People Open Up About Their "Am I Wrong?" Revenge Stories

So many people get revenge on those who've hurt them, but are their acts always justified? Does the punishment really always fit the crime? Sometimes a jerk deserves to be taught a lesson, but other times, their victim may have gone a little too far. Have a look at these revenge stories and let us know who you think is in the wrong. ITW = In the wrong ITR = In the right ESH = Everyone sucks here

14. Am I Wrong For Purposely Folding My Husband's Shirts Wrong?


“My husband can be quite anal-retentive about his T-shirts. He doesn’t like that they get creased in the drawers and he can’t see the logos to chose what to wear.

So he goes out and buys a T-shirt folder. You’ve probably seen them used by Sheldon on the Big Bang theory. And expects me to use it. (FYI: I do really think it’s a good way of storing tops, it’s just that using the folder is another chore I’m expected to share.)

So I removed all his T-shirts from the drawer, folded them, and put them back.

But I make sure every one of them is inside-out so he can’t tell which is which without taking them out and turning them right-side out.

He never said anything to me about it. I’ve done this 4 times now. This morning he told me to leave his clean T-shirts on the bed and he’ll put them away in the future.

Mission accomplished.”

Another User Comments:

“The fact that he wants you to take care of his laundry and follow his asinine request on how to do it is ridiculous.

I hang up all of my shirts and pants except for my t-shirts. Those go in a drawer. Had an ex that was adamant that t-shirts needed to be folded and put in a drawer. After asking twice to get her to stop, told her to not touch my laundry anymore. I can go into my closet at any time and tell you exactly where a specific shirt is because I always hang them in the exact same spot.

(Yes, I may have a slight bit of OCD). Folded in a drawer makes it so much harder to find what I am looking for.” 4U2NV1981

Another User Comments:

“ITR. Win-win for you. If he wants it a certain way he can do it himself. I grew up with a mother like this and she always complained nobody ever helped her with cleaning and organizing because she was so anal retentive that nobody could live up to her rules.

It was a big reason why I moved out. Now she thinks my house is filthy but my friends and my in-laws are like OP you are immaculate. It’s because I clean but my way. I remember my MIL watched my Mom and said she was really OCD. The best thing was when she married my StepDad whenever my Mom complained he said do you want the chores done or do you need it all done your insane way.

If you want it all done your own insane way you will be doing all the chores for the near future. My Mom believed perfect home perfect life. He told her we are more than capable of helping you but your standards are way too high and basically, we will help but you need to chill out. She did end up going to therapy for it only because getting a shower was so tedious because we had to dry every tile so mold didn’t grow and my StepDad was like no more you need help.

I think this all stemmed from her anxiety being married to my narc BioDad.” TravelGirl2568

Another User Comments:

“Good for you. I am always surprised when people want a task done a certain way, and they expect others to do it, instead of doing it themselves. This excludes parents and children of course.

My husband has been doing his own laundry for 35 years because: I rolled his socks instead of folding them, and I did not hang his shirts in a color-coordinated manner with the top of the shirt buttoned.” wind-river7

Another User Comments:

“All you accomplished was making yourself look incompetent in their eyes.

Why not just be upfront with them?” Alamo_Vol

Another User Comments:

“ITR. Anyone who criticizes me for doing ANY CHORE that benefits them is asking to do it themselves. That’s the exact reason why I no longer fold any of my wife’s clothes (even if they’re mixed in my laundry, I’ll just throw them on her pillow), or put away groceries. I ‘do it wrong’ somehow, so now I don’t do it at all.” bmorris0042

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Pattiejn 2 years ago
Folding his shirts is not a shared chore. I taught my son to do his own laundry when he was 12 years old. Everyone in our family does their own laundry. My husband washes our towels and sheets by his own choice.
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13. Am I Wrong For Baiting My Thieving Coworker Into Drinking Habanero Juice?


“My fiance has a co-worker who is a heavy drinker to the fullest. Without booze, it seems he can’t function so he’s got a problem, to say the least. Well, my fiance likes to drink as well but in his free time & off of work.

Well, his boss hosts weekly cool-out nights for all the workers to chill & just relax. These past weeks my fiance has brought his bourbon & it’s always had booze stolen out of it.

We didn’t think much of it because all the boys seem to share their drinks & what not but it always seems to be his bottle that gets the most taken from.

His boss put up cameras recently in his house & when nobody was paying attention he saw that this one co-worker was taking an absurd amount of shots out of his bottle. We already assumed it was him but we just didn’t know so now we had proof.

The next week my fiance put habanero juice in his booze to test the waters because he was just trying to see if the co-worker was going to do it again. Sure enough, when everyone was playing ping pong on the back deck, the co-worker tries to take some shots. All we hear is gagging & coughing. Well, the co-worker messed up. He’s telling everyone his throat hurts & feels like it’s on fire saying ‘what the heck is this??’ Needless to say, the co-worker never drank from my fiance’s bottle again.”

Another User Comments:

“This is beautiful and absolutely deserved! I did the same a year ago at work, I had food in my office cubicle stolen so I baked some cookies, filled them with Thai chili seeds, and left them overnight inside my drawer.

The next day one of them was half-eaten (we never caught the thief), and I never had anything stolen from then on.” Nashiwa

Another User Comments:

“ITW. This may seem like a good idea but remember that booby traps are illegal, you made no real attempt to communicate with this person and went out of your way to inflict pain and suffering on a heavy drinker. This isn’t petty it’s just vindictive and cruel to someone clearly suffering from a problem.” AlexPaterson16

Another User Comments:

“I know it is not the point of the story, but the boss filming his employees when they are ‘relaxing’ in his home seems sketchy.

And if the boss is aware one of his staff has a drinking problem, he needs to deal with the issue before he gets sued for an accident his intoxicated staff caused.” Catacombs3

Another User Comments:

“Wow, there is a lot of judging in these comments. Pretty ironic since I’ve seen plenty of people advocate putting laxatives in food/drink that’s likely to get stolen.

It sounds like booze-thief coworker got the spicy wake-up call he both deserved and needed.” Roguefem-76

Another User Comments:

“ITR. Good job!! This falls under the classification of ‘screw around and find out.’ He was stealing and got exactly what he deserves.” Alaskagurl64

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AZD255 2 years ago
There's a difference between setting a booby trap and adding hot sauce to your food. You can't justify a booby trap by saying that's how I like to be shot or stabbed or whatever but you can say that's how I like it when you add hot sauce to your food.
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12. Am I Wrong For Trashing A Store After They Kicked My Friend's Mom Out?


“This happened about 15 years ago when I was living overseas (now I’m in the US). Let’s just say I used to live in a developing country back at the time.

My friend and I, let’s call him Hahn, were driving around the city one night, when he got a phone call from his older brother, let’s call him Barry.

The phone call from what I was able to comprehend was pretty intense.

After Hahn hung up, he was pretty frustrated. He told me to drive over to the supermarket near his parents’ house, I did.

I asked Hahn what was wrong. He said it looks like Barry has gotten into a fight and that he needs our help. I told them let’s go see what’s going on. On our way to that supermarket, Hahn called a couple of our friends and told them to meet us there for extra support.

I know how this may sound. It sounds like we’re a bunch of gang bangers looking to go start some trouble, so before ya’ll start jumping to conclusions let me give you some background: The community I used to live in is heavily tribal. It’s not about ganging up, but more about standing up and being there for a friend in need. That’s the common mindset and that’s their way of life.

It’s pretty backwards at this day and age and it’s worth pointing out that I’m completely against that mindset now, especially since I’m living in the US.

But anyway, we eventually arrived at that supermarket. It was in a very busy and vibrant area with lots of traffic. We parked our cars at the front door and stood out in the street waiting for Barry until he showed up.

He was enraged, yet calm and on point. We asked him what was going on, so he went on explaining.

Apparently, Barry and Hahn’s mom went into the supermarket to buy some chicken. She did manage to buy some (chicken in a sealed container). She needed it to cook for the day, but when she got home and opened that container, the chicken smelled absolutely rotten and disgusting.

Understandably, she decided to go back to the store and return that chicken, notify the store manager and get another chicken that isn’t salmonella-in-a-box, since she shops there quite often.

I know my friends’ mom. She’s not a Karen in any way and she’s this super sweet lady in her sixties who is very friendly with everyone she meets. When she went into the store, found the store manager, told him about the rotten chicken, and asked him, politely, to give her a different one.

She was even discreet about it and didn’t want other customers to hear. The manager was super rude and refused to acknowledge that there’s anything wrong with the chicken outright, refused to exchange the chicken, and wouldn’t even smell or look at it. He called her a liar and told her to ‘get the heck out of his store.’

Hahn, having learned that his mom was insulted that way, was pretty furious.

Barry told us that he was going inside to talk to that manager and give him a piece of his mind and that he wanted us to be there on standby in case things go down. We agreed and waited outside.

Barry went in. We were looking at him through the glass door. We saw him speak to that manager with a clear understanding of how heated the conversation was getting.

Basically, Barry asked the manager if he’s the one who told his mom to get the heck out and the manager says, ‘Yes, and you GET THE HECK OUT TOO’ and shoves him away.

Now a little background on Barry: He was feared. He’s always been kind of problematic since he was little. He was never a bully, but he just never took nonsense from anybody, ever.

Now while I didn’t agree with the way he handled things, I’ve always respected how he stands up for himself and for the people he cares about. It’s worth mentioning that he’s a lot calmer now.

Within seconds of him going into the store, and after hearing how belligerent that manager was, Barry lost control over his rage, and we saw him start throwing punches at that manager.

