People Tell All About Their Quirky Revenge Stories

Having a feeling of hatred toward a person is normal, especially if they've done something really offending, and they don't even care to apologize. If they're not decent enough to say "sorry" after doing something hateful to us, it would be safe to say that they deserve some epic revenge. Here are some stories from people who managed to pull some incredible revenge on their enemies.

21. Spread Rumors About Me? I'll Get Up Close And Personal With Your Son


“I had a coworker about 6 years ago who was quite the bitter pill to swallow. She was about 45, and the special variety of holier-than-thou, my-poop-doesn’t-stink Christian we all know and hate, I’ll call her Chastity.

We had worked together for 2 years prior to this, but our animosity truly began when she first came to my church.

I’m not the most pious man, but I try to do my best as a person and I think in God’s eyes, that’s good enough (I could get preachy here but I’ll spare y’all the excess). And the fellow members of my congregation shared that same belief.

Chastity seemed to have an issue with the fact that I, a heavily tattooed, gay, not-well-dressed, gossip fiend, former addict (9 years clean), DARED to enter a church. I mean, how dare I not run away hissing and screeching from the house of god am I right?

And so Chastity began to try and undermine me to this second family of mine.

Now, this was a bad idea on her part because I had been with this church since almost day one. When its first services were 20-30 people up til now, three services of 4-500. Many people knew me well, the first to volunteer and welcome new members, happy to take the lead for the children’s services on occasion, overall I’m well-liked.

But Chastity decided she would just tell everyone and their mother how much of a sinner I was. Talking about things I had supposedly said or done in the office. Naturally, this got back to me VERY quickly. At first, I ignored it, then I got irritated, around Christmas I was fuming.

Now, whataya know? Chastity dragged her current piece of meat, her two daughters, and her son with her to the Christmas service.

Suddenly, something clicked, office gossip played in my head about Chastity’s son. You see, shortly after I began working with her she called out for about a week solid with ‘inconsolable grief’ and she wouldn’t explain why.

Then the gossip began, and it was revealed to me that her son had come out of the closet and she was heavily in denial about it. This all came back to me in seconds, and the gears for sweet revenge began to turn in my head.

I waited like a patient tiger for my prey to approach, watching him near I realized he was actually pretty cute. About 21 (I later found out he had just turned 21) and honestly, the most gorgeous eyes I’ve ever seen.

Now at the time, I was 36 and I had years of experience tripping up inexperienced men. We have a large coffee bar in the foyer that I was waiting at. The music had begun (we have a full band) and almost everyone was out of the foyer when the bar cleared enough for him to approach.

I started soft, just some gentle flirting, prodding to see if he was even interested. As soon as I got a response, I went in for the kill. Pulling him close and pushing the napkin with my number on it into his shirt pocket.

His eyes go a little wide and I release him before anyone can take note of what happened. That afternoon I wasn’t surprised to get a text. I can’t remember it exactly, but here’s how the conversation went.

Cutie-pie: You never told me your name.

Me: Oh my bad, hope that’s not a problem.

Cutie-pie: Nope. Think you can tell or do I have to find out?

Me: Well if you really want to know you’ll have to ask me later, I gotta go. But I’ll be at [bar] tonight if you don’t want to wait.

And I had him. That first date went really well and as it turns out I was the first person he ever got intoxicated with. Now I had intended to just have a little fun with him, just to rub it in Chastity’s face, but I fell for him pretty hard, pretty fast.

The next thing I know, a little less than two months pass and I had totally forgotten my irritation with Chastity.

Until she does it again, irritating me again. So the next day at work I take my lunch a little early to catch one of Chastity’s ‘friends’ who works in the same department as her.

We talk and I say how glad I am to have gotten Valentine’s day off, how much fun I was gonna have with Cutie-pie. I pretend not to notice her eyes bug out for a second. And so, lunch over, I head back and get back to work.

In the middle of typing up a report, I hear Chastity’s heels click-clacking up to my office door. Living in a one-party consent state, I set my phone to the side to record her. And boy does she have a lot to say.

Chastity: What is wrong with you!?

Me: Pardon?

Chastity: Don’t you give me that nonsense. Are you hooking up with my son!?

Me: I don’t think that’s any of your business.

Chastity: It is my business! My son is not gay like you, what did you do!? Blackmail him!? Bribe him!? I’m gonna call the cops!!

Me: What I do in my free time with another adult has nothing to do with you, now if you would, leave me alone.

Chastity: You stay away from my son or there will be a huge deal to pay, you hear me!!??

And she stormed out. Five minutes later I’m in HR reporting her with the recording as evidence. An hour after that I leave early and take this to the police and get the info on how to file a restraining order on Chastity.

Two hours later I’m home and ith her son.

The next day was my day off, and the day after that I was all too happy to hear she has been fired for gross misconduct and discrimination.

My husband (yes the very same CutiePie) and I are celebrating our first anniversary next week.”

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Haywire 2 years ago (Edited)
Nice you actually found love during a payback scheme but horrible you have to have that for a MIL.
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20. Don't Brag About My Friend Being One Of Your Side Chicks


“To give some context I’m friends with this girl who was, for the lack of a better word, very dependant. She hooked up with this guy some weeks before I met him. One night, the girl invited us out for some karaoke and drinks.

The moment my friends and I met her man (now ex, thankfully) we despised him. He was the kind of guy who spouts alpha male bull crap. He would say women should be begging to be bred by him, how he was at the top of the food chain and how women were meant to take care of the men and their children.

Every time he said this sort of nonsense my friend would laugh it off and she would defend him saying he was just joking. But, we all knew he was being serious.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks later and I’ve been hearing some rumors from friends about the jerk and how he’s been seen in some clubs and restaurants with different women.

From what I’ve gathered, he had two other female friends and he was pretty much mooching off of them. He would live in their apartments rent-free, borrow their cars and even use their cards for nonsense stuff. Some of them would do his laundry or cook his meals.

All the while he’d speak sweet nothings to them in order to convince them he was okay and loyal. At first, I thought they were just rumors so I didn’t think much of it. That is until I hung out with my friend who wanted an ear to listen to her.

She told me about how the jerk would be gone for days at a time and would only appear in her apartment whenever he needed something. This would be food, moolah, a place to crash, or intercourse. She was suspicious that he was lying to her but she thought it was impossible.

I simply told her ‘Why not just break up with him?’ She would go on about how the jerk was a sweet and nice guy. When I pointed out how he was barely in her life and kept using her, she kept defending this guy like he was a literal angel, devoid of all sins.

I was worried about her and how this would affect her career, her life, and her mental well-being if this kept up. But what could I have done? If I threw the rumors at her, I had nothing to back them up and in her state of denial, she’d just say it was fine.

I was in a stump and just told her ‘Do what you think is right?’

Fast forward another few weeks later. Turns out the jerk and I are members of the same gym. While I was on the treadmill, he came up to the side next to my treadmill and ran with me.

I didn’t like this guy but so long as he didn’t bother me then no harm no foul.

As we were on the treadmill he started with a light conversation such as ‘how’s work’ or ‘you an (insert sports team) fan?’ No big deal.

THEN, as if the universe was giving me a signal, he starts bragging about his girls, or as he calls them ‘his girls.’ I believe he thought he and I were kin, that all I cared about was getting some tail.

The point is he starts showing off pictures of his ‘conquests’ as he calls them, and was willing to give me advice on how to get girls like him.

In the back of my head, as he’s talking a mile a minute about the girls he’s seeing, I thought the planets aligned and gave me the chance to destroy him.

So, I played along.

For another few weeks, he and I would hang out. He and I would work out together, get meals afterward or hang out at a bar…like friends. Unknown to him I had been collecting any and all pieces of evidence of the women he had been messing with.

Whenever he left his stuff, like his gym bag, I’d rummage through them. If he left his phone I’d make sure to remember the passcode and get myself screenshots of everything he took of the women he had been playing with.

There was a lot. It took me a good while to put up with his bragging and me covering for his drinks just to get a couple of pictures. Some of these were NSFW. It wasn’t enough I needed to do more because I had to make sure my friend understood she was going out with a Triple-A jerk-sucking leech.

Remember those rumors earlier? It was a risk because if they were true he’d leave his gym clothes and such to be cleaned by one of the women he was taking advantage of. If they weren’t true then what I did would’ve been a waste.

So, I went to a lingerie store and got some lacy black underthing and thought it perfect. Bought lipstick and some perfume. Then during one of our sessions in the gym, he left his gym bag for me to look after.

At this point, I was on a weird roll. I put the black lacy thing in his gym bag, put lipstick on my own lips, and planted them on his shirt and the pants waistline then sprayed a bit of perfume on it for good measure.

I had some weird looks in the men’s locker room. Embarrassing? Yes. Worth it? Yeah.

