a big deal, more so cold runny diarrhea.

Anyway, he used to constantly harass me, shoving me, insulting me, he even spat on me sometimes. I just ignored it because I just didn’t give a darn. But all my friends thought he had a crush on me because ‘if a guy bullies you or is rude to you he must like you’ and all that stupid stuff.

Eventually, it starts getting creepy. I noticed him in my peripheral vision as I’m walking home obviously trying, and failing, to hide and stalk me. I just kept ignoring him and dodging him. All the while my ‘friends’ keep saying that they’re sooooo sure that he has a crush on me.

Day after day I keep making complaints to my mom and dad. Keep getting the same response from my mom, ‘You’re a girl, just sit still, look pretty, and ignore it’ and things like that. My dad just says to ‘deal with it’.

One day during lunch he just started acting really inappropriately.

All sorts of ‘Oooooo’s’ and giggles from the cafeteria. Teachers are outside dealing with a kid who just puked so no one to help here. I go from shocked to livid as I realize he’s not going to stop. So I get up and punch him square in the nose and stomp on his nuts.

Get called into the principal’s office, who calls my dad. Without even listening to the principal he asks me what happened. I explain and that I dealt with the problem by punching him in the face and stomping on his manhood. Dad has the proudest grin and pats my shoulder while fighting the principal because this principal wanted to expel me.

End up not getting punished, and I got ice cream!

Moral of the story: Don’t sit still and take it if you’re getting bullied. Fight back. Even if you can’t win, fight anyway. Bullies like easy targets.”

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Loreleii Trueheart 2 years ago
I had a girl who bullied me through junior high.
One day my dad looked at me and said the immortal words "just turn around and put your fist in her face"
My mother was appalled and said "she'll get suspended for that!"
My father didn't care, he said it would give her the message to stop picking on me.
I didn't punch her in the face, but I carried those words with me like a talisman, and carried myself with a different attitude from then on.
That girl learned quickly that I wasn't going to take her $hit any more.
The rest of my years in school were great!
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11. Don't Want To Fix My IT Issue? I Think It's Time For A New CTO


“The security flaw that this presented was nothing short of incredible. And the fact that we never had a major security breach is astounding. It truly is.

The flaw you may ask:

Everyone in the entire company password was the same password. Yes folks you read that right, every single password to every single employee login was the same password.

It was like this before I joined the company, and for quite a few years after. Until…

Now, what about the username?

That must be the trick right?

Oh yea that was a trick, the username was the employee email address.

I did point out this flaw to my management and their response was ‘That’s not our area to be concerned about.’ So whatever, it paid well, I’ll do my job.

And then one day, we had a windows update which caused a piece of the software I used at work to break. I submitted a help ticket, and after escalating this issue I got to the CTO (chief technology officer) (it wasn’t a huge company).

The CTO said, ‘I don’t want to spend the time fixing this, use this workaround.’ To which I pointed out the workaround slows things down, makes my job harder, and this windows update has to affect more than just me.

I was told to suck it up

Now at the time, the CEO was the son of the founder and a bit of an idiot. I legit feel at this point he was just collecting a paycheck and letting everything run on auto and didn’t pay attention.

But I was mad at the CTO for brushing me off so I penned an email to the CEO.

It was a short email that simply said:

‘I discovered a massive security flaw that could potentially expose us to huge liabilities, when would be a good time to discuss this?’

The response? What security flaw?

I decided to demonstrate the flaw. I picked two random salespeople (I didn’t know them).

I got their username and I logged into their systems. And I pulled two random customers’ personal information. The kind of information that would have easily allowed me to commit identify fraud, pull out credit in their names, etc all kinds of bad stuff.

I emailed the CEO and I explained ‘anyone who knows the URL to log into our system, can log into anyone’s account, pull up customers’ information, and everyone has the same password.

To prove this I logged into two employees’ random accounts and pulled two different customers’ profiles and I’ve attached them, one single disgruntled employee could screw us over’.

25 minutes later my phone rings. The CEO was nice, very interested in how I did this (this guy isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer) and I pointed out the flaw in plain English and the liability that it presents to him.

I walked him through the process of ‘hacking’ my account as he called it. I’d hate to call it ‘hacking’ cause it was so easy.

Now it dawned on this CEO that this liability was huge, I pointed out again in our conversation a single upset employee could destroy us.

The fact that it hadn’t happened already is nothing short of a miracle.

I get told they want me to present this to the executive team, so they can discuss a solution (Honestly the solution is so obvious.)

So a day later we have the conference call, its the CEO, the CTO, COO, CFO, the company lawyer, the senior VP, etc and on the call, I demonstrate the flaw and I lay out how I as a layperson with very little IT background is able to figure this out, it’s incredible that we have this flaw.

Everyone is in agreement that is a HUGE ISSUE. Except for the CTO.

The CTO gets very upset with me. He wants me fired for ‘hacking’ the system. He says that per our employee handbook what I did is a firable offense. I point out that I’m not abusing this loophole and I’m only doing it to expose the flaw because I care about the company, and I think this is something that needs to be brought forward.

I point out that a former disgruntled employee could log into an account and steal customers’ personal information and if that were traced back to us the liability would be huge. I could tell our Corporate attorney agreed with me and was shocked at what I was demonstrating.

The CTO pointed out that former employees’ usernames are disabled, to which I pointed out every employee’s username is their email address. It would be trivial for a former disgruntled employee to use a different employee email address that they remember to log in, and since everyone’s password is the same they don’t even have to guess.

The CTO points out that we would know who did it cause of the IP address. I pointed out that VPNs are indeed a thing. The Corporate attorney actually wasn’t familiar with what VPNs do and I explained it.

And what shocked me the whole time was that the only person in the meeting who didn’t agree this flaw needs to be changed was the CTO.

The CEO made it clear that this issue would be fixed by the end of that day and there were no if and or buts about this. The meeting ended.

After the meeting, the CTO called me, privately. HE WAS ANGRY. I just exposed his incompetence because the system was his design, the decision for everyone to have the same password was his decision.

And I know why he did it, he did it cause he was so lazy. And I said to the CTO,

‘You’re an awful CTO, you shouldn’t be in the position you are, and you are lazy, you should have found a better solution for my help ticket.’