Other employees joined in on the fight too and all broke loose. Hahn, another friend of ours, and I immediately jumped into the store. We started to trade punches with whoever was fighting. It was an utter mess. All I remember was that I punched the manager a few times and then I was on the ground. I didn’t get punched or anything and still have no idea how I ended up on the ground.

Luckily, no one got (really) injured from either side but we had a clear advantage over them.

The aftermath was horrific. Glass was broken, shelves were knocked down and product stands were destroyed. I still remember M&Ms scattered all over the floor. It was a hot mess. At that time, we knew we were absolutely screwed. We pretty much vandalized a whole damn store and physically assaulted its staff.

Eventually, we left and stood in front of the store and started cussing them out. They stayed inside the store because they knew that the law would be on their side while they were on their property.

So, about the laws in that country; they make absolutely no sense whatsoever. A good example of its ridiculous laws is: If you get physically assaulted by someone, and you decide you want to press charges and you do just that, you will need to go get a doctor’s note stating your injury, and then head to a police station and press charges.

The person who assaulted you will get a phone call from the police telling them to come to the police station. That person can also press charges the same way even if they’re not at all injured. If both parties have pressed charges, both parties will go to jail awaiting trial, unless bailed out. It’s also worth mentioning that obtaining a forged doctor’s note in that country is easier than buying a tub of sour cream (fact).

That said, we knew that we better hurry up and press charges. We got to the police station before the supermarket staff and filed a complaint against them. They eventually arrived like 15 minutes later to do the same thing. It was the jerk manager and another guy that was in the fight too.

At the police station, it was a shock to me how nicely we were being treated by officers, and how awful they treated the supermarket staff.

Like what the heck is going on? Shouldn’t we be in handcuffs right now?

What I didn’t know was this: While standing outdoors cussing those guys out after the fight, Barry disappeared. He did meet us at the police station but we didn’t know what he was doing after the fight was over. Well, it turns out that while Barry was exiting the store after the fight, he started yelling ‘My Name is Barry (last name) and I’m not done messing you up.’

Apparently, a passing police patrol heard Barry yell at the top of his lungs and stopped to see what was going on.

Out of sheer coincidence, one of the patrolling officers turned out to be a distant cousin of Barry (It’s a small country) and he recognized his name while he was shouting it. He took Barry aside for a word and started asking him what was going on. Barry explained the entire story of how they insulted his mom after selling her bad chicken and refusing to admit any wrongdoing.

The officer also turned out to be an on-duty health and safety inspector. He then took it personally and assured Barry that he’ll take care of it.

Anyway back to the police station, now that both parties have pressed charges, the police were clearly favoring us. They threw the supermarket staff in a cell while we were sitting on the couch sipping coffee lol. Barry was still cussing the manager out.

Eventually, we reached an agreement to drop all charges and we all went our way.

Now, the real revenge: After the store was picked up and everything went back to normal (kinda), Barry’s officer cousin went to the supermarket on an inspection the next day… do you see where this is going?

Yep, he found tons and tons of badly stored meat of all kinds that was completely inedible, and could potentially be life-threatening.

He also found spoiled dairy and a buttload of expired items. Apparently, the owner orders the staff to unplug the fridges and freezers at night to save on electricity! The owner was knowingly selling rotten meat to save a few bucks.

The store was immediately shut down pending investigation. The health ministry got involved and fined the supermarket, and the fine was just so huge that the store stayed shut down and NEVER OPENED AGAIN because the owners weren’t able to financially recover.”

Another User Comments:

“Whatever you did wrong, the fact remains that you saved the community from some serious stuff.

Those store owners could have killed someone with that rotten food.” SaneForCocoaPuffs

Another User Comments:

“Yo I wasn’t batting an eye until the revelation that old dude was unplugging the coolers. I had a real-life jaw drop when I read that. Like I get that small communities get a little gang mentality going and this isn’t a particularly wild story but that bit… nah man. You don’t mess with your market like that.

No way you’re saving enough electricity funds to make up for the product you’re losing and customers who won’t shop there again because you got them sick. Bad practice all around.” legendariel

Another User Comments:

“If I understood it correctly the store manager pushed Barry first which in my humble opinion means that Barry was the defender, not the aggressor.” Curben

Another User Comments:

“What a rollercoaster. I went from ‘how is this justified’ to ‘I get it.’ Thanks for sharing, and telling us to hang on till the end!” Its_me_Snitches

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rossbro 2 years ago
Company washed rotten chicken in bleach water to kill smell, then repackaged with new expiration date. Food Lion, North Carolina
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11. Am I Wrong For Ratting Out A Rude Bank Manager To Corporate?


“I’m a 26 yr old nonbinary disabled person with a service dog in training. Let’s call him Buddy. Now, at this point in time, Buddy is trained to alert to my high heart rate so I don’t faint on the spot. He is also trained to do deep pressure therapy to even out my blood pressure and heart rate. Those are his two main tasks, but he does more.

(For those not savvy with service dog laws, to be considered a service dog under the federal ADA law, the handler must have a disability, I do, and the dog must know at least one task.) Important note on laws in my state in the US. Service dogs in training have the same rights as a fully trained service dog. They can go anywhere, do anything, train anywhere the public is allowed.

And under no circumstances can they be discriminated against.

On to the story! Buddy was in the midst of his first year of training (takes 2-3 years), and my partner and I co-trained him with our professional trainer’s help. We were taking him to new places in his public access training, and that day we decided to practice at the local credit union. I had an account there so I figured, why not?

We arrived and Buddy was in a perfect heel at my side.

We wanted to practice him laying under my legs while I’m sitting in a chair, so I gently smiled at a bank employee to get her attention. She walked over, introduced herself as a manager, aaaaand immediately started talking to Buddy, not me. This is a huge no-no.

I tried to get her attention, no go. She talked to Buddy. Him being young and in training, he got excited.

I swiftly corrected him with a ‘leave it!’ And the manager finally looked at me. I then kindly asked if I could use the chairs in the public lobby to practice our training. She froze, then said, ‘No no, I can’t let you do that. Only certified service dogs allowed.’

(That’s nonsense for several reasons. There’s no legal certification so it’s against the law to ask.) But I was ready and quickly told her ‘actually in this state, service dogs in training have the same rights as fully trained ones.’ She stuttered for an answer, and said ‘well he can stay then.’

I didn’t want to push it, so I said okay, well we can just do other training here then.

She IMMEDIATELY got all huffy and retorted ‘I can’t let you do any training here. That’s not allowed in the building.’ Knowing this was a clear violation of my rights, I made a nonsense excuse that I needed to check a transaction, just to stay there. She was standing right behind us, every step. She wanted to kick us out. For having a service dog.

At the bank booth teller, I asked her to look up a menial transaction I knew I took out earlier in the month that was for a large amount stating that the company never sends me a receipt so could you please print that, etc, etc.

All in all, between finding it, and getting printers to work, it took roughly 30 minutes. The whole time, I was training Buddy how to handle staying in one place for a transaction, and ignoring other people.

After I got my paper, I profusely thanked the teller who was so kind to me and shot the manager a look. She then asked if that was all I needed and if I’d be going.

I thought about doing some petty ‘oh, I’m wondering if I can refinance my car’ kinda thing, but Buddy was getting bored so I just replied ‘no thank you.’ And left. She did not say goodbye or have a nice day.

After that horrible experience, I knew I had to do something to get back at her. And I knew this credit union cares more about its customers.

So, I called the corporate customer complaints line. Took me less than a minute to get a kind gentleman on the phone.

I told him the entire issue of the trip, stating every ADA law and state statute she had broken. He said I’ll look into this real quick. Put me on hold for maybe 5 minutes. When he came back, he had not only dug up every law I mentioned but saw that yes, from my account, she broke them all.

He stated, ‘This is very serious, I can’t just let this go.’ I asked what would happen. He said likely, a higher-up would come educate all staff on ADA guidelines and accommodating disabled customers. I was satisfied with that, told him thank you, and hung up.

Cue six months later, to today! My service dog just left yesterday to do intensive training at his professional trainer’s house so no dog with me.

I had to make a deposit, so off to the credit union I go! I walk inside, get next in line to see the teller, and… it’s HER! The stupid mean manager got demoted to a regular bank teller!! I smiled so hard when it was my turn to walk up to her booth. She didn’t recognize me At. All.

I almost bust out in maniacal laughter.

Instead, I complimented her hair. Transaction over, I walk out, see a new, friendlier manager at the door who wishes me a nice day.”

Another User Comments:

“Thank you for standing up for the rights of all of us with disabilities. You did the right thing and I am glad the credit union took you seriously.” proudgryffinclaw

Another User Comments:

“Any establishment has the right, as a private business, to deny service to anyone for any reason.

Of course, ADA says that they can’t deny service because of a disability, but denying you from loitering in a private establishment because you have no business to conduct there is valid.

The ADA rules might give you a scapegoat here, but regardless of legalities, this comes off as bad behavior. I think it’s ethically right that you should be able to bring your service dog with you everywhere that you’d be going to conduct business, but it doesn’t seem right to me that you use other’s private property (open to the public or not) solely for the purpose of training your dog.

I know I’d be annoyed if someone came into my office and just loitered about when they have no business to conduct there. If they then pulled some discrimination nonsense when I asked them to leave I’d think they’re a pretty awful person regardless of whether or not the law is on their side.” dmoreholt

Another User Comments:

“ITW. OP, a private business is not your training yard.