Earlier that day I handed my collected photos of his lying ways to the same group of friends that I heard the rumors about earlier. I asked them to just hand it to the other two girls, explain to them that he was a piece of garbage who needs to be thrown out.

It didn’t take much convincing for them to whip out their phones, get copies from me and start texting, sending social media messages, and just screaming to their friend to kick the jerk out of their lives. I legitimately wondered if this was gonna work because if they were really dependent then it wouldn’t matter.

Next day. I was awake for a good long time, tried to fall asleep, played some video games, and even tried to drink myself to sleep. All the while I was wondering if this stupid plan had worked. I left lip marks on jerk’s pants in the men’s locker room!!! Turns out… IT DID!!!

I was told about how one of the girls found the underwear and, I’m guessing, the rest of the planted evidence.

She had found it as she was about to do his laundry. Like a classic angry wife/partner movie scene, she chucked the jerk’s clothes in the garbage bin. She kept the PS4 he had bought because he bought it with HER coin.

The other woman locked jerk out of her apartment and blocked him on her phone. She tossed his clothes and some other stuff in a garbage bag before donating it to the nearby donation bin AND took photos of it for us.

My friend, after some convincing from us, broke free and when jerk tried to stay at her place, she wasn’t having it. She canceled the gym subscription she paid for the jerk, cut his access to Netflix and Hulu. Packages he ordered online? She either repacked them as gifts for her brothers or returned them.

This was confirmed when the jerk texted me asking if he could stay over at MY place. I lost it. I had the biggest soul-eating grin ever. I couldn’t believe my stupid plan worked. I put up with his alpha male nonsense and had to listen to him belittle women as breeding cattle.

The jerk had to go back to his parent’s home.

The best part of this? My friend was a little stronger after all of this. She got some therapy, got away from the going-out scene for a bit, and when she was ready she found herself a guy who, as of now, is completing his residency.

She went from going out with a moocher to a doctor! He’s an awesome guy, shame he’s a Patriot fan… but if he makes my friend happy then I’ll overlook it.

As for the jerk? Still living in his parent’s home. He’s ‘in-between jobs’ which is just a stupid way of saying he has no job. I had bumped into him in my favorite coffee places. It took a lot out of me not to smile at his unfortunate circumstance.”

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19. Try To Rip My Dad Off? He'll Expose You


“Years ago shortly after I moved out, my dad decided he wanted to remodel his bathroom and hired a local contractor (who I will refer to as DB) to do it that fixed a clogged sink for him once. From the start, my dad was extremely skeptical of contractors and did not want to get scammed, so after they agreed on the price for labor my dad ask him for an invoice for the cost of all the materials.

He took said invoice to one of his coworkers whose brother in law was a plumber or in construction or something to look over the list of materials and see if the quote was fair, and right off the bat DB was trying to do close to a 50% markup on the materials.

So instead of paying DB’s invoice, my dad just bought all the materials himself saying ‘he knows a guy who gives him amazing discounts’ so DB doesn’t get suspicious that my dad was onto his game.

After 3, months the bathroom is not close to being done despite DB telling him it would take 2 months, my dad had to travel for work and would be gone a week so he asked me to house sit/make sure DB shows up to work and does not steal stuff.

Right off the bat DB, tries to be all buddy-buddy with me but I did not like the guy and just brushed him off asking how the bathroom was coming. Over the course of the week, DB tried to upsell me on a bunch of things he said needed to be done to finish the bathroom, most of it was electrical work which he did not have a license for.

My dad filled me in before he left about what was quoted in the labor and there was no electrical work quoted. I told him no just stick to the original quote. Once my dad came back, I filled him in on all the additional charges DB tried to tack on.

He also did not show up for 3 days saying he hurt his shoulder ‘tripping over his cat’, then he tried to install the new ceiling light which he was NOT asked to install because we had an electrician coming to install it.

After a heated discussion between DB and me, he stopped installing the ceiling light and started laying tile during which he broke a quarter of the tiles.

After this debacle, my dad did some investigating and looked up DB’s license and found out that not only was the license expired it did not belong to DB! So my dad asked my brother and me to come over when he was going to confront DB about lying about his license.

A VERY heated argument broke out when my dad refused to let DB enter the house to collect his tool and said we would bring the tools out to him. DB then threaten to press charges against me for ‘assault’ when I accidentally brushed his shoulder when I was passing him in the hallway and I refused to apologize.

After the cops showed up DB quickly tried to play the victim but the cops told DB to collect his tools and leave. The bathroom is still unfinished but my dad did not have to pay DB for his 3 months of labor and used that amount to hire real contractors to finish the bathroom, it only took them a week and a half to finish.

After this, my dad contacted the local news to tell them about DB being a conman. A few months later, the news did an investigative story about him and they found other people DB scammed, where DB would start to work on their bathroom but once he got paid he would cut and run leaving the bathroom unfinished and stealing all the materials. The news then set up a sting for DB and exposed him for being a conman and he was arrested not long after the news story aired.”

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18. Destroy My Childhood? I'll Ruin Your Life


“My mother was a really trashy person. I have 4 other siblings. One older sister, 3 way younger, 3 different dads. Before I was born (I’m a male btw), my oldest sister was taken away from my mother when she was a few months old because she tried to seriously injure the father of my sister WHILE HE WAS HOLDING HER.

She lost custody and the dude left her. My older sister goes to live with her father’s family in a different city. CUE LIL OL ME COMING INTO THIS WORLD. My dad went to jail 2-3 years after I was born for a while, I rarely saw him.

He’s a heavy drinker if that matters. She was a single mother but she made it work and she worked hard. One of the bigger problems was that she took out all her aggression and hatred of my father on me as well as work stress and etc.

She dealt with abuse growing up which I’m sure definitely affected her relationships and how she treated me as well. Anyways…

Cue to me being miserable every day from the ages of 4-17. She was extremely strict and her perspective was warped.

She was also pretty big in stature and had a lot of strength.

I couldn’t even escape to my room for long because she would always call me every few minutes to get her things or to yell at me. She never drank or did illegal stuff or anything.

Whenever she was upset and I happened to be in front of her she’d let me know.

She controlled most aspects of my life. I got by with little petty acts of revenge. Peeing in the Lipton iced tea she drank. Rubbing her forks and spoons between my buttcheeks before I served her dinner.

Ignoring her screams for help when she had kidney stones (how tf am I supposed to help anyway??) But by the time I got to high school I turned to partying. I resented her and the negative atmosphere affected who I was as a person.

I started to be cold and uncaring. Calculated. She started kicking me out every few months telling me to find somewhere else to live by age 15. She sent me away to a different country for a year and tried to keep my passport but I made it back to the US with the help of the embassy and my stepfather (she’d already left by that time and found some other dude).

I came back senior year with no credits for the prior grade which ended with me getting a GED.

I spent most of the time I could with my best friend and started working trashy jobs. I was terrible at saving as I had accumulated loads of trashy habits while growing up so it didn’t make much difference.

She eventually told me that If I went to college, I would ALWAYS have a place to live until I finished. Cue my first 2 semesters at a 2-year college, I maintained a 3.7ish GPA. My teachers loved me and it was my escape.

Towards the end of my 2nd semester during finals, I came home late one night around 10 pm, and my mother yanked the door open screaming in my face asking when I’ll move out. I’m slightly inebriated and decide to completely ignore her and walk to my room.

If I opened my mouth, that day would be the day I blew up and cursed her out. I’ve rarely ever raised my voice at her because it never ended well.

Now at this point, I’m 19 and I’ve been doing school full time with no savings.

I’m also fairly fit and could easily take my mom at this point (I never laid a hand on her or any woman, I hate violence). I get to my room, she rips my door open and starts yelling. I say nothing and stare at her.

She walks away and called the police on me saying she thought I’d hurt her and my younger siblings. I don’t know where she got that idea from as she’s the one who’s nearly done the same to me many times.

I packed everything into a duffle bag and left 5 minutes afterward. I failed all of my finals because I couldn’t make it to my school. Things kinda spiraled and the next 2-3 years were me on and off homeless. I survived the best I could in a big city with no college degree and made a lot of awful choices due to my awful habits.

Eventually, I found a profitable hobby that gave me meaning, and through that, I started to work my way up. Got my own apartment, had a full-time job, and did my hobby on the side.

I hadn’t kept up contact with my mother at all but my younger sister who was old enough to have a phone found me on social media so I saw photos and such.

She didn’t have it anywhere near as bad as me. My mother reached out via email all smiles asking how I’ve been. Now guys, I’ve always been envious of the relationship most ppl have with their moms so I gave her a chance and gave her a call.

We talked for a few minutes and everything was civil and seemed like things would go okay but then…

She asked me what I’d been up to the last few years and I told her honestly, that I was homeless for a while and struggled alot after what she did to me but I worked my way out of it.