He stops and asks, ‘So this is about your stupid help ticket?’

I go, ‘Yes, yes it is.’ He laughs and says he’s going have me fired and I laugh and go, ‘I’m pretty sure someone is getting fired, I’m also super confident that’s not going be me.’

Well sure enough later that day we got an email stating that everyone was to change their passwords to something unique.

A week later the CEO announced, the old CTO stepped down to spend more time with his family.

On the first day of the new CTO tenure, he sent me an email telling me he wanted to personally work on my help ticket and find a solution around the windows update.

Which I’m pleased to say he did.

And I later had conversations with our attorney at a meeting, we legit never had a security breach. Which is simply astounding. The attorney admitted that was just plain dumb luck on our part, and if we would have had a security breach it would have been very bad for us.”

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10. He Called Me A Witch So I Ripped Him A New One

“In junior high, I was bullied by a kid named Marcus who oddly enough used to be a very sweet kid and even a childhood friend of mine.

He would constantly harass me during our science class by whispering horrible things under his breath. We had assigned seats, so I was pretty much always within harassment range. I’ve always been rather thin, so his favorite insults involved my weight. I knew the school wouldn’t do anything without substantial evidence (his bullying was entirely verbal and under the table, but he never laid a hand on me), so I was on my own.

One day, as class was letting out, he called me a witch. Normally I’m very passive, so I just kind of brushed him off most of the time, but not that day. I’d had enough. I can’t remember what I said exactly, but I ripped him a new one.

His face was beet red, but he left me alone after that.

He failed a year of junior high, and later got expelled because he brought a weapon to school and threatened someone. He also got addicted to illegal substances at some point and fainted on the side of the road.

I think he’s clean now and has a decent job, but he’s 21 and has a kid with a girl he’s no longer with. I haven’t spoken to him in years, but I really do hope he got his life together.”

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9. Don't Give Me An ETA For A Fix? I'll Flood Your Ticketing System


“This happened around 2012. Back then I used to live in Southern Europe (one of the Mediterranean countries).

I was a university student in a remote, rural place.

I had just moved to a new apartment and, naturally, my first order of business was to make sure that I had a running Internet connection. The problem was that, due to the place I was living in being so remote, there was only one ISP provider available.

You didn’t like the provider? Too bad.

Anyway, I sign the necessary paperwork in time, move to the new place, set up the router and all, and thankfully my connection is fine. That is until day 3 or 4 when out of nowhere my Internet connection dies (but my phone line was working normally).

Ok, no probs, I call the ISP to open a ticket. The representative tells me that they will get back to me soon.

A few days pass by and I get nothing so I decide to call them again. The representative tells me that they are still investigating the problem and that they will get back to me soon.

Now, this is the point where I’m starting to get frustrated. I know that the Internet in the area is fine, in fact, my next-door neighbor’s Internet connection is great so the problem must be something that is easily fixable, right? WRONG.

A week has passed by and I call them again.

This time the representative tells me that they have investigated the issue and the problem is officially of ‘unknown origin’ which means that they cannot give me an ETA for the fix. I hang up the phone feeling sad and perplexed. As I contemplate my internetless existence the representative’s words echo in my mind: ‘unknown origin’, ‘we cannot give you an ETA’.

Slowly, my sadness transforms into denial. How is this possible? My phone connection still works so the line is still there and I know for a fact that everyone in the area has a stable Internet connection. This must be a simple bug that is easily fixable.

This can only mean one thing: Some idiot has not been doing his job correctly.

The denial becomes anger. How dare they tell me that they cannot give me an ETA? This should be illegal! What if my job depends on my Internet connection? Not to mention that Internet access is a basic human right!

They are denying me my rights by not giving me an ETA! At this point the issue stops being the Internet connection – it’s about the principle of the matter. As a human being and a customer, I am entitled to an ETA!

I call the ISP again and I try to explain my flawless reasoning.

No luck. The poor representative who listens to my rant tells me that the only thing I can do is to open a new ticket. Shocked by my inability to define my fate I accept his offer and hang up.

And then… A magnificent idea is born.

Since the only thing that I can do is to open a new ticket then this is exactly what I’m going to do. From that point on I was calling my ISP provider two to five times per day. Each time, I was telling the representative the same thing: ‘This is what has happened, I know that there are multiple tickets with my name on them already but I want you to open a new one!’ Most of the representatives were pretty amused by my story.

Everyone complied.

A month later – yes, a month passed without the issue having been fixed – I get a call from the regional tech executive of the ISP. The call goes like this:

Executive: You must stop opening tickets, you’re flooding our ticketing system!

At first, I was shocked at how aggressive the executive was, he was clearly one step away from starting to call me names and I knew that the only reason this didn’t happen was that these calls are being recorded. And then my shock transformed into a visible glorious erection.

You see, my friends, this is the point when I realized that I was winning.

Me: Well, are you going to give me an ETA for a fix?

Executive: We cannot give you an ETA, the problem is of an unknown origin.

Me: Then I guess I’ll keep opening tickets.

Executive: hangs up.

To cut a long story short, this exchange renewed my passion for crushing the souls of those who have wronged me so I kept opening tickets at the same pace for another 30-40 days.

I estimate that in the course of the total ~70 days that this lasted I must have opened more than 250 tickets.

One day my phone rings. I pick it up and it’s an ISP representative who tells me this:

‘Mr. OP is this you? Your problem has been solved, everyone at (ISP name) is talking about you!’

Indeed, on that day my Internet connection was back.

The cool part about this, however, was that I had Internet all along. Remember my next-door neighbor? She was kind enough to let me know her WiFi password since day 1.”

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Cool story except for the "internet is a basic right" part
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8. I Catfished A Boss To Get Paid


“I used to work for a married couple, Billy (M52) and Gigi (F44), who owned a business services/public relations agency.

It lasted more or less for a year. They seemed nice and humble, but in reality, they were shady and untruthful. The company began to falter because of poor management and zero intention to prioritize. Billy was your baby-faced next-door neighbor type. He looked about ten years younger and had a “kind” smile.

He was soft-spoken and had an artistic and creative flair to him. Gigi looked matronly with a Mother Earth incarnate attitude towards her children. She prided herself on “being ruthless” when it came to giving her family only the best. She could be really nice when she wanted to, but I found out early on that she was 100% apt at gossip and being two-faced.