You have a right to be in there to conduct your business, but this isn’t a hangout spot for you. Once you have completed your business, it’s time for you to leave. The manager was perfectly reasonable considering your bizarre request to train your dog there.

The manager was well within their rights to ask you to conduct business or leave, your dog being with you had nothing to do with your situation.” dajur1

Another User Comments:

“As a member of over 99% of the general population who never had to deal with a service dog and henceforth was never once educated about a single special right provided to service dogs, I’m going to have to sympathize with that poor manager who likely hadn’t a clue about this either.

I’m not saying your dog shouldn’t have been allowed in there, but you could have been less of a jerkhead about it. Just because you have special needs doesn’t mean that everyone is just magically aware of every law that may or may not exist about it. Jeez.” HotPluggable

Another User Comments:

“Wow, I can not believe the amount of ignorance here.

What is difficult to understand about training service animals?

They have to be exposed to all kinds of environments, distractions, this training has to take place in the real world.

I’m assuming that service animals are easily identifiable.” tisonlymoi

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rossbro 2 years ago
Every service dog should be treated as the wonderful helpers they are. Honor them
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10. Am I Wrong For Exposing My Unfaithful Cousin To Our Whole Family And Ruining His Marriage?


“I’ve always been the black sheep of the family. Cousins grew up to be doctors, professors, creatives, and whatever else. Meanwhile, I’ve managed to just make a humble stable passive income through some business decisions, nothing fancy but I can afford a one-bedroom in NYC and live comfortably with that and a part-time job in a cafe.

Everyone in the family including my own parents judges me harshly for not ‘pushing myself to do what my cousins do,’ especially my one cousin we will call Randy.

Think the stereotypical dude bro who got rich thanks to working for his dad, multiply that by ten, and you got Randy. Anyway, he always gave me the most trouble, and eventually, I just tuned them out cause I get to enjoy my life with my SO, work part-time, and still afford what I want.

So, to cut the nonsense short, Randy has a wife and two kids, he also had a mistress.

I found this out cause one day when I was walking through the city I saw him walking down the street with a woman who clearly wasn’t his wife, arms around each other. I checked social media and saw he had indeed posted about visiting a bagel shop in the city while on a business trip that morning so I head indeed to the city. So, I decided screw it, let me see how this plays out.

I followed them for five hours, snapped several photos, one of them going into a hotel together. I held onto these and waited until Christmas that year, about 6 months later.

I decided to unceremoniously drop printed photos in front of everyone at the table before dinner and made sure to get his wife to see them. Cue screaming and fighting. I actually got punched in the eye.

It was Randy’s dad who did it though not him. Cue police, a lot of questioning, my SO and I get kicked out, we head back home after talking to the cops one last time.

The aftermath: Besides Randy’s wife and another cousin who hates Randy, my family cut me off entirely for several years. Whatever, even my parents had always expressed disappointment in me for not applying myself fully so no real loss there.

  • Randy got divorced
  • Lost full custody of the kids after threatening his ex
  • Family occasionally tries to guilt me into apologizing but my response is some variation of ‘not gonna apologize for outing an unfaithful jerk’ and I’m promptly blocked for another few months.
  • My SO and Randy’s ex-wife are good friends and the kids call me uncle, nice having a family who actually loves me unconditionally for once
  • SO and I got married and that’s when my family last tried to get into contact with me and were actually nice for once, seeing me moving on I guess eats at them idk.

    Maybe realizing their punching bag is gone for good.

That’s it really, living my best life now with a good family as opposed to an awful one.”

Another User Comments:

“I understand that Randy is still family to them but why would they side with him (or against you) when he was actively two-timing his wife & broke up his own family? You shouldn’t have to apologize to scum like him.” Puppet007

Another User Comments:


If anything, you improved the lives of both Randy’s ex-wife and kids, too.

Now they can move on and live their best lives because you bravely told them the truth.” popemichael

Another User Comments:

“ESH. I don’t understand why you would purposefully break the news in the most awful way possible to Randy’s wife. That must have been a very painful situation for her. Plenty of other ways you could have gone about exposing his lies, without hurting innocent people around you.” HippGris

Another User Comments:


Realized how blessed I am that you ain’t my cousin lol. I feel you overstepped, went out of your way to get him caught all because you don’t like his personality or because he’s rich and or successful due to his daddy. Just seems petty, and I personally could never do that to anyone unless they really did some messed up stuff to me.” bobbymatthews84

Another User Comments:

“That sounds exactly like how I would have played it, I sincerely wish you and your SO the best that life has to offer (which, as you obviously know, is WAYYY more than money!!!) and to those that are saying well, he only printed some stuff out, trust that I know how daunting and soul-crushing these toxic family gatherings can be and it took a lot of gumption to just drop that BOMB. I’m so proud of you yeah yeah yeah!!!!” mellric

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rbleah 2 years ago
NTJ Everybody needed to see and hear this. Harder to sweep under the rug.
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9. Am I Wrong For Ruining A Homophobe's Marriage?


“So my daughter (15) has been friends with a girl who lives opposite for years now and in the past, there have been sleepovers at both our houses, adults always stopped and chatted when we saw each other, etc.

Last year my daughter came out as a lesbian and a short while later we noticed that our friends across the road never seemed to want to chat anymore.

Recently my daughter told me her friend had messaged her to say that she wasn’t allowed around our house anymore.

Yesterday I saw them on the road and I decided I was going to have a friendly chat and see if I could resolve the issue.

It didn’t stay friendly very long.

Jerkhead dad was acting oddly agitated when I brought it up and ended up saying ‘I’m not letting your freaking queer daughter try and do stuff to (redacted).

Just because you raised a freak doesn’t mean we all have to like it.’

(side note for anyone who doesn’t know: although the term ‘queer’ has been somewhat reclaimed by the lgtbq+ community in recent years it has a long history of being used as a homophobic slur and Jerkhead dad definitely wasn’t using it as an ally).

Now, for the next part it’s important to know four things:

  • Jerkhead dad has been working from home.
  • His wife hasn’t and works each day.
  • I have been working from home due to an injury for a few weeks now.
  • I’ve seen the woman who visits for a few hours a couple of times a week and I’ve seen him smack her butt as she leaves.

I stay nice and calm.

I take a breath and then I press the button.

I calmly explain to Jerkhead dad that just because my daughter is gay doesn’t mean that she would be trying to make a move on a friend. ‘After all…’ I say, ‘men and women can be friends without it being romantic… Just like you and the blonde girl who keeps coming round.’

He got pretty mad and called me some amazing names as his wife stomped back to their house.

I’m guessing things got pretty bad as he left the house less than an hour later with a suitcase and a big gym bag and drove off, tires screeching.

I do feel sorry for the daughter if I’m honest and if only for her I did wish afterward I’d kept my mouth shut…

Not sorry for him though.”

Another User Comments:

“Based just on what I see here, it may not be the worst thing in the world for neighbor daughter to have her father around less.

Also, without him around, neighbor mom might be more willing to let her hang out with your daughter again.” Canttakethewhyfromme

Another User Comments:

“Daughter’s friend probably already knew about your daughter. Most people tell their closest friends first and ask them for help on how to tell their parents. You did what was right for your daughter and probably helped her friend as well. I do find it funny that she threw his butt out that quickly.

Must have already suspected something but didn’t have any proof until you said something. I wouldn’t be surprised if she came over and thanked you for telling her.” 4U2NV1981

Another User Comments:

“ITW First… homophobia is bad. 100% agree on that.

As a father, if you wouldn’t let a teenage boy spend the night with your daughter, then you can absolutely apply that same rule to a teenage girl who happens to like girls.

It’s fair treatment.

Second… outing the next-door neighbor for his affair was just wrong. It can end his marriage because you’re mad at him. It could also turn him into a dangerous person that knows where you live.” Baconisperfect

Another User Comments:

“I guess the wayward bigoted father/neighbor had forgotten the old saying of never throw stones in glass houses while insulting the OP’s daughter along with never underestimate the vengeful ire of a parent with unknown information or the unconditional love towards their child.

Hopefully, with the philandering homophobic father out of the house, the wife/mother could find out what else she wasn’t aware of from her daughter’s perspective before lawyering up on both the wayward husband for divorce and the mistress for compensation.

By the way OP you did nothing wrong and the father asked for it.” Kmon13

Another User Comments:

“Brrruhhh…..why did you have to go up to himm….like yea he was a jerkhead but them acting like that in the first place obviously meant he was a homophobe. Why add fuel to the fire? Nothing good came out of this, just a load of bad stuff for the whole family, especially the girl.” L1qu1d_Water

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Gizmoooooooo 2 years ago
"wHy diD yOu OuT HiM tO HiS wIfE"
"yOu DiDnT hAvE tO rUiN HiS mArRiAge"
He ruined his marriage by cheating.
He's a bigot.
He's a liar, and a poor role model.
Stop allowing cheaters to stay around. It doesn't do anything but teach the child that's acceptable behavior.
Y'all are really telling on yourselves by being mad someone told the truth.
Good job OP. well done.
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8. Am I Wrong For Getting My Coworker In Trouble With Our Boss After Continually Throwing Me Under The Bus?


“To start, this woman is great as a person. As a co-worker, she is the worst. Let’s call her Regina. When I started at this place a year ago, Regina was to train me on an aspect of our job. I had to ask her to slow down and repeat herself several times because nothing made sense (keep in mind I’ve worked in this industry for 8 years longer than her).

My boss was able to explain it clearly in 5 minutes and I’ve never had an issue.