SHE LITERALLY LAUGHS. She laughed for a few seconds in a very condescending kinda chuckle and then said ‘I never did a thing to you so you don’t know! It’s your own darn fault you were homeless. So how about yo-‘ but by that point I hung up.


There were a few things my mother didn’t know. One, I knew for a fact that the current well-paying job she had was gotten on lies as she never got her college degree and lied about it on her resume.

Two, I had access to all of her email accounts and cloud storage accounts since I was the one that set them up when I was younger and she never changes her passwords.

The first thing I did was compile ALL of those photos/videos into one folder.

I then reached out to CPS in my city and explained that my siblings were being hurt, how I was hurt in the past, and that I had mountains of proof. Since I’ve called the cops on my mother before AND the thing that happened with my older sister, there was immediately a home visit.

They arrived almost a day later with the police and coincidentally my mother was literally in the process of hurting my younger sister when they were knocking. Cue an emergency removal of all my siblings from the house and my mother getting arrested though she was released hours later.

(I was getting a day-to-day play-by-play because my mother’s best friend is a blabbermouth and everything my mother said she told her son who relayed it to me without either of their knowledge.) I sent CPS all the evidence and there’s a legit case against my mother now.

The next day I emailed and then called up her job to inform them that she had lied about having a very necessary college degree as well current events in her life which sparked a background check. She was fired days later.

Say adios to 75k and a blacklist in the only industry you know how to work. I then spitefully deleted every cloud account and email address I ever made for her, which was all of them which I’m sure will make keeping up with alot of bills and etc nearly impossible.

I then anonymously reported her to the IRS because of the tax fraud she committed for years by claiming people’s children that weren’t hers with ALOT of detailed information since I lived with her while she did it.

So now, my mother lost all her kids and her job.

I’m meeting with a caseworker from CPS next week to talk more about what happens moving forward but I do know they’re NOT going back. Idk how she’s gonna pay her mortgage now and survive. I’m sure she’s gonna get a call from the IRS who’ll be looking for a few thousand dollars she owes them.

She also has to go back to court in a few months, not exactly sure what she was charged with but I’ll update when I find out how everything turns out.

She isn’t aware I’m the cause of any of this. I plan on keeping tabs on her and waiting before I tell her it was all me and I peed in her Lipton.”

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Katydid1 2 years ago
You did the right thing.
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17. Won't Pay Me After I've Sent Your Stuff? Get Your Account Blocked


“It all started when I got a gift card for my birthday. It was filled in with 25€ but man I needed these 25€ to live from as I’m a broke college student. So I went to Marktplaats (some kind of a Dutch version of Craigslist) and I posted just enough info to show the card and asked for a 21€ for it.

You can do (almost) everything with it, but not shop from these small cheap supermarkets where I get my food from. So this guy came, let’s call him Jack, and sure enough, he offered 21€ but wanted to do the deal via WhatsApp as he ‘doesn’t understand how MP works exactly’.

I thought sure, it must be an old lady or something. It was a bit suspicious, to be honest as the account was only a month old which can be seen as suspicious according to MP culture. But I thought well nothing bad can happen and asked him to transfer the funds first and send a screenshot of the transaction and I’ll directly send him the rest of the info on the card.

So Jack sent the screenshot containing the first letter of his name so ‘J’ with some last name, his bank account number was there and I had his phone number because we were Whatsapping. So everything seemed fine. He then said it might take a day or two to arrive because we have different banks and I said sure, why not.

I sent him the card info and we thanked each other and everything seemed fine.

Later that night, I checked the balance of the gift card using the official website of the gift card and it was empty already. I thought he just wanted some shirt or so and he could save 4€ with it so why not.

A few days later, didn’t get anything in my bank account. I sent him a message saying that this is very unusual and it never takes this much time but he reassured me by saying that the amount was really taken from his bank account and some nonsense.

After a week has gone by, nothing was on my bank account so I sent his screenshot to a friend of mine who’s a professional in Photoshop and photo editing and such stuff and asked him if the screenshot seems photoshopped because I wasn’t sure.

He said no everything seems to be fine. I sent Jack a message via WhatsApp, he didn’t respond. Via Maarktplaats, same story. Sms-ing and calling didn’t yield a thing either.

Before I was planning to find that jerk, I was really curious how he faked that screenshot.

So after some Googling, I found that it’s possible that if you call your bank and tell them a valid excuse, they will return your moolah and especially if the other side didn’t receive it yet. So I sent my brother a few euros to try it and called my bank to cancel the transaction.

The employee at the bank was surprised when I told her that I sent it per mistake to this person and started asking stuff like ‘how could you fill in a bank account number and a name per mistake??’ I responded with it was on the list of the people that I often sent funds to and I per mistake choose him instead of the person right above him (there’s some kind of contacts list of bank accounts and names so that you don’t have to fill the info in each time).

She found that reasonable and sent me funds back directly and sure enough, my brother didn’t hear a thing or get a notification or anything. Just nothing. Then it made sense how he proved it but I didn’t get anything. So after I knew how everything worked, I wanted to chase that jerk down.

At this point, I knew I was dealing with a crook. I had his telephone number, where he lived (from MP), his bank account number, his first letter, and his last name.

I searched using his telephone number via all the websites and search engines you could ever think about, I couldn’t find anything.

It was like he disappeared. I searched social media using his last name but man, his last name was one of the most common in the Netherlands. Thousands of results. I filtered a lot to decrease the search results as much as possible until I was left with a few results starting with a J and ending with his last name.

Unfortunately, none of them seemed like the one I’m searching for (and none of them were, I discovered later). I didn’t know what exactly to do so I reported to the police and the MP website.

The police said that they will need some time to decide whether they look into the case and such but were negative if they could help me because ‘I should have done it via MP.’ Which I agree with but I was still furious.

MP said they don’t have enough evidence to block his account or anything. I knew I needed to handle it myself. So I sent everyone that has that he/she is living or from the village where he came from, a social media message (these were 493 people).

I explained everything and provided screenshots of what happened and asked if they could help me find that jerk or search in their mobiles for his number or in family groups on WhatsApp so I can get his first name to be able to do my next step.

Only 5 have read and responded to my message and none of them had a clue.

So I joined all the local groups in his village and posted the story again. Sure enough, a nice lady provided me with his first name, where he currently lives, and a lot more info than what I hoped for.

It turns out that he has multiple telephone numbers and that was not his main so it was logical I couldn’t find anything. She sent me his telephone number so I threatened him with the fact that I will report him to the police, that now I know his name and more info about him, I’ll post that in any online local community… etc.

Odd enough, he didn’t seem to give a single damn and asked me to ‘screw myself’ and said that he wouldn’t return the coins. So I actually didn’t mail his friends and network about it because I thought I’m doing too much which won’t work because he’s probably a trashy person that listens to no one.

My final option was to go via his bank, I emailed them and they were so nice that they wanted to look it up for me and everything but said couldn’t tell me much because of privacy and stuff. This lady from the bank was so sympathetic that she gave me the email of the security department of the bank and asked me to send everything I had in a mail explaining what happened.

Did that but didn’t get a response, even after a week so I thought I could email her one last time to ask whether I should be waiting for a response or not. She said don’t wait because the security department is not a department that communicates with customers and asked me to have patience.

After a month had passed from the beginning of the accident, I began losing hope that I’ll chase down that crook (I had his home address but bringing him a visit wasn’t an option for me). A few days later, he called.

I didn’t respond but he left like 10 messages that he would love to find a solution and everything so I was really shocked and asked why now out of a sudden. He said his bank blocked and froze all his four bank accounts after they’ve discovered that he has been doing that stuff for a while already.

He even offered me 200€ to just email his bank that everything was solved and that they should unblock his account. I said no I don’t want your filthy money, I just want my 21 euros and I’ll then reconsider emailing the bank.

He, sure enough, sent them directly from a friend’s bank account and I’ve finally received my moolah. Now, it’s revenge time!

I told him he can screw himself and that he can kiss my butt, I’m doing nothing for him and I’ll ignore him even longer than he was doing to me.

He sent me like a thousand time he’s sorry and he won’t do it again and he really would send me any amount just to email his bank. 2 weeks later, he said that he can’t access his account and bills are stacking up.

I just simply blocked his number after I sent him a middle finger emoji. He sent more apologies, called and everything from other numbers but I left him there hanging. It has been 3 weeks now and he’s still begging me and sending sorries and stuff.

I’m not planning to help him anytime soon and I believe that he should legally solve his stuff with his bank and I wouldn’t care a damn for such people. So, do you still want to steal from me, you idiot?!”

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16. Disown Your Kids? Get Ready For A Divorce


“First of all, I’d like to set up some background. I am gay (25yrs) and have been going out with my significant other for 3 years (also 25) and he’s great. I also like a lot of his family. It includes him, the oldest, his sister (who will be important later), and 2 other kids.