The company’s constant changes were a red flag.

They went from Business Services + PR Agency to IT provider, to a business incubator, to “indie beer partners.” What I’m trying to say is that they tried to dip their donut in everyone’s coffee, figurately.

Some of us had no real way to escape. The lady working next to me was already 67 years old and scared that no one would hire her. I wasn’t in a great place either.

We were 8 employees in total. They wouldn’t lay anyone off because they believed that the employee should quit.

They paid us only a portion of our salaries (incomplete weekly payments). Employees would run for the hills once they found a better job. Some of us were stuck. It was horrible. Then, they would pay the normal rate for a month and then do it again.

They never cut down on their luxury expenses, so the woman would post her shopping sprees or arrive in a new car like it was nothing.

Zero empathy. Very insensitive.

The man was obsessed with making it big time. So much, that he sometimes failed to see an opportunity right in front of him.

He said he was Coca-Cola’s brand manager. I swear I looked it up and could never find any reference. Gigi had a display full of small local magazines (mostly about design and architecture). They were very proud to be a “team member,” but in reality, they just helped them print two issues.

They wanted “big business only,” but in the meantime, looked down upon tangible potential clients. Like the young Latino couple who showed up trying to learn more about their services. They seemed “lost” because they wanted someone to help them set up a coffee business and had no idea how it was done.

I talked to them and helped them into the waiting room. They even showed up with their baby in a stroller.

That means they must have driven by and decided to come in. An impulsive client should be retained. The guy said his grandpa had a farm, and he wanted to create an import/export company.

Once Billy showed up, he listened for a bit, then kind of gave them a kind of an abrupt dismissal. That was a jerk move because that couple opened their own business with someone else and even have a social media page. It could have been Billy.

Billy lined his office walls with posters of Steve Jobs and Elon Musk. His woman, the Chief Enabling Officer, put up signs on each room. The main employee area was “the machine room,” Billy’s office was “the chamber,” the conference room was “a meeting of the minds.” Every time an employee disagreed with Billy during a brainstorming session, Gigi would call them aside and tell them that “Billy is your boss.

You need to know that he is brilliant and a genius. I want him to have that taste of success.” I experienced that first hand. I also hated brainstorming because that was never on my job description. They just wanted to pick everyone’s brains.

In the meantime, we had to see the Pandora jewelry, the expensive makeovers for their daughters, and the “weekend at the spa” updates on social media. Gigi’s captions were usually about rewarding herself after a “hard week” or “because she deserved it.” Oh! And I’d like to mention that they bought into the “social guru” phrases about “emotional direction.” So if an employee ever got angry, Gigi would tell you, “Remember the one who gets angry is the one who ends up losing.”

For anyone who’s been in this situation, you may understand how painful it can be.

You cannot leave the job because you have no other job waiting for you, and pathetic as it may sound to some, “some income” is better than no income at all.

This is an involuntary compromise and it’s abusive. Why were we expected to pay for their luxuries via incomplete wages?

My best friend’s ex is into coding and programming and he agreed to help. If it didn’t work out, at least we would have something to laugh about.

We created an amazing, fake website with a matching LinkedIn and the whole nine yards. To make a long story short, this was supposed to be an investment company and my friend would be very casual. Nothing too eager.

He started by liking my employer’s page.

Then comment. Before we knew it, my boss took the bait and was engaging. They exchanged emails and he was eager to share all his “projects and ambitious stuff.” On the other side, the investor sent him a list of requirements, like proof of concept, employer payroll, EIN #, etc.

The investor “agreed” to work with them if they could prove they were legit and up to date. No bank account of confidential info was asked.

Within three weeks, I was paid the equivalent to the 2 months and a half I was owed. The investor did an about-face and never contacted him again.

I left the job as soon as I could. My friend who remained until she got paid told me our boss seemed “off” and a bit down after he announced “big things are coming,” but it all seemed to deflate. I never disclosed what was really going on.”

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7. Jerk Kid Challenged Me So I Made Him Sit


“In high school, I was a staff member at the local Y. During the school year I was assigned to the after-school program, so basically a babysitter. Now I have a very small frame, but I was a runner and had very strong legs.

We had a kid named Josh that was the bully.

He was always yelling at someone and threatening kids. The parents had been talked to numerous times but the kid clearly was never punished.

One day, the kid was yelling at a set of 3 brothers. I had had a bad day and I was done with this kid’s nonsense.

I told Josh to sit down in a specific chair as it was timeout time. My boss watched this and looked rather amused. Josh was a big boy easily weighing almost twice what I did. Josh looked at me and said, ‘Make me.’ My boss just watches wondering what will happen.

So I ask Josh if he is sure if that is what he wants and tell him he would be better off just sitting down. Josh insists that I make him. OK. I walk up and quickly bend at my waist, hitting Josh at his waist with my shoulder.

I easily pick him up, walk with him over my shoulder, and nicely place him in the chair. I tell him he needs to sit quietly for 10 minutes and then he can play again.

The mother of the 3 brothers had been just coming down the hall and had seen me pick up Josh so she was quite concerned. My boss first talked to her and then took me to his office.

I sat down and was told with the best straight face he could muster to just nod occasionally and look serious. The mother was watching so we had to make this look good. He said that as long as I never hurt Josh, I was free to put Josh in timeout.

He was just flabbergasted that my waifish frame was capable of such an action. He continued to ramble for a bit until he felt like it had been enough time, then told me to look as if I had just been admonished, and go back to the kids.

Josh started laughing as soon as I came out of the office. The mother had left the room at this point and that was all my boss cared about. Bossman told Josh to shut up or he would have me pick him up again.

From then on, I was always assigned to the activities that Josh picked. He only needed a timeout once more in the time I worked there.

He went willingly and without complaint. Turns out bullies don’t like being manhandled by waifs. Go figure.”

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6. Competitor IT Company Steals Our Articles


“I owned an IT company, we’ll call it: UberTech, that strictly manages business networks; no website development, graphics, etc. One of my employees was tackling an interesting support request with instructions for making changes to a company’s website.

This happens from time to time where a customer gets confused with their various tech vendors (or assumes that we provide all tech-related services). He called the person to get more context and being in earshot, I could tell that my employee’s call was quickly escalating with a frustrated person on the other end – and he has already offered to pass the call on to his manager, me.