Shortly after starting, I noticed Regina would CC our boss on every email she sent to me. Regina would email me several times a day calling me out for ‘problems’ she noticed, always CC’ing our boss, but I was always in the right and my boss would back me up.

I emailed Regina (only Regina) and said I felt like she was trying to get me in trouble, I felt disrespected, and I was wondering what I could do to improve. She replied, CC’ing our boss, telling me that if I felt that way it was my own doing. Got it.

My entire team works from home, so our boss has put people in charge of certain things so one person has control.

One of my tasks is issuing documents for signature via the very popular system we all know. Basically, my team sends me an email that says, ‘Send these documents to x, y, and z.’ and I get to it. Good news, Regina only copies our boss on super important documents, which I understand.

The other day Regina sends me a request, and I failed to copy her when it was issued.

Fixed in under a minute and did not cause any issue, but she still made a big deal about it over email and in our team meeting. Next request I get from her has, ‘Be sure to double-check your work and all people are copied as detailed below.’ This angered me. The funny thing was: she didn’t attach the documents I needed to send, nor tell me where the docs were located for me to get them myself.

I reply asking for the docs and she sends them, stating, ‘These are the final, approved versions.’ Except they are wrong. First, we send PDFs, not Word docs. She sent me Word docs. Second, the formatting was atrocious. Signature blocks cover four pages when they should be on one. The vendor name and address were put into different tables so it made no sense.

So, I sent it as is.

Of course, my boss is copied on this (and actually has to sign this doc), and she is NOT happy with the state of this document. I replied to my boss with the email from Regina saying this doc was approved by our boss, and with my other projects, I didn’t QC like I normally do (which is not expected of me, but I do normally to prevent issues down the road).

Boss replies to Regina, and CCs me LAYING INTO HER that OP is not to fix her mistakes as he has his own job to do. This was also reiterated in our next team meeting, and I could see how angry my boss was (she and I had a 1-on-1 and she said she was not upset with me).

The next request I got from Regina was incredibly detailed and had everything I needed in the right format.”

Another User Comments:


Regina needed to be taken down several pegs and it looks like your boss has just done that. Congratulations on playing the game better.” nickis84

Another User Comments:

“ITR. Good for you. I think you did what was required, so Regina can start focusing properly on her own job. Don’t QC her documents anymore, just keep sending them back pointing out her mistakes and CC your boss.

I absolutely hate the whole ‘CC your boss on everything’ culture because it’s toxic.

One of my favorite bosses would give people a beat down if they ever sent me anything and CCed him for nothing. But in this case, since you’re being bullied by Regina it will be required for a period of time.” Reddit User

Another User Comments:

“One of the characteristics of a healthy workplace is corrections are made in private so as to avoid embarrassing anyone. If someone is regularly making the same mistake, then they can be diplomatically told in private.

This conveys respect and shows that you aren’t trying to undermine them to their superiors, which can lead to a lack of promotions and raises. Bosses who foster and nurture a ‘dog eat dog’ workplace may feel that the most competitive workers will rise to the top and may find that there is not an endless supply of top talent when there is an opening, from a disgruntled worker leaving.

There is an immature attitude where embarrassing someone for their mistakes on purpose will make them work harder to do better next time. If a boss feels that this is the case in their company, then…they hired and promoted the wrong people. Doing this makes workers want to hide mistakes, and also to avoid taking on any risky tasks. It gets the employees to set up their co-workers to fail, so they will look better (or less bad) by comparison.” series_hybrid

Another User Comments:

“It sounds like Regina has been through some stuff to act like that at work.

Maybe a string of bad bosses or unfair situations? Might be worth asking her about herself and see if you can figure out the root cause.” TieReasonable3914

Another User Comments:

“If her behavior with CCIng your boss for every little mistake continues, you should send both Regina and your boss an email that asks:

Why do you always CC my supervisor whenever you think I have made a mistake in my work, no matter how minor or incorrect your assumption is?

And am I the only employee in the department that you do this to?

And make sure you CC Human Resources.” Cartoonlad

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rossbro 2 years ago
Forehead, ballbat !
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7. Am I Wrong For Making My Dad Wait For Nothing?


“Flew in for a family funeral several yrs ago, and was reliant on other people to get me from point a to point b. Several of us were, but there were plenty of people with vehicles who were willing to cart us around. It was fun to get to know my much younger cousins (who were driving us), too!

Last night in town, my dad tells me and three others that we will leave the hotel at 7:30 the next morning for breakfast…before we all leave to go home.

My dad told us each 7:30 am, no less than three times per person.

We stayed up late, enjoying the time together, and my alarm was the first to go off the next am, at 6:50. We all tumbled out of bed and were exhausted zombies…late nights + grieving + enjoying family.

At 7:10, my dad texts me that he’s ready to go. Ummmm. I told him we just woke up.

He was MAD and told me he was leaving at 7:15. Look, I don’t EVER wake up in a good mood, and I do my best to NOT text until I’ve been awake at least an hour, cause I’m so moody. But now I’m even moodier, cause my dad then starts blowing up my phone, and telling me he never told us that we were leaving at 7:30!!! He kept arguing with me, via text.

I sat there and realized that this has been my entire life…him telling us a time, then wanting to leave earlier because HE was ready…then he yells and spits and sputters.

I texted dad back, and told him that we would be ready AT 7:30 like he told each of us, and not sooner. He blew up my phone again and again, and I put it down and started getting ready.

So we actually all got ready and packed by 7:25. And all four of us sat down in our hotel room and waited till 7:30…cause we were moody and petty!

At 7:29, my brother stopped at our room…and asked if we wanted to ride with him to the restaurant! So we loaded into his vehicle, and I texted dad at 7:30 that bro came and got us, and we left with him!

I was so glad to ride with my brother because I KNEW that if we rode with my dad, he would yell at us the entire way to the restaurant.

And I realized I was a grown adult, in my 40s, and I no longer needed to let that man yell at me! That his gaslighting and yelling and belittling was ABUSE, and it was time to stop it from happening to me!

So, we all laughed about being petty and making dad wait…and then letting someone else drive us after all the waiting!”

Another User Comments:

“Sounds like your dad didn’t sleep well and was taking it out on you guys.

My dad is totally an ‘if you’re not a half-hour early, you’re late’ kind of guy.

Dad has literally walked in on my wife and me hooking up because he said he would be at my house at 6:30 and showed up at 5:45. I just told him ‘you saw what you saw because you lied to me’ and guess who shows up when they say they will now?” MillionAyres93

Another User Comments:


My grandmother was exactly like this. She was incredibly manipulative and emotionally abusive, and this was one of her favorite control tactics.

One time she invited herself over for lunch on a particular day when I was home for the summer from college, and my parents had an appointment scheduled that morning. Knowing how she was, Dad specifically told her multiple times that under no circumstances should she arrive before noon because they would not be home, and nobody would be there to let her in (he didn’t mention this part to her, but I’m a notoriously late sleeper at the best of times and was working a late shift job that summer, so he knew I wouldn’t be awake.)

She proceeded to ignore this and showed up at 9 am.

My parents had already left for the appointment because it was out of town, and I was upstairs, snoring obliviously. They came home three hours later to find her madder than a hornet on our porch.

She absolutely went nuclear when she found out I was upstairs in bed the whole time and tried to blame me. In one of the few moments my dad actually stood up to her, he very quietly but tersely told her it was my house, not hers, she’d been told not to come at that time, and I could sleep as late as I goddamn want.

She didn’t stay very long after lunch was over, which was fine by us.” sarahcates

Another User Comments:

“ITR. You were acting like an adult. Didn’t sound so petty to me. Finally there were consequences for his behavior.” peachesandcandy

Another User Comments:

“You just described my dad to a T….and…Believe it or not, you will miss his crotchety cranky behavior.

I bathed my dad, wiped his butt, changed his diapers, picked him up placed him in his wheelchair, and then took him outside to smoke for 27 months before holding his hand while he finally died from cancer.

You will miss every.single.thing about him – no matter how unpleasant it is/was.” LiLi1961

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rbleah 2 years ago
No I DO NOT miss him
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6. Am I Wrong For Cyber Stalking And Torturing A Scammer Restaurant Owner?


“I used to enter recipe competitions for fun as a bored housewife. I was good at finding them online, I had a system, knew what the promoters wanted, and I usually won.

So, some guy starts some kind of health and fitness website and runs a recipe competition to promote it. I do the thing (a buddha bowl if you’re wondering) and as usual, I am announced the winner.

Congrats OP you’ve been rewarded $1,000, awesome!

Except he never comes good with the reward and just ghosts me instead. I decided to send one last message and move on with my life. I can use the recipe and photo again since it was never published. He finally responds and he’s hostile. I’m like sorry what? And he proceeds to threaten me with his goons all like, I know people in Sydney who will mess you up (oh he thinks I’m in Sydney).

And I tell him to just forget it. I already accepted I’d never see the reward.

I start googling this guy and come to find he’s a complete jerk. The proper gym bro tough guy with no social skills. I also discover he’s opening a taqueria (Mexican restaurant) in Sydney.

I infiltrated his social media friends list with my creeper account. I added a whole bunch of his friends and family first so I’d show up as having friends in common, and then I used my new position to gather intel.

I made a google account with his mother’s name and photo (I’m really that creepy) and left reviews saying his tacos tasted like someone farted directly into my mouth.

Then I made a glitter bomb. Using a greeting card that opens landscape style, with like, a tissue paper pouch full of glitter glued to the insides, and sent it to him at his restaurant.

I googled his email address and found his post on gumtree looking for a chef (lol).