I really like his family. Except for one person: the dad. When I first met my SO’s parents, I was incredibly confused. His mom was one of the kindest people I’ve met while his dad is just awful. He disowned his first son when he came out at 18, leaving him to the streets.

When I met the father, he made it clear that he despised me for ‘allowing his son to continue the path of sin’ I was completely appalled

Fast forward to May of last year. My significant other tells me that his sister is pregnant at 18 and just like himself, the father disowned his own daughter because she got pregnant and ‘has followed a path of sin he cannot forgive.’

She was devastated as her baby daddy just left and she had nowhere to go.

I’m well off financially and while I haven’t had my significant another move in with me just yet,  I decided to let her stay with me at least until we got everything sorted out. She wants to start looking for whoever would be willing to adopt the baby.

Our search began in June and later that month, we found someone who was willing to adoptthe baby. It was my partner’s mom. I questioned her, especially considering the fact that the father would hate taking care of a child ‘born from sin.’ She told me it wouldn’t be a problem.

Apparently ‘wouldn’t be a problem’ means divorce! She had gotten sick of her husband who apparently lashed out at the presence of a gay son and pregnant daughter with drinking and violence. She was the breadwinner of the family which meant the dad was screwed at the sight of a divorce.

The case began in August and ended in October with the mom getting full custody of almost everything. The father was completely left out and I haven’t heard from him recently. When I talked to the mom a few weeks after the divorce, she told me that the situation with the sister made everything clear and that when it came to my partner’s ex-communication, she was too stressed with a job opportunity and couldn’t defend her son.

She and all 4 of her kids were so glad the father had finally left their lives. Speaking of kids, the sister gave birth to her son on January 15th. His middle name is after my surname in honor of my assistance to both the mother of the child and the family as a whole. He is great and I check in on him every now and then. His current guardian is going to allow the child to contact his biological mother when he’s older.”

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15. Disown Your Daughter? Regret It Forever


“I moved out from my mother’s house since I was going off to university to study maths and physics. My brother had a significant other, who I really liked and respected. I soon accepted her as part of my family. She used to spend lots of time at our place because her parents were a nightmare.

They were pretty poor, which doesn’t have anything to do with them being horrible parents, just for context. But they also were really stingy. Here in Germany, you’ll get money for your child to buy them food, and provide shelter, warmth, and clothes.

Her parents didn’t spend her child’s funds on anything for her. She had to sleep in a dark, cold room, buy her own clothes, and had no allowance.

The only funds she got were from her job, being a post girl. That job only amounted to 48 Euros total in a month.

And her bus ticket would already cost her 58 Euros, so she had to ask her mother to lend her something, which she would have to pay back to her. Her parents didn’t want her to move out or go study, since she was way too intelligent for them to ever control, unlike her simple brother.

When she said, she wanted to move together with my brother into the city, where she had gotten an apprenticeship, her mom nearly exploded. She actually had hoped, she wouldn’t get the job, so she could realize how stupid she was for wanting a good future for herself.

You can imagine how much her parents hated my brother. Fast forward: I come back home to stay a few weeks at home, visiting friends and relatives. She is at our house, like usual. But my mother then told me, she was living here, permanently, being registered exactly at my home address.

I’m a little stunned, as I had only some days before suggested the very thing to her and she said she didn’t want to break ties with her family. But things changed when her mom tried to cut up her prom dress, which she had been given to her by her mother as a present.

My brother’s girl was furious about what her mother wanted to do. Her mother explained that she never got such a nice dress, so why should her daughter? My brother’s girl just called my brother, my mother then drove him, since his car is getting fixed.

They packed up the stuff they could carry, not including a lot of stuff my brother’s gf had gotten as presents, since ‘she didn’t pay for it, so it wasn’t hers’.

So her bike, her clothes given to her by her aunt and some of the presents she had gotten from my brother had to be left behind since her mom was threatening to call the cops.

The last words were ‘You can always come back to us after he’s hurt you. We love you.’ My brother can be a jerk, but he never got violent towards anyone. Since that day, she’s been living with us. Now here comes the juice.

Since my mother is really good with the law and legal stuff, we have gotten her parents to pay her the child support they owe her.

We also requested support for her, since she has no income. She is only 18, so she will get a lot of money, plus her child’s money, plus the apprenticeship earnings, plus a little extra from our family.

Since she isn’t living with her family anymore (they were getting Wohngeld, with its financial support given to you per person and square meters of your living space) the Wohnungsgeld is a lot less. Mind you, her parents were gifting themselves smartwatches and laptops for Christmas.

So, after a few days, they realized they were in a lot of financial doodoo and had to pay her back 4 months of child support, which they couldn’t. They pleaded for the amount to be halved which my brother’s partner could have agreed to.

But she just took a pen, and said ‘Screw that’ crossed out their plea, and put it back into the envelope. She now doesn’t have anything to do with her family any more, who tried through multiple means to get to her. I really admire her for staying that cool all these years. She rocks!”

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14. Try To Copy My Answers? Well, They're Wrong


“Years ago in high school in AP Chemistry, we were set to take a test in class. The way the tables were set up was so that there were 2 to a table. Annoyingly enough, it was somewhat small so the other person would be fairly close.

The guy sitting next to me tried to copy off of my test and I realized it by the 10th question as I turned the page, with his head turned toward my paper. The professor was too busy fiddling with something on her computer.

The main thing that mattered to me was to have my calculator and scantron (with my arm constantly covering the scantron) on the very far opposite side of him so he couldn’t see the correct answers to any questions that needed calculating.

Side note, on these tests there is a scantron used to grade your answers and a separate paper with the questions (luckily we were able to write on that paper).

Anyways, back in that situation, I decided to write out equations, etc., on my paper but not actually put any numbers down onto the paper and just enter them into the calculator until I got to the answer.

With his peering eyes I ‘boxed’ a random wrong answer and kept on with this. I took look at his paper and was following every answer. I trolled on a theoretical question and wrote down bogus explanations (but of course still writing the correct answer on the scantron) that didn’t make sense and he wrote them VERBATIM.

This guy really didn’t study at all. Soon enough, I finished the test. Got up, flashed him my answer key or scantron, looked down at his then back at me, and started to look anxious. I left the table to turn in things, erased all the wrong answer marks on the questions portions of the test before turning that in as well. Long story short got an A, and he missed ALL the questions.”

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13. Camp Bully Got Hit By A Girl


“It was during one of those day camps your parents drop you off at while they’re at work. There was this kid named Corvan who ALWAYS bullied me, I think I was around 11-12 at the time. Corvan for some reason had it out for me, would run up and shove me, call me names, and when I would chase him/take a swing at him he’d run away, I could never catch him.

I told the teachers, but they never did anything about it.

Then one day I had enough of Corvan and I was determined to hit him. I was chasing after him across the asphalt and noticed he turned right ahead of me.

I KNEW I couldn’t outrun him, but if I was fast enough, I could cut him off. I turned and started to pound the pavement in his direction, and he thought I’d given up (because usually, I’ll be behind him when I’m chasing him) and didn’t notice me coming in from the side.

I raised my fist and nailed him in the side of the face as I ran into him. Basically, just an afternoon beat down with me throwing as many punches as I could. I let him go after I got a few hits in and he ran crying to the teachers.

My mom was called and picked me up, and while I got lectured, she didn’t punish me for beating him up.

I only started to feel bad when I was brought back to the camp and told I technically wasn’t supposed to be there because of what happened.

Corvan never spoke to me again and at one point was pulled out of the camp. And the next school year he never returned, but before he was pulled out other kids had started to pick on him too and say how he ‘got beat by a girl.’

I do feel bad about how things turned out, but it also annoys me that after telling on him multiple times the teachers never did anything to fix the situation.”

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12. Sergeant Jerk Got Rejected


“I was in charge of a maintenance squadron’s computer account that involved replacing old equipment when needed. At the time, there were CRT monitors (huge old school screens) in most of the shops and on most of the desks. The standard lifetime for them at the time was 5 years before they could be replaced.

We had just started to get in LCD monitors. This was great for the shops getting them, as they had little desk space anyway. It didn’t matter so much for the flight chiefs as they had a large desk all to themselves.

Almost all of the flight chiefs knew this and wanted them to go to the guys in the shops first that needed the space.

One flight chief, in particular, a master sergeant, was a jerk. He was in a few times previously asking how he could get an LCD monitor in place of his CRT.

His CRT still had 3 years to go before its time to be replaced. One day one of our chief master sergeants (higher than MSgt by 2 ranks) managed to get all LCD monitors for our fuel cell shop. They had the least desk space of any other shop and their offices were tiny.

The day arrived and those new LCD monitors all came rolling in. We had 1 or 2 extras in there for some older CRTs somewhere else. I’m working on delving out the LCDs and doing the paperwork to turn in the CRTs.