ME: UberTech, How can I help you?

Annoyed Website Owner (WebOwner): I want to know what is going on here! I don’t know who you are, I don’t know why you’re calling me, and I don’t know why you have my support information.

ME: Sir, to be honest, I don’t know who you are, why we are calling you, and why we have your support information either; but together I think we can figure this out.

I understand that you have a website and made a request for some changes. Who hosts your website?

WebOwner: Derp Company. On their support website, there are instructions to send support requests, I followed them and now I have YOU calling me with MY support information.

ME: Sir, I definitely want to get down to the bottom of this. We do not even offer website services. If you would please work with me, I am sure we can get an answer. What I want to do is have you share your screen with me and then show me what you did to request support.

I had him run our remote control software. He then proceeded to navigate to Derp Co’s support website: navigated through the customer self-service pages to a KnowledgeBase article (KB) on how to submit support.

He pulled up this specific KB article and I was staring at a VERBATIM copy of an article that I had written on our support site!

There were NO changes to the article including the step to: ‘Email your support request to:’ and it was my company’s email address right there!

ME: Thank you for taking the time to show me this, I think I found the problem. Notice the email address in the instructions – it is telling you to email UberTech dot com – that is us.

Now, please allow me to show you something.

I then scrolled down to the bottom of Derp Co’s plagiarized support article and noted the creation date: 2007. I then navigated to our company support website: and navigated to our matching article. We both confirmed that it was the same article and I showed him the creation date of our article: 2005.

WebOwner: Oh, look at that.

ME: I think it is safe to say that Derp Co has stolen our content, did not even update the instructions, misleading you to send a support request to us.

WebOwner: I am sure you have a few things to take care of with Derp Co. I would appreciate it if you do not mention us when you call them.

ME: Of course sir. Thank you for your time with this.

I immediately searched Derp Co’s support website looking for more of our stolen content, found a total of 5 articles, and promptly printed them out and saved copies as PDF.

So what to do in this situation?

Do I call the owner of Derp Co?

This is a small town so I needed to be clever and not taint my image. How do I get revenge? Hire a lawyer? Leave the articles as is and hopefully more support requests come to us that can bring us business?

Revenge Unleashed



Title: UberTech Endorsed by a local competitor

I got some great kudos from local businesses. One client, in particular, was rolling!

Two days later I get an email from the owner of Derp Co:

I would appreciate it if you were to remove the Press Release from your website. This is a small town and it is just not good business.

I went to their support site and still found 3 articles, from our company!

I wrote back and told him that I would be happy to do so, but there are at least still 3 articles on their support site that need to be removed. Two days later I got another email confirming that the articles were removed.

In the end, I took down our Press Release but still have a copy kept in our office and would tell this story to our new employees.”

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5. I Came Back From The Dead And Nuked Ex's Life Insurance Plans


“I (34m, now) was raised by a single mom because dad passed away when I was younger, but I had many male role models in older brothers and he left behind a generous life insurance policy, so I largely had a good upbringing. However, I was not ever very social and from my early teens, I spent a lot of time in front of my computer.

This habit got worse as I went to college and it resulted in me spending 80% of my time gaming, working, reading, or whatever on a screen. As a result, I was not very attractive and quite obese at the age of 20. For these reasons, I never really went out and did not even lose my virginity until I met my ex-fiance.

On top of this, I was raised very religiously because my mom became really religious after the death of my father so I always thought it was a bad idea to ‘play the field’. The only thing I had going for me was that I had become somewhat proficient in several coding languages and expanded on these in college.

I would not say that I am a good IT person or coder, but with a little bit of coding knowledge and a lot of creativity you can create residual income streams and I had a decent job in IT where I could work from home for 3 days a week.

At the age of 24, I was still overweight and a social reject, but through my mom, I met a woman from her ‘bible study’ that would eventually become my ex-fiance (36f, now). We hit it off and started seeing each other. She had a 2-year-old son at the time and they became the only thing in my world that I cared about.

It did not take me long to get physical (LOL) all those years of pretending I was ‘saving myself’ went out the window when I finally had the chance to lose it.

To be honest, she really broke me out of my shell I had become more sociable within a couple of months of meeting her.

I even took on a fatherly role for her son and within 6 months of being together, she got pregnant. Being the religious person I was, I immediately proposed and wanted to marry before the birth of the baby. Then she dropped a bombshell on me… she was still legally married…

to a guy in prison. This did not bother me too much as she had always talked about her troubled past and I thought I would be the one to save her from it anyways so I just took this as it came with the territory.

She began the divorce proceedings shortly and we planned to get married as soon as those were finished. I was riding high after the baby was born and I thought I had really carved a place for myself in the world. I even started losing weight and spent less time online than ever.

She was always kind to me and I thought we’d let each other know everything we were thinking… boy was I wrong.

There were a few red flags that I was too love-struck to see. 1.) She told me early on that the only reason she got involved with my church was that she was on probation and had pending court cases and thought it would help her case.

2.) Despite me earning a comfortable 6 figure income with side projects and my main IT job, she insisted that she keep her part-time job and my mom had to help me take care of the kids to deal with it. 3.) She knew WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE – like what suburban mom with a secretarial job has 200 contacts in her phone?

4.) We kept delaying our marriage due to sick relatives or other issues (although she did go through with the divorce to the prison guy).

Then something happened that shook me out of her spell. She got pregnant for a second time and this time with twins.

We had only been with each other for ~4 years and we were about to have 4 kids. 2 more than I thought I would ever have. She claimed she was on birth control at the time, so we were not using protection. Anyways, after the twins were born I started seeing my doctor about vasectomy and my ex-fiance encouraged it.

I wanted to get some swimmers frozen before the operation because we could completely change our minds in 5 years. So I go in for the visit and the doctor comes out to tell me that my sperm count was low and they were mostly immobile, but this problem might be temporary and I should try to eat a healthier diet and stuff for a few weeks and come back.

When I came to the second appointment and the same problem arose, the doc started doing some investigating, but you know where this is going. SO… the doctor says that it’s likely that I am infertile (this turned out to not be completely true, as I now have a child that I KNOW is biologically mine, but it still propelled the following events.) I mentioned that I had 3 biological children and the doctor looked anxious and started talking, but I was in shell shock and did not really know what he was saying.

