Lovable Piglet And Kitten Cuddle By The Fireplace

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Physical touch is one of the most common love languages there is, and humans are not the only ones who love sitting closely next to the ones they love.

Feeling The Love


When we have a close relationship with someone, spending time with them can be as simple as sitting idly next to each other.

Snotty Felines?


Cats are known for being snobbish and picky with who they like or who they hate, but there are some exceptions – adorable little kittens for example.

A Moment By The Fireplace

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A cute duo is spotted having a moment in front of a fireplace. We’re not talking about little kids or teen love teams, but a kitten and a piglet.

A Piglet Inside The House?


It’s pretty common to have dogs and cats as pets, but it’s unusual to see a piglet as a house pet; let alone witness one cuddling with a kitten.

Comfy And Warm


The comfort they give to each other is completed by the warmth provided by the fireplace in front of them – such a perfect way to spend time with a loved one.

The Perfect Spot

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While the piglet is sound asleep, the kitten moves around, finding the perfect spot to lie down close to his friend.

Next-Level Friendship

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Not all friendships reach this level where snuggling next to each other is a common bonding thing to do. If you have one, you’re one of the luckiest people on earth.

Free Hugs Forever

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If you have friends as sweet as this duo, you can definitely have unlimited cuddles for life.

Watch the piglet and kitten’s adorable moment in the video below.

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