MSgt Jerk comes rolling in and asking when he’s getting his new LCD monitor. He doesn’t work in a fuel cell. He doesn’t get one. So I told him that he’s still had a few years before it needed to be replaced.

These were going to fuel cells and only fuel cells. I didn’t let him know about the extra. He didn’t like that, so he tried throwing rank around.

MSgt Jerk: ‘I’m a master sergeant, I should get one.’

Me: ‘No, you have the desk space for a CRT.

The fuel cell does not, and CMSgt Name has already said that these are going to them and them only. Rank has absolutely nothing to do with who gets what.’

The dumbfounded look on his face was priceless. I left for a new base around a year later. That MSgt still had a CRT sitting on his desk when I left.”

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11. It Turns Out Compass Has Another Purpose


“I was frequently bullied through high school, ironically by a group of kids I considered to be my best friends when all I was was their rag doll. They’d verbally and mentally harass me, fat-shame me in front of the entire batch and at times it even got physical.

I’m generally a calm guy and laughed it off with them despite the humiliation, but one day they crossed their limits. Two of them were holding my arms from behind while another two held my leg, this suspending me – while a fifth guy, kind of the ringleader, the dude everyone in our group always wanted to sit next to – held a compass (the kind from a geometry box) and threatened to poke me with it.

It was all fun and games and I knew they meant no real physical harm but just the scene of pure humiliation, having no control over the situation, and being helpless in front of the class snapped something in me. I swung one of my arms as hard as I could and broke it free and smacked the guy holding my left leg in the face, hard enough for him to later start crying.

Shocked, the others let me go and I used the window to grab the compass from the ring leader. I turned and stabbed one of the dudes who previously held my leg in the stomach. Please keep in mind that the pointy edge is about a quarter of a centimeter long or lesser, so this did no fatal harm.

The others fled to their chairs and I followed the ring leader back to his. The last look on his face before I stabbed him hard in the leg with the compass was comparable to that of a whimpering dog. I left the compass lodged in his thigh as I tend my back on him. To be honest, have no regrets to date.”

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10. Mock A Crying Child? Have A Word With The Parent


“I was, and in a way still am, a very sensitive soul. I was often teased for being a ‘cry baby’ throughout my childhood, mainly due to emotional outbursts when some other kid took a jab at my self-esteem, or I felt I was being treated unfairly.

Back in preschool, this behavior was especially prevalent. One day, I remember it was some girl’s birthday, and her parents brought cupcakes for all the kids in my class. We were just being laid down for nap time when our teacher revealed that anyone who talked during that time would not receive a cupcake.

Me, being the people-pleaser and cupcake-lover I was, did what I was told, not making a single peep.

At the end of nap time, our teacher read off a list of names that did not follow directions and was disruptive, informing them that they were not allowed to have a cupcake.

As the teacher went through the list, a name was called that sounded VERY similar to mine. Without thinking, my little 5-year-old self went immediately into panic mode. I started crying saying how it was unfair, that I WAS being quite a during nap time, refusing to listen to reason when the other kids told me the teacher said somebody else’s name.

I stormed off and began to sulk in a corner (yes, I was pretty bratty, but give me a break, I was 5) when the devil herself approached me. The teacher.

She bent down in front of me and began to mock me for crying.

She taunted me, calling me a cry baby, and instructing the rest of the kids in the room to ‘laugh at the stupid cry baby.’ I don’t remember exactly if the kids did laugh or not, but knowing how influential kids that age actually are, they probably did.

This set me off even more. I was practically in hysterics at this point, my face wet with tears and face red from embarrassment.

Not as red as my own mother’s face was from behind a door not even a few feet away from the incident, though.

This is where I should mention that my mom, being a poor single mother, was working in the same preschool as a teacher for the younger kids in the next room. She got paid very minimum wage, but school was free for me, so it was a win for her.

Anyways, apparently, she had overhead the ENTIRE ordeal and was FUMING that such a monster would berate a CHILD like that. She immediately called over the director of the preschool, where both of them listened through the door as the situation continued to unfold.

The director reassured her that the devil lady would be having a ‘talk’ with her later. She was promptly fired within the next few hours, and my mother treated me to ice cream after since I never did actually get a cupcake.

To my mother, you are my hero.”

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9. Your Mom Is Getting Ahead Of You


“So I had this bully for most of my school career, from elementary to high school graduation, though it really took around jr high. This jerk, let’s call him Humphrey cuz it sounds funny, was one of the worst kids in school.

He would pick on people, steal from lockers, and go around assaulting guys. Yes, guys. Humphrey was gay and used that to get out of any situation where people tried to fight back. He would just start yelling stuff like ‘You can’t treat me like that just because I’m gay!’ at the top of his lungs anytime anyone tried to call him out on anything.

Given that this was the early 2000s, anything that was seen as gay bashing meant that the teachers instantly got onto the assumed guilty kid.

Now, I was a quiet and artsy kind of kid in high school and liked to draw stuff.

More than once, he tried to get me to draw him nasty images, and I’m sad to say I did on a few occasions to shut him up. He would then show it off to his partner saying he drew it.

The guy was almost as big a jerk as Humphrey, so he would always laugh it up when he saw the bullying going down. But the thing that made me forever HATE Humphrey was the time he stole my clothes when I was changing after the gym, tossed them up onto the school roof, then shoved me into the girl’s locker room in my underwear.

Though this didn’t turn out so bad, since most of the girls were fully clothed and they could hear Humphrey laughing his butt off.

So, after graduation, I moved out of state and thought I’d never have to deal with Humphrey again.

But, the house I was renting with some friends ended up burning down after 4 years, so I had to move back in with my parents for a while. I eventually got a job as a driver for a food delivery app, which I absolutely love cuz I like driving around by myself and listening to the radio.

One of my regular customers ended up being Humphrey’s mother, and I would see her maybe 3 or 4 times a week. this meant that I got to know her pretty well, to the point I would occasionally help her with stuff around the house if my shift was almost over.

(I know where you think this is going, but you’re wrong). And this is what finally lead me to the revenge.

One day, I was delivering to Humphrey’s mom’s house and the dough canoe himself answered the door. And he hadn’t changed at all except he was losing his hair a bit.

His mom, not noticing he was being a jerk, invited me in for a bit. Since my shift was almost over, and I didn’t want to stay anywhere near Humphrey, I was going to say no. But, she got out that she needed help setting up something on her computer, and apparently her son was useless with them.

It turned out, what she wanted help with was setting up an account for an online meet-up service. Her husband had been gone for 10 years and she wanted to start looking for some fun. Not a relationship, just an ongoing fling.

I helped her set it up, talking a bit louder than normal about all the things she could add to attract men, which made Humphrey cringe.

But the best part was, as I was helping her, I found something that made the little devil on my shoulder start laughing his tiny red butt off.

The school bully’s old partner was on the site looking for men AND women to have discrete meetings with. When the mother went to the bathroom, I sent him a request, including hot photos and the promise of a sure thing.

Well, a few weeks later, as I’m delivering her usual order, I notice that there’s a strange car in the driveway. And who should I see walking around buck without clothes when she cracked the door to grab her food? The ex, in all his glory.

Later, I heard from her that Humphrey had come over unexpectedly later that day, claiming that she had sent him a text saying she needed help with her car. The ex was still there, and they had been… entangled on the living room couch when Humphrey came in, so he got one great eyeful.

She said she had never sent any text, and they ended up screaming at each other before he stormed out vowing to never come there again.

I wonder who could have sent him the text? Oh yeah, it was me.

From what I’ve heard, Humphrey got arrested that same night for getting totally wasted and breaking into his Ex’s old house, which he hasn’t lived in for years. Just a cherry on top as far as I’m concerned.”

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8. Tough Week Didn't Put Me Down


“I’m a carpenter by trade. 2 years ago I was in the process of building a 600 sq ft deck around a customer’s pool; roughly 70% of the job was finished. At that time, I got a diagnosis of testicular cancer and my urologist suggested I schedule surgery asap, which happened to be in 2 days, on a Wednesday.

The homeowner, whom I had a good rapport with as this was my 3rd time working for her, was great – supportive, understanding, accomodating – for now. I had made plans with a friend, a former coworker and the one who had referred me in the 1st place, to come that weekend and take over for me, as he had a job during the week.

The homeowner was totally on board with this.

So I get my nut removed and am home 4 hours later. The next day, Thursday, I receive a text at 7 am. Something along the lines of ‘When is someone coming to work on the deck??? We planned to have it opened by the 4th of July.

I’m having a party that day, I don’t see it being done by then… I need to know what’s going on…’ OK now I’m nutless, doped up, and irritated, and I hate ellipsis. Maybe even a little offended, honestly. I text back ‘I’ll be there tomorrow.’ Friday, not even 48 hours after surgery.