I think I left the doctor’s office before they were even done with me. I did not even get in my car, I just walked until it started to get dark and eventually called an Uber to get home. My fiance was worried and already asleep inside and I just lied to her and told her my car broke down, phone died, and I was at the mechanic late and forgot to let her know.

I fell asleep and woke up the next day and immediately got on the computer to research similar stories and started to give myself false hope. The first post I read was about how fertility assessments are not true and I should 100% get a test. I thought for sure this would show the doctor was wrong, but I got the test back and within a week I knew the kids were not mine.

The first person I told was my mom, I went to her house and cried for the first time in my adult life. She consoled me and then told me a story that I was never meant to hear. Essentially, I am the product of an affair myself and that dad actually died from abuse on pain meds after he found out.

Well, I don’t know why my mom thought this would comfort me, but in reality, it just gave me an unhealthy view of women for a while. After the story and calming down, she insisted that I ‘man up’ and honor my commitment to these kids because ‘I am the only father those kids had ever known’.

Up to this point I had always been a pushover, and I really considered her words to me for about 24-hours before I completely snapped. I called my fiancé and told her I had to stay the night at my mom’s house because of a family issue and she offered to make us dinner which I declined. At this point, the twins are about 6 months, the boys are 2.5 years and ~5 years old.

I won’t lie and say that I felt nothing for these kids, but it was hard to look them in the face and I knew I was done being their father. I knew this would tear them up and damage them, but I couldn’t stand to hear them say ‘dadda’ to me because every time it was like a knife in my heart.

I kept my cool and did not expose anything and my mom did not say anything I assume because she thought I was ‘manning up’. I spoke to an attorney because I wanted to get myself off the birth certificates of these children and I thought I could seamlessly slip out of this situation because we were not married.

Unfortunately, after going through the paperwork and financials, since I had tangled much of our finances and I ‘took on a fatherly role’ I would be responsible for at least the boy’s child support and she would get equity in the house and my side businesses.

Basically, the lawyers said that I would likely be on the hook for something like 25% of my income for many years to come. I pretty much ghosted my lawyers after paying them their initial fee, because I did not like the idea of state-enforced cucking.

The revenge starts here. I started to make a plan to disappear and leave them all with as little as possible. The start of this was destroying all of my passive income streams and getting myself fired. Getting myself fired was easy, but it got a bit cringe, basically did some of the stuff from office space, smashed an office printer in the courtyard, didn’t do anything while working from home except send memes to coworkers, but I did not do anything to clients because my boss was actually a friend of mine, but my office mates had a good time watching this.

After this, I did not even try to file for unemployment and began living off our savings. My ex-fiance let me handle all the financials despite both of our names being on everything, so she did not notice our accounts slowly draining and the financials going to chaos because I left her checking account filled with a few thousand (credit card debt skyrocketed because I stopped paying our cards LOL).

I sat there for months wondering if I should end it and follow in the footsteps of my would-be father but ultimately decided against it. I got ancestry test kits for the kids in an effort to find who their actual father was because I was hoping to get them away from my ex, but this resulted in even weirder findings.

Essentially the oldest child was a cousin/half-brother to his siblings and so the prison guy’s brother must have gotten her pregnant, also I did not see any family members from the test that I thought would be a good fit. So that was the end of that investigation.

I also tried to distance myself from my mom, as I had become disgusted by what she did to my dad and her newfound liar allegiance with my ex. I formulated a plan to get away, FAR AWAY, from everything by just vanishing on a ‘hiking trip’.

I really hyped up this hiking trip and claimed I would be in the (insert location here) for a week alone with my thoughts in the trails. Before the trip, I took the then ~6-year-old out for ice cream and cried for the second time in my adult life.

The 6-year-old was obviously distraught over seeing his ‘dad’ cry and started trying to calm me down. I guess I was crying that I had to leave him, and I told him I was sorry dozens of times but I think he was just confused about the situation.

I was more concerned about losing him because I knew he was not my child and I was able to form a bond anyways.

I left that afternoon and actually made my way to the lodge and checked in. Now the next part I will mostly skip because I am not sure if it was legal or illegal or whatever but cut to 6 months later and I have a new name and live in a new city where I was able to restart my IT career and was slowly working toward my old income status again.

I started stalking my ex on social media and other websites. I won’t lie, it was cathartic, to say the least. The chaos of them trying to get into accounts must have been miserable and she figured out that our comfortable finances were not so comfortable after all.

Begging for financial help on social media is sooooo trashy. Once again I won’t mention the legal stuff, but a lot of people went looking for me and I considered phoning the police to let them know that I was okay, but decided against it (eventually had to pay a hefty fine for this, but it was well worth it).

I worked on myself for a long time and got into great shape. Lost my religion and descended into a hedonistic lifestyle. I became unrecognizable. I continued stalking this woman for about a year when I heard she was going out with a new guy and got pregnant almost immediately.

Of course, my mom was still in her life taking care of my ‘supposed children’ while she was doing god knows what. Then on the first anniversary of my leaving she posted a memorial page… for me. This made me decide that my revenge was not quite done and I decided to call up my brother and let him know I was alive.

My brother and I had drifted over the past 10 years, but he was blood and was always there when I was younger. I told him why I did what I did and we caught up and I asked him not to tell anyone yet and he agreed. But then he told me about my mom and my ex-fiance suing my insurance company to honor my life insurance.

Somehow, she had managed to keep this policy going despite its hefty cost. The payout would be substantial (7 figures) and she would be awarded the premiums that she had paid since my alleged death if she won.

Well, I am not the kind of uncivilized person that would defraud an insurance company so I started my plans!

I drove the 1000mile journey to my old city when I heard she had an upcoming hearing.

I went to the court early and sat down. Now at this time I had grown a beard, lost 60 pounds, and generally looked good. I looked so different that my fiance and mother passed right by me in court without giving me a second look.

I thought they would be meeting in a big courtroom and I was already planning to barge in and yell something about objecting and being a crimelord like usual. But they ended up going to a small room with some lawyers from the insurance company.

I decided screw it and knocked on the door several times until they opened it. They were all confused to see this scraggly dressed man with a beard and I simply said ‘I believe you are trying to settle the issue of whether I am dead’.