So I make a new email address and I’m like, I’m a friend of the (most common social media friend’s last name) family and they mentioned you’re opening a taqueria. I’m moving to Sydney, I was a chef at my uncle’s Mexican restaurant, and do you have any jobs available? You do!? Oh, how exciting will you please give me a chance? Great, I look forward to working for you!

Every day I had a credible excuse not to show and milked that until he was just about done with my nonsense.

Then I left a message with an employee: ‘I can’t come into work today because taco guy didn’t give OP her reward for the recipe competition he ran on his failed website and then threatened her with violence.’ And then I waited for him to contact me (he was a little upset) and I confessed everything, all the little mind games, all the petty stuff, canceled orders, all of it.

He told me he’d pay me if I stopped. I declined the offer. I said I’d rather have $1k worth of fun at his expense. Maybe next time don’t threaten people with goons. I said I might not ever get bored of this. And the last thing I ever said: Every time you have a bad day you’re going to wonder if I was somehow involved.”

Another User Comments:


I’ll accept this. You are correct. If you got that far under his skin he will see every adversity as traceable to you. Well played. Just be careful going forward that he can’t actually connect any actionable event to you.” bradley547

Another User Comments:

“ITW. This might be going too far in my opinion. Make him lose $1000 worth of business, maybe even 2000 sure!!! Full agreement there.

But from what you’re saying, you may not ever stop? Or do you intend to one day maybe? That’s a bit too much extreme harassment for me.

The power you have, vs what you choose to wield, shows your character. Also, karma can be a witch and turn back to you eventually.” cacille

Another User Comments:

“That’s not cool, then you’re a scumbag like them… But $1000 worth of fun at his expense is an amazing way to get someone their due karma.” jkeegan123

Another User Comments:

“You, I like you.

Evil wisdom.

Tacos tasted like someone farted in my mouth—brilliant, I have tears in my eyes.

We need more evilness.” chandler-bingaling

Another User Comments:

“Oh wow, this is an absolute mindscrew.

The amount of planning that went into this is amazing. Congratulations to you and just know that no one will ever, ever, ever mess with you!

You played the long game extremely well here. This guy will constantly be questioning everything and looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life.” pakboy26

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stmc 2 years ago
I think youre both wrong
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5. Am I Wrong For Refusing Development On My Grandfather's Cherished Piece Of Land?


“Development has been taking over my home town. It’s inevitable of course as a lot of people from major cities further up north are moving down here, but it’s sad at the same time seeing the fields and forests I used to play in growing up being paved over and turned into condominiums and strip malls.

It has also caused the cost of living to increase tremendously, in an area where many people are already struggling to stay afloat, so as you can imagine, my grandfather, an old stubborn Dutchman who moved here and lived on this property since the 50s, has something to say about it.

The street my grandfather lives on used to be backed by a massive forest, but in recent years, developers have bought all of the forest and 90% of it has been torn down except for this one, small, probably 2-acre chunk of forest in the middle of this open field where my grandfather refuses to sell his land. Of course, this is bringing the developers’ plans to a halt as they can’t pave and build around this single chunk of forest, so all they can really do is wait for him to sell his land.

He has been in conflict with these developers for over a year now, and from my understanding, they are offering a lot of money.

Well, knowing my grandfather, for as long as he stands on this earth, absolutely no amount of money will convince him to sell that land. I know how frustrating this is for some people, specifically the developers who want nothing more than to throw up some cardboard houses and pocket close to a mill per, but I have decided that when my grandfathers time is up, I will continue his legacy and make sure that piece of land is never sold.

That is my petty revenge.”

Another User Comments:

“ITR. Yes, PLEASE let this pocket of forest be a hill to die on! (Uh, well not literally, but the principle). There is so much wildlife that depends on the forest. And while humans can adapt to just about any place, wildlife cannot. Leave this bit of forest for future generations to enjoy. The developers can just pound sand and weep a tiny song.” eilonwe

Another User Comments:

“This is going on in my hometown as well.

I get both sides here though. No one wants to have awful cookie-cutter houses in their back yard, but then turn around and complain about rising housing costs, poor infrastructure, and overcrowding. My parents’ neighborhood is in the mid 800s right now and there are so many NIMBYs in their neighborhood that want to keep their high housing prices, while everyone I went to high school with had to leave because there is no way for anyone my age to afford it (late 28s).

Don’t really know where I stand, but I know that having my city council repeatedly vote down multi-family housing permits and zoning changes, I kinda don’t feel sorry for them.” Glorfendail

Another User Comments:

“ITR. Do it, screw those developers. I wish my grandmother had the rights to the woods behind her house. Had a 2 acre wide stretch down everyone’s backyards for decades and about 6 years ago they just came through, cleared the whole thing, and built McMansions butting up to her back fence.

Literally killed the entire quiet woodsy feel of her back deck and I’m still mad about it.” Ebenizer_Splooge

Another User Comments:

“I think it’s great what you are doing. Too bad more of the forest wasn’t preserved.

I don’t blame the developers for the cost increases in the area – I blame over-population. If there wasn’t the demand then the developers wouldn’t be there. We just have way overpopulated this planet now and almost all wilderness areas have signs of human impact now.” rp_whybother

Another User Comments:

“They will absolutely keep building around it.

I used to live near a hospital that built a campus which required the purchase and subsequent destruction of several homes. One guy had just built a house to spec and refused to sell because they hadn’t met his price to relocate from his custom home.

The hospital campus was built around his house and to this day, a parking lot surrounds his property on three sides, and he’s near the emergency room so flashing lights, sirens, and the occasional helicopter are passing by frequently.

This guy won and then lost. May your grandfather win, then win again!” BasicTelevision5

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rossbro 2 years ago
Plant more trees !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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4. Am I Wrong For Preventing Shoplifters From Getting Jobs?


“An interesting coincidence happened today when I was stocking shelves at my side job. Two girls decided to shoplift a few items and my supervisor asked them at the door if they were going to pay for those items. They were petty items as this was at a Dollar Tree, where everything is $1.25. They proceeded to call my manager a ‘racist jerk’ and a ‘witch.’ All three of them, the two girls, and my soft-voiced manager, were black.

They walked out with the items because as many people know, retail employees can be sued for physically stopping you for petty theft unless you’re a properly designated security guard. We’ve been getting ravaged lately by theft and our location is getting flak from regional for low margins, as our hands are tied.

The coincidence came when a coworker and I decided to grab a bite together at my other job, where I could get us the employee discount.

My coworker noticed after we walked in that the same two girls were sitting down across the lobby. I chuckled and we started eating when one of them was called over by my manager there for an interview to begin. Then the other one interviewed. After they were done and walked out, I motioned my manager over and explained the incident that happened less than two hours prior.

My coworker backed me up and she was very happy to dodge those two bullets. They are no longer under consideration for a position.”

Another User Comments:

“ITR. My son-in-law is apparently banned FOR LIFE from ever working for Walmart or Sam’s Club, etc, for theft he committed when he was like 14. He laughs about this now but he said when he was younger it made him realize how bad that path could be (not that he aspired to work at Walmart, but that his actions could prevent him from doing things he wanted to), and he stopped doing that stuff.

The judge made a good call on that I think.” ShaktinCO

Another User Comments:

“Ah yes, hurrah for you for denying someone gainful employment.

Even the scum of the earth should be allowed to work and earn a living. Who knows what those girls’ story is. I doubt they were that bad of people, despite how their actions appeared to you, but even if they were who cares?

If your rationale was not wanting to work with them, I would completely get it, but that isn’t what I’m picking up from your post and comments.

I wouldn’t worry too much about a corporation that couldn’t give less of a damn about you.” thedaly

Another User Comments:

“Yall care way too much about theft occurring from a company that can’t be bothered to pay you a liveable wage, so that working multiple jobs wouldn’t be a necessity to survive. Most people realize that they don’t care and wouldn’t potentially risk their lives to stop a shoplifter for such low pay.

That obviously isn’t the case here.

And good for them on dodging that bullet. Hopefully, they get hired by someone who can be bothered to pay decently.” ThatsFishyYoureFish

Another User Comments:

“ITR. Yes, everyone has a right to employment, but if I was a manager and a friend knew something like this about an interviewee, I would want them to say something because who knows what trouble they may cause at that job if they got it.

I kind of wish something would’ve been said to the girls who would learn the natural consequences of their actions, but at least it’s something.” Zbindena

Another User Comments:

“To a teenage girl, (what they stole) may be very important items. Of course, I’m not saying stealing should be condoned. Our society often attributes bad behavior to the person, rather than the environment.

The way I see it is this.

She obviously doesn’t know any better – maybe she has a poor environment. Maybe they’re struggling to fit in a society (and school system) that judges us harshly on how we look and present ourselves on social media. If they had a choice between not stealing and paying for those items, they might opt to pay. The items are definitely not expensive at the Dollar Store.

There might be good reasons why they choose to go through the humiliating experience of stealing and the confrontation.

This is a very altruistic view. It could also be the case that they enjoy stealing – some people who have good-paying jobs are like that. However, in this case, they’re not stealing from Louis Vuitton; they’re stealing from the Dollar Store.

Story: My view on stealing changed when traveling in Indonesia.

A gang of 7-year-old boys asking for funds pick-pocketed me. I was surrounded and in an instant, my phone and money were gone. After anger left me it occurred to me that they were organized and led by adults. Who would choose such a life as a 7-year-old kid? I don’t think they had much of a choice. Now I believe that in many cases (not always) people who make bad choices do so because of their environment.” cgmystery

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jake 2 years ago
ITR. Stealing is wrong.
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3. Am I Wrong For Ruining My Friend's Wedding Dress That She Stole From Someone Else?