Being the middle of summer it gets light out early. I beat the sun that morning (and every day until the job was done), 5 am in the rain, making sure I set up my cutting station, air compressor, and radio right outside of her bedroom window, along with an inordinate amount of beating on stuff unnecessarily from 5 – 7 am.

I know she heard it all and was annoyed by way of the passive-aggressive ‘kinda early start, huh?’ comment I got when I returned from the hardware store at 8 am.

Aside from all of the disappointments that week; the diagnosis, the surgery, not being able to receive a cosmetic testicular implant b/c they ‘don’t make them big enough to match my other nut or the one they removed’, I’m proud of how I handled it. Haven’t missed a day of work since that Thursday.”

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7. Mess With My Career And Freedom? I'll Bring You Down


“This all happened five or so years ago while I was working for a proprietary trading firm. The company is a multinational and it had opened a new office in my city a couple of years before I joined them. For those who don’t know, most prop shops (as I understood it) have a very high turnover rate.

Just toss everyone in and keep those who stick. The company I worked for recruited every three months. It had space for about 120 traders but the office was never full. Out of the twenty or so who were hired every quarter, only about five managed to make it beyond the three-month internship period, and of those, only one – or sometimes none at all – made it past the additional three months probation period.

The company was operating in my city for two years before I joined and there were only about four people who I could have called permanent. Everyone else, about another ten, was either on their internship or probation.

I and about twenty-five others were recruited straight out of university.

The internship period paid really well for a first job, about twice as much as any other entry-level position in other financial institutions plus bonuses once we went live (regardless of whether one is on internship, probation, or permanent), and I was really excited.

I first came across my boss, a really decent Indian guy, at an industry day held at our university. That was where they administered the IQ tests and I passed. The office, similar to other mid-sized operations, had a pretty flat management structure.

Us traders were at the lowest level, the HR/Ops manager was above us, and the Office Manager was, well, the head of the branch. The boss gave time off pretty much whenever you asked for it as long as the day’s objectives were fulfilled (that was his policy).

However, the HR/Ops manager was his opposite, and then some. This lady was a Grade-A witch, and I mean that sincerely. Let’s call her Gabby.

I first met Gabby when I went to their offices for my final interview. I was registering at the front desk when she marched from her office demanding some documents from the receptionist.

The receptionist wanted to finish up with me first but she was ordered off to file storage. Our exchange went like so:

Gabby: You’re one of the new ones?

Me: Yes. I’m really excited.

Gabby: Don’t be. you don’t look like you’ll make it.

Me: Why?

Gabby: You’re too soft.

A pause.

Gabby: But… I can put in a good word for you if you give me a little something. (a bribe).

Me: Haha. Very funny.

Gabby: I’m serious. Give me something and I’ll make it very easy for you.

Otherwise, I’ll make sure you don’t even get into the interview.

Me: No.

Gabby: Stupid idiot.

Right to my face. And she kept her word. She made me sit in a hidden corner of the waiting room where no one would see me easily, but I could hear the conversations at the desk.

The only reason why I got an interview is that apparently, I had impressed the boss at our previous meeting that he came to see why my CV wasn’t there. Gabby said that I hadn’t sent it in. The receptionist stated that she had seen it somewhere.

Then I walked up to the desk at the same time the receptionist said, ‘Here it is. It was in the trash…’ and everyone stared at Gabby.

From that moment of humiliation onwards, Gabby had raging hate for me. You see, Gabby was a micromanager, more of a nano manager really.

She made us have to request access if we wanted to access sites other than those on her approved list, and for traders who gain info from wherever we could find it, her list was woefully inadequate. She would call meetings at the most inopportune times – but only when the branch manager was not around – and in her lengthy meetings, you could never leave to check on your positions.

She had this annoying habit of taking my lunch and when I confronted her about it, she essentially told me to go screw myself. That I could live with. I just started bringing in two sets of lunch and kept on doing the job that I loved.

Gabby was married with two kids, and she was pretty. I guess she liked the attention because she would have a stream of guys picking her up at the office for two-hour ‘lunches’ and when she left for home some evening.

But not on Thursday. Thursdays were the days when her husband would come pick her up towing their kids along. I think they went to have a family dinner or something.

Our manager left about two months after I joined. I think he returned to India to get married or something but still stayed with the company.

Wished him all the best. None of the other permanent traders had the experience corporate required to take on a management role (5 years at least) so they had to shop around. In the meantime, Gabby became the de-facto head of the branch despite the fact that her knowledge of future markets was rudimentary at best.

Her first mistake was when she delayed my promotion from internship to probation. I am an excellent trader and was easily top five in my group. Of the 26, she promoted the twenty she liked, kept me and another guy in an internship, and fired four.

At around the same time, another recruitment drive happened and other twentyish interns were hired. I knew this was our beef rekindled and remixed, and I was actually surprised she held onto it for so long. It was also pretty unusual since the last thing my former boss did before he left was to promote me from the simulator to a live trading account.

But I kept my head down and continued learning, often going back to my former boss and the permanent employees to get advice.

Another three months go by, and in the next evaluation, I was shocked that I was still not brought up to probation, despite the fact that all of the new recruits of the second group had been promoted and I was easily the best and the only one trading live.

I knew I was good at the job. The permanent guys all said so. The group I initially joined with was frequently asking me for advice. To their credit, a few of them were good, but most of them were still on the sim, and as a rule, no one advanced to probation while still on the sim.

However, you could go live while on internship if you were good which is what had happened to me. So I was an alive trader and making a good amount but I was still on internship and passed over twice. I couldn’t let go of that.

I decided to talk to Gabby directly. I approached the senior guys and made my case, though I was careful not to put her in a bad light. They agreed to help me and so they did. About a month after she passed me over the second time, she gave me my promotion and I was now on probation.

At this time, she was still unsure of her power and was still afraid of the permanent traders. Those guys were like gods.

Two months after my promotion, another evaluation and recruitment drive. I was not promoted. The group I started with was now permanent, despite having only two of them trading live.

The group I was currently with on probation was all promoted to permanent status. The group behind me on internship was all promoted to probation, and another group was hired. I let it go hoping she had got it out of her system.

Sadly, she had not.

Three months go by. I’m trading live and loving it, though still on probation. An evaluation comes up again and I’m not promoted, despite the fact that contract to contract, I was almost on a level with the permanent employees.

The group that found me on probation was advanced to permanent status to a man, and none of them were live. The group behind me caught up to me and a new batch of newbies were hired as interns. I couldn’t let this one go either.

I approached the original four permanent employees who were now my very good buddies and planned to do the same thing as last time. Only this time, it didn’t work. Gabby had grown into her sadistic power and flatly refused to even consider my promotion even after she was presented with evidence that I was worth it.

Her argument was along the lines of, ‘I’m the boss so I can do whatever I want.’

But I wasn’t having that, so I contacted my former boss for help. At the time he had been promoted to head of operations, Africa.

He was actually quite surprised, given my performance, that I was still on probation. Needless to say, the order came down from on high and Gabby looked like she was dumping six pineapples simultaneously as she handed my letter. And I thought that was the end of it.

How wrong I was.

On the next recruitment she hired this girl, let’s call her Sue. Sue was an intelligent person all around, but she didn’t have the emotional quotient to handle the market (trading, as I was taught, requires two mental aspects: IQ and EQ.

You can’t improve IQ, but you can boost your EQ to deal with the numerous stresses that accompany the career). Sue had more than enough of the IQ part, but EQ, not so much. No worries, you can work on that.

Just to recap: The office now had about seventy employees. Of these, over thirty were permanent staff (me included) but only eleven were trading live. Another twenty or so were on probation, but only three were trading live. None of the interns were live.

The office needed to stay profitable if it was to stay open which means that the money the fourteen live traders were paying for the salaries of everyone in the office, rent, supplies, health insurance, pensions, etc, etc. Needless to say, corporate was not seeing a lot of returns from our branch, and as I came to learn later from my former boss, were considering shutting down the branch and costing us our jobs.

But I digress.

The Grade-A Witch Gabby took advantage of was an inconsolable and desperate Sue to try and get me for harassment. This is how it went down. Remember all those people still on sim? Well, they all came to the eleven of us for trading advice and we did what we could to help them.

We divided up the sim traders into groups and I was mentoring about four people. Sue was one of them. As any trader will tell you, the period before profitability is usually one of the losses (unless you’re really good) and is filled with stress and fear (hence the need for high EQ).

It’s normal, and you get through it.

Sue was going through such a rough patch one evening. We were going over her trades (bad trading day all around) when she just burst out crying. I know how it feels. I had shed my own tears as well.

So comforted her the best I could. I held her hand and patted her on the back awkwardly (to this day I still don’t know how to comfort someone) until she quieted down. What I didn’t know was that Gabby had seen us.