My ex-fiance realized it was me almost immediately and let out a gasp or something. But the lawyers were just confused.

Everyone ended up stepping outside the room and a whirlwind erupted and the bailiffs were called over. My ex screamed and slapped me and they had to actually put handcuffs on her!

This was a big deal for the insurance company I guess and the lawyer’s boss/client actually showed up and asked for statements and everything. Even a detective showed up and I started to regret coming but I gave my statement and did not really lie about anything, but I was vague about where I was currently living.

I ended up staying in town for almost a month, and it was a crazy month in a cheap motel. I showed evidence of my ex’s lying to anyone who cared and I tried to meet with the kids, but the youngest did not know me and the then 7-year-old told me to ‘screw myself’, which is fair I guess.

The police were annoyed and started civil litigation for the costs of searching for me, a detective or something actually flew in from another state to question me. Luckily this whole time I did not get arrested for anything as I did not want my fingerprints being linked to my new name and such.

Essentially I had to pay a large fine and immediately paid the fine to the surprise of the police. As far as I was concerned I was done with this town. My ex-fiance served me a civil lawsuit for multiple different things and my mom helped, but I was a leaf in the wind long before anything came of it.

I am back in my new city and never plan to go back. I stopped spying on them after a few months of ruining her insurance plans and moved on with my life. This happened some years ago and I am much better off now.

Now, I have no intention to try to seek revenge anymore because I believe ‘violent delights have violent ends.’ As far as I am concerned, my ex-fiance’s life is hard enough and anything else I did would just hurt the kids. After everything blew up with my ex, I left the town and did not reach out to my brother anymore, and even stopped checking up on the situation with my Ex.

Having no family and friends and starting over in the world is lonely and terrifying, but equally exciting and hopeful.

So how did I reset my life upon reaching a new city? Well, I had a lot of money that I used to stay in a motel for a few months while I got all my documents in order and looked for work.

Because I thought that my home computer would be searched when I went missing, I could not really plan much of this stuff beforehand. I realized that without a college degree linked to your name, it was difficult to find a job with my skillset.

So I decided to just make my own company and post ads about setting up custom dispatch software, editing videos, and presentations, among other tasks. I only received a few different jobs doing this and it did not even pay my living expenses. After I did a few jobs for the same company, I made friends with a project manager and got hired at a reasonable salary.

To this day, my finances are only about 70% of what I was making before, but I am happy with what I have.

I spent a lot of time finding people with similar stories on the internet and eventually got involved with a Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) group.

We basically just talked trash about women all the time and the positive feedback loop made me a pretty resentful/misogynistic person. I went so far as making fake accounts to harass women online, so I don’t want to go into any more details because I am a bit embarrassed and remorseful now.

I got on a mingling website and started hooking up with women to make up for lost time. Throwing money around and lying to them became a way of life for me and I would sleep with basically every woman I got with because I thought they were all doing it too.

I got caught and I would pretend like I didn’t understand why they were mad with me until they left or tried to forgive me just for me to do it again. Not proud of this either.

A couple of years ago one of the women that I was sleeping with regularly got pregnant and came to me all excited with the news.

Now I immediately accused her of lying and threw her out of my apartment and there was just a look of shock on her face. Remember, I thought I was infertile so in my mind, I just put another jerk in her place. I continued to mock her for a bit and even messaged my MGTOW buddies about what I did.

I openly confessed to lying to her and showed her proof. I agreed to a paternity test while she was still pregnant just because I didn’t want her to get the courts involved and I was shocked with the result. I cried and tried to hug her and she screamed, threw some papers at me, and told me she never wanted to see me again.

I went home and drank, happy that I was going to be a dad (for real this time) but sad about who I had become. As I said, I don’t want you to root for me because I am not a good person.

For the remainder of the pregnancy, she would not even speak to me long enough for me to explain my actions, but I totally understood why.

When the baby was born (a girl), I showed up at the hospital to sign the birth certificate and at the same time met with her lawyer (who turned out to be her sister) to go over child support stuff that we had already spoken about.

I went for a ‘hail mary’ and offered to sign any paper they wanted if she would just have coffee with me for 30 minutes to explain things (She wanted full custody and generous payments). I never got a lawyer because I just wanted to make amends and I thought a lawyer would throw up obstacles to try to protect me or my finances.

I met with her for coffee and to my surprise she let me speak uninterrupted for almost 20 minutes. I did not completely tell her the truth about my past, but she understood why I wanted a paternity test, but did not excuse my behavior in mocking her, throwing her out, and lying.

I signed the papers but begged her to let me see my daughter and be part of her life. She said that I was unstable and that I needed intensive therapy before that would ever happen. Of course, I was obliged to the therapy.

I learned a lot in therapy and did a lot of research about the fallout of lying and whatnot.

Turns out there are a lot of women who had been hurt by liars and homewreckers too (duh) and that my view of women was toxic, to say the least. I cut it off with my MGTOW buddies because I thought that atmosphere would be a detriment to my progress.

I don’t want to attack that group, because I think some good people in that group are just broken and looking for answers. I think having a baby girl was a real punch in the gut to stop treating women so poorly.

I was finally able to see my daughter when she was 7 months old and began supervised visits every other weekend.

I had dutifully paid the child support and made every attempt to talk to her mother and try to make amends. One night we got wasted and started kissing which turned into us sleeping together. When we woke up the next morning she was embarrassed and just asked me to leave, but she made it seem like she kind of wanted to make things work.

It took a long time but we moved in together after she lost her job and are currently living together. Her family hates me and this has held us back from marriage talk or anything. I even skipped our daughter’s 2nd birthday celebration because her lawyer-sister didn’t want to see me.

I hope this turns out well for me, and I know I already have better than I deserve.

For now, I’m working from home and my girl takes care of our daughter and makes me food and such. She is still suspicious of me and comes into my office to see what I am doing regularly, but I don’t mind.

For now, I’m just going to try to be there for my daughter and try to make it up to her mom. I’m still trying to think of things I can do or say but for now, I am still in zoom therapy and just doing my best.”