“I (F48) have known ‘Pat’ (F48) for decades. As far as I can remember, she was fixated on having 5 children and a picket fence dream life. I slowly cut ties with her in college because she was an opportunist and I didn’t trust her. She is both manipulative and forceful. Her idea of cute rubs me the wrong way. Pat likes to walk like a penguin when she wants to elicit pity, and she usually does this when she wants to evoke the underdog narrative.

I’ve never seen someone act so despicable and ridiculous at the same time.

I moved on with my life. Happily got rid of her for years. Pat eventually found me on social media. I accepted her friend request out of politeness.

Pat has become the epitome of a permissive mother. Her (5) kids do as they please and she never calls them out. She tried to force a relationship between me and her daughters and made them call me Auntie.

Pat tried to drop them at my house uninvited. Her phone calls were insistent, she tried to monopolize my time and she began to show up at my job. I created some boundaries so she tried to find loopholes. It was a nightmare.

My husband and I hosted a party for the community center’s (not the real name) new members. The community center is actually a very informal initiative and my husband and I mainly serve the homeless population.

We prefer to help strangers instead of catering to potentially narcissistic acquaintances. We don’t mind lending a hand but we have encountered truly dishonest choosing beggars.

There are other services, like one of the members who helps women get their wedding and prom dresses for free. The community center location headquarters’ is actually a farm owned by an elderly couple. There is a barn, a venue, and a very nice green field with an artificial lake and some fowl.

They charge for the use of their facilities (weddings, etc.) but not for community-oriented stuff.

Pat had always been salty at her husband for demanding that she go back to work after baby #3. In the meantime, he worked three jobs. She demanded he get her pregnant to fulfill her dream of having 5 kids. He didn’t agree, because he was already nearly 45 and felt like he might never be able to retire.

She got away with bringing new babies into this world anyway. Her fascination with being pregnant comes from all the attention she gets. She had at least one miscarriage in between each kid.

Pat latched on to our group. She never missed any of our activities. I hated having her in my house, but it was an open invitation that included basically everyone and she was very active as an event organizer.

I didn’t like the way her kids behaved. We have a designated area for parties and entertainment, but her kids ended up inside my bedroom. We ended up having to keep watch of them and enjoyed zero of our own party.

I called her days later to get my point across (regarding their overall behavior) but she completely cut me off and began talking about herself and said her kids wanted to come visit again and use our pool.

I never answered that. I didn’t want to say ‘no, I will not have your brats over.’

She also called me as summer was approaching specifically to let me know her middle daughter was bored and wanted to spend a WEEK at our home. I politely declined, citing that my husband and I have to work and cannot entertain guests.

Pat paid no heed. Her kid called me on the weekend, calling me ‘auntie’ and attempted to coax me by saying ‘Mom says you invited me to spend SUMMER with you.’ I quickly clarified and offered an explanation to avoid hurting a kid’s self-esteem.

Nevermind. Her daughter just hung up on me.

Pat’s social media also showed some red flags. Some cryptic rants here and there were visible, along with friends’ comments and complaints on how she asked a particular person to watch her kids only for a couple of hours and ended up leaving them all day. Another of her friends criticized her ‘girls night out’ because Pat had just asked them to be patient and wait until she could pay back some funds that she owed them, yet she had the funds to spend on Friday night outings.

I thought those very public comments on private matters were more like a cry of lost patience.

Unpleasant things began to happen. Like the time she volunteered to wrap the Xmas presents for underprivileged kids. We all wanted to create a mix of less costly gifts with really nice ones. Surprisingly, some nice and eye-catching toys and games went missing but turned up under her Christmas Tree (courtesy of her mother-in-law’s posts).

No one could prove anything but it was hate-inducing. Or the time my daughter called me in tears to pick her up after she attended Pat’s daughter’s birthday (Casey). My daughter had been ignored all night because she didn’t gift her the expensive gaming stuff Casey practically demanded. My daughter did ask, but I said no. We would buy her a very nice and thoughtful present according to her taste.

So when I went to pick her up my daughter was sitting alone in the living room while Casey and her friends stayed outside.

Stories about Pat and her family multiplied. The owners at the farm (community center) decided to keep their gates locked unless they had guests or events because Pat got in the habit of driving in whenever she pleased and it was either her kids screaming and disturbing ongoing weddings, throwing rocks at the koi in the lake or harassing the geese in the yard.

Or how she stiffed another soccer mom with the lunch bill and then pulled the struggling financially card. Or how other parents hated her because she created unnecessary hostile competition.

When my daughter turned 13, I allowed her to wear my grandma’s ring. It’s not an expensive piece of jewelry, but it’s vintage and girls nowadays wanna look boho. My Granny gave it to me when I became a teenager so I passed it on to my kid so she could wear it on her birth week.

It was weird that she became quiet and distracted after that. She also didn’t want to go to school and my husband and I became suspicious. She never opened up, and my other kids had no clue.

We went to her school but her teachers assured us nothing had changed in her environment. My husband and I suspected she was being bullied but our kid gave us no tools to support her.

My kid is very sunny and very compassionate. She has never had any problems with other kids. I called her best friend’s mom. Natalie, my kid’s BFF, told us what was going on. Casey (Pat’s eldest) and my daughter had become ‘close.’ I knew this and wasn’t too thrilled. I found the age (Casey was 17) gap not exactly inappropriate but I’d rather see my daughter spend time with friends in the same age range.

Casey is a very beautiful and gifted student. She is also very conceited. To make this story short, she asked my daughter if she could try on the ring and refused to give it back. She later claimed that she lost it but ‘would look for it’ so my daughter was distraught. My daughter kept asking for her ring and as a result, Casey shunned her and spread the word that my kid was trying to steal HER ring.

Some kids at school took Casey’s side. So now Casey just wore my kid’s jewelry to school like nothing happened. If that doesn’t qualify as taunting I don’t know what does.

My guilt comes from not being able to get my daughter to open up and feel safe telling me the truth. I talked to her and she burst into tears. I was both pained as a mother and furious that some teenage jerk was doing this under our noses.

I went straight to Pat’s car after school. I asked to talk as Casey was about to go in. So I grabbed Casey’s hand and asked to see her jewelry. Casey froze and she tried to make a fist, so I became relentless. Casey yelled ‘Mom!’ and Pat struggled to get out of the car. I slid the ring off (Casey has tiny hands and wore the ring on her index finger).

First Pat yelled at me. After I confronted her with the engraving on the band (my grandma’s maiden name), she argued it was loaned to her daughter by my kid. Then she said she bought it. I paid no heed. I did warn them that I knew Casey had become an abusive friend to my daughter.

Pat called me to tell me off. She said she was trying to raise an assertive young woman and I had just messed that up by being ‘overbearing.’ She never apologized for her thief of a child.

Pat’s husband (Hank) is what can be described as a doormat. Pat wore him down to a knob. He had no choice but to ‘obey’ her to keep the peace. She was a bully who actively withdrew affection when he didn’t follow her wishes, even in public. So she got kids #4 and #5 after a relentless campaign that included leaving him for two months. Her pregnancies were a nuisance because she expected to be treated like the only lady who has even been pregnant.

She strolled around in a wheelchair almost immediately after getting pregnant and she would ‘get very sick’ on weekends, so her kids were often sent to friends and family so that she could ‘rest.’

Pat systematically bullied Hank. She would leave town and take the kids with her. Poor Hank would look distraught, drinking on his porch or just looking really lonely. This is how she got off the hook and was able to leave her job.

Hank had basically no voice, so he struggled to keep the marriage together. Everyone liked him but hated her equally. Hank loved to talk to other people but seemed concerned that Pat would be upset. Over time, according to my husband, Hank began to show signs of depression and mental distress.

Our friend, Lenah, runs the wedding/prom dress initiative. It’s not complicated. Dresses are sourced from donations, eBay, trunk shows, etc.

Unusually beautiful dresses are retained so that more than one bride gets to wear them. In some cases, a bride will pay 50 bucks, but most of the time, the dresses are donated to the bride.

Pat was involved in this. Lenah kept her in because they never had any issues and her task was limited to just shipping the dresses out.

Pat decided to renew her vows and her bridezilla Karenzilla attitude became the icing on the cake.

For starters, she bullied another couple into giving up their wedding date at the farm because she ‘needed her renewal to match her exact wedding date.’ They were not impressed with her harassment, so they booked another venue. As a result, the farm owners were angry because Pat was already costing them after she had successfully negotiated a cut in their rate ‘because she couldn’t afford it but will repay by doing maintenance work around the venue’ (she never made good on her word).

Pat became attached to a particular dress that was already assigned to another bride. Lenah made it clear that she would need to pay for her own dress. So Pat played it cool and shipped the wrong gown instead. She was adamant that it was the right dress, despite all the notes on Leah’s agenda. The other bride was truly gracious about it. She was obviously disappointed but never made a scene.

What bothered me most is that I picked that dress and bought it for 40 bucks at a garage sale (not my money, Leah’s money). It was a vintage dress, ankle-length, white with lots of lace and a huge bargain. Again, when confronted, Pat ‘did a Casey’ and used the ‘this is mine’ strategy. We felt so bad for the other bride that we did our best to get her something nice to wear.

The other bride was a true fighter, she had pulled out of welfare, earned her high school diploma, and was working to get on her feet by trying to earn a certificate as an acrylic nail technician. So, her reward was to have some Karen steal her dress? Pat never admitted to messing up, but just by the fact that she claimed it was her dress, we knew.