As I came to learn later, she approached Sue the following day and made her an offer. Gabby would make sure Sue kept her job and would get her a lot of moolah if she stated that I had harassed her.

Sue took Gabby up on the offer and what followed was a nightmare. It started with a formal reprimand from corporate, a hearing in which I wasn’t present to defend myself (because Gabby ‘forgot’ to send me the summons).

Apparently, she lobbied quite viciously to get me fired.

The only reason I was able to keep my job was that my former boss came to my defense. Despite his help, I lost my quarterly bonus (about US$100,000) and half of my holdback (about US$400,000). I also had to attend seminars which essentially involved watching the same film on assault in the workplace (three hours long) until I stated, in writing, that I was an abuser and it would go on my record.

I knew that if that happened, Gabby would have the ammunition she needed to ruin my life forever. So every day, I got into the office at seven in the morning, watched the three-hour film until ten. Refuse to acknowledge it, then get to work, leave the office at 11:20 in the evening, rinse and repeat.

For almost seven months. It was tiring, and torture and Gabby never let me live it down.

All of the people I had been mentoring were transferred the day after my reprimand. A day after that, Gabby informed me via letter that my clip size had been cut from 1000 to 20 contracts.

Yeah, I had to admit, I was bloodied. I was down, but the witch didn’t know that she should have ended me.

The Revenge

Step 1: Ruin Gabby’s Career.

I started compiling all the stuff that was happening to me in the office. It started when I realized that when I went out to lunch, someone would open my desk drawer and mess around with my notebook, where I jotted down my trading ideas for the day.

The only person who had a key apart from me was Gabby. Apparently, she had mastered my lunchtime routine for the entire 45-minute break and would open my locker when I was out smoking. She would then copy down my trading plans for the day and give them to Sue.

I even saw them at it once, but they didn’t see me. I documented it. I let it go on for a while so that I could establish a pattern via Sue’s trades. I then approached two of the permanent traders who were closest to me and told them my plan.

Remember when I said almost no coins were reaching corporate? and that there were only eleven live traders? The situation had only gotten worse. The office was now full but we had less than fifteen live traders. Live trading could only be approved of by the Head of Operations (my former boss) and he was a strict one.

Now imagine that my earning capacity had been cut by over 90%. My two friends agreed to my plan and they slowed down their trading by around 50%. This essentially put the branch in the red and three weeks later, we were told that the Head of Ops and other head honchos were coming down.

The next phase involved getting Sue into a corner. Please, a tear or two, and revealing that I could prove she had been stealing my work were enough to get a written statement from her that Gabby had orchestrated my whole harassment thing.

Step 2: Ruin Gabby’s Marriage

It took only a little investigation on my part to realize that all those men who visited the office were actually Gabby’s lovers. She would leave for two-hour ‘lunches’ with her phone turned off. I took advantage of one such period.

Gabby left and I snuck into her office to find her social media profile open. Everyone knew she was always on there and it was a sore point because she had banned it for the rest of us minions. I got into her Messenger, and voila! Explicit texts, photos, rants about her husband and his inadequacies, the six guys or so she had fooled around with, all of it.

I copy-pasted the data into her private email which she was logged into as well (always clear cache, you guys) and sent it to my private email, then deleted it from her sent folder. Now I had the ammo on my phone ready to send.

Step 3: Ruin Gabby’s Relationship with her Kids.

Now, I’ll say right off the bat I’m not proud of this step, but it wasn’t enough to just send the info to her husband. So I waited for Thursday when I knew he would be passing by the office with the kids.

The Pro Revenge gods saw fit to bless me that day because it was the same day that Corporate Head Honchos were ridin’ into town.


I was at the office at seven as usual with all my documentation from my appointment letter to the numerous rejected requests for promotion, sat through the three-hour harassment video (yes, I was still doing that), and waited for the moment.

The guys from corporate, my former boss included, arrived and went straight into a meeting with Gabby. I was quite certain that they would call me in to know why I had been attending a harassment awareness class for almost a year, and I was ready for them.

I was called in after lunch, at about two. The question was asked and before I could answer, Gabby jumped on the bit like I knew she would. She went on a long rant about how I had been insubordinate, and how I liked to touch the female employees.

I could tell from her grin that she thought she was winning.

And then I pulled out Sue’s letter, and the grin curled on her face. Sue was hurriedly called in and she backed my story. She said she was sorry. She was fired on the spot and told to go wait at the receptionist for her final check.

I felt no sympathy. I was on a roll.

Next, I pulled out my analysis of my trades and told them how Gabby had been breaking into my locker and stealing my notes for sue. Gabby denied it. Sue was called back in.

She denied it. My former boss logged into the company network, pulled Sue’s and my trading data. He compared the positions taken by both of us with my notes. He said it was true. Sue was fired again. They told me they would refund my confiscated bonus and hold it back, with an extra 50 grand.

That was fine by me. The justice was enough.

And then I spotted Gabby’s husband heading into her office, as usual, their two kids in tow. I pulled out my phone, grinned at her, and said,

‘Your husband is here.’

She turned around and saw him.

She excused herself for a minute to tell him to wait.

My former boss said, ‘Sure.’

I pressed send.

As for the aftermath, Gabby’s husband absolutely lost his mind. Her office was glass-walled and the rest was open-plan so we could all hear what they were shouting about.

He finally left with their kids in tow (sorry little ones) Gabby followed him still shouting at him. Then she saw us all standing around and the look on her face was priceless as she was wondering which aspect of her life to try and salvage.

She let her husband go, but about an hour later she had been fired.

My favorite boss stayed behind since there was no one left. He stayed for a month training the lady who had been with the company the longest to take over as manager.

She is easily the most brilliant mind I had ever met. Unfortunately, the branch was still struggling with so many employees who were not generating income and they had to shut it down. But they transferred all the performing employees to their other various branches in London (2 branches) and India (9 branches).

So I guess no one undeservedly lost their jobs.

I still stalk Gabby on social media. There have been a lot of ‘I’m single because I’m too awesome’ posts of late. I almost feel sorry for her, but I remember the three-hour video and I stop being foolish.

From what I could see on LinkedIn, Sue bounced around from firm to firm until she found a position as a research analyst. My favorite boss is still at the firm. We talk from time to time.

I took a break from trading for a while.

After all of the things that went down, I needed a break so I didn’t take them up on their offer to relocate to India. Went to work with a buddy of mine who has a consultancy. When I feel ready I’ll go back to the market. For me at least, there is no other job as challenging and satisfying.”

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6. Don't Recognize My Hard Work? Get Buried In Debt


“A few years back, I left one bar job for another. The new employers seemed like it would be more of a suitable fit for me, with better wages, more consistent hours, etc. Within the first week, I noticed some odd things going on, but I never questioned it and acted oblivious to it.

It wasn’t until my first paycheck came in, I was taken to the side and told that they would lodge the hours I worked, if I liked, or they could pay me cash!

They told me the benefits of taking coins and I was really interested as I wanted to further my education, and being ‘unemployed’ would help me gain entry to certain 3rd level schools.

So I agreed!! And they had me! (at this point I should mention, that this was in Ireland and the 3rd level school I wished to attend was FAS at the time). Within a week of getting my paycheck, they asked me to run their more advanced operation.

This involved a certain clientele that every day from 3-5 pm would come in, order refreshments, and watch horses run around in circles. Every now and then they would write down on a piece of paper, the horse, stadium, time of the race, and amount to be placed on the horse, and pass it to the bartender, which would be me!-I would then have to call a UK based number (13 digits), and give a code for the bar (5 digits) and all the details the customers gave me.

Cash paid by customers was put in a hidden spot, and also used to pay the customer’s winnings. Then the pot was given to the UK company at the end of the month. Fast forward a few months, and one of my coworkers took a disliking to me, my own fault really as I never stood up for myself, so I was an easy target for getting blamed for mess ups, and as anyone who knows how stressful the service industry can be, there’s always one employee who wants to blame another for everything going wrong.

Anyway, one day my shift was canceled with only an hour’s notice, I was told I would be given the shift the following day, and a phone call would confirm the time but this didn’t happen. A few days later I messaged the manager and asked her for the schedule, and she never replied.

I called the establishment but never got an answer, then received my final paycheck by mail.

There was nothing I could really do, as I was never in the books, so I just had to accept it. Which I did as I was/am always an excellent worker.

Anyway, one day back in school and me and a few people were talking about how we remember the phone numbers of our first mobile phone, and it dawned on me. -I remembered the phone number for the gambling company in the UK, and I also remembered the code for the bar… Excitedly I ran home from school and switched on the TV and went to the racing channel.

I picked horses that I like the odds of NOT winning! Then over the course of about a week, I made several large bets, using the bars code, all of the horses lost! And it wouldn’t be until the end of the month that the bar would find out that they have a very large debt to pay for which they have no understanding why!!”