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Posiden1212 2 years ago
It takes a real man to admit they messed up bad and seek help........ Just continue on the path your on and leave the horrible woman in your past with her many children
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4. I Smeared Paint On Bullies' Butts And Didn't Get Punished For It

“My bullies were a group of 4 girls who were the stereotypical ‘popular girls’ in middle school. I was more of a tomboy/introvert. I was primarily focused on school and soccer. One day, in art class, my bullies had pushed me to the edge. They made my best friend cry.

She was pretty overweight and they severely embarrassed her in front of the whole class. This annoyed me so much. As a 7th grader, I was surprisingly vindictive and I took nothing from nobody. I could handle my bullying, but not the bullying of my few friends.

Luckily, today’s art class project involved paint.

My group was called first to grab the paint we needed. With tears streaming down my friend’s face, I looked her dead in the face and said, ‘Don’t worry. I got this.’ She was terribly confused. I grabbed red and brown paint.

I mixed the two colors at my table while the rest of the students were waiting for their groups to be called up to get paint for their projects. When the bully witches got up to grab their supplies, I put a dab of the red and brown paint mixture on the center of each of their chairs.

Unbeknownst to them, when they sat down, they smeared their butts into what appeared to be a nasty menstrual mess. Every single one of those girls looked like Mother Nature had paid them a visit unexpectedly. The boys threw pads and tampons at them in the hallway.

They had no idea what was going on until the principal called them into the office and told them to either change into their gym clothes or go home. They all changed into their gym shorts, which were deemed too short for class by the principal, and they were all sent home to dwell in their embarrassment.

The best part? The art teacher watched me do it. And when I noticed her eyes on me, I froze. She noticed my fear and just nodded her head once as a signal for me to proceed. EVERYONE hated these girls. I was just serving up justice my way.

The principal eventually found out it was me because someone who saw me do it snitched (probably for the chance at popularity). I proudly admitted to the offense with a smile on my face. I was not reprimanded. Didn’t even receive detention. The principal loved me because I was a good student and I was super friendly to anyone who approached me, despite my social anxiety.

When I said I did it, he was like, ‘Oh… hmm… well, uh… stop… stop screwing with your classmates. And tell your mom I said hello!’ And then he simply sent me on my way back to class.

The boys got the pads and tampons from other female students, who also thought it would be funny to throw feminine products at my victims.”

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3. Make Me Look Bad In Front Of Everyone? Enjoy The Pool

“Jerk kid was the biggest jerk in the third grade and lived right up the street from me.

Would always try and make me look bad in front of anybody. Fast forward three years of him picking on me and a cool middle schooler (6th grade is considered elementary for us) in the neighborhood invites us both to a birthday party. Little idiot keeps pushing me in the pool, getting his friends to lift me and throw me in the pool, anything to try and embarrass me.

Probably 10-15 times. Finally, I had enough, I waited until he was near the edge and pushed him into the pool. Felt so satisfying. Until I heard that snap. His leg got caught in between the deck and pool and was still up there while his body was in the pool.

Not really sure what happened next, kinda dipped cause there were guns at the party (the middle schooler’s older brother was a future army nut) and his friends were saying they’d get me back. Pretty sure he was in a cast for close to a year, also ruining his soccer career.

Because he was the best player, most of the school didn’t like me for ruining that. Fast forward through a somewhat depressing 4 years and ever since then through now, his best friends are now mine, and the whole school realized he is and was a complete and utter jerk.

Would I do it again? Never. Breaking his leg kinda messed me up in the head for a while, but at least he got what was coming to him.”

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2. Disrespect The Petty Queen? Prepare For Emotional Harm


“I met a guy named Kenny from an online game I played called Maplestory. We became friends but to be honest, I never really liked the guy. He was always bragging, making up lies about his life and personality yet couldn’t even be consistent with the lies.

He called everyone toxic for small things, was self-centered, constantly complained, used my cousin as a free therapist, played the victim role better than anyone I know, was entitled, defensive, acted as a player, blamed everyone for everything, and more. He has red flags written all over him since everyone in his life ends up leaving.

Anyway, I stopped playing Maplestory for a long time before one day deciding to get back online. He got excited that I came on then went over to my map to chat with me, but saw I was already with another friend, so all he ended up doing was staying mute.

I didn’t bother to message him that I was going off since he looked like he was away from the computer. The next day, I sent him a private chat to ask a question about the game. He gave me short replies then disappeared mid-conversation, but never came back to explain what happened or apologize.

Petty much? This peasant had an issue with the fact that I ‘wasn’t putting enough effort into chatting with him’ the previous day.

I confronted him asking if he had an issue, which he denied. However, ever since, he always gave dry replies and never greeted me any time I logged into the game while he’d greet everyone else including someone who’d log in seconds after I did.

I gave him multiple chances before throwing shade at him. I noticed he started ignoring my cousin too even though she never did anything to him. In fact, she listened to all of his negative, excessive ventings since he basically used her as a therapist for free, going on about things like how he’s harder to communicate with because he’s from ‘such a distinctive major.’ Like really?

You’re about to use my cousin as a tool to passive-aggressively annoy me? Now you’re going too far. On top of that, he kept spelling my name incorrectly when he never used to and ignored everything my cousin and I said to him.

You don’t get to disrespect me or my cousin like that while thinking you could get away with it.

Plausible deniability? Is that what you think you have? I don’t think so, honey. There’s no such thing in my vocabulary.

I sent him an essay throwing low-blow insults at him, hitting him exactly where it hurts before blocking him:

‘Don’t dare think you can get away disrespecting me and my cousin passive-aggressively thinking we won’t realize it, talking about being busy yet doing the most for some female attention in-game.

Initially, I didn’t know why your ex was paranoid about you lying, but now I know it’s because you’re a disloyal idiot thirsting for a new lady every day just like everyone else said. You’re a toxic jerk who plays victim thinking other girls are the problem.

It’s no wonder you can’t maintain a real relationship and your butt is always getting ghosted or dropped by everyone. Just wait a few more months because these girls you’re talking to now are going to ghost your butt too.

Why do you even flirt with every lady you meet though?

Is it because you’re so insecure that you have no game in real life so you go onto a game to flirt with girls behind pixels for validation?

You’re a weakling who has a layer of skin less than a flat piece of dust. You’re so fragile you can’t handle the tiniest bit of inconvenience without ranting to others.