Lenah never allowed her in her warehouse again. Their last phone fight ended with Pat bringing up the other bride’s past (like it mattered) and ‘this conversation is over, it’s my dress and you are mistaken.’ That was weeks before the other bride’s wedding.

Pat went all out on her wedding decor. She spent way too much. She hired a caterer for some food (mainly mimosas and appetizers), but the wedding invitation included a request for specific dishes for her Sunday brunch wedding.

Either she ran out of banquet funds or was on a complete moocher mode. I picture the penguin walking upon practically asking everyone to supply her wedding reception grub and I cringe.

There is nothing wrong with potluck weddings. In fact, they can be a nice addition to a very cozy and family-oriented wedding reception. But, don’t you need to at least be close to your guests in order to ask for such a thing? Even I got an invitation.

I told everyone I wasn’t going because I was very uncomfortable being told what to bring and was probably expected to give them a gift on top of that. Some of the older ladies in our group agreed. Some said they would not decline in advance because she is a bully and they didn’t want a confrontation.

Lenah called me the night before Pat’s re-wedding. Lenah was there to close the Saturday night bingo and Pat was awfully friendly, but that’s what she does whenever things are going her way.

Lenah peeked into the garment bag and saw the exact same dress while Pat was caught up supervising the wedding decoration.

The thing with Karens is that they expect everyone to suck it up, or make their dreams come true, or they simply underestimate everyone and think we are all fools.

Lenah is a very straightforward person with a ‘so sue me’ attitude. She told me she would just ruin the dress.

After all, it was hers, so she could do whatever she wanted. If Pat wanted to take legal action, and should things get ugly, she needed to prove ownership. However, the dress was the same, the marks inside the hem and the tags were the same. Even the tag numbers that were punched to identify each dress for logistics purposes matched.

Pat had the dress altered, with some extra beading and dyed to a deep cream color.

But it was obviously the same garment. Lenah and I snuck in before the venue was closed for the night. All brides are allowed to stay in a small bedroom for a small charge so that they don’t need to drive in on their wedding day. Honestly, the makeshift chapel was gorgeous, I don’t know how she paid for it but it was full of flowers and presumptuous details.

I naively brought in some ink to spill on the dress, but Lenah said she wanted ‘something more awful, like a nasty surprise.’ Ink would be too obvious and if she saw it ahead, she may be able to snag another gown from somewhere. No, the ideal thing was to have her trust the dress was fine. So Lenah locked herself in a bathroom stall and completely cut out the back panel.

She patiently put it back on its hanger and zipped the bag. We left through the emergency door with the back of the dress stuffed inside Lenah’s purse. I completely hate people who target and steal from anyone they (Pat and her kid) calculate to be in a weaker position.

The wedding was scheduled for 9 AM. Pat called me at 7 AM, but I ignored her calls.

I picked up by 8 AM, both curious and wondering if she suspected anything. Pat was frantic. She was crying that her dress was ‘missing by half.’ I purposely made her explain, being annoyingly dense continually interrupting like she does, and stalling the conversation. She asked me if I could lend her my wedding dress. I said no, sorry. She then asked me if I would help her get a dress.

I was satisfied to remind her that the town’s bridal shops were closed on Sunday and the others that would open were almost an hour away. The farm is already almost one hour away from our town.

If Pat could get a shop to rent a dress, she would need to try the dress on, and get it steamed. Even if the dress was ready to wear, it would easily take more than two hours (roundtrip).

She tried to ask me to go pick a dress (who would pay for this??). Even if a shop were open and brought her a dress, it would add to the cost. Also, these shops open at 10 or 9:30 at the earliest. By the time they got to her, it would be time to wrap up the wedding because she needed to clear the venue by 12:00 for the next event.

She broke down and mumbled some stupid stuff I didn’t understand. So Pat hung up on me and called Lenah instead.. She asked Lenah to bring her ‘anything she had available.’ Lenah and I ended up delivering the most outdated, moss-smelling, oversized dress. Pat’s disappointment was a mix between angry and emotional. She also tried to wear her knee-length silk bridal slip as a wedding dress but it was too obvious and it really looked cheap.

She tried to get her daughter to give her her own dress to wear with an open back zipper (due to fitting issues) but Casey refused, asking if she was supposed to attend the wedding without clothes on (she’s got a point, plus Casey is petite).

The dress needed a petticoat to plump up the skirt, which wasn’t available. So it dragged all over the floor and Pat had to keep pulling it up.

Pat walked down the aisle with one hand on her bouquet and another one grabbing her dress. The dress looked limp and weird with the arrangements of pins (they didn’t show) that caused the sleeves and neckline to pucker into messy rims. She spent the ceremony looking uncomfortable and out of place. Very few people attended but that was not part of any revenge, that was just how people reacted to her entitled attitude.

The dress looked awful. The reception portion of the wedding had all this princely decoration, a very nice cake, and a bridezilla with a dress from the underworld. I didn’t stay, but I was told, she was so disappointed she spent her wedding sulking. There was no dance, no actual speech. She had to change into a shirt and leggings because the dress was too uncomfortable.

Everyone talked about how Pat put on her flip-flops and walked around aimlessly until she ordered the ushers to start folding up the chairs within one hour of the reception. So she practically kicked everyone out and the cake was never cut.

Pat wasn’t the same after this. She was not as loud and avoided everyone. I think she was disappointed that nobody ran to her rescue, not even her family who came from out of town.

Her husband finally cracked under all the pressure and sought some help. He was slaving away and coming home to clean the house while Pat used her kids as an excuse to spend like crazy. Hank also had to do the kids’ homework because Pat never had time or never had patience. She also refused to get a part-time job so her kids could attend an afterschool and get help with their school stuff.

Therapy seemed to help Hank because the last time Pat left with her kids, he didn’t seem distraught. He would be riding his bicycle and could be seen more relaxed while mowing his lawn. When Pat returned, he maintained the routine but was interested in going out by himself and doing things for himself. We began to see Pat alone all the time. Hank was seen less and less in the same car and eventually moved in with his parents.

He filed for divorce on the grounds of emotional cruelty and I don’t think he won. Instead (I’m not sure of this because this is what I was told) there was some sort of a settlement or agreement that she would not get close or interact with him unless it has to do with the kids).

I also don’t know if Pat even actually suspected who/what happened to her dress.

She slowly pulled away from the community center and became less active in social gatherings. Pat also removed me from her social media as well as most everyone else from school and the center.”

Another User Comments:

“ESH. The whole situation is just pathetic. No one comes out great IMO.

From people taking advantage of others, to the lack of character to stand up or speak out over said behavior.

It all seems so immature.

Why anyone would be involved in a wedding for someone they dislike and who are not even related to I’m not sure I understand.” light_to_shaddow

Another User Comments:

“Can’t believe so many people let her behave like this for so long. Literally reads like a whole community enabling an abusive person to mistreat those around her just in order to avoid confrontation. Not satisfying at all.” natnat87

Another User Comments:

“‘My guilt comes from not being able to get my daughter to open up and feel safe telling me the truth.’

Well no kidding.

You surrounded her with a family of jerks led by an evil piece of trash, and refused to ever set any boundaries never mind the appropriate action of completely banning this woman from your life. Grow up and start standing up for yourself and your kids. (Not to mention all the other people you’ve enabled her to screw over just in this story alone.)” sdfjhgsdfhjbas

Another User Comments:

“That was well worth the read. Nicely done! I hope that insufferable bridezilla Karen learned her lesson and I can only hope her children do better than their mother. Poor kids.” princess_teacup9

Another User Comments:

“This was a great story and the dress sounds absolutely hideous, which perfectly complements Pat’s disgusting personality. This was amazing revenge.” highfashionlowbudget

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rbleah 2 years ago
She is not and never was your friend. She deserved it
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2. Am I Wrong For Helping My Wife Get Child Support From A Neglectful Dad?


“My wife’s oldest son’s dad paid for child support for about a year. Her son was born with health issues (club foot, lots of surgeries into his teens) and he told her he didn’t want much to do with him until he was ‘fixed.’

They ended up moving out of state with her parents and when he was 14, she applied for child support in her new state.

He actually tried to get custody back to avoid paying (which failed). All in all, it cost her about $3000 in attorney fees. The old state sent over a 0$ balance and she thought that was it.

I met her about a year after this. I told her what I knew to be true from my parents’ divorce: Child support obligations never go away. The original state had screwed up.

So on her behalf and with her blessing, I called up her new state and pointed out that the $0 balance that had been sent over was incorrect and he had not paid for 13 years until they turned it back on.

Cue hold music as new state questions old state and delays and waits…

So about a year and a half later, old state sends her some forms to declare when he had paid and so on.

We fill them out and wait…

A few months later, they send an official mail with ALL the missing years that they had actually had records of. About $104,000 in principal and interest. A hearing was set for November 2020. Son’s dad divorced his wife (because???) even though they were still together. She had gotten ill and lived in a care home. November solidified the court hearing before a judge for April 2021.

This was old states child support services versus him. So no out-of-pocket attorney for the wife.

She gets to attend the April meeting after declining an offer of $60,000 to settle with the added threat of not ever getting the whole amount. The guy did not disclose all of his assets. He had a retirement account and a house with about $300,000 equity. His lawyer tried to play the judge and say he didn’t know he had to pay.

(The original order included a paternity test, so no argument there.) The judge just pointed out that he had paid for the first year. He awarded the whole amount. He then claimed his wife (right??? What about that divorce?) and lack of assets and income as reasons not to be able to pay. The judge ordered $750 a month.