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5. I Messed Up My Father's Coworker's Bathroom With Poop


“When I was a kid I had a birthday party. I went to our bathroom to take a pee but it was locked, and it stayed that way for like 10 mins. I was super annoyed coz I couldn’t play with my friends.

Finally, he got out it turns out it was my father’s coworker, and the reason he took so long is cause he pooped, it smelled so bad that I puked. I vowed that day that I will get my revenge.

It took me 4 months to get my revenge when I found out his daughter was having a birthday party and I was invited.

I carried out my revenge by eating a LOT at the party, and while everyone was out in the yard chatting and playing I got a hold of a large ziplock filled with dirt, hid it in my tummy, ran to the restroom.

First I had the most massive poop, filled it with 1 tissue roll, then dump the bag of dirt. I then proceeded to flush it but to my surprise, it started to overflow, no matter how many times I flush it the toilet just keeps on puking the disgusting smelly sludge that I created.

When it overflowed to the floor I made a run for it.

It wasn’t discovered until like 8 min later, while playing with the kids I heard a loud scream, which got everyone’s attention. It turns out the toilet kept on flowing turning their bathroom into a puddle of poop, when someone tried to use it the puddle of poop flowed out and draped their carpeted floor and it REALLY stank! I later found out that that bathroom was their only bathroom & they had to stay at a motel for 2 days. To this day it makes me cringe thinking about it.”

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Haywire 2 years ago
Getting mad and revenge on someone for simply pooping in your bathroom is beyond petty, it's childishh. Grow up.
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4. Competitive Roommate Fell From A Tree


“In high school,I went to a prep school. I was really good friends with my roommate, we’ll call him Phil. He was one of those guys who had it all — popular with everyone, outgoing, smart, and he was a star athlete.

Sports were his life. He played football, and wrestled, he could do pretty much anything athletic and be the best.

Now even though we were best friends, he certainly had a competitive edge and had been subtly trying to outdo me in school.

I was 16 and got a little jealous of his success. It felt like he had everything in the world over me, why did he need the grades over me too? Anyway, that summer he was trying to start some sort of “secret society” for the summer session.

He decided the initiation would be to jump into a small river that went through the prep school campus from a high-up tree branch. A bunch of people was interested, but only me and he actually committed to the jump. When it was just us at the top, he walked out on the branch.

I wasn’t thinking about what I was doing, but that jealous part of me impulsively shook the branch as he was about to jump. He fell down and shattered his leg. He learned that he would never be able to compete in sports again.

Needless to say, I felt awful. I didn’t know what got into me. I spent a lot of time trying to deal with what happened. I tried to confess to Phil, but he didn’t believe me. No one ever knew that I shook the branch until about a year later.

This other kid in the school, we’ll call him Bradley, seemed to take an interest in how Phil broke his leg. I’m not sure if it was in a joking way at first or what, but eventually he held a mock trial and Phil began to realize that I had shaken the branch. He got clearly upset and walked out of the room, into a marble stairway. He tripped and fell down it, shattering the same leg. He died in surgery the next day when bone marrow got into his bloodstream.”

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Deb77 6 months ago
This story is lifted from “A Separate Peace” by John Knowles. One of my favorite books. Minor name changes but direct lifting of the story line.
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3. Revenge On My Sister's Doctor Failed


“When I was a kid, my sister was originally misdiagnosed by doctor #1 and ended up getting correctly diagnosed by doctor #2, but died from her heart condition during surgery because her heart was so enlarged due to the time that elapsed after the wrong diagnosis.

Fast forward about 10 years and I end up in school with the son of doctor #1, who screwed up, and I hated this kid solely for that reason. I never did anything but was always thinking about the kind of revenge I could get because in my mind it was a family thing.

Somehow, to my adolescent self, doing something to this kid would be ok since his dad did something to my dad’s kid. More years go by and he eventually falls in love with this girl I know casually and they are really serious.

They get engaged and he is away at school while she and I are both at home. I knew he was the only person she had ever been with so I decided that “being with her” was my next move. We hooked up twice.

They got married soon after so I hooked up with the wife of the son of the doctor who was in charge of my sister. Revenge is sweet. I never told anyone.

Fast forward another 20 years. I’m sitting in a bar with my father and we’re getting a little sentimental, which we don’t do, and I decide to tell him the story.

I get to the end and I’m so excited when I say, ‘So I hooked up with the daughter-in-law of the guy who misdiagnosed Lori!! Hahahaha!!!’ He looks at me in disbelief and said, ‘You stupid idiot. His dad was the doctor who got the diagnosis right. His dad tried everything he could to save her.’ Turns out I had my facts wrong. We never spoke of it again.”

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KohakuNightfang 2 years ago
How many people don't know the definition of revenge? Revenge: the action of inflicting hurt or harm on someone for an injury or wrong suffered at their hands. It DOES NOT mean destroying the lives of innocent family members. The son is not the father so it doesn't matter that you stupidly got the wrong doctor. What you did was disgusting and wrong either way. Someday that cheating will come out and it will destroy that marriage. Cheating is one of the worst things any human can do to another. It absolutely destroys trust in not only the person you care about the most and should be able to trust more than any other, but it often breaks that person's ability to trust anyone ever again. Yes obviously the wife is to blame for cheating as well and also a despicable person, but you started all this and for all the wrong reasons. Go to therapy and get help.
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2. Mean Girl In High School Is Our Waitress


“My wife and I started going out when she was in her junior year and I was just out of high school (different schools). One day, I went to her school to visit and she was sitting at a table in the common area with her friends.

Across the table was some senior girl I didn’t know and her partner, who wasn’t part of my wife’s group of friends. Periodically, this girl starts throwing little wadded-up pieces of paper and other assorted items at me for no discernible reason.

I ask her what she wants and she starts into a tirade about the ‘underclassmen sitting at the senior table.’ Of course, super-mature-recently-graduated me considered such behavior quite below me and childish, so I let her know if she was going to be so petty as to enforce some social pecking order based on age, then I was older than her and she could leave.

She tried to get her partner to do something, but he wasn’t having any of it. Same with the school security guy. I wasn’t doing anything wrong so what was he going to do anyways.

Fast forward a few years, and my wife and I are going out to eat at (corporate faux Italian restaurant name redacted).

Lo and behold, our waitress was the table girl. The meal went off without incident; there was no mention of ‘Hey, remember that time you were acting really crazy and childish to us?’ However, when it came to the tip, we left a single, solitary penny (because we’re REALLY mature at this point).

Now, we could have left nothing, but I didn’t want her to misinterpret that we were just bad tippers. No, I wanted that one penny to tell her ‘Oh yes, we remember.’

Granted, I’m sure she probably spit in our food.”

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1. Ban Me From Your Site? I'll Mess With Your School Life


“The year was 1999. Bill Clinton was acquitted in his senate trial. Spongebob premiered. Lance Armstrong did his first Tour de France.

I was a young lad of 18 attending my first semester at a community college. A good friend of mine from high school had decided to go off to college at a big state school.

We were big software pirates back in the day and my friend decided that he was going to run a scene affiliated FTP site out of his dorm room because of the awesome internet connection they had. This was pretty common back then…

it would be a few years before IT staff really started to crack down on things like this… at least at this school.

Life was good. The reefer and the warez were flowing freely. I had cable internet at my house but it wasn’t super fast.

Maybe a few megabits but nothing crazy. Well, my friend had set me up a leech account on the FTP site to download stuff. Everything was going along pretty well until he told me I couldn’t use it from my house anymore.

There were limited spots available on the site at one time and my connection was too slow to use one of them up. He wanted me to download stuff at school and bring it home. Problem was that was a huge pain in the butt.

I could do it but then I had to put stuff on a zip drive to bring it home and it was just a big hassle. The connection at the school was much faster than my home connection but far less convenient.

I relentlessly continued to leech from my home PC and ignored his requests. He banned my account. I chatted with him on IRC but he was mostly non-responsive and didn’t want to talk it out with me.

Well… I also had access to his school email and file storage basically through a UNIX shell account that he had.

In a fit of rage and resentment, I logged into his shell and deleted all of his files related to his first semester classes. We were pretty deep into the semester by this time and it really messed him up. I think he ended up failing at least one class, maybe two, because of it.

I’ve felt really bad about it for a long time so I’m kind of glad to talk about it. I don’t talk to him anymore.. but I hope he is doing well.”

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KohakuNightfang 2 years ago
Wow you should feel bad about it. Your friend set a perfectly reasonable boundary and you proceed to not follow it and continue doing whatever you want. He bans you because you broke his trust and he's upset and you go ahead and hack his account and try to ruin his life!? What a freaking horrible thing to do! This is not a story of revenge, this is a story of being a bad human being and destroying friendships and lives for no reason. The fact that you still consider it revenge shows you haven't learned nearly enough from this. I suggest some therapy.
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