You said you’re shy? When you go after every pixel you see in a game like darn I can’t go a minute without seeing you trying to get at girls. By the way, I suggest you improve your game by researching what ‘negging’ is because that’s what you’re doing, but it ain’t a good technique.

The only women who enjoy that thing are insecure witches. I guess your energy attracts them since you’re so insecure yourself LOL.

You don’t even look 6’2 in your pics. I think you made a typo and meant 5’2 and you’re probably really scrawny. Why do you look so pale though?

Are you busy setting your flat butt down gaming all day? Your lifestyle must be so sedentary that blood can’t properly circulate throughout your entire body. I suggest you get some exercise. Good riddance, peasant.’

Yes, I called him out for disrespecting me and my cousin, talked about how he’s thirsty, toxic, a victim player, how he can’t maintain a real relationship, how he gets ghosted or cut off by everyone, and told him to wait a few months before the people he has now drop him too.

Also, I called him insecure with no game, a coward, a terrible liar, weak and thin-skinned, talked about how he’s always complaining, insulted his appearance, told him his parents mentally disowned him, etc.

Anyway, I didn’t have enough. The sweetest revenge starts now. I made another game character, got it to a high level, had a friend help purchase pretty clothes for the pixel character, then intentionally met Kenny while using another identity.

I sent him selfies of my friend and hardcore flirted with him to get him hooked. I faked my personality to be exactly how I know he likes his girls and in less than an hour, I had him obsessed. I went on about how he’s just my type, asked him a lot of questions about himself, engaged in banter, and more.

He thought it was too good to be true, but continued speaking to me anyway, going on about how I’m the prettiest girl he’s ever seen and all that. I did a lot of things that implied I was into him, but I’d also go onto the game to flirt with other guys where he could visibly see it.

He accused me of being a player multiple times, but every time he tried to withdraw out of fear that I’m playing him, I’d say all the right words to lure him back in. He got personal and started telling me all of his flaws, basically being open and vulnerable around me.

He also mentioned how Hanna (that’s me) emotionally messed him up with the cruel essay that was sent to him.

He kept asking to call me, but I kept delaying it telling him that I’m shy but now I promise I’ll call him soon. Eventually, I teased him about how I was getting ‘hot and bothered’ which got him excited in all types of ways.

He tried engaging in a naughty conversation with me and told me he was literally turned on, but I left him hanging before coming back hours later and apologizing saying I swear I’ll finally call him tomorrow to make up for it.

The flirting got heavy and he was attached. He couldn’t even go an hour without double messaging if I didn’t reply to him.

Tomorrow came, meaning the day I’m supposed to call him. I went multiple hours without replying leaving him wondering where I went.

Finally, I came onto discord and changed my profile photo to a picture of ‘me’ with a guy then proceeded to tell him how I’m now taken.

He was livid, going off saying I led him on and how he knew I was a player the entire time. I called him out on his hypocrisy then sent him over 5 screenshots of him flirting with multiple different women, which he still denied saying it’s all out of context.

He was hysterical, talking about how he trusted me and thought I could understand him. He said he truly believed he and I had something just to find out I’m now in a relationship all of a sudden. He, just as predicted, began playing the victim role while seeking pity.

He said he can’t sleep because of our argument even though he has work the next morning. I told him to go to bed then left in the middle of the argument.

He spammed me excessively and said his biggest pet peeve is people leaving things unresolved. The next morning, he said he couldn’t concentrate at work because of what happened. Long story short, he kept saying pitiful things in an attempt to induce guilt, which of course, didn’t work.

We hardly spoke after this, but he did still message my catfish persona now and then. In less than a few days, I left him on read and never spoke to him again.”

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1. Be Rude? I'll Make You Believe Your Car's Been Sold


“Back in the 90s our landline phone number was one digit different from an auto repair workshop and I would frequently get calls from customers miss-dialing looking for this repairer.

No big deal I’d just let them know, an easy mistake, maybe have a laugh, but it was starting to become a bit of a pain.

One day I got this call from some lady. I said hello. The first thing out of her mouth was, ‘is my car ready yet?

I’ve been waiting all day and I have important things to do.’ This irritated me instantly with her rude attitude. So thinking quick I asked her her name and said I’ll go find out.

I put the phone down and went outside to have a smoke and had a think about what to say.

After a few minutes, I picked up the phone and informed her that I’d just spoken to the manager and he told me that after a good bit of haggling he managed to get 2k$ for the car and if she could come down this afternoon he would have the cash for her.

This as you can imagine went down like a lead balloon. She lost the plot big time saying it was only in for repairs, calling us thieves, threatening to call the police, and she would have us all arrested if her car wasn’t there when she came to collect it when the taxi dropped her off.

I said sorry but it’s not here, it was taken about an hour ago and if she wanted to come down and have a chat with the manager she was quite welcome to. Sorry, I have to go we are very busy, and hung up.

I’ve always felt a little guilty for that poor manager but would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when she turned up.”

Another User Comments:

“Growing up, my parents’ landline was one digit off from a local pizza place (and that digit was only one separated, one was a 4, the other was a 5) so we got calls all the time for them.

One night this lady called and thought we were the pizza place. I explained she’d made a mistake and hung up. Seconds later the phone rings again. It’s her again. I explain her mistake in detail and this time she tells me I’m wrong, but that she’ll try again.

A few seconds later, same thing. This time I tell her exactly what she’s doing wrong and how to reach the pizza place. In response, she gets irate and tells me she has the number written down right in front of her and this is it.

I explain that whoever wrote down the number got it screwed up then because this is a residence, and again gave her the actual number of the pizza place. She accused me of actually being a worker at the place, and just messing with her, and that she was going to call one more time and if it didn’t work, she was going to come down and have a word with the owner.

This annoyed me so I just said okay whatever and hung up.

Seconds later the phone rings again, so I pick up and just answer, “Hello, XYZ Pizza. Pickup or delivery?”

She smugly says, “That’s what I thought.”

So I took her whole order and told her we were a bit backed up and to come pick it up in about 35-40 minutes (which was going to be close enough to their closing time that she wouldn’t be able to still get her order in).

I do feel bad for the pizza place but jeez.

What I should have done was this same thing but then actually order some pizza myself then go down for the pizza and when she came in and started to flip out, introduce myself.” hydrospanner

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