Well our guy, even though he was probably getting garnished, did not pay the full amount after April.

He paid about a third. And in December, it happened. Boom. The whole amount dropped. No idea why. He would not have done it on his own. Our theory is threat of jail, they emptied his retirement, or he tried to sell his house and got hit with a lien.

So now the wife has funds to play with and her son (now 18) has a new truck.”

Another User Comments:

“I do know why he divorced the wife even if they’re still behaving as a couple.

It’s because if she’s in long-term care, the state could demand payment for services for her out of any jointly held/marital assets. If they divorce, she’d be left with whatever the divorce decree says, and that’s all the state or whoever could go after for payment. And if she wasn’t able to pay, the state Medicare/Medicaid system would cover. The husband could still pay bills as he saw fit, but there’d be no legal recourse to take everything for her care.

But yes, child support obligations don’t go away till the child is 18, and if I remember, even after the kid turns 18, if there was unpaid support from prior to their birthday, that doesn’t go away either. Glad your wife was able to get him to pay properly.” TheBearWillBeFine

Another User Comments:

“ITR. Good job. Child Support is a court order which never expires. I’m glad she got what she was owed for the years she took care of the child.

I hate how some deadbeat parents just walk away from their children like they don’t exist.” OGPasguis

Another User Comments:

“That guy seemed like a jerk, but don’t forget that guy’s life might be ruined financially, and that, while I had a very smooth and cordial divorce with no child support and joint custody, the courts have ruined the lives of many men, and it’s the one time in my life I almost understood how it feels to be discriminated against.” theolentangy

Another User Comments:


How do people get away with that? I got picked up over 9 cents. Yes, 9 cents. Admittedly, my fault. After paying off my son’s braces, the support was redone. I want to wear my newly needed reading glasses and said, ‘Look. It’s an even $XXX.00.’ It wasn’t. It was $XXX.09. I paid, but Pennsylvania is an all-or-nothing state, so they marked me delinquent. Luckily I just got a ride to pay the Damn 9 cents and not put in jail to ‘wait for the judge.'” swissmtndog398

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Lori 2 years ago
I agree that many men have been ruined and it's NOT fair. But this guy just didn't want to pay. He paid for the first year but didn't even want to see his own child...... so what's to pay for, right? And it sounds like he was doing pretty well. You forget about how many poor struggling single mothers are out there, and those poor kids who sure aren't living THEIR best life.
Never see a dime from these jerks. Plus he was to make monthly payments, he didn't comply, his own fault that he got hit with the full amount
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1. Am I Wrong For Ruining The Sale Of My Ex's Home?


“My fiance and I had gone out for 4 years and had what I thought was a great relationship. We were both well-established professionals who both owned homes in the same neighborhood and both with daughters in the home. Her daughter was 11, and mine was 16 when we met.

We had actually planned to get married, build a house, and raise the two together. We planned the house build because she had recently been diagnosed with a neurological disease that would eventually put her in a wheelchair, and needed something ADA friendly.

During the planning stages, I began doing landscape and construction projects on her home to increase the resale value. All in, I invested roughly $30K USD into the home, running everything through my side construction business for tax, permitting, and resale purposes. We had a contract that ‘payment’ would be made upon the sale of the home. I produced invoices for each and every project, but never pushed for payment because of the prior agreement.

Fast forward 6 months, we’re looking at property to develop and finalize drawings on the home when I began feeling ill. I began noticing that my abdomen looked swollen, which was odd because we were both very clean eaters and were in the gym every day. So I went to the doctor and began having tests done.

During this time, she began having small cognitive issues, and the stress of her current position was exacerbating her condition, so she took a $20K per anum cut in pay along with a lesser position inside the company.

After a month or so of different tests, and a biopsy, it came back that I had a golf ball-sized tumor in my stomach, and would need to begin chemotherapy. So I began chemo and radiation treatments, which made me, expectedly so, extremely ill. She was spending time helping around my place on the weekends and staying over more, to the point that they were both at my home, more than theirs.

At this point, I suggested that we go ahead and put one of our houses on the market, and move in together until the new house was built. I have great supplemental insurance as well as a long-term illness plan, so using that coupled with the sale of one of our houses would push us through comfortably, and help ease the financial stress on her.

Shortly after this discussion, she became extremely distant.

Her daughter wasn’t coming down and hanging out with mine anymore, she had excuses for not getting together. She quit driving me to treatments and stopped staying over.

She then dropped a bomb. A sentence that will forever be burned into my psyche:

‘I love you, but I can’t see myself taking care of someone this sick in the long-term, and I don’t think we should see each other any longer.’



It broke me. I won’t lie. This was the first woman I had ever opened up to and planned a life with since my wife died when my children were 1 and 3. However, I tried to be mature about it. I forced myself to understand her position and to accept what I could not change.

I calmly, the next day, gathered all of her things, packed them neatly, loaded them in my truck, and took them to her house to leave on the back porch while she was at work, in order to avoid any awkward exchanges.

Walking around the back and under the porch cover, I sat down a box, and saw her in her back living room, on the couch hooking up with a man that she had introduced to me as a life-long friend. I had dinner and drinks with this man and his partner. We had gone on vacation with them, as well.

I never spoke of the incident with her, and simply sent her a text later, explaining that I would leave her things on my side porch to pick up at her convenience.

I discovered 8 or 9 months later from his now ex, that they had broken up due to him confessing that he had been sleeping with my S.O., dating back to about the time we were finishing drawings on the new home.

Now I’m angry. Revenge time.

At this point, I had finished chemo and radiation for the time being and was feeling healthier. I was going through some much-neglected paperwork when I ran across the file that contained $32,680.00 in unpaid, long overdue invoices, which were promptly sent to my attorney to begin lien proceedings on the home.

It turns out that I couldn’t have done this a moment too soon because she was set to put her house on the market.

Coupled with interest over the course of, what was then, 19 months overdue – the invoices were hefty. That, along with the agreement of settling them when the house was sold and attorney fees, left her with roughly $10K after the sale of the home and settling her current mortgage.

She promptly had to back out of the purchase of another home and move in with her oldest daughter, SIL, and 2 grandchildren. She also had to leave her job and begin receiving disability.

I ran into her a little over a year ago, and she looked as if she had aged 20 years, and was in the wheelchair we had talked about. We chatted cordially but briefly and I excused myself and went on with my day.

A few days later, her younger daughter called me and spoke of my running into her mom, and could we hang out sometime. I gave a vague answer, thanked her for calling, and again, went on with my day.

The ex then called me a week or so later, and began apologizing for leaving me as she did. Again, cordial but short, I thanked her for calling and hung up.

She began texting and this went on for several weeks until she asked if I could ever see us rekindling what we had, to which I replied:

‘I can’t see myself taking care of someone so sick in the long-term. Remember the box on your back porch? Did you think that (life-long friend) brought that over to you from my house? Good luck to you. Goodbye.'”

Another User Comments:

“She definitely deserved it.

OP was working to make her life easier, knowing that eventually she would be bound to a wheelchair. He was working to ensure that despite the fact that her life would be confined to a chair, she would still be afforded some comfort. He was willing to go the long route, and stay by her side because he had loved her.

She left him when someone new came along, able-bodied and not sickly, she decided that she wanted better for herself.

The problem with that was the deadbeat was two-timing his partner with OP’s fiancé, he was a scumbag, and left her too. She had to have known things were going on as well so to say she doesn’t deserve this is kind of hard to say. She traded a man that was fighting cancer and trying to make her life easier, for someone who was just in it for the flesh and fun.

She made the wrong choice, and right now she’s learning that the mistakes she’s made in the past are the reasons behind her present.” Guiltyspark92

Another User Comments:

“To be fair (devil’s advocate), I can understand not wanting to continue emotionally investing in someone who has a disease that could potentially kill them… Especially if you know that you yourself will need a lot of support.

BUT that all sounds like a crock of trash excuse if you’ve been two-timing that person since before.

Good on OP. Revenge done professionally, even with the texts at the end there. You’re a stronger man than me.” 9bjames

Another User Comments:

“I think if she said she couldn’t take care of you because of her own illness, it would make a lot more sense. Obviously, there’s more information we don’t know, but before your diagnosis of cancer, were there any hints of her being this selfish? I have a friend who was very ill, and during those years, her decisions weren’t the best but she apologized after.

I wonder if her disease impacted her ability to think critically?

I’m glad you are recovering, and good luck.” Tofubao

Another User Comments:

“ITR. I’ve read this story before and applauded you, but as someone now possibly on the brink of cervical cancer, I can’t imagine being in this spot. My main partner who’s jointly planned on having kids very soon literally said to me ‘Future kids don’t matter, we can adopt, we can do whatever, what matters to me is that you stay alive.’ I’m so sorry you dealt with this selfish witch but I’m so glad you came out on top!!” Reddit User

Another User Comments:


Her behavior was definitely inexcusable, but leaving her financially ruined on top of having a severe health condition, especially when she has a dependence is nowhere near proportional retaliation.

At least she broke up with you and you were able to move on.” big_riz

Another User Comments:

“The text break-up was in poor taste, but she’s not a bad person for having broken up with you. She had made no marriage vows (‘in sickness and in health’ doesn’t apply to non-married couples) to you at that point and backed out while she still had the chance – you can’t fault her for that. The affair, however, is the worst thing and completely merits the revenge.” Lunatic_Heretic

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rossbro 2 years ago
Wanna play? Ya gotta pay !
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